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A racially segregated world works to breed black sex slaves

87 Min Read

Barnabus Morley straightened his safari hat and squared himself against the metal railing. His feet shuffled on the metal slatted catwalk, squeaking slightly. He ran a hand along the polished wood of his electric rifle. With a finger, he rubbed away a speck of dirt. “Right-o.” he said cheerily as the lifted his weapon, looking down the sights. He scanned the field below. The hanger he was in used to house blimps, but it had been converted to a nature reserve in recent years. Instead of a cement floor, the ground several stories beneath his perch was covered in grass and trees. Above, the ceiling had been modified to support hundreds of large skylights, letting in a plethora of early afternoon sun.
“Let ’em out!” Barnabus’s mustache shook vigorously as he shouted, gripping his electric rifle with stark anticipation. There was a loud sound of a switch being thrown, followed by a strong electric buzzing. From below, scraping of metal signaled the cages being opened.
“Ha ha!” Barnabus let out a cheery laugh as the figures began making a mad dash across the artificial savannah. As he cocked his rifle a high pitched electric whine filled the air and his hairs stood on end. He peered down the sights, watching as the naked black woman scrambled away. “Got you…” he whispered as he pulled down on the trigger. The rifle made a whirring sound and a bolt of blue energy shot from his gun, streaking across the field and impacting the woman square in the back. The electricity coursed over her body and she screamed in pain as she fell over.
Shortly her screams changed, from pain to ecstasy, as the electricity activated her implant surged dopamine throughout her body. Barnabus smiled, then jumped, cursing himself for letting her distract him. He cocked his rifle again, and let out another shot, downing another running ebony woman. Again. Again. Again. Finally, Barnabus’s next shot missed, and he let out a curse as the ball of blue electricity whizzed over the shoulder of a running woman as she ducked behind a tree.
“Five hits,” a voice from behind Barnabus called. He turned. It was Rexus, his close friend, and the caretaker of this facility. “Not bad,” Rexus continued. “Personally my record is twelve, but that came with a great deal of practice.”
Barnabus let out a jovial laugh. “Rex, my old friend! I was beginning to think I wouldn’t find you here today! Your assistant let me up to have a bit of a go. Hope you don’t mind.” Barnabus gestured to the field below, where moans of pleasure were still rising.
“Not at all, not at all Barny.” Rexus replied, clasping Barnabus on the arm. “Nice piece,” he said, admiring Barnabus’s electric rifle.
“Modified it myself,” Barnabus beamed. “Used to be my father’s back in the war.”
“A fine piece of work. If you’d like, I can show you my collection,” Rexus said.
“I might take you up on that; but not today! Today I come bearing gifts!” Barnabus reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a slim silver box the size of a checkbook. “Newest version there is.” Barnabus said, a gleam in his eyes. “Not even on the market yet.” He handed the case over to Rexus.
Rexus gingerly opened the case as if it were the most delicate thing in the world. A cheeky grin crept over his face. “My my Barny, you have outdone yourself this time. Four new variants? How did you find the time?”
“Ahh, not the TIME, Rex, the MONEY. I’ve tripled my workforce with the revenue I’ve brought in with the pre-orders already. After the demonstration last year, I have more orders than I know what to do with! With all those research teams punching away on their computers, it was easy enough to have my new visions brought to life quicker than ever.” Barnabus leaned on his rifle, a cocky tone in his voice.
“Well well Brany, I am impressed. Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you what I have been working on. I know how you think Barny, and I do say… by the name of this alone… I think I have just the thing.” Rexus smiled as he plucked one of the small digital chips from its casing and held it up, waving it at Barnabus. There was a jet black label on it, and in bright silver cursive writing, the words ‘Silky Midnight’ were drawn lavishly.
The two men embraced each other, and walked off the catwalk, arms over each other’s shoulders.
“The new lab is on the 93rd story,” Rexus said casually as the express elevator shot upwards, carrying Rexus and Barnabus quickly out of the hanger and above the sprawling metropolis below. Soon the hanger at the base of the building looked like barely a breadbox as the glass elevator shot skywards. “Now that construction is done, work has been going swimmingly. Shall I show you the gestation room first?” Rexus inquired, gesturing as the elevator came to a stop.
As the doors opened a soft female voice chimed “93rd floor, experimental breeding facility 6.”
Barnabus nodded eagerly and Rexus swept proudly into the white reception room. “Afternoon Jenette,” Rexus called cheerily to the secretary.
“Hello Sir! They are ready for you in room one-ten.”
Rexus inclined his head to the blonde secretary as he ushered Barnabus deeper into the interior of the building. “Here we are,” he said after a few minutes of winding through corridors. “After you,” Rexus said with a smile, pushing the door to Room 110 open with a smile.
Barnabus stepped inside. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust. The halls were white and brightly lit. This room was much darker. It was painted black and the only light came from a dim orange light high on the wall. Rexus stepped in behind him, closing the door. The room was long and thin, extending away from the doorway. Covering the walls on each side of the room were large tanks. Glittering panels of lights were placed in front of each tank.
At Rexus’s coaxing, Barnabus stepped up to the first tank on the left. The tank was dark, and being a man of the silicon world, Barnabus’s eyes were first drawn not to the tank but the display. The display read: “SUBJECT: GOSSOMER. STRAIN: 1264. PRIMARY MARKER GENES: 64 = Y. 112 = Y. 34 = N. 110 = Y. 42 = N. ARTIFICIAL AGE: 8 MONTHS. GROWTH TIME: 8 DAYS.”
“What do you think?” Came Rexus’s voice.
“Naming them now are we?” Barnabus said, gesturing to the word GOSSOMER. “Just the special ones.” Said Rexus. “Can you tell what’s special about this one?”
Barnabus looked back at the display. “Still using the 1-day to 1-month growth rate I see…” He traced his finger under the marker genes, reading them carefully. “No 34? Really?”
Rexus beamed in the darkness. “Check the sequence around 34.”
Barnabus stared skeptically at Rexus, but decided to humor him. He tapped the glowing 34 = N on the display, and it brought up the sequence for that region. He zoomed in, and began eying the genome markers around the sequence. Seeing nothing unusual, he began scrolling some distance away from the gene. Then he saw it. “Oooooohhh…” he murmured as he observed a segment of sequence labeled ARTIFICIAL INSERT AT8G11071. “You got it to work?” he said in a bemused voice. “How…”
“Funny thing actually. It required a special adaptor sequence. Took it from an orangutan. But it works. Quite well if I do say so myself. Perfect fit for Silky Midnight I believe…”
Barnabus peered into the tank, but all he could see was a dark shape suspended in the chamber. “Do you have an adult specimen? He asked curiously. I’d like to see this Gossamer myself.”
