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A crossdresser being found and used

49 Min Read

I still don’t know why I didn’t checks the door lock beforehand, but there I was standing in front of the mirror wearing a pink satin slip, stroking my hard cock. I must have been wrapped up with what I was doing as I didn’t hear anything until I heard the click of the camera followed by the giggles.
The next thing I heard was my neighbor Sally saying “don’t let me stop you, by all means finish.” This was a lightning bolt that erased my hard on instantly. “Aww, did I scare it?” Sally said with a laugh.
Panic washed over me as I thought this was it. This was going to ruin me. Sally slowly walked over to me and told me “don’t panic sweetie, everything is going to be fine. Well as long as you do exactly what I say.”
I told her I would do anything as long as she would not tell anyone about me. She then told me to be at her place at 6 and I’d better be shaved from the eyebrows down. She also told me that I should come dressed in something sexy.
I didn’t know what to do. I thought that it might all just blow over until my phone chirped. I looked at it and there on the screen was a message from Sally. It read “in case you are having second thoughts, here is what is ready to send out to everyone you know”. On the screen was the pictures of me with the slip on and my cock in my hand. I was screwed. The only thing I could do at this point was to comply.
Hopping in the shower I proceeded to shave my body. Some parts, like my arms and chest were easy, but my groin area was difficult. The last thing I wanted was a cut down there. I carefully finished, making sure to get in between my ass cheeks and my legs. After I used some lavender lotion that was laying around I was soft and smooth. The feel and smell was intoxicating.
Next I took to the task of getting dressed. I started with my favorite garter belt. Black lace with a red rose design on the front. I slowly rolled up my black stockings, being careful to keep the seams straight and not get a run in them. After attaching them to the garter hooks, I ran my hands slowly down each leg. It felt like electricity was flowing through me and my cock sprang to life. I knew that wasn’t going to help my situation so I ignored it for now and went to put on the matching bra for the set, also black scalloped with 32C cups. I connected the clasps and swung it around like I’ve see many a woman do before.
I dug further into my special bag where I kept all my stuff and found my lifelike breast forms that I have, but have never used. After applying the special adhesive tape, I slid them individually into the cups of the bra. Holding them against my chest for a few minutes allowed the tape to stick. With the breast forms in place, the last piece was my panties. My cock was still rock hard and I dared not wank as in didn’t know what the night would hold. I decided that they would have to wait and perhaps focusing on makeup would help.
I started with the foundation, making sure that any beard stubble gets blended over a bit darker. Then highlighted my cheekbones with some rogue. Next I attempted my eye makeup, trying to follow all the videos I’ve watched. I went with a two tone approach blending some green and white shadow to compliment my hazel eyes. I glued on the fake eyelashes, liberally coating them with some extend lash black mascara. Lucky for me my eyebrows have never been very think so I was able to draw some light ones in. I fished the look with my favorite lipstick, fire engine red.
My cock had reached a tipping point. If I didn’t do something about it soon I would blow my load everywhere. I slipped on my favorite pair of black patent leather 4″ heels, and walked into the kitchen. I needed to cool off and fast. I filled a small bucket with ice and water and held it up to my cock and balls. Finally my hard on stared to go down. I pulled up my black satin gaff, pushing my testicles up and into my body and pulling my now flaccid cock back. The gaff flattens out any bulge and hugs me tight.
Now what to wear. Most of my outfits stop at lingerie or ‘club wear’ that you would buy at a lingerie store. I settled on a tight red faux leather skirt that came to just above the knees. Then a tight black satin button up blouse on top. I still never get used to the buttons being on the opposite side of the top. I leave the top few undone so my ‘cleavage’ will be on full display with the help of the push up ‘add a size’ bra.
Now the final touches. I rummage around to the back of my closet an pull out the Styrofoam head that my shoulder length wavy wig sits on. I put my stocking cap on over my existing hair and with a few bobbin pins, I set the wig in place on my head and go over to the mirror to make any additional adjustments. I tug the skirt down a bit, checking my stocking seams to make sure they are straight, and make sure my hair is hanging right. I add another coat of lipstick, some gloss, and apply some finishing powder. Just as I am spraying a bit of perfume on and clipping on my dangle rhinestone earrings, the phone rings.
After I say hello, I immediately regret it. On the other end of the line was Frank, one of my teammates from work. “Man, where are you at? You were supposed to be here a half hour ago. Did you forget you were on tonight?”
