A submissive’s descent to deeper fullfilment

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I first met Eleanor, when I was working as a site security guard at a sports complex. She was a volunteer First aider working for the Saint Johns ambulance service. She stood 6′ tall weighed around 150 lbs, had shoulder length blonde hair. Her figure was striking with her trim waist and protruding tits. I later found out they were 38 B.
A film company was filming a TV special, so extra security was needed at the sports centre; you know the kind of thing, over rated stars trying to rescue their careers by getting TV coverage. It was being filmed in front of a live audience, so security was just as important as was the presence of the Saint John’s Ambulance service. At the end of the filming, the TV Company announced they would like to thank the following, The Saint John’s Ambulance service and here to accept a bottle of wine for their efforts is Miss Eleanor Smith. I watched as she walked forward and could not help but think she was much too good for the likes of me. She accepted the wine and left. Next for his excellent management of our security needs this bottle goes to, Mr. Ray Francis. I stepped forward and spoke quietly to the presenter, saying I could not accept the gift because our company rules forbade it. However I would be glad for them to pass it on to the first aiders on my behalf for all their hard work.
Again Eleanor came forward and collected the second bottle of wine. She smiled and mouthed thank you to me as she left. Once the stars had left, I began my usual routine and walk round the building securing outside doors. As I passed the first aid room, Eleanor called me in. “thanks for the wine” she said “have you got a corkscrew?”
my sense of humour kicked in as I replied “Of course I have, I am a male after all”
“No I mean a real one” she quipped.
“Of course its real, I am not made of rubber” I challenged.
“No, No, I want to open this bottle of wine to share with my staff” she retorted.
“Oh ok I will scrounge one from catering and be back soon!” I offered. When I returned, we stood in the First aid room, had a drink of wine and a cigarette.
A lump of ash fell from the end of the cigarette, it landed on my thigh. With out a word, Eleanor got up came round my side of the desk and lightly brushed away the ash, making sure she contacted my soft penis. It jerked as she brushed over it. I said “I will give you six months to stop that”. She smiled and returned to her seat.
As I started to leave to finish my rounds, she asked “Want some company on your rounds?”
“Ok, if you’re finished here.” I replied.
“Well I have to come back here to run my colleagues home, but if anything happens at this late stage they can contact me through your radio” she said. So we walked out of the room and down the corridor. As we approached the back of the building, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into a storage room. Next thing we were kissing, her hand feeling my prick hardening to her touch. I returned the compliment by squeezing her right breast. Suddenly a noise attracted my attention to back out in the corridor. Having checked what caused the noise, I found the cleaner just walking away from us.
I asked Eleanor “What wine do you prefer?”
she replied “Librafraumilch, why?”
“Well next week I will bring you a bottle for you to share with your staff and a separate bottle for you and me!” I answered.
What I did not know was fates conspired against me and because of my experience I was sent to a different site the following week and for the next four weeks was kept busy away from the sports centre. I thought Just my bloody luck.
Eventually someone must have complained about the standard of staff being supplied to the centre because on the Saturday morning I was told the following week I was to be back at the sports centre. That night I phoned the centre security officer and asked him to check out the first aid room. “Ask for Eleanor, and if she is there ask her if she is still on for the bottle of wine she was promised?”
Nervously I waited ten minutes for him to return “Eleanor says you bet!” was his reply.
I pick up during the week, a bottle of Librafraumilch and a bottle of champagne. When Eleanor arrived that Saturday evening, I approached her and said “I have something for you in my security room!”
she replied “all you security guards say that, you just want to get me into your room you. Kinky man” I let the comment go after pinching her arse as she turned to walk away, she looked back smiling.
Later I dropped off the wine for her to share with her staff and whispered to her that I have a separate bottle of stuff for you. Pick it up before you leave.
She asked “What time do you finish here, as I know this is not an all night site?”
“11.30 is my lock up time, I have ten minute window to set the alarms or we would be invaded by local police” was my reply.
“Ok, I will run my staff home and will wait outside in the car park for you afterwards!” she added. I nodded.
At 11.30 pm I went to set the alarm, but because of a cleaner wedging a door, the alarm went of and two minutes later the place was swarming with police officers. I advised them that the alarm had malfunctioned and was just going to reset it now. They waited till the alarm was set and the doors locked before they went away. I walked over to the only car left in the car park and found a not too amused Eleanor.
“What happened?” she asked.
I explained “a bloody cleaner had wedged cardboard in an external door when they had been putting out the rubbish, it triggered the alarm!”
Eleanor explained “I had two randy coppers come snooping around my car” I looked at her and thought well I can understand them being randy, because she sat there in the smallest mini skirt I have ever seen, a white sheer blouse which clearly showed her aroused nipples and told me she had no bra on.
I opened my bag and showed her the champagne, “Where do you want to drink this?” I asked.
“As my flat mates are away, let’s take there to drink, shall we?” she replied. I nodded. As she drove to her flat she deliberately flicked the edge of her skirt up exposing the edge of her white knickers. Then her legs flopped open, or as much as she dare whilst driving. I notice a darker patch at the base of her knickers, obviously she was becoming aroused.
When we arrived at her flat, she collected two glasses as we headed for the living room. She turned to me and wrapped me in her arms, eager I suppose to renew that kiss from a month ago. Her tongue traced the shape of my lips and snaked its way into my mouth, I brought my hands up towards her soft breasts. Locating the already hardening nipples, I gave them a gently twist, which caused Eleanor to softly moan into my open mouth. She quickly pulled away and suggested I open the Champagne. I poured two glasses and offered a ‘Cheers’ as I took a sip, she did likewise.
She then said “Let’s not waste anymore time. I want you in my bed!” she led the way to her bedroom where in 2 seconds flat she was stark naked. Hardly surprising though she only had three items to remove. She walk forward to me and began undoing my trousers.
We climbed into bed, as my arm cradled her neck she took another drink from her glass and said “Ray, I want you to fuck my brains out!”
“I will try my very best” was the only reply I could manage. Climbing into the missionary position, I rubbed my hard cock along her moist slit, before slowly pushing its full seven inches slowly into her.
As I built up the pace of our fucking, she suddenly said “Ray, what would be your ultimate fantasy?”
I stopped and looked at her, saying “I suppose like most men, to have too sexy horny women in the same bed at once!”
“Oh that’s easy to arrange” came her reply.
“What’s your fantasy, then?” I enquired.
Suddenly she went shy, saying “No, I can’t tell you! You’ll think me a pervert or something!” I assured her that nothing she told me would shock me, so with a little persuasion she said “OK, let me out and I will show you!” intrigued I rolled off her and watched as she climbed out of bed, walked over to a wardrobe, opened the door, reached in and the turned. In her hand she held a nine foot leather whip, the kind you see in western films. I must be honest and say at first I panicked, thinking she wanted me to use this on her or even worse she wanted to use it on me.
I think she saw the panic in my eyes, as she smiled and said “No, silly I don’t want to whip you or you me, but I love to have this rubbed over my cunt and tits as a warm up for sex. And I love the feel of it wrapped around my hands in a sort of bondage way, with the handle end having been used on my cunt, being forced into my mouth for me to suck”
I breathe a sigh of relief and said “That’s OK, if it’s what turns you on!” she handed me the whip and for the next 20 minutes, I caressed every inch of her skin with the whip, teasing her nipples with the bulb like end before tracing a path down towards her cunt. By the time I reach her cunt, not only was he soaking but she was giving out little body tremors.
Easing the end between her cunt lips, I slowly inserted about five inches of the handle and began to fuck her with it. Suddenly her orgasm broke and she squirted some much as she came that my arm and hand were drenched in cunt juice. Never had I seen a woman shoot cum, it looked like she was pissing, an arc of fluid almost three feet. I removed the whip handle and starting at the tip end I wound the whip around her wrists, until about two feet of the whip remained.
“Open wide, Bitch. You’re going to suck this clean!” I said. She shook her head in a feigned refusal. I brought the handle down to her lips, but she shied away from it. Almost forcing her head towards the handle I pressed the handle to her lips. Still she refused.
“OK, Slut, it’s your choice! Either open up and suck this fucking sticky cunt juice from this whip or I am going to Spank you till you can’t sit for a week!” I threatened. Her eyes widened as slowly she opened her mouth.
As she sucked the handle, I could see the passion in her eyes rekindle. This really was turning her on again.
“So, you like to be ordered to do things with the threat of punishment, do you?” I asked. She simply nodded. While she continued to suck the handle, I re mounted her and pounded her cunt. Just before I cum up her I pulled out and pressed the whip handle to one side of her mouth forming a little hollow between her lips and her tongue. I quickly wanked my cock into its first eruption and aimed it to deposit my load against the handle and her lips. A pool of spunk formed just inside her lips. Mind you a lot more went over her eyes, nose and even some into her hair. Almost as if stirring a pot I moved the handle around coating it in the white sticky goo.
“Now clean that off the handle, my pretty cum slut!” I ordered. After she had thoroughly cleaned the handle.
she said “I need to go to the toilet, Master, I need to pee and to clean this mess off my face”
I climbed out of bed and said “Come on then bitch!” again she looked wide eyed at me.
“What, you’re going to go with me?” she enquired.
“Yes, why do think you’re above me watching you take a leak?” I demanded.
“Sorry Master, I have never pissed in front of anyone before!” she offered. When we got to the bathroom, I instructed her to stand in the bath facing me,
“now squat down, with your knees as wide apart as you can” I demanded. “Now let’s see you piss!” I added. A slow trickle began to emerge from her pee hole and quickly turned into a torrent as her bladder muscle relaxed.
