A new man to entertain while Marti watches – Tanning to Entertain

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Marti had the next two days off. I had to work, so she took the time to tan. I assured her she was safe from prying eyes due to the angle of the deck and its height.
She was sensible and didn’t try to overdo it, and each evening she showed me her progress.
I came home to find she and Mike had cooked burgers on the grill and with a salad fixed for each of us.
They were on the deck sitting at our round table, waiting on me. I threw my purse on the couch, took off my suit jacket, and walked out. Marti still had on her thong and was wearing one of Mike’s tank tops she had cut off. Mike was in a pair of running shorts.
“Looks like you all used this sunny day to your advantage,” I said as I sat down. Mike got up and went into the kitchen to get me a glass of wine.
Marti smiled and said in a low voice, “He loves my shaved pussy. He ate me forever!” She grasped my hand and said, “I like it too. It feels so sexy to know I’m bare down there. I may never wear panties again”.
I laughed at her comments. When her tan deepens, she will be even happier.
Mike sat my wine down, and we all started eating. Out of the blue, I asked, Mike, I heard you dined on pussy the other night. Did you get any hair in your throat?”
“Ain’t it the greatest?” he came back to me with a huge grin. Marti was as smooth as a minnow’s dick’.
“What! That’s a hell of a way to describe a beautiful pussy,” I told him.
Marti laughed. Pulling her thong aside, she showed me how well the tanning was going. Her honesty and silliness got smiles all around. “I want to start using your tanning oil if it’s OK.”
“Sure, but its got no SPF in it at all. You’ll burn in a heartbeat if you’re not careful”. I told her. “Maybe we can tan together soon.”
We finished supper, and all participated in cleaning up. Once finished, I went up to change. I knew Mike would be getting ready to go to work in an hour or so I gave the two of them some time alone.
I was lying down when he came up to shower. Hearing the water flowing, I went down to talk to Marti.
I had put on a pair of short shorts and a thin blouse. I had left all the buttons open except for the last two. The freedom to get out of my bra felt great.
I stopped at the kitchen and got a rum and coke. I yelled into the den and asked Marti if she wanted the same. She accepted my offer.
She was sitting in the recliner facing the couch. I sat down opposite her. Marti asked how my day had gone. I surprised her by admitting I had intentionally rubbed my breasts across the arm of one of my male co-workers.
“You go, Mom.” She said, showing approval. “Did he react?” she asked, anxious for my reply.
“Well, if you would call following me into the copy room, getting close enough to run his hand over my ass, yea, I’d say he reacted,” I told her.
Marti was grinning. She asked, “Do you know him very well?”
“Yep, he’s married, seems to be always checking out the women at the bank, and would love to score with me,” I explained.
“Well?” she asked.
“He asked me to join him for a drink, but I said I had plans,” I told her. “He’ll ask again, probably tomorrow.”
I told her I didn’t want to get fired just yet. The bank manager was a bible thumper and would show me the door immediately. “I’ll wear something I can remove in the ladies’ room before meeting him at the bar. Maybe a camisole without a bra. ”
“Oh, my Gawd,” she said. “If seeing your boobs doesn’t do the trick, the guy is gay.” Hell, Marti was so excited you would think she was one seducing the guy. “What’s his name?”
“James,” I told her. ” Nice looking, a couple of years younger than me. He has the reputation of going after anything in skirts”.
“You go, woman,” she said, showing approval. I wish I could be there.”
“You’re silly. If you were there, I wouldn’t have a chance when he saw you.” I said.
Mike came down and walked over to kiss Marti. But before be could lean in to do so, Marti announced: “Mom’s going to get laid!”
Mike turned and looked at me with a smile. “Alight!” he said. “Take pictures if you get a chance.” Announcing he had to run, he got his kiss and hurried out.
Marti continued how I should act, dress, and tease him before giving it up.
We went out on the deck and was watching the sunset. We both had refilled our drinks, and everything was perfect.
We were relaxing when the phone rang. I questioned who it might be. Getting up, I went into the den and answered. It was Kent.
“Hey, sexy has Mike left,” He asked.
Yes, about 45 minutes ago,” I answered.
He asked if I wanted him to come over. My mind went immediately to Marti being on the deck. Was it time to let her in on my young sex?
“I’ve got company, and they are staying over,” I told him
Disappointed, he said he would call tomorrow night. I told him, ‘that sounded good.’
Hoping I wouldn’t be home that early, I let the subject fade away.
I started back to the deck when the phone rang again. Damn, Kent was persistent, if not frequent, I thought. I picked up the phone, intending to tell him not to call back.
