A mature gentleman picks up a carefree buxom hitchhiker

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“What the fuck?” I thought to myself as I spied the woman hitchhiking at the side of the road. I’d never seen anybody hitchhiking in this spot on the edge of town. Geez, I hadn’t seen anybody hitchhiking on any of England’s roads for years now.

But this young woman definitely had my attention. I know all the things I’m gonna say now were burned into my brain in just a few seconds after spotting her; but with a woman like this, that first impression is something you never forget.

The first thing that entered my mind was how voluptuously buxom this young woman was. A woman with a lush curvy figure like this one was something that had inhabited my fantasies for years, and now here was one standing near the side of road on the edge of Huntingdon. I shook my head and blinked hard, not sure if my eyes were deceiving me. But when I opened my eyes, she was still there, her arm thrust out and her thumb pointed in the direction I was going. A shiver of excitement ran down my spine as my eyes hungrily roamed over her.

I’m gonna start at the ground and work my way up, much as my eyes did as they were drawn magnetically to her incredibly lush form. She wore a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals, with light-colored straps running over her painted toes with another slim strap around her ankles, sufficient to hold the sexy pair of shoes in place. Being around five and half feet tall, I could see that although she didn’t need the extra height by any means, those delicate sandals had what looked like a nice slim 4″ heel, the added lift making her legs look fantastic.

Speaking of her legs, she stood next to the road with her legs spread more than shoulder-width apart, her right arm extended for a ride while her left hand carried a big black duffel bag. I guess standing with her legs fairly far apart like this helped her to distribute the load from the duffel bag, but I didn’t care, looking at those spread legs had my cock twitching already. My eyes instinctively followed the narrowing inverted-V of her spread legs upwards, the gap between them getting smaller and smaller when all that was left was about an inch before those strong full alabaster columns disappeared beneath the hem of a faded denim miniskirt.

With her legs spread amply apart like this, the skirt was drawn taut across her full thighs, the soft-looking fabric seeming to strain against the pressure her body was putting it through. It caressed her upper thighs in a tight embrace before it too disappeared under the bottom of her sweater, the overlapping garments flowing enticingly over her wide womanly hips.

The brilliant yellow sweater hugged her ample body invitingly, molding itself to every lush curve and flowing contour. From the bottom up, it narrowed nicely as it formed to her full hourglass figure, her wide hips giving way to a sensually-indented waist. What really set her waist off was a wide brown leather belt, cinched tight over her sweater. The warm-looking leather band circling her waist looked incredibly erotic for some reason, seeming to hint at the pleasures this women’s tremendous body was capable of if that sexy belt was untethered.

My eyes continued upwards over the sexy wide belt, but not very far before the snug sweater almost overshadowed the belt, a truly spectacular pair of tits thrusting forward in a gorgeously voluptuous shelf. The yellow sweater was sleeveless with a deep V-neck that showed an incredibly deep dark line of cleavage. The outsides of the sweater’s V-neck flowed outwards as they rose to her shoulders, amply displaying a generous amount of soft-looking tit-flesh, the impressive swells threatening to spill over the plunging neckline of her top.

Her tits were huge; there was no doubt about it. They were remarkably round, and massive, the sweater stretched almost to the bursting point as her two voluminous orbs filled the soft fabric with more than it could take. I could see that the tight yellow sweater was made up of numerous slender vertical ribs. Those ribs flowed in and out provocatively as they followed the expansive swells of her huge tits as they spread out over the full breadth of her chest, mesmerizing following the incredible contours of those magnificent breasts. It made my mouth water just looking at how that sweater seemed to cup and caress those massive mounds.

My eyes followed the inviting line of her cleavage upwards over the smooth creamy skin of her chest to her face, which was rapturously beautiful. She had full sensual lips, which I could see were glistening with a glossy coating of red lipstick. Her wide full mouth and pouty lips looked like they were made specifically for sucking cock. She had a slim aquiline nose which gave her a regal look. Her eyes were dark and mysterious, shadowed by long dark lashes and accentuated by dark curving brows and high pronounced cheekbones.

Her dark hair shone in the sun, the shimmering tresses flowing like black silk far down over her shoulders. She wore it parted slightly to one side, the lustrous flowing curves of hair framing her sensuous face attractively.

Her skin was creamy white, and there was plenty for me to see in this provocatively sexy outfit she was wearing. It stood out boldly against the colors of her clothes, yet looked incredibly soft and touchable, just calling for a hand to reach out and explore the wonders lying beneath.

Like I said, all this shot through my brain in milliseconds after I first saw her. All in all, she was breathtakingly beautiful. What made her so impressive was not just that she was a nicely put-together package; it was her overall size that made her all the more attractive; at least to me. This wasn’t some little skinny waif, like my ex-wife; this was a full-bodied woman. She was definitely a BBW, but not a chubbette. She looked like someone who had always been big and full-bodied, one of those women who always seem to retain just that alluring bit of baby-fat throughout their entire life. She looked as if she could easily go over to ‘the other side’ though if she didn’t take care of herself. She might gain that weight and get that real chubby look someday, but right now she was just touchably soft-looking, lushly curvy…and absolutely perfect. I thought of all those fantasies I’d had since I was a teenager; the countless number of loads I’d pumped out of my throbbing cock while picturing what I could do with a woman like this. Yes, a woman like this was definitely the things that dreams were made of.

