A high-class women gets degraded and loves the sex she encounters and soon becomes perverted

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John was sitting at the bar having a beer minding his
own business and enjoying his time off. On the opposite
end of the bar there was some laughter and a woman
yelled, “OH DAMN!”
John looked to see what had happened. The girl had
spilled her drink on the bar. No big deal this happens
all the time in a shot and beer joint.
People had move away from the woman so the clean up
could be taken care of and she could wipe off her
dress. John watch and notice when the woman stood up
that she was very tall somewhere about 5-feet 8-inches
and maybe 140 plus pounds, very slim for her height.
She was not one of the regulars or even seemed to fit
into the neighborhood class of working people that
frequent the bar.
What he did notice was her clothing. She dressed
expensive her shoes, jewelry and the dress she was
wearing. Her dress was a satin type short dress just
above mid thigh. She didn’t have any nylons on only
strapped high heels.
Very Long brown hair with blond highlights that were
professionally done. As she wipe her dress she turn to
face John and the cleavage she showed was huge. She had
to be 36 FFF and also very beautiful. They made eye
contact for a moment. John smiled at her then turned to
finish his beer then he ordered another.
The laughter and talk continued at the end of bar with
the big-titted lady and her friends.
While John enjoying his beers and the listening to the
music on the jute box at the other end of the bar.
Later without any warning threw all the smoke and
liquor smell a strong sweet smell of perfume enter his
nostrils. As he turned toward the smell of the perfume
he heard her voice. “Have a drink with me sir?”
John looked up at the lady, she was the one from the
other end of the bar and now was standing next to him.
Her sweet smelling perfume and big tits aroused his
John was not a person that liked formalities, he just
spoke what was on his mine. He said. ” My name is John
I like beer and porn movies and sex.” What can I do for
you lady? Sit down and take a load off you feet.”
She sat down on the stool next to John. “My name is…
“Lying bitch!” John said. “You had to think before you
said your name.”
John spoke to the bartender. “I’ll have a beer with big
tits because she asked me to but, that’s all we do.”
Kelly now pissed off for what he said about being a
liar. “I am here because of a friend. We stop to have a
few drinks.” Kelly said. “Don’t talk to me like that
I’m one of your friends.”
Kelly was a top executive in her company and no one
ever talk to her like that.
Kelly pick up her purse removed herself from the bar
stool and angrily told John you have no respect for
people. She headed back towards her friends at the
other end of the bar.
“Hey Kelly, fuck you bitch,” John said in a loud voice.
Kelly went back to the end of the bar and began
drinking very heavy also, giving John the middle finger
trying to insult him. She kept drinking to the point
were she past out.
Kelly woke up and found herself naked and tied spread
eagle on a bed. She had know idea how she got there or
why. She yelled and tried to get loose. A few minutes
later the door swung open.
“Hi bitch,” the man said. She looked at him standing in
the doorway with a German Sheppard at his side. “They
call me Hammer and my pal here is Nail. He laughed. “Do
you get it,” he said. Hammer and Nail and laughed more.
Kelly could not imagine what was going to happen or
why. She asked, “What are you going to do to me?” As
she surveyed the surroundings thinking of some type of
escape and how she was going to get free. Hammer now
answered her question.
“Kelly honey, I’m going to fuck you while we wait for
my buddy Cal to get here. Then sweet lady Cal’s going
to fuck you then my Rocky(D) Nail will fuck you like the
bitch you are.”
Kelly was scared, she knew she would be raped by these
men and had to do something to get free.
Hammer cane to her and untied her. Kelly quickly jump
up and tried to run from him.
Hammer caught her arm and jerked her back and with a
huge slap across the face sent Kelly back on the bed.
“You fucking whore,” Hammer said. “You will be Johns’
bitch whore that’s for sure. After were done with you
honey you’ll be glad to be a bitch whore.”
Hammer now put a Rocky(D) collar around Kelly’s neck with a
leash attached and made her crawl naked on her hands
and knees. He lead her around crawling like a Rocky(D) and
into another room on her leash.
“Nail!” he called to his Rocky(D). “You want to fuck her?
Come on smell your bitches cunt.”
Kelly was scared, no this can’t be true. Hammer wants
the Rocky(D) to fuck me.