“See it’s not so hard is it!” I offered.
She smiled weakly and said “yes, Master!” I suddenly had the urge to relieve my bladder also, so I told her to remain there as I release a long jet of golden fluid over her knees, aiming my prick I directed the flow to her cunt and up towards her breasts. As I did so some splashed up towards her face, she instinctively opened her mouth and tasted my piss.
When she saw I had noticed this, she blushed, saying “I have always wanted to try that!” I turned the bath mixer taps over to the shower and rinsed her off. We returned to bed and slept with me spooned around her.
We both must have been really tired, because it was 10 am when we woke. I instantly became aware of other movement in the flat. I nudged Eleanor who said “Oh its ok that will be Teresa or Emma! My other flat mates!”
“Thought you said they were not home!” I enquired.
“That was last night, silly. Maybe one of them came home earlier this morning!” she offered. Suddenly her bedroom door flew open, standing there was a woman about 5’5″ tall wearing a dressing gown which was not fastened. I immediately saw that was all she was wearing and her tits and cunt were on full view. She immediately snatched the edges of her gown and held them together.
“Sorry, I thought you were alone, Eleanor!” she said “I heard movement and thought I would offer you a cup of tea” she added.
Eleanor looked at me and said “Tea or coffee?” It was as if nothing had happened, I don’t think I would have been so cool if my flat mate had just exposed himself to my overnight guest.
“Coffee, white with two sugars, please” I stammered.
“I’ll have a coffee to please, Emma” Eleanor calmly said.
With that Emma turned and trotted off leaving the bedroom door wide open, although I did detect a sly over the shoulder glance as she walked away.
“Are you all like this when your home, don’t any of you knock before going to each others rooms?” I asked.
“Why no, what have we got to hide, we all have the same equipment” she replied
“But we could have been making love, or something” I offered.
“You’ll get used to not being embarrassed once you have stayed here a few times.” “Although we do draw the line at making out in the front room in front of each other, after all that’s why we have separate bedrooms” she added.
Not much later, Emma came walking down the hall towards us, her gown wide open again as she had a cup in each hand. Bold as brass she walked to Eleanor’s side of the bed and leaning forward placed the cups on the bedside cabinet. Standing up again she smiled, not attempting to close her gown.
“Hope you like?” she said. Eleanor said
“Slow down, Emma, He’s mine; Put your charms away there’s a good girl”. By the tone of Eleanor’s voice I could tell she was not even annoyed at the play just been made by Emma.
“Spoil sport” was all Emma said as she left, again leaving the door wide open.
Eleanor and I slowly got up and dressed, I noticed that Emma had a clear view from the kitchen into Eleanor’s bedroom. She was stood smiling with her dressing gown wide open slowly fingering her cunt.
I arranged to see her again on my day off in three days time. Eleanor’s parting words to me were “See if you can come up with something really exciting for me to do, MASTER” really stressing the word master.
On the Tuesday, I picked Eleanor up from where she worked, because her car was being serviced. I expected her to dress for more formally at work because of the status of her job, but no. She came out wearing a short mini skirt, and a neat blue blouse. She climbed in the car and reached across to kiss me.
As we pulled away from the kerb, she waved to a woman on the street. “Goodnight Janet!” she yelled. Janet gave her a thumbs up and blew a kiss. “That was Janet, my assistant” she volunteered. She made herself comfortable beside me, kicking off her shoes and spreading her long legs.
Immediately I noticed the gusset of her white knickers showing from beneath the skirt. Eleanor saw me looking and attempted to widen her legs even more. “I can’t wait to get my bra and knickers off” she said.
I looked at her and said “Well, what’s stopping you?” She gulped and immediately began to UN button her blouse, quick as a flash her bra was dropped between her feet. As she started to re button her blouse, I said “Only the bottom three, Slave” she re adjusted the buttons fastening only the bottom three.
Then she slipped her panties down her legs and over her ankles. She held them up to show me she had removed them, just as a bus pulled up on her side of the car. The Bus driver did a double take as he looked into my car. I realized what had startled him so, from his position, he must have been able to see straight down her blouse, see her bald cunt lips showing from beneath her skirt as well as seeing her holding her knickers and the bra between her feet.
I told Eleanor “Seems you have an audience” she looked up towards the driver ran a finger along her cunt lips and the popped the finger into her mouth before blowing him a kiss. The poor bus driver stalled his vehicle as we pulled away laughing.
The rest of the journey to her flat was pretty much ordinary, or as ordinary as it could be with a woman intent of flashing her cunt to all and sundry. We parked outside the launderette, which was beneath the flat Eleanor, Teresa and Emma shared. Walked to the end of the row of shops (4 units) round the side and then back down the alley to her front door.
As we walked she said “You will meet Teresa today, but don’t worry both she and Emma are off out, George, Teresa’s boyfriend is supposed to be picking her up to go to a party and Emma’s off to see her mum. So we will have the place to ourselves real soon!”
I suddenly remembered I had left my bag in the boot of the car, but thought I can fetch it when we are alone, less likely to cause embarrassment. I said “When they have left, I will fetch my bag from the car!”
“What bag” Eleanor enquired.
“The bag we will need for our evenings fun!” I replied.
Eleanor introduced me to Teresa, although to be honest I thought she thought I should have been scraped off Eleanor’s foot outside. My immediate impression was stuck up bitch.
Just then Emma made an appearance and did not help matters by saying “OH, Hi Ray, I did not recognize you with your clothes on!” I received a cold hard stare from Teresa.
Eleanor dragged me by my hand and led me to her bedroom. She called out “Any chance of a cup of coffee, Emma”.
Emma replied “Yeah, ok. You want one too Ray?”
“Yes please” I replied.
Five minutes later, Emma just waltzed into Eleanor’s bedroom with two coffees. Eleanor never even blushed at the fact she was stark naked. She took her coffee from Emma and promptly gave her a kiss, not on the cheek but full on the mouth. Emma blushed as she handed me my coffee, Eleanor said “Come on Ray, Thank Emma for your coffee!” “I am sure she would love you to stroke her cunt or let her stroke your cock”
Emma started to protest, until I said “Is that right, Emma. How about I tease your nipples, that is till I get to know you better!” Eleanor spun to face me. The look on her face said you dare. I reached behind Emma’s head and pulled her head towards me, I kissed her full on the lips forcing my tongue into her mouth. I also made sure that Eleanor saw me feel Emma’s tits. Emma meekly accepted my groping, before fleeing the bedroom.
Eleanor said “You Bastard!”
I replied “Do not ever tell me to do anything, if you don’t want me to do it!” “Because I would do it in spite of you!” I then told Eleanor, “Be really careful because you don’t know what I have planned and if you upset me you could be made to suffer even more!” She nodded. “Besides I thought we had sorted out, last Saturday that I am your Master not the other way around!” I added.
“Sorry Master” she offered.
Eleanor came up to me, wrapped her arms around me and asked “What have you got planned, Love?”
I laughed and said “You’ll just have to wait and see!”
“Emma, can you come here, please” Eleanor called out. When Emma entered the room, Eleanor said “Sorry about earlier, Ray has told me to apologise and ask you if you would like to stay in with us tonight”
I interrupted “Emma, that’s not true. I told Eleanor that I would not tell her what was planned for tonight; she now thinks that if you stay in tonight she will escape from my plans!” “You are more than welcome to stay in with us but you may become embarrassed watching Eleanor suffer her punishments” I added.
Emma said “Thanks for the invite, but I am meeting a friend outside the cinema!” With that she turned and walked out of the room.
I turned to Eleanor and said “Nice try, but you’ll have to do much better to get one over on me!” “Now, put on your see through white blouse and a knee length skirt, nothing else and come into the living room when you’re ready!” I added. I then went back to my car and retrieved my bag.
By the time I came back to the flat door, a man I assumed to be George was leaving with Teresa. I introduced myself and shook his hand. Teresa dragged him away. I entered the flat and passed Emma as she was leaving,
“Enjoy your film, Emma” I offered.
“Thanks Ray, you enjoy your evening as well” she replied.
“Oh, I intend too!” I countered. With that Emma left.
I carried my bag into the living room. I moved the dining table to with in 5 feet in front of the TV, squared it up in such a way that when tied to it Eleanor would still be able to see the screen. Eleanor walked into the living room, wearing exactly what I had instructed her to. I laid her across the table, with her head overhanging facing the TV. I then tied each of her arms to a separate table leg and her legs to the remaining two legs. UN doing her blouse I exposed her breasts, and then I raised the hem of her skirt exposing her cunt.
Going to my bag I retrieved a roll of wide packing tape, tore two short lengths about 3 inches in length, I folded over one edge sticky side to sticky side to give me a tab and stuck them across her nipples.
I then lowered my head and blew gently across her cunt lips; she shivered as the cool sensation hit her expose lips. I stood up, walked around to my bag and removed the enema bag, a butcher’s hook and a long length of tubing. I fixed the hook on to a picture rail (for those not aware of the English idea of a picture rail, it’s a wooden moulding fastened to the wall about six inches from the ceiling. In Victorian times it was for hiding the fixings to hang pictures from, hence its name.)
I turned to Eleanor and said “Won’t be long, don’t go anywhere. Will you” I went into the kitchen to prepare a warm soapy enema. When I returned I hung the bag on the hook making sure the valve on the tubing was closed. I turned on the TV and started the Video preloaded before Eleanor’s appearance. The screen spring into life as two large Black males began to bind a single white female. I Suggested that Eleanor would find the film interesting in not erotic.