“Of course, of course, right this way old friend. And peruse as we walk! There’s other new tasty treats growing here as well.” Rexus slipped past Barnabus and began leading him down the long room.
Over a minute passed as the two men walked through the room. Barnabus occasionally paused to examine another tank, but he didn’t dally too long. He wanted to see this Gossamer for himself. The hair had always been a problem. If Rexus had finally found a way to solve that… this would be quite exciting indeed.
“I have an unprogrammed Gossamer waiting for just this occasion Barny,” Rexus said as he opened the far door. Inside was a circular room filled with carpets, throw pillows, beds, and couches. “Make yourself comfortable as I go install it with Silky Midnight?”
Barnabus nodded as he examined the room. Rexus slipped out of another door, closing it behind him. Barnabus plopped himself on a plush purple couch, resting his electric rifle beside it.
It wasn’t long before Rexus returned. “It’s downloading now. Why don’t we have a drink while we wait for it to prepare?” Rexus pulled two glasses from behind a sofa and filled them with chilled wine. Barnabus gladly too it and sipped lightly.
Rexus and Barnabus chatted idly as they waited, but Barnabus’s mind was elsewhere. He was eager to see what Rex had come up with. He didn’t have to wait for long, because after a few minutes there was a buzzing sound from Rexus’s wrist. He looked down at his watch and said cheerily “it’s coming in now,” as he gestured to a nearby door.
The door opened quickly and a slender but curvy ebony woman strode into the room. Barnabus could tell the moment he saw her she was running on his Silky Midnight software. Here eyes gleamed sharply and she had a quirky smirk on her face.
Banabus’s eyes traced up the body. Toned calves and thighs. Wide hips. No pubic hair. A deliciously thin waist. Very perky C-cup breasts. Dark nearly black nipples. All very good and significantly improved over Rex’s previous model. The breasts were especially bouncy. He moved his eyes higher, taking in the facial pigment and lashes. He whistled. “No makeup?” he had to ask Rex to confirm.
“None at all…” Rexus confirmed with a sultry tone in his voice.
It was a masterpiece. The skin was flawless. The eye and lip pigment was done perfectly. If Rexus hadn’t confirmed otherwise Barnabus would have been sure she was wearing makeup. She had a smoky makeup look about her, and her eyelashes were full and long — but not too long.
And the hair. Barnabus’s heart leapt at the hair. Truly a work of art. Jet black and perfectly straight. Not a strand out of place. Some of it was done up in a bun stylized to look like a rose. The Gossamer was strutting around the room slowly, eyeing the men seductively. Her eyes locked on Barnabus, causing him to beam. The new programming was working perfectly. She ran her hands up through her hair, causing it to cascade down around her face like stirred silk. She had assessed the situation and correctly identified Barnabus was the one she was supposed to be impressing. She slowly walked towards him, one foot in front of the other, doing a perfect runway walk. She reached Barnabus and stood with her legs wide as she ran her hands up and down her body.
“How old is it?” Barnabus asked curiously.
“27 days.” Rexus said nonchalantly.
“27?!” Barnabus exclaimed in surprise. “I thought you were still working on the 1-day to 1-month model! She certainly looks a lot older that a two year old!”
Rexus laughed. “I thought that might surprise you. We managed to accelerate the growth rate after the womb stage. 9 days for 9 months, then… 18 days for 18 years.”
“But what about degradation? I thought it wasn’t possible to go faster?” Barnabus sputtered, disbelief clearly on his face.
The Gossamer grinned widely as she cupped he breasts then pinched her nipples lightly.
“Why not give it a squeeze? You’ll find it’s integrity to be extremely good,” Rexus said.
Barnabus leaned forwards and reached behind the Gossamer, giving her a hard squeeze on the ass. It felt good. Better than good, it felt amazing. Her butt was toned and firm, and her skin was as smooth as a newborn. “Unbelievable…” he muttered.
“Go ahead and give it a more vigorous testing if you don’t believe,” Rexus said, a happily amused tone in his voice.
Barnabus stood up, pushing the woman backwards. He grabbed a breast and squeezed harshly. A shuttering moan escaped her lips. The breasts were as nice as the ass. Perfectly shaped to comfortably fill the hand.
“That’s it?” Rexus chimed “I assure you Barny, the body can take a beating! Afraid your software can’t?” A large grin had crept over Rexus’s face. Barnabus grinned back.
Barnabus reached up and grabbed the girl by the throat, tossing her aside like a rag doll. The Gossamer made no move to break her fall. Once she was down though she sprung up into a Rockygy-style position, swaying her ass side to side while gyrating her hips and pressing her breasts and face to the carpeted floor. Barnabus brought up his boot, slamming it between her legs, impacting her crotch and stomach. The force of the blow lifted her off the ground a bit. She let out a small yelp, then a soft moan.
Barnabus kneeled down between her legs and brought his face near her sex. With two fingers he pressed her dark brown lips aside, revealing her pink interior. Her inner folds glistened in the light of the room, soaking wet. “Quite good Rex, quite good.” Barnabus said as he stood back up again. He walked around her to stand by her head. With his boot he pushed her over so she rolled onto her back. She wiggled slowly on the ground, smiling up at him.
Barnabus pivoted his foot, then pressed the sole of his boot down on her neck. She maintained eye contact, her smile still on her face. She tweaked her nipples and licked her lips as Barnabus pressed down harder, cutting off her breathing.
“I was never very fond of these ultra-submissive programs,” Barnabus mused as the Gossamer squirmed and gasped, still tweaking her nipples. She made no attempt to move his foot. “Where’s the fun if they don’t fight back? Not that I enjoy this sort of thing either. But a little bit of independent thought in what you are fucking is always a good thing I think. Else we’d all just use fleshlights.”
Rexus shrugged. “To each their own my friend. I like a submissive bitch every once in a while. And causing pain can bring pleasure if you do it right.”
Barnabus pressed down harder. The gasping motions from the Gossamer were slowing down, and her nipple pinching was just twitching now as her arms spasmed. “Quite impressive though isn’t it?” Barnabus said, watching as the Gossamer’s eyes fluttered.
“Indeed.” Rexus chimed.
Barnabus lifted his foot and the Gossamer gasped for breath. Her eyes blinked quickly and her back arched. Her arms stiffened for a moment, then she settled back down. She was still smiling, staring at Barnabus. Her hands went back to her nipples and she continued playing with herself. Barnabus left her where she was and came back to sit on the couch again.
“Well I do say you have outdone yourself this time Rex. The facial pigment is exquisite. I never thought you would perfect it.”
“It was quite difficult, but I think the Gossamer came out quite well. Feel the hair!”
