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A married couple’s new experience – Wife Sharing

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The first time I kissed Mark I knew he was the one. It took me a few years to get past my fear of being abandoned before I admitted that fact to myself. Marrying him was the smartest thing I have ever done. He healed my heart and made it grow. My love for him is complete and without condition.
Mark is an amazing man. He is few inches shorter than my 5’9″ height. His shoulders are broad, and he is very muscular. He is also an amazing lover. Most of the reason he is so good in bed is in the way he makes love. It does not hurt that he is very well endowed, but it is his technique and utter focus on me that matters most. After the first time we made love I fought the urge to tell him I loved him and that he could never leave me. He is caring, romantic, and more than I ever thought I could deserve.
From the outside looking in a person would think I am dominant, and he is passive. He lets me be dominant because my happiness is more important to him than his own. That does not mean he will not take charge when he feels the need. He just doesn’t most of the time because he knows I need to be in control. If it is important to me and he doesn’t see a conflict, he lets me run with whatever I want to do. He is far from weak or passive. He is compassionate, loving, and a fucking stud.
He told me after we had been together for a while that he was surprised that I had given him the time of day. In his experience women tended to judge him because of his height before he ever had the chance to show them who he was. I did think of that when I met him, but he made me laugh. It had been so long since I felt like laughing that when I got around to thinking about our height difference it no longer mattered.
We dated for a few years before we married. I was afraid of what the future might bring if I committed to something permanent. The failure of my parent’s marriage made me feel that I would fail too. I eventually realized that I was not my mother and Mark was not my philandering dad. We have been married for four years and they have been the happiest years of my life.
We did not start out with much of anything. We lived together for two years before we married. Both of us are driven to constantly be improving ourselves and our lives. We worked low paying jobs and attended night classes to get our first two-year degrees. Those degrees led to slightly better jobs. We continued night classes and eventually obtained bachelor’s degrees. As a result, we both had progressed further in our careers and were now living comfortably.
We were so focused on improving our lives through our careers that we never took time for us. We got married on a Saturday, ‘honeymooned’ at home, and were back to work on Monday. We both knew we needed time for us. Now that we had some money in the bank, we decided to take a long overdue honeymoon. It was winter were we live, and we wanted someplace warm. We decided on a ten day stay at an all-inclusive, adults only, resort in the Caribbean.
I was so excited! I am not a stereotypical shopaholic. I ‘shop’ for needed things and rarely shop just to be shopping. It just so happened that I needed a lot of things for our vacation. I had clothes I could have taken, but I wanted Mark’s mouth to drop open every time he saw me. I bought new bikinis for the day, sexy dresses for the evening, nightwear to knock his socks off, and lingerie to fill in any gaps. The shorts and tops I bought were a compromise between sexy and getting arrested.
I knew Mark would just throw stuff in a suitcase and call it a day. He would make sure he had enough of everything, but he wouldn’t worry about how it looked. I made sure he had new clothing too. I know it is a bit petty, but I like to show him off and make other women envy me. I get a thrill from the way they look at him while knowing he is mine. They think he looks hot, but that’s only the package. If they knew what he was like in bed I would have to fight them off.
We flew out early on Thursday morning. It was twenty degrees Fahrenheit at the airport when we left. We arrived at the island and it was a breezy ninety degrees. By the time we made it out of the airport and into our cab we were both soaked with sweat. It didn’t help that we were both wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts. All I wanted to do was find air-conditioning and a shower.
We walked into the lobby and were met by the wonderfully friendly staff. The first thing they did was give us cool wash clothes for our faces and refreshing tropical drinks. Our hosts went over the details while we cooled off and began drinking what proved to be a long series of tropical drink concoctions. One of the staff escorted us to our room and left us slightly less hot, overloaded with information, and giddy with excitement.
Mark is an organized guy. I thought that the first thing he would do is unpack and put everything in its place. Instead, he kissed me. Then he kissed me some more and harder. He walked me toward the bath, undressing us both as we went. By the time we reached the shower we were both nearly naked. The rest of it came off as the water rained down on us. I was as wet inside as outside and I wanted him in me. He must have read my mind because He picked me up and slowly lowered me onto his cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms wrapped around his neck and planted my mouth on his. His muscular arms easily supported my weight as his hands grabbed my ass and slid me up and down his shaft.
The fatigue and sweat of travel were washed away and replaced by excitement. As our excitement began to build our lust built with it. The shower nearly drowned out the sound of our bodies slapping together. It could not drown out my shouts of joy when I orgasmed or his groans as he came in me.
Our mindsets changed in the shower. Jobs, concerns, and the rest of the world were hidden away in the back of our brains. From now until we left the resort our entire focus was on each other and fun. We finally stood in the shower and kissed deeply while my legs gradually stopped trembling.
Mark put on his swim trunks while I hid in the bathroom and put on my new bikini. I took my time getting ready. I walked out and watched Mark. He was putting away his clothing as I stood waiting. Finally, he turned toward me and froze. The clothes in his hand dropped to the floor and his mouth dropped open, “Wow! Is that what you wore to the SI Swimsuit photo shoot? God, you are beautiful!”
An important reason why we work so well as a couple is that we are Yin to each other’s Yang. I am pleasant to new people, but I am reserved. Mark never met a stranger. He loves to talk, and he loves to hear other people talk. Stories from their life fascinate him. His ready acceptance of new people is the catalyst I need to be more open.
I have learned to trust his instincts. We have our own signals we give each other. I have learned the hard way to trust him when he waves off someone. I was caught twice in unpleasant conversations and swore there would never be a third. I would trust his signals from now on.
Mark has diplomatically pointed out the more obvious sexual innuendos that guys have tossed my way and that I have either missed or misunderstood. When the drinking starts my issues with trust go out the window, I become very gullible, and there are very few ideas that seem like bad ones. Not to mention the fact that I get very horny. If it weren’t for my dedication to my husband I would have been in trouble on several occasions. Mark has always been there to rescue me from the trap I have fallen into. There have been occasions when deep inside, where nobody knows my thoughts, I kind of wished he hadn’t.
Sure, I get a bit adventurous when I am drinking, but never enough to betray our marriage. I would never do anything in private that I would be ashamed for him to see me doing in public. I could not live with myself if I hurt him. We have fantasized about trying sex with other people but have never seriously considered doing it. We are friends with some incredibly attractive people. I can’t imagine opening up with any of them enough to bring up the subject, let alone actually do anything. I certainly wouldn’t want some random stranger. Who knew what disease they might have or how horrible they might be?
The circumstances would have to line up perfectly before we could be convinced to have a sexual adventure with other people. Little did I know that Mark and I were about to sail into a perfect storm. Waves of passion, thunderheads of lust, and hurricane winds of ecstasy were on the horizon.
The resort was huge and consisted of a main building with many smaller buildings, including seven restaurants, scattered around the property. On the beach side of the main building were two smaller, single floor buildings. Each of them contained four guest rooms. In our building, our room was on the end closest to the beach. One side of the building faced the main pool and the ocean. The other side was private.
Tropical plants and trees screened the private area from view. A privacy wall separated each deck from the next. Reclining beach chairs sat near an inground hot tub located just outside each room. A serpentine shaped swimming pool ran the length of the building. The curves were strategically placed to provide some privacy from the neighbors in adjacent rooms, assuming the neighbors didn’t just swim around them.
Mark and I had fixed a drink from the room bar and were relaxing in the pool. He couldn’t take his eyes off my new bikini. I must admit it was daring. The top was designed to show a significant amount of my 36C breasts. The bottom barely covered my neatly trimmed mound in front while framing my ass in the back. Mark was wearing the new swim trunks I had bought him. He preferred long baggy swim trunks. The new ones were snug and revealing. I wanted every woman we saw to know just what she was missing. Even with swimming pool shrinkage he is impressive. The only possible issue I could see was that if he got hard his cock might escape the confines of his trunks. I wanted it to escape for me as much as possible.
I had my legs wrapped around his waist and was kissing him when I heard laughter behind me. I turned to look over my shoulder and Mark set me on my feet. A petite blonde was laughing and waving at us. She was followed by three guys and two women. Her smile was infectious, and I found myself smiling back. When she got close enough, she spoke in a smoky sexy voice, “Hi guys! I’m Tess and this is my husband Eli.” She motioned to a tall lanky man. Eli had blonde hair, green eyes, and a runner’s build.
“This is Cindy and her husband Bill.” She motioned toward a young woman with light brown hair who waved at us meekly. Her husband was about my height with dark brown hair and brown eyes. They seemed average and reserved at first glance.
“And this is Amy and Jason.” To say that they are a hot black couple is a gross understatement. Jason has green eyes and is my height. Amy is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!
Mark spoke for us, “This is my wife Loren, and I’m Mark. It is nice to meet you all.”
It wasn’t long before Mark’s gift of gab coincided with Tess’s motor mouth and we got the details. They were all friends and had decided to vacation together. They had arrived just before we had and were leaving on the same day we were. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I did not expect to be hanging out with the neighbors while we were at the resort. If Mark and I could have the privacy we needed when we needed it then things might be OK.
It did not take Mark or I long to realize that they were nice, fun, people. We invited them onto our deck for a drink. I kept them company while Mark went to assemble the drinks. He came back empty handed, “I called the concierge and explained that we were entertaining guests from our building. They are bringing a portable bar. They said it would only take a few minutes.”
Less than ten minutes later a hidden gate in the hedges opened and the cart appeared. The gentleman pushing the cart offered to stay and bartend, but Mark told him we could handle it. He started mixing drinks while I observed our neighbors now that they were out of the pool. I worked at a women’s lingerie store for a few years. The other girls quite betting against my skill at guessing measurements. It is not a skill I share willy-nilly for obvious reasons. I knew what Mark liked and I knew they all fit the bill.
