A young man finds he has come into some money and more

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I’ve always liked Friday mornings, Friday morning is the threshold of the week-end, and unless the shit is hitting the fan, Friday morning in our office is a relaxed place. Oh yes, work gets done but at a more humane pace.
Or rather it does normally.
I’m a planning manager and our company has a big product launch next week — not unusual but marketing were on their way to an epic fail and they’d just realised it, so everything had just gone ape-shit while we were gearing up to get them out of the brown and slimy.
Eva from marketing blew into my office — smelling gorgeous, crisp white shirt pulled tight over her nice big round tits, black jeans shaped around her lovely arse. She is a vision of delightfulness in autumn colours — all coppers, browns and smoky colours. Eva is a definite ‘I would’ – in her case over a desk from behind, hanging on to those lovely, round wobbly tits. I was toying with this vision – as I often do when she’s near me — but she was talking, and I had to park my fantasy morning shag and listen. Despite her proposals I could see it was all going to go tits up.
What pissed me off was that it had been obvious for weeks and despite everything that the eminently fuckable Eva was telling me it was still going to go wrong. Nobody ever listens to the planning manager, especially a brilliant, twenty-five year old one who has only been doing the job quite successfully for four fucking years and most times gets the job done without any fanfare. (I get so pissed off sometimes.)
The icing on the cake – what made it worst – was that it looked like I was going to have to spend the whole weekend sorting the mess out, my twenty-fifth birthday weekend. I had plans, nothing grandiose, except a trip into London tomorrow and a zoom off up the motorway to see my mum on Sunday and a nice trip out for lunch. (Living the rock and roll life style eh?)
The phone rang.
“Mum! How are you? I was going to come over and see you on Sunday. But_”
“Mike, I need you to come to your grand-dad’s house today, tonight will be fine.”
I had to tell I couldn’t? Mum and I are close and I try and get to see her every couple of weeks, and this weekend …
“I can’t mum, something has come up over work, I’m going to be here all week-end.” Eva looked at me and mouthed ‘I’ll make it up to you’ — oh yeah baby, you will, I thought.
“Okay, Mike.” Mum was obviously disappointed. No argument, no protest, just a simple acceptance, made me feel like a right toe-rag.
“You lot owe me big time for this one.” Eva nodded. I hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but when I did, I had a quick mental flash of her lying naked on my desk, her tits bouncing back and to as I fucked her.
“Right this is what we need by close of play today…” I outlined the things I needed from Marketing, Eva nodded earnestly, she knew I could do this.
As Eva was leaving, Tom, the head of our office, appeared at the door — “Mike! There’s a message from Head Office, you’re needed over there as soon as you can — pass that lot to Jimmy and get going!”
There was no way I was going to catch a break today.
I parked at the main office and went in to find the head of the company – Allitt’s Holdings – waiting for me in reception, we went into a meeting room.
“Mike, I received a call from the owners of the company, they’ve asked for you to go to see them_”
“This week-end?” I was stunned – what the fuck was happening to my life?
“I know you’ve got a lot of work on but don’t worry about it.” He stifled my protest with a raised hand. “From what I hear you’ve done all you can, if it doesn’t happen — it doesn’t happen, but that won’t be your fault.”
“There’s a helicopter coming for you in the next few minutes you need to be on it.”
“A what?!”
“All I know is what is on this email..”
I read it ‘Mike Bailey to be collected by helicopter as soon as can be arranged. Most urgent. Highest priority.’
The helicopter picked me up from a nearby field and we flew off to the north.
An hour later we circled over a large house somewhere — if that was the M1 we’d passed over — in Northamptonshire and what a house. The main house sprawled across the landscape, there were landscaped gardens, woodland with buildings in it, several water features and a pond, a lake. We dropped down onto a landing pad and the pilot — who not spoken to me once during the whole flight, helped me unhook.
The door opened as I turned and I saw my mum.
She motioned me to follow her away from the helicopter which left seconds later.
I was completely perplexed now, we were at the company’s owner’s place and so was my mum. I was beginning tow wonder if it was some kind of anxiety nightmare. “Mum! What the hell is going on?! What are you doing here? Where the hell are we?”
My mum looked back at me and smiled, “Happy birthday Mike!”
I followed her from the landing pad. My mum is a real classy woman — shoulder length dirty blonde hair, always immaculate, she wore a really sharp business suit, grey pinstripe with a real nice cut that emphasised her figure — which considering she is in her mid forties is still pretty good, actually she’s really attractive, bearing in mind that she is also my mum.
