A black UPS driver delivers and receives the package of a lifetime from a very sexy older white woman

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What I am about to tell you is a true story. It happened
in the fall of 1997. Every year around September U.P.S.
(United Parcel Service) hires a lot of new drivers. It’s
a temp position for the Christmas holiday. I had just
completed my commercial driving course and I needed a
job. A friend of mine knew a supervisor at UPS. My friend
Dave told me that his buddy might be able to get me a
Dave called me later that night after he spoke to his
friend. He said that I should go to the Elmsford
distribution location the following day for an interview.
I was really excited. I always admired the UPS guys; they
looked so cool in their brown uniforms. Plus, how hard
could delivering packages be?
When I arrived at the warehouse the next day I was
totally disappointed. There must have been 100 other guys
filling out applications. To make things even worse, I
was the only black guy there.
“Fuck,” I thought to myself. I don’t stand a chance.
White guys ruled UPS in Westchester County. Come to think
of it, I can’t even remember ever seeing a black UPS man
in Westchester.
I suddenly felt really uncomfortable. I had hung out with
white people all my life. On many occasions I found
myself in the same situation, being the only black guy in
the room. It never bothered me. But this was different.
This was competing for a job. The odds were not in my
I sat down and filled my out my application. It felt like
it was a waste of my time. I really wanted this job. The
starting pay was $15.75 per hour, but what where my
chances of beating out these white boys? After about 30
minutes of filling out this long multi-page application,
I still felt uneasy.
At least 30 other guys finished before me. They placed
their application forms in a big pile. The two UPS human
resources representatives didn’t say a word to them as
they walked by. I completed my application and headed
toward the desk. After I laid my application on the desk,
one the UPS guys picked it up. “Oh you’re Will!”
I stopped dead in my tracks. “Yes,” I said.
We shook hands and he started to ask me some questions.
All the other applicants were staring at me. He told me
that my friend Dave told him about me. Then he asked me
to come back tomorrow for a road test. I was really
excited. My boy Dave came through big fucking time. I
left that warehouse feeling good. My life experiences
taught me that the key to everything in life is who you
know, not what you know.
The next day I took the five-minute road test and passed
it with know problem. After the test, John (the UPS rep.)
told me I got the job. Damn, just like that I was in. He
told me I had to go to Brooklyn, to complete 4 days of
training. I couldn’t believe it. I went home totally
blown away. I was going to be a UPS man. All I thought
about was wearing that brown uniform.
The training went very quickly. On the last day, they
told us where to report. They told me to report to the
Elmsford Distribution Center and that I would be working
in White Plains. I hit the jackpot. White Plains was my
hometown. While passing out the uniforms the trainer
said, “Fella’s, women seem to love this uniform. Be
careful because this brown uniform is going to get you a
lot of pussy.”
Everybody started laughing, but the trainer said, “I’m
dead serious guys. You won’t have time to chit chat with
the ladies, so have your phone numbers ready.” I remember
looking in the mirror that Monday morning. “Damn I look
good in this uniform,” I thought to myself.
The Elmsford Distribution Center was broken up into three
sections, by zip code. I was assigned to 1060, which was
White Plains and a few other small towns. At 8:45 am they
had roll call. In White Plains alone there were 40 other
drivers. I was shocked, I would have never guessed that
it took 40 UPS men to service my town. And just like I
had thought there was only one other black guy there. Out
of 41 drivers, two of us were black. No wonder I never
saw any black UPS guys in my town.
They hooked me up with a guy named Steve, he was white of
course. He was pretty cool. We got in the truck and took
off to start the route. Steve was around 35 years old. He
had been working for UPS for about 11 years. He was
married with two kids. Our day started out fast and
furious. First thing we had to do was deliver all the
next day air packages. Those packages had to be delivered
by 10-am. He told me to drive while he punched in the
information into the DIAD (die-add).
I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the procedure
of signing for a UPS package. The DIAD stands for
Delivery Information Acquisition Device. It’s a very
expensive and sophisticated peace of equipment. We did
some training on it at the training facility. Steve told
me everything about it. He told me the DIAD tracks
everything you do, down to the minute.
When you sign for a package, the driver returns to the
truck and slides the DIAD into a slot on the dashboard.
The device then sends a signal to a satellite in space,
then the satellite send a signal to a mainframe in Texas.
He hated the DIAD because it not only tracked the package
it tracked the driver.
“Holy shit,” I said. He warned me to be very careful.
After the mad dash to get the next day airs delivered, we
were finally able to start my real training.
We went all over town making deliveries. He showed me the
ropes and introduced me to his regular delivery
customers. I met a shit load of people all in one day.
Steve told me to get to know these people cause I would
be seeing the same people every day. We delivered to many
places of business. I had never met so many fine
secretaries and receptionists in my life. We made a
delivery to this doctor’s office, and Steve told me to
check out the receptionist.
When we entered the office, I new exactly which one he
was talking about. “Hi Denise,” Steve said.
She was about five foot seven inches tall. She had blonde
hair and was blessed with big plump tits that were
busting out of her blouse.
“Hi Steve, how are you doing today?” she said.
“Man she was hot I thought to myself.”
“Who’s your friend?” she said smiling as she stared at
“Oh that’s Will, he’ll be your driver during this years
holiday season.
“Hi Will,” she said in a flirting manner.
I put the packages on her desk and then I handed her the
DIAD. I stepped back and let her and Dave chit chat for a
while. Denise seemed to be all into Dave. They whispered
to each other back and fourth. I couldn’t hear a damn
thing they were saying. Finally they were done. She said
goodbye to Dave.
But just as we were about to walk out the door I heard,
“Bye Will.”
I turned and said, “Bye Denise.” All I saw was a mouth
full of teeth. She had huge smile on her face as she
flirtatiously waved goodbye.
When Steve and I got back to the truck (for those of you
who work at UPS- the package car) he said, “What did you
think man, was she fine or what?”
I said, “Hell yeah man, she’s one fine babe.”
Then he said, “Guess what? I’ve been banging her for two
“No way man, are you fucking serious?”
“Hell yeah! I’ve been fucking the shit out of her ever
since she started working there.”