Tess was hot! She was three inches shorter than Mark and had a perfect figure. Everything about her 34-22-34C body was perky, including her substantial tits. Eli had a great body as well and I could not help but notice the long bulge in his trunks.
Cindy seemed a bit shy and she hid a ridiculously cute 32-22-34B figure. She was shyly trying to hide her cuteness under a full body swimsuit. The only thing she had in common with Tess was height. Bill was about as average as a guy got, including his bulge. They are both very sweet, if a bit timid.
Amy is a sculptured perfection. Her beautiful face and athletic 36-24-38C body would easily get her a photo spread in any men’s magazine. Jason is the male equivalent to his wife. His large bulge kept catching my eye as my alcohol intake increased.
I noticed Mark giving the women equal time with his glances. We caught each other looking at Jason and Amy and smirked at each other. We wasted away the afternoon with our new neighbors. Eventually Mark figured out that we both needed to eat, or our night was going to end early. We excused ourselves and dressed for dinner.
I had a pleasant buzz going when we walked into the restaurant. The meal was fabulous. Afterward we decided to take a walk on the beach and look at the stars. As we walked hand in hand Mark mentioned our new neighbors, “What do you think of our new friends, babe?”
“Well, I don’t know if they are friends yet, but I think they could be. They seem really nice and they like to laugh. The women are gorgeous!”
Mark stopped and looked at me with a smirk on his face, “Oh, so you didn’t notice the guys?”
I know I blushed, but it was dark, and I hoped he hadn’t seen it, “I noticed them. Bill is kind of average don’t you think?”
“Yes, I suppose. Eli and Jason however are not. Both of whom you definitely noticed, as proven by your use of average Bill. And I absolutely know you are blushing.”
Then he kissed me for a while. We turned to walk back, and Mark hesitated, “Loren you are the love of my life and I will happily spend the rest of my life with you.”
“You know I feel the same Mark.”
“Yes, I do. Which is why that I don’t have a problem if you want to be adventurous as long as we agree on the ground rules.”
“What do you mean by adventurous?”
“I mean sex with other people.”
“Is this something you need to do?”
“No babe. The only thing I need is you. I am talking about having fun with sex. Nothing more. It just occurred to me that if we ever decided to experiment this would be the best opportunity we may ever get. I could go the rest of my life with you only and not regret it a single bit. I admit the idea of you being joyfully serviced does turn me on.”
“Joyfully serviced huh?”
“Yes, made to orgasm as much as you can stand for as long as you like it.”
I was tingling with excitement, “What about you?”
“We do this together or not at all. I assume that if you are having fun with our neighbors then there just may be a wife, or two, or three, needing some attention.”
“Or two, or three huh? What are these ground rules you speak of?”
“First, be honest. Tell me if you will or you won’t, and we will or we won’t. I will tell you the same. We tell each other everything that happens. I will prefer to be present if it happens so I can make sure you are treated right. We check in with each other before things get too exciting. Our hand signals will work if we can’t talk.”
I looked into his eyes, “You are serious about this aren’t you?”
“Only if you are. The serious part is ensuring we protect us. The rest of it is just for fun.”
I admit I was excited by the idea. I was also a bit afraid, “How about we just see how things go? We don’t know if they are interested in us anyway and even if they are, they may not be willing to share.”
Mark smiled, “I agree we should feel things out. What if things do work out? Are you interested?”
My body was telling me the answer was definitely ‘Yes!’. My mind was all over the place. I could take the safe route and be mundane me, or I could grow a pair and maybe have a wonderful experience, “I am. I want to see you fuck all of them with that amazing cock. I want to watch the muscles in your back and your ass move while you make them scream in pleasure.”
He pulled me to him, and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me, “Keep it up and you are going to make me horny!”
I laughed and kissed him. We walked back to our room and changed into swim wear. Mark put on a pair of blue trunks that struggled to contain his semi-erect cock. I walked out of the bathroom wearing the skimpiest bikini I owned. The top was two little triangles that barely contained my tits. The bottom covered little more than my bush in the front. A single string ran up the crack of my ass to meet the string waist band. I would not be caught dead wearing it at home. Here it gave me a delicious feeling. I discovered I liked being the exhibitionist.
I grabbed his hand, “Let’s do this!” We went out to the portable bar and mixed drinks. From the bar we could see the other rooms. It soon became evident that our neighbors had been waiting for us. Eli called out, “Is the bar open?”
Mark responded back, “It sure is. Come on over.”
Within moments the three couples were at our end of the pool. I couldn’t help but notice that the women had changed into different outfits as well. Cindy was wearing a two piece now and under normal circumstances it would have been considered daring. She looked cute as a sexy little button. These were not normal circumstances. Tess wore an outfit like mine, except that hers was nearly transparent and it was obvious she shaved. She oozed sex. Amy’s outfit had more material, but she looked so sensuous she might as well have been naked. I hoped I looked half as good.
As we drank and had fun, I noticed that Tess, Cindy, and Amy were standing close to Mark on the deck. It then occurred to me that Eli, Bill, and Jason were standing close to me in the pool. I didn’t feel threatened or pressured at all. They were just being friendly. Occasionally a hand would brush my arm or a hip bump against mine. I was getting turned on way out of proportion to the touches.
I looked over and saw that Mark was sitting on the end of a beach chair. Tess was on her knees behind him. She called out to me, “Loren, your hubby has amazing muscles. Can we play with them?”
I laughed, “Sure, I don’t mind sharing my toy.” I didn’t realize exactly what I said at the time. I have the tendency to innocently deliver an innuendo when I am drinking. The next thing I knew Tess was running her hands down his chest and across his stomach and Cindy was feeling his bicep. I was shocked to see Amy kneeling in front of him. She ran her hands up his thighs and rested her hand on his bulge. That she had an effect on him was apparent because his erection escaped the confines of his swimsuit and swept up for all to see.
My pussy was soaked by more than the pool. I barely noticed that the guys were now up against me. Amy pulled his swimsuit down and off. She squeezed his cock at the base and Tess put her fingers over the head. Tess turned to Cindy, “Are you seeing this? It’s awesome. Come and touch it.”
Mousy little Cindy traded places with Amy and grasped Mark’s cock with both hands. She stared at it while her hands slowly stroked it. She looked up at Mark, “Wow, you have a nice cock.”
Mark looked at me and I gave him the ‘go’ sign. He looked back down at Cindy. He reached out and stroked the side of her face and moved his legs apart, “You can kiss it if you would like.”
Tess sounded off, “I’m in!”
Cindy started and turned to look at her husband. I could tell that she had gotten so caught up in my husband’s body she forgot to check in with her husband. They must have their own signals because she did this little happy dance move and turned back to Mark. She kissed the end of his cock and I could see it twitch in her hands. She giggled and licked him like he was most wonderful popsicle in the world.
She took what she could into her mouth and slowly sucked him. She must have been fairly good at it because Mark was caressing her head and groaning.
Amy touched Cindy’s shoulder and Cindy reluctantly moved. Amy took Mark much deeper into her mouth. She looked into his eyes as she slid her mouth down his cock. Her hand looked like it was forcing his cock down her throat as it pumped his shaft. I could tell Mark wanted to fuck her right then. Tess tapped Amy’s shoulder and took her turn.
Mark enjoyed her technique as well. He told me later that he loved Cindy’s technique because she was so shy yet enjoyed it so much. Her little tongue was constantly moving. Amy’s technique was pure sex. He could tell she wanted his cum. The two were amazing in their own ways. That left Tess. She was exceptionally good, but not on the level of Cindy and Amy. He let Tess continue for a few minutes before gently pushing her back, “Why don’t we move this inside?”
The guys and I climbed out of the pool. They wrapped me in my towel and they all gently rubbed my skin dry. They were going to need another towel if they decided to dry my pussy. I had never been this wet and the touch of their hands was just getting me wetter. We walked into our room and found Mark and the women naked.
Mark gently pushed Tess back on the bed, “It’s my turn to have a taste.” Tess ran her hands through his hair as his mouth approached her bald little pussy. I saw her hands clinch as he began to eat her. Mark gave world class oral and her world was about to be rocked. Within a few minutes she was grunting and moaning. There was a look of shock on her face as she watched him eat her.
Her thighs clenched around his head, “Oh fuck! How are you doing that to me?” Her eyes rolled back, and she shook hard as she orgasmed. Mark eased up on her and she melted onto the mattress. She was totally relaxed and looked at Mark through lidded eyes. Mark started to rise up and Tess immediately grabbed his arm, “You aren’t going anywhere. I need that cock in me! Please give me that cock!”
Mark pulled her to the edge of bed and pushed her legs open. She held her legs apart as he began to slide his cock up and down her slit. When his cock slid across her clit, she bit her lip and moaned. He was driving her insane with his teasing cock. He could see that she was more than ready, and he slid his cock down her slit to her entrance. He slowly slid the tip into her, then a bit more, before stopping. She groaned as her vagina tried to adjust, “God your huge!”
Mark slid back a little, then slid forward to bury more of his cock in her, “I’ll take it slow until you’re comfortable.” He continued to move slowly in and out until she had all she could comfortably take. When he started moving in long strokes in and out, she began to quiver. Mark leaned in and kissed her. She moaned as their tongues danced.
The guys had been touching and caressing me from the moment we walked into the room. Eli was behind me kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears. Bill turned out to be a remarkable kisser. It wasn’t long before Eli had untied my top and Bill began to caress and lick my nipples. As I watched my husband eat Tess’s pussy, Jason had knelt down and was licking my inner thighs. Eli untied my bottom and Jason pulled it away before planting his mouth on my pussy.
