A Brother And Sister On Holiday

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Their parent’s holiday in Spain is ruined when their
father breaks his leg. So 18 year old Ryan and his 17
year old sister Clare go instead. Although they
intended to enjoy the holiday in their own way, the two
find that they want to spend all the time with each
other. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, rom)


“Wow, Clare, this is some apartment,” gasped Ryan as he
unlocked and pushed open the door of the timeshare
apartment, between Malaga and Marbella on Spain’s Costa
Del Sol.

“Gosh it is super,” replied Clare.

The two explored the apartment and discovered that
there were two double bedrooms and a single bedroom.
One of the double bedrooms, had an ensuite bathroom,
and was obviously the master bedroom, and there was
another bathroom downstairs. The apartment had a really
good kitchen and a large lounge, and to the delight of
Ryan and his sister, had a huge balcony with a high
glass wall.

“You can have the master bedroom, and I will have the
other double one, Ryan, seeing as you are the oldest,”
Clare said.

“Ok thanks, and you can use the ensuite if you want to,
to save you going downstairs, as long as I am not in

“Ok, thanks, let’s get packed and sit out for a while.”

“Yes, good idea.”

The two unpacked in their separate bedrooms, and both
knew that it had been a bit of good fortune that their
Father had broken his leg at work, just the week
before, and their parents, had, instead of canceling
had changed the names on the booking and flights etc,
and that they had used the holiday.

18 year old Ryan and his 17 year old sister Clare had a
close, loving relationship. There was only one year
between them, and they had grown up, a close brother
and sister. Only twice in their life, had there been
any kind of Sexual experience between them. When Ryan
was 12 and Clair 11, they played “Mummy and Daddy” in
her room one day.

Ryan had told her that he had something amazing to tell
her, and they had gone into her Bedroom.

“Well, then what is it you are so desperate to tell me

“I saw Mummy and Daddy, doing it.”

“Doing what?”

“You know, what adults do, fucking.”


“Fucking, making love.”

“Gosh, did they see you?”

“No silly, I came back on Saturday from Football, and
heard gasping and panting coming from their bedroom,
and the door was open, as they must have thought that
they were alone in the house, as you were out and I was
at Football.”

“Golly, what were they doing?”

“How do you mean?”

“Just that, I want to know what you saw.”

“Well, they were both naked on the bed, and Mum was on
her back, with her legs wide apart, and her knees drawn
right up and Dad was on top of her with his penis going
in and out of her, thingy, you know, her fanny, or

“Wow,” Clare had said, feeling a little funny inside
her belly and somehow excited with a pleasant tingling
in her tiny little pre-breasts, and down below in her
little fanny, too, she felt a nice warmth.

“Could you show me?”

“Show you what they were doing?”


“We are not naked, and they were naked.”

“Well then let’s be naked then.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, are you scared; after all we used to bath
together for years?”

They had taken a bath together most of their lives
until one Friday night, both of them were shocked when
Ryan’s little penis suddenly grew hard and stood
straight up as he knelt in the bath.

They had stared at it, as it stood straight up, about 4
inches long. Clare had reached out and held it. It was
very hard, and sort of throbbing.

“I like that when you touch it, mmmmmm,” Ryan has

Nothing further happened that night, but Clare had,
told her mother that Ryan’s pee-pee had got hard in the
water, and after that they were told that the baths
together had to stop as they were growing up and their
bodies were about to change and it was not right for
them to be naked together.

Clare had been only dressed in a short nightie and was
naked underneath, and so it took only seconds for her
to pull it off and stand naked in front of her brother.
Ryan had looked at his sister’s naked body, taking in
the little swellings on her chest, capped, with little
red nipples, and gaze carried down over her nice slim
body to between her legs, where her smooth hairless
little fanny lay.

He could see her slit between the lips of her smooth
mound, and his strong young Penis began to stiffen at
the sight. He undid his shirt and pulled it off, and as
he wore only socks, but no shoes, he slipped off his
Jeans, and pulled off his socks.

Clare gazed at the vertical ridge under his pants, and
knew that, his cock, just like that night months ago,
was hard. Ryan took a deep breath and slipped off his
pants, and stood naked in front of his little sister,
cock hard and sticking out of him.

Clare studded his cock and the little bush of black
hair around the base, and felt the tingling in her
little fanny increase.

“What now?” she asked.

“They were kissing.”

“Ok, then we need to kiss too, unless you are shy.”

“No not at all, it is just that brother and sister are
not supposed to be naked and kissing together.”

