A submissive husband controlled by a hot pair of heels

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I didn’t intend to steal his prize money, but in the end I think we’re both glad that I did. Back in April my wonderful husband was fortunate enough to win his office pool for the NCAA Final 4 basketball tournament. As a result, he netted prize money of $580. Knowing him as I do, I’m quite certain he was more excited to win as a matter of pride and bragging rights than the amount of money involved. Not that $500 plus dollars isn’t a nice size winning, but it’s not exactly retirement money and when he talked about it he never boasted about the amount, only that he won.

For more than a month after he collected his winnings he tossed around various ideas about what he wanted to do with his windfall. A new HDTV and the iPad he wanted both cost much more than the winnings. Some books and a tool that he wanted cost far less than winnings. He talked about this and he mentioned that, but it seemed like everything he considered wasn’t quite right for one reason or another.

Had it been me, the money would probably have never seen the inside of our house. Of the two of us I’m by far the ‘shopper’ in the family and while I wouldn’t consider myself extravagant, I am willing to splurge on myself from time to time. I’m not really sure why, but by the end of May I had became more than a little tired of hearing my guy hem and haw about what he might do with his loot without him taking any action.

It was Saturday of Memorial day weekend and he had gone off golfing with a group of friends. As I readied myself to do a few errands and take in some of the weekend sales, I saw the rubber banded wad of bills laying on his dresser and I decided to take matters into my own hands and put the money to good use once and for all. Stuffing the money into my purse I set out for a particular boutique in town that I knew stocked an excellent selection of designer heels.

As those who have read my prior stories might recall my husband has a very strong foot fetish to the point where he and I have built a very satisfying female led marriage on the enjoyment we get from him giving me oral sex and me giving him sexual release through foot jobs. I knew he would love to see my feet in a pair of amazing designer heels, but I also knew he wasn’t going to go walking into a shoe store with his $580 to satisfy that fetish anytime soon.

By the time I was done I had spent somewhat more than his winnings, but I knew that my purchases were going to lead to hours of enjoyment for both of us. I bought a pair of Christain Louboutin Rolando hidden-platform pumps in black patent leather. The heel was five inches tall, well above the three or four inches I usually favor and the sparkly black leather combined with the signature red soles just screamed sex.

The shoes felt wonderful on my feet despite the added height and the minute I put them on I felt a tingle. It’s hard to explain but I just felt a tremendous sexual energy wearing the shoes. I could feel the sexual power they gave me and I knew any man, not just my husband, would turn and look if I was wearing them. It was a very complete feeling of sexual power, confidence and control. A feeling of being a desirable, attractive, erotic woman. It was very arousing and certainly satisfying. For the first time I could understand why women would pay the crazy amount of money such shoes cost to buy such a thrill.

Needless to say, in no time at all I was feeling a delicious moisture between my legs. I made a couple of more quick stops and then hurried home with my purchase. I needed to get home first to put my little plan for the evening into effect.

When my guy arrived home all sweaty and tired from his golf outing I told him straight away that I had spent his prize money on a ‘surprise’ and that he needed to get showered and rested if he wanted to enjoy it. He had a puzzled and slightly annoyed expression, but apparently thought better of questioning me.

To make sure he understood what I was about I said, “When I ask you to do something, you should respond with ‘Yes my queen or yes ma’am, understand?”

“Yes my queen” he said with a shy grin and off he went to get cleaned up.

Once the water stopped I advised him that he should take a little nap as I expected his complete attention. While he rested, I went downstairs and fixed a nice fruit salad and a platter of snacks. Cracking open a bottle of crisp sauvignon blanc I helped myself to a little dinner while allowing him time to get some rest.

After awhile I headed upstairs where I found him laying on the bed in his robe listening to his iPod. He said he napped for about an hour and was curious what I was up to. I told him he’d know in about half an hour. I sent him downstairs with instructions to get some energy from the food I had prepared and report back to our bedroom in half an hour ready to treat me like a queen.

