A story of lesbian vampire seduction

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Attending this fancy dress party had been her half Italian friend Mona’s idea and subsequently Helena had decided to dress as a Roman serving wench. With help from the house staff she had fabricated a convincing costume from an old bed sheet they had scrounged up for her. The white makeshift toga was held up by a gold brooch on one shoulder and drawn in around her waist by a thin gold belt; cheap raffia flip-flops adorned her feet. Helena wore her long straight immaculately groomed natural blonde hair gathered up in a high ponytail and secured by a golden hair clasp and she wore gold hoop earrings, a few bangles and several rings. Knowing it would aggravate her parents immensely and cause quite a stir amongst the more stuffy guests that would be attending tonight’s function she daringly wore only a skimpiest white thong beneath the thin makeshift toga that left little to the imagination. At eighteen and the all-important half Helena was old enough to do everything any adult could but she was still considered to be a child by the local set. It really angered her, she could join the army if she wished, vote and even get pregnant but local society which meant so much to her parents would not recognise her as an adult.
The party was for someone in her friend Angie’s family who was hoping to rise in the local rankings. And was held in her fathers hotel function rooms. To her satisfaction Helena really had created quite an impression when she first entered with almost everyone who was there as she had hoped, there were few more daring or outlandish but because of her age and family Helena caused quite a stir. Loving every moment she cavorted quite reservedly around the rooms, she got great pleasure in her parents and their friends’ horror and shock at her behaviour, her father glared furiously at her. She felt a wicked sense of satisfaction and classed it as a great victory watching her parents squirm uncomfortably for some time before they finally excused themselves and left. The evening proceeded and the attention she was getting was fantastic, she had been flirting blatantly with several male friends at once when she had first caught sight of the new and unfamiliar guest that arrived awfully late.
She had been outdone completely and stood in shock, in fact rendered speechless the whole gathering fell silent staring in awe as the new guest entered, for quite some time the newcomer was the centre of the whole rooms attention robbing Helena of the limelight and attention she craved so much. Her first reaction was one of spiteful anger as she stared hatefully at the young woman. Spoilt from birth Helena was used to getting things her way, her locally very important parents had seen to it and now as she grew up were beginning to pay the price.
Incredibly attractive the girl that caught everyone’s interest had come dressed very daringly in a costume that consisted of little more than a few strips of carefully placed crimson fabric fastened to a widespread stiff white collar by a large gold ring. Her sparse costume was perfectly complemented by the thigh high black patent leather boots she wore so well. Immediately Helena had seen her she knew the girl was dressed as a teenage comic book heroine of her’s called Vampirella from those old superhero magazines her father had diligently sourced for her. At her age she had grown out of the mags really, they were filed away in a cupboard somewhere, however her old room was covered in posters of her and other comic book characters such as Spidey, the Silver surfer, Wonderwoman and many more. Many of them had been covered or replaced with rock and pop posters but V had remained because she still fired Helena’s imagination.
The girl’s poise was perfect as she swept into the awe struck crowd, Helena thought she knew everyone that mattered so who could this bitch be. Before too long though everyone’s interest in the stunning stranger had waned somewhat and she had almost blended into the throng though people nearby couldn’t help but ogle her. Conversations began afresh; soon she was all but forgotten by most of the attending guests. Unfortunately for Helena she was fascinated by her, she for one couldn’t tear her eyes away. Hating herself for thinking it but she thought the girl looked truly magnificent dressed so daringly and a few well-placed trinkets of gold jewellery complimented her skimpy outfit perfectly and it riled Helena. The exceedingly long straight blue-black hair was loose and was so luxuriant Helena decided cattily that it must be a wig. Despite her catty hate and distaste for the girl something strange was disturbed deep inside Helena something that slowly dispelled the ire that at first had began as a seething jealous anger but rapidly transformed into something much more disturbing. Each time she caught sight of the girl the demon stirred restlessly deep within and she found herself increasingly sneaking admiring peeks at the girl.