“Yes, but who is going to tell, are you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Well then,” she replied climbing up on to her bed, and
lay on her back.

She parted her legs and Ryan saw her pussy lips open,
and glimpsed a pinkness between them. He climbed on to
the bed and knelt between her slim thighs. Clare
reached up and pulled him down on her.

Ryan lay on his Sister and she reached for his head and
kissed him full on the lips.

“Mmmmmm, I like doing this,” she purred, I can feel
your cock on my pussy and it feels nice.”

“Mmmmmmm, I know, I can feel it too. Your pussy is warm
and wet.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that you are hot and horny, I think.”

“Is that good then for me to be hot and horny?”

“If we were not Brother and Sister, it would be.”

“I see.”

The two kids lay kissing for a while aware of Ryan’s
stiff cock between them. Claire felt Ryan slide a small
hand onto the little swelling of her right chest, and
he pulled his mouth from hers and kissed the small semi
erect nipple.

“Oooohhh Ryan mmm,” she sighed.

She became aware of the tip of his little penis jabbing
at her pussy hole. He was not deliberately trying to
put it in her but it was feeling very nice, but she
knew that they had better stop.

“Ryan, I think we need to stop, or something might

“Yes, you are right, we are getting too excited.”

He got up from the bed and pulled on his clothes.

“It was very nice, Ryan and I felt so good, and I see
what Mum and Dad were doing, but I was getting scared.”

“No you are correct.”

Ryan went downstairs and left Clare alone in her room,
feeling very strange.

The Other occasion where they had experimented together
was while playing doctors and nurses. Ryan was the
patient and she was the doctor. He was lying on his

What is the matter, Sir?” she had asked him.

I have an itch on my upper thigh.”

“You better take off your trousers, and let me have a

He had undone his trousers belt and raised his bottom
off the bed, and Doctor Clare had pulled off his
trousers and placed them on the bed.

“Where is the itch then?”

“Just up here at the top of my thigh, just at my

She had ran her hand up his thigh to where the leg of
his pants were and was aware of a swelling on his
crotch and as she rubbed his leg, his swelling penis
showed itself through the fold in the front of his
pants, and soon it was standing up, all stiff and

“Is there an itch in that too?”

“Yes, but I can get it to go away if I rub it for a

“Ok, then I will take away your itch.”

She tugged at Ryan’s pants and he raised his bottom up
from the Duvet and she pulled his pants down over his
feet and placed them on the bed. Her mouth was dry with
excitement, but her little Fanny was warm and moist as
she began to rub her Brother’s cock.

“Oh Doctor, that is so goood,” Ryan sighed, “Rub it
faster and faster, please.”

Faster and faster Doctor Clare rubbed her Brother’s
cock, and she could see that he was really liking it.
His whole slim body, was twisting and turning and he
was gasping and panting and his eyes were tight shut,
and so was his mouth, then he let out a loud cry, of
“OHFUCK!!! I am cuuummminnng!” and his cock spat spurt
after spurt of thick white sperm all over his belly.

Clare was beside herself, with pleasure, at what she
had just done to her older Brother.

“Holly shit, Clare that was so fucking good,” Ryan
gasped, trying to recover from a huge orgasm.

“I could see you enjoyed it.”

“Golly yes.”

“You better get cleaned up as it is nearly dinner

Clare relived both occasions as she stripped off naked
in her apartment bedroom and pulled on a tiny bikini.
Her pert little firm tits were shown off to the full
and the thong that passed for a bikini bottom, might as
well not have been put on, for all it hid.

She stepped into the apartment lounge. Ryan was still
in his room, so she took a towel from her bathroom and
went outside and laying the towel on a lounger, laid
face down on it.

A few minutes later, Ryan appeared, in his trunks, and
gasped when he saw the near naked body of his younger
Sister. He gazed at the slim blue thong which
disappeared inside the crack between her incredible
little buttocks. His cock stirred in his trunks as he
looked down at the perfect female form on the Lounger.

“Golly, Claire, you might as well be naked.”

“Thinking about it, as no one can see us if we are
laying down.”

“True, fancy some Vino?”

“Mmm yes.”

Ryan returned back into the Lounge, and when he
returned a few minutes later with two glasses of wine,
he nearly dropped them, at the sight of Clare lying
naked on the lounger. His eyes took in the perfect pair
of buttock cheeks, and the dark crack between them, and
down there he could see her little pink anus and
further down inside her crack her little pussy, with a
little smattering of black hairs, on either side of her

His 7 inch cock was rock hard, and as she turned to
take a glass from him, her eyes opened wide at the
sight of the head of her brother’s cock visible over
the waist of his trunks.

