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A hotwife humiliates hubby with a co-worker

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The following is a true account of one of many wife-sharing adventures that we have had over the years.
A short history: I have been sharing my wife for over ten years. Her chief playmate is a co-worker of mine. Since we cannot play at the home of either party, we get together every few weeks at our workplace after closing. I do not recommend this, but our hormones got the best of us and here we are.
The following is one of my favorite jerk-off memories. It seemed like a typical cuckold evening. Looking back I see just how humiliating it was and how humiliating it would seem to others outside of our kink.
My wife called me in the afternoon and said that if I wanted to stay for a beer after work, she would come pick me up. This translates into: “I’m horny and I want to play with your friend’s big cock while you watch.” I was agreeable and after she hung up I emailed my friend. He was definitely interested but had to step out at closing but would be back in the early evening.
After closing, I washed up, grabbed a beer and slipped a porno DVD into my laptop. I pulled out my length-challenged penis and stroked it with my thumb and forefinger. I was on my second beer when I heard the side door slam. I knew it was either my wife or my buddy. I zipped up just as my wife appeared.
She was looking good; hair, nails, make-up all dolled up. She had her “come fuck me” heels on and a rather frumpy plain brown dress. The reason for the dress is twofold. If someone other than my friend and I should be here, she just looks like a pretty housewife. The best reason is that the dress is heavy and hides that fact that she is not wearing underwear and it has one zipper from hem to collar. One zip and she is completely naked. My buddy loves this but it is also convenient if she needs to dress in a hurry.
I stood and gave her a kiss. She turned her head so I missed her lips and pecked her on the cheek.
“Don’t mess up my lipstick,” she said.
I hefted her heavy breasts in my hands and tried to cop a feel of pussy. She pulled back and wanted to know where her playmate, Ken, was. I told her he wouldn’t be back for an hour. She was disappointed but I told her I would take her mind off the long wait. I got on my knees and lifted the front of her dress and planted my face between her legs and tried to lick her shaved pussy. She lifted a leg so I could access her clit. It was an uncomfortable position so I removed her dress and lifted her onto the table in my office. I pulled up a stool, sat, and leaned in and began my assault on her moistening pussy. I unzipped and tried to stroke but soon had both hands busy holding her pussy lips apart while I tongued her clit. She was writhing in pleasure and grabbed me by the hair and held me tight. She is slow to cum but after a while she really began to moan and then she stifled a yell as an orgasm racked her body.
After she recovered, she hopped off the table and reached for her dress. After two beers, a porno and sucking on a pussy, I was rock hard and ready. I tried to bend her over the desk so I could sink my 5-incher into her depths. She pushed me away and told me that there was no way that I was sticking my dick into her and messing her up for Ken. I begged repeatedly and promised that I would not cum in her.
“No way, I know what you’re like,” was the answer, “you’ll have to wait.
She zipped her dress up and fixed her hair. I pointed out that I had just spent twenty minutes with my face buried between her legs, so maybe I could get some head? She again told me that she wasn’t messing up her lipstick. I begged and wagged my little tail at her. With a huff, she bent over, took my head in her mouth and gave it a suck; she then kissed it and tucked it back into my shorts. She had been holding the waistband out so she let it snap back so that it hit the underside of my penis head and pinned it to my ample stomach. With a grin, she patted my groin and told me that I was going to have to wait. All I could do was zip up and grab another beer.
Shortly thereafter Ken arrived. Now, the normal procedure for our playtime is as follows. The three of us have a couple of drinks and chat. The talk eventually turns raunchy with sexual innuendoes and we get hornier and hornier. I leave the room for a washroom break or to grab another beer and usually when I return, my wife is on her knees with Ken’s hardening cock in her mouth. They play in various positions on the floor, chair or desk and I keep watch just in case some other co-worker happens to come back for some reason.
