A girl loses her virginity to the family Rocky(D) and then becomes hooked on canine sex

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This story is an adult fantasy, not real.
My name is Tracy and I am 37 years old. I would like to
tell you a story about what happened to me in my
younger years that changed the course of my life
substantially. You may not believe it, but that’s up to
When I was 19, my family and I lived just outside
Richmond, Virginia, on a small, 40 acre farm. My dad
was an engineer for a local construction firm and my
mom was a secretary for a plumbing supply company. They
usually were away during the day except for those
occasional days off. My older brother was oftn home
early in the day, but he usually left during the summer
days to hang out with his friends. Frequently, I found
myself all alone with little to do but watch TV.
The day had begun like any other day during the summer
vacation from school. Mom and dad were gone and I was
all alone. It was ten in the morning and I
already realized it was going to be a miserable summer.
It was only early June and the heat was unbearable. I
showered and put on a halter top and thin,
loose shorts. Being cool was the first thought of my
mind that day.
I had grown substantially since the prior year and had
evolved into a pretty young lady. I had suffered the
curse of my monthly period starting about seven months
prior and could feel the time approaching for this
month’s period. I hated it, but it did make my budding
breasts tender and sensitive.
As my nipples rubbed the cloth of the top I was
wearing, they stiffened. They topped off the crown of
my 34B breasts nicely, although they were not big
nipples like my mother had. I hoped to have her DD size
breasts, but my slender build seem to say that would
never happen.
As I moved around the house that morning, the arousal
caused by the constant rubbing was beginning to have
its impact on me. While I had received some explanation
of sex in our school health class, and of course my
mother had told me about “the day” I would understand
it all, I was still quiet unsure of what it really was
all about.
All I knew was that there was a stirring in my lower
belly that felt strange — strange good that is.
Sometimes in bed, I would lay there and rub my breasts.
I remember the time when my breasts had just started to
develop I would feel the tenderness of my nipples as
they swelled. And how the color of the area around the
nipple stretched as the mounds of milk producing flesh
grew. I hated my training bra and could not wait to
have “real” breasts.
Well, now I had them. Proud and firm, with small, but
sensitive nipples to tip them. Why even some of the
boys at school remarked on them pointing out at times.
That made me feel good to know that I was an object of
their notice. My brother had said several times that my
“boobs were looking good.” Dad also remarked to mom
one day that “his little girl was growing up.” Mom
agreed and that conversation ended abruptly as I got
closer to the conversation.
The thought of watching TV again was not one I enjoyed.
The shows were stupid and who cared about daytime game
shows. So I decided to go for a walk around the
property and enjoy the little coolness still available
from the morning.
I stepped out onto the porch and felt a slight breeze
that dried the light sweat on my forehead. Our home was
at the end of about a half mile long dirt road which
ended near the small barn we used to store things. It
also housed hay for our pet llama. Aside from our ten
acres, which was mostly fields, we were surrounded by
woods on three sides and a large cornfield to the last
side. Our closest neighbor was about one mile away. Dad
purchased the property, as I later learned, to have
some privacy.
Well we did. Seldom if ever did we have visitors or
salesmen come to the house. As I looked out over the
field and walked, I was joined by our Rocky(D) Gus. Why dad
named him that I’ll never know, but he was a good Rocky(D).
A cross between a black and tan hound and one of the
neighbor’s German shepherds. I loked down at Gus and
said “its gonna be hot with all that fur Gus.” His eyes
seemed to understand and he just moved along with me as
I walked.
Near the edge of our property was a small grove of
trees through which a stream ran. The coolness of the
water often served to soothe hot feet and often we
would sit on the banks and let the cool water run over
our bare feet. Today was another of those days. I
slipped off my sandals and put my feet into the water.
The chill made my nipples stiffen to almost a painfully
taunt state. I soon began to appreciate the beauty of
the area as I lay back on the moss covered, slightly
sloping bank.
Peering up through the trees I could see rays of
sunlight beaming down, lighting the foliage around me
and warming my skin when it struck me. It was a stark
contrast to the coolness of the water running over my
feet. As I lay there, I closed my eyes and relaxed.
Suddenly, I remember hearing a wheezing noise and was
startled to see Gus standing near me. I had forgotten
he was there. “Gus, leave me alone” I said. Gus just
groaned as he moved about two feet and flopped to the
ground. He too was tired of nothing to do I guess.
A small fly landed on my face and as I swatted it away,
my hand brushed over my right breast. The sensations
combined with the ones in my premenstrual crotch region
and elicited a slight groan from my lips. I liked the
feeling and continued to stroke my breasts, moving my
other hand up so each could pinch my nipples and
massage the firm handful of flesh beneath it.
It was not long before my crotch was wet and a very
stirring feeling was in my stomach. It was not an itch,
but an uncomfortable sensation that I simply could not
get past. One of my hands drifted down to my crotch and
I could feel the wetness on my underwear beneath the
shorts. My fingers traveled into my panty waistband and
then into that split between the lower lips.
As they brushed through the light hair and beneath it,
I shuddered with sensation. My finger lingered in the
spot where I was most sensitive. Around the tiny hard
knob it went slowly, coated with my own moisture. This
sucked my clothes had to come off.
I raised up enough to remove my shorts and panties,
carefully laying the shorts out so I could lay on them.
I was now naked from the waist down and in the privacy
of the wooded area, was beginning to become highly
arouses. Gus was looking at me panting from where he
lay. Lay back again, this time spreading my legs to
provide open access to my inner body.
