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A Caribbean Vacation

65 Min Read

The sun was high on this hot July afternoon. Taylor’s
parents had brought her to this wonderful ocean resort
as a reward for completing her first year of college.
She was thrilled with the pool area and preferred it to
the beach. Because she was in Mexico she could enjoy
adult drinks and loved having a waitress wait on her as
she lay lazily in the sun. Her young 19 year old body
was already brown and her golden blond hair had become
much lighter in the Caribbean sun. As Taylor stepped up
the ladder to leave the pool cool sweet water cascaded
down her svelte, soft body.

With each step up the ladder her firm 34 C breasts
quivered a little. Her stomach flat and dimpled from
years of sit ups, her body strong and defined from
years of gymnastics. She knew she was a hottie as the
boys called her. But she was a little shy and very
inexperienced. She was starting to realize that she
didn’t seem to like guys much. They were always
immature, rough and selfish. She had been with 1 boy
last summer, and it had not been enjoyable and
certainly not memorable. So she had spent her first
year of college attending classes, trying to make the
gymnastics team, making new friends, and just getting
settle into a new life. She thought she had done well
her first year and now was ready to enjoy the summer.

Taylor got out of the pool and stood along side the
ladder, wiping her eyes dry of the water. As her eyes
focused she glimpsed an older woman lying by her self.
The sun gleamed off the woman’s hard muscled and tanned
body. Taylor looked quickly around to see if anyone had
noticed her stare. They had not. She looked more
closely her eyes moved up the woman’s legs, they were
strong and well defined even in repose, her eyes moved
upward, her abs were hard and rippled pools of water
gathered between the rows of muscle, her breasts were
large round and voluptuous, nipples clearly visible and
spiked to attention, the woman’s hair was a full mass
of tawny auburn silk, streaked with blond strands of

Taylor felt her body quiver, she couldn’t help but look
closer, oh my, is that Coach Bennington, she thought to
herself, no it couldn’t be what would she be doing
here. Oh my, I think it is, yes it is Coach Bennington.
The woman of all her adolescent dreams, Coach Tamara
Bennington, the woman that had been her gymnastics’
coach all those years in high school.

Taylor suddenly felt a familiar yearning from deep
inside of her. Her mind drifted to all those afternoons
alone in her bed alone with her wandering hands and
thoughts of Coach Bennington. She couldn’t bring
herself to say anything so she turned to walk away,
when she heard a familiar voice, “is that you Taylor,
oh my goodness it is you” Taylor turned to her coach as
the mature 38 year old woman stood and walked toward
her. Tamara’s abs rippled as she stood, her legs flexed
with power as she walked, her huge firm breasts gently
swayed with each step. Taylor felt her pussy shudder
and wondered how a woman of such strength could remain
so feminine.

As if in a dream Coach Bennington stood next to Taylor
cupping her cheek with a strong firm hand. Tamara’s
eyes slowly moved up and down Taylor’s fresh young
body. Her eyes not shy, in fact Taylor thought they
were as demanding and confident as they had been in
high school. She felt her face start to blush under
that confident gaze. “Oh my, let’s take a look at you
angel, you have matured into a gorgeous young baby

Baby girl? Taylor thought to herself, no one had ever
called her that before, her blush deepened, she liked
it. “Thank you ma’am,” she stammered.

“How many years has it been, 3 or 4?” Tamara asked.

Taylor in full blush now replied, “I think 4.”

“You’re in wonderful shape, precious, are you still in
gymnastics.” Tamara’s hand still cupping the little
darlings face.

“Yes, well at least I’m trying to make the team at

“How wonderful, you must be 19 or 20 by now.”

“I’m 19,” said Taylor.

“So young, so fresh so very prefect,” Tamara said her
eyes looking deeply into the sweet blue eyes of the
darling girl. “Are you here with a boyfriend, Taylor?”
continued Tamara, her hand still cupping the young
girls face.

“No, my parents brought me here for a vacation.”

Slowly coach’s finger tips caressed the little
darling’s cheek. “Oh how wonderful!” coach’s eyes again
moved over Taylor’s ripe body, “You’re so brown, you
must have been here for a week already.”

“Yes,” Taylor said.

“well, I was supposed to meet a coaching friend of mine
from Texas. We had planned our vacation for many
months. But she was called away at the last minute, her
mother became ill, so I thought what the heck I will go
any way and at least get a tan,” said Coach Bennington,
smiling and gazing into the young beauties darling blue
eyes, and added, “and now I’m so glad I did.”

Taylor bit her lower lip and said nothing.

“Angel I need to go now. I have a massage and pedicure
scheduled and wanted to get a work out in before my
massage. There is nothing more relaxing than a massage
after a work out,” Tamara said smiling, her hand
smoothed over Taylor’s face. “Are you free tonight,
sweet one? Perhaps dinner? That is if you’re free and
your parent’s wouldn’t mind?” Coach said holding the
young girls arm as she turned to walk to her chaise.

Taylor heard herself saying, “Y-yes dinner would be

“Wonderful!” Coach Bennington said as leaned down to
packed her beach bag. Taylor’s breath caught for a
moment as she glanced at the huge mounds of wonderful
breast flesh displayed to her as Tamara bent over. “How
about 8 or so, lets meet in the hotel lounge, alright?”

Tamara said as she stood.

