A middle aged fat lady and her husband as she enjoys their canine

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I am a 42 year old lady who has recently gotten into
the K9 scene. It had been a fantasy of mine for several
years but only lately that my husband, Tommy decided and
I decided I needed a Rocky(D) for me. I am an overweight
person who loves sex just as well as the smaller
ladies. My 265 pound body needs to be loved and my fat
pussy needs to be fucked too, just like a slimmer
woman’s does. I have very big breasts and a plump pussy
that I keep well trimmed and groomed. I love sex! Anal,
oral, or anything in between.
One of my favorite ways of being fucked by Tommy was
when we would talk about me being fucked by a Rocky(D) or
Rocky(H). It turned me on and I would cum so hard as Tommy
would talk dirty to me while he fucked my fat pussy. I
love being talked to dirty as Tommy fucked me. Sometimes
if I felt like it, I would let him take my ass and give
me a good fucking back there. I loved being fucked! And
I loved to fantasize about me being fucked by a Rocky(D) as
I masturbated.
After talking about us finding a Rocky(D) for me to fuck, we
started our hunt. We looked around and finally found
one on a site we visit a lots, called beastdating.com.
The lady we emailed said she had exactly what I needed.
A big Rocky(D) that loved to please her. We got in touch
with her and she told us he was well trained in
pleasing her and that she would sell him to us for
$500.00. Both Tommy and myself made arrangements to go
to her house the following day and for me to try him
out before buying him. We wanted to be sure we got what
I needed, a Rocky(D) that would satisfy my pussy and my Rocky(D)
We arrived at the lady’s home that morning and she
welcome us inside as she introduced herself as Marie.
She was not bashful about discussing her fucking the
Rocky(D) and brought him into the living room where we sat.
She told us that his name was Butch and that he had
serviced several ladies in the past. She took his cock
into her hands and held it there for me to see. Then
she asked if we wanted him to demonstrate his
Tommy and I looked at each other as she made him sit
down between her legs as she lowered her panties and
spread her thighs for him. She was sitting on her sofa
as we saw her smooth shaven pussy as her fingers went
to it and opened her thick lips. I watched as Butch
lowered his head to her pussy and started to lick it in
long strokes with his tongue. Damn! It was making me so
hot to watch her as his long tongue lapped at her bare
“He loves to taste me,” she said, “But he really likes
this.” As she reached for his cock as I saw it sneak
from beneath its sheath. “Watch this, but be careful.
He will slide it to your ass if you don’t watch out.”
We saw her take his big red cock and start to stroke it
as it began to grow so long and hard. His cock was
larger than my husband’s! She had her fingers wrapped
around his slimy dick as he kept licking her pussy. My
own pussy was on fire as I watched in awe of his big
sized cock in her hand.
“Now, I will show you the best part. He likes me on my
hands and knees so he can fuck both of my holes
sometimes.” She said as she got onto the floor in front
of us. “He is very good at this, just remember he has a
huge knot when it gets good and hard. It can rip your
ass if you are not careful.”
I watched as he mounted her hips from behind, placing
his paws on the sides as she reached under her and took
his cock into her hand once again. His big red cock as
so slimy looking as she guided that Rocky(D)gie cock past
her up turned ass and into her slick pussy as we
watched. My pussy was dripping now as I saw that huge
red meat going in and out of her, my fingers dropping
to my cunt as I looked on. I could see the pleasure she
was getting from his cock as it slid into her bare
“You want to try him?” she asked, “Then get down here
with me. He has enough cock for both of us.”
“Go ahead, baby. ” Tommy said as he was rubbing his
cock, “You have been wanting it for so long. Now is
your chance. Go for it! Let him fuck that fat pussy of
I got to the floor beside her as I slipped my shorts
off and lowered my damp panties to the floor. I got
down onto my knees as she was doing and watched her as
she reached down and took his cock from her pussy. She
then took him and helped him mount me as I felt his
paws on my wide hips. I was so wet!
“Now, Tommy, take his cock and put it in her. Let her
feel his lovely cock in her wet pussy.” Marie said,
“See how bad she is wanting it?”
I felt Tommy as he took the Rocky(D)gie cock and started to
rub it along my excited slit, taking the wet head and
rubbing it up and down as he went as I spread my fat
pussy lips wider with my fingers. That Rocky(D)gie cock was
feeling so hot as I wiggled my ass and told him to put
it in me. I wanted it now!
