A wife held down by a demanding husband gets set free by her best friend – Rocky(D) and girl sex

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It had all started innocently enough she was so lonely
without her husband he was driving truck overseas for
the two of them. Before he had left he had bought her a
guard Rocky(D) a bull mastiff that she had named “Spot”
because of the white spot right between his ears and
around one eye well anyway he had bought the Rocky(D) to
keep her company as well while he was away.

Jonathon, her husband had left that next week leaving
her and the puppy to get aquatinted. He was already
paper-trained and in no time Mindy had his barks down
pat so that he did not make a mess anywhere in the

The puppy had been really smart and had only grown
smarter as he grew older. The first sign that Spot was
going to be more then a pet Rocky(D) was the day Mindy had
come home from work late, it had been a madhouse at the
office and Mindy had been “asked” to stay late. She
called and talked to the answering machine apologizing
that she would not be there to feed him on time.

When she had hung up her closest workers made light of
how Mindy had a lover. She emphatically denied it of
course although she knew better then to tell them who
it was. She even stopped by the grocer and picked up
his favorite steak, which meant she would be eating
steak sandwiches for the rest of the week.

Her husband watched their expenditures like a hawk and
did not approve of even canned food for “her” Spot. No
if he did not like a cup of dry a day he would just
starve!” Jonathon always yelled when he caught her
feeding Spot, so she shared half with him whenever she
bought fresh meat. Her car pool bitched about it but
the local locker had the best meats. It was right on
the way too!

When she turned the last key in the last lock on the
front door Spot was sitting on the old blanket on sofa
and at first she breathed a sigh of relief that
everything was going to be okay.

“Hi boy, hey you know what I have here it is a…”

He stood and stretched and yawned and brushed past her
shoving her to one side a bit with his bulk. He walked
out the door with so much as a wag of his tail, how

He did his business in the corner of the yard he
favored, then came back in and sat down on the couch
and sighed.

“Oh come on it isn’t that bad come on I have a steak
for you to make up for it!”

He just looked at me and sighed again. He raised a paw
and worried at a nail, ignoring me?

“Look damn it I was late because I had to work, okay?”

He yawned at that, Spot did not know what work was
like, and all he did was just lie around and sleep all

“Look Spot you are my Rocky(D), not the other way around!”

At that Spot gave me a dirty look. If Rocky(D)s can raise an
eyebrow that would have been the look! I sighed this
time and went and put the steak in the fridge if he was
not going to eat it then that made more for me. I went
over to take my shoes off by the back door. I heard him
get off of the couch and the scratch of his nails on
the upstairs steps. The steps were inlaid oaks as were
most of the floors. It was just easier taking care of
hardwood then carpets. Well he stopped at the second of
two landings. He looked at me and barked once.

“A bath, now, at this time of the day?” I asked him, as
this was one of our usual routines.

He nodded and barked and started up the stairs. I
sighed and thought back, it was his week for a bath as
he only did get one when he was dirty from the yard or
once a month. As we had no rain for almost seven weeks
well Spot was due for a bath. I sighed and started
unbuttoning the dress I might as well take a shower
with him no sense wasting the water!

I really wanted a bath though, and tried to figure out
a way to do that. He would already be sitting in the
tub and Spot was already pissed at me so I better not
make him get out and sit on the bed no telling what I
would find when I was done! So shower it was, I stepped
into the bathroom! I pushed the dress off my shoulders
and over my breasts and off my hips and ass. I had the
perfect example of the hourglass shape I was well-
endowed chest wise and with both wide hips and ass.

I kicked the dress into the clothes hamper with a smile
I still had that college soccer kickers leg! It did
feel good to get out of that bra though I cupped one
breast and noticed the sag, damned gravity! I had high
firm breasts until last year when I gained all of that
weight. Then I saw myself in the mirror and sighed,
okay that was a lie. I smiled and nodded at that,
twisting my lips and kissing my little finger. No lie
was left if I could help it!

He barked then and I saw that not only was he in the
tub but he was licking himself?

Oh it was definitely a shower now I was not taking a
bath with his Rocky(D)gy turds floating in the water!