Taylor nodded and said, “Ok then,” smiling. Coach
Bennington once again cupped the little ones cheek and
said, “I am so looking forward to a wonderful evening
with you, wear something nice, I know a wonderful
Bistro down the beach, we will catch up with each other
and talk about the old days. Bye for now baby girl.”
With that Coach Bennington leaned towards Taylor, for a
moment Taylor thought coach was going to kiss her lips,
but kissed her forehead instead.

She watched her coach walk towards the hotel. She
glanced around and noticed several men watching Coach
Bennington leave. She smiled and glanced toward the
object of there desire. She watched Tamara’s muscled
back and firm ass moving away in the distance. Taylor
quivered and couldn’t believe what had just happened
and she wondered what the night would be like.

Chapter 2

Tamara lay quietly as the masseuse worked his magic on
her buffed body. She had worked extra hard this work
out. She wanted to be buffed and pumped for her date
with the darling Taylor. Yes, Taylor, her mind drifted
to those high school days of so long ago. Watching that
blond baby girl on the balance beam. Taylor was younger
then, her body svelte and nubile, she had matured she
was fuller now. Her body somewhere between a mature
woman and young baby girl.

Even in high school Tamara could see that this 15 year
old had all the makings of becoming a beautiful girl.
Taylor’s legs would spasm, her muscles would tense, the
nipples on her newly formed breasts would grow hard as
she pirouetted up and down the beam. At times, Coach
would become so aroused that she would have to leave
they gym and retreat to her office. Where she would
lock the door and quickly slide a finger deep into her
warm bubbling womb.

The masseuse worked lower to her legs, as she
remembered the time she found lovely Taylor alone in
the shower. The little darling stood in a mist of
steam, the hot water cascading down her firm young
body. Tamara look closely at her precious student, a
slim body, made firm from years of gymnastics, darling
pink bubble gum nipples on top of succulent twin
puffies, a wonderful tight little girl ass, a sweet
fresh untainted baby girl pussy. Blond, lightly muffed,
darling. Tamara had felt her mouth water and her pussy
convulse. It was at that moment that Coach Reynolds,
the girl’s basketball coach, walked into the locker
room. Breaking her trance, Tamara went to her office
for another round of hot visions of the precious

As she sat up from the massage table. She looked at
herself in the mirror. Her body was buffed, hard,
muscles full of blood. Not bad for a 38 year old
lesbian she thought to herself smiling. She knew
exactly what she would wear tonight. Her white leather
jump suit, it highlighted her recent tan to perfection.
It was very tight and was cut very low in the back,
sleeve less, and low enough in the front to show a fair
amount of her bountiful cleavage. If one looked closely
at her they could see the definition of some of her
muscles. She liked that. She had worked long hours for
many years and felt she had earned the right to show
off her body. It aroused her when people looked at her,
especially when they were darling baby girls like

Taylor was filling the soaking tub in her hotel room.
She was glad her parents had given her a room to
herself as she slid into the hot steaming water. She
had told her mother about running into Coach Bennington
and the invitation to dinner. Her mother remembered
Coach Bennington, and was happy to let Taylor go. She
wanted her daughter to grow socially and it would give
her and Taylor’s dad an evening alone.

As she laid peacefully in the hot soapy water,
listening to the pounding of the water flowing into the
tub. Taylor began to relax. She cupped her full breast
and thought about meeting Coach Bennington that
afternoon. Ever since the meeting she had been in a
fog. She couldn’t believe what had happened. She
couldn’t believe the way Coach Bennington’s touch to
her cheek had made her feel.

She couldn’t believe how her words had made her quiver.
Baby girl, rang repeatedly in her mind over and over.
Could she be a baby girl? What was a baby girl? She
wondered. She pinched her nipple at the thought. Her
finger slowly eased into her pussy. Oh it felt so good.
She thought back to high school. She saw Coach
Bennington standing there in her sleeve less white
coaches top and shorts. None of the other coaches
filled out that top like Coach Bennington did. Her
massive breasts high and firm, her body well muscled
from years of lifting weights. All the boys loved Coach
Bennington and would hang around the gym just to get a
chance to see her.

Taylor reached up to turn the water off. She leaned
back into the tub and remembered coach standing next to
her as she practiced on the balance beam. Watching her
every move, critiquing her in a positive way, touching
her nubile body with strong hands to guide her though a
difficult move. After almost every practice she would
hurry home wanting to get there before her parents came
home from work. She would run up to her room and lock
the door. Soon her clothes would be strewn about and
she would lie in her bed caressing her fevered body.

She would think back to the days practice remembering a
touch, a word, the smell of her perfume, the sight of
her coach standing across the gym, that hard body,
those big breasts, just about any thought of Coach
Bennington was enough to make her young blond pussy
quiver and cum in her hand. Now she had run into her
coach at the pool, here in Mexico, she still thought it

Her finger sliced into her precious blond crease, she
knew she shouldn’t but she couldn’t help herself. It
was like she was in school again. Her mind flashed to
the days events. Coach Bennington and her hard muscled
body walking towards her, the touch of her hand to her
cheek, the confident eyes moving up and down her body,
those large voluptuous breasts seemly jumping out of
there halter. What did it all mean?

Oh my, she couldn’t help herself, she couldn’t stop,
her finger worked faster, she splashed water to the
floor, her body tensed, two more gentle strokes and she
came. Her mind went blank giving into the pleasure of
the white light.