This time, however, Ken walks in with a purpose, kisses my wife on the lips unzips her dress halfway and starts sucking her nipples. At first she was shocked but that soon turned to arousal and she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Ken pulled his head up and let a heavy breast slip from his mouth with a loud plop. It bounced sensuously back into position. He apologized and said that he did not have much time. My wife said no problem and pushed him into my chair. She fumbled with his belt and soon had his stiffening member in her mouth. He has a 7-inch, thick cock with a large head. Soon she was licking his balls and running her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. She would pop the head of his cock back into her mouth and grab him by the balls. He was in heaven. After a few minutes of this she stood up. Without taking her eyes off of him, she told me to take off her dress. I reached around and unzipped her and slipped the dress off leaving her stark naked before him. She bounced her large breasts with her hands and then turned and leaned over my desk. He jumped up and stroked his cock as he stepped toward her. I left my position as watchman and stood beside my wife facing him. I took her ass cheeks and separated them while he rubbed his erection up and down her slot. He lined his cock up with her hole and pushed into her with one thrust. She gets wet easily but since I had licked her to orgasm she was sopping. He rammed her for what seemed like an hour but was probably several minutes and then pulled out. She turned, dropped to her knees and sucked him into her mouth for a bit and then sat him down on my leather sofa. She climbed onto his cock while facing him and started to ride and buck. He took her tits in his big hands and sucked her nipples.
I am usually shy about pulling my small penis out in front of people but I was too horny to care by this point. I stepped back to my guard position and unzipped. There is nothing quite like using your hand to pleasure yourself while another man uses your wife. After she bounced around on his cock for a bit I heard a familiar groan. She threw her head back and screamed as she had a powerful orgasm. I felt a bit of a pang in my chest. I can always get her to cum with my tongue but I have NEVER made her cum with my dick.
She came down from her high and started to ride Ken with wild abandon. The sofa was banging against the wall as I heard a small moan come from Ken. I stepped around them so I could see his hard cock disappearing into my wife’s depths. I knew his cock was reaching places that mine never would. With a quiet grunt, he tensed, straightened his legs, and shot his load deep into her pussy. It was a big load and some ran out of her pussy, down his balls and dripped onto the sofa. I desperately wanted to lean in and clean up but Ken does not know about my addiction to creampies. Since we work together, I have always felt that licking their combined juices off his balls would probably change the relationship.
With great effort I pulled back and resumed my position by the door. My wife was still riding him slowly and she reached down between them and stuck her fingers in the sloppy mess. She pulled her gooey fingers out and they both looked at me while she licked them clean. I was still fingering my small hard-on and Ken just glanced at it and smiled. She stood up and his semi-erect cock slid from her. He was larger soft than I was hard. I had to be careful not to cum but I was so excited from what I had just seen, the smell of cum, and the knowledge that I was soon going to have my creampie. I tucked my penis away once again.
She looked down at Ken and asked how much time he had left.
He asked her why and she said, “Because I want to eat you.”
He moaned and his softening cock gave a spasm.
He looked over and me and said, “You better get me another beer, I need to replenish my fluids.”
I got us all a beer and we sat and relaxed for a bit. I sat on the stool fully dressed, my wife reclined on the end of the sofa, nude, and Ken, after catching me staring at his cock, stood, pulled up his boxers and sat at my desk.
My wife is not much of a drinker but she polished off her beer and then started to play with her nipples. Ken watched this for a bit and then rubbed his crotch. I could see a tent starting. My lady stood, grabbed my coat to use as kneepads, and knelt between his legs. She fished his cock out of his boxers and began to gently nurse it. I won’t go into great detail but suffice it to say that she gives one hell of a blowjob. Since he had already cum, she really had to work at it. Finally his knees jerked and came in her mouth. She savored his cum and swallowed. She then took his cock and rubbed it all over her lips and then leaned forward so that he could rub his cock dry on her nipples.
She stood, turned and gave me a kiss on the lips. I could taste his cum and I involuntarily licked my lips. I looked at him when I realized what I had just done. I could see the surprise in his eyes as he looked away and began to get dressed.
The two of them put themselves back together, we had one more beer, I thanked him for coming and he left.
I was almost beside myself with lust as I pushed her backward onto the table and lifted her dress. Enough time had elapsed that his cum had gone clear and her pussy just looked really wet. I spread her legs and began licking the outer part of her pussy and moved my way in. She was moaning and running her fingers through my hair. I ate for a while and then pulled back to admire her used pussy. A small seep of juice was leaking from the bottom of her now widened gash. I lovingly leaned in and licked it up. I resumed my fine dining until she pushed me away and suggested that we resume this at home. With reluctance, I helped her up and into her dress. She left in her car and I cleaned up the office. I put the bottles away, placed up the table and desk and put the stool and chair away. I looked at the sofa. There was a small puddle of Ken’s cum on the leather. I was so horny. I tried not to do it but I couldn’t help myself…lust overtook me. My brain said no but I got on my knees, leaned in and I licked it up.