A truck in a rush hurtled past me with his horn blaring as I slowed to a crawl. It shook me out of my trancelike fog back to reality. I couldn’t believe she was actually standing here hitchhiking. I was shocked that a gorgeous woman like this hadn’t already been picked up by some lecherous horny bastard just like me. I had a very conservative nature, and hadn’t picked up a hitchhiker in years, but seeing this woman with her thumb stuck out changed everything. I immediately put on my blinker and pulled over, edging completely off the road as I came to a full stop just past her. I hit the button and rolled down the passenger side window of my Honda as she stepped up next to the car.

“Hi, can I get a lift?” she asked, her low purring voice cutting right through to my stiffening prick. As she leaned into the open window, I got to see her face close up. Fuck, she was beautiful. Her dark hair, dark eyes and full sensual mouth gave her an exotic look that made her look incredibly hot and sultry. Yes, sultry was definitely the word to describe the warm sexuality that seemed to just ooze from every luscious pore of that magnificent body of hers. She leaned on the side of the car looking at me, a playfully suggestive glint shining in those smoldering dark eyes of hers. I felt a lurch go right to my swelling dong as I struggled to reply.

“S…sure, just…just throw your bag in the back,” I stammered, my thick tongue catching in my throat as my heart beat rapidly. She opened the back door and slung her duffel bag in before moving to the front. I looked over as she opened the door and climbed in, her buxom frame feeding my hungry eyes as I watched her long muscular legs slide in, one after the other. My eyes were drawn to the insides of her full creamy thighs as one leg came in first, then the other as she settled herself onto the leather seat. With that short little skirt, I was able to catch a glimpse all the way up to the cockpit, a nice pair of white panties barring my view of what I’m sure was a succulently fleshy cunt.

“So, what’s your name?” she asked as I put on my blinker and started to pull back onto the road.

I was a bit surprised at how carefree and up front she was with that question. I’d picked up a few hitchhikers many years ago, and I don’t think I’d exchanged names with any of them. She looked safe enough, but who knew what kind of things she was carrying in the big duffel bag. Maybe she was some kind of whack-job, and that bag was filled with many sorts of hammers, socks weighted down with lug nuts, maybe even one of those huge hypodermics that they use for giving spinal injections. As I thought about her tying me down and shoving one of those huge needles into my urethra, I decided to keep things on the safe side when it came to her knowing who I was. I decided on a half-truth and gave her the pseudonym I used in my writing.

“Alex…Alex Barton,” I replied, giving it my best James Bond imitation. I even put a little of Sean Connery’s Scottish charm into my own English accent. She looked to be in her early twenties and I figured the James Bond thing would be lost on her, but at age 67, it was the kind of thing my generation was used to doing, so I went with it anyway.

“Nice to meet you, Alex.” Yes, the James Bond thing seemed to go right over her head, but I wasn’t surprised by that. “I’m Arianna. How old are you? I’m 23.”

For some reason, I found her forthright behavior refreshing. “23? That’s a great age. I wish I was 23 again. I’m 67 actually.”

“67 isn’t so old, and you look like you’re in great shape. I prefer older men actually. I like the beard thing you’ve got going too. It suits you.”

I thought her words were sweet, even if she was just feeding me a line of shit because I was giving her a ride. But there was something more going on that I found bewitchingly intriguing. She had turned in my direction when she answered and I caught a small whiff of her breath. I’d always had a sensitive sense of smell and I was definitely getting something interesting here. Was that the scent of cum I was detecting? Just the illicit thought of it sent a jolt right to my already half-hard prick. My cock had been that way, sitting at about half-mast, within seconds of me laying eyes on her.

“Thanks for saying that. That’s very nice of you. I thought of cutting off the beard, but I just can’t do it. I don’t know why.”

“Don’t do it. I think it makes you look very wise, and quite masculine.”

She gave me a bit of a naughty wink when she said that, which I didn’t fail to notice. She seemed to be in the mood to flirt a bit. Two could play that game. “Thanks, it’s nice to hear the opinion on something like that from an attractive young woman.”

“It’s true. I think the beard looks great. You look very attractive with it. Like a distinguished film director, or an author.”

I kind of flinched a bit when she said the word ‘author’. Was this some kind of setup by my old friend Dexter, who’d paid this girl to go and stand by the side of the road when he knew I was going to be driving by? No, even he didn’t have the cash to spare for something like that. Or was her saying that just a coincidence? I guess I’d find out sooner or later. Whatever it was, it was fun having this voluptuous young vixen in the car. “Arianna. That’s a nice name. Where are you off to this morning? I’m heading over to Bluntisham,” I said, wanting her to keep talking so I could hopefully check out that breath of hers again.