Barnabus snapped, and the Gossamer got on her hands and knees. She came crawling over to him, mouth open, eyes filled with lust. He stroked her head. The hair was as soft as it looked. Like silk. He grabbed a fistful of it, turning her head this way then that. She rolled her tongue out, and looked from him towards his crotch. “Best feel yet Rex. This is by far the best specimen you have made…”
“Thank you, thank you,” Rexus said dismissively. “You are too kind. It is your program that brings her to life.” Rexus cleared his throat, and when he continued he spoke in a quieter more conspiratorial tone. “But Barny, I have plans… Plans for something far far better. You know of our diversity problem?”
Barnabus nodded. He knew all too well of the diversity problem. There was only so far you could go with a purely African genome. You could tweak so much, but there were limits. Facial features and skin tones were the big ones. When this whole project was started, everyone had thought it would be very easy to genetically alter those. Especially skin tone. No one had expected it would prove to be so difficult. Rexus could literally change the genetic makeup to cause pigment in the face to look like makeup, but he couldn’t lighten skin past a moderate brown. Even a mocha color could not be achieved. The more prominent facial features could be toned down, but their appearance was still distinctly African. It had been a scientific breakthrough when a workaround had been discovered to alter hair.
“Well, I have come up with…. I think… a solution.”
That peaked Barnabus’s interest. He sat up straight and pushed away the Gossamer. “Well, what is it?”
Rexus smiled sheepishly. “Don’t be mad Barny. I don’t think you’ll like it. But I know how to do it and make it look legal.” He paused for a moment, and when Barnabus nodded cautiously he continued. “Breeding.”
Barnabus’s face contorted in a look of shock. “That’s-!”
“I know.” Rexus said curtly, cutting him off before he could continue. “Illegal.”
“Illegal!?” Barnabus said with disgust. “It’s revolting! Not to mention biologically impossible! They’re all sterile!” Barnabus said, practically yelling as he waved an arm at the Gossamer. He was turning red in the face and his moustache was fluttering in irritation and rage.
“Not anymore.” Rexus said without raising his voice. “The Gossamer line is fertile.”
Barnabus’s gaze shot to the Gossamer lounging on the floor, a sickened look on his face. “H-how could you even think of this Rexus! That thing is an abomination!” He grabbed his electric rifle, intent on switching it from stun to kill and putting an end to Rexus’s creation.
Rexus shot up and crossed the room in an instant, putting himself between Barnabus and the Gossamer and placing his hand over the raised rifle. “It’s the only way Barny,” he said quickly. “I can hide the fact that the offspring were born not engineered. Think of all the money. We’d be the first company to come out with light-skinned models. You can have a hundred research teams, and I can have a corporate building in every major city. This will put us on top of the map. Our stock will skyrocket. No one knows about this but you and me. I’ll do the extractions myself. I’ll modify the genomes myself. And once we have a laundered line then I can put it up for mass production, claiming I engineered it.” Rexus was speaking incredibly fast, trying to blurt out his whole plan before Barnabus did something rash. It had worked.
At the mention of profit Barnabus’s rage had begun to subside. His grip on the gun loosened and Rexus took it away, putting his arm around his friend. The two of them stared down at the Gossamer who was still playing with herself, rolling around slightly and smiling back up at them. “Alright. Alright Rexus.” Barnabus said in a calmer voice “I’m listening…”
Chapter 2: To Purify
Barnabus paced up and down in his drawing room. His meeting with Rexus last week had not gone at all how he expected. Rexus wanted to BREED a lighter skinned model. He wiped his brow with a handkerchief from his pocket. They would go to jail for life if they were found out. Even discussing such a thing would at least earn a fine if not worse. But the potential… Ohh the potential… The Maxie-6, the lightest skin model available, sold for quadruple what the Maxie-5 sold for. And the only difference was the skin tone. And the Maxie-6 was still a dark milk-chocolate color. With one coupling they could create a middling tone mulatto with mocha skin. Rexus had show him his digital mockups. If it worked, they could charge twenty times the price of a Maxie-6. More if they made it a limited line. And they could go lighter still… A coupling with one of the new mulattos would produce even lighter skin. He shuddered at the thought of how much money they were going to make.
Rexus’s plan had been quite compelling. He seemed to have all the kinks ironed out. Frankly Barnabus had been surprised. He knew Rexus was a genius genetic engineer, but he had never expected something so cunning from him. Finally the clock chimed four. He grabbed his coat quickly, tugging it on. It was time to meet Rexus again. Rexus had given him a week to mull it over, and he wanted an answer now. Barnabus cleared his throat and strode to his garage. As he got in the back seat his driver took off without a word. He knew the schedule.
Though it wasn’t that late, the sky was dark. It was raining heavily. Somehow Barnabus thought this suited the occasion. He gazed out the window at the gleaming lights of the city below as his car meandered down the mountain slope. His heart was beating fast. Sure, he had broken plenty of laws in his business before. But nothing like this. Never race laws. He shuddered. This was different. And he was getting more and more nervous with every passing minute.
It was the last part of the plan that Barnabus was dreading the most. He had resigned himself to everything but the last. Rexus wanted the two of them to be the ones to breed with the Gossamer. It made sense. Barnabus hated it but it made sense. They couldn’t bring anyone else in on the plan. It would have been too dangerous. And Rexus needed genome sequences from Gossamers crossed with two separate males in order for his genome laundering plan to work. That meant Barnabus would have to breed with one of those things.
He had sex with them frequently, but the idea of breeding with one… the thought of knowing that as he ejaculated in their body his sperm would mingle with the eggs of that dark thing… He shuddered. He almost felt sick.
Too soon the car pulled into the private garage at Rexus’s building. Rexus was there waiting for him. He got out stiffly and told the driver to wait for him. He walked over to Rexus and shook his hand.
Rexus spoke first. “I’m already done. Care to see?”
Barnabus nodded absently. Anything to put off the coming deed a bit longer.
Rexus took him to a different floor this time. 82. There was no secretary, and the elevator doors wouldn’t open until Rexus swiped a keycard from around his neck. They didn’t speak as Rexus led him down a maze of halls, finally arriving at room 223.
Rexus opened the door and led him inside. It was an observation room. It was rather small. In the room below, past the one-way glass, was a Gossamer strapped to a table. It was unconscious and hooked up to machinery. Barnabus held back bile as his eyes went to it’s stomach. It was bulging with pregnancy. It looked to be at least five months pregnant.
“It took quite easily.” Rexus said. “They are extremely fertile. You should only have to do it once.”
“Couldn’t we… do it artificially?” Barnabus said.
“We could. But we won’t.” Rexus said matter-of-factly. “Think of it as a sort of blood oath. We are in this together. We’ve both done the unspeakable. We’ll both pay for it if we are uncovered… Besides, I think you’ll like being with a Gossamer.”