“But what about your wife man?” I asked.
“My wife has no clue. I told her that every other
Saturday was a mandatory workday. I meet Denise at her
apartment in the Bronx and we fuck all day long.”
Like all men Steve loved to brag about pussy. He told me
all kinds of stories about Denise. He told me how she
loved it in the ass. Then he started telling me stories
about all the other chicks he banged on his route
throughout the years. I couldn’t believe it.
Steve said, “I don’t know man its something about the
browns (the UPS uniform) that gets these women all
excited. You’ll see bro, your gonna get a lot of pussy.”
I thought to myself, “SHIT! There’s only one thing on
earth I love more than pussy, and that’s new pussy.”
We continued on with the rest of the route. I couldn’t
get all of Steve’s stories out of my mind. Guys often
tell a lot of lies about pussy. I didn’t get that vibe
from Steve though. We had lunch around 2 o’clock, after
we finished most of our deliveries. Then we started our
pick up. We went back to a lot of the same customers we
delivered to earlier. It’s was like we made a big loop.
We ran around town loading the truck we just unloaded. I
was getting tired at this point. I had no clue UPS guys
worked this hard.
Finally Steve said, “Last stop bro.” I couldn’t be
happier to hear those words. Our last stop was a little
gift shop. Steve told me to always make this my last
stop. He then said, “The lady that owns this place wants
us to come as late as possible.”
It wasn’t a traditional storefront; it was more like a
converted old house. We backed the truck into the back of
the place and headed for the back door. Steve pushed a
little buzzer on the back door. As we waited in the back
of the store for someone to answer the door, Steve said,
“Be nice to this lady man, she’s a big customer.”
The door buzzed and we entered the back room. The back
room was full of big boxes; there was a big table with
all kinds of shipping papers, tape and wrapping material.
A female voice yelled from the front of the store, ” I’ll
be back there in a minute Steve.”
A few moments later an older women entered the backroom.
“Oh, hi fella’s.” she said.
“Hi. Mrs. O’Connor,” Steve said.
Mrs. O’Connor was a tall woman, about 5’10”, she looked
like she was about 50 years old. She had red hair, cut
short to one side. She was wearing a two-piece light blue
matching skirt and blouse. She was a little on the heavy
side, not fat, she was what you call full figured. She
looked very sophisticated. The one thing that really
caught my eye was her figure. Her hips flared out into a
sexy hourglass shape. From the front view I could tell
right away she had nice plump butt to go with those wide
“Hi Steve. And you are?”
As she extended her hand to me, I said, “Hi. Mrs.
O’Connor, my name is Will.”
Mrs. O’Connor had an absolutely incredible smile. It was
warm and very sincere. Her handshake was soft and
delicate. Being that close to her during our
introduction, allowed me to see how pretty she was. Yes,
she had a few wrinkles around her eyes, but they were
actually quite attractive. Suddenly the front door rang.
Mrs. O’Connor said, “I’ve got a customer guys, help
yourselves to some coffee, I’ll be back in a second.”
When she turned around and headed for the front of the
store I was not disappointed. My eyes locked onto the
sweet sexy way she walked. Her ass was beautifully
shaped, and her hips matched her plump ass perfectly.
Steve said, “Didn’t I tell you she was a nice lady, she
always puts on a fresh pot around this time of the day
for us.”
We drank coffee while we processed her packages. I
couldn’t control myself. Through the open door leading to
the front of the store I gazed at Mrs. O’Connor. She
looked so lovely standing there in front of the register.
Her hips moved from side to side.
Steve noticed what I was staring at, “You got to be
shittin’ me man? You like that shit,” he asked in a
I responded, “Naw man, I’m checking out the customer,”
which was a huge lie. Thank god there was a lady customer
at the register.
Mrs. O’Connor came back into the room to finish up her
paperwork. Steve told Mrs. O’Connor that I would be
covering her area throughout the holidays. Mrs. O’Connor
said, “Does Will know that I’m always the last stop
before he heads back to the warehouse?”
Steve reassured her that I would make her my last stop
every day. Once again she gave us that warm and sweet
smile of hers. “There’ll always be fresh coffee when you
get here Will, don’t be shy, just help yourself.”
Steve and I worked together for the next three days to
complete my training. The following Monday I would be on
my own. It was hard work. The closer we got to the
holidays, the more packages there were to deliver. There
was one thing that kept me going all day. I couldn’t wait
to see Mrs. O’Connor.
I didn’t’ know if it was the fact that she was my last
stop which represented the end of a long workday. Or, was
it the fact that I found her very attractive. She was so
nice to me. Like she promised, she always had a fresh pot
of coffee on the burner.
Mrs. O’Connor’s packages were never ready when I arrived.
She always had just one more package to prepare for
shipping. I didn’t mind at all. It gave me a chance to
catch my breath and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.
The next few weeks leading up to thanksgiving were
hectic. There were so many fucking packages to deliver
and pick up, it made me sick to my stomach. Thanksgiving
week I was excited. Finally, I had a shortened workweek.
I really needed a few days off to rest.
Mrs. O’Connor and I became quite friendly to each other
in the weeks leading up to the thanksgiving weekend. We
talked about all kinds of things. We talked about life,
family, and all the usual stuff. Monday was a miserable
day weather wise, snow, sleet and rain.
It was the perfect way to start off my week. When I
arrived at Mrs. O’Connor’s shop, she buzzed me into the
back as usual. She was in the front taking care of a
customer. On this day instead of her normal skirt and
blouse, she had on a tight pair of jeans. The view from
the back was incredible. The jeans she had on hugged her
plump ass, and they caressed her wide hips. I wanted to
walk right into the storefront, bend her over the
counter, and slam my cock into her. Man she looked good!
Even though I thought she was an attractive woman, I
never really fantasized about her like this before. I
said to myself, “Man she’s old enough to be my mother.”
Then I started to think differently. All kinds of nasty
thoughts popped into my mind. She had the body type that
I always searched for in a woman my age. In fact she had
an even better body then some of the girls I dated
previously. Her body was built for fucking. Yes, she was
an older woman, and yes, she was old enough to be my
mother, but my cock didn’t care about that as it started
to harden.