Mum led me into the house which sat solidly in the landscape, through a huge front door and into the entrance hall… where my gran waited.
I was very close to throwing my dummy out of the pram – it was all getting too much.
“What are you two doing here? I can’t be here, I’ve too much to do…” my voice rising with tension.
My gran — sweet, elegant, gentle, shushed me with a finger on my lips and gave me a small package.
“Happy birthday!”
My mum spoke next “It’s more important that you be here today than anywhere else at the moment, everything else will be put into perspective after you’ve watched what is in that package.”
“Do you know what’s in it?” I asked.
My mum and gran both nodded. “It will take you a while,” my gran told me, “You can watch it in the study, we’ll be waiting in the drawing room when you’re done.”
“Can I get a drink?”
“There’s a tray and some sandwiches in the study.” Mum pushed me towards a pair of large double doors.
The ‘study’ was nearly as big as my flat, a huge desk sat on one side, with two club chairs and a large chesterfield opposite it. Books lined the walls, and a large flat-screen faced the desk. I couldn’t help thinking – ‘class!’. On a side table sandwiches and fruit sat next to a champagne chiller where two bottles of soft drink waited. I opened a bottle and placed the package on the desk.
It had my name on.
So I opened it. There was two pen-drives — labelled One and Two – and three envelopes, there was also a picture of me and my grandfather from when I was a little boy. A note said ‘watch the first film, follow the instructions’.
When I’d switched the lap-top on and inserted the pen drive labelled One, the programme auto started and I saw my grand-dad sat at the desk where I was now watching the film.
“Hello Michael. Happy birthday.” He began ordinarily enough. Grand-dad always used my full name. “I’d hoped we could do this face to face but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.” He didn’t look well, I remembered how ill he’d been as I approached twenty. Then suddenly he wasn’t there. Gone from cancer.
He was speaking again, he waved his hands to indicate his surroundings, “I’ll bet you’re wondering what the hell is happening.”
D’you think so Grand-dad?
“I kept all of this from you because I wanted to keep you down to earth. I didn’t want you growing up as a rich kid. I’ve waited till your twenty-fifth birthday because I wanted you to get your knees brown, get some time in a job. Learn the value of money, how to do a hard day’s work, understand how companies work, hopefully get some time in managing people.
“Well, now it’s time for your inheritance. I’m passing everything I own, all of it, on to you, everything. Businesses, property, the lot. You’ve never seen this house before, but this is yours now….but there’s a lot more than that…”
“When I die,” Grand-dad told me, you’ll get a hundred thousand pounds.” Pretty fair, I thought — it had bought me a new car and was earning a nice wedge in the bank. It was my ‘fuck off money’ — the freedom to tell people to shove it, if I wanted.
“That will be just to show you I haven’t forgotten you.” He told me from five years ago.
“If you look in the drawer under your right hand — you’ll find a pad, you might want to take notes.” I looked, the pad was there.
Over the next forty-five minutes Grand-dad told me about his business empire, including the company where I work – worked. I was flabbergasted – I hadn’t realised, I mean and this was five years ago!
“Your mum and gran will have more up to date information and a detailed portfolio, they’ll bring you up to speed later. Now if that isn’t enough, when you’re ready, I want you to open up the other video.”
I ate a sandwich while I thought about it all. I mean I knew my grand-dad had money, but I hadn’t realised how much. I thought him and gran were — well you know, ‘comfortable’. And this house? I had only ever met him at the house where my mum was born — where she and I had lived, which was a nice house but nothing like this. This place was massive, extensive, with wings and things.
So I put the second pen-drive in and that auto started.
It was grand-dad again, but looking less business like. His jacket was off and his tie was undone.
“So — this is probably going to blow your mind Mike. And I want you know that if you watch this all the way to the end and decide it’s not you, there’s no pressure. However, if that is the case I think some people will be disappointed. But it’s your choice.”
I was intrigued.
“Mike — there’s no way to put this is a light fluffy way. I am a dominant person. A Dom, if you like, a master. Your grandmother has been my faithful submissive since we married. When your father left your mother, she came to me and entered into what some people call ‘the lifestyle’ under my control. Both your grand-mother and your mother have been my subs for many years. I have controlled their lives, what they wear, what they eat, where they sleep and even when they orgasm.”
