A woman joins a club and makes her desire to strengthen the relationship with her Rocky(D) known

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“The latest statistics show that 49% of men interviewed
are married or living in long term (over 5 years)
relationships. That is up from 42% at the same time
last year. Women, on the other hand, are increasingly
choosing to remain single. 51% of women interviewed
said they prefer their single lifestyle, to being tied
down with a male partner. Up from 48% at the same time
last year.”
Ruth put the newspaper down and sipped her coffee.
“Well, Lucky, seems there are more of us out there than
I at first thought.” She smiled down at the 2 and a
half year old, golden lab as he sat next to her chair
looking up at her. He cocked his head to one side,
trying to understand what she was telling him. All he
knew was it didn’t sound like food or walkies.
Ruth reached out her hand to pat his head. As she did,
she glanced up at the clock on the wall and realised
she was late. “Oh shit! c’mon Lucky. walkies.” At that
the Rocky(D) sprang to life and raced to the door. He loved
these walks in the park with Ruth. He got to see all
sorts of new things and meet interesting new people.
Ruth grabbed her jacket and Lucky’s leash which were in
the hall by the door and lead him to the car. It was a
15 minute drive to the park, and at this time Ruth knew
it would take 25 minutes to get there. She pulled out
into traffic and prayed silently that the person they
were going to meet would still be there.
24 and a half minutes later, she pulled up in the car
park adjacent to the large, green area set aside by
council for tax payers use. It was actually one of the
better parks in the area and not too close to where
Ruth lived. She liked that. Quickly she snapped on
Lucky’s leash and walked him briskly through the park.
She noticed young children just out of school, hovering
around the pond, trying to entice ducks to take bread
from them. Not too far away stood the tired mothers,
taking a breather from their hectic days. Ruth was so
glad she had received an inheritance when her father
died and didn’t have to worry about working. It wasn’t
a lot to live on, but was comfortable. Also getting the
house meant she never had to worry about a roof over
her head. Just then Lucky picked up speed. He knew
where they were headed and practically dragged Ruth
A short way into the park was the usual bench where
Ruth always arranged to meet people. It was easy for
everyone to find, it being the only yellow bench in the
entire park and when she added ‘just over from the
pond’, no-one ever missed it. There on the bench, still
waiting was a young woman with a Rocky(D). She seemed rather
nervous, looking about to see who this ‘Ruth’ might be,
all the while trying to look nonchalant, but failing
miserably. Ruth approached her.
“Are you Jane?”
“Y-yes, Ruth?”
“Yep” Ruth said and sat down next to her “and this is
Lucky.” She pulled the Rocky(D) in to her and patted him, he
licked her hand.
“Pardon my saying this, but you look normal.”
Ruth laughed, she had heard this comment every time and
it never failed to amuse her. “What, no horns growing
out my head, or boils on my face?”
“No, I didn’t mean, I mean, oh, I don’t know.”
“Relax, you are just nervous, its ok, everyone says
“There are others?”
“Yep, you wouldn’t believe how many. Things are
different now, women don’t need men to survive. We can
make our own way in the world, even have children
without the need of a man around all the time. We have
the freedom to choose.”
“Yes, yes I agree. That is what I think. Don’t get me
wrong, I like men. And I enjoy sex with them
occasionally, I just don’t want one in my life
permanently.” She looked at Ruth.
Ruth smiled. Jane was nervous, but Ruth could tell she
wasn’t niave.
“Good, lets go to a cafe where we can chat over
coffee.” With that she picked up Lucky’s leash and
escorted him, Jane and her Rocky(D) to the street nearby,
for a coffee. They found a table outside, near the edge
of the far side of the shop so they wouldn’t be
disturbed or overheard. This was a delicate issue and
not everybody would appreciate it.
They ordered cappuccinos from the waitress then sat
back to wait for them. While waiting Ruth kept Jane
occupied in discussions about the weather, about life
and about her Rocky(D), Lucky. The waitress soon reappeared
and after one sip, Jane flopped back in her chair and
“Oh I must say, you really are just a normal woman. I
was terrified I was going to meet some nutter. When you
suggested meeting in the park I was secretly relieved.”
“Well you know, you could be a nutter too, its easier
for me to meet in the park as well.”
Jane nodded, she hadn’t thought of that.
