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A Bride For The Whole Family

25 Min Read

Her naked body hissed between the sheets as she slid
into bed. It was a luxurious feeling, like hotel sheets
always are, cool, crisp and fresh, nearly crackling. She
felt like purring as she snuggled down, allowing the
soft comfort to ease the tension of the day’s drive from
Fresh from the shower, glowing with a pampered warmth,
she rolled to the center of the king-size bed and
languidly stretched. A satisfied smile danced across her
full lips as she once more came alive. Carefully, she
arranged the shoulder length strands of light brunette
hair in a fluffy cascade on the pillow, framing the
classical oval beauty of her face in a silken cloud of
As a last touch, she raised the sheet and let it slowly
drift down, moulding its whiteness to the supple
contours of her nakedness: a veil that completely hid
the smooth pinkness of her body, but a veil that went
beyond the point of mere suggestion and presented an
alluring portrait of willing innocence.
Prepared, her eyes swept over the room, finally focusing
on the open door to a small bathroom. An impish glint
played over the misty green of her eyes and a pleased
smile once more crept back to her lips. She waited –
waited for the man still busying himself in the shower.
Michael Hightower; she let the name roll over in her
mind, quivering as shivery little thrills tingled their
way through her. He was a Michael, not a Mike. Mike was
a name for a boy. Michael Hightower was most definitely
a man!
Mrs. Michael Hightower; she savored the feel of it,
tingling as new excitement washed over her. Diana
Little, meet Diana Hightower, she continued to mentally
play with her new name.
She felt like a newlywed. Despite the fact that she and
Michael had lived together for the past semester at
college, she felt like a newlywed. She trembled anew,
her body alive with the excited warmth of anticipation.
She was acting like some foolish school girl and loved
every moment of it!
The blasting water of the shower abruptly ceased and the
curt sound of metal rings sliding along the shower rod
entered the room, sending a vivid flush of eager
gooseflesh running up her spine. She listened as he
pulled a towel free and briskly rubbed himself dry.
She heard two steps, then he was there, standing in the
doorway, naked except for a small white towel wrapped
hastily around his waist.
“Hello, wife,” he grinned, his eyes lit with self-
assured confidence.
Wife, lover, mistress or whore, any way you’ll take me,
she thought as he brushed the rumpled mop of thick,
black hair away from his face and crossed the room. The
towel and his brisk stride gave him the air of a
triumphant conqueror come to claim his reward. Her eyes
trained on the slit that opened in the terry cloth,
exposing a suntanned thigh as he stepped. She tried to
glimpse what lay beneath, although she already knew.
“Tired?” he smiled down at her from the side of the bed.
“Not that tired!” she returned the smile. “After all,
this is our wedding night!”
His wide grin was back, “Have I ever told you how
beautiful you are?”
“Yes,” her eyelids coyly fluttered down in mock modesty,
then opened wide, revealing two sparkling eyes of
emerald green. “But keep on doing it. I love it!”
She wasn’t a beautiful woman, she knew that, but she was
attractive. The obvious attributes of her body were
nothing out of the ordinary when taken individually, but
together, that was another story. That she knew how to
highlight what she had only added to the enticing
picture she presented to Michael’s eyes.
“What’s that ridiculous towel for?” she frowned up to
her new husband.
“Just following the advice of all those marriage manuals
I’ve read in preparation for this moment,” he chuckled.
“They all said a man should never let a woman see his
genital area on the first night of their marriage. It
might frighten her!”
“But…” her hand reached up, grabbed the towel and
tugged, this is not our first night!”
It came free and fell to his feet. Her gleaming deep
green eyes homed in on the sleeping form of his cock.
No, penis, she corrected herself, when his cock naps
it’s a penis.
Small, almost bud-like, it nestled securely in the nest
of black pubic hairs thickly covering his groin. She had
known men whose cocks were always the same size, only
growing hard as they were aroused. But this penis would
blossom into a long, unyielding rod of a cock! That she
could watch and feel its virile metamorphosis made it
that much better!
“…And I happen to love looking at you,” her hand
tenderly crept up the inside of his thighs.