Grand-dad smiled, “Now tell me you saw that one coming?”
I let out a long breath, “Nope, grand-dad — can’t say as I did.”
“The big thing Michael, is that I need you – they need you – to take over. I’m leaving them both to you — to carry on my work, as part of my estate — your inheritance_”
I spat diet coke over the desk.
“These two beautiful, sexual ladies need you to be their master, Michael. They want you to be. I’m asking you not only to take over from me in business but also in this house and in the bedroom.”
“Holy fuck!” What?!!
“Oh yes! You’ll become the man of this house and the man in their lives. Michael, love them like I loved them
“You’ll find a lot of passwords and combinations that you’ll need in the envelopes in this package. Now however you should go and see your ladies.”
I sat for a minute, where the fuck had all this come from? I mean this morning I was fantasising about throwing Eva over the desk and banging her senseless (hmm — file that one under ‘it may yet happen’, as it now appeared I was the owner of the company) and now I own a fucking big house and my mum and gran are my slaves. Yeah, right! My mum and my gran as slaves, oh yeah I’d learn how wrong THAT idea was.
I walked towards where mum had indicated where the sitting room was, and pushed open the big door.
Up to that point I thought I was coping with all of this, pretty well. My mum and gran were both waiting for me.
Both were kneeling, eyes lowered, their hands on their thighs in a patient resigned manner in front of a low crackling fire. And they were both naked, starkers, completely nude. (You can understand how that might be a bit of shock, yes?).
And they were both breath-taking, Mum had kept her figure and she attended a gym on a regular basis. As she knelt there, with the firelight glinting on her shoulder length hair. I drank her in. Her breasts (I just couldn’t think of them as my mum’s ‘tits’, okay?) were full with large nipples and sat nicely on her chest with just the right amount of sag. I was startled (even more startled?) to see my mum shaved herself. My mum could be described as full and sensual, though there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her.
Gran on the other hand was elegant. I mean yes she has a few laughter lines round her eyes but below the neck she could have passed for a woman thirty years younger, I could tell this because she was stunningly naked! Perky little boobs, adorned with pierced nipples, little gold rings – she was also shaved and I thought I saw the glint of a piercing in her labia. (Yet another WTF moment! My gran has pierced nipples and pussy)
“Mum. Gran. Please, both of you, get up and sit down. I think we need to talk.”
So it is now late-afternoon on the day of my twenty-fifth birthday, and I’ve been sat in the sitting room of my new, fucking huge house talking with my mum and gran — who are both nude — for the last three hours and acting like it’s the most natural thing in the world. The conversation went something like
Me — burble.
My mum — are you alright Mike?
What do you say when you find yourself trying to outstare your mum’s nipples? Really?
“Oh I’m fine.”
“You’re not still fretting about your work, are you?” Gran asked.
No, dear elegantly nude grandmother I’m fine, honestly. “I think it’s been a lot to deal with. That’s all.” I lied.
“Look — grand-dad laid this thing on me about being your master.”
“Yes dear,” gran said, “That’s right, I think he wanted to help you into it himself, but he couldn’t.”
“And this is absolutely serious?”
“What part are you not understanding?” My mum was completely serious.
“Der! Well incest to start with. Isn’t that illegal?”
“Well yes it is and it’s punishable by up to two years in prison_”
“And that’s supposed to make me feel better about it?”
“But for anyone to be caught, a crime has to be reported, and as all our relations have been entirely consensual, the legality of it has never been an issue.”
“It’s always been very loving, Michael,” Gran was using my Sunday name. “Do I take it from your reluctance, you don’t love your mum and I?”
Oh! Low blow!
“Of course not gran, you know I love you both_”
“But not enough to correct us and punish us occasionally? To give us orders or occasionally administer a spanking?” She went on, her eyes twinkled but she was deadly serious.
“You never know Mike,” my mum chipped in, caressing my hand, “You might even enjoy it!”
This was so strange.
“Okay!” I said holding my hand so they made a t shape. “Time out! Let’s talk business for a while. Can you not put some clothes on.”
“Oh no, dear.” My gran said hastily — Master John never let us wear clothes unless we had guests.”
Face palm time!
And so we talked business with them still naked.
The portfolio had taken a bit of a battering over the last couple of years with the economic downturn. But some careful deals and a few canny property sales had kept its value to within about six percent of what it had been.
