A bi-sexual story about an exotic dancer and two guys

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The story I’m about to recount to you what really
happened to me. I kind of wish that I had stayed longer
that night, because it was something to remember.
One day between classes, I met this girl named Crystal.
We started to get to know each other and she asked me
if I would like to come over after my last class. I
said sure, and that night we were sitting having a
couple of drinks when she asked me if I ever went to
topless bars. I said I went to them once in a while.
She asked me if I would like her to dance for me since
she was an exotic dancer. I quickly agreed, and
sensuously, she disrobed down to high heels and a belly
chain. She danced superbly, with verve and was very
Never once did her eyes leave mine as she danced
noticing the unavoidable bulge in my jeans, she asked
if I wanted to open my fly. I said nothing, sitting
there in a sweat.
I found myself opening my fly and taking out my dick.
She stared at it as she continued to dance. Almost
unconsciously, I found myself stroking my rod. She said
she liked watching me do my-self. Soon she stopped
dancing and walked across the room to me and without
saying a word, took my cock and began to stroke it.
Faster and faster she went, until all of a sudden
Crystal knelt in front of me, and too my organ into her
mouth… I have never had head any-where that good!
Just when I was about to come, she grabbed my throbbing
tool, expertly around the base, and stopped my orgasm.
This exquisite teasing went on for about ten more
Next she stood me up and began to take off all of my
Could you believe her friend, Steve walked into the
Crystal said relax he likes to watch her doing guys.
Steve came over and sat next to us while Crystal
continued to tease my cock.
Next I felt Steve’s hand rubbing my neck as Crystal
continued her sucking and stroking. After a few minutes
more just as I was really ready to come, Steve’s mouth
moved to mine as she continued stroking my pole.
Within a few more minutes, Steve’s hand replaced hers
on my tool and his neck rubbing persisted and felt very
good. He stroked me so well and gently I didn’t object.
Crystal whispered in my ear, “Just let it happen.
You’ll love it!” So far, I was. Shortly, Steve’s mouth
replaced his hand in my lap. I found myself putting my
hand on top of his bobbing head as Crystal licked my
neck, ears and lips.
Then I was turned over on all fours. Crystal moved
under me and let me enter her warm wet pussy from
behind. I was in Rocky(D)gy heaven. Moaning, she felt for
her clit, as I plunged into that divine body from
Then I began to notice that Steve was behind me…
Slowly I felt Steve rubbing my asshole with his rigid
cock. As I pumped into Crystal, I couldn’t help but to
bump my ass onto Steve’s hot sticky rod. Finally her
entered my anus from behind. Just a little at first,
but as I pumped Crystal, his prick went deeper in me
with each stroke. As he plunged in and out of me he
reached around my waist and continued rubbing my cock
on the outstroke from Crystal’s hot wet pussy.
Steve’s hand pumped faster and faster. Crystal moaned
again very loudly and rolled back and forth on the
floor as she came. The feeling of Steve’s ejaculation
into my backside touched off my own orgasm. I had never
had such an intense one.
After a few minutes I regained my composure enough to
dress and let myself out. I did, however, promise to
return next week. Both Steve and Crystal promised me
the best fucking of my life.
I never did make it back there, guess I lost my nerve,
but I will never forget that experience either.

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