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A blackmaled cuckold

14 Min Read

John was 22 years of age, average height and weight but unfortunately nature did not bless him very well in the manhood department for when he was fully erect he could only muster a measly four inches. His 21 year old girlfriend Melanie was five foot eight tall long blonde hair with a slim waist and 36D tits, from day one Melanie was a typical bitch; everything had to be her way or no way.
On their first date, John suggested a movie and a meal but no Melanie wanted the full romantic restaurant and all the trimmings. As usual what Melanie wanted Melanie got or she would cause a bad atmosphere for anyone or anything. That night on their first date, they arrived back at Melanie’s mum’s house and half expecting an invite in, John stood waiting as they said their goodnights. Because John only drove a Ford and not an expensive car, he did not even get a peck on the cheek, but Melanie had gotten under his skin and he knew he would do what ever it took to please her. As he waited hoping for at least a kiss, her plump 48 year old mother, Jean, came out in her dressing gown and looked down her nose at John. John was taken aback by Jean’s massive 48GG tits barely confined inside the dressing gown. Instantly Melanie was inside the door shut and bolted without so much as a thank you.
Thinking he had blown his chances with such a sexy looking woman, John was surprised when two days later he got a call from Melanie. She did not ask if he was doing anything that night but more matter of a fact when she told him he could take her out that night. They say love is blind so John overlooked her abruptness and instantly changed his plans to accommodate Melanie’s wishes.
When he picked her up she told him to book them a room at the local hotel as they were going to get intimate that night. John could not believe his luck, this stunning woman was going to have sex with him, but not only that she had told him that very fact before they even tried out. John should have been on his metal really for Melanie had a reputation as being a heartbreaker, but he thought he could handle her and besides who would miss the chance of fucking this horny slut. They drove over to the local motel and booked a room, Melanie insisted on holding the key. Then once more she insisted on being wined and dined in style. Melanie excused herself for a visit to the ladies room and was gone for a good thirty minutes and like the good little obedient slave, John sat patiently.
Eventually Melanie returned and slowly ate her way through the main course and desert before faking a yawn and suggesting they retire to their room, well not so much suggesting but more like demanding. Once inside the room, she ordered John to strip and burst out laughing at his poor equipment, but still suggested that maybe he knew how to use it to good effect as its size was never going to fill her needs. She then told him to put on the things she had laid out for him to wear. When John looked laid out on the bed was a black lacy Basque, two small grapefruits, suspender belt, bright red fish net stockings and bright red crotchless panties. John began to protest until Melanie simply said no dressing up then no sex, and no clothes to go home in either.
When given the ultimatum of wearing some female clothes and fucking a red hot horny woman and not dressing up and walking home naked with his tiny prick rock hard, what man would not dress to please such a sexy looking woman. Reluctantly John put on the Basque and used the grapefruits to fill out the bra cups, next he put on the panties and his poor four inch rock hard cock poked through the crotch area, next he slipped on the suspender belt and final felt the strange but sexually stimulating of the fine nylon stockings sliding up his legs. When fully attired to Melanie’s satisfaction, he was paraded in front of the full length mirror on the outside of the built in wardrobe.
Suddenly the door flew open and his eyes were blinded by a flash as someone took a picture of him dressed as a woman only with his tiny cock poking out. Out of the wardrobe stepped a brown haired plumpish woman he knew as Jean, She instantly laughed at his discomfort and quickly grabbed his four inch cock pulling it sharply as she swore, “This little thing would never do, look Melanie, I am holding it in four fingers pity three of them are gripping fresh air!”
Then John was made to pose in various poses as the mother took loads of photos supposedly for Melanie’s wedding album. It never registered with john that she had mentioned wedding album. What he did notice was his own clothes were gone and he had two choices to grin and bear the situation and hope it would be over soon or undress and leave stark naked and try to get home the three miles to his house.
He did not fancy risking being arrested as a streaker, so he decided to sit it out and see what happened; hopefully he would get at least a fuck for his troubles. He was made to stand at the foot of the bed and watch his blonde bombshell Melanie and her mother Jean have a sixty nine incestuous lesbian session. Then he was made to wank off his poor cock but the strange thing was that he was ordered to face the wardrobe when he did it.
An hour after arriving at the hotel room, he was given his shirt and shoes and that was all the clothing he was allowed, although he was given his keys and told his trousers and other bits of clothing would be returned to him tomorrow. Then he was bustled out the door and into the motel car park. Quickly he scooted over to his car and drove home hoping not to get pulled by the police as he did so.
Once safely at home he recalled his exploits of the night and suddenly realised that he still had not fucked Melanie despite him dressing as she had instructed him. However when he removed his shirt and looked at himself in the mirror, he no longer saw plain John looking back at him, no now he saw Joanie, a large breasted cross dresser with shapely legs encased in nylons, if he ignored the small cock which still poked through the crotch of the panties and imagined it was a clit he saw a sexy young female looking back at him.
He could not resist going to bed dressed as he was and playing with his cock, only now it was just a clit to be stroked, rubbed and flicked. In minutes he was staining his sheets and laid in the wet patch thinking how his life had change in the last hour and a bit. Little did he know how much a change was still to come?
Next morning being Saturday he had a lay in, still wearing his Basque and stockings, when he heard someone downstairs; he grabbed his dressing gown and had only got it half on when in burst a big black guy, quickly followed by Melanie and her mum. Melanie introduced the big black guy as Wayne and announced that he was her real boyfriend. Jean then spotted what John was wearing and said, “Look the little wimp has not changed out of his new wardrobe even!”
Then Wayne thrust a packet in to John’s hand and said “Look at these and then we will talk properly!”
John opened the packet and loads of photo’s dropped out on to the floor, of those which landed the right way up he could see himself wanking off dressed as this woman. He winced as he looked towards the three others in his bedroom. Melanie now spoke, “John I know you earn a fucking good living and I have decided that you will keep me in the manner I wish to become accustomed to, so here are the things you have to agree to or these photo’s will wind up on the internet and at your work place, real quick!” Melanie continued, “We will get married, so I can legally handle your finances, Mum and Wayne will move in with us and you will become my personal slave doing whatever I tell you to do and boy you had better do it quickly and well!”
Jean then spoke up, “You will use your tongue to make all of us happy because your little fucking prick won’t do it! You will cater for all our needs, cooking cleaning and anything else we see fit to demand!”
“Oh and yes John, Wayne will be sleeping in our marital bed, and you will sleep on a mattress on the floor! You will carry out Wayne’s wishes as if they were my own, or face the consequences of your work colleagues finding out about your fetish for dressing as a woman and your poor excuse for a cock!” Melanie pointed out.
“Yes John, you will become the cuckold of the house and when I need my cock cleaned after it has been up Melanie’s arse or Jean’s arse you will happily do just that! Of course you will be required to lick clean their cunts after I have properly filled them of course!” Wayne added.
John was crest fallen and knew he would never be able to put a stop to this for he had discovered he liked being dress as a woman and the only really stumbling block was he just would never bring himself to suck a cock let alone a black cock. Knowing he was beaten but hoping to find a solution to his problems he reluctantly agreed. Where he was told to dress but leave his women’s things on beneath his clothes for they needed to find a suitable house for them all to live in.
Of course John knew this would be at his expense and he would not even be able to have a say in its size, cost or location.

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