“That’s where I’m going to,” she replied with a broad smile on her face. “That’s perfect.”

Yes, although it was just a hint, her breath definitely had that distinctive smell of cum. “So what takes you to Bluntisham? Visiting someone there?”

She nodded as her gaze flicked out the windshield, taking in the lush green fields of the English countryside flashing by. “Yes, my father lives there. I’m going to spend a few days with him. I was all set to leave this morning only my piece of shit Corolla wouldn’t start. I knew it was on its last legs and I can’t afford to get it fixed right now. I was going to take a bus, but I got a little distracted this morning and missed it. So, I decided to hitch a ride. That’s when you came along.”

She’d faced me when she’d been speaking, and there was no doubt in my mind now, that was definitely cum on her breath. There was no mistaking it. I figured her ‘distraction’ this morning was the reason for that alluring scent. It definitely turned my thoughts to numerous possibilities about how that had happened this early in the morning, each thought more lurid than the one before. “Your father lives in Bluntisham? Where abouts?”

“He’s got a house on East Street. He’s been there since my mum passed away a few years ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that about your mum. But, East Street? That’s just down the street from my parents’ home. They’re on Laxton Grange and that’s where I’m headed.”

“Huh, small world, eh?” she said, and when I looked at those massive tits of hers beautifully encased in that yellow sweater, the word ‘small’ never came into my head once.

I wanted her to keep talking, maybe get an idea of what her morning’s ‘distraction’ had been. “Uh, so you said your car broke down. Are you living in Huntingdon then? Do you work there?”

“Yes, I work at the Bliss Beauty Salon on the High Street.”

Fuck, the Bliss Beauty Salon? That was just around the corner from where I lived! “Uh, yeah, I know the place.”

“So anyway, I’ve got a few days off in a row and I’m going to spend them with my dad. Since my mum’s been gone, I like to visit him when I’ve got some time off. I think he likes the company.”

I’d like the company too if I was him, I thought to myself as I let my eyes rake over her spectacular form. Fuck, those tits were incredible. “That looks like a pretty big bag of stuff you’ve got there for just a few days,” I said as I gestured towards the back seat.

“Oh, yeah. I know. My dad likes me to bring a lot of lingerie when I come to stay. He likes to see me in different things.”

I almost veered off the road as I listened to what she’d just said. Had I actually heard her correctly? No, my mind must have misunderstood, my perverted old brain deceiving me. “Uh, sorry, what did you say?” I asked, feeling my heart racing like a runaway steam engine.

“Yeah, my dad likes it when I wear lingerie when we fuck. He says a woman with a body like mine should show it off to its best advantage by wearing something tight and sexy. He prefers that to me being totally nude, and I do have to agree that I do look pretty good in the things he and I picked out together.”

“HOLY FUCK!” My mind was screaming out as I realized I hadn’t misheard her. She was actually admitting she was fucking her own father!

“I…uh…I don’t know what to say,” was all I could think of as I swung the car along a curve in the road as we wove our way around the outskirts of St. Ives. I was finding it brutally hard to keep my mind on the road ahead, lurid pictures swimming around in my brain like a school of dolphins, each illicit image popping above the waves for a split second before dropping back beneath the surface as another wickedly sinful one replaced it, over and over.

“I don’t think there’s any point in hiding it. My dad and I are both fine with it. My flatmates don’t think anything of it either.”

I wondered if her flatmates were like-minded girls. Maybe they were fucking their fathers too? Was all this going on in quiet little Huntingdon and Bluntisham and I had no idea about it? Man, I needed to get out more! “Your flatmates?” I asked, wanting to get as much information about these bizarrely arousing relationships as I could.

“Well they’re not as much flatmates as they are landlords. I rent an apartment from two brothers who took over their parents’ home when they died a number of years ago.”

“Two brothers?” So her flatmates weren’t young girls after all. She really had my interest now.

“Yes, one’s 71 and the other one’s 68. No, sorry, he’s 69. I forgot he just had his birthday last month. Those two are the reason I was running late this morning.”

“What…what happened?” After what she’d just said about fucking her father, I couldn’t wait to hear more.

“Those guys give me a bit of a break on my rent. So in return, I suck both of them off every day, and they each fuck me every now and then.” She paused for a second as I looked over at that wide full mouth of hers, my eyes almost popping out of my head as I pictured two men my age pounding their cocks between those cock-sucking lips. “Anyway, I guess they both liked the way I sucked them off this morning, because each one wanted to get off a second time in my mouth. That’s why I was late. By the time I’d finished swallowing those second loads, I’d missed the bus.”