“Hello,” I said, preparing my speech s soon as I heard his voice.
“Hi, Sue,” I heard. It was James!
“Well, hello,” I responded.
“Are you busy?” he asked.
“No, not at all,” I said. I started walking toward the deck. Marti saw me, resulting in me waving her in.
“I just thought I would call. I enjoy today,” James said.
Grabbing Marti’s hand, I lead her to the couch, sitting down in almost each other’s lap. “Me too, James,” I said to identify the caller. Her eyes got as big as saucers. She placed her ear next to the phone’s receiver.
“I was thinking about you earlier,” I told him. “I was brash in rubbing my breast against you arm today. Thank goodness you followed me to the copy room.”
‘No problem. You’re one hot lady,” he said. “I’m looking forward to us having a drink tomorrow.”
“Me too, a lot,” I said, teasing him. Marti looked at me and mouthed, ‘ask where he is now.’
“Where are you now, James?” I asked.
I’m in the garage at home. I wanted to call and make sure about tomorrow,” He told me.
Marti grinned. Again mouthing she said to tell him to make an excuse to go out and come over here.
I shook my head, no. Him trying to sneak out would probably cause him a lot of trouble. She mouthed ‘do it.’
What the hell, I went for it. “I thought maybe you were out. I was going to invite you over for a drink,” I told him.
“I’ll tell Nancy I need to get some papers from the office. No problem,” he said. It should take me only 15 minutes to get there.” I listened as he cited my address correctly.
“OK, I” leave the light on.”
Looking at Marti, seeing her excited as hell, I was wondering which of us was going to have sex.
“I guess I had better get ready. I can’t believe this is going to happen tonight.” I said.
I hurried up the steps and into my room. I picked out my favorite white camisole, matching sheer panties, and got my red heels out. I freshened my makeup and lipstick. I got a short black dress and slipped it on. It wrapped around, and easy to remove.
I looked out into the hall and saw Marti watching me. Still, in her cut off tank top and thong, I knew she was going to be watching me.
I said. “be careful and don’t get caught watching.”
“Hey, I could be your daughter, just waking up and wondering where you are,” she replied.
“If he saw you, I would be the one watching,” I joked. “Go on down and wait in the laundry room. You should be able to sneak out and see from the corner. I’ll keep him turned away from you if I can”.
A few minutes later, I heard the doorbell. I came down the steps and moved to the door. Opening it, I saw James immediately appraising my body. I started to use the phrase ‘up here’ but simply said, “come on in.”
I led him into the den and inquired if he would like a drink. “No,” he replied. Adding, “she would smell it on my breath.” Smart.
Knowing it wasn’t that long of a drive to the office from his house, I moved on to the object of our meeting.
I suggested we sit on the couch. James sat, and I moved in against him. I made sure he would almost have to turn completely around to see Marti if she came in to watch.
“I’ve wanted to approach you for a long time but didn’t know if you would get upset,” James told me.
Smiling and placing my hand on his thigh, I said, “well, I’m going through a divorce and its time for me to move on.”
He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He put his hand on the hem of my short dress and slid his hand up to my panties. “Oh, James,” I moaned. I stood and untied my wrap-around garment and tossed it on the recliner. Standing in front of him, I pushed my shoulder back to push my breasts forward. His eyes stayed on them.
“Come here baby,” he urged. I hate the word ‘baby,’ but in this situation, what the hell.
I moved over and placed my knee between his legs and leaned forward, putting my boobs in his face. His face pushed against them. I glanced up and a little to my right, and there was Marti!
I raised James’ head and kissed him again. Reaching down, I found his cock, already hard. “It seems he likes me,” I teased. I began to work on his belt and zipper. He removed my hand and unfastened his pants.
I knelt and began to pull his pants down. He assisted me and pushed his pants and underwear down.
I stood and helped him get the garments off so he could spread his legs. He sat back down and watched me remove my camisole and panties. His eyes were looking at me as he smiled.
“Damn, you’ve got a fantastic body. I always knew you did, James commented.
Cupping my boobs, I raised the right one and licked my nipple. Another look in Marti’s direction, I found her with her tank top off and her hand in her thong. I almost laughed but controlled myself.
James reached out to my shaved pussy. “I like that. Very smooth!”
“And it tastes just as good,” I said. James began to open my outer labia lips, trying to probe me.
I slipped down to my knees and grasped his cock. Hard, thick, but not overly long. Looking into his eyes, I licked the head. He grinned. “How much time do we have,” I asked?
“About a half-hour,” he said.
I began to slip him into my mouth. I grasped his balls and ran my fingernails over them gently. Looking in Marti’s direction, I saw her giving me the OK sign with her fingers.