It was still a large amount of money. A very large amount. And I’m not talking a couple of million, add some zeros.
For about the tenth time I had to focus on what my gran was saying, “You’ll need to sign a lot of papers in the next few days.”
“Are you okay Mike?” my mum asked, I think I was starting to glaze over.
“Come on, we’ll take a break,” my naked mum said, “I’ll show you to your room, you can change before dinner.”
I followed my mum’s delightfully jiggly bum up the stairs, and it was a fine bum, with that lovely little slot at the top so I could see her pussy lips as she walked. I could tell watching her — and I’d noticed my Gran was the same — she was more than comfortable being naked. I’ll admit it, I was getting a hard on looking at my mum’s arse. But just at the top of the stairs, she stopped and opened another massive door.
“The master bath suite is in there and your dressing room in there,” she waved at two rooms — rooms! -off the corridor and I followed her into what was probably the biggest bedroom I have ever seen. There was a massive bed, a seating area, a fire place with a sheep ring rug that must have come off the biggest sheep that ever lived, a writing table and even a big flat screen on a chest at the foot of the bed.
“Oh! Wow! Grand-dad was into big spaces!”
“It’s your space now,” mum said turning back the sheet, “Do you want me to run a bath for you?”
“No, I’m good thanks. I think I’m going to lie down for a while and try and process some of this”
I started to strip — mum was standing, watching me, but I figured she was comfortable with me seeing her naked so I reckoned it was cool. I reached out for her, hugged her close to me, “Let me get my head round it?”
“Yes Master,” mum said .
I looked at her, deciding to try something, “Wake me in two hours and clothe yourselves.”
“Master John never let us wear clothes when we were at home.” She repeated patiently.
It was going to be two can play at this game, “Master Michael, is telling you I want you to wear a light robe, at least ‘tll I tell you different.”
“Yes Master.” Mum smiled and turned to leave.
“Jane?” Mum turned when I called her by name. “I DO love you.”
“I know Master.”
“Tell Elizabeth the same.”
“She knows too master.”
I slipped into the bed.
Now you are wondering when I’m going to screw my mum, after all this story’s not about the business, is it? To be honest my lovely, beautiful mum, was starting to look really good, certainly Mr Wiggly was coming round to the idea. But after having my life turned upside down, it was still a little too weird for me. I tried to think about the business, and failing that I tried to think about Eva — bent over my desk, with her pussy peeping out between her curvaceous thighs as I ploughed into her. But the problem was I kept thinking about my mum’s bum, as it jiggled, and sashayed — that’s a really good word, sashayed up the stairs ahead of me. And between visions of my mum’s arse I had dreams of my gran’s pert boobs and pierced nipples.
The next thing I knew my mum was bending over me shaking me awake. “Master Michael”.
“Can we be mum and son and gran for a couple of days, please?”
“If you wish.” I swear she looked kind of disappointed.
“Yes I do.”
As I got out of the bed, still naked, I could sense mum looking at me, appraising me. She was now wearing a deep red, short kimono
“You’ve grown into a good looking man,” she said.
“You don’t look bad yourself, mum.”
“D’you think so? I’m not too old.”
I headed across the room towards the bathroom, “No, you’re not too old at all mum, you look bloody good.”
“For my age?”
“Full stop.” I grinned at her, “Gran’s pretty fit as well.”
The bathroom was lavish — twin wash-basins, wet room shower area and with my grand-dad’s usual eye for scale a huge bath — so I sat on one of the toilets talking to my mum.
“Why have you not asked me yet?”
Mum looked at me. “Asked?”
“About the sub-master thing.”
“We figured you would make a decision eventually.”
“You see where I’m coming from though don’t you? It’s a bit weird, not to mention the fact that it’s illegal.”
“It’s not weird to us, it’s not. For me and your gran it became our normal way of life.”
“But some sort of slave, mum?”
“No — I don’t understand.” She looked at me blankly.
“All my life, you have been strong, caring, you’ve been solid. You’ve been my role-model. How do you go from that to being submissive? Being naked because ‘master’ says so?”
My mum knelt on the floor in front of me, “When your dad left me for another woman, I was destroyed. I was just eighteen and alone. I had no confidence, I saw myself as being worthless, useless and I had no idea what the hell I was going to do. We had nothing you and I, I had no prospects, no job – even the house was going to be taken — then your grand-father stepped in.”
