A Desperate Woman and Male Dog

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I waved my parents off as my their big silver SUV pulled out of the driveway and made my way back into the house. My mother had asked if I would come and house sit for them while they went on their 7 day cruise to the Bahamas. They normally would just leave a light on or two and lock up but they had recently found a stray Rocky(D) and taken it in. They had ran an add in the local paper but no one had called as of yet. They didn’t want to take the Rocky(D) to the pound or get a Rocky(D) sitter. They were not to keen about having someone they didn’t know in their house.

So they had called and asked if I would mind driving down and house sitting and watching the Rocky(D). They wanted someone here to answer the phone in case the owners saw the add in the paper and was looking for their Rocky(D). I worked from home as a fashion design consultant so it was not like I could use work as an excuse not to do it. Not that I would have really told my parents no anyway. I had begged for a Rocky(D) as a child but they always had some excuse not to get me one. I move out on my own and they end up with a Rocky(D).

The thought that they wouldn’t let me get a Rocky(D) but ended up taking in a stray after i moved still iterated me a bit. He was a beautiful Rocky(D) though. He was a huge solid black Shepperd who my parents just called Beast. He had the most beautiful golden eyes you have ever seen. He looked more like a huge wolf than a Sheppard. He was the most beautiful Rocky(D) I had ever seen. He was humongous! He had to weigh at least 120lbs. Which was just as much as me.

I went up stairs and slipped on my little zebra stripped bikini and went out to sun by my parents large pool. Beast was running and jumping in the pool after his ball that must have gotten away from him. I pooled my long brown hair into a sloppy bun. I went over to one of the comfy lawn chairs and settled in to get some much needed sun on my body. I covered myself in the the sweet smelling tanning oil and popped ear buds onto my eats and turned on my MP3 player and let Alex Clair’s sexy voice blair into my ears as laid back to soak up the rays. I must have dozed off because I was having the most delicious erotic dream I had ever had. I was being licked slowly by my old collage roommate.

A beautiful redhead named karra. Karra was my first girl crush. She was an inch taller than me about 5 8″ with skin so milky and smooth it made her look like a porcelain doll. She had large green eyes the color of emeralds. She was stunning. The dream was so real It was like I could feel her tongue sliding over my supple body and making her way to the valley between between my legs.

I moaned lifting my body and spreading my legs wider to give her an easy entrance into my sweet folds. I whispered softly to her “I have wanted you for so long, I just never knew how to tell you ” Her mouth made its way to my pussy and the slow strokes of her tongue circled my clit as she slid two fingers inside of me. I could feel her hair tickling the inside of my leg….I woke in a start “Bad Dog NO!!!” i screamed slamming my legs closed and sitting up fast. My face had to have been 10 shades of red. More from embarrassment than being mad at the Rocky(D). I had been so caught up in the dream thinking it was Karra that was licking me. My pussy ached with need. At some point the Rocky(D) must have smelled my arousal and thought he would help me out. I chewed my lip wondering how long it had been him licking me and not my dream girl Karra.

I glanced around to make sure no one had seen, but my parents had a very tall privacy fence put in when they had the pool built. Assuring myself that no one could have seen. I grabbed up my stuff and went inside. Beast seemed unfazed by my scolding because he just padded right after me fallowing me inside. every so often he would stick his cold nose in the rear of my swim suit and when I spun around to give him another scolding he would crouch his front half down on the ground with his butt and tail wagging in the air barking playfully. I couldn’t help but to giggle at his antics. “You really are a Beast” I halfheartedly chastised him.

After a nice hot shower I slipped into my powder blue Cotton baby-doll night gown and went down to watch a movie. I went to the kitchen and popped some popcorn and opened bottle of Merlot. “Gotta love my parents mass wine collection” I muttered to myself. Beast came bounding in through the Rocky(D)gie door and ran up to me. “Wanna share some popcorn and watch a movie boy?” I took the fact his whole body was wagging as a yes and we made our way to the den. After splitting the bowl of popcorn with Beast and watching 300, I still was not tired and I was even more freaking horny.

The hot muscle men in leather outfits seemed to only add to the ache I felt in my panties. Nothing good was on. I poured myself another glass of wine As i flipped through the higher channels. My head felt soft an woozy from the 4 other glasses I had before it and i felt hot and flushed even in the loose small cotton nighty. Then I came across the porn channels.

They were no longer a blocked as they were when I had lived at home.” Hmmm you guys just made all kinds of changes now that I don’t live here” I muttered bitterly under my breath. I got up and grabbed another bottle of wine and opened it. Pouring myself another glass I went back over to the sofa to get settled and watch some porn. Beast was still snoozing away on the floor. I almost hated to wake him up. He looked so peaceful stretched out on his side dozing, but I need some relief before I could even think about sleeping. I called Beast. He raised his large black head and looked over at me. I opened the backdoor and called him again. He got up with a huff apparently not happy to be woken up and lumbered slowly to the door. I shut the door behind him ..wouldn’t want what happened by the pool to spoil my fun again. I mused

I lay there sipping my wine and watching a delicious scene of a beautiful full busted blond take a pounding from a tall very muscular man with black hair pulled into a ponytail. He had one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. Each thrust he pounded into her made her large breast bounce back and forth..it made my womb clutch every time he pounded into her. I lightly ran my fingertips down my long neck and brush over my collarbone. It sent little tingles threw me and I felt myself moisten. I traced slow circles over my now hard nipples. I loved my breast. they were full and firm not too big and not too small, a nice perky C cup. I pinched them softly and then a little harder and let out a small moan.