What the hell was I going to do now I thought. Some how I managed to just sound convincing when I told him “oh hell Frank, yeah it slipped my mind. I’ve been down and out with a bad stomach bug. There is no way I’m going to be able to make it in. Any chance you’d pick it up for me? I would do anything!”
Frank replied “Man I had plans tonight, but sure and you owe me one. Big time!” “Frank, I owe you.” That little escapade would cost me dearly.
It was nearly 10 after 6. I was late. I hurried out side checking briefly to make sure no one was watching and practically ran next door to Sally’s house. I rang the doorbell and the light came on. I stood there in all my best, out on her front stoop lights blaring. It felt like an eternity until she finally opened her door and told me to turn around a few time so she could see what I was wearing. As I did she started taking more pictures of me. Finally she said to come inside.
“Not too bad.” She said. “You look like a two dollar whore, but not as bad as I had though you would look.” I didn’t notice at first the riding crop in her hand. I sure noticed it when she swung it firmly at my ass. WHACK, WHACK WHACK, as she smacked me three times with it. I let out a loud yelp as she continued the beating.
In between yelps I asked “what did I do? I’m here and dressed as you asked.”
Sally responded in turn, “yes, but you were late. I expect you to be on time when I tell you to be somewhere.” I then said “but it wasn’t my fault!” That did bode well.
I proceeded to tell her that I was walking out my door when I stopped to answer my phone. She grabbed my small clutch bag and pulled out my phone. Scolding through my contacts and call log she seemed satisfied with my answer.
After one more WHACK, she said “fine, but next time you will face a much worse fate for not complying with me fully.”
I responded the only way I knew how by saying “yes Mistress”.
To which Sally said “I think I like the sound of that.”
“Now, go fix your makeup and wait for me in the den.” Sally said with a crooked grin.
I went to the bathroom and touched up my mascara that had run a bit while she was smacking me. I also added a fresh coat of lipstick and another dab of perfume to my cleavage.
All in all, I thought I looks good and my cock was struggling to get hard in its tightly confined panties. I fished up with a quick powder to get rid of any shine and stepped back out.
The den was dimly lit and I dared not change anything. I took a seat gently on the couch. A few moments later Sally was back. She had changed into a tight leather basque that pushed her ample black patent boots that came up to mid thigh, and a tightly wrapped robe around the rest of her. She had the cattle prop still I her hand.
As soon as she walked in she said in a commanding voice “come here to me.” I did as I was told and walked over to her at once. Sally then pulled me in close and kissed me deeply. Our lipsticks meshed together as her hands moved around my body. Firmly grabbing my ass in my skirt. She the nuzzled a bit on my neck and moved her hand under my skirt to my pantie covered bottom. Running her fingers around the edge of panties. She then stated to push me down towards my knees. I offered no resistance and dropped down to my knees.
Sally then told me that since I was dressed like a whore, I may as well act like one too. With that she opened up her rode letting it fall to the floor behind her. Starting me now right in my face was huge strap on cock belted to her waist. I looked up at her to ask what she wanted me to do. Sally just say “you dumb slut, open. Your mouth and suck on that cock like you know you want to.”
Truth be told, I did. The tool looked so lifelike. It had to be at least nine inches long and was a good handful around. As I reached out for it I heard Sally say “a proper slut doesn’t use her hands. Plus you need some color and a manicure. Those man hands look awful.”
I didn’t respond. I opened my mouth and she rested the phallus right in my mouth.
“Good girl” she cooed. It felt natural, I swirled my tong around the heard and took it fully in my mouth. She told me to lean my head back so I could take more of it in. Soon I had it all the way down my throat. I started to gag as she rocked it in and out if my mouth. Grabbing my head on either side she and started to fuck my face. Fast, slow, fast, slow, soon I was drooling and slurping along with the thrusts.
“Now stand” Sally said. I complied. She held my chin in her had and said “that was good, you’ll get better with more practice.” “Now strip bitch, I want to see the rest of that body slut.” She stepped back and sat on the sofa stroking the hard rubber cock as I stated to strip. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, letting it drop off my shoulders. Next I reached behind me unzipping my skirt. I wiggled it off my hips, teasing the top of my panties. Then I bent over and let the skirt ride down my legs.
Sally was moaning while I performed this strip tease. She then told me to get down on my hands and knees. I sank down and got on my hands and knees. She stood up walking towards me pausing to reach into the end table drawer.
Sally then stood in front of me and told me to open up and get her cock nice and wet. While I was bobbing up and down on the Sally pulled my panties down some, exposing my hole. I heard her open up a cap on a bottle a d felt a cold liquid applied to my hole.
