A Submissive Fantasy

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I’m tethered under your gaze. I keep my eyes closed because it allows me to feel hidden, and to savor the sensations. I hear nothing but my own breathing, but I can feel you there. My body is tense and I write against my binds, trying to make myself look as desirable as possible, hoping you’ll touch me. I hear you move closer and I grin ecstatically, unable to stop myself. I bite my lip and bury my face in the bed sheets, hiding. You sigh, and I know I could come right now if I squeezed my thighs any tighter. I breathe deep and force myself to relax and you sit beside me. I raise my face to you, as i know you wish to look upon me.You gently run your fingertips between my naked breasts and I arch my back, straining, craving every bit of you you’ll let me have. You linger at my belly, knowing how it tickles me, and I scrunch my face, willing myself to stay still. As your fingers travel lower, I raise my hips to you higher and higher, every fiber of my being silently screaming pleasepleasepleaseplease. You remove your hand, and my head falls sideways, the irritation on my face apparent. I hope to God you’re smiling, and am quite sure you are. I open my eyes for a moment, but keep them down. I do not (will not) look at you. I try my hardest to please and keep my eyes lowered out of respect. Meeting your gaze is a gift I must earn. I exhale and my face relaxes. We wait. You part my thighs and begin to stroke me, and the corners of my mouth turn up in a smile. Once more I am instantly under your thumb. My toes curl. “Thank you Sir”, I squeal.

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