I bent over and slipped the pantyhose off and pitched
them into the sink and ran water for them. That would
get the hot water going so that I could run the water
for the temp. He was still licking himself? I caught
myself twirling my long blonde hair around my fingers
like I always did when confronted with a puzzle.

Why was Spot licking himself this much? The water hit
my fingers where they braced me at the sink and I shut
the water off adding a squirt of soap I gave the water
a swish to activate it and walked over and sat on the
tub and turned the water on. He drank a little from it
like he always did that must be some kind of Rocky(D)gy
ritual or something because some of the books I had
mentioned that even the smaller and larger breeds then
he was all did that.

Once I was sure of the water temp I turned the shower
on and went to get three towels. Two were special for
him and a third for me and set them in the rack by the
shower curtain. I grabbed the bar of soap that was
meant for both of us and stepped into the spray it felt
good too and Spot barked when I hogged it to get my
hair wet. I soaped it up and combed it out and rinsed.

He raised a leg and kind of squatted and bent to lick
his, cock? I had been under the impression that Spot
was licking his ass or balls or something but his cock?
It was what he was licking and it was out about four
inches but as she stared wide eyed, it was thicker then
what Jonathon had!

He looked up at me and barked a strange bark, the
turned his head just so and I felt his gaze at my pussy
somehow? I shook my head he was a Rocky(D) for crying out
loud get a grip Mindy! I turned and started soaping
myself up and turned to wash my shoulders and found he
was sitting there watching me? I looked into his eyes
and he jerked forward with a bark and I looked down and
blushed? What in the hell was going on here? I set
myself and looked up and he was still sitting there
sniffing and then bent again to lick? I found myself
staring at his cock and blushed even harder!

How could he do that? It was not like I was looking at
his cock like that! I wondered idly if it was longer
then my husband too? I shook my head he was a Rocky(D) Mindy
for crying out loud what was wrong with me? I shook my
head shaking it off and soaped up my hair again,
rinsing it good. Without thinking I continued with the
same routine of bending down bracing with one hand on
his back as I soaped his coat. He licked at my big
breasts like he always did yet this time I felt them
firm up?

I stood up bringing my breasts clear and he licked my
stomach once forcing me to step back again he advanced
licking at my thick bush. My back hit the wall and I
squeaked then I yelled as his tongue made contact with
my entire pussy from bottom to top! He followed me and
I reached out and braced and grabbed the walls. The
sensations as he rapid fired licked me made me light
headed and immediately confused as a moan from the
sensations his tongue was doing!

I smelled something then it was aromatic with a musky
smell that made my breasts ache? I shook my head to
clear what my body was reacting to. He was just a Rocky(D)
not a man! I had my toys and I was as satisfied as I
would ever get without Jonathan between my legs.

Spot might have not been Jonathon but he was doing
something that Jonathon refused to do. Spot was really
licking me too I felt the sensation of that tongue and
moaned. Spot was a Rocky(D) though and my conscious forced
me to try to stop what he was doing.

I whipped the curtain aside knocking him away with my
hip. I stepped out of the shower and started for the
door. Spot acted like we were playing and was hot on my
heels. My left foot slid out from under me as Spot
barked I dropped to my knees and he was dancing behind
me. I caught my breath I was safe like this he could
not bite my boobs like he liked to do when we played.
He danced around me though and that was when it

I still do not know who was more surprised Spot or I
but suddenly I grunted at the length of something hot
shoved deep up into me. He was brutal and quick and I
was fighting my orgasm harder then I was fighting him.
What she was having an orgasm what male fantasy was

The truth was Jonathon was in and out so fast that I
never could have! So this seemed like a marathon to me
five going on ten, or twenty minutes of solid sex? I
was in fucking heaven! There was no stopping it though
and I did it, I had an orgasm. Some of you may be
asking, “so she had an orgasm, big deal.”

I had been married for over ten years and my husband
had yet to do that himself more then twice, and those
were both in the first year!

So here I was in the throws of my first ever sex orgasm
and I was with my pet Rocky(D) Spot. Then I stopped fighting
it, the orgasm. I fell into the embrace of my body and
it releasing. I grunted again and again and slammed the
floor with my fists. I still do not know why I never
screamed, or told him “no” or anything I just knelt
there and took all he had to offer me.