For some time Helena managed to keep up her flirty conversation with the men and to maintain their interest while covertly watching the stunning creature circulating around the room chatting amiably with the other guests. At college this year Helena had experimented a little, having a few flings with some of the other girls and she had quite enjoyed some of her experiences. There was something very different about this girl though she thought as just watching the girl from afar made Helena feel more than a just a little unsettled, more than a little excited too. Without her realising that her occasional sly glances had become more frequent, lingering longer, growing more noticeably blatant, Helena soon found herself absolutely intrigued by the girl.
Abruptly though Helena realised she had been caught out, the girl had clearly become aware of the attention that she was receiving and turned her head to look straight at her. A sudden thrill of undeniable fearful excitement shot through Helena as their green eyed stares met, even over such a distance her gaze was held fast across the crowd by the fire that burnt in the girl’s vivid green eyes. Anxiously Helena swore beneath her breath, in terror she watched mesmerised as the girl excused herself from the group she was with and began moving across the room in her direction. Confidently chatting politely but briefly with various guests as she moved through the scattered throng she was to Helena at least gradually closing in on her. There was no escape from meeting her even if she wished as the girl cut off her only exit as if by chance. In no time she stood before her smiling coolly awaiting an introduction. The dice was cast and Helena reddened even more smiling coyly for once overwhelmed by the situation she found herself in. Her mind which was normally quick to answer and sharp-witted let her down as she gawped childlike at the intoxicating beauty that stood before her.
“You must be Vampirella?” she blurted out cringing inside as the words left her mouth.
“I must.” The girl’s deep voice oozed out warmly, “very astute of you, if I may say!”
“I’ve never seen you before” Helena tried to start the conversation again, “are you new round here?”
“Yes and no, so to speak” the girl chuckled warmly easing Helena’s tension a little “we creatures of the night just don’t get out to socialise that much.”
“Of course,” laughed Helena trying to hold her self in check, “Only the hours of darkness for you, eh!”
“So what are you?” enquired the girl casting her eyes appreciatively over Helena sending a thrill through her, “could be a slave or a sacrificial offering?”
“I thought my outfit was, well you know!” she babbled weakly, “I wore it to piss my dad off really.”
“Oh it is, very,” The girl cocked an eyebrow, causing mayhem in Helena’s already confused mind, “very appetising.”
“You know, you are really stunning in that outfit?” stammered Helena “I think you’re very brave wearing it, it’s so well… revealing!” her face flushed red at her own blundering, heavy-footed attempt at seduction.
The girl rocked back on her heels laughing heartily, in turn Helena stared like a kid into a toyshop window near Christmas. Even as the girl straightened Helena simply couldn’t tear her eyes from her breasts.
“So who are you?” the girl whispered purposefully grasping her attention leaning close.
“Oh err…. my names Helena, and in reply to your enquiry I’m supposed to be a Roman serving girl” she desperately tried to hold her silly mouth in check, “so what’s yours? Your name that is!”
“You may call me Vampirella, slave!” laughed the girl confidently putting on a false haughty tone “or Mistress or even Goddess will suffice!”
“Well I am dressed as a slave girl, I could serve a goddess though perhaps I’m from slightly the wrong era for vampires?” she laughed attempting to make light of the developing drama.
“Oh my slave, we vampiric creatures have existed since the dawn of civilisation taking who or what we wish long before Roman times even!”
“Oh!” was all that escaped Helena.
The look of passion that glowed in the black haired beauty’s eyes was unmistakable as she spoke. For the second time in moments Helena felt herself blush crimson, it seemed things were moving exceptionally fast. As the girl drew a little closer Helena’s heart thumped in her breast with fevered anticipation. She could hardly contain her excitement as she found herself mentally anticipating the gorgeous girl making love to her. Knowing her interest must be quite obvious to anyone watching Helena was still terrified to make a move on her. One because even she wouldn’t put her parents through that amount of humiliation, well not yet at least but mainly in case of rejection by the girl. A silence fraught with sexual tension followed while a spellbound Helena stared mesmerised into the smiling girl’s emerald green eyes. Long moments of awkward silence passed before Helena spoke hesitantly at last managing to break their delicious eye contact.
“I really enjoy Vampire movies and books,” she attempted to make conversation.