“Hi Will, how are you doing on this lousy day?” she said
from the front of the store.
I replied, “I’m fine Mrs. O–O’Connor.” I could barely
get the words out of my mouth. When she walked into the
back room, I was blown away at what I saw. Mrs. O’Connor
wore her jeans high up above her waist. Her blouse was
tucked into her jeans. As I gazed down her body I noticed
her small round tummy, which slightly bulged out a
little. Continuing my lustful gaze down her body, my eyes
stopped suddenly at the site of her crotch. It was the
sexiest thing I have ever seen. The crotch of her jeans
was buried deep in between two of the fastest pussy lips
I had ever seen in my life.
White women seem to have a special power that black women
don’t have or just don’t display. It has always amazed
and baffled me, how the fuck white women were able to get
the crotch of the jeans to split their pussies. Her pussy
looked so fucking meaty.
I am so glad I was holding a big box at the time she
walked in or she would definitely noticed the big bulge
in my brown pants.
“Hi Will,” she said awakening me from my daydream.
“Hi Mrs. O’Connor, how are you doing today?” I had a
wicked smile on my face, and she noticed it.
“No dress today Mrs. O’Connor?”
She replied, “No, not today Will, the weather is
I don’t know what got into me. It just flew out of my
mouth, “You look really great in those jeans Mrs.
O’Connor. You should wear them more often.” I couldn’t
believe what had come out of my mouth.
It was silent for a few seconds; I didn’t think she
expected me to say something like that to her. I was
ready to immediately start apologizing. Then she smiled
and said, “You really think so Will?” as she bent her
head down and took a little peak at her own body.
I was so fucking relieved to hear her say that. I still
considered her to be a friend and I would never want to
ever disrespect her.
“I haven’t worn jeans in a few years, I think I put on a
few pounds since the last time I wore this pair,” she
said giggling.
Without thinking, my mouth did it again, “If you did gain
a few pounds in the past few years, they sure ended up in
the right places.” That was it! I fucking crossed the
Mrs. O’Connor put her hand to her mouth, stunned by my
words. Then her warm smiled appeared as she lowered her
hand. “Oh you’re such a sweetheart Will, but compliments
like that won’t get you a bigger Christmas tip,” she
said, as she headed back to the front of the store.
As she walked back to the front of the store, I noticed
an extra little swivel in her hips as she walked. It was
definitely one of those check out my ass walks, that you
ladies just love to do. I could barely concentrate on the
packages I was getting together.
Visions of her meaty pussy buried in those jeans,
occupied all my thoughts. I couldn’t see her from the
back room, but I could hear her giggling to herself. I
would have given anything to know what she was thinking
about. I hurried and finished up the paperwork. I said,
“Goodnight Mrs. O’Connor, drive home safe.”
“You too Will,” she yelled from the front of the store.
Wednesday arrived just in time. I was exhausted. I
couldn’t wait for this day to end. Of course the weather
was bad, just to make my day even more frustrating. It
was very cold that day and around 4:30 snow started to
fall. ” Can this day get any worse,” I thought to myself
aloud in the truck.
I was so happy when I finally backed the truck up to Mrs.
O’Connor’s store. After Mrs. O’Connor buzzed me threw the
back door, I headed straight for the coffee pot. She was
in the front of the store. I shouted “Hi Mrs. O’Connor,”
but there was no response. Then I noticed she was talking
on the phone.
I took another peek at Mrs. O’Connor, and noticed how she
was dressed. She wore a long, beautiful white dress. She
was slightly bent over resting her elbows on the counter,
talking on the phone. After she got off the phone she
went to the front door and I heard her lock it and she
turned of the lights.
I guessed she was closing early today since the weather
was bad, and tomorrow being thanksgiving and all. When
she entered the back room, I immediately knew something
was wrong. Her usual warm smile was nowhere to be found.
“Is everything okay Mrs. O’Connor,” I asked in a very
concerned tone.
She stood there with a blank look on her face. “I’m ok
Will,” she said in a very slow and barely audible voice.
Unexpectedly her hands went to cover her face and she
burst into tears.
I didn’t know what to do. My heart went out to her. I had
no clue why she was standing there crying. I did what
came natural to me. I walked over to her, not sure of how
she would respond to me, wrapped my arms around her and
held her tenderly. I wanted her to know I was there for
her. I think I startled her at first. Then she looked
into my eyes for a moment, she felt the concern in my
soft embrace.
She buried her head into my chest and started crying even
harder then before. I felt so bad for this sweet women, I
thought to myself, “What the fuck happened to her? Did
someone die in her family?”
That’s it I thought to myself someone close to her must
have passed away. I remembered her telling me that her
mother who she loved dearly was in a nursing home.
She cried like a baby in my arms. I took my hand and
stroked the back of her head to comfort her. “Don’t worry
Mrs. O’Connor everything is going to be all right.
Everything will be just fine.”
She slowly started to recover, but she didn’t say a word.
She held me tightly around my waist with her head still
buried in my chest. So many times had I fantasized about
holding Mrs. O’Connor in my arms but not like this. I
said, “Is it your mom, Mrs. O’Connor?”
She was still whimpering when she said, “No Will, my mom
is fine.” A few seconds passed, then she said, “Its my
husband, Will.”
I thought to myself, “Oh shit, maybe her husband was in a
fatal car accident or something.” I didn’t expect to hear
what she told me next. She said in the saddest voice I
ever heard, “My husband is having an affair with a
younger women.” Then she started to cry again. It was not
what I had expected her to say.
She began to tell me the whole story. She had suspected
he was cheating on her a few months ago. She didn’t know
what to do, so last week she hired a private investigator
to find out if it was true. She then told me that today
was their twentieth wedding anniversary.