I practically ran to my car and rushed home. My bride was on her stomach on the bed when I came in. I undressed and tried to roll her over but she wouldn’t budge until I gave her a full body massage. I finally got her onto her back and I drove my tongue back into her pussy.
“I think you got it all,” she said sarcastically.
I slowed a bit but I wanted, no I needed to lick her clean. She finally pushed me away and I worked my way up to her nipples. I sucked each one into my mouth and moaned as I remembered Ken rubbing his wet cock all over them. I moved on to her lips. The lips that she would not kiss me with earlier because I would ruin her lipstick. Lipstick that was now on my buddy’s cock in his boxer shorts. Lips that now had another man’s cum all over them. We kissed passionately. I moved between her legs and lined my penis up for entry. I slipped my penis into her warm, wet, pussy and began to move in and out. It was heaven. Thrusting into a used, cum coated pussy is like warm velvet.
Suddenly she once again pushed me away and jumped up. Still in her heels, she bent over the bed. I knew this game but I really needed to cum. Ken can bend her over and fuck her soundly but without my shoes, I can’t quite reach her pussy very well with my little penis. If she got rid of the heels and spread her legs, I do fine but when she stands straight, bends at the waist WITH her heels on, all I can do is thrust my penis head into her moist folds.
I stood on my toes and tried to thrust into her with all my might. I could just get half of my penis into her. She must have thought that was too much because she started pulling forward so I would slip out. I was so excited that when I thrust in and she pulled forward…I came. I came with my dick just waving in the air. It wasn’t in her pussy; it wasn’t even in my hand. It did not come out with much force – almost like a single flow rather than several strong spurts. I was close enough that it dribbled all over her pussy. She rolled onto the bed on her back and told me to clean up my mess. Normally I don’t like to eat my own cum but my orgasm had been ruined. I had cum but I was still hard and horny. I dove in and licked her pussy once again. Creamy white cum and there was a lot of it. After a bit she pushed me away and got up. She wanted a glass of cola and a cigarette. I told her that I still needed to cum. She told me that I had cum and that she was too sore and went down to the living room.
I stood there for a moment with my hard penis jutting out. I grabbed a thick towel, folded it and put it between the mattresses. I got on one knee on the floor, raised my other knee past the corner of the bed (height problem again) and shoved my penis into the towel. I pushed down on the top mattress and began thrusting. My, oh my, it felt good. I replayed the evening in my head as I fucked away. I could feel my orgasm building. It seemed to come from my toes. I got down to the short strokes and thrust as far as I could into the bed as I came and came. Breathless, I pulled my little penis out of the towel, wiped it off, climbed into bed and went to sleep.
Now, as I said, at the time this seemed like a normal play evening for us. However, the more I think back the more the humiliation factors stood out:
1) I asked another man to have sex with my wife.
2) I made it possible for the two of them to get together and I stood guard while they played.
3) I prepared her pussy for his cock and increased her lust for him by licking her to orgasm.
4) She would not let me mess up her make-up (but he sure did).
5) She would not let me near her sexually because I might “make her messy”.
6) She allowed him to ravage her with no foreplay whatsoever but I have to massage and worship her until she is satisfied enough to allow me entry.
7) He gets to drain his balls into my wife TWICE. I barely get release once and then I have to pleasure myself in order to obtain a satisfactory orgasm.
8) I licked up another man’s cum. Once after it had leaked out of my wife’s pussy, down his shaft and balls and onto the leather surface of a sofa. Once from my wife’s well used pussy.
9) I got caught staring at another man’s cock.
10) They both looked at my penis with humor.
11) I was ordered to wait on him (by fetching him a beer so he could relax and get ready to cum in MY wife’s mouth).
12) I thanked him for fucking my wife.
13) She decided the where and when of my getting my creampie.
14) She made it obvious that HE can bend her over and fuck her deeply but I cannot reach.
15) She made me lick up my own mess.
16) She licked his cock. She sucked his cock. She drained his cock down her throat. She barely kissed my penis beforehand and did not suck it at all at home.
17) I loved every moment and they both know that I did.

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