4 old black men take advantage of wife’s gambling addiction

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“Here we are,” said Fred, turning the moving van on to Washington Avenue.
Amber reached over to grab his arm. “I hope this is a good idea.”
“Everything will be fine,” replied her husband.
“This is all my fault. If it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t need to do this.”
“Honey, it’s alright. Things will work themselves out.”
“Are they all black?”
“As far as I could tell. Quit worrying. It’s an older neighborhood. No gangs or drugs. I’ve checked it all out. The crime rate is low. It’s fine. We’ll get ourselves back on our feet and move out in a few years. There’s our new house.” As the van pulled up to the driveway, several older black people turned to watch them.
Fred and Amber Gertz were both 25 and had been married for three years. Fred was a pretty successful pharmaceutical rep for a large firm and quite successful. Amber had been a legal aid, but had recently gotten fired for gambling on the job. Amber had been introduced to gambling while the couple honeymooned in Las Vegas. She had quickly lost the original stake she had brought along for betting and had made three trips to the ATM as the week progressed. Fred had noticed it was getting difficult to pull Amber away from the slots even for passionate newlywed sex, but he had thought nothing of it at the time. As several years passed, Amber had increasingly played the lottery, bought hundreds in scratch off tickets, joined football and basketball pools at her job even though she knew nothing about sports. She ran up large amounts of credit card debt and Fred had finally taken notice when her car got repossessed. Their credit bad and burdened by a large debt, Fred decided to sell their home, move to a new state, and start from scratch.
Fred had located a decent home in an economically depressed black neighborhood. The area had been lower to upper middle class at one time and the prices were too low to pass up. He did have a two hour commute to his new office which meant he would be away from home twelve hours a day. Amber would start looking for work as soon as they moved into their new home. For now, Fred had put everything of value in his name and was giving Amber an allowance to get her gambling under control.
Fred got out of the van and saw two black men staring at him over a fence several houses away. Both men were older, gray haired, and one was rather fat. Fred waved. His hand froze in midair when he realized, they weren’t waving back, just staring. Fred lowered his hand and frowning, he turned to help his wife down out of the truck. They saw several more black men and women watching them as they moved in. Fred tried again to wave and be friendly, but the most he got was a nod from one.
Fred wiped some sweat off his brow. He started the tiller back up and finished plowing a section of his back yard for Amber to plant a garden. Two of his black neighbors were sitting on a porch drinking beer. They were watching him work, but still hadn’t acknowledged him. Fred had never given any thought to reverse racism, but now he knew what it felt like to be a black man moving into an all white neighborhood. Well screw them, he didn’t need friends anyway. He’d meet some at work. Amber didn’t care either. She was distrustful of blacks and would have been content to have them stay next door, but Fred wished they could have at least a casual relationship with the neighbors. Fred returned the tiller to the garage and entered his house.
“Holy shit!” Fred couldn’t help himself when he walked in on his wife changing.
“Like what you see?” Amber smiled at him as she pulled her bikini panties up to cover her bare crotch.
“You know I do, sexy.” Fred nodded towards the bed. “Wanna have some afternoon delight?” His drop dead gorgeous wife was pulling some cut off daisy dukes up over her ass. She was bare breasted, her firm double D’s, thrust out, nipples erect and pointing upwards. Put her in a barn wearing a cowboy hat and this could have been a perfect pinup poster.
Amber giggled and said, “Maybe later, after I get the tomatoes planted.” She bent to scoop up her bikini top.
“It’s a date,” said Fred adjusting himself. This was the reason he hadn’t divorced her after she’d gotten them in financial trouble. Amber was one sexy lady. Not to mention that she was kind and compassionate and he loved her very much. Fred wasn’t much to look at. He fit the Bill Gates image, a rather scrawny, computer nerd in glasses. Amber on the other hand, was built like a stripper. She had long golden brown hair that matched her name. Her eyes were green and so big they gave her an innocent look. Her lips were full and pouty. Her skin was very white and unblemished except for the occasional freckle. Fred didn’t know her measurements, but her figure was a perfect hourglass. Her waist was long and thin and her legs were fit from jogging. She was actually several inches taller then Fred’s 5’8″. Her breasts were simply magnificent. They were large and firm. They looked fake, but were 100% natural. Each breasts had a large areola, but the color was so faint as to nearly blend in with her skin except for the actual nipple which was often very erect and blood engorged making them much darker. They looked like half inch erasers capping off perfect breasts. Her breasts were so large, she complained of back trouble and often leaned forward when she walked. Amber considered getting reduction surgery, but Fred wouldn’t hear of it. Maybe when she got older and they started to sag some, but not now. She strapped the black bikini top on and winked at him as she left the room.
Fred went to take a shower. Afterwards, he was still nude when he walked over to the window to check on Amber. Their bedroom looked right down on the recently tilled ground. Amber was bent over, digging a hole for a tomato plant. Her moon-shaped ass was thrust up towards Fred and he could see the jean shorts hugging it tightly. Fred could also see that the two old black men had moved from the porch and were leaning over the fence watching Amber. Fred quickly got dressed.
“I tells ya, thems real.”
“They sho is ripe and juicy.”
“Ahem,” said Fred clearing his throat as he walked around the corner of the house and surprised the two black men. “How’s it going?”
“Oh, hello there neighbor,” said one of the black men.
“We was just talking about your wife’s tomatoes,” said the other, grinning and holding out his hand.
Fred took it and shook it. “You into horticulture?”
“I discovered whore-tee-culture in the Navy.”
“I see,” said Fred not really understanding how someone in the navy might develop an interest in gardening. “I’m Fred Gertz and that’s my wife Amber.”
“I’m Amos Smith.” Amos was the one into horticulture. He was a black man pushing seventy and still a physical giant of a man. He was big and muscular, though his muscles had tightened up as he aged. Amos had shaved his head making himself look younger, though he kept a gray goatee. This guy had forty-five years on Fred and there was no doubt in Fred’s mind that he wouldn’t last more then a few minutes in a ring with the guy.
“I’m Walker.” The second black man held out his hand and Fred took it. He assumed Walker was his last name. He was probably mid-sixties and had a huge beer gut. He was pretty obese, though his arms were still pretty muscular and one had a USMC tattoo on the bicep. Walker had a bald pate and close cropped gray hair around his head. He also had a gold tooth in the front.
Fred released Walker’s hand. “I was starting to think I wasn’t welcome here. You never returned my waves.”
“Sorry about that. I never saw you. I’m a little blind in one eye.”
Both his eyes looked fine to Fred, bright and alert even, but he felt relief to know that his neighbors weren’t anti-white or anything. “I understand.”
“I’d like to say hi to the missus,” said Amos.”
“I’ll call her over.” Fred turned to look at his wife. She was still kneeling in the dirt. She had noticed them, but had made no move to join them. “Amber, come on over and say hi to the neighbors.”
Amber tried to stare down Fred before reluctantly getting up. Fred realized what was bothering her, but it was too late. Amber wasn’t fond of showing off her body to strangers even at the beach. She was a borderline nudist around her husband, but with anyone else and she was shy. Here she was now dressed like a slut farm girl and about to introduce herself to two old black men. The two black men never took their eyes off her as she approached. Fred felt a little proud to have the neighbors so envious of the beauty he had married. “I’m Amber.” She shook their hands then immediately held her arm across her chest. Her nipples were typically erect and pushing out her top.
“I’m Walker.”
“And you are?”
“Delighted to have such a young beautiful woman in this neighborhood.”
“That’s a long name,” said Amber blushing.
“Call me Amos then.”
The foursome was interrupted by someone calling out Walker’s name. “We’re back here,” replied Walker.
Two more black men walked around the corner of Walker’s house. “Well what is it we had to rush over to see?” yelled one.
“Yep, where’s the fire?” said the other. He froze when he saw Amber.
“Ah, just something I wanted to show you guys in the house,” said Walker. “Come meet Fred and Amber, the new neighbors. These hooligans live further down the street.”
“Howdy, Frank Beane.” Frank shook both Fred and Amber’s hands. Frank was skinny and probably pushing eighty, but seemed full of life. He was a tall, lanky man. He had a full head of gray hair. His limbs seemed elongated. He had big long hands and long arms as well as legs.
“Dick Long,” said the fourth black man. He didn’t extend his hands to shake them.
“His momma and daddy named him that cause it’s true,” laughed Frank.”
Dick Long gave Frank a fake grin revealing several missing teeth. He was probably the youngest of the four black men, but still in his fifties. Like Amos, he was big and muscular too. He had African features, very dark skin and a flat nose. His eyes were deep set, giving him an unfriendly look. He barely nodded at Fred and just seemed satisfied to stare at Amber. His emotionless stare made her uncomfortable and she shuffled behind her husband to block Dick’s view.
“Your tomatoes are planted too close little lady,” said Walker. “You should space them at least a foot apart.”
“Thanks for the advice. I’m going to go fix them now. Nice meeting you fellows.” Amber turned to walk away and Fred was aware of four black heads cocking to watch her go. Some of Amber’s ass was poking out from under the tiny shorts until she reached back and adjusted them.
“Hey, Franksandbeans,” said Walker. “You thinking what I’m thinking?”
Frank grinned. “Fred here makes five.”
“You play poker white boy?” asked Amos.
“Some.” Fred didn’t appreciate being called a white boy.
“Our buddy Lou died sixth months ago and we were looking for a fifth player. “Stakes ain’t too bad. We each put in about fifty dollars and usually play winner take all unless the game runs late. Games are Friday nights, starts about eight.
“Sounds fun.”
“See ya in six days then. We switch houses usually. This week will be in my basement. New guy buys the beer.”
Fred showed up at Walker’s house promptly at eight the following Friday carrying two cases of Miller light under his arms. Walker let him in and led him down to the basement. Amos, Frank, and Dick were already sitting at a card table playing blackjack. They all greeted him pretty warmly except for Dick who didn’t acknowledge him at all. Fred set the miller light on a counter and Walker began loading it into a mini cooler.
“I’d better go easy on this,” said Amos taking a beer. “I’m not used to the good stuff.”
Fred frowned, thinking he was being teased for not buying better beer, but then he noticed the room was filled with empty cans of very cheap beer and he realized Amos was being serious.
“Lets play,” grunted Dick, speaking for the first time.
The five sat around the poker table and Amos dealt first. “That sure is a fine piece of ass ya married, Fred.”
“Thanks, I guess.”
“Yeah man, you married up,” grinned Fred.
Fred knew he had married above his looks, but didn’t like being reminded of it. “I’m a lucky man.”
“If she were my wife I wouldn’t be over here playing poker with four old farts like us,” said Walker.
“White boys don’t know how to treat a woman,” grunted Dick glowering at Fred. Dick’s deep set eyes made Fred uncomfortable.
“I do just fine, thanks,” replied Fred. “How about you guys, are you married?”
Walker sighed. “Widowed.”
“Married fifty years,” said Frank proudly, “with five children and eighteen grand kids.”
“Divorced,” said Amos.
“Divorced,” grunted Dick.
“Long Dick left out divorced, divorced, and divorced,” Frank quipped.
“Fuck you, Franksandbeans. Deal the cards,” said Dick.
“Sorry to hear that,” said Fred to Walker who looked sad since mentioning he was widowed. “How long has your wife been gone?”
“three years as of last week. I miss her every day. I miss her smile. I miss her laugh. I miss her cooking.”
“You miss her blow jobs.” Dick got up to get another beer. “So do I.”
Walker gave Dick the finger. “I’m gonna go drain the monster.” He glowered at Dick.
Frank leaned over and whispered to Fred, “Dick made Walker’s wife suck his dick once over a poker bet. He never let Walker forget it.”
“Serves him right for bragging about her so much,” said Dick overhearing the conversation. “She may have been good sucking Walker’s little ten inch dick, but she gagged sucking on a really big one. Swallowed every bit of my cum though. Came back for more a couple times too.”
“Here he comes. Shut up about his wife.” Amos punched Dick in the arm.
“What about you, white boy?” Dick asked. “I bet your wife sucks a mean dick. Those big lips were built for sucking cock.”
Fred was starting to feel sorry he agreed to play with these guys. “We don’t do that,” said Fred shifting in his seat. He regretted it almost immediately and wished he had told the big black guy that it was none of his business.
“What the fuck does that mean?”
“It means, she doesn’t like to do that.”
“So? You push her to the ground and you shove your cock down her throat. Then you move her head up and down your cock. I ain’t never heard such nonsense. Women do what you fucking tell them to do. She don’t like to do that. What the fuck?”
“Black women know how to treat cock,” added Amos.
“Don’t you want her to suck your dick?” Dick was not done ribbing Fred yet.
“Sure, I guess.”
“Look white boy. You leave here tonight. You walk on home, wake your wife up, and shove your dick down her throat. It don’t matter whether she wants to, likes to, or what-the-fuck-ever.”
“I’m not going to do that.”