Her knees were sore from crawling and her big tits
hanging with no support were aching. As much as she
loved her big 36 triple f’s she wished the were small
ones now. She was still on her hands and knees. Nail
was now sniffing her cunt and licking at her hole.
“Lay on your back bitch and spread your cunt with your
fingers.” Kelly obeyed as Hammer striped out of his
clothes. ” Nice cunt hole you have honey.” Hammer said.
Hammer began to jack off. Kelly watched his cock become
hard and Kelly knew she was going to be fucked by
Part Two
Hammer threw her an old stained pillow to rest her head
on and was told to put her ass in the air. Kelly knew
and waited for Hammer to fuck her cunt from behind. She
knew now the abuse was to begin.
Hammer slammed his hard cock into her cunt from behind.
“Take this you whore, your a fucking slut,” said
Kelly hated his abuse. Yet she couldn’t remember the
last time a cock was in her, it had to be months maybe
even longer. She was to wrap up in her career wanting
the top jobs in her company and she had no time for
Hammer was fucking her hard and merciless from behind
while her tits swaying back and forth. She could see
Hammers’ Rocky(D) in the doorway sitting on his haunches.
His cock was half out of its sheath and watching her
getting fucked. Just when she felt Hammer was about to
cum. A hard knock on the door stop Hammer from cumming
in her.
Hammer left her on the floor to open the door and Cal
his friend entered. “Hey look what I brought for the
party.” Cal said. Opening a bag that contained beer.
The two men opened there beers began to drink.
Kelly could see the label on the beer it was the same
beer that John drank. She knew now that John was behind
all of this. Why? she asked herself. How long was this
to go on she wonder.
Kelly knew her escape was not going to happen not with
the two men watching over her. Hammer was strong and
heavy set man with faded tattoos of naked women on his
forearms. She also notice an old faded navy anchor on
his bicep.
Hammer now sitting on the chair facing her with his
legs apart his cock was still hard and wonder when he
was going to fuck her again.
Cal was taller and slimmer then Hammer but, also
Cal now stood up and looked a Kelly. “Get up cunt, I
want to see your body.” “Show me your tits and fuck
hole,” Cal said. Kelly obeyed Cal, She knew this man
was mean and she was not going to upset him. She stood
and spread her legs exposing her cunt to him.
Cal took the leash hanging from her collared neck and
pulled her to him. He looked deep in her eyes and spoke
firm and direct.
“You well be a bitch whore, your cunt, ass and mouth
every hole on your body will be fucked.” ” Just like
you fucked over all your people and use them treating
people like a piece of shit.”
Kelly knew the her ordeal was not to end for quit
sometime. she knew it was because off all the things
she told John about her career. How she used people,
hired and fired them, sometimes without cause just
because she could.
Relentless the men took turns forcing her to suck there
cocks and fucking her asshole and mouth over and over.
Her mouth was sore and so was her cunt . Her asshole
was stretched and gaping. Sore from being fuck by both
men and had no idea how many times a cock was in one of
her three holes. From her ass to her cunt to her mouth
over and over.
Kelly now laying on the floor her cunt was wet with
Part Three
Kelly was no longer mad or upset with John for treating
her like a bitch. She was a bitch and understood now
what she had done to hurt people. This was a pay back
for her because, of the power she had and abused.
Kelly realised she was jealous of the women that knew
John. He was always nice to them. What she couldn’t
understand is why women would let him have his way with
them always feeling there tits and taking feels of
there pussy while he would talk dirty to them at the
Where they all his whores, his fucking cunts as he
called them? John always talk dirty to them and smiled
about his hold on them. Yet these women always came to
him. He loan them money or would just buy them drinks
and they were always kind to John.
“Okay, Nail it’s your turn,” Hammer said. Hammer called
the Rocky(D) over to were Kelly was lying on the floor. “Now
you’re going to be Nails Bitch.”
“On your knees and suck his cock you whore.” Cal was
very forceful in his tone and his demand. “Yes, yes, I
will suck his cock Kelly answered”. There was nothing
she could do to stop the men. The thought of sucking a
Rocky(D)s cock gave her an empty sick feeling in her stomach
as she looked at the Rocky(D) laying on his side.
Cal had worked the Rocky(D)s cock out of its sheath and
ready it for Kelly’s waiting mouth.
His cock was red and thick, long and wet. She closed
her eyes and began to lick the tip. His cock was hot
now opening her mouth and slowly taken the Rocky(D) cock
deep in her mouth.