I ordered her to keep watching the film. Walking once again around the table to between her legs, I slowly traced my tongue from her inner thigh up towards he cunt.
I deliberately stopped just before contacting her cunt lips, then repeated this on her other thigh. I saw her response as her cunt lips unfolded and her clitoris began to peek through. I gently blew on to her clitoris before parting her cunt lips with my fingers. For the next 45 minutes I bathed her cunt in soft penetrating licks, bringing her to several orgasms. At one stage I had to admonish her for her vocal cries were becoming too loud for comfort. It was at this point I eased the enema nozzle gently but firmly into her anal ring, setting the flow to a reasonable rate.
I then removed my clothes, and walked in front of her upturned head, I pushed my hard cock against her mouth. Instinctively she opened her mouth and bathed my cock head in gentle licks. I told her to open her throat as I slowly pushed my seven inches into her mouth; she gagged so I withdrew my prick slightly allowing her to gasp air before returning to slip my prick down her throat. Each time her gag reflex occur I slightly with drew before finally achieving the full insertion of my prick.
I slowly began to fuck her mouth. “Eleanor, I must warn you that if you spill any of the enema fluid from your arse, you will be punished” I warned her.
“Ohhh omhgghtahst” was her reply. I took this to be acceptance as it was hard for her to speak with her mouth full.
I let my hands drop down on to her breasts, gently finding the tabs. Gripping them between my finger and thumb I yanked my left hand upwards, her right breast pulled away from her chest as the sticky tape began to part away from her breast. The last thing to spring back towards her chest was the erect nipple. I instantly felt her throat muscles tighten around my cock. Dropping this tape I felt her newly exposed nipple and lightly twisted it.
It felt hard and rubbery between my fingers. Again Eleanor let out an animalistic unintelligible noise. Reaching further down her body I rubbed her stomach feeling the almost wave like motion of the enema filling her colon.
My right hand whizzed upwards repeating the effects on her left breast, again her throat muscles contracted. I then continued to fuck her mouth whilst gently rubbing her stomach. I knew I was not going to last much longer and wanting to save my load to fill her arse,
I withdrew my prick from her mouth. “Oh Master, what are you doing to me, I feel so wonderfully bloated and as horny as hell” she murmured.
Just then I heard someone clapping, I looked up and saw George and Teresa standing by the living room door. I tried to cover my prick. Teresa walked past me and stood looking at the TV, by now the white woman had on black cock up her arse and the second pumping into her cunt.
“I haven’t seen this one, you must lend it to me!” she said. Then turning to George she said “George get into my bedroom and remove all your clothes, put on the items I have laid out for you and return here at once!”
As George turned and left the room Teresa said “George is such a sweetie but weak as dish water, don’t worry about covering up, I am well aware of this bitch’s sexual likes and dislikes. Aren’t I slut?”
“Yes Mistress” was Eleanor’s response.
I think it dawned on me just then the resentment that Teresa had shown was borne of a Mistress losing her Slave with out consent. I turned to Teresa and said “She was your slave, before mine”
She replied “Oh no nothing like that, just occasionally she would do as she was told where George was concerned, you could say she helped me humiliate George enough to reach my current position with him.”
She added “May be I will look forward to the challenge of subligating you!” I told her she had no chance.
“I now see the challenge to put you in your rightful place at the feet of a master!” I added. With that I grabbed her wrists and pulled her over to the settee. Sitting down I forced her across my knee and raised her Skirt. She was wearing powder blue knickers with matching self supporting stockings. In one fell swoop her knickers were around her knees and the first hard slap careered down on the white plump ass cheeks.
“Ouch, you’ll pay for that” she yelled. A further three just as hard slaps brought a rosy pink flush to her arse and suddenly she stopped struggling. “Stop, Stop please stop” she begged. I noticed the defiance in her voice was now gone. I paused my assault on her arse. Her free hand came round and gently rubbed her reddening cheeks.
I pushed her on to the floor and told her “On your knees bitch, my cock wants to feel the inside of your throat” She looked at me with anger in her eyes. Like a queen that had just been toppled from her throne. Slowly she climbed on to her knees and approached me, she reached out towards my prick but I tapped her hands away. “Did I say you could touch my prick?” I said. I thought this was probably a ploy of hers to try to turn the tables. She apologized and opened her mouth to accept my prick. Warily I allowed her to take my prick head into her mouth after warning her “Don’t even think of biting my prick, or I warn you that your cunt would need major surgery before you would be able to use it to even piss through”
I know it was an idle threat but it seemed to work as she gently lapped at the head of my prick.
Suddenly Eleanor moaned “Master, I can’t hold on much longer my belly hurts!”
I suddenly remembered that the enema was still flowing in to her. I pushed Teresa away and stopped the flow. I rubbed Eleanor’s now bloated belly and said “Hold it in for another five minutes and then my new bitch here will take you to the toilet.
I turned to Teresa and said “Strip now and make an erotic one for my pleasure!”
“Fuck you!” she replied.
I grabbed her hair and said “What was that bitch!” I forced her head down raising her arse as my free hand swung through the air and crashed into her red arse cheeks.
“Ouch” she cried. “Sorry master, I will do anything you tell me to but don’t smack me again” she begged.
I let her go and she raised herself up on to her feet and began dancing to some imaginary music as she removed her clothing. Just then George walked into the room, Red faced and dressed as a French maid including stockings.
Teresa stopped her dancing and stared at George. “Who told you to stop” I called to her.
She immediately recommenced her gyrations and said “George, Sweetie, I want you to meet our new master.” George gulped as he looked at me. I instructed George to untie Eleanor and take her to the toilet, but only allow her to stand in the bath and I want a full report of what she does. He nodded and set about undoing the ropes binding Eleanor. Meanwhile I gently removed the Enema nozzle.
By the time George and Eleanor returned, Teresa was stark naked and I was inspecting her. “Tits too flabby, nipples ok though. Do you like them pinched, twisted or simply pulled?” I commented.
“Pinched, Master” she replied.
“What have we here?” I said as I gently tugged on her pubic hair.
“Ouch, master” she responded.
“Eleanor get over here!” I commanded. “Look at this, what is wrong with this?” I asked as I pointed towards her pubes.
“Master, you insist all your slaves are properly shaved and it looks so untidy like that!” she replied.
“Correct, my little slut. How do you suggest we remedy this situation?” I enquired.
“I could take her away and shave her Master!” replied Eleanor. “Or I think I have some Hair removal wax, somewhere!” she offered.
Teresa said “I don’t mind being shaved, but not the wax, please” I said
“Do you remember your reaction to me, earlier tonight! You thought I was not fit to be in the same room as you! Well now its time to pay for that attitude!” I said. “Eleanor find me the wax, George get me some hot water!” I ordered.
When the pair of them left the room, Teresa came up to me and whispered “I will be a good girl and shave this off for you, I promise but please not the wax, it will hurt terribly!”
“Yes, I know it will, but think of this, If it was George who was to be done, and you were in charge which would you use. Shaving or Wax?” I asked.
Teresa’s eyes looked downwards to the floor and she never answered. “I thought so. You have just answered your own question as to why it has to be the wax!” I said.
“Teresa get on the table, on your back! NOW!” I demanded. Meekly she climbed on the table just as Eleanor and George returned. “George, Tie Teresa’s hands down like Eleanor’s were earlier! Eleanor you tie her legs down just as yours were!” I ordered. Taking a longer strip of the broad tape, again creating a tab on I pressed it over Teresa’s closed mouth.
“George, Teresa has always led you a Rocky(D)’s life, has she not?” I enquired.
“Yes Ray” he replied. I immediately slapped his face. “Sorry Sir I meant to say Yes, Master” he repeated.
“That’s better” I warned him. “Despite your lack of respect for me, I still think its justice for you to do the honours of using the wax to remove her pubic hair” I said. Teresa’s eyes shot wide open and she began shaking her head, trying to say no! Whilst George performed his tasks on Teresa, I had Eleanor prepare two of the lengths of broad tape similar to the ones I had used on her Tits. And told her to apply them over Teresa’s nipples, but only after sucking the nipples to their full erect state. “Don’t forget to dry her nipples before applying the tape!” I reminded Eleanor.
I in the mean time walked behind George and lifted the hem of his maid’s uniform. It became clear now why it had taken so long to get ready, He was wearing stockings, suspender belt and a pair of bright red crutch less knickers. His already hard and swollen prick sticking straight out.
George coated the molten wax over the area of her pubes, and stood waiting for it to solidify. He was almost drooling as he watched Eleanor teasing Teresa’s nipples. I asked him “Were you ever allowed to suck her nipples, George?”
“Never, not even before I became her slave” he replied.
“What else were you stopped from doing to her?” I asked.
“I was only allowed to fuck her missionary style, and then only when she said so. I was allowed to lick her arse but only after she had visited the toilet. I was never permitted to put anything in her arse at all” he ventured. “She would never ever suck me off!” he added.
“And would you like her to suck you off, or fuck her up the arse, or even suck her tits?” I asked.
“Oh yes, master many a time I longed to take her up the arse or even fuck her between her tits, while she sucked the head of my prick!” he offered. Teresa’s eyes shot him a look of hatred.
“Well tonight you are going to be sucked off but you will be punished if you cum in her mouth, you will have to shoot over her face. You see its humiliating for a bitch like her to become a cum slut” I told him.
