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A Teen’s Lucid Dream

6 Min Read

-Some details will be added to make up the storyline of the dream without being vague. But I’ll stick to the real dream as much as a can-
I was home alone this morning, super horny. I was also super tired. I started dozing off with my hand over my pussy, my fingers rubbing my clit.
I’ve had a few lucid dreams before. Once you have your first, you have to be careful not to get too excited and wake yourself back up. Naturally, a dream where you can do ANYTHING you want, being a horny 17 year old, I want to do all the slutty things I don’t have the guts to do in person.
My first dream, I was in a child’s room. There were Barbie dolls all over the place. Fun little objects everywhere. My pussy was instantly wet. I knew I was dreaming. I had never been here before.
My eyes shoot straight to the male Barbie lying on the bed (they are always made bigger than the females). I eagerly climbed on the bed and spread my legs, shoving the male Barbie inside my puppy feet-first. I started rubbing my clit simultaneously. I could hear voices in the hallway. Mmm.. perfect.
Since I’m aware that I’m dreaming, I can do WHATEVER I want. I can fuck myself in front of anyone, and not have to face any long term consequences. I am not sure if the man in that dream was supposed to be my dad, but he was older. Maybe 40s. He was tall, muscular, and shoot- I wish he was my daddy. I spread my legs wider, so he could see me ramming my toys in my cunt (I am not sure how old I was in my dream, but I’ll let you pick). I started making little whimpering sounds, while the man stood there in the doorway and watched in awe.
“You like fucking yourself like that?” He asks, hand making its way to his bulge in his jeans.
He gets closer to the bed, and kneels down, eye level with my hairless pussy. I hear his zipper come undone. I want so badly for this man to roughly force me to do nasty things.
“Please daddy, please help me fuck myself hard” I beg. He instantly climbs onto the bed, his big dick hanging from his pants. He firmly grasps what’s left of the doll hanging out of my pussy. I look down and see it’s only the arms and head.
He starts roughly pounding the doll in and out of my pussy, saying nasty things like, “you like that you little slut? Want daddy to make it hurt?” I could’ve came right there.
I’ve had my fair share of orgasms in my sleep- but I just wasn’t done yet.
“Daddy yes, make it hurt. I want you to ruin this pussy as much as you can. I want you to make me cry. Please do all the sick things you’ve always wanted to do to a girl. Please”
He grunted, snarled, completely got rougher and nastier.
I remember my pussy was facing the ceiling, and he was jack hammering the doll into my cunt. I keep rubbing my little pussy, whimpering, screaming.
My mind goes back to the other female barbies on the floor.
“Daddy grab another Barbie. Stick the legs in my virgin ass while you fuck me!” I begged. I’ve only ever had object in the ass the size of an index finger or smaller. Sometimes it hurts, but it’s such a turn on.
He grabs the barbies, brings it back up, spits on it, and before I know it he shoves her waste deep in my ass.
“You like being full don’t you? Stretched out around your little girl toys?” I nod my head. Of course I do. I love it. He grabs both dolls, and starts banging them into my small body. Yelling disgusting nasty things. “I’m gonna split those little fuck holes apart.”
“I’m gonna ruin that little pussy”
“I want to find bigger things and fuck up your guts”
I built closer and closer to my orgasm, trying so hard not to lose grip of my dream and wake up.
Then his final words, that sent me over the edge.
“You little slut I’m going to rape your fucking holes with all I have until you’re begging daddy to leave you along in a puddle of your own cum.”
My orgasm shook me awake. I woke up finding my fingers actually working on my real pussy. I quickly used my other hand to fuck myself to finish.
Such a good dream. I’ll be trying to go back to sleep ASAP.

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