Long, cool and graceful, her fingers cupped around his
testicles and cock. He sighed, as the gentle caress
stirred swirling, pulsing life into his loins. Her
fingertips lazily circled the sensitive crown of his
organ, eliciting soft moans of pleasure from his lips.
Throbbing with pulsating surges of blood, he grew under
her gentle ministrations. She knew what she was handling
and how to handle it. Lovingly, her fingers glided up
and down the growing column in light fleeting strokes.
Like a snake coming to life, it jerked and twitched.
Engorged and alive, it bobbed upward, its head
transforming from bud-like smallness to a thick, plump-
looking plum. Tube-like, it stiffened, growing hard and
erect. Still her dancing fingers worked their taunting
magic, teasing and titilating the shaft as it grew.
When her hand eventually drifted between his open thighs
to find the dangling sac of his balls, he no longer
sported a penis but a cock! Long, hard, thick and
swollen, it jutted from his crotch at a forty- five
degree angle. Its lust-gorged glans twitched with fired
arousal. A small drop of clear sexual oil oozed from its
small slitted mouth.
Her wide green eyes rolled up to him, no longer
flickering with girlish delight, but with the eager
flames of a woman – a woman that knew what she wanted!
She smiled, recognizing the desire that played in his
“I love your hands on me,” he smiled back, moaning as an
inquisitive finger teasingly probed and swirled over his
“So do I,” she whispered, her pink tongue slicking her
lips, then her eyes returned to the cock she had brought
to life.
For minutes, he stood there, letting her finger play at
his sac. He moaned as she toyed with his stirring balls.
She caressed them and taunted them. Her fingers rolled
their weighty shapes back and forth in the bag that held
Then her hand was back on his prick. She grasped his rod
tightly, squeezing its blood-filled thickness, as if
testing the fatness of its circumference. Up and down
along the inflexible length of his manhood, her clinging
fist jerked until he groaned and his knees threatened to
give way.
Pulling her demanding hand from his cock, he reached
down and tucked his fingers beneath the top of the sheet
covering her. Slowly, he pulled the veiling whiteness
downward, his eager eyes hungrily devouring the
nakedness he discovered.
Like firm half-melons, her tits jutted proudly up to
him. He delighted in the trembly little quaking that set
them liquidly juggling as she shivered in her
excitement. Deep pink nipples, surrounded by coral-
blushed haloes, crested the lovely fleshy mounds. As he
gazed, the rubbery little buttons fattened and
thickened, as she anticipated what was to come.
Lower the sheet and his eyes drifted. Down over the
quivering sleekness of her belly with its deep sensuous
navel the cloth came, revealing a distinctive tangle of
silky brown pubic fur bushed over the plump rise of her
sex. Quickly, with his own eagerness growing, he pulled
the rest of the sheet from her body, unveiling two
shapely legs that slowly spread open in an announcement
of her body’s willingness.
“Beautiful,” he whispered almost to himself.
A definitely pleased smile on her lips, she opened her
arms to him and he came, sitting on the side of the bed
and leaning over her. His hands were at the sides of her
face, tenderly brushing her cheeks and toying with the
softness of her hair. In silence, their eyes spoke the
words of their love as they gazed at each other for a
few brief moments.
Leaning further down, his lips were on hers in a light,
brushing kiss. Waves of gooseflesh rippled over her as
his chest was on hers with a warm gentle pressure. The
stiff tips of her nipples tingled even harder and
stabbed into the man above her. Just soaking in the feel
of him, her hands roved over his back, reveling in the
smoothness of his skin and the roll of his muscles
His lips moved away for an instant, then he was back.
His tongue teased invitingly at her lips until they
parted and his oral digit entered the humid warmth of
her mouth. Pressin his weight harder against her
yielding willingness, his tongue darted around in the
sweet harbor it had found. She welcomed him, tightening
her arms around his back and using her own tongue to
taunt over and around the invader swirling at the roof
of her mouth.
He withdrew and she followed. Probing toward his throat,
her tongue drilled eagerly into his mouth. Twirling and
flicking, she teased the growing glow of love-lust
stirring within his body. Then his teeth lightly clamped
down on her swirling oral probe, holding it securely. He
sucked at its provocative softness until she moaned and
writhed with pleasure under him.