“Really?” the girl sounded amused and smiled warmly.
Continuing she tried to sound serious “they’re always portrayed so sensually and highly erotically don’t you think?”
Still smiling the girl averted her eyes purposefully looking down, seemingly thinking deeply she pursed her soft crimson lips thoughtfully. Alarmed but excited Helena realised the girl was staring directly at the rise and fall of her breasts, what she now realised was that in this light the fabric of her toga was almost translucent. Not that even the most opaque fabric could hide the distended flesh that crowned them. Swallowing hard trying to moisten her dry trembling throat she suddenly felt to scared to speak or attempt to divert the girl’s gaze. Finally audibly drawing a deep breath through her nose the girl looked up and caught Helena’s eye in her gaze as she spoke.
“Judging by your attempts at conversation and your obvious excitement Helena I believe that you perhaps enjoy the darker more sensual stories and fables?”
“Perhaps?” she squeaked almost scared to breathe as the tension rose.
“Perhaps tales like the manifold stories where the innocent pretty young blonde girl is seduced by a stunningly gorgeous but wicked female vampire eh?” her tone was both enquiring and mischievous and shook Helena.
“Of course not! It’s all superstitious nonsense after all isn’t it?” Helena’s voice wavered as she desperately strove to control the conversation, too late she was attempting to conceal her growing excitement, “Of course there are no such thing as vampires or werewolves are there?”
“Really, is that what you truly think?” the girl laughed then suddenly turned serious she spoke softly but assuredly “I beg to differ my dear!”
“Don’t be silly!” Helena laughed nervously while attempting to compose a retort.
Unable to calm herself Helena squirmed uncomfortably, her mind was scrambled by the lustful thoughts that relentlessly plagued her. Any attempts to lighten or even avoid the developing situation died at once in Helena’s mind as the full meaning of the girl’s brief but direct statement sank in instantly. She trembled with a strange mix of fear and excitement as she desperately attempted to gather an argument in defence. Her mesmerised eyes followed the girl’s as they fell to her breasts once again. Helena had already seen her own rapidly hardening nipples and swollen aurolae thrusting through the thin white fabric of her toga and knew the girl had more than noticed. Her heart skipped a beat as the girl casually reached up to brush one of her long nailed fingertips over Helena’s rigid nipple accidentally or so it would seem to anyone who may be watching.
“You can’t convince me” Helena puffed up her defences attempting to master the case as she tried to ignore the pleasurable sensation the girl’s briefest touch caused her.
“I do not need to convince you dear slave, I’m irresistible to you, right now I can sense the heightening intensity of your excitement” the girl continued seriously “even trapped amongst this raucous overly intrusive throng my powers sensed your eager willingness to be alone with me, once your jealousy subsided of course!”
“Jealousy!” Helena cried defensively.
“Yes jealousy, I stole your thunder and now you are terrified I’ll steal your heart,” glittering green eyes held her fast, “we need to be alone!”
“Yes it is far to noisy to talk here.” Helena shook excitedly as she spoke.
“Of course.”
“Shall I try and find somewhere more private to talk further?” Helena stammered not really caring whether her thickening voice was betraying her.
“To talk…yes if that’s what you want Helena?” The girl replied still smiling.
“Please don’t disappear I’ll be back shortly.”
Slowly turning away unwilling to break their electrifying eye contact Helena then scurried away to find her friend Angie whose father owned this hotel. She had pulled out all the stops and really worked on Angie, minutes later she joyously returned to the room with a key in her trembling hand. At once she was both thrilled and relieved to find the smiling girl was still waiting and quite alone exactly where she had left her. Helena’s mind was in a spin as she covertly beckoned to the girl to follow her. Knowing the hotel like the back of her hand from those laborious summer jobs her folks had forced her into to improve herself Helena lead the girl straight through the foyer. Checking the coast was clear she avoided the lift and main staircase and instead headed through a door marked “Staff only”. This led via a short passageway into the administration office; from there Helena could access the fire exit stairwell. Nervously she led her silent follower up four flights of stairs without daring to look back at the girl.