“Golly, Ryan it has grown since the last time that I
saw it, when we played Doctors, remember, when I made
you cum,” she laughed and gulped down the Wine.

“How could I forget?”

He slipped off his trunks and lay down, naked on his
front on the other Lounger. He took a few sips of wine
and when it was finished he dozed off.

He awoke some time later, to feel smooth, small hands
caressing his firm round buttocks.

“What are you doing?”

“Stroking your bum, is it good,” giggled Clare, and it
was then that Ryan saw the empty Wine bottle.

“Are you pissed?”

“Mmm, and horny too, sexy,” Clare purred and leaning
over she kissed his buttocks

“Oooohhh, that is nice and very erotic.”

“Will I do it again?”

“If you want.”

Ryan was horny too know and although he knew it was
wrong to have sex with his sister, he found himself
drawn to her. He lay on the lounger as her small
fingers played down inside his crack and tickled the
back of is thick, hard Bal Sac.

“Oh FUCK, Clare,”

It occurred to Ryan that his 17 year old sister might
be experienced in sex, and not a virgin. She had had a
few boy friends over the years, and she could have
fucked them for all that he knew.

She continued to caress his balls, sending his hormones
into overdrive.

“Turn over then.”

Ryan turned over on his back, and lay back as Clare
reached for and took hold of his rock hard cock. She
leaned over and kissed him, and he reached for her and
pulled her close, kissing her hard on her hot, wet
lips, thrusting his tongue onto her eager mouth, and
finding her own hot tongue, played games with it.

“Oh Ryan, I love you, I love you, I know that it is
wrong, but I want you, I want to so much, fuck me, oh
fuck me please fuck me, I am begging you.”

Ryan looked at his Sister. Her eyes were wide and wet,
her face flushed. Her nipples on her superb tits were
erect, and looking down he could see that her fanny was
open and wet.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am sure, do you love me too?”

“Yes I have always wanted to make love to you, but
never knew how you felt for me.”

“Well, now you do,” Clare panted, and got up from her
Lounger and crawled over and onto her Brother,
straddling his body with hers.

She positioned her body over is and reaching between
her legs she positioned his big cock at her twitching
fanny hole, feeling the hot tip pressing into it.

“Steady on Clare, are you a virgin and are you on the
Pill, I want to fuck you, but I love you too much to be

“Oh sorry, I am so fucking horny I forgot, I am not a
virgin, and I am on the Pill, I should have said.”

“It’s ok, then.”

“Thank you for being so considerate, I love you more
and more.”

“Me too.”

“Ryan felt her take hold of is throbbing prick and hold
it at her cunt hole, and very, very gently he thrust
up, just a little as she lowered her body on his cock,
and she felt the tip, slowly insert itself in her cunt,
stretching her wet hole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, Ryyyannn, mmm you are so big in my cunt.”

“It is super, your fanny is so hot and wet.”

She rose up, just a little and then lowered herself
back on his cock, impaling her body on it, and feeling
it slide a little further inside her hungry little
slit. Ryan gently thrust up a little inside her and she
leant forward, and gasped, “Suck my tits, oh please
suck my tits!”

Ryan took, a hard nipple on each firm little tit in
turn and sucked gently as his 7 inch cock slowly slid
in and out of his sister’s sopping tight cunt. Slowly
they sped up their fucking. Never in her life had Clare
felt so good, so filled, her tight cunt spewed juices
out as her brother fucked her, with so much love and
care, his entire 7 inches of cock going fully inside

15 minutes later they were still panting and gasping
and fucking in the hot Spanish Sun, their fit young
bodies, glowing with the sweat that poured from them.
Deep in her young belly, Claire felt her orgasm begin,
slowly building up and taking control of her body that
was working so hard, faster and faster she fucked her
Brother, her breath became labored, and with a stifled
cry, she came, her entire body shaking in orgasm.

On and on they fucked, and over 30 minutes after her
brother’s big cock had first slid up her cunt, Clare
came again, and then she looked at her brother, and she
could see by the look on his face, that he was about to

His thrusting up into her took on new vigor, and faster
and harder he rammed his cock into her sopping hot
cunt, and then she felt him go all tense and she
covered his mouth with one hand to prevent him crying
out in joy, and in her cunt, she felt his cock swell,
and jerk and jerk and spurt after spurt of hot cum
filled her insides.

She collapsed on top of Ryan and they lay cuddling on
his lounger.