When he finally released the captive digit, his mouth
left hers and his tongue was flicking its way over her
ear lobe. He worked until he could feel the shivering
trembles of her excitement, then he let his teeth nibble
for several moments.
Low moans rolled up from her throat as his lips moved
down the long graceful arch of her neck. Lightly
kissing, he took control of her body. A body he knew and
had learned to arouse to its fullest during their year
together. He controlled and affected her like no other
man had been able to do. This was not a man taking a
virgin bride, but an expert lover having his woman,
giving and taking to please and be pleased.
His mouth drifting with tantalizing slowness toward the
waiting bulges of her breasts, he slid into the bed
beside her, delighting as she trembled along the length
of his body.
Her hands were far from still. They roamed down his
spine, finding the cheeks of his ass. With titilating
dexterity, her fingertips taunted at his buttocks and
the deep crease between the tightening demiglobes. Like
feathers of loving caress, she played, forcing his ass
muscles to draw up hard and ready.
His own hands were on her tits, sizing up the full
circumference of the enticing forms. Around the
bountiful mounds of flesh, his fingers circled, exciting
in the summery warmth they found. In spiralling fashion,
his palms climbed the sloped curves of her breasts.
Squirming under him, one of her hands left his ass and
clamped urgently around the shaft of man meat throbbing
at his groin, as his fingers reached out and tapped the
hard nipples at the crests of the two peaking tits.
Squeezing him, her hand was hot and demanding.
Suddenly his mouth dropped down, capturing one of the
stiff little buds. He sucked and pulled at the rubbery
tip until she moaned and her hand jerked at his pulsing
pole of cock. Then his teeth bit lightly into the button
seized by his lips.
Fire flamed through the aching nipple, when his mouth
abruptly retreated and then attacked the sister button
of flesh. She groaned and quivered as her want for this
man she now called “husband” grew. She was his! His to
do with as he pleased!
Harder and harder his lips sucked at the sexually
burning bud of her breast. Her back arched up, shoving
the luxurious pillow of her tit flesh into his face and
licking as she moaned and writhed under his
Her whole body jolted as one of his hands left its firm
hold on her breasts and slid down over her stomach to
grasp the far-covered mound waiting between her spread
thighs. Her lust-inflamed pelvis twitched and pushed
into his palm.
Firmly squeezing the fleshy mound of woman-sex, he
easily slid a finger into the wet warmth of her cunt.
She twitched and rotated the hungry lips of her pussy,
trying to impale herself on the taunting digit of his
explorations – a wish he complied with in a driving
plunge that drilled his finger into the caressing hole
of her vagina.
Easily, his finger pumped in and out of the oil-slicked
channel, while he tickled another fingertip between the
pouting cleft of her outer lips. Upward the inquisitive
digit taunted along the wet crease of her snatch, to
cajole the tiny bud of her clitoris out from under its
hood of skin. She groaned and twitched as the dual
sensations of his mouth at her tit and his vigorously
fucking fingers sent ardent waves of pleasure through
her body. Her hips hunched into his hands, caught in the
rhythm of his fingers. His control of her was complete.
Her whole being begged for him to open her with the
thick, swollen shaft she clutched in her hand.
“Now!” she moaned, tugging at the throbbing lance her
body pleaded for. “Now! Please! Give it to me now!”
Pulling his lips from her tit with a wet “pop,” his
mouth once more was hers and his tongue was striving to
slither into her throat. Her legs spread even wider,
opening to him as he rolled atop her waiting nakedness.
Each of his hands found and squeezed the fleshy orbs
that jutted up to him from her chest. She moaned and
squirmed under the sweet agony of his hands, while her
own hand still clutching the pulsing column of flesh
between his thighs, guided it between the outer lips of
her labia. Thick and engorged, the bulbous mass of his
cockshead throbbed and jerked within the soft confines
of her slit.
Then, in an easy twitch of his pelvis, he slid his shaft
into the well-lubricated channel of her cunt. Deep,
sinking to his hilt, he glided into the moist clutchy
folds of her vagina.