I was so fucking turned on by this point there was no way I was going to stop. Eli, Bill, and Jason knew what they were doing. I had three mouths and three sets of hands focused on my body and the sensation was almost overwhelming. When Tess came on my husband’s face I came on Jason’s. When I saw Mark slide his cock into Tess, I realized I needed a cock in me right now!
Jason must have read my mind. He raised my leg up. Eli held it while I leaned back against him. Jason had a nice long, thick cock and he slowly slid it into me. He grabbed my ass with both hands and began stroking up into me. I came so hard I lost my mind for a little while.
When I could think again, I saw that Mark was giving Tess a good fucking. His cock plunged in and out of her and her hips rose to meet his thrusts. Tears ran down her face as she screamed out her ecstasy. Mark slowed his pace and finally stopped. He leaned in and kissed Tess deeply. She was basking in the afterglow as he slowly slid his cock out of her.
He turned to Amy, pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. He looked into her eyes, “I want to kiss every inch of your body and eat your pussy. I especially want to feel your sweet pussy squeezing my cock.” She smiled, “Can you kiss my body and eat me later? Right now, I want your cock in me.”
Mark sat on the couch and she straddled him. She looked into his eyes as she began to lower herself onto him. She began to roll her hips, sliding his cock a few inches in and out. The action of her hips caused her clit to rub against him. Their lips met and their tongues entwined.
The guys and I moved to the bed. I laid down and rolled onto my side. Bill walked up to the side of the bed and I grasped his cock and pulled him to my mouth. I felt Eli against my back. Jason held my leg up while Eli fed his long cock into my pussy. I sucked on Bill’s cock while Eli began long strokes into my pussy from behind. When Jason began rubbing my clit I came again. Each orgasm seemed to build on the previous one. Instead of afterglow I was feeling the ‘keep going’. The more I came, the more I wanted.
Amy knew what she wanted as well, and she was riding it as hard and fast as she could. She raised up until Mark’s cock was almost out of her, then she slid down his pole, as fast as she could. She kept doing that until her hips stopped with his cock embedded fully in her. He was afraid she was going to break his cock when she orgasmed. When she finally slid off, he was still standing tall. It was obvious to everyone watching that he wasn’t in any pain.
I wasn’t watching. I was pumping the cum from Bill’s cock down my throat. I licked him clean and he leaned down and kissed me. When he walked away, I felt Eli pull out. He got up and walked around to take Bill’s place. I was more than happy to suck his cock. He is long and it was exciting to see how much I could swallow. My main goal was to make him cum down my throat. I felt his hands rest on my head as his cock swelled in my mouth. He began to spurt his cum down my throat. I swallowed all he had to give.
As soon as I released Eli’s cock Jason joined me on the bed. He kissed his way down my body, then looked at me lustily, “Suck my cock while I eat your pussy.”
I immediately straddled his face and began to suck his cock. His mouth felt amazing on my pussy. I was beyond thinking about anything but his cock. I really liked the feeling of it in my mouth, but I needed it in my pussy. I could feel another orgasm approaching and I had to have his cock in me when it happened, “I need you to fuck me.”
He moved around on the bed and between my spread legs. His cock head rubbed against my soaked pussy just long enough to get slick before he entered me. He slid in deep and filled me up. That took me over the edge, and I orgasmed again. I was insane with desire when he began to fuck me. His big cock sliding in and out as he fucked me hard. I was building toward a massive orgasm and I could feel his cock swelling. He began to cum deep within me. I could feel the pulse of his cock as each shot hit my cervix. I started to orgasm, and it never seemed to end.
I kissed Jason hard when I finally came back to earth. After a few moments he grinned down at me and stood. I stayed on the bed enjoying the afterglow. I watched as Mark stood and approached Cindy. He leaned forward and kissed her sweetly. His kiss soon turned more passionate and he guided her to the bed. He laid her down next to me and he got onto the bed next to her. He kissed her deeply, then kissed her neck on his way to her pert tits. He could tell that she did not need much in the way of foreplay, but he did not want to rush things either.
When he moved between her legs and began to eat her pussy I leaned over and kissed her. I have never kissed a girl and I found her lips to be surprisingly soft. Our kiss deepened as her arousal grew and I enjoyed it very much. When she began to moan, I moved down and took her nipple in my mouth. I licked and nipped at it while Mark brought her to orgasm.
Mark moved between her legs and slid his cock slowly into her. When he reached a comfortable depth for her, he began to stroke in and out of her. I played with her nipples as they looked into each other’s eyes. I could tell Mark wanted to treat her more carefully than the other girls. He told me later that she was so sweet and shy he was concerned about how she would react to what was happening. He need not have been concerned. The little minx was soon moving her hips to meet his thrusts. She looked at me, “Thank you for sharing. His cock is really nice. Uh! and he’s, Oh, going to make me cum again. Ah! I want his cum in me. Gaa! OK?”
I leaned in and kissed her, “You are welcome, and I am sure he will be glad to cum in you.”
I soon learned that she can be extremely vocal when she is brought to ecstasy. Her legs were wrapped around Marks hips and I could see the muscles straining as she pulled him into her. She pulled him down and wrapped her arms around his neck. Then suddenly her entire body stiffened, and she let out a scream, “Oh god yes! Fuck me with that big cock.”
I saw Mark plunge deep and begin to cum in her. Her orgasm swept through her until she collapsed on the bed. Mark slowed his pace until he his cock was barely moving within her. She lay unresponsive for several minutes. I was beginning to get worried when she sighed, and a languid smile appeared on her face. She whispered in Marks ear so that only he and I could hear, “I have never been fucked so good in my life. I hope we can do it again.”
Mark kissed her sweetly and slid his cock out of her. He moved over to me and kissed me hard. He finally helped me stand and I went to the shower. Soon after I got under the gentle rain fall shower head, I heard a light knock. Cindy was standing outside the shower, “Can I join you?”
I grabbed her hand and pulled her under the water with me. I enjoyed washing her while she washed me. When we were clean it seemed only natural to start kissing. We stood under the rain head and made out for a good while before we finally separated. We dried off and went back to the bedroom. Everyone was outside and we decided to postpone the lesbian experiment we both were anxious to try. Neither of us bothered to put clothes on. When we walked outside, we noticed that no one else had bothered either.
The guys waded over to me when I got back into the pool. Each of them kissed me sweetly. We drank and laughed for a while, but soon the day caught up to us and we went our separate ways. Mark and I had barely laid down when we were asleep.
I awoke the next morning to a panic attack. Tears were running down my face and I was crying uncontrollably. Mark pulled me close, “What’s wrong babe?”
“I betrayed you. I broke our marriage. I fucked three guys!”
“Hey, you did not do anything wrong. We both had a wonderful time, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”
He held me until I calmed down, “You are letting your upbringing cloud your mind. There is a reason we chose to have sex with our neighbors. It was exciting and fun. Everyone involved enjoyed the experience and nobody was hurt. Watching you was fucking hot! They were bringing you joy, and you looked like a goddess. Especially with Jason’s big cock fucking you. I wish I had a recording of it so I could watch it over and over.”
I smiled at him through my tears, “Watching you fuck them was awesome. I really loved the way you took care of Cindy. I think she is hot when she lets loose. I don’t think anyone was hurt, but I bet I know a few women that are sore this morning!”
“I had no idea that Tess would be so aggressive. I certainly didn’t imagine things would escalate as rapidly as they did.”
He rolled toward me and we kissed. One thing led to another and breakfast was delayed for a while. We took a morning stroll on the beach and returned to our room to change into our swimwear. The suit I wore was slightly more modest than the one I wore the night before, but not much. When we walked out onto the deck, I noticed that everything had been cleaned up. We found that the bar had been restocked and decided to mix ourselves a slushy drink.
We were laying back and enjoying the sun when I felt a hand on my ankle. Jason was at the edge of the pool and I smiled at him. I heard water splashing and saw Amy climbing out of the pool and walking toward Mark. She was stripping out of her swimsuit as she approached him, “Jason and I need a little one on one time with you two.”
She looked over at me as if for permission. I smiled at her, “Let me get this straight. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen, a near goddess, wants to fuck my husband. I don’t think either of us has a problem with that!”
She turned back to Mark and they smiled at each other. I turned back to Jason, “Good morning. How are you?”
“I’m great! My wife woke me this morning and insisted that she needed Mark’s cock. Being a good husband, I escorted her over. Now I am not sure what to do with myself.”
“I have some ideas. Why don’t you come over up here and I will share them with you?” Corny, I know. I have never been quick with banter. It worked, but I think if I had gestured with a finger it would have worked just as well. We both knew he was going to fuck me again.
He climbed out of the pool and walked over to me. I was sitting on the beach chair and his crotch was level with my face. I pulled his trunks down and began stroking his cock. I watched as it grew and stiffened in my hands. I licked his cockhead and then wrapped my mouth around it. I began to suck his cock and it felt silky smooth in my mouth. I love sucking a big cock and there was no doubt that he had one.
I felt him begin to swell in my mouth as his orgasm approached and he suddenly pulled out of my mouth. He smiled at me, “You are way too good at sucking cock and I don’t want to cum yet. Lie back so I can eat your pussy.”
I did and he did. He had me on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped licking me. He straddled the beach chair and pulled me onto his cock. My legs were over his and he gripped the top of my legs to pull me onto his plunging cock. He fucked me hard and I orgasmed hard. It just kept going as he slammed his meat into me. He was getting close when he pulled out of my pussy. I took him in my mouth and sucked greedily. I was still orgasming as his cock shot cum down my throat.