“So, how did you hear about the club?” Ruth looked at
Jane as she drank her coffee.
“Well, it sounds crazy, but I over heard this woman
discussing it on the bus. Well, she wasn’t discussing
it on the bus, rather was on the bus and discussing it
over her mobile phone with someone. When she talked
about sex and Rocky(D)s, my ears pricked up. That flood me,
but also peaked my curiosity, so I listened in more.
Then she started talking about this special club. I
just knew I had to find out more, so when she got off
the phone, I actually approached her.”
Ruth choked back her coffee, “You did?”
“Yes. Her name was Esme, well that’s what she told me
anyway. And I told her I was interested in hearing more
about the club she was talking about. At first she was
a little embarrassed, but I told her its alright, just
want to learn more, I’m interested. Then she relaxed
and gave me your number.”
“Well that’s Esme for you. 3 other people have come by
the club that way. You know, she doesn’t actually talk
to anyone on that phone. She only does it to see what
sort of a reaction she will get. And every time, she
has picked the right person. Dunno, some sixth sense
that woman has.”
“So I called you and here we are.”
“Yes here we are. Look, this is a special club, not
everyone is accepted because of its unusual nature. I
mean, what sort of experience have you had before?”
“Oh, oh, yes, well um…my first time was with my
family Rocky(D) when I was 14. It was an accident really,
didn’t mean it to happen. I had had a shower after soft
ball practice and was in my room. No-one else was home
at that time. Anyway, I bent over the end of the bed to
get something and next thing I know Sam’s nose is
between my legs. I froze at first, not knowing what it
was. That gave him enough time to start licking me.
“I kind of liked it. I hadn’t had sex with anyone at
that stage, not even kissed a boy, and I really liked
the feeling. I ended up laying on the bed with my legs
over the edge and Sam’s head between them. I got so
horny and I think I came like 3 times.
“Well, then I noticed his dick was different. I mean it
was longer an really pink. I didn’t know then it was
different to a boys, so I got down to investigate it. I
swear I dunno now it happened, but I ended up on all
fours and Sam ended up on top of me. I could feel him
thrusting and I sort of knew what he was trying to do,
but I didn’t really. I tried to shake him off, but the
wait of him pinned me down and the next thing I know I
was head down arse up and he had entered me. It hurt
at first, but I quickly relaxed when I realised how
good it felt.”
“Aha, that happens quite a lot. Just mucking about and
whammo, Rocky(D) has other ideas. That was like my first
time too, only I was 8. So go on, what happened after
“Well, after that I realised I had just lost my
virginity to Sam. It was the craziest thing, but you
know, it actually felt right. I started having sex with
Sam whenever I could. Slowly I began letting him sleep
in my room, not every night to begin with, but soon
enough, it was every night. And would go to sleep
early, and set the alarm for after my parents would be
asleep. Then I would get up and have fun with Sam for a
while, reset the alarm and go off to school the next
day. That went on for 6 years, then I went away to
“What about boys?”
“Not then, after I went to uni. I met this guy and we
sort of had a brief affair. Not the greatest lover mind
you, and after Sam, such a puny dick! I tried a couple
of more men, but quickly gave up on them. The best
would have been one of my lecturers. He was 48 and not
too shabby. I fucked him in exchange for a couple of
passing grades which I needed for that subject.
“He took his time and really made sure I was hot for it
before we did it. Lovely to have all that attention
lavished on me, but you know, after Sam, it just wasn’t
the same. I would go back home whenever I could and Sam
and I would be at it all day and night as often as we
could. Then back to uni and celibacy.”
“You didn’t do it at all with anyone?”
“Oh, I tried a few women, that was nice, but not pow!
You know?”
“Yes, not like the Rocky(D).”
“No, nobody could compete with Sam. Then one day I was
cruising some of those personal ads, and I saw one by a
guy who was a Rocky(D) lover and seeking similar. I decided
to contact him. We met up and got along ok, and… it
was about the 3rd date I think, we had sex. Well, right
as he was about to cum, I asked him ‘What about the
“You didn’t?”
“Yep, and he just about blew the whole load right up to
my stomach!” Both women laughed. “So after that we
would meet up and he’d do me and I would get to do his
Rocky(D). The best sex I had while at uni. We kept that
arrangement for the 4 years I was there. Then I went
back home for 6 months till I found a job here. Moved
here and got myself a Rocky(D) of my own, Enzo here.