Chapter 3

Taylor sat in the corner of the hotel lounge away from
the crowd but situated so she could see Coach
Bennington walk in the bar. Back home she was not old
enough to enter a bar so she was a little nervous. Or
maybe it was meeting Coach Bennington that had her all
a twitter. Taylor had decided to wear her white mini
and pink halter. Her legs were so tanned and it was so
warm outside that she had not worn hose. The pink
halter looked darling on her and highlighted her tan.

Her wonderful full breasts quivered slightly as she had
not worn a bra. Her golden hair a shade or two lighter
now from her week in the sun tumbled down her
shoulders. She had taken 30 minutes putting on her make
up. She especially liked the shimmering pink lip gloss
she had applied to her mouth, she thought it matched
her top very well.

She had ordered a glass of chardonnay because that is
what her mother always ordered. She was glad she did,
it was sweet, cold and fruity. She had sipped her drink
halfway down when she saw Tamara Bennington enter the

Immediately Taylor’s breath quickened. Coach Bennington
strode confidently into the bar and looked about. Her
eyes scanning first the bar area and now the tables.
Her white jumpsuit was tight, the fabric thin. The
light from behind her silhouetted her muscled and hard
body. Taylor was suddenly very nervous and for a moment
thought about leaving. But Tamara saw her sitting alone
in the corner waved and started across the bar.

As she neared Taylor stood to greet her coach. The baby
girl’s eyes watching the sway of Tamara’s large un-
tethered breasts as the older women approached.
Tamara’s eyes focused on the little darling, once again
they moved up and down the freshly bathed body. She is
gorgeous thought Tamara. She noticed Taylor’s wonderful
breasts, full and sweet, yes the little baby had come
to her bra less, how wonderful thought Tamara. Her eyes
took in the adorable white mini, slim beautiful legs. I
wonder what color panties she wore thought Tamara, I
bet pink, the thought made the lips of her pussy

Only a true baby girl would wear pink panties on a
first date, she thought. It was obvious to Taylor that
coach liked very much what she saw and it made her
blush. Coach Bennington extended her hand and Taylor
accepted it, “Oh princess, you are adorable” said
Tamara her eyes looking to Taylor’s. The little angels
blush deepened and she said, “Thank you.”

“Did you dress for me little one?” asked the older

Taylor nodded her head and said, “Yes I, I hope you
like it.”

Smiling Coach Bennington replied, “You are without a
doubt the most precious angel I have ever seen.” Then
she brought her students open palm to her mouth and
traced the long life line with the tip of her tongue,
leaving a wet path in the middle of her hand. Taylor
gasped and looked around wondering if anyone had seem
that, no one had, oh but that had felt so wicked she
thought to herself. Her nipples growing longer under
the sheer cloth her silk top did not go unnoticed by
the older woman.

Tamara took Taylor’s arm and said we must hurry
precious. The sun will be going down in about 30
minutes. I made us a reservation at a wonderful bistro
down the beach. This place is on top of a mountain
overlooking the ocean. I specifically requested a table
I know that will give a glorious view of the sunset.
“How wonderful!” exclaimed Taylor, she grabbed her
purse and was looking for some money to pay the check
when Tamara threw down a 100 peso’s and said, “Baby
girl you’re my date tonight,” and smiled.

A cab was already waiting for them when they got to the
door of the hotel. The door man held the door open for
the two gorgeous women as they entered the car. The
younger girl entered first. He tried to see between her
legs as she got in the back seat, he thought he saw a
flash of pink panties. The older woman followed, her
voluptuous breasts swaying as she sat back. She handed
the man some money and gave him a knowing smile as he
closed the door. Without a word the cabbie drove
directly to the “220 Bistro” a restaurant Taylor had
been hearing about since coming here.

Taylor was impressed as she sat in the cab, Tamara had
taken care of all the arrangements before coming to the
lounge. No one had ever treated her special, like a
princess. She looked toward Tamara who returned her
gaze confidently smiling. Looking at the beautiful
older woman and still couldn’t believe this was
happening her heart was pounding so fast she was sure
Coach Bennington could hear it.

The table was everything Tamara had said. They were
perched in a private booth high above a calm ocean.
Coach Bennington sat so close to the baby blond that
there legs touched under the table. A cool breeze came
up the ridge to greet them. In the distance the
mountains seemed to slope down to the beautiful sunset.
The sky was already a fiery red with hues of purple and
orange all about. It was so romantic thought Taylor.
The wine steward had suggested a cool crisp sauvignon
and Tamara had agreed.

As they sat there waiting for the steward to return
Tamara took the little babies hand in hers and held it
confidently in her lap under the table. Taylor liked
that and smiled. “Coach Bennington, thank you so much
for bringing me her, it so nice, romantic, wonderful.”

Tamara caressed the cheek of her darling student and
said, “Angel, please call me Tamara.”

“Alright… Tamara,” said Taylor smiling.

The steward came back to the table and opened the wine.
Offering the first taste to Tamara who smiled and
nodded her approval as she swallowed. A glass was
poured for Taylor who sipped it for the first time and
loved it. Tamara remarked that the wine was remarkable,
the steward bowed and left. “Let’s toast,” Tamara said.