He sat down on the deck next to me while I recovered. When he saw that I was back in the real world he kissed me for a while, and it was nice. After some kissing, we got into the pool and enjoyed just hanging out in the cool water. His hand was playing with my pussy as we watched Mark fucking Amy on the lounge chair. They were in missionary position and he was sliding his huge cock in and out of her. Her legs were around his waist and she was gripping his biceps. Their lips and tongues were melded in a passionate dance.
God, they looked amazing together! I remembered years later with perfect clarity the scene before me. Every time it popped into my head it excited me. They defined ‘erotic’ in their coupling. He was long stroking into her. Their lips separated as their need for oxygen increased. Soon we could hear both panting as he increased the pace. I knew by the way her body tensed and her hips were thrust hard against him that she was cumming. Her screams of pleasure confirmed it. I was cumming against Jason’s hand when suddenly Mark slid his cock out of her and moved it to her mouth. She began to suck him, and he started cumming immediately. His groans of pleasure told me he was cumming hard. The cum leaking from her lips proved it.
They kissed for a while after that. Eventually they joined us in the pool. We were all as relaxed as a person can get by that point. We enjoyed just hanging out together until lunch time approached. Mark and I went inside to dress. There was no doubt in my mind that we would be spending time with them again.
We returned from lunch drowsy and ready for a nap. When we woke the pool seemed like a great idea. Mark was mixing our drinks when Amy came swim-wading up to us, “You guys have to come see this. Tess is going to live out a fantasy she has.”
We started swim-wading after her and I had to ask, “What fantasy?”
“She wants to try being airtight!”
“What is airtight?”
“All holes filled. One in the mouth, one in the pussy, and one in the ass!”
“That sounds difficult.”
We arrived at Eli and Tess’s room and walked inside. Tess was grinning, “I am so glad you came. This is going to be awesome! Loren, can I ask a favor?”
“Can I borrow Mark for this? Hubby has filled everything before and I would really like Mark’s cock to be in my pussy when we do this.”
“You aren’t fooling me! You just want his big cock in your pussy again. Not that I blame you! I don’t have a problem with it if Mark doesn’t.”
Mark immediately walked over to her and pulled her into a kiss. He dedicated his efforts into getting her motor running and it wasn’t long before his face was planted on her pussy. He worked her pussy until she orgasmed loudly. She straddled him and slowly lowered her pussy onto his cock. She was rocking on his cock when Bill started playing with her ass. He had a tube of lube and used it on his fingers before slowly inserting one finger in her ass. He took his time lubing and stretching her hole before climbing onto the bed behind her.
Mark and Tess stopped moving while Bill slowly slid his cock into her ass. I could see why Bill was the right guy for the job. He had a normal cock, not a monster like Mark or Jason. I think if either of them tried to fuck my ass I would be in the hospital shortly afterward. It was obvious that Bill had fucked an ass or two in his time. He made sure she had time to adjust before he slowly stroked into her ass a few times. She groaned with pleasure as he and Mark began to stroke in time. Jason had climbed onto the bed and Tess tilted her head up to take his cock in her mouth.
I was shocked at how much the scene in front of me was turning me on. I imagined myself in Tess’s position and decided that I might like to give it a shot if the opportunity arose. Amy and Cindy were standing on either side of me. Eli was standing on the other side of Amy and was slowly sliding his hand up and down his cock. Amy noticed and quickly got on her knees and began sucking his cock.
I moved behind Cindy and wrapped my arms around her. I pulled her back against my chest and nibbled her ear. I ran my tongue down her neck while she watched the scene in front of her. I untied her top and dropped it to the floor. My hands caressed her pert breasts. I had never done anything like this with a girl and it surprised me how much it turned me on. I left one hand on her breast while the other wandered down her stomach and slid under her bikini bottom.
She was trembling with need as my fingers caressed her pussy. When I started rubbing her clit her legs clenched around my hand and her legs got weak. She shook as she orgasmed. I loved it! I made a girl cum!
She turned in my arms and pulled my head down. She kissed me hard and pushed me down on the couch. Our shy little friend was no longer shy. Far from it. She was all over me, stripping me, and licking her way down to my pussy. She had me groaning in seconds as her mouth explored my pussy. Suddenly she stopped, raised up, and grinned at me, “I think this would be more fun if you ate me too!” She turned around and lowered herself onto my face. The next thing I knew I was eating my first pussy.
I expected to be grossed out by the taste and smell, but it wasn’t bad at all. She smelled nice and the taste was mild and not at all bad. I enjoyed the feel of her on my tongue. It took me a moment to orient my tongue to her clit, but after that I settled in to enjoy the experience. The little minx is an excellent pussy eater and before long I was cumming hard. My orgasm was going quite well when her thighs clenched, and she orgasmed.
Soon after we were entwined on the couch watching Tess get royally fucked. I decided that eating pussy was something I would enthusiastically do again. While we kissed and watched, Amy was being bent over the end of the bed and thoroughly fucked by Eli. Both were watching Tess as three cocks plunged into her. There was no doubt she was enjoying her fantasy being fulfilled. Her blow job got sloppy as she approached her orgasm. She ended up pulling Jason’s cock out of her mouth and gripping it hard as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her orgasm was the last straw for Bill. He plunged as deep as he could into her ass and grunted at each spurt of cum he shot into her. He paused long enough to catch his breath then slowly slid his cock out of her ass.
Now that Bill was out of the way there was a bit more room to maneuver. She got off Mark and returned to sucking Jason’s cock. Mark got behind her and started fucking her again. Mark was really putting it to her, and she was hoovering Jason like he had the last cock on earth. I could see Jason stiffen and then he groaned as he shot his load down her throat. At the same time Eli was busily shooting into Amy’s perfect pussy.
Jason moved off the bed and Mark immediately flipped Tess over. He plunged back into her and looked into her eyes as he fucked her hard. She thrust her hips up to meet him and I could see her lose her mind as she came again. Her head was thrust back into the pillow and her mouth was open in a soundless scream. Her entire body went rigid and Mark yelled out as he shot deep inside her. It was hot beyond belief!
They lay entwined on the bed for a while recovering. Mark eventually rolled out of the bed, walked over to Cindy and me on the couch, leaned down, and kissed us both. When he stood back up Tess rolled over on the bed and looked at all of us, “Oh my god! If I had known it was going to be that good, I would have done it years ago. You have to give it a try.”
We all smiled at her, although I still wasn’t convinced that it would be all that great. I doubted it would be a decision I would need to make anyway. Once everyone had the opportunity to calm down from their exertions, we all decided to head back to our respective rooms and give our showers a workout. Cindy talked to Bill for a minute then walked over to Mark and me, “Uhm, can I, uhm, I mean, would you mind if I showered with both of you?”
I looked at Mark and he smiled back. I reached for Cindy’s hand, “Of course you can shower with us. Be warned though. We will fuck the living daylights out of you if you come with us.”
Her face lit up with a smile, “Oh goody! I was hoping you felt that way.”
“What about Bill. Is he alright with this?”
“Oh yes. He wants me to have fun. To be honest we are both kind of shy. We have never done anything like this before. He’s not used to cumming this much and I think he needs to sleep for a while so he can re-charge. I’m not used to cumming this much either and I want more!”
We waded our way over to our room and got into the shower. Mark and I washed her and caressed her. One of us would kiss her mouth while the other kissed her body. We got her stirred up pretty good and stirred ourselves up at the same time. Mark and I dried off then helped her get dry with caresses as much as towels. We walked into the bedroom and I pulled her onto the bed. I wanted to eat her pussy again. I kissed my way down her body and ran my tongue up her slit. Her hips raised off the bed to meet my mouth.
It was so much fun licking her and making her cum! I had her squirming against my face, but she was remarkably quiet. I looked up and saw that she was swallowing as much of Mark’s cock as she could. I know from experience that it is not possible to talk when you have that piece of meat in your mouth. I raised up from her pussy and traded places with Mark. He got her up on her hands and knees. He slid his cock into her, and I spread my legs in front of her. I didn’t wait for her to figure out what I wanted. I put my hands on her head and pulled her face to my crotch.
Outside of Mark, no one eats pussy like a woman can. Cindy was new to the act, but she picked up on it fast. She made me cum so hard it was amazing! I got ticklish after that and had to move away from her mouth. I watched as Mark continued to plow her from behind. He stopped after a while and had her get on top of him. I watched his cock slowly disappear in her as she lowered onto him. She braced herself against his shoulders and began to grind her pelvis against him. It wasn’t long before she was raising up to allow Mark some room to stroke. He drove his cock up into her over and over as she cried out her joy.
She went limp for a while but then we saw her pretty smile showing through the hair falling in front of her face. She climbed off Marks cock and put it into her mouth. She sucked him so lovingly I wanted to hug her. Mark was tenderly stroking her face when he began to cum. We both watched as she swallowed all that he had. She licked her lips and moved up the bed. I swept her into my arms and kissed her deeply. The little minx had kept some of Marks cum in her mouth and deposited it in mine when I kissed her! She was so cute and sexy I just wanted to eat her up. Come to think about it, I guess I already had!
A little while later Cindy left. Mark and I moved together and enjoyed just touching each other. After a while Mark turned to me, “What did you think of Tess being airtight?”
“Oh god it was hot! She looked like she had a great time. I never would have believed it could be fun. It just doesn’t seem like it would be all that comfortable.”
“So, does that mean you aren’t interested in trying it yourself?”
“Well, I didn’t say that. It has never been a fantasy of mine. I am curious, but I can’t see myself asking for it. How do you bring that up if you are? ‘Hello, I’m Loren, would the three of you like to fuck me at the same time?'”
Mark chuckled beside me and started talking in a high voice, “Excuse me sir do you have two friends that could join you in filling all my holes please? I know it’s not much notice, but I really need to be airtight right now.”
