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A wife is cheating on her husband with her black boss

40 Min Read

It was another hot day in the Florida sunshine. Keith looked up at the clear blue sunshiny sky as he closed his tool box up for the last time. He’d been working down in Southwest Florida for the past several months working on construction sites. He was really going to miss this hot weather. Sometimes it became a little unbearable in the summer but you couldn’t beat working outside here during the winter months.
Keith couldn’t wait to get back home to his wife Michelle. He sat down on the tailgate of his pickup truck starring out at the apartment building he’d been working on for the past several weeks. He thought back to that night eight months ago when he abruptly packed up and left home.
He and Michelle had been arguing. After 7 years of marriage things were getting tense in their household. He and Michelle met in college at U of M and soon got married after they both graduated that same year. Michelle worked as a business administer at a small manufacturing company in the Detroit area. She lost her job soon after her company merged with another firm so she became a housewife and wanted to start a family before seeking new employment. Keith was self employed and worked in home inspection. He also did consulting on construction projects that took him around the country at times.
Keith didn’t have any objection to the idea of having kids so they pretty much started the first night Michelle was unemployed. Sex was great but sometimes Keith came home from working long hours and couldn’t manage to have sex some nights. This made Michelle kind of angry at first. She started accusing Keith of messing around with another woman but later found out it wasn’t true. Than she started getting frustrated when Keith couldn’t obtain an erection. She began to feel that she wasn’t turning him on sexually anymore.
Keith told her that was far from the truth so they finally paid a visit to their family doctor who confirmed David had a medical issue that prevented him from getting an erection 90% of the time. It wasn’t that he wasn’t aroused he just couldn’t maintain a hard enough erection to have intercourse with Michelle.
Michelle understood. They found ways around it having sex in other ways. Michelle loved to suck Keith’s cock and had no problem getting him to cum that way. He just couldn’t get rock solid hard. She developed a taste for cum and loved getting into a “69” position with her husband. It became her favorite thing during sex. Keith brought a vibrator that he loved to use on her while they played in this position.
Keith would insert his cock inside her pussy which they called stuffing. He was able to cum with lots of concentration. They always tried when Michelle was the most fertile but it became fruitless when nothing happened the first couple months. Keith went in for more tested and the results came back that his sperm count was extremely low and he’d have a tuff time conceiving a child. They kept trying but many nights would turn into arguments.
Michelle was getting so desperate to have children that she wanted to adopt but Keith was against it. This was another subject they argued about almost on a daily basis. Keith got an opportunity to work on a construction project in Florida. It wasn’t supposed to be any longer than three to four weeks so he mentioned the possible job to Michelle that night who got furious about having him gone for so long.
They got into a huge argument that night and Keith ended up packing a bag with some of his clothes and hurried tossed it into the back seat of his pickup and drove off.
He drove straight thru to Florida. Took him twenty-two hours to reach his destination. Michelle had been calling his cell phone and leaving messages and texts during his trip but he was so angry he ignored them.
It was until the second day in Florida that Keith called her back and told her where he was. They both had settled down since their argument. Keith insisted he stay and work the job saying the separation would be good for them for a few weeks. Michelle finally gave in and agreed to his wish to stay in Florida.
Those weeks turned into months as Keith continued working on a new projects that came up. It soon got to the point that he worked almost 7 days a week. He and Michelle would speak by phone every single day. He’d send money into their accounts to pay the mortgage and other expenses back home. Sometime during Keith’s fourth month in Florida that Michelle told her husband that she had gotten a job at a nearby office.
Michelle had been complaining about being home alone and thought it would be nice to get out of the house during the day. Keith was at least in agreement with her and didn’t mind her taking the job. In the mean time as the weeks went on, Keith became more horny as Michelle would call him during the evening hours and tell Keith about the new dresses she was purchasing for her new job.