After a few playful kisses he was off and I set about preparing myself. I knew it wasn’t going to take long having showered and freshened up earlier. Tossing my clothes in the hamper I put on my silk dressing robe and made myself up by heavily darkening around my eyes and applying my reddest most dominant shade of lipstick. After which I pulled my hair back into a stern yet seductive style.

Returning to the bedroom I then pulled on my sheerest back seamed stocking, the kind he loves with the reinforced toe and Cuban heel. I clipped these to a lacy black garter belt and slid my feet into my/our brand new platform pumps.

With a few minutes to spare before my husband was meant to return, I laid back on the bed and spent a few minutes lightly massaging my breasts and labia to get my nipples pointy and hard and start my juices flowing. My reverie was interrupted by his knock.

“May I come in my queen?”

Straightening myself up, I positioned myself at the edge of the bed and crossed my silky legs so as to show off the shoes to the best advantage.

“You may come in, undress and kneel.”

As soon as he came in his eyes got big as he saw me sitting there looking like a classic dominatrix. We both enjoyed our little role plays and this was among our favorites. I’m not sure if he noticed the shoes right off, but once he was kneeling before me I made sure to draw them to his attention.

“How do you like what I did with your prize money? These shoes are Christain Louboutins and cost all of your prize money and then some. Do you like them?”

“I love them, they’re amazing. So sexy. They make your beautiful feet look great.”

“Well the make me feel great too. The five inch heel took a little getting used to, but I feel very sexy in them. Why don’t you kiss the heel of them sweetie and then thank me for thinking of you?”

“Yes, yes, thank you my queen. Thanking you for doing this.” he said as he leaned in and gave the heel of my right shoe a small kiss right on the tip.

I could see that he was already at full hardness. His foot fetish has always been his erotic weakness. Over the course of his life he’s probably spent hours staring at pictures of women wearing shoes like these and imagining them ordering him to kiss their heels. It was a wet dream brought to life and I could tell he was totally ready to give himself to the little scene I had crafted.

“Tonight my love, will be all about the shoes. You will give yourself to them and you will give yourself to me. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to give yourself to me tonight?”

“Yes my love. Let me please you. I want to make you feel good,” he replied.

“Good. Tonight, from you, no speaking. Just do as I instruct. Nod if you understand me?”

He nodded and bowed his head before me in the perfect submissive pose. At that moment, we looked the classic fetish photo. Me in my dominant position and make up, towering black heels and hose. Him, naked, kneeling before me head bowed. I took a second to feel the moment. I could feel the erotic tension build. Finally, in my most stern voice, I began.

Extending my right foot towards him, but just above his bowed head I said, “Ok my love, start by gently kissing my ankle and the top of my foot. I want you to keep your eyes open and locked onto my sexy shoe at all times. Do not get my stocking wet and do not touch the shoe with you lips, I want to feel your gentle kisses on my skin though the sheer stocking.”

“That’s it kiss them all over. Kiss the arch too.”

“Kiss my feet and stare at the shoes.

Good, now lean down and do the same to the other foot.

Very nice. You’re so gentle.

Now I want you to kiss my toe on that foot. Right through the leather. Imagine my toes and kiss them through the leather, softly and gently.

Keep doing it. Yes. That’s good. You like that don’t you?

Now reach back up here to my right foot and kiss the toe on that one for awhile.”

As he did that he had to extend his body upward and I took the opportunity to brush his steel hard cock with the toe of my left shoe. I felt him shudder as the cool shiny leather made contact with his skin. I continued to very lightly brush my shoe against him, tantalizingly soft and nowhere near enough to bring him off.

“You like kissing my shoe don’t you? Say it. You have my permission.”

“I like kissing your shoe.”

“Very good my love. I want you to like this. It feels good doesn’t it? Kissing my shoes. Being under my control. You love it don’t you? You love when I make you kiss my shoes.”