Despite the spike-heeled boots the girl made almost no noise as she followed, Helena was happy to hear the soft pad of the girl’s graceful footfall on the stairs behind her. At last they reached the very top floor of the hotel Helena tried to ignore the fact that she felt excitable and increasingly aroused as she slipped through the fire exit into the plushly carpeted corridor and held the spring-loaded door for her guest.
“Thank you.”
As she had hoped the corridor was completely deserted and she led the girl hurriedly past the lift and staircase to the far end. Helena stopped before a set of wide oak double doors and though she knew it was correct she checked the number above it before inserting the key and unlocking the door. The noise of the party was faint here in the corridor and she knew once inside the doors it would be really quiet and very private too.
“This is the main conference suite, we should be okay to talk in here” she smiled weakly as she opened the heavy door.
Swinging the wide heavy door open on its silent hinges she entered the spacious leather and wood scented room and in the faint light that spilt in from the corridor sought the light switch. After finding it she clicked the dimmer on and adjusted it to a fairly low level of illumination. Her heart was pounding as she beckoned towards her silent guest indicating that she should join her within. Helena watched dry mouthed as the girl swept sensually past her to position herself by the huge dark wooden conference table.
“Lock the door Helena” the delightful creature laughed “after all we don’t want to be disturbed while I convince you that we vampires do exist do we my love?”
Her confused senses were swirling in turmoil and she laughed uneasily trying to relieve the tension that gripped her as she obeyed the girl’s instruction. With trembling hands she turned and inserted the key into the lock totally ignoring the alarm bells ringing in her head as she locked the door and even slipped on the security chain. Taking a brief moment to compose herself she attempted to close her mind focusing intently on the wood-grain of the oak door before turning and confronting the girl. Desperately searching for something impressive to say Helena gathered her composure before daring to turn and face the girl or to even speak. She had to be direct with her she decided, there would be no more pissing about, and formulating her sentence carefully in her head she finally turned to speak. The words died unborn in her throat as their eyes met, shit how much Helena wanted to fuck with this girl was unnatural.
“Come to me Helena and I will convince you” The girl stood open armed smiling irresistibly “I know you ache for me to make love to you, I know I excite you beyond reason.”
“Oh shit” exclaimed Helena excitedly realising how powerless she was to resist the girl even if she was a vampire or not.
“Stop. Slave!”
Obediently Helena halted about four feet from the girl whose fiery green hungry eyes scanned her body ravenously. Even this show of mastery by the girl added to her acute arousal and she in turn drank in the beauty’s magnificence. She could see the primal gleam of desire in the girl’s glittering eyes and sucking in her stomach she pushed out her breasts in wanton response to her stare.
“Take off your clothes slave!” the girl commanded confidently.
After a moment of confused hesitancy and a flash of delicious eye contact Helena couldn’t help but obey her command, as the girl knew she would. First she slipped out of her sandals then with shaking fingers she was undoing the thin gold belt at her slender waist. It fell noisily to the floor when it slipped from her trembling hands. It was soon to be joined by her brooch. Her toga was discarded next and Helena watched the girl’s tempestuous eyes drinking in the beauty of her slender body as she let the garment slip off her body.
“Completely naked slave let me see all your gorgeous substance.”
Hesitantly Helena’s quivering fingers hooked in the thin elasticated band of her scanty thong and slipped the garment down over her hips and buttocks then wriggled till it dropped down her long smooth tanned legs. The other girl seemed to grow in stature as Helena stepped from the dishevelled pile of clothing to stand completely naked before her.
“Slave, now let your beautiful hair down!” the girl’s voice oozed thick with arousal.
Without further thought Helena obeyed unfastening then casting the golden clasp aside hurriedly, she then tossed her head. Her long natural golden hair fanned around her glinting in the dim glow of the wall lights.
“Will you lay down my love?” the girl’s low voice oozed sensually and she gestured to the huge conference table that dominated the room as she continued “far beyond the realms of ecstasy I shall take you.”