“Maybe that’s why you’ve been divorced four times.” The room went so silent you could hear a pin drop and Fred instantly regretted it. It had been perhaps the bravest thing he had ever said. He felt instant relief when Dick chuckled.
“You’re alright white boy.” Dick got up and grabbed another beer and gave one to Fred. “For the record, no woman has ever divorced me because of sex. They divorced me because I’m a mean drunk sonofabitch and I can’t keep my big black cock in my pants.”
“Ya got that right,” added Walker.
“Yep,” said Frank.
Dick sat and took the cards to deal. “In fact, I could call up any of my ex’s and fuck them tonight if I wanted and two of them remarried. Tell ya what white boy. I’m gonna get your dick sucked for you.”
Fred said the second bravest thing in his life. “I’m starting to wonder about this fascination you have with my dick, Dick.”
The room broke out into laughter. Frank guffawed and slapped Fred on the back. The only one who didn’t laugh was Dick, but he grinned. He wasn’t as scary looking when he grinned. “I was serious, but if you don’t want your wife to suck your dick that’s fine with me. Just trying to do you a fucking favor. If you don’t want to know my plan, fuck you.”
The laughter had settled. “Just kidding,” said Fred, “but I’m curious, what’s your plan?”
“We get her to play poker with us. We can feed her some good hands and you can force her out of the game unless she bets a blow job for when you get home.”
“Can’t do that,” replied Fred.
“Why not?” prompted Dick.
“Amber has a… She can’t… What I’m trying to say is that she got us into trouble… She can’t handle gambling.”
“You don’t say,” said Dick.
“Leave him alone, Dick,” said Walker. “This is clearly something he doesn’t want to discuss.”
“It’s ok. It feels good to get off my chest.” Fred explained how Amber had gotten hooked in Vegas and how their troubles had progressed from there.
“Nothing to be ashamed of Fred,” said Amos. “We all have our problems and weaknesses.”
Frank took the cards for the deal. “Enough talk, ladies. Lets play some serious poker.”
The rest of the night went a lot friendlier and Fred went home with twenty extra dollars in his pocket. He stripped in his room watching the gentle rise and fall of the sheets as Amber slept. She would be naked under the covers and his dick started to rise. He imagined walking over to her and pulling the covers off. He’d shove his dick down her throat as she woke up in surprise. Yeah, that would work in a perfect world. He looked down at his penis, hard, and straining to make five inches. Dick had called Walker’s penis little at ten inches and claimed his was thirteen. Those old black men were probably full of crap. Amber wouldn’t go for the forced blow job thing, but she never turned down sex. He climbed in bed behind her and nudged her ass with his stiff penis until she awoke and parted her legs for him.
Fred and Amber were just about to sit down together and watch a movie when the doorbell rang. Fred answered the door and was surprised to see the four black men there. Amos was carrying a case of Old Milwaukee. “You trying to ditch the game, white boy?” said Dick.
Fred was silent. He hadn’t had a good time during last weeks game and had spent the week avoiding his neighbors so as not to get invited to another game. “Sorry fellas, money is a little tight this week.”
“Then we’ll spot ya,” said Walker stepping up to the door.
“Come on in,” sighed Fred stepping aside.
“Fred, what’s going on?” asked Amber standing up from off the couch. She looked dumbfounded to see the old black men shuffle into her living room. Amber was wearing just panties and a tee shirt. She grasped the hem and pulled the shirt down to cover her panties. This had the effect of making the tee shirt tighten around her large bosom and showing off her nipples.
“Sorry, honey. The guys here want to play some poker.”
“Oh. Alright then. I guess we’ll just have to postpone our alone time.” Amber checked out the black men to see if she had made any of them feel guilty enough to leave them alone, but they just stared at her chest. “I’ll run upstairs and change.”
“Don’t feel you have to change on our account little lady,” said Walker.
Amber snorted. “I’ll be right back.” She released the tee shirt’s hem when she reached the stairs. Four black heads turned to watch her climb the stairs. As her firm calves tensed with each step, the tee shirt rode up her back giving each man a view of Amber’s tight ass gripped by lacy black panties.
“We can use the kitchen table,” said Fred. He took the beer and filled the refrigerator after handing each black man a can and taking one for himself. Walker had his poker chip set and cards. He quickly gave each man the standard $50 in chips after collecting the money.
They had each dealt two hands when Amber came back downstairs. Fred was not surprised when all four black men’s eyes focused on her. He knew he was a lucky man. Amber seemed incapable of not looking sexy no matter what she was wearing. She was barefoot and even her feet looked cute with their little pink painted nails. She had pulled some tight jeans on and was wearing a sweat shirt that was a little too small and designed to show off her navel and flat belly whenever she stretched. Fred could tell she had put her bra on as her tits weren’t shaking too much, but the tight sweat shirt really made them stand out. She had tied her long auburn hair back and removed her contacts, wearing dark glasses. She had attempted to dress down, but the hair and glasses made her look like a naughty librarian. “Let me get some chips and dip for you guys.” Amber always wanted to be a good hostess and she grabbed a bowl to fill with chips.
“And I’ll take another beer little lady,” said Frank.
“Me too,” grunted Dick.
“Full house,” said Fred putting his cards down and pulling the chips his way. “You must be good luck honey.” Frank folded early the next hand when Amos dealt and lost a bit more when Frank dealt. Frank always seemed to deal him the worst hands.
“I’ll take a beer now,” said Frank.
“Might as well bring me one while your at it,” added Walker. “And why not get one for yourself?”
“I think I will,” said Amber. She served the men some beer. Only Walker and her husband were in for this hand and the pot was large, probably more then one hundred dollars. She felt her pulse quicken at the thought of winning all that money. She pulled back the tab on the beer and took a swallow almost spitting it out immediately.
“Not the fancy beer you’re accustomed too,” laughed Frank. The other black men laughed with him.
“I like Bud,” she replied.
“Spoiled rich girl are ya?” said Dick. “Drink up that working man’s beer in your hand.”
Amber looked at her husband who just shrugged at her. She took another sip of the beer and forced it down her throat. Fred smiled at her and winked as he laid his flush down on top of Walker’s two pair. Amber felt a shudder go through her as she pictured herself winning that money. Her nipples hardened as she got a little turned on. Luckily, her bra was thick enough to keep them from sticking out too much, though they were still visible.
“I’m out then,” said Walker. “Care if I go watch some TV?”
“Follow me,” said Amber, “and I’ll get you the remote.”
Walker left for the living room and shouted “Alright!” a few minutes later.
“Everything ok in there?” called Fred from the poker table.
“Just happy to see you got cable, rich boy,” yelled Walker back.
Fred returned to the game and dealt the cards. “Can you get me another beer, honey?”
“Sure,” she replied tossing back her beer and grimacing at the taste. “Anyone else?” The three black men each wanted another and Walker called from the living room that he would take another too.
“You know Amber,” said Dick after she returned from giving Walker his beer. “It’s still early and poker is better with five players. Why don’t you sit in a hand?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Fred. He glared at the dark skinned black man. Didn’t he remember Fred talking about Amber’s problem last week?
“I think that’s up to your wife. What say you, Amber?”
Amber had opened another beer and was still making faces as she sipped it. “Fred’s right, it’s not a good idea. I do love poker though,” she sighed.
“Then join us. Hubby’s won enough to spot you some.”
Amber actually felt her panties dampen a little at the thought of playing poker. “Like I said, I’d love to, but I have a bit of a gambling problem.”
“Then this will be good for you. You’re only allowed a stake of fifty dollars. You can’t lose any more then that.”
“Really?” Amber downed her beer, already feeling a little buzzed. She sat down in Walker’s vacant seat.
“Amber,” said Fred gulping. “I don’t think…”
“This might help her,” interrupted Dick. “It can teach her to control her bets.”
“I think I can handle it, just this one time,” said Amber staring at the cards.
“We each are even,” said Frank, speaking for the first time since Dick had asked her to join. Amos had been silent the whole exchange too. “Except for your hubby there who has all of Walker’s money. Give her half and we’ll be even again.”
Fred slid fifty in chips over to Amber. “Honey, this is my money, ok? You are not actually gambling with your money. I’m just letting you play some cards with my money.” He hoped that would make her think about gambling a little differently. “If you win, I’m keeping the money.”
“Just deal, Fred,” she replied.
“Five card draw.” Fred dealt the cards. Amber controlled herself and folded early. Amos won the pot which was small. Amos dealt and Frank won a little. Amber won a decent pot during Frank’s deal and another decent pot the next time around when Frank dealt again. Fred could see his wife squirming a little in her seat. Gambling made her horny and if she won tonight, she was going to be an animal in bed. That made him feel a little better. He still controlled their money and she couldn’t get them into trouble again even if she had a bad relapse.
Amber’s money started dribbling away after they each had dealt a few more hands. The deal came back to Frank. “My lucky guy,” said Amber, slurring her words a little. She had just finished her third beer. Frank winked at her. She had won every hand he dealt. This hand broke her streak and she found most of her money gone. “I’m sorry honey,” she said staring at her few remaining chips.
“It’s just a game,” replied her husband.
Amber won a small pot when Dick dealt and another when Fred dealt. She started perking up again. Frank’s turn came around and this time he was her lucky charm again. He dealt her a straight on another hand of five card draw. She matched the raises until Amos and Frank folded. She looked at her husband who was trying to keep a straight face, but she could tell he was holding a good hand. Dick was staring at her smirking. Probably looking for a tell, she thought. Dick pushed all his money in and her husband followed suit. “I.. um… don’t have that much,” she said, panicking.
“Then you’re out,” said Fred.
“Not so fast, white boy,” said Dick Long. “Your wife has something else she can put up.”
Fred felt the color drain from his face. The table had gone silent again. He knew what Dick was going to bring up.
“What’s that?” she asked.
“Putting anything else in is against the rules,” said Fred hastily.
“You can give a blow job to the winner.” Dick turned and stared her in the eyes.
It was Amber’s turn to feel the color drain from her cheeks. “What kind of man would even suggest that?”
“A man who wants a blow job. Do you think you got a good hand or do you want to fold?”
“In Vegas poker, I can just put what I got…”
“This ain’t Vegas, white girl. Now how good do you think your hand is?”
“But your bla… not my husband. I can’t give you a blow job. I’m a married woman. I don’t even do that with Fred.”
“Fred’s a wuss. Everyone knows a blow job ain’t cheating.”
“Just fold, honey,” said Fred. He jumped when Dick kicked him in the leg. The black man winked at him as Amber stared at her cards. Last week, he had told Fred he was going to help him get a blow job and Dick was apparently keeping his promise. “But, it’s up to you.”
Amber stared at her husband in disbelief. “I have to use the bathroom. I’ll decide when I come back.” She left the room.
“Asshole,” said Fred to Dick. “I told you about her gambling problem. What were you thinking?”
Dick smirked. “Just trying to help you out. Look at her cards.” Fred stared at him until he repeated, “turn her cards over and check her hand.”
Fred reached out and cheated. “She’s got a straight.”
“Can you beat it?”
“Yeah, I have a flush.”
Dick looked at his hand and showed Fred two of his cards. “Pair of tens. I told you I’d get your dick sucked. Take my gift and enjoy. She’s going to be so relieved she doesn’t have to give me a blow job that you’ll get the best fucking blow job of your life.” Dick sat up straight when Amber returned. “Well did you decide?”
“I’m out,” she replied.
“Good choice,” said Frank. “Don’t give this asshole the pleasure.”
Fred drummed his fingers on the table. “I think you should stay in, honey,” he practically whispered.
“Bad move,” said Frank, but he was grinning.
Amber stared at her husband in disbelief. “Are you serious?”
“If you think your hand is that good, you should stay in. You might win all the pot back or give me a blow job tonight.”
“Or that jerk.”
“Maybe, but he has to beat you and me, first.”
Amber looked at the money. She had a chance of tripling the money her husband had allowed her to play with. He wasn’t kidding, it was his and he’d take it all from her, but she also knew he would buy her something nice with it. “I’ll do it.”
“You sure, Amber?” asked Frank.
“Shut up Franksandbeans,” said Dick. “What you got, white boy?”
Amber felt sick all of a sudden. She had just lost. Well giving Fred one little blow job wouldn’t be so bad. “Straight.” She turned up her cards. Fred was grinning at her. He really wanted this and she decided to do her best with him. She gulped when it came Dick’s turn to show his cards.
“Pair of tens.”
Amber felt a huge surge of relief and Fred’s grin widened.
“And another pair of tens. I win.”
Fred’s grin dropped. “What the fuck?”
Amber stared at the four tens horrified. “Oh no,” she whispered.
“Time to pay up.” Dick stood up. His giant muscular frame towering over the still sitting players. His dark black skin looked even darker when he grinned displaying his missing teeth. His remaining teeth were yellow and crooked. Amber pushed her seat back and stepped away from the table like a doe about to make a run for it. Dick grabbed her arm and practically dragged her away. “We can do this in the living room.” She turned to stare at her husband before she disappeared.