“Oh thank you master” he replied. I think I almost felt sorry for George, knowing as I did that what ever I told him to do he would pay for when in private with Teresa.
By now the wax had hardened, Eleanor had finished applying the sticky tape across Teresa’s tits. I leaned towards Teresa and said “Is my slut bitch ready to be de flowered of her pubic hair?” She violently shook her head and with pleading eyes begged to be let off. “Proceed, George!” I commanded. As he pulled the first strip of wax from her body, I murmured to Eleanor “When he gets close to pulling the hairs from her cunt lips, I want you to rip off one of the sticky tapes” She nodded.
As George pulled the first strip from Teresa’s pubic region she arched her back going with the pull. But to no avail, she could not raise herself high enough to prevent the wax soaked hairs being ripped from her body. I went to my bag and produce a long length of soft silk rope and secured Teresa’s waist firmly to the table. Then I looked at George’s handiwork, there was a bright pink strip complete void of hair where only seconds ago there had been a thick forest of jet black hair. “Carry on, George” I said, whilst nodding at Eleanor.
As George pulled the adjacent strip of wax from her pubic area, Eleanor yanked of the sticky tape on her right breast. Teresa struggled with the attention. Soon both the sticky tapes were removed and her cunt area whilst pink and sore looking was now denude of hair.
I reached into my bag and brought out some aftershave, “this may sting for a little while but its better than the tingling feeling you would have to endure” I told Teresa. I applied a generous amount to my hands and dabbed it on to her pubic bone. She twisted and turned as the lotion began its work.
When she had calmed down, I gently removed her tape gag and she said “You Bastards That really hurt!”
I slapped her face and warned “Imagine then if I was to finger fuck you now with the aftershave still on my fingers!”
suddenly she realized “sorry Master. I just lost my sense of presence” she added.
I told Eleanor to suck on George’s cock till I come back. I went and washed my hands returning to find Eleanor eagerly devouring George’s cock beneath his frilly hem of the French maid’s uniform.
“Teresa, are you going to suck Georges cock and let him cum on your face?” I asked. Realising that to refuse would result in further punishment she meekly nodded her head.
So that night George got Teresa to suck his cock, and he blasted copious amounts of white cream over her face, which I made Eleanor lick off but she was not allowed to swallow it. She then transferred the cum from her mouth into George’s, before he swallowed his own cum. I then allowed Teresa to be untied and asked “Do you want George to sleep with you tonight bitch”
Teresa replied “If that is your wish master!” I turned to George and said “I have a better idea, George are you tired?” he replied no not really. “Good Then all of you follow me!” I insisted. Walking in to Teresa’s room I was glad to see a four poster bed. I immediately produce a pair of metal handcuffs from the bag I had brought with me and cuffed George’s hands around the post.
I then Tied Eleanor and Teresa together with ropes on each arm and leg and finally a rope that went around their waists and then between their legs to be fastened behind the other persons back. I laid them down on their sides on the bed. Returning to my bag I produce a 15 inch long double dong and slipped one end into Eleanor’s cunt, over the rope and eased the other end into Teresa’s cunt. Further objects taken from my bag include a vibrating butterfly which I secured trapped between the two women’s tits. This was held in place with a further length of rope tied tightly around their upper chest having been threaded under their arms. Next two smaller vibrators were inserted into each of the women’s arses.
All three vibrators were then set to a steady hum and finally I produce a vibrating butt plug, looking at George. I said “must not leave you out of the fun, Eh, George” I eased this into his arse and turned it on.
I stood surveying my handy work; I could not imagine any of them getting much rest tonight. Already the girls were moaning and George, well George was fucking an imaginary body in front of him. As I turned to leave I said “nitey night” and laughed as I switched out the lights.
I returned to the living room and re dressed. About thirty minutes later, I heard George’s voice saying “Oh Fuck, I am going to cum” and the two girls, well they were obviously already coming as the air was full of grunts and groans. I was just about to go check on them when the flat door opened and in stormed Emma.
“Fucking men” she said.
“Hello to you too!” I said.
“Oh Sorry Ray, but I have had it with that useless piece of shit called a boyfriend” she moaned. I took her hand and led her into the living room, I forgot the video was still running and as soon as she saw it she shot passed me and sat crossed legged in front of the TV.
“Where is Eleanor?” She asked.
“She is around, but a bit tied up” I chuckled.
“Fancy missing a film like this!” she countered. I walked over to her and paused the video saying would you like to see where Eleanor is and why she is missing this film. I took her outside Teresa’s room and said “Go in there and see for yourself” with that I gave her a gentle push towards the door.
Emma returned from the bedroom, red faced but breathing hard. “George has made a real mess up the front of his uniform!” she said. “Eleanor and Teresa are still trembling, what have you done to them?” she added.
“I have shown, Teresa that she is not top bitch around here and in order for that lesson to stick, she has to be left as she is till morning!” I stated. I took her arm and led her back to the living room. “You obviously must be Submissive yourself, or at least an exhibitionist, the way you brought our coffees in the other day” I ventured.
“Yes well what of it?” she responded.
“Oh Nothing!” I replied. Leading her over to the sofa, I sat her down and hit play on the video. Her attention was immediately drawn to the action on screen, just in time to see the two black men pull out of the white woman’s arse and cunt and send a torrent of white sticky cum over her face and hair.
I noticed at this, Emma licking her lips and an mmh escaped her lips.
“Like the taste of cum, do we?” I asked.
She never even turned her head as she nodded, obviously to engrossed in the scenes before her. I reached over and placed my hand just above her knee. Just a small amount of pressure was needed to have her open her legs. I climbed down on to my knees and crawled between her legs. I began kissing lightly her thighs and started traveling those kisses towards her panty covered cunt.
She opened her legs even wider; her breathing became laboured as my butterfly light kisses covered the expanse of her thigh, almost reached her panty line I stopped. I heard from somewhere above my head the sigh and suddenly felt a hand trying to coax my head back into contact with her thigh. I resisted, backed away slightly before beginning again on her other thigh just above her knee. She visibly relaxed upon my resumption; already I could see the growing dark patch at the entrance to her cunt as her juices soaked into her white cotton panties.
Higher and higher I gently kissed, until my nose made contact with the wet patch in her knickers. She gave an involuntary shudder causing my nose to rub against her cunt. I heard “Oh, yes Ray, take me to heaven” This time I deliberately press my nose to her sweet smelling Cunt, for me there is no finer smell than a freshly aroused pussy, except made be a freshly fucked one.
Rhythmically slowly nodding my head had my nose brushing against her pussy lips and clit. I noted her breathing becoming short rasping breaths. Suddenly I pulled away and sat on my heels. Her eyes flew open and she looked longingly at me. “You want me to continue, slut” I asked. She simply nodded. “What do I get in return, bitch” I added.
“Whatever you command of me, master is yours, no reservations or restrictions!” she replied.
“Prove your obedience to me, my cum slut” I demanded.
“How master?” she sighed. Go into Eleanor’s room and find her Strap on Cock, remove all your clothes and put on the rubber dick, then return!” I said. She immediately got up and slowly removed her clothes, before going out of the living room. About 5 minutes later she returned with the black strap on cock fastened around her waist.
“You want me to fuck you, Master” she asked.
“Not me, slut, But George!” I pointed out.
Her face went white as she said “But Teresa would kill me!”
I replied “No she won’t because she will be eager to lick this rubber cock clean afterwards, trust me” I then stood up and taking Emma’s hand walked her into Teresa’s Room. Teresa and Eleanor were still rocking against each other as yet another climax neared.
“Master, please may we stop now, our cunts are sore and we could not manage another cum tonight” Teresa pleaded.
“That depends!” I responded.
“On what?” Teresa replied.
“On you, Teresa, you see Emma here has this big black rubber strap on dick, I want her to fuck George’s arse with it?” I responded.
“Ok, Master, George will let her or face my wrath!” Teresa answered.
“Not so fast!” I chided.
“You must then clean this rubber cock with your mouth, when she has finished” I informed her.
Teresa looked at me and shook her head, “No, no, never” she insisted.
“Fair enough!” I responded.
“Then let’s see what you say in an hour’s time after I increase the speed of these three vibrators” I warned.
I immediately set about turning up the speed of the vibrators, when I heard “You stupid bitch. Let her fuck him and if need be we would both lick it clean. My cunt can not take much more of this buzzing from the inside of my arse” Eleanor rasped.
“Oh no, Eleanor, Teresa must clean the cock herself!” I offered.
“I have other plans for you, look at George he desperately wants his arse fucked and by the look of the amount of cum on the front of his uniform, he will need you to lick his cock clean!” I stated. “Well what is it to be, Teresa, do you still say no!” I asked.
Between the grunts of her next orgasm she wilted and said “Yes, ok Yes, whatever you want me to do Master I will do, just give our cunts a rest, pleeeeeaaasssse” she slurred the last word as yet another violent orgasm gripped her.
“I am not sure you mean it!” I chided.
“I do master, please my body, mind and soul are yours to command” she begged.
“Very well. But you had better not go back on this! Or your arse will be marked for life” I warned. I turned the vibrators off, walked around behind George and said “Well you won’t be needing this for now!” as I removed the butt plug.
Emma came beside me and smiled, “My boyfriend often wanted me to slide a finger into his arse, when he was fucking me, I always thought it gross.” She said. “But looking at George’s open anal ring, waiting for this rubber cock, I think I have learned a lesson now, I should never jump to conclusions with out trying something” she added.
She then eased the black cock into George’s arse.
Teresa said “Go fuck him hard girl” as Emma began her thrusts. I was not long before George was begging for harder and harder thrust.