Mrs. O’Connor told me that her husband called her an hour
ago and cancelled their dinner plans, claiming he had to
stay in the city late to finish up a pile of work before
the holiday. She said that when I walked in she was on
the phone with the private investigator she hired. He
called her from his cell phone in the lobby of the Plaza
The P.I. told her that her husband was at the counter
checking in with a young blond haired girl. The P.I. also
told her he took a few pictures of them kissing for
I was speechless, what the hell do you say to comfort
someone who has just found out that his or her spouse has
been unfaithful? How could someone treat such a wonderful
women like this? She was so sweet, my heart went out to
her. “How could he do this to me, Will?” she asked
whispering into my chest. “How could he do this on our
anniversary?” She was asking me question that I couldn’t’
Then, I started to get angry. I wanted to tell her what a
fucking asshole her husband was and how that scumbag
didn’t deserve her. I had to be very careful. I wanted to
somehow make her feel better. I pulled out my
handkerchief and brought it to her face and gently wiped
her tears. I placed my finger under her chin and lifted
her head until she was looking into my eyes. “Mrs.
O’Connor, none of this is your fault, that young bimbo
your husband is running around with is nothing but a
slutty whore. I don’t have all the answers you’re looking
for. Your husband somehow has lost his way.”
She then said, “But why a younger woman? Am I that old
and ugly? Is that why he doesn’t want me anymore?”
My heart felt heavy, this women’s pain was real, and she
was blaming herself. I gazed into her eyes and told her
the truth, the brutally honest truth. “Mrs. O’Connor, you
are one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the
pleasure to know. I have never met a woman like you in my
life. To look at you is like getting a brief look into
heaven. Your softness, your kindness, is possessed by
only a few people on this planet. You’re the one thing
that helps me get through the day. I spend most of my day
thinking about you. When I walk in the door and see your
sweet smile, it sends me to another world.”
Mrs. O’Connor seemed to be overwhelmed by my words. I had
to tell her how I felt. I wanted her to know that she was
still beautiful, and that another man desired her. Then
slowly the smile that I have loved and depended on
started to appear before my very eyes.
“Thank you Will. Thank you for making an old lady feel
special.” Then she pulled my head close to hers and
kissed me on the cheek. It was a tender kiss. When she
pulled her head back she stopped only a few inches from
my face. You could almost feel the electricity in the
I was frozen stiff. She looked into my eyes. Then, her
eyes roamed around my face like she was studying me. She
placed her hands on either side of my face and gave me a
soft kiss on the lips. She broke our kiss and looked into
my eyes. I guess she wanted to see my reaction. Absolute
desire was painted on my face, and she new. She stuck out
her tongue and licked my lips like she tasting a new
found treat.
That sent me over the edge. I put my hand on the small of
her back and pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. She
responded quickly by wrapping her arms around the back of
my neck. Our tongues met and the electricity sparked
through out bodies. She kissed me hard and fast. I fucked
Mrs. O’Connor’s mouth with my tongue. Her thin white lips
were so soft and sensual, it made my whole body tingle.
I couldn’t believe what was happening, I adored this
woman. Not in my wildest fantasies did I even imagine
that this might happen. We continued to kiss each other
intensely. My cock started to awaken as I felt her thigh
brush against it. I moved my hands down her body until
they rested firmly on her plump ass.
“Mmmmmm,” she moaned softly, as I palmed her soft fleshy
ass atop her dress. God, her ass felt so fucking good. I
aggressively squeezed that fat ass. I wanted her so
fucking bad.
My cock was painfully twisted up in my brown pants. I
felt Mrs. O’Connor’s hand come from around my neck down
the side of my hips. Then I sensed her little hand right
on top of the bulge in my pants.
“Mmmmm,” she moaned as she began to massage my throbbing
bulge. “I want you Will, I want you so bad,” she said.
Then I felt her unbuckling my belt. I started to work her
dress up her wide hips. As I worked my hands up her
thighs and made contact with her soft fleshy white skin,
I thought I was going to bust my nut right there.
Just as my hands made contact for the first time on her
bare ass, she suddenly stepped back and dropped to her
knees. “Oh my God,” I moaned.
In one quick motion she pulled my pants and boxers to the
ground. My thick black 8-inch cock almost slapped her in
the face. She stared wide-eyed at my manhood. I watched
her face as she looked at the black monster, for I’m sure
this was the first black cock she had ever seen in her
life. Her hand gradually reached up and wrapped around
her knew friend.
“Oh Yes!” I shouted as she slowly started to stroke my
cock. She was in her own world. I looked down just in
time to see Mrs. O’Connor open her mouth. She stuck out
her tongue and licked the head. She licked the head
spreading her saliva all over it. She lovingly licked my
black helmet like a pro. I closed my eyes and enjoyed
this wonderful feeling. My eyes flew open when I felt my
cock slip into her mouth right to the back of her throat.
“OOOhhhhhh God!” I groaned.
Her mouth was magnificent. I was amazed at how much of my
cock she could get into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and
wet. Mrs. O’Connor, with no disrespect intended was a
skilled cocksucker. She knew how to work my cock. Her
technique was flawless. She sucked, stroked and massaged
my balls all at the same time.
“That feels so fucking good, Mrs. O’Connor! Mmmmm.”
I could feel my balls starting to tense. I could have let
my load go right there and then, but I didn’t want this
to be just about my satisfaction. I wanted to taste Mrs.
O’Connor; I wanted to know if her pussy tasted as sweet
as she was.
Mrs. O’Connor could feel I was close to the edge. She
abruptly stopped sucking my cock. Then she stood up and
she tongue kissed me hard. I immediately went for the
zipper on the back of her dress. I was so fucking
excited, that my cock started to leak a little pre-cum.
When I got her zipper down to the small of her back, she
stepped back and smiled.
Then she dropped her shoulders down and her dress fell to
the floor. She looked incredible! Her beautiful breasts
were encased in a white lacey push up bra. This was the
first time had ever noticed her breasts. In the past she
always wore loose blouses. I spent so much time focusing
on her thick ass; her breasts just never came to mind.
Now, there they were, standing proudly. I could also see
her nipples pressing firmly into the delicate material.
“Like what you she William?” she said seductively.
“Oh yes Mrs. O’Connor,” I said. My eyes worked their way
down her body slowly. I enjoyed every precious second.
She wore a matching set of panties that ran up high on
her hips.