Nervous excitement coursed through Helena as she found herself willingly obeying the instruction and climbing nimbly up onto the solidly built dark wood table, she laid herself back on its cool highly polished surface full of electrified edginess. Eager for the girl’s attention she lay there and waited as this incredible girl whose real name was still unknown to her was bringing her most secret vampire fantasy to life.
“Now slave, don’t move, allow me to take you exactly as I wish” the girl ordered “I assure you I’ll bring you to the edge of ecstasy perhaps far beyond!”
The other girl who obviously shared her erotic vampire fixation was clearly as excited as Helena was, who knows what may occur she thought to herself as she lay there. Her naked tanned body ached with acute arousal as the girl carefully fussed with her long blonde hair carefully arranging it around her head in a golden starburst. Helena lay still like a sacrificial offering with her arms outstretched to the sides as the other girl silently moved up to stand at the head of the table. Bending forward so she was upside down over Helena’s face she began kissing her lips lightly at first. Helena responded to the kiss and the girl’s hot mouth ground down against her tingling open lips but the girl declined the open invitation for now at least. Helena could sense the delightful soft caress of the girl’s long black hair on her face neck and shoulders as they kissed. This aroused her further and she cried out in desperate frustration as the girl abruptly moved away.
Moving fluidly around the table the girl stood a while at Helena’s feet and gazed lustily down upon her naked body. Helena flinched with electrifying excitement as the girl’s warm hands reached out to touch her bare shins. Raising her head slightly from the table Helena found herself compelled to stare at the girl’s full blood red lips as the long fingered hands slowly swept up her long legs. Instinctively responding to the caress parting her legs allowing the girl to swiftly clamber onto the table between them Helena realised that she didn’t even know the name of this girl who was totally dominating her. As the long nailed hands moved up over her trembling highly aroused body to delicately cup her breasts she could feel the girl’s thighs urgently driving her own further apart as she leant forward over her. The beauty’s visage hovered above her head with those deep red full pouting lips inches from Helena’s fascinated eyes, she was so close Helena could feel the heat radiating from the other girl on her lightly chilled skin.
“Tell me your true name?” Helena gasped “Please!”
“Do you believe yet?”
“Yes.” She played along with the girl.
“Are you scared?”
“Yes a little.”
“Of course!”
“Raven” the husky reply was whispered through almost closed pouting lips, “my true name is Raven.”
“Oh that’s beautiful,” Helena whispered to her lover.
The still air was electrified with their shared arousal and as she lay submissively beneath this unbelievably gorgeous creature Helena realised she had never been so aroused in her life. Her heart pounded uncontrollably within her rib cage while she anticipated what may or may not be going to happen. Eagerly awaiting the strange and wondrous creature to make her next move Helena was already hovering quite close to orgasm and Raven had not even touched her body yet.
“Are you truly ready for me my love?” the girl whispered huskily.
Helena saw her first glimpse of the creature’s fangs, She froze for an instant in blind panic beneath the creature before realising the girl had a full set of normal teeth when they talked downstairs. Raven must have slyly slipped the false fangs in whilst she hadn’t been looking she decided, but where had she concealed them until now?
“Are they real?” Helena laughed.
“Oh of course!” Raven laughed in a serious manner exposing the long twin needle like teeth to her again.
Staring at the gleaming white fangs disbelief turned to doubt, which in turn turned slowly to the final realisation that the girl could truly be a vampire. As the truth slowly sank in for a few moments Helena began to feel real fear but it was hungrily consumed by the fire of Raven’s power and her own howling lust raging uncontrollably inside her. Strangely Helena felt very little apprehension as the full grim reality of her predicament eventually dawned on her.
“I want you Raven but I’m so scared” she gasped, “Oh Lord Jesus forgive me my sins.”
Helena sobbed as she felt the delicious caress of one of the creatures hands on her tender aroused body knowing that despite her fears she could not resist the girl. The trapped part of her mind that was terrified but refused to surrender attempted to grasp her will to alert her to the grim reality of her predicament. Common sense struggled hopelessly in vain to save her from her own fateful excited stupidity as the gorgeous creature caressed her. The immense struggle within her was valiant but nonetheless hopeless as she welcomed and enjoyed the unnatural girl’s exquisite caresses far too readily. Long nailed slender fingers curled around the outsides of her breasts and squeezing pushed her aroused swollen teats upwards sending tingles of exquisite excitement through her as her distended nipples rasped against the other girls taut hot body.