“Oh, Ryan, I love you so much, you are so good.”

“Mmmmmmmm, I love you too, so much, Clare, I have
never, ever had a fuck like that, you are really

“Thanks, I will be wanting more of that.”

“And so you shall have it too.”

They must have fell asleep, as it was nearly dark when
they awoke, still wrapped in each others arms.

“We need to shower, and get ready to eat, darling,” she
purred, nibbling his ear.

“Yes I know, will I wash you?”

“If I can wash you too.”

“Mmmmmmm, lets go then, Ryan said getting up, and
taking his towel walked naked into the apartment and up
to his bedroom, and entering the shower, turned on the
water. A few minutes later, his sister walked in naked.

“I need to pee,” she giggled.

“So do I.”

“Lets pee together, I feel really daring.”

She stood and taking hold of her fanny lips in each
hand, pulled them apart, and as Ryan let his pee gush
from his cock, he saw a huge flow of yellow urine gush
from his sister’s cunt, and mixing with his own stream
of hot urine.

“Wow, that was so good, doing that together,” Clare
giggled, “wash my back then.”

She turned around and stood bending over against the
wall, with the warm water bouncing off her back. Ryan
took a bottle of shower gel, that he had unpacked when
they had arrived and began to wash his sister, starting
at her neck and slowly working his way down until he
reached her small tight buttocks.

Putting more gel on his hands he worked down her crack
and when he reached her little anus he rubbed the gel
into it, and found this so exciting, that his cock
began to stiffen again.

“Rub the gel into my hole, mmmmmmmmm it is soooooo
goooood,” Clare moaned our loud, now that they need not
worry about being heard.

Ryan rubbed his soapy fingers in her tight little anus
and felt it slowly relax.

“Oh yeas, oh yeeeesssss, Ryan,” Clare moaned, reaching
back behind her and found her brother’s cock rock hard
and ready once again.

“Ryan, fuck my arse, I want it in my arse, will you
please oohhplease fuck my arse, mmmmm.”

Ryan could hardly speak, his voice thick with emotion.

“Are you sure?”

“Ohhhhh fuck yes, fill my arse with sperm mmmm.”

Ryan applied more Gel on his fingers and gently eased
one into her arse hole. It was incredibly hot and
tight, as he worked the slippery finger deeper and
deeper inside her arse hole.

Claire arched her back, and cried out,” oh Ryan do it,
do it.”

Ryan withdrew his finger, which plopped out of her anus
and taking his cock in one hand held the tip at her
arse hole, and applied a lot of Gel to it, and then
very slowly and gently eased his hips forward, and felt
her tight anus open and take the first few inches of
his meat.

“Ohhhhgg God, almighty ooohhh,” she moaned.

He slowly withdrew a little and then thrust in a little
deeper into her hot tight anus. The feeling of her anus
around his cock was fucking amazing. Slowly he began to
fuck his little Sister in the arse, feeling her pushing
back against him, making him go deeper and deeper
inside her.

“Ohfuck me Deeper, Faster Ohfuckme,” she cried out.

Ryan began to thrust faster and deeper in her, at the
same time reaching around and finding her swollen
clitty, he began to rub it as he thrust in and out of
her arse hole.

“OhhhhhhDarllinnggggg, I am cummminnngg,” Claire panted
and her whole body shook in an intense orgasm, just as
Ryan let go of his spunk load, sending jet after jet
into her arse, filling it.

They stood still, stuck together, joined my his slowly
wilting cock in her arse, his spunk dribbling out of
her hole and running down her legs, to be washed away
by the water from the shower.

After a little while he pulled out of her, and they
both heard the plopping sound as his cock came out of
her tight anus.

“I have never ever felt so much pleasure, Ryan, “Clare
purred, kissing her Brother.

“Mmmmm, me neither, I am spent.”

“Not too much I hope, as we have another 13 nights and
days ahead,” she smiled.

“I know, and it will be great.”

The two lovers dried each other, then got dressed and
went out for Dinner. About 5 hours later, they
staggered back into the apartment, and hardly made it
to the Main Bedroom, before they were at each other, so
horny were they, as they had been feeling and touching
each other as they walked home in the darkness.

Clare was hot and wet, and Ryan was rock hard, even
before they were naked, and as the clock struck
midnight, she had all of her brother’s 7 inches down
her throat, as her cunt was sucked and licked by his

That was just the start of the most amazing holiday,
they had ever had, and it lasted all day and most of
the nights, until it was time to go home.

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