Then like a laser guided missile, my eyes focused on its
target. Her fat, juicy, pussy mound was mind blowing. Her
pussy lips were so meaty you could almost taste them.
Like a magnet, my hand reached for it. I palmed her pussy
with my big black hand, and squeezed it gently. She
spread her legs to allow me better access.
“Mmmmm, yes, Will.. I’m so fucking horny,” she said
softly. The crotch of her panties were soaking wet and
the heat coming from her cunt burned my fingertips.
This sweet older woman had taken my mind on an incredible
erotic adventure. I’ve fucked many women, in my day, but
none of them possessed my soul like Mrs. O’Connor. I spun
her around until her back was to me and pulled her close
to my body. My massive black cock pressed firmly into her
panty covered ass cheeks. She moaned at full volume, when
she felt the presence of my black beast. I kissed her
neck softly as both of my hands came from under her arms
and massaged her breast.
I whispered, “God, Mrs. O’Connor your body is on fire.”
Her skin was soft and smooth, she seemed to be totally
relaxed in my embrace and her body responded to my every
touch. I brought my hand down to her panty covered pussy
mound and again felt her heat. I slipped my hand into her
panties and finally felt her meaty pussy. My finger
easily fell into the folds of her moist cunt. Her body
trembled when the tip of my finger found her clit. She
pushed her sweet sexy white ass hard into my crotch. My
cock responded by pushing forward.
I wanted to give it to her. I wanted to violently tear
her panties off and slam my hard black cock into her
cunt. Her cunt was so fucking tight that I could feel the
walls of her pussy all around my finger. Pussy juice was
flowing out of her silky passage like a leaking faucet.
“Oh Will, I want you to fuck me… Pleeeease I need it so
bad,” she exhaled. Her sweet words electrified my soul.
She made me feel like I was her king. Yes! I did feel
like a king, I was her black night. Instead of being
wrapped in steel, my coat of arms was a brown uniform
that was recognized world wide, with the golden crests on
my chest that read U.P.S.
As my eyes descended upon Mrs. O’Connor’s sweet ass, I
thought to myself, “There was no way in hell, I would
deny my queen, her request.”
I pushed our bodies onward, toward the table in the
corner of the room. Without releasing my hand from deep
within her moist cunt, we crept forward. She knew where I
wanted to take her.
When we reached the table she immediately tossed all the
objects on the desk to the floor. I put my hand between
her shoulder blades and tenderly pushed her upper body
down. Sweet and sexy moans escaped her mouth,
anticipating her newly crowned king. I placed my hands on
the waistbands of her panties and slowly started to pull
down them down.
My heart started to pound as my hands worked the panties
down her hips. Mrs. O’Connor couldn’t remain in place.
Her body swayed from side to side. Her wide hips danced
for me. The crotch of her moist panties teased me. I got
down on my knees to complete the unavailing.
My face was just few inches from her sacred place. Her
pulsating pussy begged me to free it of the thin material
that obstructed me. With one final tug, the words of the
great Martin Junior King filled my mind, “Free at last,
free at last. Thank God, almighty Free a last.”
Mrs. O’Connor moaned softly as she felt her panties hit
the ground. The powerful scent of her cunt filled my
nostrils! It was intoxicating. I took in a deep breath,
and filled my lungs with her bouquet. Her aroma
captivated me; her scent drew me in closer to her
trembling pussy lips. Her pussy glistened with her
overflowing love cream. Hypnotically, I stared deeply
into her entrance. My hypnotic state was only broken when
I watched her juices bond into a little puddle close to
her jelly bean sized clit.
“What a magnificent looking pussy,” I thought to myself.
Then the bond formed into a small droplet. Just as the
droplet was about to break free from her cunt, I said to
myself, “Oh Hell no! There’ll be none of that.” I wasn’t
about to get any of her precious fluid hit the ground.
Like a hungry snake striking its target, I slammed my
tongue deep into her fiery hole. On contact, my queen
arched her back, as her first orgasm ripped threw her
body. I swirled my thirsty tongue all around her
twitching orifice.
“Oh God, Oh yes, yes, YES!” she panted.
Mrs. O’Connor tried to free her ass from my slithering
tongue but I held her firmly in place. Her stirring, only
forced my tongue deeper into her inferno.
“Mmmmm. Mmmmmmm,” I hummed as I clamped down on her
tender clit. The vibrations were too much for her to take
as I felt her legs give out. A fresh batch of her liquid
coated my invading tongue, like a sponge, I just absorbed
all of it. Her nectar was sweet, tangy, and salty all at
the same time.
Just like Mrs. O’Connor was a skilled cocksucker, I was a
professor at the fine art of eating pussy. Before this
moment I recognized Mrs. O’Connor as an older women.
Well, I take that back! She wasn’t old; she was mature,
aging gracefully. Like a marinating peace of meat, my
queen’s delicious pussy was well seasoned.
I massaged and spread her luscious ass cheeks, while my
tongue extracted her serum. Mrs. O’Connor made strange,
almost animalistic sounds as I quenched my thirst. There
was another part of my body that was also parched. My
black cock wanted to take a dive into her refreshment
stand, and her sweet cunt looked like it was ready for
“Pleeeease Will. I-I–I Can’t take it anymore! Please
fuck me! Please fuck me! I need you! Please don’t make
this old women beg.” The desperation in her voice sent
chills throughout my whole body, from the top of my head
to my toes and back up to the tip of my throbbing black
cock. It was time, the time had come and Mrs. O’Connor’s
pussy was. “My last stop.”
Mrs. O’Connor’s pussy was ready. I slowly stood up behind
her to admire her shapely ass. The table was the perfect
height. “Are you ready baby?” I asked as I brought the
tip of my black cock to rest on the top of her ass.
“Yes Will, put it in baby, put it in my pussy,
pleeeease.” The sweetest thing a woman can ever say to a
man is “Please fuck me.”
I slowly, wanting to savor ever second, placed the head
of my massive cock at the entrance of her quivering cunt.