Fred made a move to stand, but Amos’s arm wrapped around his neck from behind and held him still. The arm tightened until Fred quit struggling. “A bet is a bet,” Amos whispered in Fred’s ear.
“OHMYGAWD!” shouted Amber from the living room.
“He’s hurting her,” whimpered Fred.
“Naw,” said Amos. “She just seen his cock, that’s all.”
Frank spoke. “He did the same thing to Walker’s wife.”
“You should have warned me,” pleaded Fred.
“I told her not to,” shrugged Frank.
Fred shut his eyes to fight tears. “Is it really that big?”
“You can go see for yourself once you calm down.” Amos relaxed his grip.
“I gotta stop this,” said Fred, gasping as the arm around his neck tightened again.
Amos whispered in his ear again. “Listen white boy, your wife was playing with your money. You said so yourself. That means that you gotta pay the debt. Long Dick is gonna get his cock sucked tonight and unless you wanna do it, it’s gonna be your wife.” Amos felt Fred slump completely and he released his arm from around Fred’s throat. Amos slapped him on the back. “Maybe this will teach your wife a lesson about gambling.” He slapped Fred on the back. “Now I ain’t never scene a pretty white girl sucking on Long Dick’s black monster and I’m gonna go watch the show.”
“Me too,” said Frank standing.
Fred watched the black men leave for his living room. Reluctantly, Fred pushed his chair back to join them. He shuffled towards his living room. At first he couldn’t see anything as Frank and Amos were blocking his view. Walker was sitting back in a recliner. He had switched the television off. Dick was standing in the center of the living room. He had pulled his shirt off. His skin was a deep African black and his muscles were extremely pronounced. This guy’s physique put Fred’s little body to shame and the black man had 30 years on Fred. The black man had dropped his pants around his ankles. Fred could see Amber’s golden brown hair bobbing before Dick’s crotch. He walked around the couch and gasped at the sight before his eyes.
Amber had her jaws stretched so wide it looked like they were dislocated. Sticking from her mouth were about seven inches of the darkest black cock Fred could have ever imagined. To say it was beer can thick would have been an exaggeration, but not by much. Amber pulled back gasping for breath and Fred got the full view of the monster that had been in her mouth. Dick hadn’t been lying when he bragged about his cock being thirteen inches long. It was also the ugliest thing Fred had ever scene. The black man was uncircumcised and the thick wrinkly sack covered an oversized cock head. The head seemed to be trying to push out of the sack as the black man gasped for breath. Amber reached up and pulled the skin taunt. The huge cockhead emerged completely from the foreskin. It was both the size and color of a large dark plum. Having the foreskin pulled tight made the massive black cock look completely different. It went from being an ugly wrinkled log to a magnificent steel hard phallus that could have been the model for a large dildo. Amber couldn’t take her eyes off it and she looked both fascinated and horrified. Dick’s hand wrapped around the back of her head and pulled her back down on his cock. She tried to swallow it again, but gagged.
“Amber, are you alright?” said Fred.
Amber finally looked at her husband. Dick’s cock was rubbing along her cheek, nose, and lips, sometimes leaving a slimy trail. “Do you see this?” she asked. Fred nodded and she embarrassed him by saying, “it’s more then twice as big as yours.” The black men all chuckled.
“Start sucking. I ain’t got all night,” grunted Dick. “Just swallow what you can. You can jerk off the rest. I cum quicker too if you play with my balls.”
Amber took the fully engorged cockhead back in her mouth and began sucking. She bobbed her head as rapidly as she could. She could handle four or five inches of the monster fairly easily. Her right hand started stroking the remaining shaft. Her hand began sliding faster as saliva leaked from her lips helping to coat the shaft. Fred saw her other hand come up to knead Dick’s testicles. They were every bit sized to go with his penis. Each individual ball was bigger then Fred’s entire scrotum and probably as big as a tennis ball. His testicles were excessively hairy and the wrinkly black skin matched his foreskin.
“That’s it,” groaned Dick. “I think she’s starting to love sucking on this big black cock.” Amber shook her head in the negative, but continued bobbing it. “Liar. I bet your pussy’s soaked right now. I bet your wondering what something like this would feel like buried in your tight white pussy. Ow! Squeeze my nuts again bitch and you’ll find your lips kissing my pubes. I’m gonna cum soon. You can thank me when I’m done.”
Amos moved to block Fred who acted like he was about to intervene again. “This your first white girl?” he asked. Amos was clutching his crotch which looked like it pained him.
Dick took his eyes off Amber and looked at Amos. “Naw, but she’s the first one I didn’t have to pay.”
Amber let out a little cry, but didn’t stop bobbing her head.
“I can’t stand this anymore,” said Amos.
“What are you doing?” asked Fred horrified to see the other muscular black man dropping his pants.
“I gotta jerk off.” Amos pulled out another huge cock. His monster was dark brown and also uncircumcised. His shaft was probably close to a foot long, the thick root jutting out from a heavy bush of grey pubic hair. Amos spit in his hand and started sliding it along the shaft.
Fred found the whole situation surreal. His beautiful young wife was kneeling before a black man older than her dad and someone Fred felt probably belonged in a prison. She was sucking on an ugly black cock so prodigious, it was more then twice as big as Fred’s. Another black man old enough to be Amber’s grandfather was jerking his huge cock off in their living room as he stared at Amber. Two more old black men, one fat and one skinny, were watching the show.
“Getting close,” growled Dick.
Amber pulled her mouth off, but her hand never quit stroking the shaft. “Warn me before you cum,” she said before returning her lips to his cockhead. Before she swallowed it, Fred noticed that the foreskin had completely receded and the big tip looked even more engorged then before.
“It ain’t a proper blowjob unless you swallow.” Dick pulled her head down and Amber’s eyes flew wide open. She made a gurgling sound just as milky white sperm shot out the sides of her mouth. Fred could see her gulp several times and felt jealous knowing this was the first sperm she had ever tasted. Dick, being the typical asshole, yanked his cock out quickly and shot another couple blasts of semen on Amber’s face. She surprised Fred by leaning forwards and putting her lips back around the tip and gulped a few more times. Her hand was now only stroking forwards on the shaft like it was milking it for sperm. Amber finally pulled back, staring in amazement at the still engorged shaft before her eyes. She released it and the dark foreskin slowly closed up around the shrinking cock head. It looked like a snake sliding backwards into a hole. “Hey slut, look at that.”
Amber turned her face in the direction Dick was nodding and found herself face to face with another engorged black cock. The angry looking head exploded as soon as her eyes focused on it. A huge wave of semen covered her face and sweat shirt. Sperm covered her eyes and blinded, she felt the new cock head pressing down upon her lips. She opened them in time to get another mouthful of hot semen which she swallowed to make room for several smaller wads. She had only seen the man’s cock and had no idea who’s semen she was now swallowing. The cock pulled back from her mouth and her body seemed to want to follow it like she wanted to taste more. She heard her husband yell, “That’s it. Shows over. I want everyone out.” There was laughter and what sounded like a high five hand slap. Someone also farted as the black men shuffled out of the room. She could here someone gathering up the poker chips. When it appeared everyone had left, she pulled her sweat shirt off and wiped her eyes. Fred returned and helped her to the shower. They both agreed to forgive each other and hugged, though Fred wouldn’t kiss her on the mouth. The black man had been right, her pussy was soaked while she sucked him, and Amber half heartedly hoped for sex that night, but when Fred stripped, his penis wasn’t the least bit hard. In fact, it appeared to have shrunk up into his scrotum making it look even smaller.
A week later, Friday morning, Fred awoke to find his penis engulfed in his wife’s mouth. She found his penis easy to suck and she could swallow the entire shaft while licking his balls with her tongue. Things had been a little strained between he and Amber. It had taken him three days before he could kiss her on the lips. It was five days until he had gotten an erection and they had passionately made love that night knowing that all was truly forgiven. The following night she had finally gone down on him whether out of guilt or love, Fred didn’t care because it felt awesome. She swallowed every drop of semen his little balls could produce both that night and this morning. She seemed to enjoy the taste. Amber climbed up on top of him and laid her head on his chest. “I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you too. I’d like to stay here all day, but I’d better get ready and on the road.” Fred got off the bed when Amber rolled off him and took a shower. He would be gone until Tuesday at a pharmaceutical convention and had about a seven hour drive. They kissed at the door. Fred broke off the kiss and walked down to his car before turning back to his wife. “Remember to lock the door and don’t let Richard anywhere near the house.” Fred had quit calling him Dick, because he didn’t want to remind Amber of the man’s penis. “I’ll see you in five days.”
Fred was driving out of the neighborhood when he noticed Frank Beane was struggling with a love seat in the back of a pickup. He had avoided the black men all week, but he couldn’t turn down a neighbor who needed help. Fred pulled up to the curve and helped Frank get the chair off the pickup. They both took the chair and carried it through the front door.
“Right here,” said a heavy-set older black woman.
“Fred meet my wife, Jean,” said Frank.
“Jean Beane,” said Fred.
“Almost didn’t marry the old fool cause of that,” laughed the black woman.
Frank and Fred arranged the love seat. Frank thanked him and Fred was on the way to the door when he noticed the pictures on the wall. “Is that you and Sammy Davis Jr?”
“Yep, sure is. I used to open for him.”
One picture was of a promotional shot of a much younger Frank dressed as a magician. He was holding a wand up to a fanned deck of cards. The billboard called him Beandini. There was also a shot of Frank dealing cards at a blackjack table to Sammy Davis, Sinatra, and what looked like Angie Dickenson. “Wow! You have to tell me some stories some time.”
“I’m free now. I can talk about my Vegas days for hours.”
“Some other time. I’m at a conference all weekend.”
“Sure neighbor. Thanks for the helping hand.”
The pictures tugged at Fred’s brain halfway to the conference. Frank had been a professional card dealer in Vegas in the early sixties. He had also been some sort of magician apparently specializing in card tricks. Richard had mentioned feeding his wife cards at their first game when he was setting Fred up for the blow job con. Frank’s hands had all been good for Amber at the second card game until the one that suckered her in. “My lucky guy,” Amber had called Frank that night. Frank was the kindly old one. The friendliest of the four black men. Could he have set Fred and Amber up? Worse, Fred had just told him that he would be gone all weekend. Fred was an hour away from the conference when he turned around and headed home just as it started to rain.
Amber was actually shaking as she approached the door. She jumped when the doorbell rang for a third time. She had just gotten out of the tub when the doorbell rang. She didn’t know who it could be. The lights were out except for the bathroom and the bedroom and her car was in the garage. She dressed in sweat pants and a shirt before heading down stairs. She snuck a peak through the curtain and saw skinny old Frank Beane standing on her steps dripping wet. She turned the light on and opened the door, undoing the chain lock. “Frank, what is it?”
“It’s poker night,” he grinned at her and held up a deck of cards.
“Well come in out of the rain.” She pulled her robe tight around her waist. “Fred’s not here. He’s out of town.”
“You don’t say.”
“Hold the door,” someone yelled as Walker and Amos appeared out of the darkness to catch the door before she closed it.
Startled, Amber stepped back and almost screamed.
“He’s not here, Amber. After last week we told Dick we didn’t want to play with him again.” Frank kindly patted her shoulder.
“Same place as last week?” Walker sat his poker chips on the kitchen table as Amos loaded the cooler with another case of cheap beer. He handed Amber one.
“I was just telling Frank, that Fred’s out of town.”
“Shit. We were hoping for both of you to play since we ditched the asshole,” grunted Amos.
“Well, we’ll just make do with the four of us then,” said Walker as he squeezed his fat belly into a chair.
“I was hoping for an early night, fellows,” said Amber, but her eyes were greedily staring at the poker chips, the cards, and the fifty dollars Walker was removing from his pocket.
“Come on Amber,” said Frank as he sat at the table. “Just a simple little game. Same rules as last week, fifty dollars only. I’m sure Fred left you some money.”
“He left me $150 dollars,” she replied. Amber was squeezing her eyes shut trying to fight the urge to join them at the table. “But that’s all I have to last the weekend and I need groceries and gas.”
“Then even if you lose, you’ll still have a hundred bucks to get by on.” Frank used his foot to push out an empty chair towards Amber. “But if you win, you’ll have doubled your stake.”
I guess your right. Can’t hurt. Can it?” Amber was sweating and breathing heavy. Her hands were shaking as she left the room to get to her purse and the money. She retrieved fifty dollars and returned to the kitchen. Her hands quit shaking as soon as she sat down at the table and watched her money being turned into poker chips. She immediately felt better as Walker dealt the first hand. Amos popped the tab and slid a beer over towards her.
One hour later…
Amber reached into her purse for her final fifty dollars. The boys had been generous and let her buy some more chips. She was thankful they were giving her a chance to win her money back. Her luck had to change soon. She returned and slid the money towards Walker who exchanged it for more chips. She was thrilled to win the next two hands, but then her money started whittling away again. Frank dealt out a game of seven card stud and the pot started building. She had two sixes in her hand and there was a third on the table as well as a pair of sevens. She winced as Amos raised again. “I don’t have enough.”
