A sexy twist on the classic superbowl party game

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Most people are familiar with the game, common at super bowl parties, where there is a 10×10 grid and people sign up for particular blocks. Then, depending on the digits of the score at the end of each quarter, whoever signed up for the related block wins a prize. Recently, while watching college football games I thought of an adaptation of the game with a sexual twist.

In this version, I use a 5×5 grid. Unlike the normal version of the game where the numbers aren’t known when the participants sign their squares, in this version I assign two numbers corresponding to each of the columns across the top and down the side (i.e. 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9). The columns would correspond to the score of Team A, and the rows would correspond to the score of Team B.

Next, my husband and I each took turns putting our name in different squares five at a time. Since it was my game, and I’m in charge of most of our sex life, I filled in 15 squares and he filled in 10. You can do it whatever way you like.

The next part is the twist. Each row was then randomly assigned an action and each column was randomly assigned a location. In our case we used the following:

Actions: Kiss, suck, cum on, worship, fuck Locations: Breasts, ass, clit, cock, feet

I wrote these out on pieces of paper and we took turns picking them from a hat, but there are plenty of ways to do it.

The way the game works is mainly like the basic party game. At the end of each quarter you locate the square that corresponds to the score. If the score is 10-7, it would be the 0-1 column for Team A and the 6-7 row for Team B. This square would be “owned” by whoever signed up for it and would also correspond to a related action/location pair — perhaps Kiss/Ass or Suck/Breasts.

The owner of the square would then get to dictate the terms of how the related action and location pair was performed. For example if it turned out that I owned the suck/breasts pair I might stipulate that my loving husband was required to suck my breasts until I brought myself off using a vibrator. If we were alone, I could demand he do it right then and there or I might require it be done at a later time.

Alternatively if my husband owned the suck/breasts square he could impose his own requirements on executing the task. For example he might demand I bring him off with a hand job before he sucked my breasts or require me to wear a particular outfit.

Specific rules are left to the imagination and agreement of the partners. These might include any limits either partner might have, a time frame for completing the task, or even whether the square owner has to name the specifics right away or if they can think about it for a bit.

In deciding how a win will be fulfilled its good to remember that every football game has four quarters and most likely one partner won’t win all four. That means greedy and demanding requests can be answered by the same. If that’s your thing — go for it, but remember it’s a game and it’s about sex, they are both meant to be fun.

Just as important is that four quarters means four wins. The squares can be performed in one rousing session or four separate ones. They can be done in the order they occurred or in any order you choose.

The other thing I’d note is to take some care in deciding your locations and actions. In my example above there is a square that specifies ass and fuck. If that’s a no-go for either of you its best to either have an alternate plan or include something different. Some pairs don’t always work great together either (like cum on, cock) you can agree on these beforehand or just let the square winner figure it out.

There’s no reason different locations and actions can’t be repeated more than once. I used 5×5 as my grid, but you can use the traditional 10×10 if you like and double some things up if necessary If you like lots of oral, put in extra kissing, licking and sucking as actions or extra cocks and clits as locations. You could specify toys, restraints or physical locations as well (i.e. outdoors).

Be as creative as you dare or keep it simple — there’s no right way to do this.

The Super Bowl is just a few weeks away, but there’s really no need to wait, the format works for any game, any time, all year round. There’s no reason it can’t be used for basketball, baseball or really most any sport.

Use it to cut a deal — if he wants to go to a sports bar to watch the game with they guys, let him go but then make him do a grid that includes all of your favorites or gives you extra squares to own.

We’ve already been invited to a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house so we won’t be able to act out our squares right away, but that could be part of the fun. We are planning to assign our rows and columns right before we go and then build up the sexual tension as the game unfolds. I can already anticipate the moisture forming in my panties as each quarter ends and I find an opportunity to discretely check who won the square and what delicious acts we’ll be enjoying later on.

While I certainly hope I win one of my favorites such as having him worship my clit or cum on my breasts, there is really no way for either of us to lose. I’m sure there will be some knowing smiles shared between us and quite possibly some whispered suggestions of pleasures to come.

Imagine your guy sitting there watching a kicker lining up for the game winning field goal and him knowing that if the kick is good you’d own the worship-ass square, but if the try is missed he might own the worship-cock square. Imagine the conflict between his team loyalties and sexual desires. The outcome could help eliminate some of the agony of defeat or enhance the glow of victory.

Have fun, good luck and enjoy.

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