Mrs. O’Connor felt my cock at her opening, and knew it
was D-day, and braced herself for impact. I guess she
thought that some one my age would just slam it home. I
learned at a much younger age, to never rush into
something knew. Always take your time. Mrs. O’Connor’s
body suddenly tensed up, but to her surprise I pushed my
cock in only about an inch.
It was amazing watching her pussy lips stretch to
accommodate my hungry cock. Her tender pussy lips folded
around the tip of my cock, holding it tightly in place.
It looked like a small bird spreading its wings. I gently
pressed forward into my queen.
“Aaaaaggghhhh,” she moaned when I was about half way in.
I paused for a moment to allow her pussy to stretch. Even
though her pussy was dripping wet, there was still some
resistance. “Give it to me Will, I want all of it, please
don’t stop!”
I placed my hands at her waist, where her magnificent
hips flared out. I held her tight, like a young boy
holding onto the handlebars of his first bike. Then, I
felt her pussy muscles give way, letting me know she was
ready. I quickly buried the final four inches of my cock
deep into her fleshy paradise.
When my big hairy balls made contact with her clit, it
sent her to the moon. I felt the walls of her cunt
shiver, then collapse around my shaft. I started working
my cock in and out of her sweet pussy. The sensations
were just mind blowing. Mrs. O’Connor’s experienced pussy
was truly blessed.
She knew how to work that, tha’aang. It would take a
woman my age years to develop such. Skillzzz. The
tenderness I felt for my queen, now turned into pure lust
as I increased my pace on her exquisite pussy. Mrs.
O’Connor’s experienced pussy bathed my cock with another
fresh batch of cunt juice.
“That’s it Will, fuck me! That’s it fuck me hard baby!
Fuck my pussy.”
My blood started to simmer, as I grabbed onto her hips
and slammed my cock deep into her pulsating pussy. Mrs.
O’Connor had given me my orders. I started pounding her
pussy with my black cock. Like a true knight, in a fierce
battle to claim new territory, I sliced in and out of her
succulent pussy.
“Mmmmm, yes Will, do it! Take my pussy now,” she grunted
Her pussy was on fire and so was I. I placed my hand on
the back of her head and wrapped it around a clump of her
hair. I pulled her hair back to me, bending her neck
toward me. I didn’t do it to hurt her; I did it to
establish control. I was taking possession of my newly
conquered territory.
The Gods of lust now possessed me. My eyes were held
captive at the sight of my black cock devouring her
pussy. Mrs. O’Connor responded by pushing her soft,
white, thick booty to met my powerful thrust. The flesh
on her ass rippled up her back every time my cock land on
her deck. I could feel my balls starting to tingle. I was
ready to fill her pussy with a big load of cum, but not
like this. I wanted to look into her eyes as I filled her
snatch. I wanted to see her pretty face. I wanted her to
look deep into my eyes and know that a Blackman was
depositing cum into her pussy.
The back of the store was small and tight. I searched
quickly for a place to lye her down. Without missing a
single stoke, I found the solution to my dilemma. Mrs.
O’Connor had a big roll of bubble wrap that she used to
wrap fragile packages. I pulled my cock out of Mrs.
O’Connor’s gapping cunt and grabbed the big roll of
bubble rap.
Before she could turn around to see what I was doing, I
ripped off two pieces, each about five feet long and two
feet wide. As I laid the bubble wrap swiftly on the
floor, I could hear Mrs. O’Connor moaning. Mrs. O’Connor
had her own hand buried in her cunt rubbing her clit.
“Hurry Will. Hurry baby my pussy is empty,” she sighed.
When I stood up Mrs. O’Connor sat right down on the
bubble wrapped. The popping sound of the bubble wrap
filled the room, POP, POP, POP, POP, POP, POP. We both
started chuckling. Mrs. O’Connor put her hand to her
mouth and laughed out load. I stood straight up with my
thick black cock pointing in her direction. I didn’t find
that funny, I guess it was the tremendous pressure in my
balls that I desperately needed to release.
Mrs. O’Connor gazed upon me all dreamy eyed, she could
see the pain in my eyes. She looked at my well-lubricated
cock and knew it was time. She lay back on the bubble
wrap (pop, pop, pop, pop, pop) and spread her legs wide
open. Her sweet pussy lips opened in slow motion.
In a soft sexy tone she said, “Come on Will. Its time
baby … Its time to deliver your, Package sweetie.”
I went down on my knees and placed the tip of my black
hammer at the entrance of her cunt. In one swift motion,
I slammed it home, balls deep. “Aaaaggggh, yes.
Aggggghhh, fuck yes!” I grunted. My powerful thrust must
have hit a new spot in her pussy; her cunt muscles seized
the black invader instantly. “God lady you got some good
fucking pussy,” I said to her as I started to take long
deep stokes in and out of her glorious cunt.
“Mmmmm, that’s it Will, fuck me good. You like this old
pussy. Does it feel good baby? Not bad for an old women
She was fucking up my mind with her dirty little words. I
grabbed both her legs by the ankles and spread her wings
as far as they could go. The view of my black cock
sinking in and out of this middle aged, white woman was
fabulous. I then started pounding her pussy with
everything I had left. I knew I couldn’t hold out much
longer. Her plump tits were bouncing all over the place.
Mrs. O’Connor’s well-trained cunt muscles did amazing
things to my shaft.
“Ohhhh Mrs. O’Connor. Ohhh my God!” I shouted.
She spread her arms, inviting me into her bosoms. I
released her ankles and lay down on top of her. My balls
were on fire and her pussy was dripping love oils all
over my thirsty cock. I placed my hands under her arms
and curled them around her shoulders locking her into an
inescapable grip. She placed her hand on the back of my
head and pulled me to her shoulder. Her touch was
Mrs. O’Connor then started whispering into my ears, “Its
ok baby, take your time.”
My cock was so hard it hurt. I wanted to cum so fucking
bad. I slowed down my assault on her pussy a little. She
continued to whisper very softly in my ear, I could feel
her warm breath blowing hot sensual words into my spirit,
“That’s it baby, I want you to cum sweetie. I want to
feel you’re hot cum deep in my pussy, Will… Don’t hold
back baby. Let it go. Let it go baby. Cum!. Cum cum in my
pussy. I want to feel your juice baby. Cum!”