“You’re so hard. I can feel your hardness through the tip of my shoes. My shoe is rubbing you so gently. Keep kissing. Softly. Softly.”

“I’m getting so wet. Your submission is making me so wet.”

As he kissed, I dipped a finger deep into my dripping slot and got it all covered with my juices. I then brought my finger up to his mouth and said, “Kiss it. Lick my juices off my finger. See how hot you are making me. Clean my juices.”

Then I did it again, but this time I rubbed the juice on the top of the shoe right near where he was kissing. “Go ahead lick my shoe now. Lick my juices off of my shoe. Good, baby. That’s so good. You listen so well.”

“I’m getting really hot here, I need you to take care of me now. I want you to lean in between my legs and get as close as you can to my pussy without touching it.”

“That’s it, I’m going to close my legs around you and I want you to just stay very still and breathe in the scent of my aroused pussy.”

“Hmmm do you smell that? That’s me getting off on you kissing my shoes. That’s me controlling you with these shoes. You love that don’t you? You love being controlled by my feet. Stare at my dripping slot and tell me you love being controlled by my feet. Go ahead, you can say it.”

“Ohhhh Martha. Ohhh yes. I love being controlled by you. I love being controlled by your feet. Your beautiful feet. Ohh, I want to cum so bad. Please…”

“Go ahead and start licking me babe. Give me a nice hard orgasm or two and then we’ll see.”

He buried his face inside of me and began aggressively licking me all over. Labia, clit, lots of tongue. Furiously slashing away with his tongue trying to bring me off as quick as possible. Long sweeps across my opening with the broad flat part of his tongue and then he’d pucker his lips and try to drink me all in, slurping my juices and applying firm sucking pressure against my engorged clit.

I used my right leg to hold him firmly into me and brought my left leg up so my smooth silky nylons rubbed against his shaft and balls as our bodies writhed together.

I was getting close now. I could feel that first warm flush of my whole body getting in tune with my sex drive. The flush of power I suppose. His eager sucking and licking across the entire length of my clit was driving me wild. Next he started alternately sucking my clit and then furiously lashing it with his tongue I finally lost control and came with a huge shudder and gasp.

Somehow, maybe there was no place for him to go, he rode it out and continued to spray gentle kisses on me as I came down from my high. Very gently now, his tongue continued to lap and lick at my body. I leaned back, luxuriating in the warm glow of delicious wonderful sex and the physical adoration of my wonderful loving husband.

After relaxing my grip a little, I let him continue on his gentle way. He looked up at me and our eyes met, his face covered in juices and half hidden by my mound. What a wonderful way to share a glance with a lover. Although I couldn’t see his mouth I knew it was smiling and I returned the smile and mouthed a silent “thank you.”

Soon my juices began flowing in a constant stream as he kissed me everywhere and lapped me up like a kitten. I let out a contented sigh and before too long another. I have no idea how long he spent there on his knees, face buried in my slot as I laid back on the bed feeling his gentle ministrations send tremors of pleasure across my body.

I don’t know exactly what spurred him to action, but after awhile he began licking and nibbling more ardently and I could feel my passions once again start to build. I slipped a hand down to try to provide some additional pressure and he quickly replaced it with his own. Soon he had a couple fingers inside me and he was stroking me firmly in just the right spot.

My breathing started coming more rapidly now and I knew another big orgasm was near. I starting shaking and gasping and then with a long moan I exploded. Juices poured out of me as my vulva contracted and sent wave after wave of pleasure thundering through my body.

Rather than cool my passion, I was vaulted to another level and ready for more of his submission. After a few deep breaths to get my bearings, I got back into my role as dominatrix.

“That was very good my love. Your practice has finally made you a productive little pussy worshipper. I bet you are aching hard and want to get back to being controlled by my shoes? Go ahead, you can ask me for it.”