She stood up pulling that strap on from my mouth. “Now, it’s time.” I knew what was coming and I was scared, but still turned on. I felt her slowly push one finger in, then two. Getting a rhythm going of in and out. hen a third finger stretches mu hole. “Oh so tight. You my sissy, are going to be very popular. At least for a while.”
Just as I started to get into the sensation, she removed all three fingers. Before I could turn and look I felt the head of the strap on monster at the entrance to my rose bud. She started to push it in saying “just relax, breathe, and push out.”
Then with a pop the head was in me. She leaned forward allowing her body weight to push the remaining cock into my ass. Not having had anything larger than the three fingers she just removed in my ass, I did not know what to expect. At first there was a shooting and burning pain.
I cried out “please stop! Take it out, it’s too big!”
Sally was not stopping. She let it sit where it was for a moment and then in one forward motion she drove the remaining shaft deep into me.
I arched my back and let out a squeal. Sally responded by smacking my ass hard while saying “quiet slut! You know you like this. How many times have you whacked off to big cock?”
The truth is, many nights have been spent on the computer beating off to mixtures of sexy CD’s and women getting fucked.
The pain started to subside as Sally slowly pulled back and pushed in. After a few pumps a tingling started to build and I started to meet her thrusts with my own.
“Oooh seems like someone like this”. Sally Said.
“Yes” I cooed out, “please don’t stop.” I replied.
Sally’s thrusts got faster as she went, driving the hard strap on cock deeply into me. All of a sudden I felt a wave come crashing through me. Streams of cum started shooting from my cock without me touching it. Seeing this must have set Sally over the edge as she shuttered and moaned with orgasm from the other end of the cock tucked into her pussy.
“What a mess you’ve made. Now, clean it up!” Sally commanded.
I looked around for a towel, but Sally had other ideas. With another shove she buried the strap on in me again and said “silly girl, I wasn’t done with you yet and true sluts use their mouths.”
Sally then pulled out of my ass, leaving an empty feeling. She immediately told me to get back to cleaning up the mess. I proceeded to lick up the pool of cum that I had left on the floor.
She said “Good girl, now come over here and clean me up.”
As I crawled over she removed the cock and harness from her waist exposing her dripping pussy. I eagerly lapped up her juices bringing her to another orgasm.
Sally collapsed back onto the couch and I slumped down at her next to her feet on the ground, spent. After a short time Sally spoke up “well, looks like you had fun. Stand up for me.”
I did as requested. She then opened the drawer on the end table again and pulled out a cage looking contraption. She reached over, wrapping the device around my cock and balls. Then with a click she locked it in place.
“Just a chastity device” Sally said. “Can’t have my sissy getting all hard. I will have the key and don’t worry you can still cum, you will just have to do it like a girl.”
I didn’t know exactly what she was talking about, but somehow I had a feeling that l soon would.
Sally finished the evening by telling me to go home and get some rest; that I will need it in the coming days. She said I should be back at her place the following night. I got up, put my skirt and blouse on. Then quietly walked out and back to my house. I was walking a bit gingerly, as my ass was still very sore from the pounding it received just a bit ago. I was nervous walking that short yardage between our houses, but it went uneventful. I was exhausted; as soon as I got through the door I stumbled into my bedroom and collapsed on the bed.
When I got woke up the first thing I thought of was I needed to clean up and get to work having missed it the night prior. I quickly showered, and shaved again. It didn’t seem right to let hair creep back. I marveled over the chastity device that was firmly attached around my cock and stretching my balls down.
I thought that if I used some soap and water I might be able to wiggle it off. I lathered up my member and tried to pull it off. No luck. Then I added more soap and tried to wiggle it off. Still no luck, in fact all the wiggling started to get me excited, but as I started to get hard, the device started to dig into the shaft and pull down on my balls separating them further from the shaft. I had to stop and calm down or get really hurt.
I managed to settle down enough to get out of the shower. After drying off I applied more of the lavender lotion that I had used. This time I was careful not to touch my cock or get close to it. My experience in the shower taught me that.
I went into my bedroom and decided that wearing my normal boxer shorts just didn’t seem right. I dug in my special bag and found my pink satin panties with black lace trim. I thought I would be a bit daring and put on a pair of black stockings attached to a black lace garter belt that has a pink rose in the middle.