Barnabus nodded curtly.
“Think of it like this, Barny… You are purifying it. This wont be the last time we do this. Every generation we’ll do this. And with every generation we take this ape closer and closer to a pristine pure white.”
Barnabus shifted. He… hadn’t thought of it like that before. That… did that make it better? Rexus must have noticed his hesitation because he gave Barnabus a large smile. “This way. And which software will you be using?”
Barnabus followed Rexus out of the room and handed him a small red chip without saying a word. Rexus led him into a plush sitting room. “I’ll send it in in a few minutes.” Rexus said as he closed the door, leaving Barnabus alone in the room.
He paced up and down the room nervously. He then stripped quickly. He’d be ready when the Gossamer arrived. And they could get this over quickly. His penis was limp and small though, and attempts to rouse it went unsuccessfully. He shook his head. He’d have to wait until it got here.
He sat on a low bed and held his face in his hands. His leg bounced absently as he waited. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door to the room opened again, and in walked a Gossamer. She began to slowly walk towards him, swaying her hips. “Hurry up and get over here you slut” he growled. She obeyed. She crossed the room quickly. Once she reached him he grabbed her by the arm and pulled he down to a kneeling position in front of him. Her black skin was delicately soft to the tough. He grabbed her by her hair and pressed her face towards his dick.
She opened her mouth obediently and swallowed his limp dick into her mouth. Instantly an electric tingle shot through him. Her mouth was warm and filled with spit. Her lips were plump and full, and she suckled lightly on his shaft, coaxing it. He had expected it to take a long time for it to rouse him, but to his delight that was not the case. The Gossamer peered up at him seductively as his cock grew in her mouth. He pressed her down, holding her so her lower lip was covering his ball sack and her upper lip was pressed to his pelvis. Her nose was pushed into his stomach and he could feel her hot breath against his skin as her nostrils flared. He ran his hands through her silky smooth hair, holding her pinned to him. He could feel himself elongating. Her tongue slopped and lolled around his cock as it expanded, pushing deeper into her throat.
Barnabus moaned. Her oral capacity had been shrunk, making for a very tight fit as he expanded into her. He felt his tip pushing past her uvula and soft pallet and growing into her throat. He adjusted her head so he could grow more easily into her. Finally he was at full size. His massive cock was pressing her jaw open and cutting off her airflow. She couldn’t breathe through her nose anymore with his meat in her throat.
He gasped, holding her there and relishing the feeling of her tongue and saliva coating his cock. Her throat muscles contracted as she gagged. He held her fast. Her eyes bulged as she gagged again. She slapped his leg. This was more like it… She began to struggle against his hold, fear coming over her face as her eyes bulged. She coughed again, but all it accomplished was allowing him to sink deeper down her throat.
She slapped and hit at him, twisted and turned, but couldn’t break free. Her struggling massaged his cock against the warm flesh of her mouth and throat. She was starting to go purple in the face. Her struggling intensified. He was suffocating her with his dick. Her legs kicked out from under her and her body tried to collapse. Barnabus held her firm though. He stood up, lifting her with him, her head still impaled with his shaft. She sputtered and shook, and slowly the fight began to leave her. Her hitting slowed down and became softer. Her eyes went out of focus and began to flutter. He held her down. He could feel her heartbeat against his dick.
Only when she stopped moving, and was only a limp twitching form, did he finally unsheathe himself in one fell swoop. His cock slopped out of her throat and she immediately began coughing and sucking in air, falling to the ground.
Before she could compose herself Barnabus pounced on her. He flipped her to her back and pressed himself between her legs. His head pressed into her lips then slid between her hot and wet folds. He penetrated her quickly, sliding fully into her as she continued to spasm from lack of oxygen. Holding her by the hips he rammed himself into her faster and faster causing her body to shake and flop with each thrust. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth gaped open in a sexual 0 shape.
Barnabus growled as he hammered himself into the Gossamer. His erection was maintained by rage alone. He wasn’t feeling the act. He was too disgusted at the thought of what he had to do, and that disgust kept him away from climax. It was all he could do to remain hard. The thought of impregnating such racial filth disturbed him. But Rexus’s words echoed in his memory. “…You are purifying it…”
With his seed he would mix his pure blood with this filth and make a sort of half breed. Still filth, but perhaps… Yes. He had to focus on that. It was the only way to bring himself to do it. Focusing on that thought he picked up his pace, hammering himself into the Gossamer. Finally, he was brought to the edge and buried himself deep in her, grunting as he ejaculated into her fertile body.
The deed done, he pulled out of her and stood up. The Gossamer lay on the floor, legs spread. Some of his cum leaked out of her black pussy onto the floor. Barnabus coughed and began to compose himself. His face flushed red with shame and disgust at what he had just done. He turned away from the Gossamer, who was not rubbing her clitoris, and began to quickly redress.
When he was clothed he ran his fingers quickly through his disheveled hair then exited the room. Rexus was waiting for him. “Its done…” he said, a note of weariness on his voice.
Rexus nodded. “Alright. I won’t keep you. I’ll get it into the growth chamber.”
Barnabus nodded, and left in a haze. He barely remembered the walk back to the car, and telling his driver to take him home. He was only brought out of his dazed stupor when his driver asked again: “Sir? We have arrived. Would you like me to inform the Mrs.?”
“No!” Barnabus exclaimed, with more shock and fear in his voice than he would have liked. “No…” he repeated in a calmer tone. “I don’t want to wake her…” He paused for a moment, not wanting to get out of the car. He wasn’t done thinking yet. “Driver… Take us downtown. The OldTown district.”
His driver hesitated “Sir… at this time of night? It’s bad enough during the day. Why would you want to go to a wretched place like that?”
“You heard me.” Barnabus said sternly.
The car pulled a three point turn out of the driveway and headed back down the mountain, away from Barnabus’s sleeping wife and his cozy home. He couldn’t face her right now, not after what he had just done.
Chapter 3: Beyond OldTown
It took a good hour and a half to reach OldTown. It was far away from the gleaming white city which housed Rexus’s research institute. Barnabus’s car had to pass through a security and a military checkpoint to reach the rundown hell hole. The guards had looked at Barnabus like he was insane when he asked to be let past, but all his paperwork was in order, so they had no choice but to reluctantly let him drive on.
OldTown was a dump. A wreck. A pile of crumbling, collapsed, and run down buildings. Shacks of cardboard, plywood, and plastic tarps were built peace meal on the ruined structures. A single road was still semi-functional in the town. It was the military access road that convoy vehicles and patrol cars sometimes drove down. Law didn’t really exist here, and often a plow would have to be brought with the patrols to clear the road of debris.