“That was when we moved to your house?”
“Yes, but there was a price. Your grandfather gave me a choice, he would give me a small amount of money, and we could move on, or, he told me, he would support me completely ’till I got on my feet again, but I would have to submit to him. Like you I was completely freaked out. I thought he was some sort of sadist, and there was the whole sex thing, I mean – my own dad? But I talked to your gran and she showed me that it wasn’t just about punishment. It’s about love, or it was with your grand-father. She said being so tightly controlled was as much about freedom as anything else. She was his best advertisement.”
“And they were living like this while you were a little girl?”
“From just after I was born – and I never knew. Well you remember how nice a couple they always were?” I nodded. “If gran misbehaved she used to have count her own whacks, thank Master John and ask for another.
I shook my head in disbelief. “And what about you?”
“Well it took me a while but I realised I was loved — for who I am, not who I was or what I owned. And once I realised that, my life started to come together again. That first year was tough on both of us — you and me — but we’re not doing too bad now are we?”
I got up to the walk in shower — “Shall I wash your back, Master?”, mum asked rising from her knees, undoing the tie at her waist.
All the while we’d been talking I realised how comfortable I was getting with the naked mum thing.
“Okay — but it’s just washing_”
“Or what?” She grinned at me — looking quite girlish.
I realised I’d been out-manoeuvred. “I’ll get back to you on that.”
Showering with my mum was incredible, and strange — after doing my back her hand slipped down between my thighs, and she soaped my hardening cock.
“‘Been a long time since I saw this little fellow.” Mum smiled. Well mummy, actually he’s not so little, any more – not massive, and while he ain’t getting a lot of action at the moment – I don’t get many complaints.
Of course my cock got hard, and yes, there was a delicious thrill from the touch of her hand, and her breasts were so close, and she looked so sexy — and she’s my mum and all. Oh fuck, what is a man supposed to so?
I ran my hand down the curve of her back, resting it on the firm swell of her bum, squeezing it gently. I pulled her closer to me, she slipped her shoulder under my arm and we stood under the hot shower and kissed. I intended that kiss to tell her that I loved her and always would. But then I couldn’t help it, I kissed her again
It wasn’t like any other kiss we’d shared over the last twenty-five years, this was a real kiss, a lover’s kiss. I parted her lips with my tongue and brought my other hand up to her breast, flicking the nipple gently with my thumb as I stroked her gorgeous bum and pressed her to me. Her hand was gentle on my cock and she squeezed and stroked and pulled and caressed, and suddenly I felt my release — almost without warning — send strings of cum across the shower floor.
“Oh! Fuck!” I breathed.
“There now — that wasn’t so bad was it?”
My mum left me trembling and went to dress.
“I’ve left a robe for you on your bed, we’ll wait for you in the sitting room — when you’re ready.”
I lay on the bed. That hand job from my mum had been so fucked up, but on the other hand it had felt REALLY good.
I had never really thought of my mum in a sexual way before today — I had only ever explored her panties in the laundry basket out of curiosity. I never tried to steal peeks at her, well, no more than any adolescent does. I had never been infatuated with her. She had only ever been — mum. She was there at tea time, supervising homework, taking me to the pictures to see Star Wars, going shopping in London, we did just regular mum and son stuff. I knew she was a ‘looker’, my friends had said so, and I knew enough about women to make a comparison and for my mum to come out of it very well.
Mum had done the ‘talk’ with me when I was fourteen. She’d not only explained the process and a lot more about relationships, she’d given me a condom for my wallet. She was funny, sometimes not very politically correct, razor sharp clever and confident. She could be murder if you got the wrong side of her — I remember her going after one of my teachers over something, it was scary. But with me she had always been patient and calm. That scene in the shower was just so — well — so wow!
She’d left me a robe — deep, glossy red as well. I put it on and went down stairs.
Both of them were in the sitting room, quietly talking, and once again although they were clothed in similar robes, they both waited for me, kneeling in front of the fire — two obedient submissives.
“Will you two stop that? I haven’t said yes yet. Get up.”
My two favourite ladies swapped childish grins as they rose and we went through to the kitchen area of the house.