That was it for me. My balls started to quake and I new
that familiar feeling. I tighten my grip on Mrs.
O’Connor’s shoulders, slamming my cock violently into her
moist cunt. Then like the packages flying up a conveyer,
my sperm traveled up my cock shaft. I slammed it into her
cunt for the last time, my final stop. Cum erupted out of
my cock, sizzling the walls of Mrs. O’Connor’s pussy.
“AAAgggggghhhhhhhhh!” I screamed out loud in Mrs.
O’Connor’s ear.
“That’s it Will, cum baby cum!”
Another blast of cum ripped threw my body. I screamed
like a little bitch ever time my black cock pumped out a
gooey treat. Her sophisticated pussy didn’t let me down.
It clamped down on my cock and milked the final few
spurts deep into her womb.
Gasping for air I finally collapsed on top of her body,
still shaking from my own devastating orgasm. Never in my
life had I been taken on such a wild ride.
“Mmmm baby. Mmmmmmmm. That’s it Will. I knew you could do
it baby,” she hummed in my ear. Her skilled pussy
continued to massage my slowly deflating cock. I was
speechless. What do you say to a woman that has given you
the most exciting experience in your life?
How do you say thank you? I was about to tell her what I
truly felt at this moment. I loved this women and I
wanted to tell her how I felt. I picked my head off of
her shoulder. The smile that I had loved from the first
time I met her was upon her face.
As I was about to open my mouth, and profess my love for
her, she smiled and placed her index finger on my lips
and whispered, “Shhhhh. Will, you don’t have to say word,
its ok darling. I know.”
I thought to myself, “What an incredible women. How did
she know? She knew where I was going and stopped me dead
in my tracks.” It was then I realized that she truly
possessed special powers. She was a white goddess, sent
to earth to share herself with a lucky few, and, I’m glad
I was there to personally witness her passion, love and
When I looked up at the clock on the wall it was almost
6:00pm. “Holy shit,” I thought to myself. I’ve been here
almost an hour and a half. Then it hit me that I was
still on the clock and I hadn’t make one single keystroke
on the DIAD.
Mrs. O’Connor also looked at the clock, “Oh my God Will,
look at the time. You better get going, they’re going to
be looking for you.”
I knew I had to go. All overnight air packages had to be
in by 7 pm to make the truck going to the airport. I
slowly and reluctantly eased my shrunken member out of
Mrs. O’Connor’s cum soaked pussy. She propped herself on
her elbows to watch the final show. When the head of my
cock finally popped out of her exquisite cunt it made a
small popping sound, like a champagne bottle being
uncorked. My cum and her fuck fluids came bubbling out of
her sweet and tender pussy. Thick white clumps of cum
spewed lava like, slowly out of her satisfied cunt. It
formed a small puddle just under her ass on the beaten up
plastic bubble wrap.
She looked at me and smiled as she place her finger in
it. Mrs. O’Connor then twirled her finger around in our
bodily fluids and scooped up a big glob of it. I was
amazed by her next move. With a devilish little grin on
her face she licked the cum off her fingers. “Mmmmmm that
tastes good.” then she smiled and said, “Tastes like
We both started laughing. I thought to myself once again,
“What an incredible women.”
I was now working against the clock. I stood up and
helped Mrs. O’Connor to her feet. Just like the new UPS
commercial, we were “Moving at the speed of business.” We
got dressed in a hurry. I processed her packages quickly.
She cleaned up the floor and signed off on her shipping
papers. With my hands full of boxes and my DIAD, she
opened the back door for me. I stopped for a brief second
to get one last look at her smile.
She wrapped her hand around my neck and gave me a sweet
kiss. “Goodnight Will,” she said. “And have a wonderful
I replied, “You to Mrs. O’Connor.”
She immediately started giggling. “It’s Rita, Will.”
I turned around and said, “Huh?”
She started giggling again and said “My name! My name is
Rita! Considering what we just did to each other, I think
its only proper that you should at least know my first
I stood there feeling real dumb; all this time I spent
thinking about Mrs. O’Connor; it never dawned on me to
ask her what her first name was. I smiled back at her and
said, “That’s a pretty name.” As I headed for the truck I
turned around and said, “Goodnight Rita. Goodnight Rita
She smiled and waved as she closed the door to her shop.
I jumped in the package car and took off. Thank God, the
warehouse was only 25 minutes away. I arrived at the
warehouse just in time. I was finishing up my paper work
and dropping all of my C.O.D. money, when my supervisor
approached me. “Hey Will, what took you so long.”
I told him I got held up at some of my pick-ups and that
there was a lot of traffic on interstate 287. He gave me
a funny look and said “Oh, okay, next time take the local
road especially the day before a holiday.” While he spoke
to me I started to smell Mrs. O’Connor’s perfume and
womanly scent on my body. I just hoped he didn’t smell
The thanksgiving weekend flew by. I spent the whole
weekend thinking about Mrs. Rita O’Connor. Just saying
her name made my dick hard. I would close my eyes and see
her precious face smiling back at me. I started to think
about what Monday might be like. Maybe she would feel
guilty. Maybe she would act like nothing happened. My
mind was full of maybes and what ifs. I even started to
get nervous.
When I arrived at work Monday I was approached by another
supervisor, Mike Bruner. He said ” What happened to you
Wednesday night, you had no transactions on you DIAD
between 4:30 and 6:00.” Like I told you earlier, that
fucking DIAD tracks everything you do up to the minute. I
thought I was fucked. I remembered one thing, if you tell
a lie, always tell the same lie, never change the lie. I
told him the same lie I told the other supervisor. He
seemed to believe me. Then he said you’ve been doing a
good job since you started with us. I think your training
went pretty good. Then the next few words he said totally
devastated my world.
“Will, today you’re going to start learning your new
route. I’m putting you on the north White Plains route. I
asked, “Why? Did I do something wrong?” I was crushed and
I wanted to beg this man for my old route back.
He said, “No, you didn’t do anything wrong. Nobody told
“Told me what?” I asked.