“Give yourself to me Helena” the girl implored as she bent her head to kiss along the line of Helena’s collarbone.
“Oh… Raven!” gasped Helena frantically “I’m scared!”.
“You must surrender completely to me Helena to savour the rapture that only I can bring to you” the creature nuzzled lower, her lips creeping towards Helena’s left breast.
“Yes oh yes!” Helena heard herself whimper without even realising what she was saying as carefully planted delightfully soft kisses were being planted around her swollen tingling aurolae.
“Thank you, my love!” whispered Raven between kisses.
“Jesus protect me!” the last sane part of Helena’s mind screamed as she felt a small bite being inflicted upon the swell of her breast.
“Oh shit! oh God! ohh, oohhh, fuck!” Helena gasped excitedly as the resulting exquisite ripples of pure pleasure trickled through her.
Writhing with enjoyment beneath the irresistible creature as it fed from the tiny wound Helena’s bottom slid about on the polished table in a cocktail of perspiration and more so the unbelievably copious product of her own sexual excitement that issued from her. As Raven pulled away Helena’s eyes snapped to the two perfect puncture marks upon her breast. For a moment she was allowed the perverse exciting luxury of watching the blood well in the wounds until her attention was drawn away. She awaited the second bite with intent; eagerly craving the repetition of the wave of pleasure the first had brought her. It fell between her breasts and the once again the pleasure she encountered was ecstatic. Helena watched enthralled as the girl’s thick mane fell upon her torso. As she bit harder into Helena, the girl’s long fingers bit harder into the flesh of her soft breasts and they rose up on each side of her lover’s black haired head. Then Raven’s lips swept to the engorged nipple of her unbitten left breast and kissed around it teasingly. Helena squealed pathetically as Raven’s full red lips opened wide encompassing her aurolae and sucking much of her breast into her hungry mouth while teasing it with her tongue. Bracing herself for the bite she froze until the girl suddenly attacked her right breast in a similar fashion to her assault on the left to have her gasping and squirming beneath the creature in rapture.
“Bite me, take me!” she groaned insanely, “bite me, make me scream with pleasure!” she panted urgently, “Take me Bitch!”
Desperately Helena grasped the girls black hair pulling her firmly to her breast feeling once more the perverse pleasure as her nipple was drawn deep in between the creatures lethal jaws this time. The razor sharp fangs bit cleanly deep into her aroused flesh causing her to arch upwards gasping in pain for a moment. It was just that, a moment, an instant’s pain was swept away once more in a tide of delirious ecstasy enflamed to even greater heights as the creature greedily sucked the blood that bubbled from the wound. Before Helena could recover her tattered composure the creature had swept to her other breast once again and attacked it similarly. She arched upward crying out in exquisite anguish then fell whimpering back onto the dark wood as above her Raven fed randomly from the small but pulsing wounds while her roaming hands caressed Helena smearing her eager victim’s writhing body with her own blood.
Helena wailed pathetically, her amazingly aroused body writhing in eager response to the creature’s exquisite touch, she was totally under her lover’s control as both the creature’s will held her and the potent venom coursed through her arteries overcame her. Slowly the girl above Helena began wriggling lower and she felt her demonic lover’s dextrous hands gliding down her thighs to grip her trembling knees firmly. With incredible strength Raven effortlessly spread Helena’s legs wide as she moved down lower and lower between them. All the time she sank lower the creature was kissing biting and scoring Helena’s aching body in order to keep her victim’s excitement at fever pitch tormenting her beyond reason.
Desperately Helena attempted to guide the creature’s mouth to feast on her mound by pushing insistently against the girl’s head with shaking hands. The deluge of black hair that spilled like ink over her aroused skin stuck to her wounds as the head sank inch by inch lower. At her own speed the creature ignored Helena’s urges to venture lower over her victim’s flat belly and hips nipping and kissing and drinking as she leisurely proceeded.
