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A stuck teacher learns a lesson

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Ms. Fitch was a young attractive twenty four year old teacher fresh out of school. It was her first job and her first day at the local high school. She walked down the hallway enjoying the stares from the young students. She had to admit she did look hot in her new outfit. Her black flat shoes and her silky thigh high dark nylon stockings then her short black silk skirt with its silver belt. She loved the feel of her white silk sleeveless collarless front button blouse on her skin. Scandalously she had decided to come to work braless and panty less. She walked into her assigned ninth grade classroom and found one of the schools work men who had an air conditioner to install. Excuse me but could you help me with this. Of course what do you want me to do.

I’m going to take it outside if you could guide it into the window frame thet would be great. Okay she said and he took it out side the window. Here he said so she stuck herself out of the window and he was handing it up to her when his radio went off calling him away. Be right back he said and hurried off leaving her hanging half out of the window. Starting to move back inside the upper window sli down trapping her in place. She called to her students for help and they gathered around her. Ms. Fitch are you sure your stuck yes the attractive teacher said. She felt two hands slid out the window and suddenly a gag was forced into her mouth passed her teeth and firmly tied behind her head.

Then she felt hands pull her skirt down and off. This left her freshly shaven pussy bare for all of her students to see. Then two of her students came outside and removed her blouse. Once back inside the students asked her if the first class was sex education. Great they chorused and the first male student pushed his long , large , hard cock balls deep into her now wet pussy. He gasped and told the class that she had been a virgin. Ms. Fitch sobbed as she had been saving herself for her boyfriend. The first boy now with a little blood on his cock began rapidly pounding her pussy until he ejaculated filling her fertile womb with is sperm.

Please she begged pull out i’m not on birth control. This just made the student more enthusiastic when fucking her. The next boy used some juices running down her legs to lubricate his penis and then rammed it into her anus which if she had not been gagged her scream would have been heard blocks away. He rhythmically fucked her asshole until he filled her bowels with his cum. Each of the eighteen young sixteen year olds took a turn at both her front and back holes. When they were finished she hung exhausted from the window having experienced twenty four orgasms. They opened the window and pulled her back inside.

They cleaned off her desk and tied her spread eagled to the desk. Her arma above her head ro the top two corners. Then moving two student desks into place tied her legs bent , up , and spread wide open. Ms. Fitch welcome to our school everyone will be by to fuck you through out the day. That class fucked her and when the bell rang the next class came in and fucked her. This went on through out the day except at lunch time when the male faculty came by and fucked her. Hoping her ordeal was over when the last bell rang her hopes were crushed as the other male workers at the school came in and fucked her.

The principle entered the room and setting a chair at the front of the room released her tired , abused body from the desk and laid her across his lap. Telling her she had been bad and must be punished brought his hand down hard on her left asscheek. He repeated this on her right cheek and continued until her ass was turning black and blue.crying out right begging him to stop she had never felt such pain in her entire life. What embarrassed her was she had orgasmed multiple times during the spanking. Finished the principal returned her body to the desk and left.

The maintenance worker fucked her and finished installing the air conditioner. Finally around six some female staff came in and took her to the gym showers cleaned her up and two of them took her to their home. They massaged her body making her moan. Then they began licking her wet aroused sex until she orgasmed again pinching her nipples and making her lick their cunts until they sprayed her face with their cum and then they tucked her into bed explaining they had all gone through it males and females alike. She went to sleep exhausted from the days event and woke up the next morning refreshed and energized. While laying in her bed naked a Rocky(D) leapt on the bed next to her and began licking her pussy. He cleaned her pussy but his attention again caused her to orgasm and then she felt the need of a cock in her so she moved onto her hands and knees and he took the invitation quickly mounting her and fucked her both in her vagina and anus. She dressed and went to her classroom where she was greeted by her students in a respectful manner as if nothing had happened.

The only indication was a note on her desk that told her if at any time she wanted companionship just indicate her preferred partner(s) and they would come to her aid.

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