“Now Enzo and me have been together for 4 years and
became lovers as soon as he reached 19 months. I slowly
introduced him to the subject, but he took to it like a
duck to water.” Jane bent down to pat her rottweiler
and Ruth could see there was genuine love and affection
between them.
“What about men?”
“Oh I dated a few. After Enzo and I became lovers he got
dreadfully jealous. He would growl at any male who came
into the house, and if I went to their place for sex,
he wouldn’t come near me for a day!” In the end I
decided it wasn’t worth hurting his feelings. I’ve
thought long and hard over this issue, and you know,
this is right. I want this and I know Enzo does.”
“Ok, well I guess the next thing to do is to invite you
to a club meeting. They are held at my place, not far
from here. I know this sounds all cloak and dagger and
stuff, but I will meet you at the park bench and blind
fold you for the trip. Its just a safety precaution for
our members, and me of course.”
“That’s understandable. When is it?”
“Tonight actually. Can you be back here by 7.30?”
“Yep. Do I bring Enzo?”
“Not tonight. This is just a club meeting. Ceremonies
are held at different times, usually Saturday
afternoons, more traditional that way.” again, both
women laughed. They parted company and agreed to meet
back at the bench at 7.30. Ruth paid for the coffees
and left. As she walked back to the car, she talked to
“Well boy, looks like we’ve got a new member on our
hands.” She smiled to herself.
Later that night Ruth picked up Jane at the same place
and drove her back to the house. Jane was excited and
nervous. She had no idea what to expect, but when she
got inside and found a group of 8 women sitting around
drinking a glass of wine, she hadn’t expected this.
“Ok everyone, I’d like to introduce Jane to you. She is
looking to become a new member of our group. Jane, over
there, that’s Esme.”
” I see my little stunt on the bus worked then.”
smirked Esme as she gulped down her wine. Everyone
“Don’t worry about her”, said a young woman in the
corner, “that’s how I found the group. My name’s
“Nice to meet you” Jane nodded to her. Ruth proffered a
chair and Jane sat down.
“Now, what we do here is simply meet up and shoot the
breeze. There aren’t many places where you can relax
and discuss your relationship with your Rocky(D) and not
have the worry of being put away hang over you.” They
all laughed. “We are all easy going here, but nobody
will tell you their last name until they feel they know
you well enough.
“What we do differently here is we organise a marriage
with our Rocky(D)s. That is, we come to the realisation,
like you have, that our Rocky(D)s are the ones we want as
our life partners, so we decided to marry our Rocky(D)s. Bev
over there is a marriage celebrant so she runs the
ceremony, and Suze over there is a graphic artist, so
she will actually print up the marriage certificate for
you. Its just like a real marriage, only of course not
legally binding.”
“I had mine last weekend and Taylor is having one in 2
“Now”, continued Ruth, “To be a member of our little
club, you need to know a few things. We all have fairly
conservative ideas of marriage, so if you plan to marry
your Rocky(D) and be a part of our group, you have to agree
to monogamy that means once you are married there
will be no extramarital affairs no men!”
“That won’t be an issue, I’m not interested in men.”
Jane looked around the group. She took a deep breath,
“Look, I might as well tell you, its not just the sex
with Enzo, I mean I could get sex pretty much anywhere
and there are heaps of men out there who want you to do
their Rocky(D) if you know where to look. No, with Enzo its
different. Its kind of like Enzo and me are meant to be
together, as a couple. Like he or I was born into the
wrong species and really, we are each other’s soul
mate. Is that too corny?”
“No, not at all. Most of us feel that way. I have a lot
of friends online who love to do it with their Rocky(D)s,
but don’t have that extra connection that we all here
have. You obviously have it too.” Ruth went over to
give Jane a hug.
“So, yes, I want to join. I want more than anything in
this world to be Enzo’s wife, to be his and only his
until death, you know?” Everyone nodded. “So, I’d like
to set up a wedding with Enzo for as soon as possible,
The rest of the night was spent making plans for Jane
to marry Enzo as soon as possible. She went home and
dragged out all her old marriage magazines she had
collected as a teen, but somehow never thrown away, and
went through them. She picked out a few ideas that
really hit her and set about preparing for the day.