I made sure to tuck the straps under my panties so they could be removed if necessary. Over these I put on my normal blue jeans and tennis shoes. These all felt very drab and I thought I would have to pick up a pair of Rockies or women’s Levis. I love the way a tight pair of jeans make a woman’s ass look.
I finished dressing and hurried off to work. Frank was there waiting for me. “Man, what happened to you last night?” He asked.
I replied “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
Frank kept pushing “no really, what happened? Did it have anything to do with this?”
He handed me his phone with an image displayed across it. The pictures were of me all dressed up standing on Sally’s doorstep.
Frank continued “at first I thought you had just sent me a picture of your latest conquest, until the next two pictures came in.”
I scrolled to the next picture; it was me on all fours ass in the air and Sally’s dido partially in me. The next picture after that was me liking up the pool of cum. You could clearly see my face in this one, there was no denying it. I was screwed, again.
“Nothing to say, well you were not quiet when you were getting your ass hammered” Frank said.
He took the phone back and opened another file. Here was a video of me getting fucked by Sally and crying out for her to fuck me harder.
“Here’s what’s going to happen.” Frank continued, “You’re going to take off out of here, head home and get all dressed up. I liked what I saw in the pictures and videos and I want more.”
I sat there silently in disbelief.
Frank then said “look here sissy, this is not a request. Get that ass of yours up and go get dressed up. I will be over in a while and you better look hot. Oh, and go get a manicure and pedicure. I like my girls with sexy hands and feet.”
He finished by snapping his fingers in front of my blank stare.
“Not fucking around here sissy, if you don’t get that ass moving I will post all of these on the company site.”
This seemed to wake me up out of my state of shock.
I got up saying “yes Sir” and turned to leave.
I heard Frank saying as I left “Sir, hmm I think I like the sound of that.”
Dammit, here we go again.
As I left work and hopped in my car, my phone rang. I looked at the ID and saw that it was my neighbor Sally. I answered it with a soft and shaky “hello.”
Sally proceeded to say “how was work sissy? Make any new friends?”
I responded by saying “why would you send that stuff to him?”
Sally responded “that will help remind you of who is in charge and not to be late.”
I had nothing to say other than “yes Mistress.” Sally then said “don’t worry about coming over tonight; somehow I suspect you will be busy.” She then hung up.
I started my drive home when I remembered that Frank told me to get a manicure and pedicure. I was very nervous about the whole thing. I pulled up to a nail salon on the outskirts of town. I didn’t want to run into anyone I knew. I walked into the salon which was thankfully mostly empty.
The girl came over and asked if she can help me. I quietly told her that I was there for a manicure and pedicure. Without batting a lash she said to pick a color for each and let her know when ready. After pondering the vast selection of colors, I found one I liked, Fire engine red. It would match my favorite lipstick.
I handed her the bottle, told her I wanted a full set of acrylics. I figured go big right? She got started with cleaning and shaping my nails and glued on the extensions.
She commented that I wasn’t the first guy she had in here for nails and that I should not worry. This set me a bit more at ease, at least until she finished with my nails and moved me over to the pedicure chair.
As soon as I sat down I remembered, I put on stockings this morning. I started to blush badly when I kicked off my shoes.
The nail tech said “oh my, what do we have here?” I meekly replied “stockings.” She then said “honey if you want a pedicure, those are going to have to come off.”
I asked if they had a restroom that I could step into and remove them. She told me I could use the office. She showed me to the office in the back of the store. I walked in, she followed right behind me closing the door behind us. I turned to look at her wondering why she followed me in.
She then told me that she has a good friend that is a crossdresser and the thought of a guy dressing like a girl had always turned her on. She then told me to strip. She wanted to see what I had on.
I reached to unbutton my pants, but struggled with my new nails. She chuckled and said “here let me help” and proceeded to unbutton my paints and unzip my zipper. I pulled my pants down, exposing my panties and stockings.
“Oooh maybe we should have gone with pink instead” She said after seeing my panties. I just blushed more.
“Don’t be shy honey; let’s see what else you have.”
With that she pulled down my panties only to find my chastity encased cock.
“What the hell is that?” She exclaimed.
To which I replied that it was a “chastity device that keeps me from getting an erection.”
This made her laugh. “Too bad, I had use for that. Guess you will have to use your mouth instead.”
She proceeded to hop up on the desk, pulled her pants and panties down at the same time. “Well, it’s not going to eat itself out now is it?”