He suddenly announced “OH my God, I am Cumming again! That’s the fifth time I have come tonight!”
Emma continued to fuck George for a little while longer, before pulling out and sticking the black rubber cock in Teresa’s face. Teresa did not hesitate, but began licking the cock clean. I undid George’s handcuffs and led him round to Eleanor’s side. She twisted her head and began sucking up the white sticky goo that surrounds his prick.
I smiled at Emma and Said “See just one big happy fucking family” I then released Teresa and Eleanor, allowed George to remove his soiled French maid’s uniform and announced “Time for bed said ZEBBERDEE!”
Next morning the flat was a hive of activity, as the three girls rushed around getting ready for work. Every time one of them came close to me, she would blush slightly and mumble a quick thank you. George mean while had grabbed his proper clothes and left hastily.
I walked into Eleanor’s room just as she was putting on her bra, walked up to her and said “I must be going now babes, are you ok to get to work, or do you need a lift?”
“It’s ok, Emma goes right by the shop and she will drop me! Besides I get my car back today” she responded. “Will I see you tonight?” she added.
“Sorry, I am on an all night site tonight! Don’t get another night off till Saturday!” I replied.
“May be, we could do something special then!” she said with a gleam in her eye. “You Know, something really special outside, if you follow my drift!” she added.
“I will work something out, you kinky bitch!” I chided as I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
Although the week dragged, I had an idea forming in my mind. By Friday morning, all the basics were in place. A quick phone call to Eleanor would settle the few remaining details. “Eleanor, This is Ray! Saturday night will it be just you and me or will the others be joining us?” I asked.
“Apparently George will be out of town, Emma has had a bust up with her bloke, so it will be the three girls and you!” she replied.
“That’s not what I asked! Our outing, will it be just you and me or what?” I repeated.
“that’s up to our Master!” she giggled. “Just let me hear his Master’s Voice, Tell me one way or the other?” she ventured.
“HMV says we could have more fun as a group” I retaliated. This was one of those weird moments when you know you have said the wrong thing.
“HMV” she repeated “Oh yes, from now on you will always be HMV!” she continued. So my nick name stuck.
“See you tomorrow night!” I ended the conversation.
Saturday night at 6.30 pm, I arrived at their flat, carrying a large bottle of wine. I rang the door bell and waited, it seemed ages before anyone answered the door and then it was Emma wrapped in a bath towel.
“OH hi, Ray or should that be HMV?” she said
“I take it Eleanor has told you her new nick name for me then” I smiled.
“OH yes and very apt if I may say so!” she replied. I squeezed past her as she closed the door. In the living room sat Teresa, wearing a low cut full length dress, watching something on the TV.
“Evening!” I offered.
She rose walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips before saying “Evening, HMV!” this was going to be a long night if they keep up this constant reference to my nick name I thought.
“Master will do, when actually in my presence” I chided. “Where is Eleanor?” I asked.
“In her bedroom, I think!” she replied.
I walked into Eleanor’s bedroom, just as she was bending over looking in a bottom drawer. Whack! I slapped her arse, she jumped.
“What was that for?” she enquired.
“For telling those two my nick name!” I replied. “I thought we were going out?” I added.
“We are, aren’t we, only later?” she replied.
“you know your going to have to pay for telling them my nick name with out my consent?” I warned her.
“OH dear, what will I have to do?” she quizzed.
“I know you three keep a spare front door key across the road at the off licence! So I think a suitable punishment would be to fetch that key!” I offered.
“Oh that’s easy!” she stated.
“Just one minute, You will have to fetch that key stark bullock naked!” I finished.
She suddenly looked worried and blushed. “you can’t be serious! Old Fred the owner knows me!” she said.
“Oh I am deadly serious, or alternatively you can be spanked, every twenty minutes until I leave to go home!” I offered. “hard spanks and six at a time!” I informed her.
“what would I tell him?” she asked.
“you locked yourself out and need the key to get back in!” I replied.
“No, No, about being naked?” she enquired.
“That’s up to you!” I informed her.
“Oh very well, I suppose I have no real choice!” she finished and began to remove the rest of her clothes. Just then Emma appeared at the bedroom door.
“I was just wondering if HMV would like a coffee?” she said. Eleanor cringed,
“Have I said something wrong and are we still going out as a group later?” Emma asked.
“yes we are going out together, later only Eleanor has a little job to do, right now!” I responded.
Emma looked at Eleanor and said “What ever is the matter, you look almost white?”
“Tell her Eleanor!” I ordered.
“Master, here has punished me for telling you his nickname, I either agree to be spanked every twenty minutes throughout the evening or carry out a challenge” she said.
“Oh I would take the challenge!” Emma replied.
“NO, The challenge is to fetch the spare key stark naked!” Eleanor repeated.
Emma’s eyed widen and she said “What are you going to do?”
“Do the challenge!” Eleanor replied.
Emma turned and disappeared into the living room obviously to tell Teresa the news.
“well let’s get this over with!” Eleanor said. Calmly she walked out of her bedroom, down the hall and out the front door. Emma, Teresa and I crowded to the front room window as saw Eleanor race across the road and into the off licence. She was in there a good 15 minutes, before coming back out into the street, this time with a raincoat covering her body. She raced across the road and back into the flat. Bursting into the front room she thrust out her hand and displayed the set of keys.
“Did I tell you, you could cover up coming back?” I chided.
“You did not tell me I couldn’t!” she replied.
“Besides when I told him I was locked out in this state he offered me this coat, it was only natural to take it or raise his suspicions even more!” she explained.
“open your coat and spread your legs!” I demanded. Eleanor opened her coat, opened her legs. “Teresa and Emma, check out how wet her cunt is!” I instructed. “using your tongues” I added. So Teresa first, knelt between Eleanor’s legs and stuck out her tongue just barely touching Eleanor’s cunt, before Emma replaced her. Both agreed that her cunt was a wash with juices, I already knew she was high aroused because of her breathing and the delightful pink blush across her chest just above her breast, whose nipples were rock hard.
“Ok, my little slut, I will allow your change of rules on this occasion!” I stated.
“You may now dress in the clothes I told you too!” I concluded.
I turned to Emma, grabbed the towel she was wearing and pulled it free from her body. Her nipples too were standing proud, and the tell tale sign of arousement were clearly showing on her upper thigh.
“Go put on a short skirt, blouse and nothing else, whore” I informed her. As she left, I turned to Teresa. “I can see you have no bra on, by the state of your nipples, but are you wearing knickers?” I demanded
“No master!” she replied. “prove it raise your dress and bend over that armchair back!” I said pointing to the chair. She raised her dress exposing her arse and meekly trotted over to the arm chair where she promptly leaned over the back, as she did so she had to open her legs to balance herself. I walked up behind her and slid my hands onto the inside of her thighs. I probed her wet cunt with my index finger making sure my thumb rubbed her anal ring. In Seconds I had Teresa moaning and on the verge of cumming, I instantly stopped and told her to stand and replace her clothing. Her face was flushed and her breathing quick as she did as she was told.
When all three girls were ready, I opened by bag and removed three Rocky(D) collars in blue, green and red. I looked at the tags hanging from each in turn before giving the red one to Emma to put around Eleanor’s neck. She read the tag which said ‘SLUT’ and then fastened it around Eleanor’s neck. I then gave Eleanor the blue collar, whose tag read ‘BITCH’ and told her this was for Teresa. Finally the green Collar, which read ‘WHORE’ was given to Teresa to put round Emma’s neck. With that I made them sit, not in a chair mind, but as a Rocky(D) would sit.
“I am going to be taking my three bitch Rocky(D)s for a walk very soon” I explained. “however there are some rules, you must abide by! Rule one, you shall obey all my commands first time of telling, I expect my bitches to behave!” I continued.
“Rule two, Once we reach the park and are safely with in it, you shall remove all your clothes and adopt the four legged stance all bitches use” I stressed.
“Rule three, you will be walked on leads, for however long I decide, so no pulling or trying to scamper off!” I quipped.
“Rule four, if you need to go to the toilet, you may squat like the bitches you are. On no account should you stand upright until told to do so. In short you are to behave exactly as Rocky(D)s would behave” I stressed.
They looked at each other, but none of them objected. So we prepared for our little walkies.
I took the three girls out to my car and we set off for a local piece of greenbelt land. We ended up at a place called Friern Barnet Park. Parking the car in the car park I walked with the girls over to the entrance gate. Passing through I chose a dirt track path running off to my right, on we walked for several minutes, all the time their eyes darting left and right to see if anyone else was about in this park approaching dusk.
I removed the rucksack from my shoulder and then ordered them to strip. As each one removed the last of their clothes, they deposited them into the rucksack and crouch on all fours whilst their lead was attached. This act of attaching their lead was the cue that they now needed to act as Rocky(D)s and each in turn stretched their legs as a Rocky(D) would before a walk.
Thinking about it, it must have looked really weird to anyone seeing us, there was this man, leading three woman on leads and the women all acting like Rocky(D)s. Imagine all this and in a London park too. Eleanor, either getting into the role, trying to impress me or maybe even fearful of facing another challenge, began to sniff the arse of Emma, just like Rocky(D)s do upon meeting. So by way of reward for her actions I stroked her head as any owner would and tickled her behind her ears, saying “good Dog”.