Luckily for Barnabus, it looked like the road had been plowed earlier that same day. The road was relatively clear of trash, with most of it being pushed off to the sides. Barnabus could hear his driver shift in his seat as the car began to slowly crawl through the pothole covered street. Barnabus peered out at the shelters. He could see people moving. Most were scurrying away from the road. A few were watching. Black and brown shapes crouching and staring. He could hear a baby crying somewhere.
Near the road on the right of the car, only partially obscured by a ripped tarp, a large ebony skinned man was furiously ramming himself into a severely pregnant mulatto girl he had bent over a small ledge. As he finished he pushed her forwards roughly, slamming her belly into the wall. From behind a second black man stepped forwards and took hold of her hips, pushing his hard cock into her cum-smeared pussy.
Barnabus lost sight of the orgy as his car crept past the structure. From the front seat a nervous call came from the driver. “Looks like the road is blocked ahead, shall I turn around sir?” Barnabus looked ahead. A group of people were in the process of trying to set up a structure made of plywood, tarp, and rope in the middle of the road.
As the lights of the car fell on them Barnabus got a clearer view. There were two men, a woman, and a young boy and girl. One of the men looked Indian, the other was a deep black. The woman looked to be Asian. Perhaps Korean. The two children clutched to her legs. They looked like she was their mother. The boy looked half Korean half black, and the younger girl looked to be half Indian half Korean. The two men stopped their work when the light of the car approached. They turned and looked. The woman slunk back with her kids, towards the edge of the road. The car had stopped, and for a moment Barnabus just looked at the group of people. Then the men pulled two long metal pipes from the floor.
A note of fear jumped in Barnabus’s throat. The car was bulletproof. Two lead pipes couldn’t do much to it. But the sight of those two figures standing there, violence evident on their face, sent a pang of nervousness into Barnabus.
“Straight through, driver. Make it fast. I won’t be intimidated by a few vermin.” He was surprised at how casual his tone was.
The driver hesitated. The two men began running forwards, clubs raised. That was enough to spur the driver to action. His foot slammed down on the gas hard. The car pealed out, then leapt forwards. The indian man managed to roll to the side, slamming his pipe into the side mirror of the car in the process. The black man was slower. The front of the car slammed into him. He slid over the hood, impacted the windshield, and was launched over the car. The woman screamed. The car sped through their makeshift shack, smashing it to splinters as the car continued unimpeded.
Barnabus whipped around, looking through the rear window. The Indian man was rushing over to the black man who was squirming on the road. The woman was still screaming. From the shadows two more shapes. Shorter men. Charged forwards. They fell upon the Indian man and the black man, wailing on them with a baseball bat and a hammer. The woman and the two children began running up the road in the direction the car was driving. The man with the hammer gave chase. The man with the baseball bat was still wailing on the Indian man as he spasmed on the ground. The black man had stopped moving.
The man with the hammer threw it. It hit the woman in the back. She fell. The children kept running, slinking off into a ruined building on the side of the road. The man fell on the woman. Barnabus realized he was naked. With a large erection. He pushed the woman onto her back and forced her legs open as she continued to scream. That was all Barnabus saw before the car pulled around a bend in the road out of sight.
Barnabus lay back, slumping low in his seat. His heart was pounding. His head was throbbing. The car jerked and bounced as it drove over potholes far too fast. Finally they were out of OldTown and onto the long dirt road on the other side, quickly speeding away. After what felt like hours the driver slowed then came to a stop. He turned around in his seat to look at Barnabus, who was taking a swig of whisky from a flask he had pulled from his coat.
“W…. Where to sir?” the driver said in a vain attempt to keep the fear out of his voice.
“I don’t know…” Barnabus said wearily. He hunched over and placed his head in his hands. What had he done? What was he doing?
“If… it is alright with you, sir, I’m going to take the long way back.”
Barnabus waved absently to the driver to send him forwards then slumped back in his seat. The car lurched forwards, taking a right and heading towards the enterence of the city that did not lie past OldTown.
It was an hour later when they were back on a paved — albeit potholed — road. Barnabus stared absently out of the window watching the lights of the small village ahead slowly growing larger. He dropped the empty flask onto the floor. The driver was going slowly now in a strict attempt to not cause any further damage to the car.
Thus it was almost another twenty minutes before they began rolling through the main thoroughfare of the village. The lights were coming from a pub on the outskirts. A neon sign reading “Silver Slider” was hung above what looked like an old saloon. Something about that name seemed familiar…
“Stop here driver.” Barnabus said before he knew what he was saying.
“Sir, we need to-”
“I said STOP!” Said Barnabus, annoyed with the drivers insubordination. He didn’t have to tell the driver a third time. He pulled off the road into a dirt parking lot next to the Silver Slider. Barnabus threw his door open and stepped out into the night air. It was cool, and crickets were singing. He turned on his heel and began walking towards the bar… or saloon… or whatever it was.
As he got closer the sound of a piano and an accordion drifted out to mingle with the crickets. Gravel and dirt crunched under his boots as he made his way past the other parked cars towards the building. He was almost out of the parking lot when he froze. He slowly turned his head to look back at the cars. They were nice cars. Expensive. VERY expensive. Five or six of them. Plus several cars that were clearly locals.
Silver Slider… Where had he heard that name before… He continued walking and rounded the building. The noise was far louder here. A woman was singing in time with the piano and accordion. The boards of the patio creaked as he neared the front door. He pushed it open and stepped inside.
The place looked like a cross between a bar, a hookah joint, and a strip club. There was a stage on one side of the room were a bikini and veil clad woman was dancing and singing with a snake in her hands. Behind her a grand piano and an accordion were played by similarly dressed women. The floors were covered with rugs and throw pillows. Smoke hung thick in the air, and Barnabus couldn’t determine what was being smoked. At the other end of the room was a bar with five bar stools, one of which was occupied. Most of the patrons were lounging near the stage watching the show and occasionally tossing money on stage.
Dazzled by the unsuspected display, Barnabus made his way over to the bar and sat down, calling for a whisky from the bartender. His gaze slipped to the other patron at the bar. It was a woman dressed in jeans, boots, and a white button up shirt that had the top few buttons open revealing her small bosom. It was hard to tell in the dark moody atmosphere of the place, but something about her told him she wasn’t fully white. She looked a bit darker, and slightly Asian in the eyes.
The woman turned towards him and looked him up and down. “You been in a fight?” she said in a high pitched voice. Barnabus looked down at himself and only then realized how disorderly he looked. His cloths hung on him lopsidedly and he was sweating profusely.
“Er… no…” he said with an embarrassed tone in his voice. Just then the barkeep came back with his whisky. Barnabus turned away from the woman and drank from it deeply.
“Just get done with a toss in the hay?” the woman said, a wry tone in her voice.
