A Mature Neighbor Comes to Call

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It had been several months since Henry had been asked to introduce some of his neighbors’ teenaged daughters to the world of sex. The girls and their mothers had wanted, no they had almost insisted, Henry at over fifty years of age take the girl’s virginities and show them how wonderful sex could be. The mothers were afraid their sixteen-year-old daughters would end up getting screwed and knocked-up in the back seat of some boy’s car unless they knew what they were doing sexually.

It had been a long hot summer since the last girl and her mother had knocked on his door. Henry‘s life had settled down to a much quieter and less stressful routine.

It was a warm late summer afternoon and Henry was mowing his lawn. He had paused briefly to wipe the sweat from his brow when he noticed a woman coming up the sidewalk in his direction. She was a lovely, mature lady with a full head of white hair. Her hair seemed to form a halo around her tanned face. She was walking briskly with a determined step as if she had a specific destination and purpose in mind.

Henry nodded and waved a friendly greeting to the women as she approached his property. He was surprised when she turned off the city sidewalk and came straight up his driveway to where he was sitting on his idling mower.

He shut his mower off and climbed from its seat to further greet his visitor. Extending his hand to her, Henry welcomed the woman. “Good afternoon. Isn’t it a beautiful day? Is there something I can do for you, madam?”

The woman came up to stand close to him. He could see his visitor seemed nervous. She stood silently for a few seconds. She was visibly shaking. She reached out with a trembling hand to return Henry’s greeting.

“Hello! My name is June. Are you Henry?”

“Yes I’m Henry. What can I do to help you, June?”

“Well I, uh, umm, I.” She had difficulty speaking at first. She then paused and took a deep breath. She seemed to gather her courage with that breath. She then boldly spoke. “Well damn! I’ll come straight to the point of my visit today. Henry, you have a certain reputation in the neighborhood. Some of the teen girls seem to love you. They often chatter about you as they walk past my house. I live just two blocks from here. They love you for the gentle and caring way you’ve treated them.”

“Whoa there June. You might want to be a little more specific about what you’re saying. Otherwise, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I’m sorry, Henry. I’m just so nervous.” June took a deep breath again and continued. “For months I’ve overheard these teens girls chatting with each other as they walked by my house. You are one of the topics they seem to get the most excited about. At first I thought they were talking about some boy at school. Then, one day, I overheard one of them mention your age. They’d nearly swoon when they talk about how you were so gentle and loving when you took their cherries.”

“June, let me stop you for a minute. This is not a subject I want to discuss in my front yard. It’s such a warm day, won’t you come inside for a glass of iced tea or something?” Henry held out his hand in invitation to his visitor.

June took Henry’s hand as he led her into his living room. Once she was seated on his couch, Henry excused himself to get June the promised glass of tea.

June nervously wrung her hands as she waited for Henry’s return. She knew she had to get to the point of her visit soon or she would loose her nerve and leave. With this new resolve in mind, she opened the top three buttons of her light summer dress. A bit of cleavage between her breasts came into view as she had intended. Her dress usually fell to below her knees, but she pulled its hem up to just above her knees.

About that time, Henry returned with their iced tea. As he bent to hand his guest her tea, he noticed her open dress buttons and exposed knees. “Very nice, June. I see you’re making yourself comfortable. I think a woman should always be willing to show off her assets.” Gazing directly at June’s chest, he added. “And those are definitely assets.” He then sat on the couch next to June.

June smiled at the compliment.

“Now, just what is on your mind, June? Please be honest and blunt. I don’t care for the games some people play.”

Once June started talking about her life and what she wanted from him she seemed to get on a roll. Henry sat quietly as she poured out her heart.

“Henry, I’ve heard what you’ve done with some of the teen girls around here. I want you to do the same for me.”

“I’m no virgin. As a matter of fact, I’ve done just about everything there is to do in a bed. My first husband was my first lover. We met and began dating when I was fifteen. I was a good girl and we didn’t do anything until I was seventeen and in my Senior year of high school. After we married, we did vaginal, oral, and anal, and tried all kinds of positions. My favorites positions are missionary for making love and me sitting on top for pure sex. I thought we were happy together until he cheated on me. After the divorce, the kids became my life’s entire focus.”

“I married a second time but that didn’t last long. I came down with a very serious illness. He was a very attentive husband and stayed with me until I was fully recovered. However, he lost all interest in me as a partner in bed. I don’t know if he was afraid of hurting me or the surgical scars scared him off. He left after I had beaten my illness.”

“I’m over sixty-years-old and have three kids. However, it’s been fifteen years since I’ve been with a lover. Henry, I think I want you to try to awaken my body so I can feel and enjoy sex the way I used to feel.”

June paused and Henry gave some thought to all she had said.

“June, if we do this, you must first get comfortable with your body as it is now.”

“I am. I know I am not a beauty queen, but everything still works. Even though I’ve not had a lover in fifteen years, I can still make myself feel good with my hands and a well-lubricated toy now and then. One problem I do have is I don’t lubricate the way I used to.”

“Very well! If you are sure you want to do this, would you please stand here for me?” Henry asked as he indicated a spot in front of him.

She slowly stood and stepped in front of Henry. She was a little less nervous by then.

Henry stood up as well. He took the shaking woman in his arms and hugged her firmly. Her breasts were pressed between them. He could feel her beginning to relax as he held her in his arms. When he nibbled her ear and kissed her neck, she quietly cooed and stroked the back of his head with her hand. She responded eagerly when he kissed her lips. He placed a kiss on her exposed cleavage. June gasped in surprise but arched her back as if offering Henry more of her breasts.

Henry took June by her still shaking hands and sat in front of her. “June Honey, will you please take your dress off?”

I didn’t think we’d begin so soon, but OK.” With shaking hands, June began unbuttoning her dress. As she worked her hands down the buttons on the front of her dress it fell further and further open. When she released the last button, she stood up straight and shrugged her shoulders. Her dress slid off her shoulders and fell to the floor around her feet. She had already kicked off her shoes and stood in front of Henry in nothing but her panties and bra.

Henry had watched June remove her dress in silence. He could see the fear in her eyes. Her hands at her sides were clenched tightly into fists. After all, it had been fifteen years since she had undressed for a man. He slowly scanned up and down her body. He admired her shapely figure. Even though her body was not as slender and tight as his teenaged friends, she was a lovely sight. She stood 5’7” tall, had a delightful set of C-cup breasts, and had just enough body fat to give her some nice curves. Her long legs terminated in a round butt that appeared to still be firm. After several passes of his eyes over June’s body he stood, took her hands in his, looked up into her eyes, smiled. “Very nice June. You are a beautiful lady. It will be my great pleasure to help you reawaken such a lovely body.”

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