I started to work on his cock with more vigor. I was taking him in and then backing off to lick its length.
Finally, I looked up and asked, “when is it going to be my turn?
His cock was hard, probably a few minutes from exploding with his load. “Tomorrow!” he blurted.
“Don’t you call off tomorrow’s drink, I said, ‘or you’ll never get anything like this again.”
I took him back in my mouth and began to take more in, and eventually into my throat. I bobbed on it steadily until I sensed he was about to come. His first shot hit my throat. I stayed with his tool in my mouth until he gave me all his load.
I leaned back and let a healthy portion leak from my lips and onto my chin and eventually on my upper chest and breasts.
I had taken his best, and he couldn’t even move for a moment or so. Finally, I stood. I pulled him up. I sat in the recliner opposite him as he dressed.
I looked over to make sure Marti was gone.
As he was pulling up his pants, I told him, “this is about sex only. I don’t want a relationship or anything else. Understand”?
He told me that’s what he wanted too.
I walked him to the door, still nude. No kiss. Just me commenting ‘Tomorrow is my turn”.
He waved back as he walked to his car.
I turned to find Marti, as nude as I was. We both burst out laughing.
“Damn, that was hot,” she said. “And the way you took control of the situation immediately, he didn’t have a say in anything.”
We hugged. Neither of us thinking about James’ cum on my boobs.
Marti moved back and said, “ECK!” when she realized what we had done. “Go take a shower right now,” she mockingly ordered me.
I went up and did as she ‘ordered.’ I can back down in just a pair of panties. Marti was in a recliner, so I sat on the couch. What did you think?” I asked.
“I loved it. We should make movies and sell them,” Marti teased.
“He wasn’t as aggressive as I had thought he would be. I either had him controlled, or he was so shocked to see me stepping up and not being timid as he thought.” I allowed.
I suggested she fix us drinks. She got up to do so. Her recently shaved mound, and her lovely ‘camel toe’ looked.
Marti returned with our drinks.
“Mom, you looked so much in control with him,” she said.
“Well, I have been with a few men. I know what their focus is. And we both have boobs that cause their minds to fog as soon as they see them’. I told her.
“I wish I could be there tomorrow. I bet James is drooling as he speaks to you. I doubt you’ll make it to a bar. He’ll probably get a hotel room for lunch.” she exclaimed.
“It better be a long lunch if he does,” I joked.
As we talked, I knew I had to find out what she knew about Kent and myself.
“OK, serious time,” I said. “Has Mike said anything about Kent and me?
She hesitated before she answered. I knew I wasn’t going to like her explanation. “Yes. But I’m not going to judge you and your behavior.”
I looked at her with thoughts of terrible things going through my mind.
“I know you teased him by tanning naked on the deck. And I know about the mutual masturbation. And I expect it went further than just playing with each other. I don’t care if it did”.
I guess I hung my head in shame. “Hey, don’t get upset. I guess I would have had sex with him. Pausing, she asked, “Did you?”
Looking up, I told her I had. She put her hand on mine. “Mom, I understand. He’s good-looking and available. I would have too.” she said.
“I was wrong to let it go that far. I saw Kent nude coming out of the shower, and it became an obsession for me”. I admitted.
“He’s got a nice cock I’ve heard,” she said.
“Just heard? Have you had sex with him?’ I asked.
“No, and not interested. And something else you should know. Kent told Jason to come by and check you out as you laid on the deck”. She added.
“Damn. I should have realized that. Well, that’s the end of Kent. I’m not going to be the entertainment for all the guys he knows”. I told her, pissed off.
“He’s a prick, Mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t suggested to you he and Jason could show you a good time,” she said.
“Does Mike know I had sex with Kent?” I needed to know.
“Mike has never said anything about you and Kent. And I think he would have told me if he knew. He thinks you’re the best mother in the world”. She told me.
I was relieved to hear her say that.
‘Please let it be our secret. I promise I will never have Kent in this house again if I can help it,” I said.
“Our secret. And Mike doesn’t know about our fun either. Well, he knows what he’s seen, but that’s it”. Marti said.
“I need to adopt you. Hell, we’re so much alike. I would love having you in the family,’ I said. Who knows, it might work out that way anyway.
We both laughed. I would welcome as a daughter-in-law at any time. I probably end up paying for her engagement ring anyway.
Telling her, I need to get so sleep so I can be rested up for all the excitement tomorrow. I kissed her lightly and went up.
I was asleep when Mike got home. I knew as horny as Marti was, she would wear him to a frazzle.

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