I took another big gulp of my wine and set it down, still pinching and tugging at my nipples though my nighty. I slid my other hand down my flat firm belly to my panties. I softly rubbed over the top of my white cotton boy short panties. They were already becoming damp. I rocked my hips as my rubbing became harder tugging even harder at my nipple. I stopped only long enough to dispose off my nighty and dampened panties. I slid my fingers through my soft folds loving the feel of how hot and wet my pussy had become. I threw my head backwards my slender body arching and my toes digging into the hardwood floor. I spared my legs farther to slip my finger into my soaking box.
That’s when I felt the swipe of his tongue. I jumped again. Damnit Beast!!! He just stood there staring at me licking his chops. I had forgot all about sliding the cover over the Rocky(D)gie door so he couldn’t get back in. I went to pick my panties and nighty off the ground cursing under my breath. Then hared a deep rumbling growl. I froze and looked up as Beast walked itches from my face. I went to push him away and he let out another low rumble of warning. I started to panic, and then before I knew it he tried to stick his snout between my legs again.

Every time I tried to push him away from me he would let out another deep growl as if daring me to move. I was in a compete panic now. How was I going to get away from him. I started to think… maybe if I just gave him what he wanted he would leave me alone. Slowly I opened my legs a little wider giving him access to what he seem to be so adamant about getting too. He gave me a look of approval and put his head back down between my legs. He sniffed at me blowing his hot breath on my most sensitive parts. When he started to lick me his licks came long and slow on the inside of my thigh. His big broad tongue slid from my thighs and ran across my labia. He was licking in every direction. I gasped as a fiery streak shot though me. His licks turned methodical running from my anus to my clit shooting wave after wave of tingles through my body.

I hated myself for being this turned on by a Rocky(D) but I couldn’t help myself. I spread my legs even farther open for him..moaning and grasping at the back of the couch behind my head. my body automatically arched to meet his every lap of my hot little box. I screamed as the orgasm ripped trough my body. My head thrashed from side to side my long brown hair whipping across my face as his tongue plunged farther into me as if to get every drop of cum from my core. He snaked his long tongue in and out to me at a chaotic pace.

It was like he couldn’t get enough of my taste and my traitorous body seemed only more than willing to surrender to him. Before I knew it another orgasm ripped through my body stronger than the last. My lower body thrusting at him humping at his muzzle like a bitch Rocky(D) in heat. “Oh God yes!” I screamed ” Eat me Beast, milk every fucking drop out of me!!!” His tongue lashing became more frenzied as if he understood what i begged of him.

Then he stopped and backed up a few paces and let out a loud bark. My hair clung to my face drenched in sweat.I panted hard trying to make sense of all the feelings I was having. I looked him in his beautiful gold eyes and he let out another loud bark fallowed by a deep growl. I knew just what he was commanding of me now. He wanted all of me and he was not going to be happy until he got to mate with his bitch. I couldn’t help but to obey him. I grabbed the sofa cushions off and put them down on the hard floors making a little bed of sorts. I stood there on our new little bed I made. Standing there I surveyed my Handy work . Beast walked onto them too me and gave my pussy another few licks before barking his orders again.

I didn’t have to be told a third time, I went down on all fours. Beast walked behind me and I felt his tongue snake in and out of my hole starting slow and then picking up the pace. At this angel it felt so different. Its like his tongue could plunge so much deeper than before. Just before i could reach another climax I felt him jump onto my back. I lost my stance and crumbled under his massive weight.

Animal Sex Stories-Emily’s First Experience, How Emily got sexually curious in Rocky(D)s.
I shifted over a little so I could use the sofa to brace myself and hold his weight with more ease. As soon as my front half had laid on the sofa he mounted again, this time the sofa was there to keep me steady and I felt him begin to pump. I felt his sticky rod jab at my firm ass cheeks,he moved around a bit still trying to find the hot wet box that came for him so many times. His cock slid along my lips rubbing back and forth along them. As his sticky cock slipped between my lips it rubbed my clit. It was not even in yet and I braced myself as yet another orgasm built. A few more thrusts and he found my already soaked hole. He slammed his massive rod into me thrusting hard and slow. I was in pure exercise as I pushed back to meet his strokes.

I felt him pick up his pace pumping harder. “Yes! God Yes! Fuck me hard Beast!!” I begged. It felt like his cock was expanding and growing even larger than his already daunting size. I screamed as the orgasms ripped through me yet again ” Pound me hard! Make me your fucking Bitch! I want to please you! Please make me your dirty little Rocky(D)gie whore!” I could feel his nails rake deep into my skin.
I welcomed the sweet pain.His big sticky cock slammed over and over into my all to eager pussy. My cum mixed with hit pre cum dripped out of me and down my legs as lifted my ass a little high so he could plunge deep into me. Just as another orgasm was about to rip loose I felt a big bulbous like rock pounding hard at the tight opening of my pussy that was already stretched wide to accommodate his huge cock.

Before I even had a sec to think he slammed it into me and I screamed out half in pain and half in utter ecstasy. I felt his nails dig in even deeper . Yes Beast! Mark me!! Mark me as your Bitch!” I yelled.” Fuck me hard! I want your seed inside me!” He thrusted harder but unable to pullout as the bulbous knot locked us in place. I felt it pushing hard on my G-spot and gasped as I felt hot jets of cum shooting in me. It was like molten fire and another scream of pleasure ripped though me as my body quaked with the most massive orgasm I had ever had in my life shattered the world as I knew it. We stayed locked together for what seemed like hours before his cock deflated enough to be pulled from my now severely abused pussy.

I collapsed onto the pillows rolling onto my back. All I could do was lay there and feel his hot cum drip from me. I gave a small shiver as I felt it drip from my hole to my anus. He came over and lovingly started to clean me which sent me into yet another orgasm before he came to lay beside me and clean himself. Afterwords we lay there, still on the cushions. My naked body wrapped around his furry one and we drifted off to sleep. My last thought was…this is going to be one Hell of a week!

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