I laughed and punched him in the arm, “Littlest dick to the rear please. I do hope you all have a sense of rhythm. You can’t be fucking me all willy-nilly. You might break something.”
He started tickling me and we wrestled for a while. I love him so much it is impossible to describe.
We had a wonderful dinner and walked on the beach for a while. We went to bed early and woke to a beautiful new day.
Breakfast and our morning beach walk were behind us. Rather than hang out at the room we wandered around the resort to explore. The landscaping was beyond gorgeous. The buildings where screened by plantings so that many of them were hidden unless you approached from just the right angle There were several places scattered about the resort dedicated to partying. Live bands played every evening. One building caught our eye and we walked over to investigate. ‘Club Erotica’ was cast into a small bronze plaque next to the door. Curious, we tried the door, and it wasn’t locked. We walked inside and were met at the door by a nearly naked woman who was obviously a native of the island. Her black skin looked like silk on her voluptuous body. She looked like sex on two legs.
I usually let Mark do the talking in new situations, but he appeared to be a bit tongue tied, “Hi, we noticed the sign and are curious about your club.”
“I’m Bell. Let me show you around and explain.”
We followed her into the club. I had never seen a place like it. In the center of the main room was a circular stage. A continuous couch surrounded the stage.
“This is our main room. Various sex acts are performed on the stage and guest can watch, or participate, from the couch.”
“Wow, you can do that?”
“Yes, it is all perfectly legal. We do ensure all our staff are tested before they can perform. All the staff are full time and are paid very well. We do not want them having sex unless it is here. We must not put a guest at risk. The guests are responsible for their own birth control, although we do have condoms. We also have ‘morning after’ medications available if a guest requires them.
“Sometimes couples meet here in the main room and want some private time to get acquainted. We have private areas available that can entertain up to ten people.”
Mark grinned, “Yes, we have already gotten acquainted with a few couples since we arrived.”
I punched his arm again. Bell took my punch hand in hers and pulled me into a kiss. I am not sure how long it lasted because I got lost in it. It was a great kiss and I found myself wondering what her pussy tasted like. Yep, I am definitely ‘Bi’ now.
When she broke the kiss she smiled, “Now isn’t that better than punching!”
“Oh yes, much better. Although I don’t think I caused him much damage. Did I babe?”
“No honey. I am fine. You would never hit me in anger.”
Bell gave me a stern look, “You must kiss it and make it better.”
I leaned over to kiss his arm, “No, not there. You need to kiss him where it will make everything better, not just his arm. She pointed at the floor. Now go ahead and suck his cock.”
I figured why not? We are in a sex club and I do like to suck my man’s cock. I dropped to me knees and freed the beast from his pants. Bell’s eyes got big and she dropped to her knees next to me, “My god, you don’t need to be here. You have your own sex club hanging right there!”
I wanted to laugh at her sex club reference, but I had the head of my husband’s cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock until I got him rock hard. I pulled him out of my mouth and pointed him at hers. She dove onto him like she need his cum to live. Mark and I watched as she expertly sucked his cock. I could see she had talent and apparently Mark felt the same because it wasn’t long before he was grunting his load into her mouth. She drained him and turned to me. We kissed and she fed me some of my husband’s cum. I wondered if she had met Cindy. Maybe there is some sort of cum sharers club I didn’t know about. If there is a club, I think I would like to join.
We stood and continued the tour, “Your husband is very tasty. If you come back this evening would it be alright if he put that big cock in me?”
“I’m sure we will be back, and I can tell by the way he is looking at you that he would enjoy that immensely. If it makes him happy, I am happy.”
“How about you Loren? Would you like to lick my pussy as much as I would like to lick yours?”
“Oh, hell yes!”
Her laugh was infectious, “Wonderful! We will see what the evening brings. We are open twenty-four hours a day, but our center stage activities start at nine in the evening and usually end around two in the morning. It can vary based on the enthusiasm of the guests. I suggest you wear some sexy underthings and nothing else. You can wear the bathrobe from your room for walk over if you want. It saves time when the evening is over. It takes away from the experience if you must spend an hour searching your clothing at the end of the evening! Men have it easy. They can just wear swim pants.”
She escorted us back to the front and we both gave her a kiss goodbye. She pulled me hard against her for my kiss and her tongue found mine. She had me quivering before she finally released me. I was wet as hell when we walked out. Mark and I decided to go back to our building and tell our new friends about our discovery. They were all very excited and promised to be ready before nine. Mark and I went off to another wonderful dinner.
I broke out the good stuff when we returned to our room. I rolled red nylons onto my legs. They ended just below the translucent red thong that barely covered my trimmed bush. The matching bra covered the underside of my tits and came up to a lace fringe that barely cover my nipples. I left my long hair loose, but I had a red scrunchy on my wrist in case I needed to tie it back. I am tall for a woman and rarely wear heals. Porn movies aside, they are a pain in the ass in the bedroom and I don’t need to be any taller. Instead, I wore a pair of sandals that I could easily slide off my feet. They weren’t expensive so if they got lost during the evening, I wasn’t going to worry about them.
I had seen a lot of people wandering around the resort in a bathrobe and I knew I wasn’t going to stand out. Robe in place, Mark and I walked out to meet our friends. While it is true that people walk around in bath robes all the time, I do not remember seeing eight of them walking together, at night, in the entertainment areas! When we got closer to the club, we noticed a few other robes going in the same direction.
We walked into the club and were met at the door by a tall native man, “Welcome to Club Erotica! Have you been here before?”
“Mark and I stopped by earlier today and talked to Bell.”
“Bell is wonderful! I love Bell! OK, do any of you need a tour? No, then please let me show you where to put your robes.”
He walked over to a large cabinet and opened it, “You can throw your robes in the bin here. When you leave please get a fresh one from the cabinet next to this one. Please remove anything in your robe pocket before tossing it. I can take your room keys and a small item like a cell phone and secure them. They will be returned to you when you leave. Someone will be at this front desk all evening.
“I have to tell you that no pictures or video are allowed in the club. People have tried in the past and found that losing their camera or cell phone is not pleasant. We have found it is easier to destroy the recording device rather than attempt to delete things from it.
“No means no and our staff are attentive. Our guests are here for fun and we want you to have a wonderful time. Please tell a member of our staff what you like. If it does not cause injury, and happens between consenting adults, we can help. We reserve the authority to refuse a request, but that seldom happens.
“If you would like a private room please let the staff know. You can order drinks or food anytime you would like, but please keep them off the center stage and the couches. People don’t like to have sex on a cold wet spot or a piece of crusty bread.
“Now, the rules are over, and it is time for fun! Ladies, it gives me great pleasure to ask you to remove your robes!”
He had us laughing at his exaggerated leering. His leer got much more authentic as we discarded our robes, “Tonight we are truly blessed! You are all incredibly beautiful.”
I chuckled, “You say that to every woman that comes in here.”
“Yes, I do, but I mean every word of it with you!”
He smiled directly at me and I laughed, “Maybe I will see you later in the evening.”
“I think I would like that very much.”
I took the opportunity to check out the girls while we walked to the main room. Amy was wearing a black, nearly transparent body suit. The front was open in a ‘V’ that dropped to her pelvic mound. The back dropped in a similar ‘V’ until it disappeared in the crack of her ass. Her tits were straining to escape, and freedom was less than an inch away. She looked amazing!
Cindy looked different and it took me a second to realize why. She was moving with newfound confidence and it added to her allure. She was wearing tiny pink panties with bunnies printed on them. Her bra was tiny as well and matched her panties. She took the little girl look a step further by wearing knee socks with the same bunny theme. I was relieved that she hadn’t done her hair up in pigtails. You can take a fetish too far.
I was not a bit surprised that Tess was completely naked. She rocked a killer body and didn’t need to dress it up. By walking in naked she sent a clear signal that she was not here to just watch. It made me feel good when I saw that while Mark took the view in, his eyes came back to me. I put a little more sway in my hips knowing he was watching my ass.
We settled on the couch and a staff member took our drink order. There were a few other couples scattered around. A few more showed up while we waited for our drinks. When the couches were nearly full the house lights were turned down lower and a soft white light lit up the center stage. Bell came walking toward the stage trailed by three men. One of them was our rules friend. All of them were naked. The men were all lean and muscular. Their big cocks swayed hypnotically from side to side as they walked. Bell walked up onto the stage and I noticed that she sank in some. I realized that the stage was padded. She smiled, “Welcome to Club Erotica! We are going to have fun tonight! We like to start off the evening with a bit of audience participation. These three gentlemen and I would like to give a lady volunteer from the audience our own special welcome to our island.”
She immediately walked over to me and pulled me to my feet. She gave me another of her panty wetting kisses. I was a bit stunned by the kiss and didn’t catch on right away when she turned to the audience, “We have a volunteer!”
She pulled me onto the stage and kissed me again. She didn’t stop there. Her hands caressed by breasts through my bra until her busy hands pulled it off me. She licked her way from one breast to the other, teasing my nipples with her teeth. She moved down my body until she was on her knees facing my crotch. She had my thong off in a second and her tongue gliding along my slit the second after that. She pulled me down until she was on her back and I was sitting on her face.
I looked over at Mark and he was grinning at me. He knew this was going to be awesome and he was on board. My view of him was soon blocked by the very well-endowed black man standing in front of me. I did what any woman would do in that situation. I started sucking his cock until it grew hard, and long, and thick. He pulled away and was replaced by another gentleman in need. I gave him the same treatment and was rewarded by another hard, long, and thick cock.
