A true story about how I turned my mother-in-law into my lover

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Sharon and I married quite young. I was just out of the
Army and, while I don’t think I was really in love with
her, it was customary at the time to marry the girl back
home. Sharon was not very affectionate. I think she got
that from her father, Mike.
Her mother, on the other hand, was a very affectionate
woman. Even though Ronnie (her real name was Veronica,
but everyone called her Ronnie) was more than 20 years
older tat me she was very beautiful and had large
breasts on her trim body.
My father-in-law, Mike, worked a trick shift and often
worked the all-night shift. I also worked evenings from
3-10 pm. My in-laws lived near where I worked and my
wife would often ask me to stop by on my way to work to
drop something off or pick something up. Being rather
affectionate (and horny) myself, I would always give my
mother-in-law a kiss when I left. It was always a
respectful kiss even though I wished it could be more.
On day as I was leaving their house, I went to give
Ronnie a goodbye kiss and she pulled me closer to her.
She parted her lips and our tongues met. We were locked
in a passionate embrace and tongue kissing for a few
minutes when Ronnie pulled back and said, ‘We should
stop.’ I agreed and hoped that she didn’t see the
erection in my pants. I went to work and was useless for
the rest of the night. I couldn’t stop thinking about
Ronnie’s warm wet lips, and I couldn’t wait until I saw
her again.
A few weeks later, I was on a day off and I knew that
Mike was working. I made an excuse to drop off some
papers to my mother-in-law that afternoon while my wife,
Sharon was working. When I got there, Ronnie acted like
nothing had happened.
We had a cup of coffee and talked for a while. When I
went to leave I kissed her hard. She fell into my arms
and we were again kissing passionately. We were in the
kitchen and slowly slid to the floor. I wondered how far
she would let me go and got up the nerve to grab one of
her breasts. Her whole body stiffened and she kissed me
harder, letting out a little moan now and then. Suddenly
she stopped and I thought to myself, ‘No. Not again.’
Instead, she whispered in my ear. ‘Let’s go upstairs.’
She grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs to the
spare bedroom. We began kissing again and I pulled off
her sweater and bra releasing her magnificent breasts.
I massaged and kissed her breasts for quite some time
when she pushed me onto the bed and began removing my
pants. When she pulled my boxers down, my erection
sprang out. She took it in her hand and just stared at
it while slowing rubbing up and down. She said, ‘Mike
doesn’t let me do this very often. He thinks it’s dirty,
but I love it,’ and she lowered her mouth over the head
of my cock. She licked the pre-cum off the head and then
took the entire length down her throat. She wasn’t just
sucking my cock, she was making love to it with her
I could tell that she was enjoying it because she would
let out a soft moan when she would take it deep. I had
never had a woman suck my cock like this before and I
told her I was going to come. Instead of stopping, she
took me deeper while I shot load after load down her
beautiful throat.
She swallowed every drop and kept sucking until I
started to get soft. When she let my cock out of her
mouth she told me that Mike would only let her suck him
a little and would never come in her mouth. She told me
that my cum was delicious and that she wanted more.
I pulled Ronnie to me and kissed her hard. Her lips were
still warm and wet from the incredible blowjob she had
just given me. But I wasn’t through with her just yet.
She was already topless and I removed her pants exposing
her hairy pussy. I figured that if Mike thought blowjobs
were dirty he probably never went down on her. I spread
her legs apart and started licking her already wet
I was right. She never had anyone eat her pussy before
and she let out a scream when I pushed my tongue deep
into her. She came right away and was thrashing around
on the bed. Her pussy juices were so sweet. I brought
her to another orgasm with my fingers and tongue before
she sat up and pushed me back on the bed.
I wasn’t completely soft and she used her mouth to bring
me back to life. It didn’t take long before I was rock
hard again. I laid there while she climbed on top of me.
She slowly lowered herself onto my stiff cock and when I
was completely inside, she began riding me hard. She
came quickly again and kept riding me until she could
tell I was ready to come again.
She said she was not on any birth control and didn’t
want me to come inside her. She told me to come in her
mouth so she could taste my sweet sperm again. I pulled
out and laid on my back while she sucked me to another
orgasm, again swallowing my entire load.
We just laid there on the bed exhausted. Ronnie told me
that was the best sexual experience she ever had. Mike
was the only man she had ever been with and she said
they only had sex once or twice a month. She said she
would often masturbate because she was so sexually
frustrated. I told her that I would make sure she was
never frustrated again. I had to admit to myself that
she was definitely the best I ever had and I certainly
wanted more.