Smiling Taylor lifted her glass, Tamara looking deep
into the eyes of the precious angel said, “To the love
and the passion that only a mommy and her baby girl can

Taylor gasped, her eyes grew wide, she blushed then
shuddered, her nipples growing erect, her blond muff
fluttering under her dress. She couldn’t respond, her
mouth was suddenly dry, so she drank the wine and felt
it temporarily cool her fevered brow.

Tamara was delighted with the baby girl’s reaction. She
knew Taylor had a crush on her. She had watched the
angel’s eyes moving over her body. Stopping at the her
breasts, once she thought she had seen Taylor licking
her lips as she gazed at her tempting body. There had
been a few girls before Taylor that had come under the
spell of Tamara the mommy. All young, all beautiful all
very tempting, but when it came down to it, most had
become scared and left. Judging by Taylor’s reaction
she was more than ready to experience the love of a
lesbian mommy.

Tamara ordered dinner for both of them. A wonderful
grilled salmon and a delightful salad. They talked
about the high school years. Taylor’s senior year they
had almost won the state title. But had fallen a few
points short when an inexperienced sophomore had fallen
from the beam. Taylor had done very well under the
watchful eye of her beautiful coach. She had placed
second on the balance beam and fourth overall. Taylor
still stayed in contact with a few of the girls from
the team.

Tamara had been offered a coaching job at a more
prestigious private school across town and had moved.
Dessert arrived, a decadent light chocolate mousse
shared by both. Tamara fed Taylor a spoonful of the
sweet pudding, holding the spoon close to Taylor’s
mouth. Taylor took the pudding slowly into her mouth,
looking into the eyes of the older women. The meaning
didn’t escape the little angel who again quivered and
wondered if anyone was watching.

What is happening to me she thought, here I am sitting
in a romantic restaurant with an older woman acting
like what… like I am love. Am I? she wondered. All
evening Taylor had felt like she was floating or
something. Her eyes coyly feasted on Tamara’s exquisite
body. The dark tan, her mass of auburn hair, her broad
muscled shoulders, the biceps flexing with every
movement of her arm, that deep cleavage so enticing.

Once she thought she could see the aureole through the
thin material of her jumpsuit. The thought made her
mouth water and for a moment she was dizzy, maybe It
was the wine. It was all so hot, so new, so wonderful.
What was she getting herself into.

The cab ride back to the hotel had been quiet. Tamara
sitting close to the little darling placing her muscled
arm around her holding her close to her side. Taylor
felt wonderful as the cab drove down the palm tree
lined boulevard. The wine, the food, the atmosphere,
and of course the company had made her feel special,
and wanted like a princess. Now as the evening drew to
a close she snuggled close to the woman that had made
It all possible feeling those big breasts against her

Recalling the toast that Tamara had made. “To the love
and the passion that only a mommy and her baby girl can
share,” why did that make her feel so dizzy, and what
did it mean. The cap pulling into the driveway of the
resort caused Tamara’s breasts to sway it took all the
discipline the little baby had not to smother her face
deep into the valley of those wonderful mounds. What
has come over her she wondered. Then the door man
opened the door to the cab.

Chapter 4

Walking In the door of the resort, Tamara asked, “Would
you like to come to my room for a night cap angel? I
bought a wonderful bottle of brandy the other day, I
bought It to share with some one special.”

Taylor again blushed, though she knew she shouldn’t she
said, “Ok,” as the elevator door closed she didn’t want
to do anything to disappoint Tamara. Tamara pushed a
high number as the elevator began to climb.

The door to Tamara’s suite closed behind them. Taylor
looked around the room. It was wonderful and much
larger than her standard king room. The suite had a
separate living room and bedroom. A wonderful sumptuous
leather sectional filled the living room and faceda
balcony that looked out to the ocean and the city
lights down below.

Tamara stood behind Taylor and whispered into her ear
that she was going into the bedroom for a moment to
change. Tamara told her to go out on the balcony, the
air is cool and the view this time of night is
wonderful. As Tamara left, the sweet baby moved to the
balcony. Her eyes scanning the wonderful expanse of a
moonlit ocean.

Tamara stood in her bedroom. They turn down service had
made the bed, placed wonderful chocolates on the
pillows and had turned the lighting down to a soft
glow. The drapes were open to the ocean below and the
beautiful full moon could clearly be witnessed from the
soft king size bed. She smiled and thought to herself
that the mood in the room was pure sensuality.

Quickly she changed into a black silk chemise. It was
her favorite, wearing it always made her feel sensual.
Over the chemise she put on a matching silk robe, it
tied in the middle and clung to her every curve. She
went to the bathroom to check her hair and freshen up a
bit. Her mind wandered to the little baby in the next
room. Taylor was a dream come true. Sweet, innocent,
exceptionally beautiful and smart.

All during dinner it was all Tamara could do to keep
form taking her right there in the restaurant. Those
tempting pink glossed lips, the fullness of Taylor’s
budding breasts, the adorable way she blushed. Tamara
had been wet for hours. Again she recalled that day in
high school, the day she had seen that little baby to
be in the showers. Her mouth watered as she reflected
on that sweet fluffy blond baby girl pussy.