I don’t know how long the men rotated in front of me. By this point Bell had me cumming on her face and I lost touch with my cock recognition skills. Two of them lifted me up and Bell moved off the stage and over to Mark. I saw her pulling his cock out when the first of my new friends spread my legs and began to rub his cock up and down my slit. I was so ready for hard cock and he gave it to me. He took his time getting it in deep. He began to long stroke slowly in and out of me. One of my other new friends brought his cock to my lips and I happily sucked it.
The friend fucking me brought me to the edge, then stopped. I moaned around the cock in my mouth in disappointment. Then the cock in my mouth went away. My fuck friend rolled onto his back with his cock still buried in me. I found a nice cock in my face again, so I started sucking it. He was pumping his cock into me so good, and I was again on the edge of my orgasm when again he stopped. This time I nearly screamed around the cock in my mouth. I felt him flexing his cock in my pussy, almost getting me there, but not quite.
Then I felt someone playing with my ass. Slippery fingers rubbed around my anus, and I felt a lubed finger pressing it. It felt strange when his finger entered me. He kept working his finger and it started to feel kind of good. A second finger joined the first and he slowly worked them in and out of me. The fingers were replaced by the head of a cock. I thought I would die before the head finally made its way past my sphincter. It didn’t really hurt, it just felt like it could not possibly go in. Finally, the head of his cock penetrated my ass, and he kept slowly pushed in, an inch at a time. I did my best to relax a little as he moved slowly back and pushed back into me. After the third time I started to see why Tess loved being ‘airtight’. My friend below and my friend in my behind began to stroke their cocks in rhythm while I sucked my third friend. I was on the edge again within moments and this time I was thrown over it. I started to orgasm, and I don’t remember a lot of details after that. I know they fucked me good. I know I screamed myself hoarse I was cumming so hard and I know they all came in me.
Apparently, I fainted for a little while. I woke laying on my bottom friend while my ass fucking friend slid his cock out of my bottom. The stud under me was still hard, and he rolled me onto my back. He fucked me hard and fast and I loved it. I came again and he slowed until finally pulling out. I moved down his body and took his cock into my mouth. I milked him for all the cum I could get and laid his clean, flaccid cock on his belly. He stood, picked me up in his arms, and the four of us left the stage.
He carried me to a large bath. The three men washed my body, then gave me a wonderful massage before escorting me back to my husband and friends. It was obvious that I they had all been busy while I was gone. Mark was still fucking a delighted Bell. She is a vocal woman when she fucks, and we all knew under no uncertain terms that she was loving his cock.
Speaking of being delighted, Bill was, as three of the staff ladies occupied his mouth and cock. I was happy for him. He had been getting less attention than his wife and I wanted him to have fun. Not that Cindy wasn’t getting attention. One of the staff studs was fucking her good while she sucked on Eli’s cock. Jason was fucking two staff ladies and Tess had two of the staff studs taking turns in her pussy. I leaned back on the couch and watched while I downed a couple of glasses of juice. I needed to hydrate after the marathon I had just fucked my way through. I had time for a few cocktails as well before everyone finished up. We talked for a while, enjoying the afterglow. Mark decided it was time to leave when he saw that I was falling asleep.
Mark and I awoke in the morning and decided that after breakfast we would spend the morning on the beach. I relished the idea of being alone with him and playing in the ocean. I told him I was a bit sore and wanted a break from fucking. Basically, I was all fucked out, unless it was him. I would never say ‘No’ to him. If he wanted me, I was his, sore or not.
We spent a wonderful morning on the beach. We headed back to our room before it got to hot, showered, and took a nap. I put on my least revealing bikini and we soaked in the pool for a while. Our friends swam over, and we laughed and drank. I learned details from the night before that I had missed for obvious reasons. They were universal in their praise for my night on stage. A few hours later Mark and I left them and went to another fantastic dinner.
After dinner we returned to the room and to the hot tub on our deck. We were snuggling and just enjoying each other’s company. Mark gave me a squeeze, “Last night was amazing wasn’t it?”
“Yes, it was. I don’t know how it ended up like it did. Bell kissed me and then the next thing I know I have three cocks in me. The crazy thing about it is that I loved it. I am not sure what to think about that.”
“What do you mean babe?”
“I’m scared. I thought I was a normal sexually conservative wife. Now I know I am just a slut. I wonder how long I have before you divorce me.”
“I don’t want to hear the word divorce again. If you use the word it becomes an option for solving relationship problems. I don’t see that we have a problem. I love you more than ever and I like that you are exploring your sexuality. Can you not see how much you glow? Your adventures have given you a presence you didn’t have before. I think you are stronger and more desirable than you have ever been. Being slutty can be a lot of fun!”
He always knows what to say to make me feel better, “Really, you think I glow? I must have been pretty dull before.”
“OK, stop it. You were never dull. You have always been the most beautiful and exciting woman I have ever known. Now you are even more so. Please stop finding ways to beat yourself up or I am going to have to punish you.”
“Oh yeh? Who are you going to get to help you? I am stronger than ever, and I could probably take you!”
Things got a bit physical after that. We wrestled around in the hot tub. The wrestling turned into kissing and laughing. Soon after that I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub while he ate me. There should be an Olympics for pussy eating. Mark would bring home the gold.
He picked me up and carried me to bed. Over the next two days we left the bed only to shower, eat, and walk on the beach. By the time we saw our new friends again my mind had cleared. I knew Mark and I were solid, and our vacation fun was not going to change that.
On Tuesday morning Mark went deep sea fishing with the guys from our building. They left in the middle of the night and I barely remember Mark leaving. It was a day trip, and they wouldn’t be back until late evening. I probably should have stayed at our room, but the girls had other ideas. I woke to knocking at the patio door. I staggered over, still half asleep, to see Tess waiving and smiling. I opened the door to tell her to fuck off until I had a chance to wake up. I no sooner unlocked the door when Tess just walked right in.
Tess was excited as usual, “Loren, no sleeping all day for you. We have shit to do so get up!”
I dropped back on the bed, grabbed my pillow, and laid my head on it, “Fuck off Tess. I’m sleeping.”
I felt the bed move and a body next to mine. Hands began to wander over my body, and I felt chills as my neck was kissed. Tess whispered in my ear, “Please wake up Loren.”
I felt her tongue on my neck. This bitch was turning me on dammit! I rolled toward her to tell her to fuck off again. Her mouth met mine before I could speak. Within moments we went from a light kiss to tongues dancing. Tess was playing with my very erect nipples. I knew my battle for more sleep was lost when her hand slid down to my crotch. I shoved her off, “OK, I’m awake, but I have to go to the bathroom!”
I pee’d, brushed my teeth, and got into the shower. I was barely wet from the shower when Tess joined me. She pulled me into her arms and kissed me. It was a surprisingly tender and romantic kiss. It was nice and we got lost in it for a while. She started washing my body with her soapy hands. Her mouth was constantly returning to mine to continue our romantic kiss. It was sweet, loving, and sexy. Not what I expected from Tess at all. Tess was raw sex, not this loving and tender woman in the shower with me.
Eventually we had to leave the shower or risk become prunes. We dried off then she took my hand and led me to the bed. She laid down with me and picked up from where we had left off. Her kisses became more erotic and my body responded. Our touches became caresses, our kiss deeper and more passionate. Our bodies intertwined and we tasted each other. My tongue lovingly caressed her slit and flicked her clit as she did the same to me. It was sweet, wonderful, and orgasmic.
We cuddled together in the afterglow. I ran my hand down Tess’s cheek, “Wow, I never knew being with a woman could be so amazing.”
“I know. You are the first woman I have ever been with. If I knew it was going to be this great, I would have done it a long time ago.”
I was shocked, “Really, I am your first?” I kissed her hard, “You sure know how to make me feel special. Thank you for letting me be your first. My first was with Cindy a few days ago.”
“She told me. You were her first too. Cindy, Amy, and I have been friends since middle school. We even had a triple wedding.
“We talked about doing adventurous sexy stuff, but never followed through with any of it. At least, not until we came here. We met you and Mark and things just kind of took off. I was really confused after that first night. I was afraid I went too far and ruined my marriage. Amy and Cindy went through the same thing.
“Luckily, our husbands are great guys. Eli told me he was happy that I let go and had fun. We all talked later, and the guys encouraged us to do more. To be honest I think they had wanted to fuck each other’s wives for quite a while and now they had the chance. Not that I am complaining!
“You and Mark were the catalyst we needed, and I can’t thank you enough for that.”
I was shocked and flattered, “Tess, I had the same fears that you did. Before we came here, I was reserved, and my sexual wild side was for Mark only. I was afraid he wouldn’t want me now that he knows that I’m a slut. He told me that my experience here has made me more desirable, not less.
“I have to admit I am having a great time. The sex has been amazing, and you guys are awesome people. My fears have turned out to be groundless, although the back of my mind keeps dwelling on them.”
I felt Tess nodding in agreement, “Yeh, I let go and have a great time, then the back of my mind starts fucking with me. I know Eli and I are stronger than we have ever been, but my upbringing keeps screaming ‘cheating wore’. I’ve decided that Eli’s opinion is way more important than the old-fashioned sexual mores that are stuck in my head.”
“That’s a smart way to look at it. Now, kiss me some more.” She did and we spent a pleasant time making out. She eventually pulled away, “I could do this all day, but we need to get dressed and go get Amy and Cindy. We got girl shit to do today!”
Remarkably, it did not take long to round up the two women. We had breakfast together and the staff got us a driver. We drove around visiting local artists and shops. We returned with enough stuff that we all purchased another suitcase to ship it home in. The hotel staff met us as the car stopped. They gathered up our stuff and promised to deliver it to our rooms.