This continued on a regular basis. Ronnie was now on
birth control. Mile always used a condom, but she said
she wanted to feel me inside her. If I knew Mike was
working the overnight, I would stop by on my way home
and bang Ronnie. If he was working earlier, I would stop
by on my way to work. We would have sex at least 3 or 4
times a week.
One day I had a legitimate reason to stop by the house
and I knew Mike would be home so I wasn’t expecting
anything. I walked in the house and Mike was watching TV
in the living room. I told him that Sharon wanted me to
pick up some decorations that Ronnie bought for our
apartment. He said she was in the basement cleaning up.
I went to the basement and Ronnie immediately started
kissing me. I was getting hard, but I knew Mike was just
upstairs. Ronnie felt my erection and said, ‘I can’t let
you go to work like that.’
She unzipped my pants and dropped to her knees. She was
sucking like it was her last meal. I was enjoying it but
concerned about Mike being upstairs. Apparently he was
too absorbed in his TV show to notice anything and we
were being very quiet. I shot my load deep in her throat
and she kept sucking until she had completely drained
I zipped my pants up, kissed her and said, ‘Thanks.’ As
I left, I yelled out to Mike, ‘See you later.’
A few weeks later, Ronnie stopped by the apartment.
Sharon was getting ready to do some laundry. The laundry
room was in the basement of the apartment building. She
excused herself and told me to keep her mother busy
while she did the laundry. I kept her busy all right.
Even though my wife was only a couple of floors down, I
couldn’t resist this hot mature woman standing in front
of me.
We started kissing and I led her into the bathroom. I
dropped my pants and Ronnie began sucking me off. This
time I wasn’t satisfied with just a blowjob. I sat on
the toilet with my pants around my ankles (in case I had
to get up in a hurry). I pulled Ronnie’s skirt up and
pulled down her pantyhose and panties.
I reached between her legs and she was dripping wet. I
turned her around and lowered her onto my stiff cock.
Ronnie muffled a moan as I penetrated her warm pussy.
She couldn’t spread her legs because her panties and
pantyhose were around her ankles. She bounced up and
down on my cock until I exploded in her pussy.
We quickly dressed before Sharon came back. We had
coffee and a nice visit. Ronnie would occasionally give
me a sly look when Sharon wasn’t looking.
About six months into my affair with my mother-in-law I
decided to try something daring. Sharon was not very
creative sexually. It was pretty much missionary
position every time we had sex. However, she did like me
to play with her asshole.
She liked it when I stuck my finger up her ass while I
was fucking her. She seemed to be more excited when I
did that, but refused to let me fuck her ass. I wondered
if my mother-in-law would enjoy a little ass-play as
well. One night while I was fucking Sharon, I reached
down between her ass cheeks. Her own cum was dripping
over her asshole making it lubricated.
I slowly inserted my finger in her ass and she screamed,
‘Oh my God!’ and she came immediately. She told me how
wonderful that felt and wanted me to keep doing it. So I
put two fingers in her ass as she moaned, ‘More ‘
deeper.’ I told her that if she wanted it any deeper I
would have to use my cock. She looked at me and I don’t
know if she was excited or insulted. She got up and left
the room.
I figured I had gone too far and now she was upset. But
she returned a few seconds later with a jar of Vaseline.
Now I knew she was up for trying anal, but I had to be
careful. Her asshole was so tight when I put my fingers
in, I wasn’t sure she could handle my cock. I rubbed the
Vaseline all over her asshole and inserted my fingers
I kept adding more fingers and moved them around to
stretch her a little. She jumped a little every time I
added another finger but didn’t tell me to stop.
Finally, when I thought she was ready, I rolled her over
so he knees were under her and her beautiful ass was
exposed to me. I put the tip of my cock against her well
lubricated asshole. Then I very slowly started to ease
it in.
Ronnie grunted and I asked her if it hurt. She said that
it hurt just a little but the feeling was fantastic. It
took a while before my cock was completely inside her
ass. What a great feeling it was to fuck her virgin ass.
Ronnie was really getting into it now and I could feel
her juices running out of her pussy and down her legs.
I pumped slowly at first and then picked up speed while
I reached around in front of her and played with her
pussy. She started breathing harder and then screamed,
‘Oh my God! I’m cumming again!’
I picked up the pace a little and she yelled, ‘Fuck my
ass! Fill it with your cum!’ That was all I needed as I
pumped load after load of cum in her sweet ass. When I
was finished Ronnie just laid there covered in sweat.
She said, ‘I’ve never done that before, but I want to do
it again, and again.’ So now anal sex was added to our
sexual repertoire.
This went on for several years, until Mike retired and
was home all the time. I don’t mean it stopped all
together, but we had to be more creative. Next I will
tell you about my vacation with Ronnie.

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