Tonight she would make it quiver and spit and want only
her. Once again she looked at herself in the mirror,
she cup her breasts to adjusting them to show more
cleavage there weight soft in her hand, she ran a hand
through her hair, she freshened her perfume, one last
look, yes she was a huntress tonight and it thrilled

Taylor didn’t hear Tamara walk up behind her. She had
been enjoying the cool breeze of the ocean and the
wonderful view from the balcony. Tamara at 6’0 stood at
least 6 inches taller than Taylor’s 5’4 and towered
over the precious angel. She moved close and startled
Taylor for a moment who giggled at her silliness. But
the giggling stopped when she felt the large mounds of
Tamara’s breasts slide along her bare back.

The touch made her tense and nervous so she turned to
face Tamara. It was then that Taylor noticed the way
Tamara was dressed her eyes grew wide and she trembled
a bit. Tamara saw her reaction and reached out to her
face caressing it with the tips of her fingers and
said, “Don’t be startled my darling child, mommy is
here to love you.”

It was too much for the precious girl, she felt so
much, she trembled, she was nervous again, Tamara had
referred to herself as mommy again, what did that mean,
why did it make her dizzy. She wanted to leave, she
wanted to stay, she stammered, ” I-I don’t know, its so
confusing…” again she turned away facing the ocean.

Tamara once again moved close to her prey, once again
she let her large mounds press to the back of the
adorable baby girl. Taylor felt fingertips moving her
hair from the side of her neck, she then felt strong
hands slowly caressing her bare arms, lips close to her
ear then a warm zephyr to the core of her ear made her

“Baby girl,” whispered a husky voiced Tamara, “I used
to watch you on the balance beam,” hands gently cupped
her full sweet breasts over her halter. “Sometimes
after watching you, I would have to go to my office,”
wet lips nibbled her tender ear lobe. “I would lock my
door,” thumb and forefinger lightly pinched both the
sweet nubbins on her little girl tits. “And finger
myself, thinking about your wonderful body, wanting to
make love to you…”

Taylor moaned then gasped and leaned into the arms of
the older woman. Confident hands slipped the straps of
her halter down the sides of her arms, and quietly
unsnapped the clasps. Letting her pink silk top fall to
the floor, her full sweet mounds of little girl tit
exposed to the cool night air. Tamara looked down to
the darlings tits and was thrilled. Gorgeous full firm
mounds, tipped with wonderful bubble gum pink nipples,
stiff and wanting love.

Taylor again meekly protested, “P-please, I-I need to
go, I can’t… I don’t…”

The older woman smoothed her hand over the swelling
nipples and again whispered to her ear. “All those
years you worked so hard, so hard to please me, didn’t
you baby girl, you did it all for me,” sliding her hand
down to cup her darling ass.

Taylor nodded, stammering, “Y-yes oh yes.”

A few moments later, the white mini, slide to the
floor. Taylor stood exposed to the world her wonderful
fresh young body quivering, all that remained was her
darling pink thong. Tamara gazed at the junction of the
precious girl, and smiled to herself, she had been
right, she had worn pink delicate panties, a true baby
girl. She cupped one of Taylor’s breasts in her hand
pulling her close to her hard muscled body spearing her
back with her long hard nipples, with the other hand
she softly caressed the girls stomach, and whispered,
“You’re a baby girl I could fall in love with,” sliding
her hand into Taylor’s panties and cupping the delicate
mons of the precious19 year old girl.

“Oh my!” Taylor moaned and leaned her head into
Tamara’s strong shoulder, she turned her head and the
older woman speared her tongue deep into the little
darling’s mouth, there lips touched and caressed for
the first time. At that moment, Taylor moaned and felt
the older woman’s finger slide into her wet furrow.
Tamara felt a flood of little girl juice and lightly
stroked the little erect pearl.

“It’s alright, angel let it cum, let it all out
precious, show mommy how much you want to please me.”

It was too much for Taylor the large hard-nippled
breasts pressed to her back, the cupping of her breast,
the seductive words, the slurping tongue, the probing
finger, and she did want to please Tamara, she wanted
nothing more, oh my oh my her body ached and erupted in
her first cum, her sweet slit spasming and quivering
all around the older woman’s probing finger, moaning
and shuddering she kissed and tongued the older woman
her body shuddering with pleasure. As her body shook
she heard a distant voice softly say, “That’s it angel,
let it out, let it all out for mommy.”

A few minutes had passed, Taylor had quieted down.
Tamara still remained at her back supporting the little
one, there lips still kissing, her finger still slowly
moving inside her. Taylor felt strong arms envelop her,
quickly she was floating. She realized that Tamara had
picked her up and was carrying her to the bedroom. She
felt like a feather.

Effortlessly the muscled woman carried her. Taylor
leaned into the strong shoulder of Tamara and snuggled
close feely safe, secure and loved.. Soon she was
placed softly on the bed. She opened her eyes, the full
moon outside softly illuminated the room. Tamara stood
next to the bed still wearing her long silk robe and
matching chemise. Taylor lay quietly looking up to the
massive woman. Tamara smiled and reached for the tie to
her robe, it fell to the floor. Still smiling and her
eyes never leaving the little baby she unclasped her
chemise and soon it joined her robe.

Taylor shuddered and coyly side her finger quickly into
her pink thong as the older woman stood before her
naked for her eyes only. The symmetry, the strong
buffed arms, the coloring, the rippling abs, those huge
proud breasts, they were more beautiful then she had
imagined, they were tipped with brown intimidating
aureoles the size of a small saucers and the nipples
erect at least an inch long.