“Lucky fuckers!” I thought to myself as I kept flicking my eyes between the road ahead and those amazing tits of hers. And there it was, the reason for her cum-breath. She’d just sucked double loads out of two guys older than me! Fuck, if I was her landlord, she wouldn’t be paying any rent at all if I had a chance to get my hands on those beauties beneath that tight sweater of hers. As it was, I was struck dumb, unable to speak even a single word as I took in what she’d just said. I could feel myself sweating, and my cock was hard as a rock. I could feel it thrusting upwards, wanting some relief from my restraining trousers.

“Alex,” she continued as she gave me a coquettish smile. “I’d like to thank you for giving me a ride. And I’m still a little hungry, if you know what I mean.” I glanced over at her as she suggestively licked her lips at the same time she let her eyes drift down to my bulging crotch. I knew exactly what she meant about being hungry, and my surging cock obviously did too. As her tongue circled her shiny red lips, she gave a warm little purr as she lifted her eyes back to mine. “Do you think we could pull over somewhere and you could feed me some more, you know, just like my two landlords did this morning?”

“Oh my God! Fucking yes!” I wanted to scream out, but I used all my willpower to make it look like I was keeping myself under control. But this exquisite temptress had me losing it, and she was so hot that I knew, even at my age, that if I didn’t get a load off soon, I’d be making a mess inside my pants. With my mind reeling, it didn’t take me long to come up with the ideal place. “Yes, there’s a little roadside park just up ahead near the turnoff to Needingworth. I think it’ll be perfect.”

“I know the place.” I watched as she crossed her arms and drew her sweater up over her head and off, tossing it in the backseat. I looked over, barely keeping the car on the road as I took in the exquisite view of her mammoth tits. They were incredible. They thrust out a mile from her ribcage, the enormous globes alluringly encased in a delicate white lace bra. Her cleavage was as deep and dark as my perverted soul, with the massive mounds of velvety soft flesh that were the reason for that enticing line of cleavage, threatening to spill over the jam-packed bra cups. “If you like, you can feel these until we get there.”

With my eyes flicking continuously between the road in front of me and those gigantic breasts, I reached over with my hand, my fingers burning with excitement as I slid them over the upper swells of her enormous tits. I spread my fingers out over the full breadth of one enormous tit, and then slid it downwards. Her youthful skin felt exquisitely smooth as my fingertips moved further, sliding right inside her bra cup. I could feel the substantial wire inside the top edge of the cup, the reinforcing definitely needed to hold these enormous beauties in place. Her skin was luxuriously warm and soft as a rose petal as my hand ventured further. My fingers followed the scintillating contours down over the enticing slope, and down further, until I had that massive globe cupped in my widely-spread fingers. I gave it a testing squeeze as I hefted it, the enormous weight of it setting my libido on fire.


She gave a soft purr as I groped her, my hand cupping and caressing that amazing tit. I had never felt one so big in my whole life. But there was something I just had to know. “You have beautiful breasts. Tell me, what size bra do you wear?”

“I was wearing a 34F for quite some time, but I guess I outgrew that. This one’s a 34G. That’s what I’ve been wearing for the last year or so.”

“A FUCKING G-CUP! JESUS CHRIST!” I said to myself as I hammered on the accelerator, wanting to get to that park as quickly as possible. I felt like my surging prick was hard enough that I could have released it from my pants and used it to press on the accelerator. I’m sure my dick wanted to get to that park as badly as I did.

“It seems as if you like my breasts, Alex. I’m glad. And your hand feels so good,” Arianna said coyly as she leaned back in the seat and gave me a teasing smile. At the same time, she reached over, her slender fingers rubbing provocatively over the front of my bulging pants.

Thankfully, the turnoff to the park came into view a short distance ahead and I maneuvered the car off the road, along the narrow laneway and into the small parking lot behind some trees that kept it shielded from view from the main road. I was happy to see that there were no other cars there. I slammed the car into park and turned off the engine.

“This is perfect. Now, let me suck that cock of yours,” Arianna said with a teasing glint in her eye as she popped off her seat belt and turned towards me. She hit the button to release my seat belt as well, and then she leaned over in my direction as she undid my pants. She was quick to undo my belt and slide down the zipper. I felt her push down my underwear and reach inside, freeing my raging cock at last. I heard her give a sharp intake of breath as it came free and reared up, rising from my midsection like a King Cobra about to strike.

“Oh my, it’s beautiful,” she said breathlessly. “And so big, so fucking big. It’s bigger than either of my two landlords’, and I think it’s even bigger than Daddy’s. Just let me wrap my lips around it and I’ll be able to tell you for sure.”

I watched, totally spellbound, as this buxom girl with the bountiful attributes parted her soft red lips and leaned over me, her head dropping until I felt the wet delicious warmth of her lips against the engorged head of my rigid prick.

“It is bigger than Daddy’s. And it feels so hard and powerful. Let’s just get it nice and wet first,” I heard her mutter under her breath just before I felt a warm trickle of saliva settle on the sensitive glans and then start to slide down the upright shaft. “I think I’m gonna need to get it nice and slippery if I want it to go all the way down my throat.”