I had never had sex. My virginity was well intact, but
I knew enough to know that sex was the schools saw to
that. Not that we girls did not talk about it too. My
hand began to lightly stroke my pleasure center. Soon
my eyes were closed and as my fingers did the work
physically, my mind was wandering to the day I would
have some hot guy make love to me and open me
The time passed without recognition and as I enjoyed my
activity, I realized Gus had moved near my left side
and was sniffing the area just above my hand. I reacted
swiftly when his tongue slid out and licked my inner
thigh. It was chilling. “GUS” I shouted. He just stared
at me, not understanding what he had done. Am not sure
I did either.
As I continued Gus took another swipe with his tongue,
this time licking directly into my very center. I
nearly exploded. The feeling was so great I was
paralyzed. I lay there as his tongue licked all of the
moisture from me and hit nerves that made me shudder.
I finally had what was my first orgasm and lay on the
bank shuddering as wave after wave of emotion drained
from my head out onto Gus’ tongue. Soon I was
exhausted. I pushed Gus away and rolled onto my side. I
remained there for ten minutes, too weak to move from
that one spot. If this had been so good, what would it
be like to have a man inside filling me. The feelings
in my stomach still were there and I could feel an
emptiness inside me. Little did I know Gus would solve
that dilemma.
I decided to go to the house and therefore had to get
dressed. The little grove of trees was private enough,
but walking home half naked was not going to happen. I
rolled to my belly and onto my knees. At that point Gus
must have recognized the opportunity and seized the
Before I knew what was going on, Gus was mounted on my
back, his front legs wrapped tightly around my small
waist. His hips were thrusting, but he was not making
contact. I tried to get him off and screamed “Gus, get
off of me now!” That effectively did nothing. Suddenly,
Gus was close enough. His one hundred pound plus size
had allowed him to pull me to him.
I felt something stabbing at my ass and realized what
was happening. “Oh MY GOD,” he’s going to enter me I
realized. As I tried to get free, Gus seemed to only
tighten his hold.
Suddenly, I felt a stab of pain. Then his hard pointed
cock penetrated me, rupturing my virginity and entering
my body. The pain subsided rapidly and the feeling of
pleasure began to overtake my body. My breasts and
nipples ached. I wanted to massage them, but could not
get a hand up to do so.
continued to thrust his cock into me and eventually he
was as deep as he could get. His thrusting subsided and
I though he was finished. Was I ever wrong! As I pulled
forward, I could feel something holding us together. I
now know he was hung in me, but I did not at the time.
I began to cry as I believed he had injured me.
There were slight blood trails on my inner thigh and
now I was unable to get him out of me. For what seemed
like an hour he was there standing with me under him. I
remember feeling him pulse and how full I felt. Without
warning, he suddenly fell out of me. Along with him
came a lot of fluid. I collapsed on the ground
After a short while, I used the water in the stream to
wash my inner thighs. After dressing, I made my way
back to the house where my brother said “you look like
you have been in a fight.” I said nothing, and hoped he
had not seen more of Gus’ cum running down my inner
thigh. I showered and changed again. I needed to feel
For about a year, I was not interested in sex after
that. Then boys came into my life. Unfortunately, Gus
had already gotten what they wanted. But they seemed
happy to shove their cocks into me anyway. I must have
gotten fucked 100 times in my senior high year. I
craved sex from everyone who wanted to sleep with me.
At the age of twenty five, I wondered how it would be
to let a Rocky(D) again mount me, knowing a lot more than
when it had first happened. My opportunity came when a
neighbor in my apartment complex asked if I could take
care of her Rocky(D) for a day while she attended a family
I agreed and was amazed when I discovered a very large
and loveable Saint Bernard. And better yet, an un-
neutered male. As I went to feed and walk him that
evening, I wore a heavy top and a pair of easy to
remove shorts. After eating, I took my new lover for a
walk and then back to his apartment home. I locked the
door and removed my shorts. I purposely wore no
panties. I positioned myself on the sofa so that Will
could sniff my cunt. He tentatively began but soon had
the idea and was lapping my hole like no man ever did.
I was glad I had made the decision to do this. I was
ready for it. Will continued until he was ready to fuck
something. He was fucking air and trying to mount. I
slid my buttocks to the edge of the sofa giving him
access. Will was now directly above me and his massive
cock was an inch from my opening. Still humping air, I
reached down and guided the tip of his cock into my
slit. That was all it took. Off like a jackhammer, Will
began humping like mad.
I eased further toward him, giving him more access to
me. As his cock swelled and went deeper, I was going
nuts. Then I felt it. His knot had begun to grow and
was trying to enter me. I relaxed and his hard piston
like humping suddenly forced that plumb size knot past
my pussy lips and right into me. I almost passed out
with pleasure. I have never been fuller. My cunt was
completely stretched to fit his cock and now he grew
even larger.
I fully believe his knot was the size of an orange when
he stopped humping. Being so completely filled, I could
feel each spasm in his cock and each jet of cum shot
from him. For fifteen minutes he pumped cum into me and
I begged him not to stop. We remained locked for about
20 minutes before he could withdraw. A gush of about a
cup of cum and other fluid rushed from my cunt when he
did. I lay limp like a rag from the experience.
Once I regained my strength, I cleaned up and dried the
floor of fluids. I patted Will on the head and went
home to crash. The next day Cindy, Will’s owner, came
over to thank me. I told her “no thanks necessary. Will
is such a good Rocky(D).”
She looked at me strangely like she might have
understood just how good. I got the opportunity to play
with Will several more times, each more intense than
the prior one. Then he and Cindy moved away. But it
doesn’t matter. I still live here with my two Rocky(D)s, a
Great Dane and a Mastiff. All the men I fuck comment on
how big the Rocky(D)s are. I can only agree…

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