Taylor’s mouth watered and her eyes fluttered. Tamara’s
abs rippled rows of solid muscle her arms flexed and
bulging, the baby girls finger openly masturbated a she
gazed upon the splendor of Tamara’s massive body.
Tamara saw the want in Taylor’s eyes. She luxuriated in
the wanton lust of the little girls stare. She flexed
and posed for a moment, watching Taylor’s breathing
increase and her finger move more quickly with each
sensual pose. Taylor couldn’t believe what she was
witnessing. Coach Bennington the woman of all her
desires posing for her and only her.

Tamara lay down next to the little girl, placing her
arm around her and pulling her close to her body. She
caressed the baby girl, her hand moving every where and
anywhere. She leaned down and kissed the delicate girl
running her tongue over the cleft of Taylor’s sweet
pink glossed lips.. Taylor softly suckled the older
women’s tongue and returned the kiss and for the first
time. Her hands encircled Tamara’s back feeling the
hard muscles under her hands, it thrilled her.

Tamara cupped her huge breast in her hand, offering it
to the baby girl she whispered ” come to mommy baby
girl, come suckle from your mommies nipple” Taylor
looked to Tamara’s eyes, then back to the offered
breast, she visibly shuddered and with a wonderful
little girl sound of surrender whined “oh mommy” and
fell to the object of her want suckling the extended
nipple deep between her pink glossed lips and cooed as
she began to suckle.

Her new mommy ran her strong hand down the sides of her
new baby girl feeling it softness, then a finger down
to the soft down of her sweet young pussy, and again
found her little pearl hard and erect, one stroke, a
second gentle stroke was it all took to send Taylor
into a crushing orgasm. “Oh Mommy” she moaned around
the dark brown aureole loudly, her sweet juice filling
Tamara’s hand, her lips never left the bulging mass her
eyes rolling back into her head, her lips pursed on to
her mommies sweet nurturing nipple.

It seemed to Taylor that hours had passed. In reality
it had only been about 15 minutes, but her body still
quivered occasionally and her lips continued to suckle
from her mommies left nipple lazily swirling her tongue
all over the saucer sized aureole. She was cuddled
closely in her mommy’s strong muscled arms. She felt
Tamara moving away, she didn’t like that. As much as
Tamara hated to move, she wanted more.

With a darling soft pop her nipple came out of the
young ones mouth. They both looked to her big swollen
tit and saw that it gleamed with Taylor’s spit, a few
sweet drops dripped from the tip to Taylor’s stomach.
Taylor blushed because she knew that she a had done
that. .She felt her panties being shimmied down her
young thighs. She looked up to find Tamara holding them
to her face and smelling the wonderful scent. Taylor
really blushed and brought her hand to her mouth as
Tamara looked upon her darling baby girl pussy.

Tamara was immediately in love with the prize exhibited
before her. It was more beautiful than she remembered
from the shower. Spreading the angel’s legs she gazed
upon the pussy of the little darling. Oh my its
gorgeous she thought to herself. It was blond, freshly
manicured for a bikini, fluffy sweet muffy hair,
gorgeous pink lips, encasing a shimmering pink furrow
wet with baby girl cream. Leaning closer Tamara inhaled
the fresh scent of baby girl pussy. It filled her
nostrils with love and passion.

Taylor’s eyes were wide as laid there quietly watching
her mommy, she breathed harder with each passing
minute. She was pleased and aroused beyond anything she
had ever felt to see that Tamara was totally enthralled
with her. Tamara had waited 5 years for this and
wouldn’t wait any longer. Spearing her tongue she
plunged deep into the little girl’s hole. Taylor moaned
loudly and lifted her hips to meet her mommy’s
onslaught. The tongue scooped sweet baby girl cream up
and down the pink wet furrow.

Tamara swallowed as she went, wanting more of the
luscious fluid. Baby girl cream was like crack cocaine
to Tamara, and she had found the perfect baby girl to
quench her thirst. She wallowed in the pink cleft
slurping it all as she moved up and down the darling
crevice. She knew she could make Taylor cum but wanted
to make this last. She found the little pearl, it was
still erect, the wonderful white tip peaking out of its
darling pink shell. She lightly fluttered her tongue
over it.

Taylor moaned and again lifted her hips again to her
mommy, spreading her legs and gulping for air. Tamara
held the precious angels sweet ass with one hand
bringing the pulsating mons closer to her mouth, her
other hand smoothed over the babies delicate tits.
Taylor was beside herself never had she felt like this,
her mind was firing off pleasures she never knew
existed.. She felt the hand leave her quivering nipple.
Soon she felt it at the entrance to her womb.

Taylor moaned, “Oh mommy! Oh mommy! Oh mommy…” as the
finger slowly eased into the spiting hole and began to
piston in and out. Tamara slithered her tongue over the
budding pearl as her finger toke possession. “Oh my a
tight angel,” she thought to herself. She knew it
wouldn’t be long, she knew her face would be rewarded
with the slime of her precious angel. Her tongue
fluttered over Taylor’s baby shaft, her finger moving

Taylor’s body was starting to tense, her breathing very
erratic, she arched her back, spreading her legs, her
head was thrown deep into the pillow, she whimpered ” I
love you mommy, oh yes I love you, I love you, I think
I always have… I, and… oh… yes… oh yes I am…
oh mommy! Never, never like this before… Oh my! It’s
here! It’s here! It’s sooooooooo here! I am cumming…
oh goodness YES! YES!” the little babies pussy lips
fluttered open, her hands grasping her mommy’s full
head of hair and pulling her face deeper into her wet
seething slit of her tender pussy. Tamara smeared her
face to the quivering quim as it erupted in spurts of
fresh sweet baby girl cum.