I then walked them on until we approached a bench, set before a small clump of trees, may be five or six trees in close proximity to each other. I tied their leads to the bench saying “Now don’t go away!” I walked into the trees, the girls must have thought I was going to relieve myself, but I was actually looking for something. Over by the last tree I spotted what it was I was seeking, removing a heavy gardening glove from the side pocket of the rucksack, I put it on before grabbing a handful of the stinging nettles, I sought.
Hiding this hand behind my back, I slowly walked back to the bench. The girls still apprehensive about being see or worse approached were frantically scanning the horizon looking for anyone who could come near. As I approached I said “Roll over” and all three girls rolled on to their backs with their legs in the air, just as a real Rocky(D) would do. “Aah you want your tummy tickled,” I said to Teresa and in stooping to do so I quickly brushed the stinging nettles across her nipples and then her cunt lips ensuring that I missed her clit. I then repeated this on Emma and Eleanor. Discarding the handful of nettles, I untied their leads and coaxed them into walking further.
By the time we had reached the point at which I had intended to turn round, I knew their agony brought on by the nettles would be turning to ecstasy as the stinging played on the nerves in their nipples and their cunt lips, causing the rush of blood to excite their erogenous zones. It was at this point I noticed Emma having difficulty in moving, the cheeks of her arse quivered in the moonlight as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to sag moaning. I remember thinking to myself, we have been out in a park for thirty minutes, it’s been only twenty minutes since I applied the stinging nettles and here was Emma Cumming like a fountain.
I also witnessed Eleanor and Teresa trying desperately to rub their legs together to ease the tingling sensation clearly driving them mad. I urge the girls on as we turned and headed for the car. Emma’s climax seemed to reduce the tingling she felt as she move quite freely now, but for Teresa and Eleanor the itching tingling sensation must have been growing ever stronger. The pace they were crawling now was down t a snail’s pace as they concentrated more and more on solving their need to cum.
Eleanor was next to climax; she stopped suddenly and lay down as her wails of passion rang around us. Twice she started to bring her hands towards her cunt to speed up the process and twice I warned her of the consequences of doing so. After a couple of minutes she was back up on her hands and knees crawling along beside me.
By the time we approached the gate, Teresa, the only one not yet to come, was in agony or ecstasy but not quite able to release the flood gates of her cum. I looked towards my car, thinking of how I could let Teresa cum before she got into my car with out being seen to be unfair. So her using her hands to bring herself off was out of the question. Just then a young couple came from another car walking towards us.
At the same time I saw them, Emma must have seen them too, for she said “Master, there is someone coming our way!”
I could read the panic in her voice. “So what, I am only exercising my bitches!” I replied. The three girls stared in silence as the two figures walked ever nearer. As the stepped through the gate, the must have recognized what they took from a distance to be Rocky(D)s, now as women.
I broke the silence “Good evening!”
“Oh Good evening” the man said staring straight at the three cowering female forms.
“I see your admiring my bitches!” I commented.
He nodded and said “They look unusual bitches, may I enquire what breed they might be?” he asked delighting in the view of the three naked figures beside me.
“Oh, these are nothing special, they call them Master’s hound’s” I offered.
“Oh, are they a common breed then?” the continued. “OH yes common as muck these three, funny thing though I have never seen a male of this breed only ever come across bitches!” I giggled.
He turned to his female partner and said “Think we should get us one of those breeds”
she replied slightly embarrassed “No you can’t have one of them”
He then turned back to me and said “Are they alright, only two of them look flushed and the other one looks real fidgety?” I informed him that they strayed into a patch of nettles and they are just cooling from the effects,
“but I must confess that the one with the blue collar seems to be on heat at the moment!” I continued.
“How can you tell?” he enquired.
“Oh that is simple, if you place your hand between her rear thighs; she tries to hump against your hand!” I offered “would you like to try?”
He turned to his partner and said “Susie, you try it, see what you think!” she shot him a dirty look but stuck out a trembling hand and parted Teresa’s legs.
“Oh my.” She said, “Her poor cunt is so hot and wet, she needs help with that?” with that she pulled her hand back, it glistened in the moonlight as she held it up for all to see.
“You see what you think John!” she said. John reached forwards but with a cupped hand rather than a straight one, his fingers touched her cunt and the tips of three of them entered into Teresa’s cunt. She suddenly forced her self backwards trying to embed so much more of them up her.
“OH yes, dear, I see what you mean, her cunt is on fire!” he said. “What ever will you do, to help this bitch out” he asked sounding genuinely concerned.
“Oh I will take her to be serviced by a young pony, I know” I responded.
“Why a young pony, surely another Rocky(D) would be better?” he said.
“OH no, last time a Rocky(D) tried to solve this, the bitch would not do as she was told for weeks after, May be a much longer penetration in length and time would be the solution, hence the young pony” I replied.
Teresa shot me a look, pleading with her eyes that she hoped I was kidding. I turned to the young couple just in time to see John remove his fingers from Susie’s mouth, the self same fingers that had just been up Teresa’s cunt.
“I have an Idea, maybe you could help me.” I said gazing into the eyes of Susie.
“OH what’s that?” John asked.
“Well to have sex with her in this state could result in puppies, but oral would not and it may just cool her down enough for me to get her home?” I said slowly and deliberately.
John said “may I just talk to my girlfriend and give you your answer in two minutes!”
“By all means!” I replied. John took Susie to once side where a brief discussion took place, Susie kept glancing first at me then at Teresa.
John came back over and said “Susie won’t let me do anything, but she knows I have always wanted to see her with another female, she says she will if we go somewhere where we would not be seen, like just over there where those bushes are?”
I nodded and said “Let me just put these two back in the car then!” I handed John Teresa’s lead and walked Emma and Eleanor through the gate before saying you better stand these stones will ruin your hands and knees. I told them they could enjoy themselves together in the car till I came back. I turned and walked back to John and Susie. Leading Teresa down to the bushes, Susie told me this was her first time with another woman but she wanted to please John.
“In a way, this seems perverted, because implying that she is a Rocky(D) makes this animal sex” she added.
“Yes but in the loosest terms sex between man and his wife is animal sex as well” I offered.
In the edge of the bushes, I commanded Teresa “Roll over” she did and John and Susie were now openly staring at her red gash of a cunt.
John said “Susie, babes, don’t you think it wiser to remove your clothes as well because you don’t want to mess them up and it would avoid having to explain to your dad, why your dress what dirty.”
Reluctantly she agreed and slipped her clothes off.
I said to Susie “Susie, your body is divine, have you ever had a Rocky(D) sniff your genitals and then lick them!”
“I had a Rocky(D) once push his nose up my dress but it never went further!” she replied. Teresa eager to be made to cum took the hint and sniffed at Susie’s cunt before snaking her tongue across her cunt lips.
Susie shivered and said “If I knew it felt that good, I would have encouraged the Rocky(D) further!”
Susie then brought her head down to Teresa’s cunt and inhaled the randy fragrant aroma of aroused pussy, before diving in with her tongue. John slowly undid his trouser belt and exposed his prick; he began sliding his hand along the shaft as he watched his girlfriend eating cunt. Soon the air was full of moans and groans as the two women climbed to the crest of their orgasm. John even managed to get Teresa to suck him as she was eaten by Susie. When they had cum, John thanked me for the most exciting experience of his life and Susie added mine, too even though John got sucked, I really don’t mind.
Looking at my now bulging pants, Susie licked her lips and said “May be John should suck you or at least let me take care of that for you”. John Blushed.
“No it’s alright, Susie, I have two further randy bitches back in the car that will do to me exactly what I tell them too” I replied.
With that, I wished them well as they were dressing and then led the satisfied bitch back to the car. I allowed the girls to dress before driving back to their flat.
As we drove home, Teresa said to me “Master, were you serious about having me mated by a pony?”
“Why?” I asked
“She has always had a thing about animal sex, especially animals with bigger than human cocks!” Emma announced.
“Well you never know what the future holds!” I answered.
Eleanor and I slept alone that night, but we could hear Teresa and Emma, chatting away in Emma’s bedroom until the early hours.
Eleanor told me next morning “its Teresa’s birthday on Thursday so Saturday night we will be having a party. So please don’t plan anything for next Saturday night”
“We will see!” was my reply.
It was Saturday night, the night of Teresa’s birthday party. I arrived at 8.00 pm, to find the party in full swing and about thirty people present. I squeezed through the crowded kitchen and made my way to the living room, meeting Emma along the way. She kissed me full on the lips and whispered “Still can’t get over the excitement of last Saturday night, it was awesome!”
“Where is Eleanor?” I asked.
“She is in her bedroom!” Emma replied.
So I continued but now heading for Eleanor’s bedroom. In case someone else was in there with her and possibly undressed or doing something private, I knocked, waited then entered. Eleanor was alone. She turned to me and threw her arms round my neck giving me a passionate kiss. Strange I thought she never was this tactile before.
“I thought you were never going to get here, I am really horny tonight and given the chance would fuck you here and now before introducing you to some of our friends!” she purred.
With that she took my hand and pushed it under her dress to reveal her knickerless shaved cunt. She was literally soaked.
“What has got you so sure fired up tonight?” I asked.
“It’s just remembering that one week ago tonight we three girls were your bitches in the park, stark naked.” “Do you know it took three days to stop feeling the effects of those damn nettles!” she said smiling. “Teresa has not stopped talking about that couple and what they did in the bushes!” she added.
“Talking of Teresa, where is the birthday girl!” I asked “I have a special present here for her” I continued.
“She should be in the living room, I think” Eleanor answered. “What did you get her?” she enquired.
“That would be telling!” I insisted “let’s go find her and you can watch her open it!” I added.