And with that, she started to lower her head. I could feel her lips spreading out as they followed the flaring contours of my cockhead. She finally slipped her lips over the broad ridge at the base of the knob, and then she let out a blissful purr as she closed down on it, her tongue swirling all over the sensitive tissues of the glans as she really started to suck.

“Oh fuck…” I couldn’t help but moan as this heavenly angel started to suck on me better than any porn star on earth could. Her mouth was like a bowl of hot liquid velvet, the soft buttery tissues on the insides of her cheeks pressing wantonly against the sides of my thrusting erection as she moved further down on the rigid shaft. She was moaning softly as she worked, her purrs and mews showing evidence of her rapturous enjoyment. More than anything, I wanted to see her, to see her pretty face as she was sucking me. I reached down and gathered up her hair, my fingers winding into those silky black locks and pulling them away from her face. I kept it gathered at the back of her head as I watched her bob up and down, her lips spread wide open and pursed erotically forward as they went back and forth on my veiny cock, gobs of her saliva making the thrusting shaft glisten nastily. I was surprised when she pulled her head off my surging dick and turned to look up at me, her lips dripping with her saliva and my pre-cum.

“Would you like to take my head in your hands and fuck my face?” she asked, her eyes glassy with arousal. “I really like when men do that.”

My heart was pounding in my chest as I looked down at her pretty young face and nodded. “Oh fuck yes,” I replied as I brought my other hand forward. I used both hands to keep her hair pulled back as I gripped her head firmly. She gave me another one of those knowing smiles that sent a tingling jolt from my brain to my cock before lowering her gaze back to the oozing tip of my cock as her lips opened wide. When her mouth locked onto my cock again and she started to slide her pouty lips down my throbbing shaft, I used my hands to take control. I worked her mouth up and down rhythmically, and the whole time she just kept moaning softly, encouraging me to do as I wished with her mouth.

“Here goes,” I thought to myself as I tried to push her further down, just to see how much she could take. I was expecting to hear her start to gag, but I was surprised when she angled her head at a certain point, and my cock slid right into her throat, the hot wet tissues massaging my buried cock like nothing I’d felt before.

“OH FUCCKKKKKK…” I couldn’t stop the animalistic groan that poured from my throat as she swallowed, tingling ripples of delight running up the length of my cock and into my perverted brain. I used my hands to lift her well up on my cock, wanting to experience the luxurious sensations of the depths of her throat once more. I pushed down again, and she enthusiastically allowed me to control the pace as I fed the full length of my thrusting erection into her mouth once more. It entered her throat smoothly as I pushed her face all the way down, until I felt her lips pressing flush up against my abdomen.

“Mmm…” She purred again, so I pulled her head up and then starting moving her head vigorously up and down, going balls deep as I thrust my hips upward at the same time I pushed her head down. The feeling was exquisitely intense, better than any blow job I’d had in my entire life. I could feel my balls drawing up close to my body. I wanted to last longer, but there was no way—she was just too fucking good.

“OH FUCK…HERE IT COMES!” I warned as I felt the first rush of semen speed up the shaft of my cock. I wondered if she’d back off, but it was obvious from the way she let me continue to work her head up and down that she no intention of doing that. Her mouth and throat felt incredible, and I felt the first thick rope of cum rocket forth at the same time I was pushing her head on a downward stroke. I could feel it shooting from the tip of my cock as her lips pressed hard against my abdomen, the massive volley of cum shooting right into her stomach. I pulled her head back up, the knob clearing the opening to her throat as the second thick white ribbon of cum jettisoned forth, filling her mouth with seed.

“Glmphh…” I heard her swallow, but it was a contented sound of rapture as she willingly took my semen deep inside her. I knew I had a lot more to give her, so I kept hold of her head and pounded it up and down on my bucking prick. Some of my spunk was going right down her throat while some was spewing into her vacuuming mouth. Her eyes were closed in pure bliss as I kept fucking her mouth, nasty trickles of cum leaking out of the corners of her mouth and sliding down her face and my prick in silvery rivulets.

I couldn’t believe the intensity of my climax. It had been years since I’d come this hard, and this much. I kept shooting, totally flooding her perfect mouth with a torrent of jizz. I just kept coming, wads and ropes of cum flooding her sucking mouth and silky throat. Finally, the luxurious sensations coursing through me ended, and I stopped moving her head up and down. She made no move to pull off, but stayed where she was with her lips wrapped around my cock, sucking tenderly at the seeping tip to get every drop. I watched her nurse and suck, totally spellbound by this voluptuous vixen. I knew then why her father liked her to visit. If she was this good at sucking, if I was her father, I’d never let her out of the house.

“Oh my God, Arianna, that was incredible,” I said as she finally sat back, her circling hand still stroking my cock.

“You sure shoot a lot. I don’t think I’m going to need lunch after swallowing that load.” She glanced down at my cock, her fingers working their magic. Her eyes turned up to mine as she ran her tongue over her lips, gathering up the stray gobs of cum. She had that devilish look in her eyes again. “You’re still hard, Alex. Would you like to fuck me now?”