We decided we needed a cold fruity beverage immediately, if not sooner, and walked to the nearest place that could provide it. That the place closest to us happened to be Club Erotica was totally coincidental. Yeh, sure it was. We walked in and waited while our eyes adjusted. Bell walked up, “How wonderful to see you all again! We had great fun the last time you were here. Please come with me. I want to show you something special!”
We followed her through the main room and into a private room. There were strange contraptions everywhere. She walked over to one side of the room and stood next to an oddly shaped thing on the floor. It looked like an elongated miniature igloo, “This my friends, is god’s gift to women.”
Tess looked confused, “What is it, and what do you do with it”
“It is a Sybian, and you sit on it. See that center part? You attach your preferred size dildo to the center part. It feels amazing and I insist that you all try it”
The girls were looking a bit skeptical and I thought ‘what the hell’, “Sure I’ll give it a shot.”
Bell helped me get undressed in her own special way. I was wet and ready by the time I straddled the machine. I selected an average size male attachment. I felt odd as I lowered myself onto a machine. The oddness quickly dissipated when Bell turned the machine on. That machine is the devil. It is orgasm heroin, and I am glad I don’t own one. All I would do is sit on it until I starved to death.
After the girls saw my quaking orgasm, they decided maybe the machine wasn’t so weird after all. By the time everyone had a turn we had drawn a crowd. The male staff had gathered to watch. I was horny as hell after my ride. The staff guys were all naked by this point and one of them with a massive cock was standing next to me. Without thinking my hand reached out and was soon wrapped around it and slowly stroking. As he got harder and harder, I decided that this is a cock that needs sucking.
He had by far the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was obscenely huge, and I was not about to let it near my pussy. It sure was fun to suck! I couldn’t get much of it in my mouth, but he sure appreciated my work. I spent a good bit of time just licking the monster before putting the head in my mouth. I pumped him with both hands while my tongue licked what I as much as I could get in my mouth. When I felt him swelling in my mouth, I pulled him out and aimed him at Cindy, who happened to be sitting on the Sybian. The first shot hit her on the chest. She raised her head, mouth open in shock, and I aimed him perfectly at her mouth. The next shot went right in her mouth and it snapped closed while her eyes got huge. She managed to swallow and open her mouth in time to catch the next shot. I saved the last one for myself, although I was having trouble with giggling while I did.
Amy and Tess were laughing their asses off. Cindy gave me a look, “You bitch, you got cum all over me!”
“Yes, I did and it’s pretty fucking funny!”
She was grinning by now, “How am I going to clean up this mess?”
I smiled as one of the staff studs walked over and lifted her up. He carried her out of the room followed by another staff member. I turned to Tess and Amy, “Don’t worry. They will take wonderful care of her.”
Soon the staff studs in the room moved a lot closer to us. I wasn’t averse to playing with some big black cocks, but I was saving my pussy for when Mark returned. I didn’t want to be sore and fucked out when he came home. It did not look like Amy and Tess were saving anything for later. Each of them was surrounded by viral and muscular studs. I got on my knees and began working on making the semi-rigid cocks into rigid cocks. As soon as I got the first two good and hard the owners thrust them into Tess and Amy’s pussies.
Tess must have wanted it a bit rough because her guy was slamming his huge cock into her as fast as he could. He had her screaming her orgasm in moments. He pulled out and stuffed his cock in her mouth while the guy I had just inflated began slamming her pussy. I could hear her orgasmic screams even though she had a mouth full of cock. When her third guy was ready, they started taking turns. When one got tired, he would make way for the other. They weren’t bothering to put a cock in her mouth anymore. She needed the breath to scream.
Tess was being constantly slammed and she was constantly cumming. It wasn’t long before one of them put a condom on, lubed up good, and put his cock in her ass. The pace had slowed a bit so the guys could coordinate their strokes. They may have slowed down a bit but considering that she had two cocks in her, she was still getting fucked hard. It wasn’t long before the guy in her ass reached his limit. I was amazed that he had lasted as long as he had considering that he had been fucking her pussy hard for twenty minutes before he stuck it in her ass. He pulled out, slipped the condom off, and pulled her head down on his cock. She pumped him with her mouth and hands until he filled her mouth.
Not long after that the guy on the bottom pulled out of her pussy, grabbed her hair, and pulled her mouth onto his cock. She swallowed all he had to give as well. The third guy grabbed her ankles, flipped her onto her back, and pushed his cock into her. He fucked her hard and fast. She was nearly delirious at this point. I have never seen someone so thoroughly fucked. It would have been abusive if she didn’t love every second of it. When stud number three got close he straddled her chest and stuck his cock in her mouth. Tess enthusiastically swallowed his load.
He stood and moved away. Two more studs came over. One of them laid down and dragged her limp body on to his chest. The second guy helped guide his cock into her pussy, then plunged his own cock into her ass. Tess got another hard fucking. By this point she was a rag doll, and I would have been concerned except that she kept mumbling “Fuck me hard”. She kept cumming and cumming. The two guys fucking her both shot deep into her. I knew that she was orgasming by the way her body quivered. By this point she could barely speak, and her moans were almost whispers.
The last two studs pulled their depleted cocks out of her. She was so spent that she was nearly unconscious. One of the studs scooped up her limp body and walked out of the room trailed by the second stud. There was no way she was going to be able to stand in the shower. I hoped that she would be able to walk by the time we left.
Amy on the other hand, was taking things in a different direction. She was sitting on Bell’s face while she sucked on two cocks. Bell made her cum so hard she had to take the cocks out of her mouth. Bell moved out from under her and one of the studs she had been sucking moved behind her. He slid his cock in from the back while she continued to suck the other stud. The studs kept swapping places and positions with her. They weren’t slamming her like Tess. This was a slower fucking that made me wet as hell. It was amazing to watch and I wanted to take her place.
I was happy to watch and get hornier by the moment. By the time Mark came back from fishing I was going to be desperate for cock. Amy is so hot and watching her fuck two amazing studs is the definition of erotic. It is one of my fondest memories.
Eventually Amy was on her back with one stud feeding his cock into her mouth while the other was fucking her pussy. She thrust her hips up and ground her pussy hard against the cock buried in her and screamed out her orgasm around the cock in her mouth. I could see that cock pulse as cum shot into her mouth. The stud in her pussy was filling her up as well. I could see it squeezing out of her as he made his final thrusts.
Both studs laid down next to her and kissed her for a while. Eventually one of them picked her up and the three of them left the room. I walked back to the main room and had another drink. I waited for the girls and watched the main stage. Cindy came out of the back first. She looked thoroughly fucked so her two studs must have done more than wash her.
“So, Cindy whatcha been up to?”
“Oh my god! They took me to a shower and washed me, but not like I have ever been washed! They ran their hands all over me, and kissed me, and I couldn’t help it. I had to play with those huge cocks. At first, I just held one in my hand. Then I was holding both and pumping them with my hands. All the sudden I am flipped upside down and my pussy is being eaten. There is a huge cock right in front of my face, so I start to suck it.
“Well, the stud eating me was really good at it. He made me cum and that made me wonder what his cock would feel like in my pussy. He must have read my mind because all the sudden I am flipped back over, and he is lowering me onto his cock. It was so fucking hot. He made me orgasm so good.
“Then the other stud starts playing with my ass! The next thing I know I have a cock in my ass too! Anyway, they filled me up with cum, which meant they had to clean me up again. By the time I was clean, they were hard again. This time they took turns picking me up and bracing my back against the wall while the fucked me. I swallowed their cum this time. I thought that if they came in me, they would wash me and then fuck me again. I didn’t have the energy to fuck anymore.
They carried me to a massage table and gave me a wonderful massage. They brought me my clothes and here I am. Where are Tess and Amy?”
I told her all that I had seen. Her eyes got huge when I told her about Tess’s hard fucking. I could see her face flush when I told her about Amy’s adventure. By the time I finished Amy and Tess were coming out of the back. Amy was helping Tess walk and that worried me, “Is she hurt? Is she going to be alright?”
Amy smiled down at her, “She’ll be fine. She’s just exhausted and her pussy is a bit sore. They took good care of her in the back. They even had a nurse check her out to be sure.”
Tess had a glazed look in eyes that were nearly closed. I needed to check for myself, “Hey Tess! Are you in there? Say something please.”
“They fucked me good and I am sooo tired.”
I couldn’t help but laugh, “Tess, they fucked the living shit out of you! I would have stopped it, but it was obvious you wanted it. You were literally asking for it!”
She grinned weakly, “I sure did. They wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t asked. Can we go now? I need to sleep.”
We dropped Tess off at her room. Amy led her into the room and to the bed. Tess dropped on the bed like she’d been punched and started to snore lightly. It was pretty funny. Cindy, Amy, and I were hungry, so we went to dinner.
Back at the room I spent some time in the hot tub, then decided to cool off in the pool. I hadn’t bothered to put on a bikini. I was very horny, and I wanted to be naked and ready when Mark got back. I was leaning against the side, sipping a drink, and slowly kicking my feet when Mark returned. He walked out of our room, saw me, and began stripping. He must have been drinking heavily because he was hopping and tripping all over the place.
He finally made it into the pool. He had just pulled me close and started to kiss me when we heard voices. Eli, Bill, and Jason were swim-wading up to us. Eli called out, “Loren you got my wife all fucked out! It looks like you got Cindy and Amy fucked out too!”
Mark gave me the side eye, “What did you do?”
“Now wait a minute. I didn’t make anyone do anything.”
Mark took my hand and started leading me out of the pool, “It sounds like you got some splaining to do Lucy!”
He sat on the beach chair and pulled me down in front of him. He leaned back and pulled me with him. I was on display for the other guys. As I told them what had happened Mark was caressing me. The deeper I got into the story, the more sexual his caresses became. By the time I finished I was so turned on I could barely talk.