Kelly thought the sooner she gets this over with the
sooner she would be released from her captors. She
began to sucked the Rocky(D)s cock and found it felt just
like sucking a mans cock. She again remember it was a
long time since she gave a blow job or had a cock in
her mouth. Within minutes she had a rhythm going and
found herself enjoying this long thick beast’s cock in
her mouth and didn’t want to stop.
She was actually enjoying this Rocky(D) cock and began to
move her tongue around the hard shaft. She felt Hammer
entering her cunt from behind and filling her cunt with
his hard cock only this time she was enjoying the hard
thrusts of his cock in her cunt. She moaned with
delight and wanted him deep in her hot wet sore cunt.
Cal forced Kelly down hard on Nails cock as she suck
his massive dick. OH no his knotting my mouth she began
to choke and breathe heavy threw her nose just as nail
exploded his hot cum in her mouth. She gag as the hot
cum filled her mouth the Rocky(D) was fucking her mouth as
if it was her cunt all she could do was swallow the hot
load he gave her. Choking with the cock deep in her
throat she waited for him to release her mouth.
The Rocky(D)s’ cock knot softened and released her mouth and
remaining cum ran from her well fucked mouth.
Cal turned Kelly’s’ face towards his cock. Cal had been
jacking off while she was sucking Nails cock. Cal gave
Kelly another face full of hot cum. “Fucking slut whore
eat my cum,” Cal said.
Part Four
Kelly swallowed Cal’s cum and laid on the floor
exhausted from all her fucking and sucking and hoping
this was the end of her sexual encounters with her
three captors.
Cal and Hammer went back to drinking there beers while
Kelly tried to relax on the hard floor. Nail the horny
Rocky(D) was trying to lick her cunt even after he faced
fucked her he wanted more of her. She decided if this
Rocky(D) wants her cunt than she would give in. Kelly spread
legs so the Rocky(D) could have her cunt. Nail licked her
cunt and the cum from inside her hot hole that Hammer
left in her. Kelly didn’t care anymore and she began to
have a feeling of sexual freedom. She wanted more cock
and wanted to be fucked more.
Hammer and Cal finished the last of there beers. Hammer
spoke, “Kelly are you ready to Johns bitch whore?”
Kelly knew what she had to say. “Yes, yes,” Kelly said.
“I’m Johns’ bitch whore.”
“Great,” Cal said. “Now fuck nail you big-titted cunt.
Get on your knees and let Nail fuck you in the asshole
you cunt, fuck him like the bitch you are.”
Kelly went into the Rocky(D)gie position so Nail could mount
her. Nail didn’t waste any time he was on her back and
poking his bone hard cock at her cunt.
Kelly closed her eyes this time she wanted that cock.
“Come on Nail fuck me, give me your cock” Kelly said.
Nail enter Kelly and he took her like a bitch in heat.
Hammer was encouraging Nail to fuck her hard.
Cal was laughing at the site of her being raped by the
Rocky(D). Nail now in wild heat and passion knotted Kelly.
Kelly new what had happened as she felt the bulge of
the Rocky(D)s cock. She just let the Rocky(D) have his way with
her she loved the knot in her his hard cock she didn’t
care she was enjoying something she never felt before
an orgasm a hot body shaking orgasm. “Fuck me Nail,
Fuck me”. “Nail I love your cock.” Nail unload a his
hot wet cum in her waiting hot cunt.
Nail’s knot soon went down and she was released from
his cock. Nail moved away and Kelly laid on her back on
the floor her cunt, asshole and tits were sore from
being fucked.
“Hey Kelly would you like to take a shower?” Hammer
Hammer and Cal now stood over her and with out warning
both men started pissing on her. She tried to move and
Hammer grab her hair and forced her face to look up at
Cal while his hot beer piss splashed on Kelley’s body
and face. Cal ordered her to open her mouth. She did
and Cal’s’ hot beer piss hit her wide open mouth.
Forced to drink hot piss from the two men was more then
she could bare. She felt sick.
Cal roughly laid Kelly on her stomach. With his knee in
the middle of her back she felt a sting on her ass
cheek she felt dizzy and things were spinning she could
hear Cal calling her Johns whore, cunt and bitch. Kelly
felt a hot flash then passed out.