“Do not move Helena” Raven commanded as she paused between kisses “lay still and relish the experience I am giving you.”
“Yes my love” gasped Helena as she laid back and closed her eyes.
Aroused beyond comprehension she avidly waited for the promised ecstasy Raven would bring her. Her whole being seemed to focus itself between her thighs concentrated directly on her sex as Helena felt the hot lips soft caress on her inner thigh. Impulsively Helena had spread her legs as wide as she possibly could attempting to give her lover the best access to her more than aroused pussy. Raven’s long nailed fingers raked over Helena’s inner thighs sweeping dangerously close to her agonisingly excited labial lips then gliding away time and time again torturing her delightfully.
Raising her head from the table Helena gazed down over her bitten blood smeared body to see the girl’s beautiful face poised inches from her sex. Their eyes locked sending a thrill all through poor Helena’s already screaming nervous system. Entranced she watched as the girl’s full red lips parted wide to expose her viscous twin fangs. Their whiteness glowed in the bloodied excited mouth. Helena’s heart pounded as the creature’s red and unbelievably long pointed tongue slipped out and like a serpent it writhed as it edged towards her swollen wetness. A desperate wail escaped Helena as it slowly slithered over her engorged lips to taste her excitement. Helena’s eyes were locked on the girl’s wicked green stare unable to break the union as the creature’s long tongue went to work on her. Driven far beyond reason she thrust her sex eagerly at the gleaming fangs.
“Yes, yes oh yes” she gasped out “Take me, bite me, bite me now, now, now” she wailed in anguish urging the creature on.
Ignoring her plea the tongue swept into her and seemed to fill her with its squirming length as the girl’s lips opened wide and sank over her mound. Whatever Raven was doing with her tongue it felt as if an enormous fat cock had been thrust into her, stretching her, pulsating deep within her cunt. She felt as if her whole body was being drawn deep into the creature’s jaws as it sucked harder and harder on her sex. Raven seemed to shudder and drew a great breath then bit down hard and deep making Helena scream. Her legs gripped around the creature’s upper body and her hands crushed the black haired head to her crotch. Helena arched her back as the most earth-shattering explosion tore her nerves to shreds. It lasted for what seemed an eternity until the feasting creature had taken her fill of her vibrant energy. Gradually the overpowering waves of rapture receded drawing great expanses of Helena’s strength with them leaving her gloriously exhausted.
Eventually she released the creature from her thighs grip and her weak limbs fell to the dark tabletop like a lifeless rag doll. Helena was unable to move at all and lay helpless as she felt the vampire move away. Very slowly some of her lost strength returned and on quivering arms she weakly raised herself and she looked upon the creature. Triumphantly Raven stood before Helena her beauty accentuated after her feast and she beckoned the blonde to her. Wearily she obeyed the creature and sliding from the table found she was unable to walk. Precariously she stood on wobbly legs as Raven came to her.
“Now my darling Helena do you believe?” her tone was almost sarcastic “Kiss me, you are mine.”
Helena fell into the girl’s arms kissing her deeply tasting the coppery flavour of her own blood on the girl’s tongue as their mouths interlocked and Raven drew the very breath from her. For a moment Helena believed she would suffocate then the breath was returned her lungs tingled with a strange fire, strength returned to her weary limbs and she felt excitingly alive. Looking down she was amazed to see the wounds Raven had inflicted were already showing signs of healing. Blood had stopped flowing and they had begun to seal strangely, not scabbing but seeming more like a burn, each of them throbbed in a kind of painful but pleasurable manner.
“We will return to the function shortly,” ordered Raven authoritatively, “separately of course, you will say nothing and will ignore me!”
“But I…”
“Discretion my dear slave is everything, to you especially, it means the difference between life and death!”
A week later Helena was back at college, she confided in her room mate who was her best friend at college about the fantastic time she had experienced having way-out sex with a girl at a party dressed as a vampire. She also confessed about the recurring highly erotic dreams where the girl was a real vampire and came to her made love and drained her every night. Her description had been so effective the pair had ended up in bed re-enacting her dark fantasies with Lyndsey playing the vamp.

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