Tommy held it to my nether lips as I opened my fat pussy
for that huge Rocky(D)gie cock. I felt the thickness of it
as Butch rammed it in me, making me gasp as it took my
breath away as it entered my wet pussy. Feeling that
Rocky(D) cock slide in me was the best feeling I ever had in
my pussy! He was filling me completely with that hot
cock as I felt him jamming it faster to me as he
“Fuck that cock, baby! You are such a slut! Letting
that Rocky(D) fuck you!” he said, “Now show me what kind of
slut you are. Fuck that Rocky(D)gie cock!”
“Oh, my God! Oh, Yes! He is so good! His cock is so
damn good!” I shouted as Tommy started sucking on my
large tits as one hand went under me to play with my
clit. “Oh, Tommy! He is so big inside me!”
Tommy was working on my tits and clit as Butch was
pounding his Rocky(D)gie cock to me. I felt his huge cock
growing even larger as his knot began to swell up
inside me. It pushed past the entrance to my hot pussy
as it swelled up inside me, locking my pussy to his
huge cock as he pounded my cunt. My pussy was spread so
wide! I was full of cock, hot Rocky(D)gie cock!
I started to cum as he rammed it to me, fucking me with
those fast strokes as he filled my cunt. His big red
cock was sinking its knot so deep in me! Every time he
pushed in, I would cum! Butch had me cumming over and
over as I felt that big knot in me. Then I felt the
Rocky(D)’s cock as it throbbed inside me, knowing he was
cumming as his hot Rocky(D)gie cum began to fill me. My
pussy was on fire as his hot cum flooded me! I was
loving it!
“Cum for us you sick fuck! Shoot your cum while he
fucks you. You are such a nasty bitch! Fuck his cock!
Fuck that Rocky(D)gie cock!” said Tommy as I took every inch.
I looked over to see Marie as she was fucking herself
with a long dildo, it rammed so far in her pussy as she
watched me getting fucked by her Rocky(D). Tommy had his cock
out too as she was sucking on it as he played with my
clit while I continued to cum.
Butch was fucking me so good and I was loving every
second as his cock send his hot Rocky(D)gie sperm so deep in
my pussy, filling me with that hot Rocky(D)gie cum.
Then I felt Butch as his dick started to shrink inside
me, the huge knot was going down as I felt my pussy
returning to its original size. His cum was flowing out
of me as I felt his cock disengage from me, leaving my
pussy with an empty feeling.
Tommy paid her the $500.00 and we took Butch home with
us that day! This was the beginning of a long
relationship between me and Butch. I had told Tommy that
I would only let Butch fuck me when he was there with
me. This lasted a couple of weeks until I got so horny
one day that I took Butch to our bed and had him fuck
me for over an hour!
After that, I would let him fuck me almost every day
and then when Tommy came home that night, we would do it
again! I never told Tommy any different as I had my hot,
fat pussy satisfied several times a day. Tommy never
knew what was going on. I even go to where I had Butch
trained to let me suck his huge Rocky(D)gie cock! He loved
me sucking on it as I would take it into my mouth as I
played with his balls. I got to where I loved sucking
his cock before he slammed it to my fat pussy.
Then one night as Tommy had me laying on the bed with my
legs on his shoulders, pounding his nice sized cock to
me, I watched Butch as he came up behind Tommy. I saw
his huge Rocky(D)gie cock as he straddled Tommy and felt him
when he surprised Tommy and thrust his cock up Tommy’s
ass in one stroke! Tommy’s cock went so deep in me as
Butch’s cock plunged into Tommy’s asshole!
“Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Butch! Get off me! You are hurting
my ass!” Tommy cried out, “Get off me! Damn you!”
But, Butch did not do as Tommy wanted, instead he rammed
his Rocky(D)gie cock deeper to Tommy’s ass as I felt him
being pounded by that cock. Tommy was so deep in me and
I could feel him each time Butch rammed his cock to
Tommy’s ass. I looked over his shoulder to see Butch as
his cock plowed into my husband’s ass. I could see that
bright red cock as it plunged in and out of his ass!
This made me cum that much harder as I felt the Rocky(D)
pumping his cock to my Tommy’s ass. I grabbed his ass
cheeks and pulled him to me as I climaxed once again.
Butch never did slide his knot to Tommy that time but he
really gave him a good fucking in his ass. After that
time, I also learned to take Butch’s Rocky(D)gie cock up my
ass. I would get on my hands and knees and guide his
cock to my ass sometimes if I felt like having him fuck
me back there. I got to where I loved his fucking my
ass almost as good as when he pounded my cunt.
Since then, Tommy and I have gotten another Rocky(D), a big
black lab and we are training him now. He has learned
to mount me from behind and loves to lick my pussy. I
am waiting on the time when I can have him fucking Tommy
in his ass as he fucks me. Would you like to hear more
about Butch fucking Tommy with that big Rocky(D)gie cock as
Tommy fucks me?

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