She was right. Unbelievably, my cock hadn’t seemed to lose any of its blessed rigidity. Being around such a hot number as her had certainly gotten my libido firing on all cylinders. And would I like to fuck her? The easiest question I’d had to answer in years. “You’re damn right I’d like to fuck you. I’ve got a blanket in the boot. I think if we take it behind that hedge there, nobody will be sure to bother us.”

“Mmm, I’d like that.” She sat back slightly and turned slightly sideways in her seat, showing me how tightly her skirt fit over her big curvy bum. “Tell me, Alex, do you like anal sex?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was as if this girl could read my mind! And I wasn’t even wearing my favorite t-shirt, the one with the “I LOVE ANAL SEX” slogan on the front. As I felt a resurgent jolt go through my surprisingly-hard cock, it didn’t take me long to answer. “Do I like anal sex? Does the Pope shit in the woods? Is a frog’s ass watertight?”

My reply made her chuckle, and I was smiling too as we both got out of the car. But I was smiling out of pure joy, my balls having been drained like never before, with more to cum…er…come. I opened the trunk of the car and pulled out the blanket I kept in there in case of emergencies. This was something that as a 67-year-old, I was happy to have done. If I was 23, there was no way I would have thought of keeping a first aid kit and emergency blanket in my car. But now, that foresight was definitely coming in handy. I was about to avail myself of the anal pleasures of a busty 23-year-old enchantress, and I couldn’t remember a time when I’d been more excited. One thing I hadn’t had the foresight to have on hand was any lube. Now that would have been really impressive if I’d had some of that stashed away in the car.

“Oh, I just realized, I don’t have any kind of lubricant,” I said as she followed me behind the hedge to a flat grassy area with a few deserted picnic tables.

“That’s okay,” she replied. “If you start by fucking my pussy for a while, that should be fine. Daddy fucks me in the ass all the time, so it’s not like I’m a virgin back there or anything.”

“Jesus, this is getting more erotically sordid by the second,” I thought as I spread the blanket out on a soft patch of grass. I quickly followed that up by shucking off my clothes, along with my shoes and socks. Naked as the day I was born, I stepped onto the blanket.

“Hmm, you’re in really good shape, Alex. I’m impressed,” Arianna said as she reached behind her and undid the little zipper at the back of her miniskirt. I watched as she provocatively shimmied her broad hips from side to side as she pushed the skirt down, kicking it to the side after it pooled at her feet. She stood before me, wearing her strappy sandals, that amazingly-gorgeous bra, and a pair of silky white French-cut panties, the leg openings cut wickedly high on her hips. She teasingly looked over her shoulder at me as she turned in profile, giving me a cock-hardening view of her bountiful rear end.

“Do you like my bum, Alex?” she asked teasingly as she slid her hand down her flank and over one curvy cheek.

That bum of hers looked like two round beach balls waiting for someone to reach out and play with them, which is exactly what I did. “Your bum is incredible,” I said as I dropped to my knees behind her and buried my face in her warm crevice. I pressed my face right into her panties, the intoxicating scent of her body overwhelming me and making cock harder than I thought possible.

She gave a girlish giggle as she reached back and pulled my face harder against her, wriggling her plump backside as I licked at her panties. The taste was scintillatingly wonderful, but I wanted more. I reached up and grabbed the waistband of her panties and dragged them downwards. She lifted one foot at a time for me as I pulled them right off and tossed them to the side.

“There you go,” she said encouragingly as she leaned forward with her hands on her knees and presented that gorgeous backside of hers to me. Like a starving man at a buffet, I dived right in, my mouth watering as I slid my tongue into her warm inviting crack. I feathered my tongue forward, dragging the salivating tip down along that steaming furrow until I encountered her tight little starfish.

“Mmm…” It was my turn to moan now as I pressed my face tight against her hot young flesh, rolling the flat of my tongue over that delightful little opening. I felt her relax the tight ring, inviting me inside. I eagerly complied, feathering my tongue deep inside that tasty hole.

“Oh fuck…yesssss…” she hissed as I rolled my tongue all around inside her, relishing in the wickedly illicit flavor as I licked at the sensitive tissues deep inside her. She rolled her hips back at me, helping me to get my tongue even further inside. I knew I could have stayed there and worshipped that spectacular ass for hours, but we both wanted more. I spun her around and she flexed her hips forward, letting me give her dripping cunt just as much attention. I licked all over her shaven mons first, loving the taste of her womanly nectar before sliding my tongue between her dripping labial gates. She was soaking wet, my tongue quickly getting coated with her gooey juices. I spent a couple of minutes with my tongue inside her before I switched to her clit, the brilliant red nodule standing out like a beacon at the top of her vividly-pink slit. I wrapped my lips around the sensitive button, sucking on it like it was a little cock.