There was a tex-mex platter and drinks in the kitchen and there followed one of the strangest meals I have eaten with my mum and gran. All the time we sat and chatted about honest everyday matters surreal questions kept popping into my head. You know the ones you NEVER ask at the dinner table –which do you prefer mum, a flogger or a crop — that sort of thing. And I was keeping it together — after all however weird and incredible this was for me, for my mum and my gran it was completely real and serious. That was up until one question wondered through my forebrain — oh did I turn that one over and over! Then I figured — hey it’s my birthday — “So? Gran? How long have you had pierced nipples” (Hands up anyone who’s ever asked that across the evening meal? Thought so.)
My gran is the epitome of elegant, she’s trim and neat, composed, always calm. She just looked at me and smiled. “Master John had them pierced for me just after you were born.”
Shit! I mean piercings have really taken off in the last ten, fifteen years and there is my gran walking round with a pair of gold nipple rings inside her bra — at board meetings, at Christmas, even the Women’s Institute – for ten years before that. How fucking cool is she?
We talked for a while longer — I learned that gran is a bit of a pain slut (her words not mine!) and that my mum likes to be bound and helpless.
And with that I started to get my head around the seriousness of what was going on.
I apologised for being facetious, gran smiled graciously and dismissed it, my mum leaned over hugged me.
“I know!” I said picking up my plated and carrying it to the sink, “How about you ladies show me round this pile?”
And they did. I got the complete tour of my new home, Thrallthorpe by name. From the garden room, through several sitting rooms and lounges, to the media room, and the various bedrooms, to an orangery (like a big conservatory with orange trees) — the place went on forever. Grandfather had designed it so that the family rooms are all contained in one wing which can be isolated from the rest of the house, so my mum’s room, Grans’s and mine were all close together. At one end of this wing mum and gran led me down a set of stairs, inside the room at the bottom was what could easily have been a gym, except for the chains and whips on the wall. I suppose I had guessed there would be something like this. I looked at the equipment and as I did I saw first mum stroke a kind of table with split legs and straps all over it, she looked at gran and suddenly they both shared a smile. It was almost embarrassing to be there. This was something they had shared at some point, and it reinforced my growing feeling that I was trying to stop something that couldn’t be stopped. Just after that gran twirled a sort of swing thing round slowly and both of them laughed.
I suggested we move on again.
We ended the tour in a real gym and a large heated swimming pool.
“Last one in is a sissy!” My mum screamed, shedding her robe and diving in, gran was only a split second behind her.
Fuckit! I thought, when in Rome, and cast my robe behind me and launched myself into a classic bomb.
For a while the strangeness of the situation became just the three of us playing in the water. It was fun, we raced each other and threw a ball between us — then it all changed when my hand brushed my gran’s pert boobs. It still felt wrong, I couldn’t help it.
As I got out of the water I could sense the girlish mood turn serious.
Quickly they followed me, grabbing their robes, and falling in behind me. Neither of them spoke, they simply followed and opened doors. It was another revealing peek at the inside of the relationship. It didn’t matter to either woman why I had left the pool to get dressed, I had and they accepted it. I realised the silence was because they knew they had done something wrong but didn’t know what. We ended up in the sitting room.
“It wasn’t you.” I told them both, “It was me. I’m still not completely comfortable with some of the detail of what’s going on here. I love you both dearly, probably more so, now, and I’m not sure I can do the master thing.
“I’m going to bed, tomorrow I’m going back to Slough — I have something to finish, and when that’s done I’ll come back, and we’ll see where it goes.”
I lay in bed and thought about that last statement, it was about me. Me, me, me. I was the boss. What the women wanted was not important. Let me put that better, because what mum and gran wanted — needed – was all-important, but although I had to take mum and Gran’s feelings into account — I had to make the decisions. The decision to go back to finish the launch, and tidy things up was less about delaying the inevitable, and more about how I like to do things, one of the reasons I’m a good planning manager. If I was going to do this I decided — and I was pretty certain now I was going to, I was going to do it the way I wanted. And with that I finally slept.
The next morning I gave a list of instructions — I almost wrote it out, but that would have been an insult to these two beautiful, lovely women.
All documents for signing would have to be ready a week the following Monday, I expected a full report on the businesses, and would start to meet representatives from the various companies over the following two weeks. Some would be ‘on sites’ and some would be receptions at the house.
I’d been through the dressing room — I gave a list of clothes I wanted organised and brands and names I considered acceptable.
Last was a couple of changes I needed making in my new bedroom — mainly access to the web and stuff like that.
Gran and mum listened and nodded enthusiastically and they showed me out to the front of the house where a car and driver waited to take me back to Slough. I nearly wrote home there, but I had already started to think of Thrallthorpe as being my new home.