“Your short fifteen,” stated Frank. “Then you’re out.”
“I can’t be out. I won’t have any money to get by this weekend.” Amber eyes were wide open in fright. Can somebody lone me the fifteen? I’ll pay you back.”
“You can pay me what Dick got last week,” said Amos.
Amber blushed. “I’m never doing that again. Screw you.” Amos held up his hands in surrender.
Frank reached out and tapped her hand. “And we’d never make you do that. Isn’t that right guys?” Frank’s elongated hand completely covered Amber’s.
“We ain’t pervs,” grunted Walker. “But we is men. I’d give you fifteen of my winnings if you put on a little something sexy. I’m thinking that bikini you was wearing while gardening would be nice.”
“I’m not wearing a bikini to play poker.”
“I’d pay fifteen for that too,” said Amos.
“I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t interested.” Frank sat back and sighed. “I guess that’s the offer. I know you don’t want to do it, so feel free to fold and we’ll go home, but it would sure make three old men very happy to play cards with such a young a beautiful woman.”
Walker added, “Plus, you’d have thirty bucks extra to play with.”
Amber thought about it for a minute. Odds were good she would win this hand and most of her money back. With the extra $30, she could get all of it back with a few good hands. Amber pushed her chair back and stood up. “I’ll be right back.”
Amber returned ten minutes later wearing her robe. She found a full, cold beer in her spot and tossed it back taking a big swig. She was already a little drunk and the beer helped build up her courage. Three pairs of eyes were on her as she undid the belt and let the robe fall to the floor.
“Jesus!” said Walker.
Amos was cruder, “That is a fucking hot piece of ass.”
“You’re incredible Amber,” said Frank winking at her. “I’m not sure this was a good idea. I won’t be able to concentrate on my cards.”
Amber’s first reaction was to lean forward making herself smaller which also made her large breasts ponderously dangle down. She forced herself to stand back up straight. They had already seen her in the top, but with shorts on. The panties were on the skimpy side and the reason she kept her crotch shaved. It helped that the three men were so old and unthreatening. Plus, the way they were staring at her body was flattering. Amber relaxed and smiled. “Let’s play cards.”
“First, lets pay you your chips,” said Frank sliding fifteen across to her as she sat down. The other two followed suit. Amber slid the fifteen she still owed into the pot. “Amber’s in. Let’s show them.”
“Full house,” said Amber sixes over sevens.”
“I’m out,” Frank flopped his cards down.
“Beats me.” Walker tossed his cards in.
“Full house too,” said Amos grinning. “Sevens over sixes.”
“Shit!” Amber threw her cards on the table. This was getting to be too much for her. She was holding so many good hands that just didn’t pay off for her. She took another swig of beer.
The cards went around the table a couple times and Amber won a few small pots. The beer and the gambling had her horny. She wished Fred was home to take care of her needs. Of course, he’d be pissed off at her for gambling, so she was better off spending an unsatisfied horny weekend alone. Her nipples grew erect as she pictured her and Fred in bed. She’d felt guilty after the last poker game and had paid her husband back by blowing him. She found she actually liked having a penis in her mouth since Dick Long had made her blow him. “Who was the other man?” she suddenly blurted out.
“What man?” asked Frank.
“The other man at the poker game,” she replied wishing she had kept her mouth shut. “The one who jerked off on me.”
“Guilty,” said Amos raising his hand.
Amber looked at him, but didn’t see the old black man. Instead, she saw a big brown cock head staring at her, swollen and angry. Semen spitted out from the head and splattered on her face before she took it in her mouth swallowing several mouthfuls of his warm seed. “Why?”
“Why’d I jerk off on you?” Amos laughed. “How could I not? That was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Trust me, these old farts,” He pointed at Frank and Walker, “probably jerked off the second they got home.”
Amber saw Walker nod in agreement, though Frank’s face remained blank. “I didn’t get a good view, but you appeared quite large.” Amber realized at this point that she was quite drunk.
“Nearly a foot long.” The smirk on Amos’s face suggested that he was quite proud of it. “Ain’t seen many bigger, but Long Dick’s got me by another inch.”
“How can they be so big?”
“It’s a black thing,” said Frank. “Mine’s about a foot too, though I don’t see it hard that often anymore. I wish I was seventy again.”
“I guess I’m the baby at ten,” said Walker, “But I’m told mine’s the thickest anyone’s ever seen.”
“Jesus, I didn’t know.” Amber was staring at her cards, but not seeing anything as she pictured Dick and Amos’s long black cocks again.
“I take it Fred don’t measure up?” asked Amos.
Amber shook her head not wanting to answer out loud that her husband wasn’t even half as long as any of theirs. “Do women have trouble taking something that big?”
“Not at all,” said Amos.
“Most women cum like crazy stuffed with a big cock.” Walker winked at her and licked his fat lips.
Amber felt uncomfortable again having the fat man ogling her. Looking at all the superior smirks on the black faces, made her decide to drop the conversation. “Back to the game. Oh crap, I’m out again.” Amber held another good hand.
“Well, do you fold?” asked Walker, who was dealing.
“Would you guys be willing to spot me?”
“What’s in it for us?”
Amber’s mind flashed through her assets. She had some jewelry, but no cash. She needed to win her money back. The pot was pretty large, enough to keep her in the game. “I’m short twenty dollars. You guys like this bikini? How about I take the top off?”
“Not fair,” grumbled Walker. “She should have been out a long time ago.”
“It sounds like a good deal to me,” smiled Amos looking at her body as she sat at the table.
“I’m inclined to agree with Walker,” said Frank. “Of course, we have left Amber here in a bind without any money this weekend. I feel guilty not giving her a chance to win her money back.” Frank nodded acknowledging Amber’s grateful smile. “Let’s compromise and let Amber stay in, but she has to take the entire bikini off.”
“I can live with that,” said Walker nodding.
“Alright, fine,” said Amber. “It’s a deal. I’m going upstairs to use the bathroom.” Amber rose and felt all three sets of eyes on her ass as she walked away. She bent to pick her robe up, and headed upstairs. She returned shortly with the robe belted tightly around her waist. The three black men were sitting around the table expectantly looking at her. One had left the refrigerator door open. She gulped. “Ok boys, here it goes.” She dropped the robe.
“Her fucking labs are sticking out.”
“Look how faint her saucers are, but her nipples are bright pink.
Amber closed her legs. With her crotch shaved, her female parts tended to extend out. Her labia and clitoris leaned towards the large side. “Worth the money?” She almost laughed at the old men’s reactions. She half expected Frank or Walker to have a heart attack. Previously, only her husband had seen her nude, but she no longer felt the least bit self-conscious standing nude before these men.
“Looks like I got here right on time,” said Dick Long standing up as he shut the refrigerator door.
Amber stood still looking at the dripping wet black man. He was shirtless, his muscular chest glistened in the light. Her newly found exhibitionist streak disappeared and she threw one arm around her breasts and her other hand over her bare crotch. She turned and disappeared into the living room.
“Sorry Amber,” called Frank, “he just showed up to play cards.”
“Come back out and lets me see ya,” yelled Dick. “It took me awhile to track the fellows down and I’m eager to play.”
Fred pulled up in front of his house and parked at the curb. He sat in his car for close to twenty minutes listening to the rain pound on his roof. He was being foolish. He shouldn’t have turned around and come home. Now he’d have to spend all those hours driving back to his conference in the rain. His house appeared dark except for the kitchen. He could see movement through the curtains. He decided to peak in and check on Amber before leaving again.
Fred stepped out of his car and opened his dark umbrella. As he approached his house, he thought he saw movement near the window. A dark figure appeared, staring in the kitchen window. Fred snuck closer and recognized Dick Long. That fucking black pervert is staring at my Amber, thought Fred. He looked around for a tree branch or anything he might use as a weapon just in case the guy was planning on doing more then just peeking. Dick seemed oblivious to the rain. Fred stood behind a tree for nearly fifteen minutes watching Dick. He thought he heard voices in the kitchen, but the rain made it too hard to tell for certain. Eventually, his side door opened and to Fred’s surprise, old Frank Beane appeared in the doorway. Frank looked around, saw Dick and gestured for him to enter the house. As the black man disappeared inside, Fred stepped up to his window.
The black men were seated at his table playing cards. He watched Dick pulling off his wet shirt and toss it in the kitchen sink. Amos took out something from his pocket and passed it around the room to the other men. They looked like little blue pills. Each of the men swallowed one and chased it with a sip of beer. Amber appeared in a robe just as Fred had to bend down to wipe rain water from his eyes. He heard Amber let out a little scream and when he looked up, she was gone. Frank called to Amber in the living room. It sounded like he said, “If you don’t come out you’re gonna forfeit.”
“Amber! What the fuck are you doing?” Fred whispered as his wife emerged from the living room. She was completely naked. The only thing on Amber’s body was her wedding ring. She was holding a pillow across her chest covering her breasts and crotch.
“Now Amber honey, that wasn’t part of the deal,” said Walker.
Amber dropped the pillow and slid into her chair. She picked up her cards. Amber grinned and sat up straight which thrust her breasts out. She reached out and slid the chips towards her. She seemed cheered by winning the pot. Dick winked at her and sat a fresh beer in front of her. He took out a wad of cash and bought himself into the game.
It was obvious to Fred what was going on. The neighbors were taking advantage of Amber’s gambling addiction and making her pay off her debts by stripping. If he let this proceed, he had no doubt they’d want more then just having her nude. Fred took out his cell and dialed her cell phone. It rang several times. There was no reaction from Amber. Stupid! Of course, her cell phone was probably with her clothes and she couldn’t hear it. They hadn’t bothered hooking up a land line.
Fred stood up straight. He should barge into his house and throw those black men out. Dick Long had his arms behind his head while Walker dealt the cards. Dick’s muscles bulged out. His biceps were huge and it looked like his muscles had muscles on them. His dark black chest was flexed and Fred thought he could make out several scars crisscrossing the man’s chest. His mind imagined Dick in a knife fight in prison. He probably kept a switch blade in his pocket. He remembered Amos’s iron grip across his throat last week. Fred’s knees went weak with fear. He couldn’t take these men. He dropped to his knees in the wet grass and felt the rain rush over him as he shivered with fear and cowardice. He would have to trust his wife.
Fred kneeled for ten minutes before regaining the strength to rise to his feet. He stepped up to the window to watch. Sadly, it looked like Amber had lost much of the round she had previously won.
“I would take another blow job,” growled Dick.
“I’m never doing that again,” said Amber bravely staring him straight in the eyes.
“I thinks you was loving it in the end,” said Dick winning the stare down as Amber looked away.
“Settle down,” said Frank. “Amber doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Amber gave Frank another grateful smile. “I just happen to have some index cards in my pocket.”
“Why do you have index cards in your pocket?” she asked.
“Memory’s going so it helps to write things down.” Frank opened the cards and passed them over to Amber. “You can use them as vouchers instead of money.”
“What do you mean? I have nothing of value left and I’m not blowing that asshole again.” Amber leered at Dick as the big black man snorted, but smiled a gap-toothed grin.
“I’m not asking you to do anything you don’t want to do. I was thinking maybe a hand job.”
“What’s a hand job?”
“You’d jerk one of us off,” said Frank.
“I can’t do that!”
“It’s not like it’s cheating or anything. No big deal really. Look, I’m just giving you a chance to win your money back.”
“So, I’d just use my hands to get one of you off?”
“We needs some rules,” said Walker. “Like what’s the money value of a hand job?
“How about fifty dollars?” asked Amber.
“I wouldn’t pay that much,” grunted Walker.
“Ten sounds better,” said Frank and when Amber looked about to object he added, “take it or leave it.”
“We can’t let her use all the cards either. There’s like fifty in the pack. If she writes hand job on each card, that’s like three hundred dollars,” said Walker.
“Five hundred, dumb ass. Alright then,” said Frank. “We set a maximum of four cards then. One for each male. Deal.”
“Deal,” said the other three black men.
“Deal,” said Amber reluctantly. She was short twenty dollars, so she wrote ‘hand job’ on two of the cards and put them in the pot. The black men seemed to eye the cards greedily, but when it was all over, Amber had won the pot. She slid the poker chips and the cards over in front of her. She thought about tearing the cards up now that she had some money, but Frank was already dealing.
“Gimme some better cards next time, Franksandbeans,” said Amos folding from the start.
Amber had some decent cards. She looked at her chips. It was $10 to her. She surprised herself by taking a card and throwing it in the pot. None of the black men objected that she didn’t use her money. The next bet was only five, so she added chips to the pot. The last bet was another ten and she tossed the second hand job card in. “Two pair, kings high,” she said tossing her cards down.
“Three sevens,” said Walker grabbing the pot. “Can we take a break? I want to cash one of these cards in.”