I sank to my knees and dove in. Lucky for me she was sexy for a shorter girl, so I could focus on that as I worked my tong around her sweet spot. I had the thought to use one of my new nails and trace it over her nub. This seemed to be a hit as she grabbed my head and pulled it tight. At this point my cock was throbbing. It wanted to get hard so bad, but the cage kept it at bay. I must have been doing something right because a short bit later she cried out and I tasted the flow of her cum.
She pushed me back, completed me on my work and reminded me to remove my stockings. She laughed again at me when I was fumbling with the hater snaps with my new nails. She said since I did such a good job for her she’d help me out. So she undid the hooks and helped me to roll the stockings off. We went back out into the salon where business had picked up and the room had several customers now in it. She motioned me to one of the chairs and made sure to say loud enough that most could hear it.
“Now that those stockings off, we can get your toes to match your hands.”
All eyes turned and looked at me and I’m sure I turned the same color as the nail polish. After the shaping and clipping my toes were made to match my nails and after some drying time I was off.
With no time to spare I got home. I knew Frank said I should wear something sexy and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I thought since I had newly painted red nails I would dress to match. First a shower and a shave to touch up any areas that needed it. After the shower I applied some lavender scented lotion across my body.
I decided that cleaning the outside wasn’t going to be enough, so I filled up the enema bag with some warm water and put the hose end in my ass. I got down on all fours after hanging the bag up on the shower rod to help with the water flow. After the bag emptied I was able to hold it in for a few minutes then hopped on the toilet and allowed it to release. One more go around and I was clean on the inside now as well.
Time to get dressed, I first started with a pair of new sheer red scalloped lace top stockings. The feel of them as I rolled them up my legs was electric. My caged cock ached and even dripped a bit. Next I hooked a red matching garter belt around my waist. Now that I was starting to feel more comfortable with the nails the garter attaching wasn’t as hard. On top I slipped on a red lace teddy. I loved the way it felt and once I attached my breast forms I loved the way it hung on my body.
Standing at the bathroom mirror I see my makeup still sitting out from the previous day activities. Starting with the foundation, I put a smooth layer on with darker areas to cover any stubble that left a shade. I continued by using blush across my cheekbones to give them some contour.
I put on my fake eyelashes coating them liberally with extends mascara. With my eye pencil I make an attempt to draw in some popular cat eyes and top my eyes off with some smoky eye, eyeshadow.
I use a dark lip liner pencil to trace an outline on my lips then put a bright red coat of my fire engine red lipstick across my lips. A quick blot, then a coat of lip gloss to give it some shine.
Finally I take my shoulder length wavy brunette wig off the foam head that it was resting on. I give it a quick brush out then attach it to my head. I look at myself in the mirror and can’t believe how sexy I look. I look just like a girl.
My cock is utterly aching in the harness. I reach down to it and try to rub on it with no luck. It remains flaccid due to the tight grip the harness has on it. Dejected, I slide a satin part of high cut panties on. No need to wear a gaff any more since I can’t get hard.
I slip into a shiny pair red patent leather 4 inch heels complete with an ankle strap. There was no denying it, I looked hot. Hopefully Frank will think so and leave me alone. I spray some of my favorite rose oil perfume on putting a dab between my breasts and down by my ass. I added a black stain robe to the effect loosely tied so you can still see the red lace from under.
That’s when the doorbell rang. Nervously I walked over to the door. Pausing briefly to fluff my hair in the mirror next to the door, I peeked out the window and saw it was Frank on the doorstep. I opened up the door, standing behind it as I let him in.
Frank marched right in and said “let’s see what you look like slut.”
I moved from around the door as I shut it. Frank stopped dead in his tracks.
“Damn, turn around and let me see you.”
I slowly walked towards him, stopping and turning around, tossing my hair a bit, and walking back.
“Do I look ok?” I softly asked
Frank responded by pulling me close. Even in my heels he towered over me. I could see the look in his eyes and feel his hands on my ass. He squeezed my ass tight causing me to gasp slightly. Then he kissed me deeply. I had never kissed a man before, the sensation was different.
I was not in charge and not leading the action. I naturally parted my lips slightly and his tong darted in and around my mouth. For some reason I let out a moan. His hands continued to work my ass, firmly rubbing my ass cheeks under the material if both the robe and teddy. I was putty in his hands and he knew it.
He released me from the embrace and then pulled me into the living room. As I followed him in I let my robe fall to the floor and we walked in. He definitely like what I had on under my robe, the massive tent growing in front of his pants was a dead giveaway.
Frank turned and faces me, slowly pushing me to my knees. I was right at eye level with his waist. I looked up at him, knowing what he wanted.
