A Brother and Sister incest accident

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Hello everyone im new here, by the way the stories in this site are a really turned on,yeah everyone of it,so caome to think of it why not share my story….well lets get on to business alright, Im here to tell you my incest accident with my sister.
But first let me introduce my self…my name is josh,19 years old 5’8″ tall with brown hair and eyes, some girls at highschool says im cute ,im in the swimming team thats why my body is well form,not too hunk and not too skinny, just perfect romance body,and i got an 8 inches penis …okey 8 incest cock,im a senior at highschoolwhile my sister is a year behind me, my sister’s name is jenelle but i call her jen for short,she is just 18 years old, all guys says shes the most beautiful and hottest and the most popular girl in school even the most hottest chicks in the senior can’t be compare to her, yeah its true and i can see that, why? because she has the body of jessica alba and the face of amanda bynes, shes 5’6″ tall has a blonde long hair with brown eyes just like me and has a very kissable red lips,some nice pair of identical breast to those of jessica alba, yeah i compare it from jessica’s nude pictures with my siste’s naked picturesbut my sister is more hotter at least for me,’cuz she got big perky pink nipples,and to add the total dreamgirl of hers is she has the most round,perfect ass ive ever seen and my favorite patch of pubic hair of all time….just a small blode trimmed triangle patch right above her pussy mound,and her skin is just perfect, soft radiance not too white just perfect coler skin…she doesn’t tan she only run every morning at 7 when the sun’s perfect. I dont even believe my own sister is the most perfect chick in the world at least for me of cource.
but we all know that some of the great things in the world happened in accident,like inventors and scientist, you know what i mean and that’s exactly what happened to the two of us.
Just two weeks before the class starts my father johnny,41and my mother kristen 37 came home late afternoonfrom the mall and surprice me and my sister that they just won a 1 week free trip to the beach for 5 person, not in america but in india, and we all celebrate what just happened and right in the evening we pack our belongings ready for the early morning flight to india,of cource you are thinking who is the fifth person we drag along with us….no its not a person really but an animal , my mother’s pet Rocky chiuaua….so far so good we land in the late afternoon and boy im so tired, we are all tired. we rent a taxi and headed for the beach but the compartment at the back is full of our bags and their’s stil 3 more bags outside,what do you know…the 2 is mine and the other is my sister.so just we decided that dad should sit infront beside the driver and the three of us, mom me and my sister sit at the back….”jen you should just sit in your brother’s lap lap ok honey..”mom said”
“but momim tired i want to be comfortable i want to sleep” i know my sister will complained but th power of parents you know…
“are you ok with that josh?” mom now ask me
“yeah sure why not” is all i could answer.
“me and pawpaw(the chiuauas name will be on the right side the bags will be at the middle and you two will be on the left side of the car ok” mom’s idea started the accident,,,really,,,
“whatever mom” my sister’s only answer, whrn the driver started the engine i saw dad already sleeping, boy are we all tired. My sister’s mood is still a little sad and angry so i made a joke out of it.
” hey sis what’s wrong you have no sit to sleep on?” and she punch me my chest “shut up” she shouted, and that when moms get angry
“hey you two don’t ruined this trip or you’ll be grouded “,
“ok momsorry” we both answered. I know i shoul make my younger sister feell beter,,,”hey jen you want to sit, its ok i’ll just sit on the floor of the car”….”no big bro im ok, i’ll just sit in your lap”….”ok, just be comfortable ok baby sis” since we were little we are very close not very close but close as i juts close, we shared our secretsand i’ve always been the one eho has a soft heart.
“thank you josh your the best best” and then when she was about to kiss me in the chick the car suddenly stop and that made my face to dive forward making the kiss on the chick became a kiss taht touch our lips together.then the car continue, its only a traffec light, we almost pass a red one, nut when i look again at my sister’s face i saw that she lick her lips with her tounge and she blushed and then i suddenly blushed too and it turned me on making my cock become semi-hard, and then my sister ask me that make the situation worst or better?…”hey big bro im getting sleepy can i lean on your shoulder”…of course sis you can “,and then while the car is running she stand up and position his back infront of me and sit her round perfect ass in my seni-hard cock and then she lean on my left shoulder and grabedmy left hand and put it across her left shoulder touching the upper part of her right breast and that touch make my cock to become rock hard and i know she feel it ‘cuz she make a small grin, the thing is it had been 3 weeks now since the last time i masturbate and this situation is a torture to me, after a couple of minutes i suddenly fall to sllep too.