“The route you’re on is our training route for all new
drivers. We place all the new guys on that route, then
after thanksgiving if you’re good we give you a real
I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought to myself, “How the
fuck am I going to see Mrs. O’Connor again? I felt a deep
painful loss in my heart. I felt like I was being
punished, not rewarded.
Mike started telling me about my new route. I was in such
a fog that I didn’t pay any attention to him until he
said, “Hey, what did you think of Mrs. O’Connor?”
I was instantly snapped back to reality. I said, “Huh?”
Mike then said, “Mrs. O’Connor, the lady with small gift
shop, the one that always demands to be the last pick up.
“Oh yeah Mrs. O’Connor,” (I was playing dumb).
He then said, “Yeah that lady is crazy, man.” My blood
started boiling. Who the fuck does this guy think he is
and how dare he disrespect that sweet loving women? Then
the son of a bitch started laughing. I wanted to punch
him in the face and shut him up.
“You have to watch out for that lady man, she loves the
browns. When he said that I stopped dead in my tracks.
Was this motherfucker saying some racial shit to me? He
turned and looked at me and saw the pure concentrated
anger in my face. I was just about to tell his racist ass
off when he said, “She loves the browns,” comment.
Mike realizing that I was angry started laughing again
then he said, “No man. I’m not talking about your brown
skin, I’m talking about the uniform, the brown uniform.
You know. the browns. Then it hit me. I’d blown his
comment way out of proportion.
I was still pissed off at him for calling Mrs. O’Connor
crazy. Then he said. “Last year around this time she
scared the shit out of guy we assigned to that route. He
went there the day before thanksgiving and found her
crying hysterically. She told the driver that she just
found out that her husband was cheating on her. The
driver got so nervous, by the way she was caring on, he
bolted out of there. He even left all the packages
Before I could get a grasp of what he had just said, he
continued. “Yeah, could you believe that shit man. The
funny thing is her husbands been dead for ten years.”
I don’t think there are any words in the English language
to describe what I was feeling and thinking. I said, “Are
you serious? How do you know that her husbands is dead?”
He kept giggling as he started to tell me the truth about
Mrs. O’Connor. He continued, “I know he’s dead because he
used to work here. Yeah man, William O’Connor worked here
for 17 years before he died.”
The name William, hit me lick a ton of bricks. I was
going nuts I could feel my stomach twisting and churning
with emotions and confusion. Then Mike, still laughing
said, “Guess how that old son of a bitch died.”
After he caught his breath he then said, “They found him
at that Short Stay hotel on Central Avenue. Someone
noticed his package car had been there for a couple of
hours. Then when the three hour short stay was up, the
maid at the hotel went to clean the room and found him on
his back with his pants around his legs and his cock
standing straight up in the air. He had a heart attack
and died, right there in that room with his UPS uniform
Mike had told me one hell of a story. I was just
speechless. Why did she lie to me? How could she have
misled me like this? Mike noticed the perplexed look on
my face and said, ” Don’t tell me she told you that same
story too.”
I replied “No way man, I hardy ever spoke to her. Man,
I’m just shocked, she’s such a nice women, and I can’t
believe she would make up a story like that.”
Mike said, “Here’s the kicker, they never found the women
he was with at the hotel. It was a big mess. The police
investigated the case and interviewed a shit load of
women on that route. The thing is he had worked here so
long, and had basically done all the routes in the city
at one time or another. The woman could have been anyone
in the city of White Plains.”
My whole world had been turned upside down in a matter of
minutes. ” WHY? WHY? WHY?” I said to myself. As Mike and
I walked threw the warehouse to our departments morning
meeting, I frantically replayed the events of that night
in my mind and my entire relationship with Mrs. O’Connor.
My thoughts were clear and visible, now that I wasn’t
blinded by pure lust and desire. Things I should have
noticed became terrifyingly clear to me. The puzzle
started to unfold in my mind, and when all the pieces
were in place, BANG! It scared the shit out of me and
took my breath away. Now that I look back, I could
identify with the way Bruce Willis felt in the movie the
Sixth Sense.
1.. Mrs. O’Connor never talked about her husband
2.. When I was eating her pussy she had said, “Yeah
that’s it William, eat my pussy.” I had told her Will,
was short for Wilson. Now that I think about it she
called me William, a bunch of times.
3.. When she had her fingers wrapped around my black cock
and was sucking my dick, I noticed a wedding ring on her
hand. She never wore anything on her fingers before that
4.. Under the clock was an 8×10 picture of an older white
man in a brown uniform.
5.. Every time I would look into her eyes, she seemed to
be looking at what was behind me.
6.. She had a gold pin on her dress, from a distance it
didn’t look like anything but as I got closer I realized
it read UPS.
7.. Finally, the fucking picture! Now I realized what
grabbed me about that picture. No matter which way I was
facing in that room, I saw that picture. The same
picture, in different sizes and frames.
The man in the picture was Mr. O’Connor. If I closed my
eyes I could clearly see all the pictures. It was very
freaky! Then I thought about Mrs. O’Connor, had she been
setting me up from the beginning? And why did she wait so
long? Why the Wednesday before thanksgiving?
That question was answered quickly, Mrs. O’Connor new the
UPS system like the back of her hand. She knew that,
after Wednesday she would never see me again. She knew
come Monday morning, I would be reassigned.
I was angry for only a brief second, and then I felt
sorry for her. Did Mrs. O’Connor use me? Was this her way
of getting revenge at her husband by fucking a black man
with his picture all around the room? Or was she just a
lonely woman, looking for some affection from something
familiar? Or was it the uniform? The same uniform she had
trusted for years. The same uniform that had betrayed her
so long ago. I’m afraid that the answers to these
questions will haunt me the rest of my life.
I reached the area where all the drivers met every
morning. It wasn’t like we met in an office, more like
all 40 of us drivers standing around in a semi circle in
the warehouse. I looked around the room at all the guys
in their brown uniforms and then I did a double take. I
zeroed in on all the guys that have been with the company
for less then ten years. The guys all started their
careers on that training route. I thought to myself,
“Just how many of these guys were fortunate enough to
have given Mrs. O’Connor a special delivery?”

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