It was a lot too, much more then the one person I had
ever had sex with. It was even bigger and wider then my
two vibrators. I was full and as some of you may guess
at this moment I was going to get fuller. He fucked me
hard and fast just like my husband had done since I had
met him, so that was somehow making it okay? Not all
right but okay, you know?

I was however having my second orgasm at that point. I
did not know about “the knot” and as I was in the
middle of my second sexual orgasm in a row I really did
not car what else was going on back there. He had to
have been going non-stop for over an hour already! I
did not pay any attention to it and well it was in
before I could protest so no harm, no foul I suppose.
All I know is that suddenly I was so full that I arched
my back and spread my knees and legs to lessen, well
try and lessen the “over full” feeling I do not really
know quite how to explain that just it I was, well, I
was over full!

Spot had not slowed down though and with that mass in
me and I started building towards even a third orgasm
almost immediately. Thinking back it was the
combination of the pain and pleasure or whatever you
want to call it. (Insert your own words here as some
have even accused me of embellishing. Well fuck you, it
was My fucking THIRD orgasm and if you do not like
reading about it, fuck off!)

I was certainly beyond human by that point I was in
respects an animal getting beast fucked by a beast, and
it felt damn good! My head hit the door and I dropped
down and putting my hands against it I fucked him back
but the I was filling up with heat and he had stopped
moving with a weird whine bark, then I was really full.
I was not done though and looking back that was weird
some have said that is normal your first time but I was
well I did not think or feel anything but what that
cock was doing inside me. I lost track of time and well
I was just lost, then I had an orgasm so intense I hit
a wall of black and fell deep, deep, down into it.

When I woke up I was laying on the bathroom floor on my
side in a fetal position. The shower was still going,
the phone was ringing and there was a pounding at the
front door and someone screaming something?

I was freezing and shivering in the coldness of the
bathroom. My hair was dry and stiff my neck hurt some
too. When I moved to sit up my entire pussy and bush
were coated with something that was not glue it was too
thin of a coating for that, but something else. I was
hungry and so thirsty that if I had to spit all they
were likely to get was a cotton ball that I was
focusing on for some damn reason, just sitting there in
the clear plastic container with the blue lid.

On the vanity in the corner and then the pain hit me
and I groaned as I tried to sit up, as I was definitely
sure that I had sex with something bigger then my
Jonathon! Despite the pain I shivered to the shower on
my knees and held a hand up, the water was ice cold.
The only thing I could think of was Jonathon was going
to yell at me for the water and gas bill being higher
then normal. I quickly shut faucets off and tried
standing slowly, the pain from inside me screamed “that
was not going to work” so I made my way into the
bedroom on my hands and knees.

The phone stopped before I was out of the bathroom and
into the bedroom the clock read eight thirty five in
the morning? Oh my god I was going to be late! The
pounding on the front door stopped as well and I heard
a door slam. When the car roared away, I knew that was
my car pool. I found I was staggering through the
process of getting dressed for work.

I washed up with a cold washcloth as best I could and
used a lot of body spray. I even sorted a pair of my
Lycra running shorts out and put them on over my
panties and used a pad too, just in case. I looked
fatter in the skirt and jacket. I braced on a wall for
a twinge just then and pounded my balled fist against
the wood of the doorway till it passed.

When I made it downstairs I stopped at the bottom and
he woofed, wagging his tail. He gave that whine he did
whenever I played with him outside for a long time. In
a way I guess that I did play with him. He laid his
head down on his paws and this time his sigh said, “go
to work honey.”

“I think I will stud muffin.” I said out loud, using my
nickname for Jonathon when he was my first. So I
figured it was tradition now! Stud muffin closed his
eyes laying his head on his paws as he lay on the
pillow. The damn Rocky(D) did not know what work was!

When I made it into work, the bike actually helped I
suppose, it was not long before the first questions
were asked, and “wild night” was most asked or mainly
suggested with a smile. The nosey ones wanted his name,
my friends and his friends wanted the name and
description. I just smiled when I said that I’d found a
new toy and that it wasn’t any man.

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