“OH FUCK…I’M GONNA…I’M GONNA…AAAAAHHHHH…” Arianna gasped out as she started to climax, grabbing my head and pulling my working mouth harder against her throbbing clit. I kept my lips and tongue busy, licking and sucking on it as she quivered and spasmed, her body shaking so badly that I thought she was going to collapse. She climaxed for a long time, flooding my face with her succulent youthful juices as she came and came.

“Oh God, Alex, you are so good at that,” she said as she finally started to come down from her orgasm. As I sat back, she reached between her massive breasts and started to undo her bra, the one she was wearing having a clasp at the front. “Are you ready to see these now?”

I couldn’t even speak as I sat back on my heels, my rock-hard cock pointing straight up like a heat-seeking missile about to launch. I watched, totally enthralled, as her slender fingers teasingly released the clasp of her bra. She slowly peeled back the two huge bra cups. As she did, her massive orbs seemed to find a life of their own as they were released from the confining garment. They spread well out and settled naturally on her chest. I almost came on the spot as I looked at them—they were the biggest tits I’d ever seen, and they were FUCKING PERFECT!

Her nipples and areola were a delicious bubble-gum pink in color, and perfectly sized to match the gigantic melons they were mounted on. Her nipples were already hard as bullets, standing stiffly proud as they thrust forward, just waiting for someone’s mouth to suck on them.

“Oh fuck, they’re incredible,” I gushed out as she kneeled in front in front of me. She took both hands and lifted one massive breast towards me, offering it up for me to service. I didn’t waste any time, dropping my mouth to the thrusting nipple and locking my lips around it as I started to suck. I slid a finger down the front of her ripe young body and up between her legs into her drooling gash. I started working my finger back and forth, paying attention to the hot folds of flesh on the roof of her vagina as I moved my mouth from one tantalizing breast to the other. She continued to hold them up for me as I worshipped them, her body twitching as my fingers brought her close to the edge. It was only a minute or two before she groaned deep in her throat and went over that edge once more, her lush body shaking and rippling as another intense climax shot through her. Her breasts were quivering and jiggling like mad as her body shook from the delicious tremors, but I kept sliding my finger vigorously over that sensitive spot inside her. I loved listening to her youthful gasps as wave upon wave of sensual pleasure rolled over her, until finally, the intensity of the sensations started to dwindle.

When she started to recover, I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock was on the verge of going off right there on the spot, something that hadn’t happened since I was a teenager. I eased her down onto the blanket on her back, her huge tits spreading out spectacularly over the full breadth of her chest. She was quick to draw her legs up as I got between her knees. I kneeled in front of her as I grabbed her around her slender ankles, lifting her legs until the rapier-like heels of her strappy sandals were pointing at the sky. I drew her shapely legs far out to each side in a V-shape, spreading her wide open as I positioned myself between her plump creamy thighs. She reached down between us and steered, positioning the engorged head of my cock at the dripping opening of her steaming cunt. I flexed forward, starting my 67-year old cock on an incredible journey I’d never in a million years dreamed of.

“Oh fuck…yesss…” Arianna hissed as her eyes closed in rapture. I mercilessly forced my way into her as I kept her spread open like a wishbone. I felt the steamy coital walls inside her fight against me at first, and then they finally surrendered the fight and yielded, bathing my insistent prick with hot oily juices. I continued, slowly pressing my rigid erection further into her, inch after inch filling her up, until finally, my groin pressed flush up against her shaven mound.

“Oh my God, so fucking big…” Arianna moaned deep in her throat as I rolled my hips in a slow tantalizing circle, making sure she felt every hard inch of my long thick cock. She moaned again, but she rolled her hips back against me as I ground my cock deep into her. I waited a minute or so until she got used to the size, and then I started fucking her, drawing my rampant prick back and then driving it to the hilt into her. I could tell by the way she was moaning that she could take it hard—no—I could tell she WANTED it hard, so I gave it to her that way, absolutely crucifying her as I drove my stake-like prick to the bottom of her needy pussy with every hammering thrust.
“OH FUCK…SO FUCKING HARD…THAT’S IT…THAT’S IT…OH FUCCKKKKK…” She came again, thrashing about like a wildcat as I kept pounding my mature cock as far into her as I could. Her head was flopping from side to side like a ragdoll as she climaxed, her body twitching and convulsing like crazy. I kept fucking her hard until she started to recover, and then I pulled out and flipped her over onto her stomach, wanting that amazing ass of hers.

With my surging prick glistening with cunt-honey, I pressed her body down into the blanket as I leaned over her. She instinctively parted her legs to each side as she arched her back, presenting that delightful little hole to me. I used my hand to press the tip of my drooling cock against her wrinkled pucker…and then I pushed.

“OH FUCKKKK…YESSSSS…” she moaned loudly as I felt that constricting ring ease open to let me inside. I kept flexing forward and rolling my hips as I looked down, inch after rigid inch disappearing inside her tight little hole. I pressed harder as she continued to groan like an animal, until finally, every steely inch of my cock was inside her, the bloated head way up inside her steaming guts. I held it there for a minute, both of us enjoying the intense sensations coursing through our bodies.