Barnabus choked on his whisky dripping some of it down his shirt. He glared at the woman.
“Well it’s nothin to be ashamed of…” the woman said defensively. “What brings you here? Looking for another toss?”
Barnabus sputtered. He didn’t know what to say. “Just… passing by.”
The woman let out a shrill laugh. “Passin by? Passin by the Silver Slider?” She had a large grin on her face. She lowered her voice and screwed up her expression and made an impression of a man’s voice when she spoke next: “Right, im just gonna money on down to the Silver Slider and get myself a drink as I pass on through.” She giggled another high pitch laugh when she finished her impersonation. Apparently seeing the lack of amusement on Barnabus’s face she put on a consoling tone. “Oh, now don’t mind me I get mean when I’m drunk. Not any of my business what you’re doing. Just curious you see? My name’s Jade by the way. Ming Jade.”
Barnabus raised an eyebrow. This woman was oriental. And just walking around with an oriental name — a fake sounding one at that — not even bothering to pretend she was white.
“What’s the matter? Never seen a Chinagirl before white man? Come down here from the big white city to take a tour of the orient?” Her voice was full of amusement.
“What is this place?” Barnabus stammered before he knew what he was saying.
“You really don’t know where you are?” She said incredulously. “You in the Silver Slider…” she said poking him in the forehead as if to jog his memory.
Barnabus turned back to the bar. Yes… he had heard of this place… something in the news… He closed his eyes trying to remember the old broadcast. It was something about a colored sex club? That’s right… it was a colored brothel that had women of all ethnicities. The memory came slamming back into him like a ton of bricks. The police has been looking for it for months. They could never find it though because it was always in a different place. Never in the same building twice, and always far away from the city. Barnabus jerked his head back towards the Asian woman.
“Now you remember!” She said, amusement thick in her voice as she clearly saw the recognition on Barnabus’s face. “So you want to be here or not? Still just passing through?” She idly brushed her fingers over her exposed cleavage.
Barnabus stood up sharply, causing his stool to fall over.
“What’s wrong white boy?” She cooed. “Aren’t you curious what an oriental fortune cookie tastes like?” She rubbed her hand down over her crotch and shot him a sly smile.
“No- I…” Barnabus stammered. Ming had stood up as well and had slowly inched her way closer. She gazed up at him and he stared into her slanted eyes. “Aren’t you curious?” she said seductively, pressing her breasts into his chest and breathing each word hotly against the exposed skin of his neck. “We know secret ways of pleasure… different positions… passed down through the generations in the orient…”
Barnabus pushed away from her and stumbled towards the exit. He was dizzy. He… hadn’t drunk very much had he? He awkwardly moved towards the door. But… someone was blocking it. A large man. He pushed Barnabus roughly in the chest and he fell over backwards.
Ming was crouching near his head. She made a tisking noise and screwed her lips into a duck face. “Silly white boy.” She said “Silver Slider guests by invitation only.”
His head was swimming, and his vision was blacking out. They… drugged him. He opened his mouth to shout, but no noise came out. Ming Jade’s high pitched laughter was the last thing he heard before falling unconscious.
Chapter 4: The trod-on snake bites back
Barnabus’s head felt like it had been crushed under the wheel of a car. He was laying down on something hard and cold. His eyes swam with tears as he opened them. He was in a cement cell. He was naked. His hands were tied behind his back. He didn’t move. Someone was talking.
“I’m telling you it’s him. It’s Barnabus Morley. That fat cat whose company designs emotion chips for lobotomized sex slaves.” Said a man’s voice.
“What would HE be doing HERE?” Said the recognizable high pitched voice of Ming Jade.
“It doesn’t matter. We have to act now. This is exactly the opportunity we have been waiting for. We couldn’t have hoped for a better target.” The man’s voice said tensely.
“Well let’s wait for the team to look through his stuff first. I’m sure he’s got an ID…” said Ming.
“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Said the man. “But I’m going to get the camera ready.” There were footsteps as the man walked away.
“So are you him white boy?” Ming called into the cell. “I know you awake. Are you Barnabus Morley?”
“what if I am?” Barnabus said with a voice so steady he surprised himself.
There was a sharp intake of air from Ming at his confirmation. “We’re not going to hurt you.” She said matter-of-factly. “We just… need you to help us make a little video.”
“Video?” Barnabus said suspisciously.
“All you white boys up in your rich city hate us colored folk. Think we’re dirty. You looked like you were going to puke when I asked you to fuck me.”
Barnabus kept silent and she continued.
“So… we’re gonna show you there’s nothing to fear. You’re gonna fuck me, we’re gonna tape it, and we gonna broadcast it into the city.”
Barnabus’s mouth fell open in disbelief.
“We aren’t idiots. Or have you lobotomized too many people to remember that?” There was anger in her voice now. “We have people who tech savvy. They’ll cut right into the morning news. Play our little video instead. No one will think we unthinking idiot apes after that. And maybe some will realize it won’t kill you to mix skin with a mixed race woman who has her mental faculties intact.” She paused. “And maybe some will realize those they mistreat can bite back when stepped on too much.”
The man came back into the corridor thrusting his ID into Ming’s face. There was a group of other men there with him. “It’s him alright,” the man said pointing at the ID.
“Alright!” Ming said in a loud voice. “Let’s do this…”
Keys rattled as they opened the door to his cell. He managed to push himself into a sitting position before hands grabbed him and yanked him to his feet. Two black men a foot or more taller than himself held his arms and pressed his back against the wall.
The man who spoke, an Indian looking man, was slotting a tape into a hand-held video camera. Ming took up a position standing in front of one of the men holding Barnabus so she and he were clearly in the shot of the now raised camera.
A red light on the camera lit up and Ming started talking. “People of the White City. My name is Ming Jade. I am a Chinagirl. And I run the Silver Slider. For over a year now your fine, upstanding, rich white men have been frequenting my establishment. They’ve been stuffing their fat cock into my tight Asian pussy. Cumming in me. On me. In my mouth! In the mouth and asses and pussies of my colored friends. Black pussy. Indian pussy. Arab pussy. Your white men can’t get enough of us colored girls. Just tonight, Barnabus Morley, the fat cat lobotomizer of girls, the man who has spoken at length on TV about the simplemindedness and inferiority of non-whites, came to the Silver Slider in the hopes of sticking his white cock in some dark meat.” Ming slapped her hand across Barnabus’s bare chest.
“I think I will oblige him.” Suddenly Ming was stripping. Her shirt came off, and a moment later so did her jeans. She was nude in front of the camera. Her skin was a dark oriental color. Her nipples and pussy lips were a dark brown.