Back at head office I picked my car up. I then went into my office and found everything that I had asked Eva to get for me, and I logged on to the computer. I would love to be able to say that I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the launch, instead I’d work for thirty or forty minutes and then spend twenty minutes in a reverie of my mum’s boobs or Gran’s perky tits and pierced pussy.
By six on Saturday night however I could stand back and say — that that was it until Monday. I went back to my flat.
At home I went from business to pleasure mode back to business mode — and downloaded the Story of O and the Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom to my tablet.
I started O and a beer, and read and read and read. It’s not a long story but at the end of it I felt kind of cheated for her — I mean the guy gets her into training and then gives her away, which I thought was a bit shitty. I started De Sade late in the night and read it in bed, it gave me nightmares, as did some of the porn I looked at that night. I couldn’t ever see myself handing out that kind of damage to my Gran, even if she was a self-confessed pain slut.
I spent Sunday trawling the internet for more up to date fiction and films. I found a whole slew of video and written material, much of which I downloaded for later, there was even a form of bondage created round a series of books that I had read when I was about eleven or twelve as pure science fiction/fantasy novels. I loved those books — how the fuck did I miss all that? Oh yeah, I was eleven.
Eventually I found a series of stories about a writer who got into the ‘lifestyle’ — if I ever use that term you have my permission to slap me — through researching his books. Anyway he eventually ends up with his mum as one of his subs. These were great, and, to be honest, very erotic stories (okay I whacked one off while I was reading them, but only to relieve the tension).
More importantly I got it! The writer of the stories summed the relationships up beautifully, maybe there were times when the main character came over a bit abrupt, some odd social skills, but it confirmed what I had come to understand, it was about my love for them, their love for me and the manifestation of that love through our relationship. I also understood from his work that it wasn’t about slavery but submission, two very different things. I guess it was then that I decided how I was going to go forwards with this.
I ordered a couple of books on Japanese rope-play and knots from Amazon and Sunday night I went to bed a lot less conflicted than I had been for several days.
Monday — I was at my desk as usual when Eva bounced in, and for once I did not fantasise about her bent over my desk, getting it Rockygy style, this time the fleeting image that shot through my head was a naked Eva kneeling in supplication. Oh that was a Freudian slip, I thought, still it was pretty picture. We spent the next hour agreeing actions — who was going to do what.
Next I went into a meeting with my immediate boss and gave him my week’s notice. He was surprised and a little disappointed. I wanted to explain the situation and where I would be going but thought better of it. Instead I told him I had to leave because of my grandmother. I told him I wanted to sort the launch out but that I had to leave after that.
The rest of that day was spent shifting resource about, putting out orders for printing, organising catering and getting status reports from the other teams involved. By close of play on Monday — three days to go, it was all coming together.
I went home that night, ate a Chinese carry-out, watched some of the D/S stuff I had downloaded, read some of the stories and articles and downloaded a few more.
I rang my mum’s mobile number — it was bizarre — the whole conversation was very straight, updates on what they had been doing, following my instructions, how the meetings were coming along. It wasn’t until the end of the conversation that I said “Jane, you’ve done very well. Put Elizabeth on.”
My mother’s tone changed abruptly, “Yes Master.”
I heard my gran take the phone, “Hello Master.”
“Hello Elizabeth, are you waiting for my return?”
“Yes Master.”
“Elizabeth, will you do something for me?”
“Of course Master.”
“When I was there on Friday, Jane and I shared a shower, and I said that was all it was to be. But she masturbated me in the shower. What punishment should she receive for that Elizabeth?” I heard gran draw a sharp breath.
“She should have her bottom warmed at least Master?”
“Would you take Jane to the _ er _playroom Elizabeth, and punish her for me? Give her ten good hard spanks, make sure she counts them and thanks you for each one before she asks for the next one. Will you do that for me Elizabeth?”
“Oh yes Master.”
“Put Jane back on please Elizabeth?”
I told Jane what I had told Elizabeth, again I heard her catch her breath. “I said I would think about your punishment. But as you’ve both done such good work today, after Elizabeth has warmed your bottom, I want you both to go and get into my bed and be very nice to each other.”
“Yes Master.”
I told them that I loved them both and ended the call.
As I tried to sleep that night I tried not to think about mum and gran being nice to each other, seriously I did try.