Michelle explained that her boss liked the women in the office to look sexy and appealing for their cliental. Michelle went into detail one night about a sexy black dress she bought for her job and a pair of 6″ spike high heels to wear along with the dress. Michelle told Keith that her boss made a comment about how sexy and appealing she looked wearing that dress that particular day. Keith got a hard-on just listening to his wife talk about the way her boss flirted with her.
Once their phone conversations ended during the evenings, Keith would play with his cock making himself cum as he tried to imagine his hot wife arriving at her new office job looking hot and sexy for other men to drool over. About three weeks into her job, Michelle told Keith that she had been having lunch everyday with her new boss. This not only worried Keith but got him sexually stimulated as well.
Over the next couple weeks Michelle started to get a little less talkative about her boss and began changing the subject whenever Keith would bring it up. Than one night Michelle dropped a bomb on Keith telling him her boss had asked her out to dinner and she accepted his offer because she was afraid he might get insulted and fire her. Keith had no choice but to listen to Michelle pleading that night that it would only be a harmless dinner date.
Keith called Michelle the next morning after her date with her boss and when she answered she was still laying in bed and sounded extremely tired. Michelle told him that her boss had taken her out to dinner than they went to a nearby club where they danced and listened to music and she didn’t get home until 3AM.
Michelle seemed exhausted and told Keith she would call him back later that afternoon. During that time Keith tried to imagine how Michelle might have dressed for her date out with her boss that night. He tried to imagine her bosses eyes peering at her sexy body in something tight and revealing. He began wondering how they danced. Did he hold her tight on the dance floor? How close did they dance and so on. Keith must have jacked off three times later that morning as he tried to imagine his wife being held by another man.
When Michelle called back early that afternoon she seemed much more awake and talkative. Keith was curious and wanted to know about her date last night. Michelle was a little reluctant to go into much detail but she did tell Keith that her husband flirted with her most of the night. Holding her tight on the dance floor and she finally confessed to allowing her boss to kiss her last night.
Keith had mixed feelings. He was getting upset at Michelle for allowing that to happen. On the other end, he had a hard dick. He kept trying to coax Michelle into telling him more and she finally realized seeming and asked.
“Your getting turned on by all this aren’t you honey?” Michelle said in a playful way.
Keith wouldn’t admit it at first but finally replied after some brief small talk and said. “What man wouldn’t desire going out with such an attractive woman and try to get into her panties.”
Michelle laughed on the other end and replied. “Yes, Peter tried very hard last night to get me to go back to his place but I made up an excuse that I had to get up early and because I had promised to take my nephew to the zoo.”
Keith replied. “What are you going to tell him next time? Your not going to be able to give him the brush off forever you know! Doesn’t he realize you’re a married woman and you just can’t fuck anyone he wants?”
Michelle quickly replied. “Keith, you don’t understand. I really want this job and I had to…well…Lie a little bit to get it.”
Keith asked. “Lie? Would do you mean lie? What did you do?”
Michelle hesitated and nervously replied to Keith explaining what she had done. “Well…I…Told them I was divorced.”
There was a pause on Keith’s end of the phone for a moment than he blurted out saying. “What the fuck did you tell him that for Michelle?”
Michelle sighed saying. “Honey. I really wanted this job. It’s so perfect for me and close to our house. The money is good and I just didn’t think it was going to come down to this!”
Michelle had to go. She really was taking her nephew to the zoo only it was really planned for that afternoon so Keith let her hang up. Keith sat almost in shock that his wife went and told her new employer that she was a divorced woman. No wonder this boss of hers had the hots for Michelle.
Keith began wondering what this guy looked like. Michelle never said anything but Keith was going to find out soon since his stay in Florida was coming to an end the following week. They didn’t speak again until that following Monday night when Michelle informed Keith that her boss Peter was out of town on business for most of the week but had already invited Michelle out for another date for when he returned and she again accepted his offer.
Keith was at least relieved that he’d be back home by the end of the week so it would give him and Michelle an opportunity to discuses the situation. As it came closer toward the end of the wee, Keith was able to make plans to leave a couple days earlier than he’d originally planned and started his drive back to Michigan that Thursday morning. He drove straight through except stopping to rest and eat a few times along the way. He got home in the middle of the night waking Michelle up.