Amber looked a little sick as she realized what she had done. For some reason she hadn’t planned on giving this fat old black man a hand job. Not that she wanted to give any of the others one either. “How about I just pay you the value of the card?” she asked.
“How about getting some Vaseline on them hands to jerk my dick off?”
Amber blushed and resigned herself to her fate. She went into the downstairs bathroom and got a jar of Vaseline. Walker and the other black men had moved to the living room. She realized with disgust that Walker was shuffling funny like his dick was already hard, but then the other black men were moving like they had erections too.
“God damn, I’m looking forward to this,” said Walker. He wiped his hand across his bald pate. The light reflected off his gold tooth as he smiled when Amber returned. Walker was wearing brown corduroy pants. He undid his belt and let them drop to the floor, kicking his pants off his legs and sliding his shoes off. He then removed his white boxer shorts, but kept his white socks and white tee shirt on.
“Fuck Walker,” said Amos. “You wasn’t kidding about having a thick one.”
“Nope.” Walker squeezed the head of his fully hard cock and winked at Amber.
Amber was frozen in disgust. She had thought Dick had an ugly prick, but Walker’s was disgusting. Actually the penis was a pretty powerful looking tool, it was the rest of Walker that was disgusting to a young woman like Amber. The penis was thick, no it was very thick. It was as thick as a coke bottle and looked like a wrinkly piece of dark sausage. Walker was also uncircumcised and had the same ugly wrinkly black foreskin that Dick had. Every now and then, the swollen purple black cock head would emerge from the foreskin like it was gasping for air. Fluid appeared around the pee slit and increased in volume each time the head appeared. The entire penis was completely hard and had a slight upward curve. It was also covered in swollen blue-black veins large enough she could see them pulsing. What made it so disgusting was that the shaft disappeared into an upside down triangle of fat. The bottom slopes were formed by the black man’s thick thighs. The top was composed of his prodigious beer gut. Walker sat down in her recliner and put the seat back. He pulled his tee shirt up over his big belly and spread his legs. The fat parted and she could see straight down to the root of his shaft as it disappeared into a big bush of white pubic hairs. She could also make out his huge testicles resting against the chair. They were an ugly wrinkly black like his foreskin and also covered in white pubic hair.
“When you’re done admiring it, you can get started,” said Walker.
Amber shook her head to break the trance. She scooped up a dollop of Vaseline and then thinking about how big the monster was, she scooped up some more. She stared at the big cock as she walked over to Walker. One of the blacks reached out and squeezed her bare ass, but she just pulled away not even knowing who did it. She knelt and reached out her gel coated hand towards the cock. It jerked at her touch. It was so thick, there was a two inch gap between her fingers as she wrapped her hand around it. She slid her hand up and down the nearly foot long cock, twisting it around to get the thing fully coated in Vaseline. She used her other hand to pull the foreskin back until the golf ball sized head fully emerged. She assumed circumcision wasn’t as common back when these old men were born. Walker’s cock could have been sleek and beautiful without the foreskin. She kept the foreskin pulled tight as she stroked the shaft faster. Walker groaned and threw his head back as she worked his cock.
“I’ll give you $40 for that other card,” said Amos. He was awed watching the sexy young white girl stroking Walker’s fat cock.
“No fucking way,” groaned Walker. “I’m cashing my other one in tomorrow. This white whore knows how to milk a cock.”
“I’m not a whore,” said Amber angrily and she tried to squeeze his cock hard enough to hurt him, but it was like she was squeezing a steel rod.
“You’re jerking me off for money. That makes you a whore.”
“Asshole!” Amber’s strokes grew faster with her anger.
“Walker, you be respectful of the young lady,” said Frank.
Amber smiled gratefully at the kindly old man. When she looked back at Walker’s cock, the head looked even more swollen and darker then it had before. She leaned closer to examine it, but pulled back when she caught a whiff of his smell. Fat men sweated a lot and his crotch area gave off a pungent smell of body odor. The pee slit slowly opened and his first wad caught her in the face almost before she could blink. Another wad splattered above her nipples. She knew those balls would be producing a lot of semen and she didn’t want to be covered in the stuff. Amber did the first thing that came to her mind. She leaned down and placed the tip of his cock against her lips just in time to take the third wad in her mouth. Walker bucked his hips and slid about half his cock head in her mouth. She swallowed it down as her mouth filled once again still amazed at how hot it was. Black man’s semen tasted different from her husband’s. Maybe it was just that the volume was so much greater, but it still tasted richer then Fred’s sperm. He now reeked of sweat and semen, but she kept her lips clamped and swallowed several more loads of cum as her hand stroked his cock dry. When he finished, Amber fell back on her ass gasping for breath.
“Breaks over,” called Frank rising from his chair and heading back to the kitchen. Amos and Dick rose to follow him.
Walker sat up and stood, pulling the shirt down over his belly. He grabbed a nearby magazine and fanned his sweat covered face. “To hot now to get dressed.” The pants-less man shuffled over towards the kitchen. His dick was every bit as hard now as it had been when he started.
Outside, a horrified Frank watched his wife wipe off her Vaseline covered hands on her thighs and stand. She turned towards the bathroom. He banged on the window to get her attention. Maybe, she could run to his car to escape these men, but she never heard him knocking over the rain and he didn’t want to hit any louder for fear that Dick or Amos would hear him. Amber cleaned the sperm off her face in the bathroom and returned to the kitchen. She was still nude and didn’t look the least bit embarrassed any more. Fred crept back towards the kitchen window.
Amber won a nice hand and lost two before she resorted to using the cards again. Her old black neighbors had graciously allowed her to reuse the card Walker had cashed in. Now Frank held a hand job card and Walker still had his. The other two cards were in the pot. “I’m still short $5,” she said.
“Write blow job on a card,” growled Dick Long as he apparently had a good hand.
“I told you I’m not doing that again.”
“You practically sucked Walker back there and you already blew me. Why not? It ain’t cheating.”
Amber thought about it. She had a good hand, but it was a typical Frank Beane dealt hand that seemed great, but never paid off. “No,” she whispered while thinking, ‘I’m not that desperate, yet.”
“Why not a titty fuck?” Frank snapped his fingers like he thought it was a brilliant idea. “That should be worth fifteen. It’s no worse then a hand job either.”
“Deal,” said Amber. She knew what a titty fuck was. Fred had nearly demanded one from her early in their relationship. Men were obsessed with breasts sometimes and apparently her large ones were perfect for sliding a penis between. She smiled as she pictured Fred kneeling on her chest. His penis had been completely enveloped by her breasts. She remembered his little head peeking out and squirting semen on her chest. At that time, she hadn’t liked the taste of semen and she had worried it might squirt in her mouth, but the little squirt didn’t have enough power behind it. It didn’t even reach her neck.
“Deal,” said the other black men.
Amber wrote titty fuck on one of the card and threw it in the pot taking ten dollars back only to have Amos raise the stakes and she had to write out a second card. They showed their hands and a grinning Dick pulled his winnings towards him. Amber rose expecting Dick was going to cash in. Embarrassed that he wasn’t standing up either, she played it off by going to cooler for another beer. The cold air from the fridge made her nipples stand out even more. They were so swollen now, they ached.
Amber had to put her remaining money into the next hand as well as two more titty fuck cards and thankfully she won. She used the cards to save money and won another hand, but lost a card to Walker. Eventually, another good hand turned up and she saw her money and the last titty fuck card disappear in the pot. “Not enough,” she cried, wondering if her luck was ever going to turn.
“How about an oral sex card?” asked Frank who was the only one who hadn’t folded against her hand and who had also dealt her another good hand.
“I don’t want to go down on one of you again.”
“You misunderstand. We would go down on you.”
“No way,” Amber said crinkling up her face. “I don’t even let Fred do that.”
“Not interested. No deal,” said Walker. “I’d rather have her write up some more hand job or titty fuck cards.”
“No,” said Frank. “We established a four card only rule.”
“I don’t like it either,” added Dick. “I say make it a blow job or she’s out.”
“My friends don’t understand the joys of going down on a woman. If you wish to stay in Amber, I’ll make you a deal. Since the cavemen here aren’t interested, I’ll trade you $80 for four oral sex cards.”
“I think it sounds disgusting too, but alright, deal.” Amber wrote out 4 cards and traded them for the money. This was a good stake and she stood a chance of winning some back. She put what she owed in the pot and was delighted when she won, though Frank never showed his cards as he threw them down.
“Lets break,” said Dick standing. “This fucking hard on is killing me. “I’m cashing in a card.”
Amber followed the shirtless Dick into her living room. He turned around and stared at her as he began pulling his jeans off. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. The black man’s enormous cock was sticking straight up through the waistband of his briefs. He quickly pulled the briefs down and the heavy cock fell forwards. Dick’s thirteen inch black log angled down slightly, a victim of it’s immense size. “How do we do this?’ she asked.
“Get on the floor and lay on your back.” Dick grabbed the Vaseline from where she had left it earlier and began coating his cock. Once it glistened in the lamplight, he was satisfied it had enough lubrication. He stepped over the prone white wife and keeled down over her belly. Amber’s D-cups tended to fall to the sides when she was flat on her back. Dick hefted them and squeezed them together around his cock. A spasm of arousal shot down to her pussy as his black hands squeezed her breasts. Amber was immediately struck by the difference between Dick and when Fred had done this to her. Where her breasts had completely engulfed Fred’s little penis, Dick’s looked like a big black sausage stuffed between two white buns. He began sliding his cock through her breasts. There was also the difference between Fred’s thin build and Dick’s weightlifter physique. This black man too stunk of sweat, but it was a more manly stink like one you get from a good workout as opposed to Walker’s unwashed stench. She arched her head to watch his thrusts. The foreskin would catch in her breasts and with every thrust the big plum sized purple head would stretch forth shooting little spurts of precum. Dick adjusted his legs and his cock began beating against her chin. Amber turned her head sideways to avoid the beating until his cock was now sliding over her cheek.
“I’m cashing in a card too,” said Frank strolling past her.
Amber felt her legs being pulled apart and blushed as she imagined Frank and maybe the others staring up into something only her gynecologist had seen before. The skinny eighty year old black man wormed his way between her legs. She struggled a little when she felt Frank’s hot breath against her pussy., but Dick’s weight held her still. She winced in disgust as one black man’s cock head left a slimy trail across her cheek and another black man old enough to be her great grandfather prepared to lick her pussy. When it came, Amber’s pussy spasmed at the shock and she gasped.
“Feels good don’t it?” asked Frank, blowing on her clit. He chuckled then licked her large engorged clit, flickering his tongue back and forth over it.
Amber’s face was frozen in a state of shock. She had no idea that this would feel so good or she would have made Fred do it years ago. Frank’s tongue felt amazingly prehensile as it teased her labia and licked up and down her slit. Amber’s hips started raising into his tongue of their own volition as he thrust it deep inside her pussy. The old black man’s tongue felt nearly as large her husband’s penis did when he was inside her. Her arousal grew when Frank replaced his tongue with two fingers and used his tongue to tease her clit again while pumping his fingers in and out of her. “Ah ah,” moaned Amber continuing to whimper. “Oh god, I’m going to cum. I can’t stand it. I’m cumming!” Amber raised her hips as fast as she could with Dick’s weight on her. Her pussy clamped down around Frank’s fingers and coated them with fluid. Amber hadn’t orgasmed much in her life and this had been her biggest. Frank never stopped. He continued fingering and licking her and she could feel the pressure to cum building again.
Amber didn’t know how to repay Frank for the wonderful feelings between her legs. She wanted to kiss him thank you, but she was trapped on the floor. She instead showed her gratitude to the closest thing male that she could find. Amber angled her head around so that Dick’s thrusting cock slid up over her face and lips. She held her tongue out and was rewarded with a groan from the black man as she licked the underside of Dick’s cock. He paused and pulled back so that she could kiss and lick around the big purple cock head. It was swollen and engorged. He was close to shooting his load and couldn’t hold it for long. He began thrusting again and she continued licking his cock wishing the Vaseline wasn’t coating his manly taste. Frank had another trick up his sleeve. Amber now had her legs splayed open and it was easy for him to bring his other hand around and push one finger against her ass. Amber gasped with surprise, but couldn’t control her body as the finger teased her tight rosebud. Meanwhile, Dick had taken advantage of her gasp to push his cock head between her lips. One of the other black men helped Amber by pushing a small pillow from her couch under her head. Dick’s cock head was now pushing into her mouth with each thrust and she licked it each time it entered her. Finally, when she thought she couldn’t stand being teased anymore, Frank pushed his finger past her anus and deep into her ass. As disgusting as she would have thought that sounded fifteen minutes ago her body exploded with an even bigger orgasm then the first one just as Dick’s cock exploded in her mouth. Amber wanted to scream in pleasure, but almost choked on the voluminous load of semen shooting from Dick’s cock. He continued thrusting, each time he pulled back, semen would splatter across her face until it once again entered her mouth and she could gulp that load down. Dick quit thrusting and paused with his cock against her lips jerking the remaining sperm from his shaft.