Barnabus struggled against his captors, but it was no use. Ming crouched down in front of him and sucked his limp dick into her mouth. She swished her tongue around his dick and bobbed her head up and down sucking on it. To his horror, Barnabus couldn’t stop himself from growing hard in her mouth. Why was he getting hard! This woman was raping him! And he’d already had sex today! But something about her mouth. Her thin almond shaped eyes. The way she bobbed her head up and down. The way her dark nipples and lips contrasted with her lighter body. He couldn’t deny it… he was sexually attracted to her…
She pulled his erect cock out of her mouth and held it up for the camera to see. “See? He likes it…” she purred. She stood up and turned around, facing her ass towards his crotch. Barnabus tried to turn away, but the men held him still as Ming pushed herself towards him, causing his spit covered shaft to slide between her brown lips with ease.
Ming moaned loudly with false pleasure as she impaled herself on his shaft. Barnabus grunted as his cock was enveloped by her hot folds. “White man like having his cock in dirty china pussy?” Ming called in a mocking voice as she looked back at him.
Barnabus shrunk back, trying to pull out of her but couldn’t. She pushed herself back with him, bottoming him out as her ass cheeks slapped against his chest. His body betrayed him. He was trying to go limp with all his might but couldn’t. To his horror, her continued gyrating and thrusting was slowly bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.
“Come on white man, give me your cream. Make some mixed babies with me! It isn’t so hard! I don’t bite!” She undulated her hips, rubbing his dick deliciously with each turn. He couldn’t take it anymore. She must have been able to tell that he was about to cum because she slammed herself back against him, forcing his dick all the way inside. He desperately tried to hold back but it was no use. Her body felt too good against him. Nature took over and forced him to cum. His dick pulsated, shooting hot cum deep into her tunnel.
She gave a fake moan “Oooohhh… He’s filling me up with his cum…” She held him in her a moment longer, making sure he had deposited his entire load, then the moved forwards. She pulled herself off him with a wet sloppy pop. She stepped forwards with her legs squatted wide. Using one hand she held her lips open. With the other she ran her middle finger up into her pussy. She turned it and pulled it out, causing some cum to slop out along with it. “See?” she said flipping off the camera and showing it his cum. “Is not so hard. Come to Silver Slider and you can fuck me too white boys!”
The red light on the camera went out and the man holding it lowered it. The men holding Barnabus shoved him to the floor. “Good job Ming. I’ll get this out right away,” the man with the camera said as he slipped out of the room.
Still naked with his cum dripping down her leg Ming turned back to Barnabus, towering over him. She spoke to the guards. “Take him to the car and let him go.” She then turned, picked up her cloths, and left.
The two men hefted Barnabus and began dragging his limp body from the room. All the fight had gone out of him, and he just let the men carry him. At some point while they were walking a bag was shoved over his head. He didn’t resist. Eventually after a few minutes he heard a vehicle door opening. He was tossed in the back of a van. He sat up as the van began to drive.
He lost track of time completely, but after a while the van stopped and he was dragged out. The ropes tying his arm were cut and the bag was pulled off his head. He was standing stark naked in a desert a few hundred feet from a road. His car was there. So was his driver. A few guards with machine guns were standing watch over his driver and the car. The men who brought him pushed him towards his car and called the guards to come with them. They all piled in the van and drove off.
Chapter 5: Bill C-94
Barnabus sat on the couch in his robe watching the broadcast. It had been three days since his abduction. He was beginning to recover. To his relief, his wife was sympathetic, not enraged. Things had gone remarkably well for him in fact. He watched as the re-run of his interview with channel 8 news played again. It was truly a masterpiece. They framed Ming and her gang as dangerous terrorists. He, a patriotic hero. He got to plug his new collaboration with Rexus, and promise a new much lighter skinned model. With all the free advertising, Rexus told him pre-orders were through the roof.
Barnabus sipped his coffee and smiled. Ming had meant to destroy him, and instead she had given him a great gift. Cathy, Barnabus’s wife, came over with a breakfast tray. She had been particularly attentive since he had returned. She was a young woman half his age. She had long platinum blonde hair, large D-cup breasts, and a delicious hourglass figure. “Here you are my love,” she said as she set the tray of bacon, eggs, and toast on the side table next to him. She was wearing a short white dress that showed ample bosom. His wife sat next to him on the couch, cozying up to him like a cat. She nuzzled her face into his neck, planting large kisses with her big lips. Her breasts pressed firmly against his arm.
“Are you going back to work today?” Cathy cooed.
Barnabus bit into a piece of toast. Nice and crispy brown. Just like he liked it. “Not sure…” he replied while still watching the news. “I might go over and see Rexus. Hammer out some details of the plan.” His wife’s hand slipped between his robe and caressed his chest as she moved her hand down to his dick. She slowly stroked it, and it grew quickly at her touch.
“Why don’t you stay home another day?” Cathy said, continuing to stroke him. “You’ve been through a large trauma…”
Barnabus grabbed a strip of bacon and began devouring it. “There’s work to be done.” He said through mouthfuls of food.
“I’d love to have you home another day though… I hate being cooped up here all day alone… and it’s been so… pleasurable… to have you home for a change…” She looked up at him with a pouty face as she continued stroking.
“Enough teasing.” Barnabus said as he grabbed Cathy by the hair and pushed her head down. She slid her body down on the couch until she was lying on her stomach propped up by her elbows with her head over his lap. She got to work without any more encouragement.
Cathy casually flipped the robe fully open allowing his dick to raise erect towards her waiting mouth. Her large luscious lips closed over his tip and she began sucking and rocking her head. She rolled her tongue around his shaft and bobbed up and down, massaging the whole length of his cock with her mouth.
Barnabus lounged back and left her to her work. He picked up the plate of eggs and began eating while watching the news. He tried to ignore Cathy. He liked when it took her a long time to get him off. He wanted to slowly relish the warm repetitive sucking of her talented mouth.
Barnabus watched as he stood up on TV and shook the host’s hand as the segment ended. “Well there you have it.” The host said “The inspiring words of a man first hand victim to minority terrorists. I hope you all enjoyed that interview, now I am going to hand it over to Barbara with more information about this new Gossamer line of automatons.”
“Thanks Jim,” Barbara said as the camera cut to her. “Yes, the Gossamer is the newest line of automatons coming out of Rexus Incorporated. The new line is promised to be a far lighter skin tone than previous automatons. Channel 8 can now exclusively report that the new skin tone is being referred to as ‘mulatto.’ Now, if we can go to graphic 3…” she paused to allow a graphic to appear on screen. “The square on the left there is the old black skin color. That’s the lightest we have seen so far in automatons. That’s the skin tone of the lightest model that exists thus far, the Maxie-6. And, while it looks noticeably lighter than the middle color, which is of a standard Workforce-99, it looks absolutely black compared to the mulatto color of the Gossamer, which is that image on the right.” Barbara paused for a moment, letting the full effect of the color differential set in. It really was shocking. Barnabus shook his head in disbelief. He had seen these color swatches a dozen times, but he still didn’t believe it.