Keith was exhausted when he arrived and wanted to fuck Michelle as soon as he walked thru the front door. He was naked within a minute and carried Michelle back to bed and mounted her instantly and started to hammer his dick into her as she wrapped her legs around his back. There was so much heated passion in the room you could cut it with a knife. But the passion was short coming as Keith eventually lost his erection like so many times in the past.
It was turning into a frustrated mess or Keith as he tried as much as he could to keep his shrinking cock inside his wife’s wet pussy.
“It’s alright honey.” Michelle told him as she stroked his hair. Than added. “Your probably wore out from the long drive. Well try this again tomorrow. OK?” She told him.
Keith was very disappointed thinking back to before he left and the problems he was having but settled for Michelle’s explanation and fell asleep cuddling with his gorgeous wife.
It was Friday morning. Michelle got up early and was in the shower getting ready for work as Keith woke up looking around the bedroom. It looked so different after being away a few months. He got up and walked into the large closet looking for his clothes. He starred at the side of the closet where his clothes had been and they were gone. He looked around only seeing Michele’s things on the other side. Something was wrong. Where was his thing?
Michelle finished her shower when Keith walked into the bathroom. She was wrapped in a towel as she leaned over the counter applying makeup around her eyes.
“Honey? Where are my clothes?”
Michelle stopped briefly as she responded back. “Honey. I moved them into the spare bedroom while you were gone. Did some cleaning and thought I’d straighten it out a bit.”
Keith wasn’t buying that answers he continued to pump her for more answers. She finally confessed to Keith saying. “OK. I moved them to the other bedroom last weekend. Peter has been hinting around that he wanted to come sample one of my home cooked meals so I didn’t want him to find a man’s clothing in my closet.”
“Why would he be looking in our closet in our bedroom for anyway?” Keith asked.
Michelle was quick with an answer saying. “Just in case he poked in here looking around.”
That’s when Keith noticed she wasn’t wearing her wedding band and engagement rings.
“I see your not wearing your wedding rings?”
Michelle paused with her makeup half turning her head toward Keith and said with a smirk. “I’m supposed to be divorced, remember?”
Michelle went back doing her makeup as the towel fell o the floor. Keith walked up behind her putting his arms around Michelle and nuzzled her neck kissing a little trail down across her shoulder giving her chills.
“You know I’m ticklish on my neck.”
“I know.” Keith replied as he continued doing it.
“Honey. I have to get ready for work. Maybe later OK?”
Keith gave her one more kiss on her bare shoulder and allowed her to finish what she was doing. He quickly got into the shower while she was getting dressed. When he came out of the shower she was dressed for work. Although you could hardly say it was dressed for anything but work. She wore a skin tight green dress that showed off every little curve.
Michelle already had her 6″ high heel pumps on that made her look more like a hooker than an office manager. Keith was drying her hair while he watched Michelle putting on her lipstick leaning over close to the mirror.
“Honey. When you bring your things in from the truck don’t forget to put them in the back bedroom with the rest of your things today.”
Keith replied. “Whatever happen to that date your boss wanted you to go on when he got back?”
Michelle was hurrying to get ready squirting a couple little dabs of perfume around her neck than picked up her purse before giving Keith a little peck on the neck.
“I couldn’t get out of it. I invited Peter over here for dinner tonight. I have a list of things I need you to pickup at the store for me today.”
Keith replied. “You mean he’s coming here tonight? What did you tell him about me?”
Michelle was rushing as she strutted down the hallway toward the living room. “Don’t worry. I told Peter about you staying here.”
“You did?” Keith replied.
“Honey. I got to go. I’ll explain it to you when I get home this afternoon. I’m getting off 2 hours early today to cook dinner. Make sure you get everything on my list. OK?”