We walked out into the hall way and turned right into the living room, Eleanor appeared not to notice but it seemed strange to me. All the men were on one side of the room and all the women on the other. They only opposite sex in the wrong section so to speak was Emma, serving drinks. There was no sign of Teresa.
“Not very well planned your party, I must say” I said.
“Oh why is that, Master” Eleanor enquired.
“What you did not see!” I responded, “All the men on one side of the room all the women on the other, what happened to mixing?” I asked.
“Oh Ray, of course you don’t know, do you?” Eleanor sounded surprised. “You’re about the only heterosexual male we know, all the others in their as bi sexual to say the least if not out and out gay” “Even all the woman in there are lesbians or part way to becoming lesbian” she chuckled.
“Oh I see. What am I supposed to do float on an imaginary middle line” I asked.
“No silly, just go and relax, if a man comes over to talk to you just say it’s not your thing and they will leave you alone” She chided.
She pulled out of the living room and we found our way to Teresa’s bedroom. Eleanor pushes straight through the door without knocking.
“Teresa, look who has finally turned up!” Eleanor said.
“Hi Sexy” Teresa shouted, much to the annoyance of George. She came over and planted a large wet kiss on my lips. She whispered “Any more adventures in the pipe line?”
“Wait and See” I replied. “Come into the living room and open the present I bought you” I added.
“Come on George; let’s go see what Ray has bought me!” Teresa called out.
Once in the living room, I produced a largish sized box (about 9 inches by 15 inches), wrapped in gold foil paper and tied with a big red ribbon. I handed it to Teresa, who started ripping the paper away. When the plain cardboard box was fully revealed she tore open its lid. Inside was a slightly smaller box wrapped in silver foil paper. She tossed aside the now empty 1st box, eagerly tearing her way into the new box. Then opening the lid of this new box found yet another wrapped box inside.
“What is this?” Teresa said laughing, “If this continues down to just a pair of panties, you’re in big trouble, pal” she said
I shot her a look which said you would threaten me your Master. Teresa smiled as though to say, you know I don’t mean it. Five more boxes later with a room full of laughter and some genuine intrigue as to what the present would ultimately turn out to be. she started to open the final box, which was about the size of a box of tissues.
I then placed my hands over her eyes and said when you open the lid, turn it upside down and tip it out on to the floor. The tone of my voice meant she knew not to disobey me. As she tipped the contents o the floor the first recognizable item to tumble out was a peek a boo bra, the type that allows your nipple to protrude through, a matching pair of silk crutch less panties fluttered to the floor, along with the clank of something metal.
When She picked up the metal object she saw it was a pair of hand cuffs, She looked startled, until I said “I know who much you like George to be your prisoner, so with these undies and the handcuffs, he can not escape your charms, even if he wanted to”
A male voice at the back said “But who wears the undies” which received a roar of laughter.
A female voice from the other side of the room said “Come on Teresa, go put them on and let’s see if they fit” again to a chorus of laughter and chants of put them on.
Teresa looked at me, I nodded and she left the room, returning 10 minutes later adorned in her new underwear. “George, come here!” I said and George duly obliged. “As she is your pussy, you should be first to taste the cream?” I added
Teresa the interjected “No, Master, you bought then for me, you should be first to taste the cream!” George’s head dropped.
“Your Master I may be? But I still say George should be first to taste the cream after I take you into the kitchen to fill you with fresh cream” I announced.
George meekly stood there waiting to be told what to do. There was a ripple of noise as people whispered, surely George is not going to let him fuck her then eat his cum from her open cunt. “What say you George?” I asked.
“As My Master as well, Sir, yours is the privilege to fuck your sluts cunt, and if it’s your wish to have me clean her out, so be it” He replied.
I led Teresa out into the kitchen, closing the door behind us. No one saw me fill the large syringe with fresh double cream from the fridge, or me inject copious amounts of it into and on her cunt.
“You’re truly wicked, Master” Teresa Whispered.
I then led her back into the living room where a chair had been placed in the centre of the room. I helped Teresa sit with her legs wide apart and ordered her to show George what he would be eating. Teresa faking a breathless state said “George come eat me out, just look how full ray has made me”
George looked around and then dropped to his knees before crawling towards Teresa’s spread legs. Teresa then placed her hand behind his head and pulled his face down to her cunt.
“When you have finished cleaning that amount out I have this to refill it with” I said holding out the tub of double cream and the syringe. Howls of laughter echoed around the room, the only one not to see the joke was of course George who was blinkered between Teresa’s legs.
One of the women stepped forward and said “I bags second go on eating her cunt” To which several more chimed in no me me. Teresa allowed George to pull his head back displaying a moustache and beard of double cream, where upon he saw the container and syringe and burst out laughing.
One of the gay men said “what a great start to the party lets all strip and have some real fun.”
I looked over at Eleanor who was shaking her head as she howled with laughter. I put my foot down by saying “Only the Birthday girl is allowed to be naked, all you others will have to wait till you get home” To a chorus of spoil sport. The music was turned back on and men started dancing with other men and pairs of women began dancing together.
It was a good half hour before George declared her cunt to be finally empty of the cream, although by my reckoning, Teresa had more than double the volume during her three orgasms. In fact every time she let out a moan of another oncoming orgasm the music stopped till she quieted down. A very Adult game of musical chairs indeed.
By Eleven o’clock, the guests started to break away and leave. But for the whole time of the dancing Teresa wore only her new underwear. She proved a popular dance partner with most of the women there, I more than suspect more than one or two had their fingers up her cunt or their mouth on a nipple as they danced.
Funnily enough, it was about 10.30pm when I last saw George. It was Eleanor who pulled me aside and asked me to follow her; we went out into the hallway and then straight into Teresa’s bedroom. There was George on his hands and knees with a thin white guy sucking his cock and a large black gut burying his thick slab of black meat into George’s bare arse. I pulled Eleanor back out of the room and said “At least those two have had a happy party.”
She corrected me by pointing out that at this very minute three male guest were enjoying the party and nearly all the females in the living room had enjoyed the taste or feel of Teresa at her party.
Just then, Emma came out of the bathroom followed by a sheepish looking man. Emma was naked with large amounts of fresh spunk hanging around her face and in her hair. I suggested that she see George about licking it off, after all his mouth was still free.
Eleanor dragged me into her room and locked the door. “Remember our first night together, you said your fantasy was two women in the same bed, well if you look in that wardrobe there is my gift to you” she said.
I replied “Yes but I have gone one better, I have three subs in one house and a fourth male sub to call on when I want”. I opened the wardrobe door to find a young lady stood there. She was 5’2″ tall short cropped blonde hair and as naked as the day she was born with a 36 – 24 -28 frame.
Eleanor introduced her as Sammy, a sub bi female she has known for years. Eleanor Said “Master, as her Mistress I give her to you mind. Body and soul, if she displeases you she displeases me and will be punished for it” “she will do without question anything you demand of her, She has a passion for anal, loves anything you can think of stuck up her arse” she added.
“If it please you master to fuck her arse, she will gladly accept your offering bare back!” She insisted.
I turned to Sammy, “Is This true, anything I want from you, you will do without question?” I asked. Sammy nodded. “Right you can start by paddling Eleanor arse till I tell you to stop!” I demand.
“Why master?” Eleanor quizzed.
“Because I select my own slaves, I do not accept other peoples cast off’s” I responded.
I let Sammy paddle Eleanor’s arse till it was rosy pink and warm to the touch, then I had her lick Eleanor’s anal ring till Eleanor had cum twice. Finally I slipped my prick into Eleanor’s cunt and as I fucked her I had Sammy bathe my balls with her tongue.
We must have dropped off to sleep, because when I awoke, the flat was empty and everyone was in bed. I nudged Sammy and told her to sit on Eleanor’s face while I gave her cunt a forceful slap. Eleanor tried to spring up in shock but only
managed to get herself a mouth full of slave cunt.
It was a couple of weeks after the party, when Eleanor got the kinky urge again. She conveyed this to me by using her activation word of ‘pornoslut’ so I knew I had to come with a new scenario for the next time we met.
It just so happened that a friend at work had been talking about a place in Camden Town, London, called ‘CHARLIE BROWNS’ which was an adults only movie house. Their membership Gimmick was that couples joined for £5, Males joined for £15 and single women joined for free. I suppose by offering single women free membership, once word got round that they attended then the sales in single male’s membership would rocket. But this also told me about the sort of place it was.
It implied to me that the place was an easy going regime. In other words anything went as long as the police were not called. Ideal for the idea that was forming in my mind. I knew that Eleanor was becoming a cum slut, with my guidance of course. So I went to check the place out making sure I had Eleanor’s driving license, with me to prove we were a couple. You had to join 48 hours before your membership card was ready, but with a little monetary persuasion and a lot of talk I was allowed to check out the cinema on the day of my application. I told the guy that I wanted to check out the place as being suitable for my new partner and I, that and a £20 note, got me immediate access.
I walked into the darkened auditorium and found it not to be too unpleasant, the tiered seating looked comfortable. Another indication of their free for all attitude was the fact the tiering was such that the seat of the chair was lined up with the top of the back of the chair in front of it. Of course this meant that any action in any row would be visible from further down the tier seating. There was a strong smell of stale cum that hung around the room, I checked out the flooring between rows, and whilst it looked reasonably clean the hardwood floors showed sticky patches where dried spunk still lay. Because this cinema operated 24 hours a day, I suppose it was hard to get the cleaning lady in to mop the floors. Also where would you find a cleaning lady that would work around men wanking off?