I sleep like i dont care because i suddenly had a dream, its about me kissing a girl that looks like jessica alba and im fondling her breast and her hand grabed my cack and then i suddenly woke up and i could feel a breast and then that’s when it hit me … im actually fondling my sister’s right breast and i can her her moaning slowly and in low tune i heared her “hhmmnn…ohhhh…mhnn..” and i didn’t know that my cock is really hard now and it hurts,but the situation im in is making me turned on even more and suddenly i saw at the window that we are near to our destination ican now see someone surfing,people at the seashore and some soveinier store that we’re passing by…. and i thought finnaly my suffering will come to an end and i thought wrongit will become more worst,beacuse i saw a sign and it reads(1 more kilometer to the beach resort,pls. be carefull the roads is not semented) and i peak at the window at its full of stones small peables and round small white rocks as big as my fist, and when the car drove by all i can think is “shit!!” because the rough road it made a very loud bumpy noise which make my parents and sister woke up,and now my sister lean forwardwhile rubbing her eyes and i could see her black bating suit panty and her ass crack and you know what happens next,my cock became hard even more and i accidentally made it twitch twice and the worst thing is my sister know about it i mean she felt it because she suddenly stop rubbing her eyes and turned her head slightly to me, she is blushing while saying in a low voiced” big brother…” all i could say is
“im so sorry sis..”and then dad and mom suddenly speak “hey you two are you ok,we’re near now”…..”your da’d right, a few more minutes and we’re there” mom said, of couse they can’t see of what ‘s our situation because of the bags that was covering usa from the their view…”ok mom” is all i could say and turned to see my sister and i was shock her head is vow down biting her lower lip,her right hand is fondling her left breast,still leaning forward and that view make me even more hornier,even harder and i could feel that im about to burst, but i musn’t and to make it worst lets not forget the bumpy rough road,and i was surprisewhen i hear her moaning again..
“oohhmmnnn….ahhmmnn…” and then… we hit a big one, a much bigger rock and a much bigger bump and my sister bounce up about 2 inches and when she came back booth of us make a loud noise,but it s more like a moaned and both of our moaned are loud but for the driver and my parents it’s nothing extraordinary because even them shout because of the bump. and after we moaned she was now breathing heavily even more than me and to make matters worst even more i was cursed for this, we just hit another bump and again and again and again, some big and some are more lesser but it helps my sister rocking my very hard cock and all i could do is hold it not to shot off,and then while the bumping continue she made a move that changed our life forever, it started …she parted her legs while fondling her left breast and then the same amount of bumo came to us again and she flew agin and when she came back we both again make a loude moaned and i don’t know what am i thinking or am i not thinking at all because both of my lazy hands now grabed her hips and while the bumping continue we we’re moaning very lowmore like panting and gasping then a voiced came inside my ear saying…”big bro…….. jo..josh” and then she turned her head to me and our eyes lock for about 5 seconds, and my whole mind was blackout, now i also lean forward making my face touch her back and my right handfound her right breast and i massage it like a pro even though she has a bra and a clothes on, all i could say was”sis…si…” then i suddenly said her name “jen..ohh jen….” and she answered” josh…ohmmnn..” yes we are dry fucking our brains out, and now we both are moaning very low and sweating and because the bumping subsided, now she is the one that is making the back and forth rocking of her hips but slow, and i know that im going to shoot off my sperm in any second now and i know also that she is close to cuming when…… we stop.. we had just reach our destination,its now 5.48 p.m and we all get out of the car, dad pays the driver, we took each other’s bags, go straight to a small hotel to get a room and me and my sister, we didn’t say a word until we entered our room…. and that’s when the fun start……..

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