“Yeah. OK. But…” Michele cut Keith off. “Honey I got to get going before I’m late.”
Michelle returned home early that afternoon. Keith had gone out shopping and picked up everything Michelle had down on her list. She quickly changed her clothes and began preparing dinner for tonight. Michelle cooked like a chief and everything had to be perfect for her. Luckily Keith knew the brands she always bought at the store. She was busy putting the last finishing touches on the meal and getting ready to place it into the oven when Keith came out to watch.
“So you told Peter all about me? What did you tell him anyway?”
Michelle was still preparing deserts as she moved about the kitchen at a fast pace. She sighed looking like she didn’t want to be bothered but knew that Keith needed to know what she had told her boss.
“Listen Honey. I got myself into this jam so the only thing I could explain to him was that you were coming back from Florida and needed a quick place to stay so I’m letting you stay here. You see, I told him after our divorce you went down to Florida to work for a while and now your moving back.”
Keith took it all in than replied. “So he thinks I’m just here temporary? Is that it Michelle?”
“What else could I tell him?”
Keith was upset but he knew Michelle only did this because she only wanted to get the job bad enough and he was willing to help out. At least for now.
“OK. I’ll go along with it but we’re going to have to figure something out in the near future.”
“I know.” Michelle replied. She leaned over giving Keith a little kiss and said thank you before going back to her cooking.
It was getting close to 6 and Michelle had to get ready for her boss. She had changed into a sexy shear top and skirt and had a different pair of 6″ high heels on. A little more casual than what she wore to work that morning but even move revealing and sexier.
The door bell rang and Michelle looked over at Keith. “I’ll answer the door, why don’t you go into your bedroom and wait a few minutes than walk out and I’ll introduce you to Peter?”
“My bedroom?” Keith asked with a grin on his face.”
“Hurry up…” Michelle told him as he walked to the back bedroom closing the door behind him.
Keith waited in the bedroom for what seemed like hours but he’s only been laying on the bed listening and waiting for about 10 minutes. Suddenly there was a knock on the bedroom door. Keith answered. “Yeah.”
Michelle spoke thru the door. “Keith. Could you come out. I’d like to introduce you to someone.”
“Be right there.” Keith replied.
He straightened his clothes when he got up from the bed and slipped into his shoes real quick. He glanced into the bedroom dresser mirror than made his way out into the front room. As son as he entered the room he saw a man sitting on the sofa. A black man. The black guy stood up looking at Keith and extended his hand out before Michelle even had a chance to introduce them.
“Hi, I’m Michelle’s boss. Peter.” He said to Keith as he shook Keith’s hand.
“I’m Keith. Nice to meet you.” Keith kind of lied.
“Michele laughed saying. “Well. Looks like you two guys took care of that!”
Peter chuckled as he sat back down on the sofa. Michelle walked around pointing to a chair across from the sofa and said to Keith. “Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll go fix some drinks.”
Michelle disappeared out into the kitchen while Keith looked over at this black guy Peter. Peter was tall, sort of slim. Looked like he kept in shape. He kept thinking in a whole different way now after realizing that this black guy had taken Michelle out to dinner and dancing.
Peter spoke first. “Michelle tells me your just moving back to Michigan from Florida.”
“Yeah. Just got back in yesterday.” Keith replied.
“Well. It’s a good think you had a place to stay temporary. Uh…How long were you and Michelle married?”
“Um…Have to think a moment. 7 Years.” Keith replied.
“That’s a long time. Michelle told me you were trying to start a family but it just didn’t work out. I guess things happen for a reason.”
Keith didn’t know what to say. Seemed like Michelle had told Peter some of their personal business and thought he’d wait for Michelle to return before spilling his guts out and perhaps saying the wrong thing.
Michelle walked in with drinks for everyone handing Keith’s drink to him first. She walked over toward Peter and hesitated a moment. After Michelle handed Peter his drink he saw her boss patting the cushion next to him. It only took a second for him to get his arm around Michelle.