Amber stretched and groaned with pleasure as Dick climbed off of her. He looked like a giant standing over her and just like Walker’s, his cock remained rock hard and fully erect after cumming. Dick stepped over her and she could see Frank grinning at her. The entire lower half of his face was coated with her juices. He winked at her and turned to enter her bathroom to wash his hands and face. Amber climbed to her feet when he was done and entered the bathroom to clean all the sperm Dick had blasted across her face. It was nearly 3:00am when she returned to the kitchen. The black men were sitting around cutting the cards. Like Walker, Dick hadn’t put his pants back on. She could see both their cocks sticking up erect under the table. Amber looked at her cards as Amos dealt.
Several hands later, Amber had a decent stack of chips and a good hand. She decided to save her money. The hand was down to her and Amos. She threw a $10 hand job card in the pot and a $15 titty fuck card, but still owed $25. Amber took another blank card out and wrote $25 blow job on it. The black men watched with interest. “I thought you weren’t going to do that again?” asked Amos.
Amber shrugged. “Oral sex isn’t as disgusting as I once thought. Besides, I’ve already tasted two of you tonight and the only difference between it and a hand job is using my mouth instead of my hands. It’s not like it’s cheating. Would you rather have the money?” Amber made to slide the card back towards her.
Amos grabbed it and slid the card back into the pot. “Keep it in,” he told her. He laid his cards down to show his hand.
“Damn, I can’t catch a break tonight,” she said.
“Sorry,” said Amos. “Maybe next hand, but right now, I’d like to cash this card in. My cock fucking needs some release too. Amber stood up from the table, but instead of getting up, Amos just pushed his chair back and spread his legs while he unbuttoned his pants.
Amber kneeled on the cold tile floor of her kitchen and waited. Amos slid his pants down under his ass. She could see the big tent in his underwear. “It looks uncomfortable,” she said.
“Damn right, it’s fucking uncomfortable. Well get to it.”
He obviously wanted her to take it out. Amber leaned forward and reached for his underwear. She paused and crinkled her nose. His underwear was covered in old yellowish urine stains. She reached out for just the waistband, pulling it out and down. Amos’ huge black cock shot up past his belly button. Amber forgot about the dirty underwear and grabbed it tight to pull it down around Amos’ ankles. His near foot long cock was perfectly straight and stuck out from a batch of gray pubic hair. It was dark brown and the wrinkled foreskin was taut around his cock head with about half the head sticking out. It had a long urethra and she pictured the long pee slit opening to spit his seed in her face from last week. Amos removed his shirt as she grasped his penis and began stroking his shaft. At one time, Amos had probably been nearly as big and muscular as Dick Long, but age had caused his muscles to tighten up and shrink. He was still incredibly fit for a man in his seventies.
Amber pulled the foreskin all the way down as she leaned forward and completely engulfed the knobby cock head in her mouth. Amber ran her tongue all the way around the head and was rewarded by a groan from Amos. His groan encouraged her and she bobbed her head with increasing frequency.
“Suck that black cock, bitch.”
Amber furrowed her brows as she continued bobbing her head. Whoever had said that sounded like Frank, though it didn’t seem like something the kindly old black man would say. The head was in her throat now and she had swallowed nearly half the foot long shaft. Amos’ crotch stank too, but it was the manly smell like Dick’s and she didn’t mind it.
“Integrate her mouth with that black cock.”
‘Damn, these men could be crude,’ though Amber. She could manage nearly three quarters of his cock now, but her throat was feeling stretched and hurting. She settled for sucking half his shaft while stroking the remaining half.
“How’s it feel to be drinking from a blacks only water fountain, slut?”
Amber actually paused and looked up. It still sounded like Frank, but he was sipping from a beer. He didn’t even seem that interested in the show. When he put down the beer, he picked up the deck of cards and idly started shuffling them. Walker and Dick were staring intently at her blowing Amos. “Please stop it with the name calling,” she said before returning to Amos’ cock.
Fuck,” groaned Amos. “She’s good at this.” He grabbed her head and began guiding it up and down his shaft.
That comment didn’t bother Amber. It made her feel proud. She redoubled her efforts, moving even faster then Amos was guiding her. Amber was swallowing more than she had last week. He released her head and let her set her own faster pace. His cock swelled and spat. A stream of sperm slid down her throat. She pulled back to taste him and felt her mouth fill before she gulped it down. After several more gulps, she stroked his cock several more times to get any remaining sperm out of it. She kept stroking after the last drop had been squeezed out just to make sure. She pulled back and gasped for breath. She licked her lips and was pleased to find that she hadn’t spilt a drop. Amber had now tasted four men and she felt she could detect the difference blindfolded. All of them had tasted good. Fred’s had been just a tease, a little tea spoon and not as rich. Walker’s had been rich and tangy and she even felt she could taste some beer or whiskey. Dick’s semen was the best. It was rich and full. Where Fred’s semen was like liquid, Dick’s was more solid like pudding. Amos was close to Dick’s. It tasted great and there was a lot of it, but it also seemed a little stale, possibly do to Amos’ age.
Amber returned to her seat and took a swig of beer. Frank was now the only one fully clothed. The rest were naked, though Walker still had a tee shirt on to cover his fat belly. Walker’s cock was jutting out and Amber reached over to squeeze the head and give it a friendly little stroke. Amber no longer found their uncut cocks ugly. They were amazing in their own way. She pulled back a little shocked by her actions. Walker chuckled and winked at her. Amber bent her head and was surprised to see that the three cocks under the table were still quite hard. “What, did you guys all pop some Viagra or something?”
The four black men laughed. “Let’s play cards,” said Frank.
Amber had a good hand then two bad hands and another good one. She used up her remaining hand job card and two titty fucks. Frank wouldn’t take her oral sex card back since he still had three and none of the other men seemed interested in it. Amos won two more blow jobs from her, then Frank got one, and Dick got the last one. “Anyone want to…” Amber shut up. She had been about to ask if one of them wanted to cash in a card and there was an eagerness in her voice. ‘My god, what’s happening to me,’ she thought. She had fifty dollars in front of her. That means she had lost one hundred. Amber did the math on the cards. Four hand jobs was forty, plus sixty for the titty fuck cards made it another hundred. She was out three hundred dollars total when you added in the blow job cards and even more if you counted selling the oral sex cards to Frank. So much for a friendly fifty dollar game. What was left for her to sell?”
“What’s it to ya?” asked Walker.
“What?” Amber focused back on the game, the pot had been raised above her stakes again. “I don’t have enough.”
“Duh! What’s it to ya,” said Walker. “You owe a hundred, but only have fifty.”
“I’m willing to fuck you if you write that on a card,” said Dick.
“How generous,” said Amber sarcastically though she was filled with shame when her pussy twitched. “No sex. I can’t commit adultery on Fred.”
“How about letting us fuck your ass then?” Dick stood and got another beer from the fridge.
Amber stared at him in horror. “Those things would rip my ass in two.” She was surprised to see that the clock on the wall near Dick said it was nearly five in the morning.
“Nah,” said Amos. “We’d be gentle. It does take some getting used to, but you’d learn to love it.”
“How’s $35 sound?” asked Frank.
“No way,” she replied. “Maybe $50.”
“Deal,” said Frank.
“Deal,” repeated Amos, Walker, and Dick together.
Amber thought about having Dick’s monster shoved into her ass and she shivered. Then she thought about Walker’s thick shaft and she shuddered in fear. Frank’s finger had been the only thing ever shoved in her ass. It had been disgusting, but it had triggered a huge orgasm. “Deal,” she replied reluctantly. This was her last hope. She vowed that this game would go no further. Amber surprised herself again. She wrote anal sex on two cards and threw them in the pot, allowing herself to keep the cash she had. It was a foolish decision. She should have waited to see if she could handle one ass fuck before putting two on the table. Pain might actually trump her gambling addiction.
Amos won the hand. “My lucky night,” he laughed pulling the chips and cards towards him. Amber just slumped over in her chair. Amos waved six cards at the group. He held a hand job, and titty fuck, two blow jobs, and now two anal sex cards. “I’m cashing in.” Amber looked down at the card Amos threw in front of her. It was an anal! Amos stood and held his hand out to her. She looked at his straight foot long cock sticking out from his white haired pubes and she shuddered again. She had just given the old fellow a blow job and he was ready to stick his cock in her ass. Amber reached up and took his hand. He led her to their living room and the other blacks followed. Amos had her brace her legs as she leaned over the edge of the couch. He had her reach around behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart. The old black man retrieved the Vaseline and whistled happily as he lubricated his shaft.
The old men were gathered behind her and Amber winced at the image she must be presenting to them. Her tight puckered sphincter was on display for them as was her clearly aroused slit. Even as she thought about it, one of them reached out and gave her clit a little squeeze that sent a spasm of desire up her back. She was about to object when she felt Amos move into position. He forced her to spread her legs apart and for a moment his shaft slid between her thighs and pressed against her labia. “Move them hands back to spread them cheeks,” he growled at her. Amber adjusted herself and moaned as she felt Amos’ cock move a little. The head came back and slid along her pussy lips, pressing against the entrance to her vagina. She was so acutely aware of it’s presence, that she felt her own pussy stretch out over the tip of Amos’ cock and leak fluid on it. For a brief moment, she thought Amos was about to shove it inside her, but instead he pulled back and the head now slid upwards over her ass cheeks. Amber’s breasts mashed into the back of her couch as her hands pulled her ass cheeks apart.
Amos had left a big dollop of Vaseline on his finger and he spread the gel around her anus. He moved his big finger in a circular motion, counter clockwise, the tip of his finger moving deeper with each circular movement. “Aaagh,” cried Amber as the large finger pushed through her rosebud. Amos’s hands were meaty and thick, so that his finger was larger then Frank’s more elongated fingers. He still moved his finger around as he pushed it deeper. “Just preparing you for the real thing,” he said when Amber groaned again. Amos’ finger was probably as big as her husband’s penis and she felt a brief twinge of guilt at what she was doing. She felt the knuckle move past her anus and his finger couldn’t go any further. Her own knuckles turned white as the gripped her ass cheeks. Amos slid his finger in and out, moving it faster and much to her surprise, Amber found herself pushing her ass back into his thrusting finger. Amos seemed to take that as a cue and he pulled his finger out. Finally, she felt his cock head press down upon her sphincter and push against it. “Oooww,” she grunted as it pushed into her. It wasn’t as bad as she would have thought and then she felt his shaft slide along her pussy slit again. It was only Amos’ thumb in her ass. The thumb was wider then his finger, but it couldn’t push as deep. She became accustomed to the thickness quicker then she would have suspected. Amos continued sliding his shaft along her lips and Amber could feel her pussy practically dripping lubrication on it. She was borderline mad with horniness at this point. She half wished Amos would forget about her ass and just shove that big black cock deep into her pussy. She couldn’t let that happen though, but maybe she could convince Frank to go down on her again before they left.
Amos pulled his thumb out and this time pushed two fingers in. “Oh shit!” cried Amber. “It’s ripping my ass.” Her ass, however, did stretch wider for the larger invader. Much to Amber’s surprise, the pain only lasted momentarily and actually felt mildly pleasant. Amos began jack hammering her anus with his two fingers and his thumb slid down to her pussy, pressing inside it and running around in little circular motions. Amber found her hips bucking into his thrusting fingers and thumb. “Oh god! Oh god, I’m ready now. Do it! Hurry. Please! Shove that black cock in my ass.” Amber’s face flushed with shame and she was thankful the black men were standing behind her. She had just begged for him to ass fuck her!
Amos pulled his fingers out and this time there was no doubt about what it was pressing against her anus. “Aargh! No! No! Wait! It’s too big,” she cried as the big head pushed past her sphincter. Amber gripped her ass cheeks tighter, trying to spread them wider, but knowing that it wouldn’t help the pain. Thankfully, Amos waited with just the cock head in her ass until she grew used to it. It seemed like several minutes, but Amber eventually said, “I’m alright now. Go on.” Amos shoved and his steel hard shaft seemed to bend a little before sliding in deeper. “Ow!,” groaned Amber again as the thick part of the shaft pushed past her anus. She was thankful for the Vaseline as Amos began shoving his cock back and forth in her ass. Amber grunted with each forward thrust as the head seemed to reach new depths every time. Her breasts were hurting smashed against the sofa. Amber released her ass cheeks and brought her hands up to grip the sofa back. She pushed herself up and once again, to her surprise, she found herself pushing back into Amos’ thrusts, her teeth gritted as she fucked him back.
“Bitch likes it,” said Dick.
“She’s taken nearly nine inches,” said Walker in disbelief.
“Harder,” ordered Amber. Something had snapped in her. She liked their cocks. She liked sucking their big black cocks. She liked swallowing their semen. She wanted Amos to fuck her ass. “Shove that black cock up my white ass. Fuck my ass, Amos. Give it to me good.”