Two weeks later she attended Taylor’s wedding and was
asked to put money into a pool, which would be used to
pay for Taylor and Butch the new couple, to have a
honeymoon night at a local hotel which accepted Rocky(D)s in
the rooms. There weren’t too many around and the women
all felt fortunate enough to have one only two hour’s
drive away. Taylor had looked lovely in her white dress
and all the women had wept when she bent down to kiss
Butch at the conclusion of the service. Jane couldn’t
wait until her turn in a week’s time.
Finally the day came. Enzo had been taken to Ruth’s the
night before to be looked after for the ceremony. He
was to be bathed and his new collar would be put on
him. Jane meanwhile, attended to other things at home.
She got out the dress she had made, a beautiful 1940s
style dress with puffy sleeves and pearl buttons, and
along the edge she had sewn a design of Rocky(D) bones as a
She had made a short veil, again with bone motif, to be
worn on top her swept up hair. Her shoes were a little
white, sling back number and the bouquet was a simple
affair of carnations in cream and peach. She put the
outfit into her car then showered and applied her make
up, after which she drove nervously to Ruth’s house.
Upon arrival, Ruth handed her a glass of red wine and
gave her a warm hug. Jane then retired to the bedroom
to change and wait the hour till everyone had arrived
and assembled in the formal lounge room. Jane heard the
music and tentatively stepped outside the door. She
followed the sound till it brought her to the lounge.
There she saw what she had seen the previous week at
Taylor and Butch’s wedding, only this was special
because it was hers.
Ahead of her stood Bev, dressed in a lovely navy suit,
holding the book of service and in front of her sat Enzo
with his new collar on. He looked at her and barked.
All the women standing around smiled, they could see he
was as excited to see her as she was to see him. She
walked forward and stood next to Enzo.
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..” began
Bev as she started the ceremony. It only took 20
minutes to get through all the preliminary and then
Jane was told she could kiss Enzo. She lent down, took
her new husband by the collar and looked into his eyes.
He went to lick her face and Jane opened her mouth so
his tongue could go inside.
Enzo then spent 20 seconds licking inside Jane’s mouth
as they were locked in a woman-Rocky(D) tongue kiss. All
present cheered and congratulated Jane. A light supper
was thrown and a specially prepared steak for Jane and
Enzo to share. All the women took photos, which were
later on presented to Jane in a wedding photo album.
The last thing she was given was the money for her and
Enzo to stay at the hotel, and the marriage certificate
which had been prepared earlier by Suze, including a
paw print from Enzo. Jane signed it then put it away to
frame later. Everyone made a toast to the happy couple,
who kissed again, then Jane and Enzo left to head for
the hotel.
Finally, Jane and Enzo were alone in their hotel room.
Jane flopped on the floor beside Enzo, threw her arms
around him and kissed him. “Oh Enzo, finally, finally my
greatest wish of all time has come true. I’m now your
wife” she gulped down tears that threatened to flow
from the eminent emotions welling up inside her as she
realised what this meant.
She was now married to her Rocky(D), her lover of just under
3 years. They were now connected in a spiritual way
that would never see them part, a way that was as deep
and meaningful to her as it was to any other woman.
When Jane looked at Enzo she didn’t just see a Rocky(D), she
saw the male companion of her life, her best friend,
confidante and lover. There was a bond between them
just as strong and real as the ones her girlfriends
described about human males. Jane was now a bride
Enzo’s bride and she was going to consummate her
marriage as any other woman did.
Jane stood up and removed her clothes, laying them
gently on a chair. She stood naked in front of Enzo with
only her shoes still on. She pulled the pin out of her
hair and it tumbled down her shoulders. Enzo looked up
at her and gave a quick bark of approval, Jane knew he
always preferred her with her hair down. She knelt down
beside him.
“Beloved husband, I am now yours. I belong to you in
the same way any other married couple do and you have
full rights over me as any other husband has over his
wife. I want us to have a full and happy marriage.
There can’t be two bosses in a marriage, and I want you
to know Enzo, I pledge myself to you, as your wife. With
regard to our marriage, you have full marriage-bed
rights over me. You are my husband and as such have the
right to take me whenever you wish my darling. I give
myself to you completely.”