“Please my Queen. Please may I pleasure your feet?

Reaching down I collected some juices all over my hand and rubbed them all over the toe and heel of my right shoe. I then held the shoe out to him as he sat on the floor and said,

“Go ahead, clean up my shoe.”

As he brought his mouth into position I again reached down with my other shoe and began brushing it back and forth across his cock, which was still iron hard.

“Oh very good. You’re so hard for my shoes. You love my shoes and toes don’t you? My foot is so close to your lips and my other shoe is pleasuring your hard cock. That must be so good.

I bet my shoes feel good on your lips.

Kiss them. Kiss them like you love them. You do love them don’t you? You love my shoes. I know you do.”

“Now, I want you to look at my pussy while you kiss my shoes. They control you don’t they? My shoes and my pussy control you.

“Keep kissing my shoe. Worship it now. Put your heart into it. Stare at my pussy and worship my shoe. Kiss it all over now.”

“You’re so good to me. It makes me so wet to see you down there on your knees obeying my orders and kissing my shoes. My shoes and my pussy control you don’t they? Say it. Tell me, I want to hear you say it.”

“Your shoes and pussy control me my love.”

“Now sit up a bit and I want you to suck the heel of my shoe. Suck on it like you are sucking a cock. Yes that’s it. While you do that I’m going to slide the toe of my other shoe up and down your cock.”

“Up and down. Feel the smooth leather. So soft and shiny.

Up and down, softly and smooth just like my feet.

You like that don’t you? The smooth shiny leather rubbing up and down your cock. Mmmmm yes, that feels good doesn’t it? Don’t’ come yet. Don’t come until I tell you. Never come until I tell you and I’m not finished with you.”

“Your cock is soooo hard, I can see a little precum shining on the tip of my shoe. I’m going to stop rubbing you now, but keep that heel in your mouth. That’s it. Now I want you to look me in the eyes and then slide the heel out of your mouth and beg me to cum on my shoes. Beg for it sweetie.”

He did as I requested. Releasing his lips from the heel of my pump he begged, “Please my love. Please. Please let me cum on your shoes. Please you’ve made me so hard. I love you so much please, I’m begging, please.”

“Oh that’s really good. You sound so desperate. It makes my pussy tingle. My shoes and pussy control you so good. Do it again. Beg some more.”

“Please my queen. Your shoes and pussy control me. Please, they control me. I love you. I love them, your shoes. Please let me cum. Please let me cum on your shoes.”

“That’s good dear. Now take my shoe off. The one you were kissing and sucking the heel of. Take it off and smell the inside. Do it. Good. Good. Can you smell the leather? Do you smell my feet? Does it smell good sweetie? Big gulps of air now. Smell the leather and my feet. Bring the smell inside of you.”

“Kiss the insides now. Kiss and lick the insoles. Worship my shoe. The shoe that controls you. Taste the leather. It controls you. You love my shoes. You’ll do anything for my shoes. I’m controlling you with my shoes.”

“Good, now stroke your cock for me. I want you to stroke your cock, kiss my shoe and stare at my pussy. Stroke your cock for me. Stroke it while you suck on my shoe and stare at my pussy.”

“Now beg me for the heel. Keep stroking and beg me to suck the heel like a cock.”

“Please mistress. Please my queen. Please may I suck the heel of your shoe?”

“Ohhh that’s so hot. I love it when you beg for me. Go ahead. Suck my heel and keep stroking, but don’t cum till I tell you.”

We were both totally on fire now. Deep, deep, deep into our dominant and submissive selves, this was definitely as deep as we had ever been and it felt so good. My hand was rubbing all around my soupy slot and as much as I wanted to cum, I also wanted to stay right on the edge of my own pleasure. I knew as soon as I made him cum that it would bring me over just watching him cum to my command. I knew he wouldn’t last much more. As much as I wanted to go on and on, I also wanted the relief of a hard orgasm for myself. It was time to bring the scene to a close.