Oh my Taylor thought�never in her life had she ever
felt like this. The lights were bright, the slurping
continued, the pleasure unending. She realized she was
a true baby girl and would always want her mommy as the
pleasure over took her mind and left her convulsing in
the bed of her new mommy.

The room was silent except for the very soft sound of
Taylor’s gentle breathing. It had been over 20 minutes
since the precious angel had erupted in the most
incredible orgasm of her life. Even now, 20 minutes
later, she still quake occasionally.

The sweet angel laid completely relaxed in the thick
soft sheets of the bed. Her wonderful body thoroughly
sated and her mind completely blank, a wonderful smile
upon her face. There could be no doubt that Taylor was
in love. Tamara had spent the last 20 minutes in
rapture as she slowly sip from her darling’s womb. The
tip of her tongue gently cleaning, swallowing, and
making love to her baby girls still quivering pussy.

Yes this was a little girl a mommy could love she
thought to herself. Quietly she leaned up the reposed
body of her new lover. She again marveled at the beauty
of the young baby blond. Her big-nippled tits swayed
and rubbed Taylor’s stomach as she rose. She licked the
tip of both sweet pink nipples and laid down beside the
sweet baby. Taylor’s eyes open as she was cradled in
the strong arms of her lover. She cuddled close,
lifting her mommy’s large breast and settling her mouth
upon it. She closed her eyes as she suckled, her love
obvious in each gentle tug of still pink glossed lips.
Soon they both fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 5

The early morning sun was starting to light the sky
when Tamara awoke. Her little darling was still
snuggled close, her cheek to the side of the voluptuous
tit. Tamara looked down and saw a wonderful smile on
the face of Taylor. She recalled the events of the
night before. The romance, the love, the ultimate
passion. Tamara was in love as she gazed at the baby
blond beside her. Taylor was gorgeous.

She stood and walked to the window. The sun was still a
few minutes from being seen but already the wonderful
orange streaks across a blue sky were everywhere, The
ocean was still, the beach quiet. Tamara stood in her
nudity and lost herself in the moment.

Taylor woke up and laid quietly in bed. She watched
Tamara standing by the window. It started again, the
heat. Her eyes surveying that hard muscled body once
again. Under the sheets she gently cupped her full tit
in her hand. Her eyes passing over her mommy. “Yes,
mommy,” she said it to herself for the first time,
Mommy, she repeated it to herself. Mommy, again she
repeated it to herself, she quivered and her nipples
grew tight she slide her finger into still wet pussy.
She liked having a mommy, no, she loved it, yes she
loved it. Her eyes never left her mommy. That massive
wonderful feminine body was intimidating but she would
do anything she could to please it. She wanted her
mommy to want only her. She wanted her mommy to only
want her lips suckling her big tits, she wanted her
mommy to only want her body laying next to her in bed.

Quietly she got out of the bed. Her naked sated body
glowing in the morning sun. She stood behind Tamara,
happy that she had not been heard her. She slowly
wrapped both of her arms around Tamara’s waist
marveling at the hard rows of muscle and pressed into
her mommies back. Tamara smiled and looked down to find
her new baby smiling up to her eyes shining in the
morning light.

She knew her precious angel had come back for more. She
turned to Taylor and cupped her chin bringing there
lips together for the there first kiss of the day. Her
arms enfolding the little one kissing her with all the
love that a mommy feels for her baby girl. Taylor was
breathless feeling those massive breasts, those hard
abs and mommies soft pelt gently rub against her as the
kiss never seemed to end.

Tamara laid down on the king sized bed. Her body looked
spectacular in the morning light. Posing for the little
angel, she ran her hands all over her voluptuous body
and said, “Come to mommy precious.”

Taylor standing by the window, her young fresh body
again alive and trembling groaned, “Oh yes… oh yes
mommy…” and ran to her side.

There lips tasting each other, Taylor’s hands filling
themselves with Tamara’s flesh. Taylor felt the
pressure of strong hands on her shoulders. She moved
lower and soon was greeted with her mommy’s inch long
nipples. She slurped and suckle both of them and knew
she would always want to fall asleep with her mommy’s
nipple to her lips. The hands pressed her and she
continued lower, she rubbed her cheek to the rows of
muscled abs her eyes looking back to find Tamara
smiling at her.

She blushed and whispered, “I love you.” The hands
pressed her again, and she realized what was expected
of her. She had never done anything like this before,
she was scared she wouldn’t be able to please Tamara.
The scent of her lover’s pussy rafted up into her
nostrils. It was strong, seductive and musky.

Tamara spread her legs and the little angel looked upon
the womb of her mommy for the first time. Her blue eyes
grew wide at the sight. It was the most beautiful thing
she had ever seen. So different than hers, her pussy
was the slit of a girl, this was the pussy of a mature
woman. A patch of thick auburn hair, lips dark clean
wrinkled, the inside pink and wet, yes this was the
pussy of a mature woman. “It’s all for you angel,”
whispered Tamara, “it has wanted you for many years.”