He said “come on now sissy, don’t make me say it. We both know you want it.”
In all reality, I did. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. It felt strange doing it from this angle. After the zipper was down his pants fell to the floor. His cock looked intimidating and it was still wrapped up in his shorts.
“Well sissy? Get to it already” Frank said.
I gulped and pulled his undershorts down. His cock sprang out and up. It must have been at least 8 inches long and was very thick.
I reached out to it warping my hand around its girth. Having never touched another cock besides my own I was amazed at how small and dainty my hand looked wrapped around his cock. I began to stroke it slowly, looking at my red fingertips around it. I took my other hand and with the fingertip I ran an outline down the shaft to his sack. His moaning told me that he was enjoying it.
I leaned forward thinking that it was now or never. Opening my mouth, I reached out for his hard member with my tong. Slowly I traced the head with my tong then ran it down on side and up the other then darting it in the little hole on its head. Finally I opened my mouth and took the shaft in. It was a strange sensation, but I couldn’t stop. I moved my head forward and back, trying to get as much of it in me as I could, sliding my hand up and down the shaft at the same time.
I opened my eyes and looked up at him. This seemed to have an impact on him. He grabbed my head on both side and started fucking my mouth. As he drove his cock into my mouth I gaged a few times.
This didn’t sway him from holding my head tight into him. The feeling of his pubes on my face and his balls smacking my chin was driving me crazy. My cock was throbbing.
Cum was definitely leaking. The pain the chastity device was causing didn’t stop me from getting into my task. Soon I felt him tense up and grown loudly.
That’s when a stream of cum started shooting from his cock into my mouth. I instinctively started swallowing as much as I could. Some started dribbling out of my mouth and down my face.
I had officially become a cock sucker and loved it. I milked his cock for all it gave me. After he had finished, his cock went soft and I let it slide from my mouth.
He took out his phone and stared taking pictures of me covered with cum. At this point I didn’t care. I wanted one thing and I wasn’t going to stop until I got it.
I started to stoke his cock again and softly moaned “I need your cock Sir.” He must have liked what he was hearing as his cock got hard again.
He looked down at me and picked up off the floor. He then walked me over to the couch and slowly pushed me down, face first over it. Frank then pulled down my panties, exposing my ass to him. He took the bottle of lube that was sitting on the end table, squirting some onto my ass. I felt the cool liquid running down it then I felt the pressure of one of his fingers. Then he added a second one, slowly moving them in and out. I loved it. He added a third finger, stretching my hole as he drove them in and out.
“What a sissy indeed” Frank said.
I nodded and said “yes Sir, please don’t stop.”
He responded by removing his fingers and said “here we go little girl, time for the real fun.”
With that said I felt something big start to push into me. The pain was unbelievable as the mushroom head of his swollen eight inch cock pushed through my tight hole. Sensing my discomfort he let it sit where it was for a moment.
Frank repeated to me the same thing that Sally had previously, “relax little girl. Push out and let it go in.”
I did as I was told and his cock started to push further into me. I groaned as he finally had the whole length in me. Slowly he pulled back and then pushed forward. After a few pumps the pain was gone and a new pleasure feeling growing inside and I wanted more. Soon with every thrust he made, I met it by pushing back.
I was moaning loud now as his tool was driving home into me deep, his balls slapping up on my ass. WHACK, Frank started to smack my ass as he fucked me hard.
“You like that sissy?” He asked in between pounds.
“Yes Sir, fuck me harder Sir!”
Frank pulled out of my ass and sat on the couch. I waited no time and climbed up on his cock, impaling myself on it. I raised and lowered my body onto his cock. Frank moved faster and harder now, pounding into me.
Then, it hit me. A wave of pleasure starting at my feet, it built up and shit through me like a rocket. Cum started flowing out of my caged cock and at that moment I felt Frank explode in my ass, filling me with his cum. I cried out in pleasure as I spewed the biggest load of cum that I’ve ever had, poured out of my cock. I collapsed on the floor next to the couch.
Frank stood up and said “Damn girl. That was the best piece of ass I’ve had in a long time. Now a few things are going to happen. First, from now on you’re going to give me a blow job every time you see me. Then you’re going to start dressing better. No more boxes and briefs for you. From now on your going to wear panties and a bra everywhere you go. I want you to keep shaved; I like my girls smooth and soft.”
“Yes Sir.” I meekly replied and with that Frank left.
My life had changed, I had crossed a line and I wasn’t sure where it was going, but I know I needed it.

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