“Oh my God, I’ve never felt so full before,” Arianna said with a soft groan just as I started to withdraw. I pulled back until just the engorged knob was trapped inside the tight ring, and then levered my hips vigorously forward, hammering it deep into her waiting bowels once more.

“Yesss…yesss…” she kept hissing as I really started to fuck her sensational ass, just as hard as I’d fucked her pussy. I could see her gargantuan tits spread out beneath her as I kept her pressed against the blanket, my body slamming into hers over and over. I leaned over on top of her, reaching beneath her prone body and mauling those spectacular tits as I kept pounding my cock into her gripping ass. Her tits were so fucking big, and so fucking soft that I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to play with them for hours, but right now, I had to get off.

I kept fucking her ass as long as I could, using all my willpower to try and suppress the heightening urges inside me. But it was useless to even try—she was just too fucking hot. Even as I slammed her repeatedly into the blanket, she kept shaking and working her big round ass against me, heightening the intensity of our fuck. She came once more, her rippling ass shaking as the hot tight walls in her rectum gripped and pulled at my thrusting cock, wanting me to join her. I suppressed that urge one final time, and then as I felt her pleasure level start to crest one more time, I couldn’t take it any more.

“OH FUCK…I’M GONNA COME,” I groaned loudly as I slammed my cock into her one last time. I felt her start to shake and spasm at the same time. I drove my prick as deep into her guts as I could, just as the first blast of cum shot into her bowels.

“YESSS…FILL MY FUCKING ASS!” she wailed as she started to feel me come inside her. I did exactly as she wanted, keeping my spewing cockhead buried to the hilt as I shot and shot, totally flooding her seething guts with rope after rope of sizzling spunk. Her magical chute kept working on my cock, the muscles inside her pulling and gripping on my throbbing shaft, trying to coax out every last morsel. I totally unloaded, feeling like I was pouring my very soul into her. And she was climaxing at the same time, biting onto the blanket to suppress her screams as the intense sensations shot through her. I came for a long time, reveling in the blissful sensations I was feeling from fucking this gorgeous 23-year old in the ass. My cock kept spitting wad after wad of viscous seed deep into her bowels, and she continued coming right along with me, rolling her hips and pressing that glorious ass of hers back against me.

Finally, out mutual orgasms started to wane within each of us. My mouth was pressed against the side of her head and I kissed her tenderly on the ear before sitting back and slowly withdrawing my spent prick from her clutching bumhole. She surprised me by quickly scrambling to her knees and spinning around. I could only watch as she dove onto my greasy cock, taking it deep into her mouth and sucking it clean.

“Fuck yes, this is definitely a girl I could fall in love with,” I thought as she enthusiastically continued to lick and suck my cock, finally releasing it from her sucking mouth when she was satisfied it was totally clean. She smiled as she got to her knees and looked over at me, her face flushed and sweaty.

“I feel like an apple,” she said. “All red-cheeked and filled with seed.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as she reached over and started to put her clothes back on. I did likewise, and within five minutes we were back on the road, headed towards Bluntisham once more. Both of us were fairly quiet for the rest of the trip, but it wasn’t from guilt. I could tell that, just like me, she was content to bask in the blissful contentment of an amazing fuck that we were both feeling.

I pulled the car onto East Street in Bluntisham and she pointed out which house was her father’s. It was a quaint little cottage, with white shutters and ivy climbing the walls. Typically English, and I loved it.

“Let me see your phone, Alex,” she said as I looked over at her, my eyes going from her pretty face to that incredible set of tits one last time. I handed over my phone and I saw her fiddling with it as she got out of the car. She reached into the back seat and pulled out her duffle bag. I could only dream about the lingerie she said she had in there, picturing that amazing body of hers clad in every color of satin and silk imaginable. She came around to my side of the car and leaned in, giving me a kiss. It was the deep kiss of lovers, and had me seeing stars by the time she stepped back.

“Thank you so much for the ride, Alex, and I don’t just mean the one in the car.” She smiled at me teasingly as she handed back my phone. “I put my name and number in your contacts list. Give me a call sometime back in Huntingdon. Maybe we could get together again. Would you like that?” She looked at me with raised eyebrows, but I think she already knew what I was going to answer.

“I’d like that very much,” I said as I smiled and nodded towards her. She leaned forward into the car again and I couldn’t help but look down into that tempting dark line of inviting cleavage. She gave me a peck on the cheek and then without another word, turned on her heel and strode off towards the cottage, her sumptuous backside swaying seductively from side to side.

As I slipped the Honda into gear and headed for the old family home on Laxton Grange, I thought to myself, “Gee, I might have to actually tell her my real name.” I thought again about the kind of delightful treasures that black bag of hers might be carrying. I was quite willing to tell her my real name, as long as I’d be able to do more than just dream about how she’d look in all that lingerie.

But that’s another story…


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