Just as I took my seat, six rows from the back, the film started and the screen flickered into life showing a good quality film of a woman in her bedroom, obviously preparing to change clothes. The door bell rings and she answers it in her dressing gown. Three workmen are stood there and they make their way into the kitchen and begin looking under the sink, obviously up her gown as well. The action then starts and she is soon swallowing one cock in her mouth another up her cunt from behind and the third she gives a hand jive to. It really was as promised hardcore films.
I now had my plan fully worked out in my mind and left the movie house, arranging to collect the membership upon our return Saturday evening.
On Saturday afternoon, I met Eleanor from work and instead of going straight to her flat; I escorted her to a local park. Sitting on a bench I gave Eleanor my Activation code word (Nemesis) which told her I was in Master mode, we chatted for a while and then I ordered her to remove her panties and give them to me. Eleanor quickly looked around and then stood up, turned to me and raised her thigh length skirt to reveal no panties. With that she turned again and sat down. I put my arm around her, making sure my fingers were in place to tease her nipple, and slid my other hand under her skirt. She meekly adjusted her skirt to hide my hand as my fingers located her soaking cunt.
“What have you been doing today, slut?” I whispered.
“Nothing, Master!” she replied “It’s just I am excited knowing you have something planned for me tonight. Can you at least give me a hint?” please!” she begged.
“No, you’ll after wait!” I warned her.
All this time my fingers were working their magic on her nipple and her cunt, her breathing quickened and her cunt juice flowed. She physically had to bite her lip as her climax neared and an old woman toddled by. I laughed as I withdrew my soaking fingers from her cunt and made her lick them clean. Standing I took her arm and slowly walked her towards the park gate. I kept whispering “someone’s going to be a messy slut tonight”
By the time we reached her flat, I knew she was on the edge of a really hard cum, but I refused to allow her to release that pent up passion. I went to her wardrobe and picked out what looked like an old school pleated skirt. “Does this still fit you” I asked
“Oh yes, master but it’s a lot shorter on me now than it was then” she replied.
“Good it will do perfectly, with a white blouse I think!” I informed her.
She laid out the white blouse and the pleated green skirt on to the bed. I told her to get herself ready as we needed to leave around 8 pm. I instructed her she had time to take a shower, shave her pussy real close and to make sure she did not play with herself I would be there watching. She sighed, but turned to set the shower.
After a light meal, we were ready to go, we picked up her car and I directed her to Camden Town. As she drove, it left me free to play with her already erect nipples and talk dirty to her. I told her, she was going to be the belle of the ball, or maybe that should be belle of the bollocks. I could see her passion rising, as well as her nipples beneath the short jacket she had on.
We parked in a supermarket car park so she would have about 5 minutes walk to Charlie Browns. As she got out the car I went to the boot and opened it, she came round to see what I was getting. The boot was empty so she looked at me with wonder. “Jacket off and put it in here” I demanded. Meekly she removed her jacket and dropped it into the boot. I closed the lid and locked the car up.
I could tell she was excited but to be honest apprehensive about her forth coming experience. Also she shivered, but that could have been just because of the weather, it was moderately cold. This made her stand out as she walked beside me, everyone else had coats on but she had only her white blouse. As a man approached I reached across her and felt her nipple, it was rock hard, I said loud enough for him to hear “My you are really cold babes!”
He made the comment as he passed about giving up a coat then. I smiled as we kept walking. We turned into the Movie house and Eleanor’s face went white. “You’re bringing me here to one of these places, Master, Why?” she asked “we have videos at home where we can be more intimate!” she added.
“You’ll see!” was all I replied. We entered the building and holding her arm I walked cross to the reception area where I asked for our membership card. The man looked up at me, and then scanned the full length of Eleanor, he smiled as he handed me the card. Enjoy your evening here. He commented. I turned and walked Eleanor to the pay booth where I purchased two tickets. As we went through the curtain, there were four doors, two were obviously toilets, the other two lead into the auditoriums one mark ‘Gay’, and the other ‘Hetro’. I told Eleanor to wait here, I needed the loo. I really wanted to check out the toilets and also have Eleanor standing alone outside an adult cinema auditorium, for people to see.
When I came out, she told me, two guys had eyed her from head to foot before going into the ‘Hetro’ door. I took her arm and walk through the same door, the film was already in progress and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw some twenty people already sat in the auditorium. Mostly they were sat on their own, but in a couple of the rows sat pairs of figures. I could see at least two women sat with a partner. Eleanor began to nudge her way into the back row, until I took her arm and led her back to the aisle and walked her down five rows. I indicated to her to move in six seats.
“Why not the back row?” she whispered.
“Turn and look why not!” I replied, when she turned she saw that what ever you did back there would be on view to anyone who happened to turn round. Nervously she smiled. We settled in to watch the film. Two black cocks were double penetrating a small white woman, her cunt and arse looked extremely well stretched. I put my arm around Eleanor, as I whispered, “Relax, enjoy the experience, why don’t you undo the top five buttons on your blouse?”
She never replied but immediately undid the buttons, I opened the loose flaps of her blouse, that undoing her buttons had created, and her deep cleavage was clearly on show. I looked to my left and saw a woman suddenly dip her head into her partners lap. I tapped Eleanor’s arm and nodded in the direction of the couple. Eleanor raised a weak smile.
I then whispered “bet you would like to be taking on those two beautiful cocks, only knowing you, it would be orally”
“OH yeah!” She sighed.
“Undo the remaining buttons slut” I demanded. She blushed as she slowly undid the buttons. As soon as she had completed the task I removed her blouse completely and toyed with her nipples. She sank lower in her seat as she let out a long low moan.
“I am going to leave you now, bitch, taking your blouse with me and I will wait for you outside in the foyer by the toilets” I informed her.
“Oh No Master, please stay!” she begged looking nervously around.
“You will complete a task before you may join me outside!” I informed her. “You must give oral relief to five men and have them cum on your face and breasts. No penetration of your cunt or arse must take place, is that clear, Slut?” I finished.
Eleanor simply nodded. I stood to leave, at the end of the row I turned and said loud enough for those around us to hear “Remember a minimum of five BLOWJOBS and on no account any penetration. I’ll be waiting” I turned and walk up the aisle, stopped at the top and looked back, Eleanor was glancing around as two guys moved in for the kill. I sat myself down on the back row to watch the developments and to offer safety if needed.
The first two guys, obviously aware of the conditions quickly released their pricks and I saw Eleanor reach out and take hold of them. The guys bobbed their heads and were clearly sucking on her nipples. I assumed this double assault would quickly end in her orgasm especially since 4 pm she had been teased to the brink but never allowed to cum. She set about the cock sucking with great gusto taking the first spurt on her chin; I could clearly see this drip down towards her tit. The rest of the spurts went all over her face and even in her hair.
The man moved away after his cum bath on her, just as the second man wanked his spurts over breasts. As they retreated, they spoke and pointed with other men who immediately replaced them. In the hour and a half Eleanor sucked not 5 cocks but managed to take care of 12. Her face was plastered with cum, her chest and tits looked like a road map with streaks of white everywhere. She stood up on unsteady feet and made her way up the aisle, before spotting me sat there with a wide grin on my face. I rose and followed her out, in the foyer she asked to go clean up in the loo, I refused instead she was to put her blouse back on and we would go get the car. She was terrified as she knew we had a 5 minute walk back to the car. But she had no choice.
As I drove her back to her flat, I asked her “what it felt like to be a cum bucket for so many men”
“Strange but sexy” replied Eleanor. She kept looking around as I drove, hoping no one would see and be able to tell she had cum all over her face and hair. Her blouse now streaked with the wetness from the loads deposited on her breasts, clearly showed her prominent nipples protruding.
We walked into the living room at her flat to find Teresa, George and Emma sat side by side on the sofa watching a movie. They all turned to stare at Eleanor as I made her sit in the chair facing them. “Tell them, about your experience tonight. Eleanor?” I demanded.
She began relating how I had teased her and kept her on edge for over 4 hours, never letting her cum. She explained that we had joined an adult movie club in Camden and that George would probably love it as it had a separate gay theatre inside.
She then went of to describe how the first two guys had started sucking her nipples whilst she handled their cocks and the fact that at some stage they both had given her love bites on her breasts. She continued with how exciting it was to not only have two cocks to play with but she could not describe adequately the feeling of them shoot their cum over her tits and face. She then described in great detail how one after another the cocks kept Cumming. Culminating in the last cock she sucked was a monster, must have been 15 inches long and as black as the ace of spades, when he came it was like a fire hose gushing out its white payload all over my face and chest.
I looked across at the three captive audiences; there was Teresa with her hand stuffed down the top of her skirt clearly strumming away on her clit as her breathing rapidly increased.
Emma with her top pulled up pinching and squeezing her nipples as her orgasm broke and poor George sat there with the biggest hardest hard-on in entire life.
“Eleanor, Remove your blouse and show them the true fruits of your oral labors!” I demanded.
She removed her blouse and the clear signs of the fresh love bites were obvious and to be fair Eleanor wore then almost as battle medals, she was so proud of her self. I instructed Emma to lick clean Eleanor’s chest whilst George and Teresa were told to lick clean her face. Eagerly they all set about their tasks and Eleanor enjoyed another massive orgasm.
Later George asked me for the address of the movie house and became a regular visitor there, sometimes alone or other times accompanied by the four of us. But there we leave this true story as the characters went forward in the separate lives destined to probably never cross paths again. BUT WHO KNOWS.

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