Peter looked across at Keith and with a grin on his face as if he wondered what Keith was thinking seeing what he thought was his ex wife with another man’s arm around her shoulder.
Michelle broke the ice. “It won’t be too long before dinner is ready.” She quickly stood up again after just sitting down saying as she got up. “Let me go check the timer. Why don’t you guys get to know each other a bit.”
Keith saw Peter watching Michelle’s ass sway as she walked out of the room. He looked over at Keith again. “I bet this is a bit strange for you seeing your ex -wife sitting with her new boyfriend.”
Keith’s eyes opened wide when he heard, new boyfriend.
“I’m OK. Guess I’m a little tired from my trip back to Michigan.”
Peter sat nursing his drink starring over at Keith. “Just wanted to let you know that I gave Michelle a promotion this afternoon to regional manager so she will be getting a huge raise starting on Monday.”
Keith acted excited saying. “Oh, Michelle hadn’t told me about it yet. She’s been cooking dinner since she got home this afternoon.”
Before Peter got a chance to reply, Michelle quickly walked in saying dinner was done so the men got up and followed her out to the dinning room.
“Everything looks so good Michelle.” Peter said as he took a seat next to Michelle’s. This left Keith to sit across from them. Candles were lit and lights were down low. It was getting dark outside too.
After the first taste Peter made a comment that her cooking was so good. He told Keith he couldn’t wait to try her home cooking.
“I was telling Keith about your promotion.” Peter said to Michelle.
“Oh. I haven’t had a chance to tell him yet.”
The small talk went on thru dinner giving compliments to Michelle about her cooking. She got up and got desert and new drinks for the guys and finished up and were soon back in the living room again. Michelle clicked on the TV an put a chick movie on causing the guys to laugh at her selection but they were OK with it.
Keith noticed Peter’s drink was about empty so he got up and grabbed his glass telling them he’d make new drinks for them. When he returned he found Peter with one arm around his wife and his other hand holding Michelle’s.
Peter looked up at Keith as he handed him the drink and grinned as he said. “I guess this is a little awkward seeing your ex holding hands with another man.”
Keith tried being polite. “It’s OK.”
Peter chuckled. “Good. Glad to hear it. Guess we’ll get you broke in as the ex husband tonight.”
The remark made Keith a little uncomfortable but he sat down trying to smile as he looked toward the TV screen. Keith glanced over and saw the sitting together. Peter held his drink but still had his arm around her shoulder. His fingers were rubbing her bare skin on her arm. Keith kept nursing his drink as the movie went on. It was dark outside so the living room was completely dark except for the light coming from the TV screen. It might have been a half hour later that Keith got up to get them another round of drinks.
“Your husband seems rather nice.”
“He is a nice person.” Michelle replied.
Before she had a chance to say anything else, Peter dipped his head down for a quick kiss on the lips. Michelle responded back and the kiss was turning into a much hotter and passionate open mouth kiss. Peter’s tongue entered her mouth and their tongues danced as Keith returned back with the drinks in hand.
Michelle tried to avoid eye contact with Keith as she pulled her head away from Peter’s face as she grabbed the drink from Keith.
“Thanks Keith. You’re a real gentleman tonight.” Peter said.
Keith was speechless as he walked back and sat on the chair. To his surprise he had gotten a hard-on when he saw Michelle locked in that passionate kiss. He’d saw some interracial movies in his time and they always got him aroused. Now it was his wife he saw kissing a black man. It dawned on him. Did Michelle notice his hard dick? She appeared to look down toward his pants as he handed her the drink.
The evening passed. Another chick movie was playing on the TV now. Keith had served Peter a couple more drinks and he was feeling really good now. He had his hands all over Michelle at times now making her giggle and laugh. She playfully was trying to push his hands away at times as she glanced toward Keith from time to time.
Michelle tried to stand up as Peter playfully pulled her back down and she ended up sitting on his lap. His black hands were all over her body even cupping her tits from underneath.