Taylor blushed at those words and leaned closer, Tamara
reached down and cupped the back of the little babies
head. Taylor closer now, witnessed a drop of liquid
drip from the core, it made her tremble. She looked to
Tamara for guidance, “Take it angel make it belong to
you,” Tamara groaned pulling the little darlings face
to her wet pulsating slit.

Taylor imitated Tamara actions from earlier and speared
her tongue deep into the hole of her mommy. “Oh YES!”
moaned Tamara.

Taylor was greeted with thick rich mommy cum and she
loved it. She gulped it inside her mouth swirling it,
she swallowed and knew this wouldn’t be the last pussy
she ever licked. “You’re my darling pussy licker aren’t
you sweetheart.” She heard Tamara moan. She nodded yes
as she continued to lick. Pussy licker she quivered at
the thought. She smeared her face all over the
quivering mass and up and down. Her tongue licking
every crevice and every nook. She felt Tamara’s hands
moving her face upward, “The top baby girl, mommy wants
your tongue at the top!”

Her face moved to the top of the slit and found a huge
thick shaft of mommy cock. She couldn’t believe how big
it was, hers was small delicate. This one strong,
large, demanding at least an inch long and half that in
width. She stared at it for a long time. “It’s ok
angel, touch it, gently…” Tamara whispered.

Tentatively Taylor touched it with the tip of her
finger. It felt hard but soft gooey and wet. Tamara
arched her hips and moaned. The little precious liked
that reaction and slide the hard shaft between her
fingers and moved it up and down.

“YES! Oh angel, yesss!” moaned Tamara. “Do you want to
please me sweetheart? Do you want to please your

“Yes I do, I really do…” pleaded Taylor.

“Then take me sweet one, make love to me, lick mommy’s
pussy darling angel.”

Taylor immediately licked the swollen shaft with the
tip of her tongue and plunged two fingers into Tamara’s

“Ohhhhh yesss,” Tamara moaned. “Yessssss!” Swiftly
Taylor lashed the hard shaft, her fingers pumping
quickly, Tamara was close so close, her muscled body
tensing. Taylor in love with her actions smeared her
face in her mommy’s goo and continued to lash her hard
thick shaft.

Suddenly Tamara gripped the back of her Taylor’s head
running her fingers through the wonderful strands of
gold as she and pulled her tight to her spitting slit,
she arched her back, and long slow of, “OH YESSS!” came
from a throaty voice from deep inside of her, Taylor
continued to lash the shaft, her hand wet with juice.

Tamara moved her darling’s face to her quivering hole.
Taylor knew what was coming and wanted it more than
anything she hard ever received. Suddenly Tamara’s body
tensed muscles ridged and tight, “It’s here angel.
Yessss it’s here! All for you… all for my sweet
wonderful angel, oh baby girl take it all from mommy!”
The darling’s tongue extended deep into the older
woman’s pulsating quim ready to accept her mommy’s

She didn’t wait long, for it erupted and spit gobs of
sweet mommy cum into the little darlings mouth it spit
and spit�, she tried to swallow it all but couldn’t she
smeared her face in the spurting goo and knew she would
want more of this. She looked up the body of her lover
and saw that it had become a huge mass of muscle,
nipples long and extended, abs rippling, Tamara’s eyes
closed, pleasure surging through every pore of her

Taylor couldn’t believe that she could make any woman
feel like that much less a goddess like Tamara. The
hand behind her head guided her all over her mommy’s
hot spitting pussy and she loved it. Her fluttering
tongue sliding up and down the slit , the crease
continued to quiver and shake. Her lovely face dripping
with mommy cream. Tamara couldn’t believe the orgasm
her little darling was giving her. Her entire body was
alive and shaking. “Oh precious mommy loves you, that’s
it sweetheart, oh yesss!”

It had started deep in her womb and now her entire body
was cresting over the top. Another large quake followed
by another large spurt that her darling eagerly lapped
at with her tongue. The muscled form of Tamara began to
relax. The quivering slowing, the spurts now drops of
sweet love. Tamara laid there and looked down to her
precious love. The blond hair tousled under her hand.
Another little quiver as her Taylor slowly licked and
cleaned her mommy’s womb.

Taylor so in love that she wanted to crawl inside and
stay for ever. Tamara held Taylor close to her
quivering pussy for a long time. Smearing the precious
face all over her wet throbbing hole, relishing the
little babies searching and soothing tongue. Soon she
looked down to Taylor who looked up to her, her blue
eyes in rapture and love.

The little angel’s face covered with the cum of her
mommy. Tamara thought she never looked more beautiful.
Stretching her body Tamara felt fulfilled for the first
time in many years. The darling blond looked up and
Tamara brought her face close to hers. She licked all
of her sweet residue from the Taylor’s face. Ending
with her tongue deep into the baby blond’s sweet mouth.
Taylor laid on top of her mommy for what seemed like
hours just kissing, caressing and loving.

The room smelled of passion. The sheets were damp with
love. The sun rising in the window highlighted a woman
and a girl cuddled closely. For them time stood still.
There nude bodies sated as never before. Both very much
in love and wondering what the future held for them

But the future could wait a few more days. The young
one again cuddle close in the older woman’s arms,
lifting the huge firm orb her tongue again swirled
allover the still swollen nipple of her mommy. She
softly suckled as they both fell asleep to dream of a
new found love and the hours of pleasure to come.

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