“You gots it, slut,” growled Amos who began fucking her ass as fast as he would have fucked her pussy. “Angle isn’t right,” he said after a few minutes. Amos gripped her hips and kept his cock deep in her ass as he pulled her back off the couch. He turned them away from the couch and lowered both their bodies to their knees. Then he pushed Amber’s back until she fell down on all fours. “You want this black cock?” he asked thrusting his hips.
“Yes, fuck my ass,” she begged.
“You like having this black cock shoved up your asshole?”
“I love it. Fuck my ass with your black cock, Amos.”
“Think how a big black cock would feel stuffed in that tight white pussy of yours,” he said as he started fucking her ass again.
“Yes…would feel good… can’t do that,” she moaned, but the image of having one of their big cocks fucking her pussy filled her head and surprisingly her vision. She realized Dick Long had kneeled in front of her and was lining his huge cock up with her mouth.
“I’m cashing in,” he said as he pushed his big cock head past her lips.
Never in Amber’s wildest dreams had she ever imagined this would be happening to her. She had never even fantasized about multiple partners, let alone two old black men shoving their dicks down her throat and ass. More surprising to her was the fact that it didn’t bother her at all. She liked having two cocks in her at once. The only problem was that she wanted to cry out with pleasure at having her ass fucked, but it was hard to do while sucking Dick’s massive cock. Nor could she do a good job sucking it, but Dick seemed content to keep the head in her mouth while he stroked the rest of his shaft. Amber grunted around Dick’s cock as she felt Amos’s cock swell in her ass. The huge head seemed to grow so big it jammed in her ass. Amos pushed it as deep as it would go and suddenly her bowels felt hot and wet as they filled with his semen. Amos’ cock continued pumping her ass for of sperm and Amber could actually feel it shrink and recede a little, though it remained quite hard and he kept it in her ass.
Amber turned her full attention on the cock in her mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head as fast as she could. Dick helped her by grabbing her hair and helping to move her head along. He bucked his hips too fucking her mouth with his shaft. They kept this up for at least fifteen minutes before his thrust grew more erratic and the black man groaned as his cock swelled up. His load still caught her off guard and sperm trickled out of her mouth. Amber swallowed as fast as she could adding yet another load of hot semen to the ones already filling her belly.
Dick didn’t pull out until the last drop of sperm had shot from his cock. When he did remove it, an exhausted Amber fell forward and Amos’s cock plopped up out of her ass. His semen followed his cock up and out, flowing up and spilling out of her butt hole. His seed trickled down to coat her engorged labia and covering her clit until it dripped down into her carpet. Amber stayed on the floor regaining her strength. Dick and Amos both cleaned up in the bathroom. When they were done, she finally pushed herself to her feet and went to clean herself up. The four old black men grinned at her when she finally returned and rejoined them at the table. Walker dealt the cards.
Amber had fifty in chips as well as a blow job card to sell back and three anal. The cards were worth $160. She was shaking with lust to win this game and some of her money back. She should quit now and try to get by on the fifty, but she also knew she couldn’t. She played a few hands, mostly using the cards to save her chips. She cringed when Walker won an anal off her. She couldn’t imagine what his thick monster would feel like. She won some more chips, then lost the blow job card to Frank, giving him two. The poor old black man hadn’t gotten off yet and she hoped he would cash it out, but he just pulled it into his pile of chips. Amber squirmed in her seat. She’d thought she’d gotten it all, but her ass continued to leak semen and she found herself sitting in a little pool of it.
Amber winced when she looked at her cards. Frank had dealt her yet another great hand. It was too good to fold on. She held three jacks in a game of five card draw. The pot was growing big again as nobody had folded. At the rate they were going, she would be out of money yet again. She threw an anal into the pot and then another anal as the old black men continued to raise. She turned in two cards, but the new ones didn’t help her any. Finally, as she knew it would, someone raised over her limit. “Fuck,” she cursed, picking up some of their vocabulary.
“Looks like you’re finally out,” said Frank. “Sorry, we tried to do you a favor and everything. Unless…”
“Unless, I let one of you fuck me.”
“Yep,” agreed Frank, “and I know you don’t want that. Unless you think you got a really good hand.”
“I have a great hand, but I can’t let it go that far. I already feel like a slut for doing what I did with you guys.”
“Then you mights as well go put yo clothes back on,” growled Dick. “The we can finish our game.”
“I’ll let you borrow some food to get by this weekend.” Frank winked as he once again patted her hand.
“Times up.” Dick impatiently banged his fist on the table. “If you’re done, don’t bother dressing, I’m gonna use another titty fuck card when we is done here.”
“Yeah, I’m gonna fuck me that white ass too,” said Walker happily.
“I can’t fold,” cried Amber putting her head in her hands and sobbing. She had the shakes bad, her addiction was upon her. She had to see their cards.
“You know,” said Frank with his hand on his chin as if deep in thought. “If we didn’t cum inside you it wouldn’t be cheating. It wouldn’t be much different then sticking our dicks in your ass or mouth.”
“I don’t know,” said Amber, raising her head up to look at the men.
“I bet you is dying to know what a man sized cock feels like shoved up yo pussy.” Dick was grinning as he spoke. His missing teeth made him look evil as he said it.
Amber ignored him and looked at Frank. “What would it be worth, a hundred?”
“I fucked you ass for only fifty.” Amos was shaking his head.
“Seventy five then,” said Frank staring at Amber until she nodded yes.
“And you won’t cum in me?” she asked.
“Deal,” said Frank. The three other black men agreed on the amount.
Amber’s hands were shaking as she took up a pen and index card. She wrote, “The bearer of this card can fuck me, but must pull out before he cums. Seventy-five dollar value.”
“You worried about getting pregnant?” asked Walker.
“No, I’m on the pill. I just don’t want to betray my husband or our marriage vows. What do I owe?”
“Twenty-five to the pot,” said Frank.
The four old black men leaned forward with anticipation as Amber pushed her card into the pot and counted out fifty in chips for her change. “Call,” said Amber. She laid down her three jacks. Walker threw his cards down face up. Amber frowned to see that he only had a ten high. Why did he keep raising with only a ten high? Amos saw her frowning and threw his cards down face down.
“Three queens,” said Dick. “Lets go fuck now, bitch.” The dark black muscular black man stood up from the table. Amber shivered at how menacing his ugly black cock looked. The thing was as rampant as ever and seemed to be dripping precum in anticipation.
“Not so fast,” said old man Frank. “Full house, sixes over twos.”
“What the fuck!” Dick looked furious and Amber cringed in fear for the old black man. “I was supposed to win that hand.”
“You win some and you lose some,” said Frank standing up from the table. “I’d like to cash in my card now, Mrs. Gertz.” Frank followed the nude woman back into the living room.
Amber sat on the carpeted floor and watched Frank undress. Here was a black man old enough to be her great grandfather stripping so he could fuck her and she found herself a little eager. He unbuttoned his shirt as quickly as old arthritic hands could move. His chest was as long and skinny as the rest of him. His ribs were visible, but his belly bulged out a little. Wispy patches of gray hair covered his chest. “You sure you want to do this?” she asked.
“There’s nothing I want more,” he replied, pulling his belt out of their loops.
“But what about your wife?”
“Her pussy’s been dried up for years.” . Amber wrinkled her nose. Frank could be as crude as the rest of the old black men. “I’m glad it’s you,” she said. Frank had been the nicest of the bunch.
Frank smirked at her. He didn’t look excited or eager. He looked angry as he stepped out of his pants. “I’m glad it’s me too.” Frank pulled his underwear down and his cock flopped out.
Amber gasped at the sight of it. His cock really wasn’t any bigger then Amos’, but it looked huge sticking out of Frank’s skinny body. The word that came to mind to describe it, was ‘old.’ Frank’s cock looked old. His cock was blacker then his skin and his foreskin was the blackest of all. It appeared more wrinkled like a prune then the other’s foreskins. His shaft sprung forth from a large patch of pure white pubic hair that covered his crotch and balls. Frank pulled the foreskin back and the big cock head looked as wrinkled as the foreskin. It wasn’t hard like the other black men, though it was erect. It looked kind of sad, like the poor thing was straining to fully harden. “Let me see what I can do,” she said. Amber took his cock in her mouth and sucked on the tip. It did grow a little, but it still remained floppy. Amber took his cock as deep as it would go down her throat. She looked up at him to see if he was enjoying it, but he still looked angry.
“Enough,” growled Frank. “Get on your back and spread them legs.”
Frank kneeled between Amber’s legs. She spread them wide, no longer embarrassed showing off her insides to these men. Frank placed his cock head against the entrance to her pussy and pushed. His shaft bent and the head was too big to easily slide inside her. The old man squeezed the base to make it as harder and tried again, but the shaft still bent.
“We could try again some other time,” said Amber. She tried to look understanding and smiled at the old man.
“Fuck that, slut,” he growled back. “I’ve been waiting my whole like to turn out some white pussy for the black man.” Frank grabbed the base of his cock and smacked it across her labia. “White whore,” he moaned smacking it down hard again.
“Shut up, bitch.” Frank smacked his cock down again and again. “I’m going to ruin that white pussy.” SMACK “You’ll be begging for black cock when I’m done with ya.” SMACK “Fuckin’ slut for black cock.” SMACK
“Oh god, Frank,” she moaned. Having her privates whipped by his cock stung a little, but her pussy was responding to it. Her genitals spasmed with each smack. She raised her hips up each time he brought his cock down. Each time he smacked her, his cock hardened a little. He grinned in triumph as the old prick turned as stiff as the younger men’s cocks.
“Time to integrate that white pussy.” Frank pushed his cock down again and pressed the fat head against her pussy. This time her lips opened around it and the head slipped inside. Both the skinny old black man and the young white woman moaned as his cock entered her.
“Oh Frank, it’s so big,” she cried as he pushed it in deeper. “God, I’m so full.”
“Feel good, slut?”
“It’s filling me so much. I love it.”
“That’s a black cock stuffing that tight pussy of yours.”
“I love it. I love your black cock. Fuck me Frank. Fuck me with your big black cock.” Amber grabbed his hips and pulled him deeper. “Ow, fuck! Your in my womb.”
Frank watched his entire shaft disappear inside the young white woman. His old gray pubes tickled her shaved crotch. He held it buried for a few minutes, savoring her youth, her heat, and wetness. He held her knees in his arms and began fucking her hard. He could have stared at the beautiful young white woman forever, but for some reason he closed eyes. Years of discrimination flashed through his mind. He was a sailor again, enlisting to fight the Koreans, but finding himself peeling potatoes for four years. He was sitting at the back of the bus with the other blacks, drinking from a blacks only fountain. He was cleaning restrooms hoping the white man might toss a dime in his tin after they washed their hands. He was paid five dollars a week to do a magic act that his family wasn’t allowed to watch because the nightclub was whites only. He befriended Sammy Davis Jr., the most talented of the bunch, but even he wasn’t accepted until Sinatra pushed for him. Little things filled his memories. Taxis wouldn’t stop for him. He couldn’t shop without being followed by suspicious clerks. At church, Pastor Jeb Wright preached on and on about how the white Roman had oppressed Jesus, a man of color. All Frank’s anger and frustration was poured into the hard fucking he was no giving Amber Gertz.
When Frank snapped out of his daze, he opened his eyes and looked once more at Amber. Her head was thrown back and her mouth open in a silent scream of ecstasy. Her eyes were rolled up in her head. He looked down her body at his cock pistoning in and out of her pussy. He hadn’t seen himself move that fast in twenty years. With each thrust, her juice squirted out to soak their crotches. Her pussy was gripping and blowing up around his cock. She was cumming like crazy. With one final thrust he pushed his cock forward and watched her wince as he emptied his balls in her womb. She didn’t seem to object. Instead, she gripped his hips and tried to pull him in deeper as he pussy continued to cum with each jerk of his cock.
Frank felt his cock soften again. This time it shrunk back to normal. Even the Viagra couldn’t keep his old cock plump for long. He fell back and his shaft plopped out of her pussy releasing a torrent of semen. His balls didn’t produce as much as they used to, but it was still a lot more then hubby could have put in her. Frank gasped for breath and for a minute he felt he might be having a heart attack. He fell to the carpet until he could gain his strength back.
“You ok, Frank?” asked Walker.
“Fine,” the old man gasped.
“That was amazing,” moaned Amber stretching on the floor. She squeezed her breasts and moaned again. The black men stared at her awed by her beauty. Amber stood and stretched again. She looked different. Her hair was mussed. They all sensed the change. The young white wife no longer looked innocent. She looked wanton and she had never looked sexier. “I’m going to clean up. See you guys at the table.
“It’s light out,” stated Amber returning to the table, the morning sun shining through the curtains. Frank had just finished dressing himself. He moved slower and actually appeared older, but then the long night was probably catching up on him. Amber and the other men remained nude.