She grunted and quivered as he entered. Big, hard, and
swollen, his cock filled her to the brim. He jerked and
pulsed with virile life that packed the tunnel of her
sex. Her hand slipped from his crotch and returned to
join its sister, clinging to the hard mounds of his
“Fuck me!” she whispered-moaned, pulling her mouth from
his. “Fuck me hard, my husband!”
Releasing his holds on her tits, he raised himself on
his elbows, smiling down with pleasure at the woman –
his wife – who lay beneath him. The stiff nipples of her
breasts still stabbed into his chest, as she writhed
languidly under the deep impalement of his sex.
Responding to her desires, his hips whipped back,
wrenching the thick column of his cock from the clinging
velvet channel of her belly. Then he slammed himself
forward, drilling full length into the loving saddle of
lust he rode.
She groaned and her head rolled wantonly on her
shoulders as she accepted and welcomed the hard rod of
stiff meat cramming back inside her. He pulled out again
and she moaned as the lust-filled head of his prick
strained the walls of her pussy in its exit. He plunged
once again.
The sudden invasion drew a sharp cry of delight from her
lips. The tight, young muscles of her cunt contracted
into a sheath of squeezing delight, surrounding his
lusty stalk of manliness. His hips jerked upward, then
lunged down again, burying the hard rod of flesh deeper
into her yielding cunt.
Her hands dug into his ass, her nails biting his flesh
with aroused need. As he pumped and poled into the core
of her quick, she urged him on, pulling him hard with
each downstroke of his groin. Her legs crossed around
his, locking him to her in the rising desperation of her
Long, hard and big, he shafted into the spongy mouth of
her belly. She groaned and writhed under the constant
skewering lance that opened and reopened her. She
clutched him and begged and pleaded for more.
Harder, his cock drilled into the warm caressing
recesses of her cunt, trying to nail her to the bed
beneath their bodies. She squirmed and quivered under
him, the satin pillows of her tits rolling against his
chest and the erect, firm nipples digging into his
Her ass swished and hissed over the sheet as her hips
took up the rhythm of his fucking. As he lunged down,
her pelvis leaped up and greeted his swollen rod,
helping it to plow even deeper into the grateful channel
of her unabandoned lust. She squeezed and held him in
the depths of her pussy for a brief instant.
Then he jerked out, wrenching the filling thickness of
his presence from her. In turn, her hips dropped back to
the bed, then jumped forth once more to envelop his
bigness as it penetrated her body.
She no longer groaned, but grunted with each pounding
impact of his loins against her eager cuntal mound. Her
body was jolted time and again, as he pumped his stiff
mass into her with reckless abandon.
Suddenly, he dropped full weight to her body, his chest
smashing into her tits, pancaking their roundness
beneath him. His hands slid under her, grasping the perk
curves of her ass and jerking them upward to increase
the angle of his driving plunges.
She groaned as he speared closer and closer to her soul.
Her hands anchored firmly into his ass and she pulled
even harder as he lunged, as if trying to take him into
her, balls and all. She twisted and squirmed with
soaring pleasure under the battering attack of his
Together they rose in a fervor of erotic delirium. They
strove to reach new levels of ecstasy. Pounding,
groaning, aching, and grunting, they drove into and
accepted each other, attempting to take every ounce of
pleasure each offered.
Higher and higher she soared. Her thighs throbbed and
pounded with the growing agony of near release. Aching,
writhing, and groaning, she was caught up in an
imploding universe of lust – a lust that consumed her in
tidal wave after tidal wave of soul-rendering passion.
Simultaneously, his balls boiled with the fire of desire
and up from the aching depths of his testicles a molten
flow raced through his throbbing and pulsing cock. He
erupted, spewing the thick fountain of his lust into her
belly. Hunching deep into her cunt, he emptied himself
of seemingly gallons of hot cum that splattered and
coated the contracting folds of her pussy until the
flood of sperm and semen overflowed the well of her sex
and oozed out around his thickness.
Their desperate, wanton lust expended, they clutched
each other in loving caresses. Their grateful bodies
heaved and trembled in the wake of their passion. With
tender love, their mouths met and kissed in silent
“thank you” for the pleasure shared.

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