Kelly came too naked on her apartment floor smelling
from beer and piss she could smell her own body odor
her tits and body smelled from sex. Hard dry cum all
over her body and in her hair.
Part Five
She slowly went to the bathroom wondering how she got
in her apartment. She really didn’t care all she could
think of was that hot orgasm she had early.
Looking in the mirror at herself seeing she was a total
mess. Her long beautiful hair full of cum and knotted
with no makeup on her face and a body that was totally
abused by man and beast she looked at herself and she
began to laugh.
“Kelly you are a fucking cum slut whore she said to
herself.” She remember the hot body shaking orgasm she
had and loved the feeling. “I want more she whispered
to herself I want to fuck and suck cock.” She loved the
dirty words she heard from the men fuck, cunt, cock.
Yes cock, “I want cock more cock I’m a whore I want to
be fucked,” Kelly said to herself.
She looked around the bathroom and a nice silky dress
hung from the bathroom door and a pair of black
strapped heels sitting next to the tub with a note
attached saying wear nothing but, the two items. I do
hope we understand one another.
She knew it was from John and now she had to confirm
that he had won.
Kelly stood in the shower with the hot water falling on
her sex filled body loving the feeling. As the water
ran down to her crotch she began to feel aroused
something she hadn’t felt in a long time and as sore as
she was she loved her new feeling of sex. She finger
her cunt hole and smiled . “I love fucking.” she said.
Kelly did what was asked of her. She wore only the
dress and heels.
Her dress was a tight and showed her body and huge
cleavage and being thin silky material her nipples were
piercing the material as if they wanted out. With no
panties on under her dress she felt really sexy.
She left her room and quickly drove to the bar knowing
that John would be waiting for her.
Kelley’s empty feeling that she had for years was about
to be gone and John was the reason.
Kelly enter the bar and found John sitting at a high
bistro table having a beer. She walk towards him
smiling. John tuned to face Kelly with his legs spread
apart on the bar stool.
She walk in between his legs and pressed herself to
him. Johns’ right hand cupped her big left tit and
pinched her nipple while his right hand went under her
short silky dress. He felt her bald wet cunt and placed
one finger in her wet cunt. He leaned forward and
kissed her softly on the mouth only a small kiss. Then
asked a simple question.
“Kelly who are you?”
“I’m your whore bitch, your fucking cunt and Nails
whore bitch.”
“Good girl, you’re a honey,” John said.
That night in a small hall Kelly proved to John she was
his whore. Kelly performed live for a group of people.
She fucked all the men that were there or wanted to
taking one in her every hole. Asshole cunt and face.
Every cock would leave there hot cum in one of her
holes. Every time a load of hot cum hit her face she
smiled in approval enjoying her whorish ways.
The night for Kelly was a new experience and she love
all the sex she had and all the hot cum on her body all
the cocks that entered her waiting fuck holes. She
loved being a whore.
Most of all the face fucking she got from Nail. Yes,
Nail was there for her. The Rocky(D) cock she loved so much.
After she fucked and sucked Nails hot cock and took all
the cum he had she wanted more a totally true fuck
whore she was and loved the feeling of the orgasms she
Kelly ended the show with exposing her wide open cunt
of herself for the people and throwing kisses to her
guests that watched her perform.
The best reward for her. All of Johns’ whores came on
stage and gave her wide open cunt sweet kisses telling
her she was accepted as one of the girls.
These were ladies that were John’s whores and sluts
that fucked and sucked for pleasure. She loved them all
and told them so.
All the girls now on stage totally naked instructed
Kelly what they did at the end of the show. Standing in
line loudly saying to the mixed group of people. WE ARE
TONIGHT! The guests applauded giving approval to all
the women.
Kelly loved the next meeting with John at the bar. John
played with her tits and cunt in the corner of the bar
room out of site of customers and talk dirty to her
just like he did to all of his other women.
When John shoved a wad of money in her cleavage. She
knew her performance was good and couldn’t wait till
the next time she could perform. Kelly had found her
place with people she liked being around also, she
loved fucking and sucking and being a whore. “look over
on the other side of the bar,” John said.
Kelly turned and faced the other side of the bar. All
the girls were there and with raised glasses toasted
Kelly and then removed there panties and threw them at
“Thank You sweethearts,” Kelly said.
Credit : Burndock

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