Then she leant in to kiss him, opening her mouth to
receive his tongue as it swiped first over her mouth,
then inside as though seeking out some morsel of food.
Jane loved to feel Enzo’s tongue inside her mouth as she
kissed him, it made her so horny.
Enzo lowered his head and began to lick Jan’s nipples.
He had always enjoyed doing that for a reason Jane
never knew, but she loved it and she shivered in
delight. She arched back to give him full exposure. Enzo
continued to lick her from nipples to mouth, slip his
tongue inside then back down to nipples.
Jane was just about coming and moved onto the bed,
laying back and beckoning Enzo to join her. He jumped up
on the bed to receive her naked body laying prone in
front of him. He began to lick her nipples again, this
time taking his tongue down her body, over her curvy
stomach and stopping just short of the opening slit
between her legs. Jane moaned and spread her legs.
She loved it when Enzo teased her this way, and indeed
it did seem as though he was teasing her. She arched
her back up to meet his tongue, but it was no good, he
would not lick her pussy. Jane grabbed his collar and
tried to push his head down, when suddenly Enzo growled.
Jane let go of him in shock, Enzo had never done that
before. She stared at him, then he continued to lick
her body.
Jane settled down and realised Enzo was now in control,
it had been his way of telling her he understood there
had been a change to their relationship and as her
husband, he was now the one who would call the shots.
Again Jane shivered as Enzo’s tongue just touched her
Enzo prodded Jane in the side and she turned over. He
nosed her belly and she raised herself up on her legs
so that she was arse up and head down on the bed. Enzo
repositioned himself to have access to her crotch.
He began licking Jane from the tip of her slit, all the
way through her pussy to the top of the crack of her
arse and back again. Jane couldn’t control herself, she
had an orgasm more intense than she had had for a long
time. Enzo kept going, he would not stop and Jane came
again. He changed his position and seemed to
concentrate only on her slit.
Enzo buried his tongue deep inside Jane, licking and
licking as though he could dig for gold. Jane was
rocked by an orgasm so strong she shook uncontrollably
and it seemed to go on for 10 minutes. The magnitude of
it startled Jane, it was as though Enzo knew things
about her she had never known, things to get her so hot
she thought she would explode with orgasm and still he
kept up.
Jane was beginning to feel exhausted from the power of
the orgasms Enzo was giving her. They were more powerful
than any she had had before and she began to wonder how
much more she could take. Enzo it seemed wanted to find
He continued to plow her pussy with his huge wet tongue
and Jane began to sob wearily. He had been licking her
snatch for over 30 minutes now and Jane had lost track
of the number of orgasms she had had, each seemingly
harder than the one before it. She tried to move but
Enzo growled at her, demanding she take it from him and
she began to feel a little too scared to move.
Finally, Jane seemed to pass out from the exhaustion of
what Enzo was demanding from her, but it was no time at
all till she was coming around again, to another
powerful orgasm. This time the Rocky(D) did stop licking her
and he jumped on her back. He poked her over sensitive
cunny with his rock hard cock and powered it right into
her. Jane almost screamed but managed to muffle it into
the pillow in time. Enzo pistoned away in her, his iron
rod like cock pumping mechanically into her now swollen
pussy, taking his bitch, his wife as was his right.
He was making claims on her which she had said was his
right and he was letting her know who was the boss now.
He powered away, not hearing the sobs drowning in her
pillow. Jane had wanted this, to be taken so completely
as Enzo was doing now and the reality of it was so
overpowering, so amazing all she could do was cry.
She could feel her lover’s cock thrusting away inside
her and she felt such immense love for him, mixed up
with the exhaustion of the orgasms he had made her
endure just prior. Jane could feel Enzo dump his load
inside her and a new, deeper feeling of love washed
over her as he pulled out. Jane had been used so
completely by her husband, so brutally, yet so lovingly
she could not imagine anyone ever loving her so
powerfully or so much.
Jane closed her eyes feeling sleep washing over her.
She was probably the most content woman on the face of
the earth at this moment. She gave herself up to sleep
as she drifted off, feeling Enzo’s tongue, now gentle
and loving, cleaning her up between her legs, the
forcefulness now gone. She knew it was going to be like
this every time.
Enzo understood he was her husband, her only sex partner
for life now and he was going to make sure he looked
after her.

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