“Mmmmm. Watching you is making me so hot. Do you like how my shoe slides in and out between your lips? I think you do. I think you like it when you fuck your face with my heel.”

“Keep sucking it and think about my pussy.”

I picked up the intensity of my comments now. Adopting a slightly more haughty, dominant tone I got a bit more up into his face as he sucked my heel and continued.

“You love my shoes and my pussy. You love how they control you. You don’t want me to take them away, do you?

You want to suck my heel some more? You want to submit to my shoe some more?

You love my high heels don’t you?

You’ll do this for me every day, won’t you?

You’ll go down on your hands and knees and give yourself to my toes.

I own you.

I control you.

My pussy controls you.

My shoes control you.

My toes control you.

They control you. I control you.”

I was almost shaking from the intensity of my feelings. The erotic power. My sexuality burned within me. The scene was so intense and made me feel so good. Every inch of me was on fire.

“Ok. That’s enough for now. I’m so hot, I need to cum. Stop sucking on my heel and masturbate yourself with my shoe. When you’re close, you may ask my permission to cum. Stare at my wet pussy while you stroke yourself with my shoe.”

He didn’t need to be told twice and immediately he began firmly running the toe of my pump up and down the sensitive underside of his cock. His precum acted as a lubricant and in no time he was begging again.

“Please my love. Please may I cum. Please”

“You sound like you really need it bad. What if I say no? You must really love my shoe. You’ve kissed it, you’ve sucked it. You’ve smelled it and tasted it. It’s o.k. Go ahead sweetie spray your seed all over the toe.”

Almost immediately he erupted. He aimed his milky white seed at the shiny black tip of the shoe and in seconds the toe was covered and his cream which began running down the sides onto his hand and over the vamp into the instep. Seeing him cum to my command also sent me over the edge and I began to shake and quiver through my third orgasm of the night as I watched him and rubbed my clit.

When his dick finally stopped pumping, we both stopped and stared at the shoe in his hand for a second or two. The thick milky cum was dripping everywhere. The contrast between the glossy black of the shoe and the white of his cum, both so shiny, was incredibly erotic. We both knew what was next, but moved as I was, I changed it up a bit.

“You know you need to clean it up now don’t you?” I said.

“Yes my love,” he said as he began to bring the shoe up to his lips.

“Stand-up,” I said, “and let me help you.”

With the shoe between us we each took a few swipes at the sperm covered toe of the shoe, but in no time we tossed it aside and our cum covered tongues were in each others mouths. Urgently we scrambled into the middle of the bed, never breaking our kiss, for a first class fuck session that continued late into the night

Sometime, later that night, as we each laid back basking in the afterglow and recharging our batteries, I asked, “You don’t mind that I stole your prize money do you.”

“No my queen. I don’t mind. I’d have never come up with a better idea than yours.”


It’s been several months now and I’ve brought out the shoes as a centerpiece of our lovemaking several more times. The scenes are a little more intense than some of the things we had done previously, but my husband told me he enjoyed the added intensity every now and then. He said to me, ‘the more you get into your role, the more submissive I become. It feels good to give myself so thoroughly to you, all the more so because I know how much you love the feelings on your side.’

I couldn’t have summed it up better myself. The loving power exchange has become the center of our sexual relationship. The love and intensity comes from both the pleasure received and the pleasure given.

I still haven’t worn the shoes out in public yet, but maybe some day. I’m sure I’d love the looks I’d get, but walking in them definitely takes its toll on my calves and feet. I did tease him for a day by wearing them around the house with a nearly indecent short skirt, stockings and no panties while keeping his cock imprisoned inside the gates of hell chastity device.

Its pretty much a given that any time I put them on we’ll end up in bed for hours before all is said and done. The shoes weren’t cheap, but for this girl and guy, a hot pair of designer heels has been worth every penny.

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