Amos dealt a hand. Amber wrote, ‘the bearer of this card can fuck me,” and the value on an index card. This time she left out the part about not cumming inside her. Walker won the hand and the card. The thought of the fat ugly black man fucking her didn’t turn her off. Her pussy muscle tightened as she wondered what his thick cock might feel like. She won a few hands and even won a nice sized pot off Frank, but the old man seemed exhausted like he was no longer concentrating. She lost another Fuck card to Walker and finally the last two cards to Dick. Amber had maybe forty in chips left. “Lets call it a night,” she said, hoping to get by on the little money she had left. The truth was, she had swallowed so much sperm that night, she felt she could go without groceries all weekend.
“I’m cashing in a card,” said Dick standing and throwing down a fuck card at her. “But first I gotta go drain this monster. Hard to piss when it’s this stiff. Be ready when I get back.”
Walker watched him leave. “Come on Amber, I’m cashing in too.” The fat black man pulled the white woman back into her living room. He sat down on the couch and spun her around. He pulled Amber back into his lap and his cock slipped inside her.
“Oh that’s good,” groaned Amber. “I love that thick black cock of yours, Walker.”
Walker pulled her until her back arched over his fat gut. He turned her head to kiss him while his beefy black hands reached around to paw at her breasts.
“What the fuck?” growled an angry Dick Long as he came out of the bathroom.
Walker quit kissing Amber. “Ya snooze ya lose,” cackled the fat old man.
“You piss and you miss,” corrected Amos, laughing.
Frank and Walker laughed too, but Dick still looked pissed. “Well get my cock ready for you,” grunted Dick. He stepped up and Amber bent forward to take him in her mouth.
Amber tried to give Dick a good blow job, but she couldn’t concentrate with Walker’s fat cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she bounced in his lap. She licked around Dick’s cock head as she bounced as fast as she could. She could feel Walker’s cock hardening, swelling as he prepared to cum. She timed it just right and slammed her pussy down hard on his cock just as he exploded in her womb. Amber ground her pussy into Walker’s crotch as she had another large orgasm as his cock spurted inside her.
When Amber was certain, Walker had quit squirting cum, she climbed off his lap. “How do you want me?” she asked Dick.
“Cleaned up,” he replied pointing at the bathroom.
Amber nodded and returned to her bathroom. She figured that before this day was over, she would have used up an entire roll of toilet paper cleaning sperm off her body. When she returned to her living room, Dick was lying on his back and holding his cock straight up. She smiled. This was one of her favorite positions.
Amber straddled Dick’s waist and lowered herself down on his cock. The eyes rolled up in her head again as she slowly worked the length of Dick’s shaft inside her. They didn’t call him long dick for nothing. “Your cock feels so good in my pussy,” she groaned as his cock completely buried itself. “This is the best cock ever.” Amber purred as she ground her pussy around his shaft. She ran her hands over Dick’s hard muscular chest while he reached up to squeeze and tease her nipples. “Fuck me, Dick. Fuck me with that big black cock,” she moaned bouncing in his lap. Dick’s cock was the best ever and Amber came several more times as she rode him. She felt him playing with her asshole, but then realized that his hands had never left her breasts. She glanced behind her to see Amos lining up his big cock to fuck her ass again. Her eyes widened with shock as he pushed it inside her. Her ass opened easily for him this time and the pain was only fleeting. Dick held her still and began bucking his hips up to fuck her while Amos alternated thrusts with him. Sometimes they would slip up and thrust together, their cocks fighting for space in her pussy and ass. She came once and it was like a damn had burst. The double penetration had her pussy cumming again and again. Amber’s mouth was open in a perpetual moan until someone took advantage of it and thrust his cock in it.
Amber looked up Frank’s body. He had pulled his cock out of his pants and shoved it in her mouth. It had grown again into it’s floppy state, but she could still tighten her lips around it and suck. Amber now had a black cock buried in every orifice and she loved it. Dick thrust up hard until hot seed filled her pussy. His balls produced more sperm then any of them and the resulting orgasm lasted longer. Amos had quit thrusting, but had kept his cock in her ass.
“Let me out,” growled Dick. “Frank’s balls are in my face.”
Amos pulled his cock out of her ass and Frank stepped away as Dick pulled himself out from under Amber. Amos lowered her to the kneeling position. This time he thrust his big cock into her pussy, forcing some of Dick’s sperm to shoot out of her. Amber was vaguely aware that Amos hadn’t won a card to fuck her, but she wasn’t about to remind him of that. Frank smacked his cock on her face until she took him back in her mouth. Frank’s cock never fully hardened again, but he still came, shooting his sperm down her throat just as Amos’ cock was erupting in her pussy.
The five neighbors all rested in the living room for a half hour after that.
“Lets call it a night,” said Amos dressing.
“I’m gonna help Frank home,” said Walker. The fat man was also dressed and Frank was leaning heavily into Walker’s arms. The old man was completely exhausted.
“One more hand,” said Dick.
“Leave it alone, Dick,” said Amos smacking his friend on the shoulder as he to pulled his clothes on. “We got what we came for.”
“One more hand.”
“What did you have in mind?” asked Amber. She followed the black men into her kitchen. She didn’t bother cleaning up this time and sperm leaked from her with every step. She was too tired to care any more.
“Winner takes all the money.”
“And the cards?” she asked.
“I isn’t giving up my cards,” said Walker. He still had a fuck card as well as an anal, hand job, and a titty fuck.
“We keep our cards.” Frank took the pen and index card and wrote something out. “We play for all the money and this.” He tossed the card in. “Let Amber win her money back.”
“I’m in,” said Amos reading the card.
Amber leaned over and read the card. It said, ‘the owner of this card is Amber’s black master and her body belongs to him.’ The money added up to $350 dollars. Amber looked at the poker chips and at the index card. “I’m in,” she replied. “But Walker deals.”
The black men nodded and passed Walker the deck. “Five card draw.” Walker passed each player five cards.
Amber looked at hers. She had a pair of aces. Once again, it was not a hand she could fold on if this had been a normal hand, but it was all or nothing. “Three cards,” she said keeping the aces. She groaned with frustration when she looked at the three cards she had received.
“What do you got,” said Walker. “I’m a king high.” He sighed with frustration and looked longingly at Amber.
“Pair of fives,” said Amos.
“I got nothing.” Frank threw his cards down.
Dick Long grinned, the black gaps of his missing teeth standing out over the whiteness of his other teeth. “Looks like it’s judgment day, cause I got me three sixes.”
Amber looked at her cards and sighed. “You got me,” she said.
Dick grabbed his index card and kissed it as he folded and put it in his pocket. “Looks like I’m the proud owner of one white slut. Only slightly used.” He laughed. Walker handed Dick all the cash. “You boys get on home. I’m moving in here until hubby comes home.”
Dick stood and stretched while the other black men shuffled out of the house. They blinked as the sun’s light reflected off the wet grass. Dick watched them go. He opened the refrigerator. I’m going up to our bed. Cook me them eggs and some bacon and bring it on up. We can get some more food later today. Trust me, we are going to need to keep our stamina up. You hear me?”
“I got it,” replied Amber.
Dick reached over and gave her a light playful smack on the ass, though his face looked serious. “You call me master, slut. Now cook me some breakfast.”
“Yes, master.” Amber leaped to obey as Dick headed up to her bedroom.
Amber clutched at her swollen belly as she came out of medical center. The baby was doing fine. She was seven months pregnant now. She sobbed a little with frustration. She didn’t even know whose baby it was. She assumed the it was Dick’s since he fucked her almost every day, but Walker and Amos stopped by for the occasional fuck. Her black master had given them access to her body and it was her duty to please them in every way. Old Frank didn’t have another fuck in him, but he liked to come over and watch once in awhile.
“What the fuck am I going to do,” she said out loud as she waddled over to her car. The welfare office wouldn’t give her anything since she was still married and Fred wouldn’t turn over the divorce papers until she had the baby. Once her son was born, he would use it to guarantee he got everything in the settlement. Things were already in his favor since all their assets were in his name. For now, he let her stay in the house until the divorce. He had moved to an apartment closer to work. She didn’t even know how she had gotten pregnant. Somewhere in her mind, she actually believed that her black lover’s superior cocks were just too powerful for her birth control pills.
A basketball game had started up in the park near where she had parked. She watched half a dozen shirtless young black men passing the ball around. They paused to stare at her. She had kept her trim figure, despite the huge bulge in her belly that could have been a basketball under her shirt. It was going to be a big baby.
One of the youths patted his hand on the back of another and passed him the ball. He whistled as he jogged over to Amber. “You the white girl lives on Washington?” he asked.
“Yes,” she paused frowning.
He pulled out an index card. “I got me this and wants to cash it in.”
Amber read the card. It said, ‘This card good for one blow job. $35 value.’ “Where did you get this?”
“Old man Long Dick traded it to me for some pot. He said you was good for it.”
Amber looked at the youths rippling black muscles. The sunlight glinted off his sweaty black skin. He was wearing sweat pants that appeared to have a long black snake flopping around beneath the material. “Lets go in the alley.”
“Yo mama, I bet you was something’ before you got knocked up,” he said following her into the alley while staring at her ass.
Amber ripped up the index card and threw it on the ground. She found some discarded cardboard and kneeled on it while the black youth walked up to her. She reached up and paused when she noticed her hand was shaking. She was breaking out in a sweat. Her shaking hand reached up and pulled the man’s sweat pants out and down. His big black cock flopped out. Her eyes looked at it with lust as it stiffened under her inspection. It was magnificent, growing to be nearly a foot in length. Unlike the old men, this boy was circumcised and his cock shown with youth and vitality. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She sucked the plum sized head of the young man’s cock in her mouth and began sucking it with gusto. He groaned his approval.
“Man can that slut suck cock,” said another black man. The other five players had followed them into the alley. Amber watched out of the corner of her eyes as some gripped their crotches and others pulled their big beautiful black cocks out of their shorts or pants. The one who had spoken picked up the torn index card. “I don’t gots me one of these cards, but I do have $35. You suck me too?”
Amber nodded as she moaned around the cock in her mouth. She watched others pull money out of their wallets. Her financial problems were solved.
Afterwards, Amber pocketed the $190 she had just made. “You boys come over after the baby is born and I’ll give you my price list if you want some more.” She knew her black master wouldn’t mind, but he’d probably want a cut.
The black youths nodded eagerly as they returned to their game.
Fred Gertz listened to his new girlfriend Francine softly snoring. She could be described as pleasantly plump and was nowhere near the looker his wife was, but she was a gentle soul and she loved to fuck. He rolled out of bed and crept out of the bedroom.
Fred fired up his computer and watched the new video he had downloaded. The white woman on the screen was being fucked from behind by a giant black man while her husband watched. It was an amateur video. The white couple were wearing masks to protect their identity. The husband was stroking a little penis half the size of the big black man’s. Fred pulled out his penis and started stroking it as he watched the video. He had just orgasmed in Francine an hour ago, but the porn had him ready to go again. Fred found himself surfing the internet for interracial videos, pictures, and stories nearly every night. He tried to fight it, but the image of a hung black man fucking Francine filled his thoughts almost daily. That night nearly a year ago had changed him as much at it had changed Amber.
Fred had watched through the window all night. He had seen and heard nearly everything that happened. He watched them play cards through one window, then he adjourned to the living room window to watch his innocent wife suck black cock, take one up her ass, and get fucked by an abusive old man.
Fred had turned away from his wife and new home that night after watching them play the last hand. He had driven the six hours to his convention, though he missed half his meetings, claiming he was ill. He knew his marriage was over. There was no doubt in his mind. He returned home after the convention and pretended everything was normal. The only thing different about their marriage was that Fred didn’t try for sex. If Amber noticed, she didn’t bring it up. She seemed relieved. But, Fred did notice the signs that she was having sex all afternoon when he was at work and she hadn’t even tried to find a job. He caught her in the shower almost daily just as he got home and it always seemed like she was washing the sheets in the laundry. Fred just grinned and played the fool.
The next time Amber had him replace her birth control pills, he filled her prescription with a harmless vitamin from a company he represented. He left her when she got pregnant. He told her he knew, packed his things and drove away. It was also the last time he ever saw Walker and Frank. The old men had given him the finger as he drove past them.
Sitting in his chair jerking of to interracial porn, Fred grinned evilly. He didn’t feel the least bit guilty for getting his wife knocked up by one of the old black men. She deserved it. He knew that his marriage was over while he had watched that last hand unfold. She had beaten her gambling addiction, but she had only traded one addiction for another. Fred could see his wife’s card hand. She held two aces when she drew two more cards. Amber had gazed down at the four aces she now held and she had folded. She had offered her body and soul to Dick Long.
Fred watched the little squirt of cum shoot from his dick. He wiped it off and shut down the computer.
Fred put his head in his hands and sobbed, “Why Amber? You had the winning hand. Why?” Fred recovered and decided to move on with his life and serve Amber the divorce papers. Now if only he could stop thinking about Francine with a black man.

———————– By Stormbringer

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