Mark started running his fingers up and down my slit, “What are these poor guys going to do now?” He pulled my legs apart and spread my labia with his fingers, “Look at this pussy guys. It’s a nice pussy isn’t it?”
There was a universal round of ‘Hell Yeh’s’
“Loren, I think you need to make it up to everyone.” He pulled me up his body and slid me down until his cock head was rubbing my entrance. He slowly slid his cock into me, “You have been a bad girl leading their wives astray. Now their husbands have no pussy. I think it is only fair that you provide the replacement pussy. Don’t you?”
The guys were watching as he slid his cock in deep, “Oh god. Yes honey, I’ll share my pussy. Would you guys fuck me please?”
We started on the pool deck. Mark continued to fuck me, and Bill walked up and stuck his cock in my mouth. Soon we realized we needed the bed. It is hard to have a gang bang on a beach chair. Mark carried me inside and tossed me on the bed. I laid sidewise on the bed while Eli fed his cock into my mouth. Jason fed his wonderful dick into my pussy from the front and Bill entered my ass. Mark held my leg up and watched while they stroked, and I sucked.
Mark orchestrated the rotation. The guy not in me would rotate in at my pussy, then move to my mouth, then to my ass, then to the bathroom to wash his dick, before returning to my pussy. Once I started orgasming, I didn’t want to stop. They started at a normal pace, but as I loosened up, I got vocal, “You need to fuck me hard! Give me cock!”
After a while, my ass got sore and they left it alone. That just meant easier access to my pussy. They fucked me good and I was continuously cumming. I nearly lost my mind it was so hot. We were at it for hours. One of them would cum in me and take a break to recover. It seemed like there was someone in my pussy constantly. Those big, beautiful cocks kept filling me and making me cum. They were either long stroking into me or I was grinding on them as I rode them. Bill and Eli came in me twice. Jason and Mark managed three times. Bill left after his last time. Eli, Jason, and Mark got hard again, but couldn’t cum. That just meant I got fucked longer.
After hours of constant fucking, I didn’t have the energy to move. I just laid there, my pussy sending a constant burst of pleasure through my body. I remember lovingly sucking on my husband’s cock while Eli slid his long cock in and out of me. Then I woke up and it was daylight. I staggered into the bathroom, peed, and went back to bed. When I woke up again it was late afternoon, and the sun was going down. I took a long hot shower, dressed, and went looking for my husband.
It wasn’t a long search. He was out by the pool. Tess was on the beach chair with her legs shoved back against her chest while Mark fucked her. Our friends were all there. I walked over and sat with Amy. Everyone else was busy using their sex organs.
“Hey Amy, I see I missed the start of the party.”
“Oh, it started an hour ago.”
“Why aren’t you having fun?”
“I have been waiting for you.”
I looked at her and she pulled me into a kiss. Her soft lips and sweet tongue seemed meant to touch mine. It was Romantic and sexy, and I wanted to touch her desperately. She stood and took my hand. We walked to her room and let the crowd have their fun. We kissed and touched and gradually undressed each other. On the bed I took control and kissed my way to those magnificent tits. I licked her nipples and nibbled them to erection. I swirled my tongue down her muscled stomach until my tongue began to caress her slit. She tasted nice. I licked around her clit and slid two fingers inside of her. I fucked her with my hand as my tongue worked around and on her clit. She came for me and it gave me a rush.
I moved back up the bed and kissed her deeply. My hand slowly sliding up and down her slit. She grabbed my hand with both of hers as she orgasmed again. Then suddenly she flipped me on my back, pushed my legs up against my chest and put her mouth on my pussy. Her tongue touched every part of my pussy and built me up to an amazing orgasm. I was panting hard when she finally laid down beside me, “Amy, that was amazing. I am so glad we did this. I have wanted you since I first saw you and I had never been with a woman before.”
“I had never made love to a woman until just now. Bell eating me isn’t the same. I felt drawn to you too, but I didn’t think it would ever happen. When I found out that you had been with Cindy and then Tess, I thought there might be a chance.”
I kissed her, “I enjoyed being with them, but you would have been my first if I had known how you felt. If I ever fell in love with a woman, it would be you.”
She kissed me hard and I kissed her back just as hard. Not long after that I was eating her while she ate me. I couldn’t get enough of her. We snuggled on the bed afterward talking about our lives and sharing kisses. I was very content and very hungry. We finally left the bed and dressed, only to fall into each other’s arms again for more kissing. Eventually we made it out to the pool deck.
I had hoped Mark would take me to dinner, but when we walked up, he was sliding his cock into Cindy. I leaned down between them and kissed Cindy, “Make sure he fucks you good. You deserve it.” She smiled up at me, then her mouth fell open and her eyes got wide as Mark slid in deep.
“Mark sweetheart, Amy and I are going to dinner. Make sure you fuck her good and I will see you later.”
He leaned his head up and we kissed. Amy and I went to dinner and I enjoyed her company immensely. We returned a few hours later a bit drunk and found everyone naked on the pool deck. We undressed and joined them. Eli and Jason were just hanging out while Mark and Bill were double teaming Tess. Cindy was looking sated and sipping on a drink.
Amy headed for Eli and I went to Jason, “Ahh, are you poor guys all by yourselves? How about we suck your cocks? Would that make you feel better?”
We didn’t bother to wait for a response. I love Jason’s cock and sucking it was a pleasure for me. His rock-hard cock told me that he enjoyed it too. I climbed onto his lap and slid my pussy down his cock. I knew we were all going home soon, and I wanted as much of it as I could get before we left the resort. It was a nice slow fuck. The tension building slowly until we were at the edge. The slowness a torture that made the approaching orgasm build until I thought I was going to explode. Then I did and he did in me. It was wonderful. We laid together on the beach chair and kissed deeply in the afterglow.
Amy and Eli finished about the same time we did. Eventually Amy stood and took her husband’s hand. They left and I walked over to Mark. He was lying next to a thoroughly fucked Tess, “Baby, it’s time to put your toy back in your pants and come to bed.” He leaned over and gave Tess a kiss, then stood and followed me to bed.
Mark and I woke, had breakfast, and walked on the beach. We went back to our room and spent the rest of the day in bed making love. We had our last romantic dinner, and our last romantic walk on the beach before returning to the building. We spent some time in the pool before our friends made their way over. We drank and laughed and tried to ignore the elephant in the room. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I started to cry, “I am going to miss you all so much it hurts.”
Soon everyone was tearing up and we were all hugging and kissing. It was sweet and sad. We had all shared contact information and would stay in touch. Visits weren’t out of the question, just not convenient. They lived three hundred miles away from us. It still felt like I had lost a part of me.
We left the resort in the early hours of Saturday and landed back home at noon. It was so cold that the skyway had frozen. We had to walk from the plane to the terminal in shorts and t-shirts. I was shivering uncontrollably by the time we got inside. I was lost in my thoughts and didn’t say more than a few words during the trip home.
I had been confused and guilty since my husband and I had returned from vacation. I froze very time I tried to talk to Mark so I decided to write down my feelings. A letter seemed to be the only way I could communicate how I felt.
Dear Husband and love of my life,
I need to write this letter to you because I cannot seem to talk to you about what happened. My tongue gets tied and my thoughts are everywhere. I have been acting like a crazy person and it is not your fault.
I do not blame you. If anything, a lot of what happened was my decision. Honestly, I am just dealing with my own my guilt. You already know that of course, but the way I am acting is not fair to you at all. We had talked about it and decided that whatever happened we would still love each other. That was true then and it is still true now.
I am struggling with the fact that the values I grew up with are not matching the way I acted. I think my values are good ones, but after our vacation I am constantly questioning them. My struggle is with reconciling what happened and how much I enjoyed it, with the promise I made to you.
I cannot lie, once I reached a certain point, I loved every minute of it. You are the most amazing lover I have ever had, and I will never want for more. Things happened despite that, amazing things. I promised to love only you and that will forever be true. I promised to cleave to you only. If I understand that the way I think it is intended, then I did not. How do I reconcile the dichotomy? I loved what happened and I love you. Now I feel like I have betrayed our promise.
I love you now and forever,
I will forever cherish his response to me.
Dear Loren,
You are the love of my life and I will never give up on you or want to give you up. That statement was true before we left on vacation and is even more true now. Being a guy and all logical and shit I see two things that are messing with your head. First is what happened on vacation. Second is how what happened conflicts with the baggage we both have from our upbringing.
Taking the second issue first I would like to point out that some of the stuff our parents taught us is not only the best way to live, but is also still relevant in the modern world we struggle to live in. I also think that some of it is utter Rocky(H)shit. Especially when sex enters the equation. The boundaries that limited our parents and their parents were intended to ensure men kept control of their women. You do not need controlled. And really, who uses “cleave” anyway? You promised yourself to me and I promised myself to you. We have kept that promise.
You and I are a loving partnership. You can have thoughts, opinions, and wants of your own. You are an amazing woman, and I was happy to see you totally enjoy yourself. We talked about what we thought might happen and we understood each other. We may not have fully understood what we were getting into, but I have to say I have no regrets about how either of us acted. Our love was always my main concern and I believe that love was never in danger.
Please be honest with yourself. We both loved every second of what happened and if anything, it made our love stronger. Give yourself a break and accept that the rules are subject to change when we both agree to the change. I loved you before, I love you now, and I will love you for as long as I live.
Your husband, lover, and friend,
After I read Mark’s letter, I walked into the living room and climbed onto his lap. He pulled me close. He kissed me in that special way he has that tells me he loves me, he cares for me, and he lusts for me. He smiled at me and I knew we were going to be alright. He helped me realize that our marriage was stronger because of our experience.
I felt so much better, “Mark, do you think our friends might be up for a summer vacation?”

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