“I have to pee.” She smiled at Peter telling him.
“OK. You go take care of business.”
Peter helped her up and watched her little ass sway as she made her way to the bathroom.
“Mm…That’s nice…” He murmured.
Peter was feeling good about now. Slurring his words a bit. He looked over at Keith who looked half asleep and leaned forward in almost a whisper and said. “That woman sure knows how to give a blow job.”
Suddenly, Keith was wide awake now and leaned forward in his chair. He never heard a word like this come from his wife! He sat leaning forward as Peter began telling secrets.
“My God…That woman knows how to work that tight little pussy of hers too.”
Those words were shocking Keith even more and even though Peter was drunk he could see it in Keith’s eyes.
“Hey man. I’m really sorry for being so abrupt. Just trying to have a man to man talk here. Know what I’m saying?”
“Yeah.” Keith replied.
Keith was not only angry but the thought of Michelle fucking a black man got him aroused too.
“Hey Listen man. Hope you don’t mind me saying. I use to fuck this little redhead that worked at our firm. Her old man loved to watch. Just saying. If you want to watch just let me know. We’ll work something out.” That statement ended in a big laugh from Peter.
“Um…I don’t know. I…Uh…Never really thought about it.”
“It’s OK man. Nothing to be ashamed about here. We’re all friends right?”
Keith just shook his head up and down.
“Listen man. Your ex. She wouldn’t even let me touch that pussy until she got on the pill. She’s a strict woman. Loves to tease through. That’s what I like about her. She loves to tease. Loves to see her man beg for that pussy.”
Keith just grinned and listened at this point. It was getting him rock solid hard too.
“You know. She loves to please her man. Had that little blonde pussy all nice and trimmed for me. I asked her to shave it al off one day and surprised me the following day. Fucked that pussy right there on my desk that afternoon. That pussy was as smooth as a babies ass! Tight as hell too!”
Keith was to a point where he was going to explode in his pants listening to Peter spill his guts out. What a little boss can do for a guy with a big mouth. At least he knew that Michelle has been fucking this guy. She really never lied. She just didn’t tell him everything. He tried to imagine Michelle getting fucked on that desk.
Michelle walked back into the room looking playfully at Peter. “What?” She asked him as he starred back with a smile on his face.
“I thought you were going to change?”
Michelle looked over at Keith before saying a word. Keith just looked back and finally said. “Go ahead and change if you want.”
Michelle looked back at Peter turning her hands up. “What you want me to wear?”
In an exciting words he replied. “Something really sexy!”
Michelle turned almost falling over until Peter caught her. She was feeling the liquor. She got her balance and walked back toward the bedrooms swaying that little white ass for Peter’s benefit for sure.
“Listen man. You want to go take a nap or something? You know what I mean bro? You want to watch later it’s alright with me. Just want some time alone with Michelle if you know what I mean.”
Keith didn’t know what to do. He started to get up and Peter stopped him.
“No. Not yet man. Let’s see what she’s going to come out wearing first. You can say good night to her than…”
Michelle walked out a few minutes later. She was wearing a black garter belt with black stockings with black high heels. Her tits were partially uncovered with a half bra that only cupped the bottom half of her nice size natural breasts. Her nipples stuck straight out as hard as little cherries. She strutted around turning around almost falling again but caught her balance. She displayed herself to Peter not even paying any attention to Keith at this point. It was just like she forgot he was even there!
Peter stood up as Michelle reached for his belt than unzipped his pants letting the fall down to the floor. His shorts came next revealing a very large thick black cock as it sprung free. Keith thought he must have been about 9″ long at least. Michelle cupped Peter’s ball sack in her hand than arched up giving him a nice passionate kiss.
Peter looked over at Keith who sat quietly in his chair watching his wife act like a total slut for this man. Apparently she was so drunk she must have forgotten that he was sitting just a few feet away. One thing was certain. Keith’s heart was racing as his dick began to throb. Peter could see it in his eyes. Keith wanted to watch the show.

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