The news lady started speaking again. “Now, we’ve only had one short press meeting about the Gossamer line, but here is what we know so far: Rexus Incorporated is mainly modeling this line as a pleasure model. The female versions of the Gossamer are going to be outfitted with the newest and best pleasure model technology R-Inc. has established. Straight silky black hair that gives the model it’s name. Soft skin. Modified internal structure. The pleasure line of the Gossamer promises to be a real tour-de-force. We don’t have as much information on the non-pleasure line Gossamers, though we do know R-Inc. is creating them. Speculation by our news team after exclusive interviews with insiders from R-Inc. leads us to believe the non-pleasure lines will be targeted at the service industry. With that, it’s time for me to turn it over to Robert with politics.” Barbara nodded as the screen cut away again, now showing a portly red head man behind a desk.
Barnabus grunted and shifted in his seat. Cathy was making slobbering sounds as she began deepthroating him. Shudders of pleasure went up his spine as his shaft penetrated past her uvula and down her throat. It was growing harder to ignore her, but he wasn’t done with his breakfast yet so he did his best. He began devouring the other piece of toast as Robert talked on the TV.
“…decision came down just minutes ago from the governor’s office. This development was quite a surprise, and it will surely have large impacts on many industries in the city.” Barnabus’s ears peaked. A new decision from the governor’s office? What was this about? “That’s right Rob,” said a salt-and-peppered man to Robert’s right. “Once again for those of you just tuning in, we have just learned of a new bill being signed into law just minutes ago at the governor’s office. The bill, dubbed Bill C-94, was written behind closed doors during a special meeting of state congress after the abduction and rape of Barnabus Morley earlier this week. The bill has expanded the definition of Slave Race to include those of Asian decent-” Barnabus choked on his orange juice, spilling everywhere as he sprang to his feet.
“What?!” he roared at the TV. Cathy had fallen to the floor at his feet, orange juice sprayed all over her, and was clutching her throat as she gagged. In his surprise he had flung her from his lap and shoved his cock further down her throat then she could comfortably take. All her muscles were tense and her eyes were bulging and blossoming tears as she coughed and choked, retching at his feet. He ignored her, frantically raising the volume of the TV so he could hear over his wife’s noises.
“…thus Asians have been moved down from Excluded Marginal to Slave Race. Now, since Asian’s were already classified as Excluded Marginal, the main difference this law will create is the ability for corporations to genetically engineer and sell Asians. Remember today’s earlier talk about the Gossamer? Well, that skin tone will look like midnight black compared to Asian skin tones. How this will impact the economy remains to be seen, though early…” Barnabus stepped over his still-choking wife and bolted for the door. He had to see Rexus.
“Barny..!” his wife called from the floor behind him. He didn’t care. He had to see Rexus immediately. This could ruin everything. If it was not legal to breed Asians, surely that would destroy the profit margins for the mulatto Gossamer line. Then everything he had been through would be for nothing…
He practically ran to his car, not caring about being dressed only in a bath robe. “R-Inc.” he said breathlessly to the driver when he flopped into the back seat. Though it didn’t take long for his car to reach the building, and even less time for Barnabus to make his way through the building and meet Rexus, it still felt like a painful eternity.
When Barnabus finally burst into Rexus’s office he was red in the face and panting. Rexus raised a hand to forestall him. “Don’t worry Barny, it’s not nearly as bad as it souns.” Barnabus opened his mouth to retort but again Rexus spoke over him. “If you just saw the news report, yes, you would indeed think things were bad. But much happens in politics beyond what is reported in the news. Don’t worry Barny, I am ahead of this wave. Asian models won’t be ready for market for at least a year or two. The bill that passed had several dozens of pages of restrictions and safe-guards listed for testing of Asian models before they will be allowed on market. The Gossamer lines will be ready for mass manufacturing and distribution within a few months. I have it all worked out.” Rexus made calming gestures at Barnabus and at his motions Barnabus slumped into a chair and began to drink directly from a bottle on a coffee table next to it.
“The first line of Gossamers will be released to the public three months from now. Every three months after that we will release a lighter and lighter model. By the time the Asian models are ready for distribution we will already have created and sold hundreds of thousands of models lighter than the first Asian ones.”
Barnabus slowly nodded, regaining some of his composure. Had Rexus planed this? Had he played a role in this bill getting passed in the first place? Barnabus was on the verge of voicing his questions when Rexus spoke again. “Would you like to see the progress we have made already in these last three days?”
Reluctantly, Barnabus nodded and followed Rexus from the room. Two elevator rides and a walk through a long white corridor later and the two men had arrived at a new gestation room. They walked into a small observation room overlooking a white room with two medical tables in it. Two Gossamers, both just beginning to show signs of pregnancy, where strapped to the tables. They were unconscious, and a plethora of tubes and medical contraptions were hooked up to them. “Behold, the fruits of our labor.” Rexus said as he gestured to display screens in front of them. They showed the genetic profiles of the two offspring. There were ultrasound images of the two babes displayed on the screens along with vital sign measurements.
“Why aren’t they being grown in chambers?” Barnabus asked. “Surely that would be easier than keeping them in the mothers?”
Rexus shook his head. “I didn’t want to chance damaging them in the transfer.”
Barnabus sat down and began taking a closer look at all the data displayed before him. Everything was… ok… everything was… in order. Slowly he felt the tension release from his body and waves of relief roll over him. It had been a long few days. But it was all going to be worth it. Now all he had to do was wait. Wait and let Rexus’s marketing genius make him very very rich.
Chapter 6: Epilogue
Ming clenched the positive pregnancy test in her coat pocket as she stood behind the coder’s chair. The room was dark and musty. The sound of whirring computer fans was loud as the old machines struggled to keep up with the work of the short blading man sitting in front of the glowing screen. “Have you finished?” she asked with impatience and eagerness in her voice.
“Almost.” The man drawled as he labored away at his keyboard. “We want to make sure it can’t be detected.”
Ming nodded. She walked to the side of his desk and opened a small box sitting on the corner. It was filled with blank personality chips bearing the logo of B-Inc, the company of Barnabus Morley. It had been difficult to get their hands on these blank chips. There was more difficult work to do still. But if they managed to get these modified chips into R-Inc in time to be planted in the new Gossamers… things would be different. Things would have to change.
“Keep up the good work.” Ming said to the coder. “Let me know when they are all programmed.” She griped the pregnancy test harder as she turned on her heels and walked from the room. They tyranny of the City wouldn’t last forever… Not if she had anything to say about it.

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