Tuesday brought a summons from head office and a meeting with the head of the company. He had heard about my resignation and was concerned, however I put him off too. When we had our meeting next week it would sort it all out.
Tuesday evening I cooked myself a frozen pizza and once again rang Thrallthorpe.
This time I spoke to Elizabeth first. After she had given me a breakdown of what they had done I asked her “Did you do as I asked last night, Elizabeth?”
“Yes Master,
“Tell me about it,”
“This one took Jane to the play room, master as you instructed, master,” I expressed my approval, “And secured her to the horsy. Then this one bent her over and gave her ten good sharp whacks_”
“You said ‘whacks’ not ‘spanks’, Elizabeth. I told you to spank Jane ten times. What did you use Elizabeth?”
Her voice went very small, “Master this one used a paddle.”
“Put Jane on the phone.”
Elizabeth’s voice was timid as she said “Yes Master” and passed me to my mummy sub.
“Hello Jane. Did you do as you were told last night, were you good to Elizabeth?”
“Yes Master, in your bed and all.”
“Good. Now Elizabeth did it wrong last night, she didn’t listen to Master properly, did she?”
“No Master.”
“Well Jane, tonight it’s your turn. Take Elizabeth to the play-room and return each blow for blow. No more, no less, with a paddle. She must count them, thank you for them and ask you for another. Is that clear Jane?”
“Yes Master.”
“And afterwards, Jane what will you do?”
“This one will bring Elizabeth to your bed Master.”
“Good girl. Quite right.”
I ended the call and went to bed. I was pretty certain that Elizabeth had screwed up on purpose, but that was part of the game wasn’t it? Still it was a start and it gave me an idea how it could be used.
I fell asleep quickly that night, looking forwards to going back the Thrallthorpe on Friday.
Wednesday was just another busy day, one of those days that never seem to stop. But Wednesday’s saving grace was that it passed quickly because it was so busy. Eva — the voluptuous fun-bundle from Marketing – was in my office as we ticked off the tasks, as we reached the end Eva looked at me and asked if I wanted to go for something to eat.
“Why not tomorrow night — after the launch?”
“Everyone will want to go out tomorrow night, besides that I promised I’d make up for you having to miss your day out with your mum. We’ll head into Windsor.”
I thanked her for the offer — but there was more I needed to do.
Eva left, to go home. I decided to make my nightly phone call.
“So Jane? How was Elizabeth?”
“Elizabeth was very well behaved Master, she took her paddling very well.”
“Did she thank you for each stroke? Did she ask for another?”
“Oh yes Master, this one made sub Elizabeth’s bottom red. And then licked it better for her Master.” My mum said with glee in her voice.
“That’s my good girl, Jane. And good girl Elizabeth. But now I have a new instruction for you both, put me on speaker please Jane.
“You are, neither of you,” I told them, “To make yourself, or the other come until I return to Thrallthorpe on Friday night, after that it will be as I decide.”
I heard both ladies assent, and went on, “You are not to take any action that would result in you getting off in anyway. You are not to masturbate yourself or the other sub — do you understand me?”
Just as the two favourite ladies in my life repeated my instructions back to me on speaker Eva came back through the door, “My car won’t start, can you run me home_?”
She stood there for a moment, “Was that what it sounded like?”
“I don’t know — what did it sound like?” I looked at her.
“Well, it sounded like … It sounded like you were giving instructions to two subs to not orgasm before you give them permission on Saturday.”
“And if it was that — is that a problem?”
Eva sat down thought for a few minutes, “Not really, it was just a surprise really.”
“I guess I would never have put you as a ‘kink’ sort of person. You always struck me as a straight sex guy.”
“Yeah, well a week ago I’d have agreed with you. But since then I guess, I’m having to learn the ropes, so to speak. And anyway…” Eva looked at me “It’s only kinky the first time.”
Eva laughed at that. “So what changed in a week?”
“I inherited a pair of subs, along with a load of other stuff.”
“It’s as good a term as any.”
“So? What are you going to do with them?”
“I’m not sure I have any choice in the matter.” And as I said it once again the enormity of the commitment that was in front of me hit me.
“Do you mind if we change the subject — there’s a lot about this, I’m not comfortable with?”
“Sure!” Eva smiled again, she has a very warm sexy smile, I was going to miss that. No I wasn’t, I was going to miss the whole sexy, voluptuous package. “But there’s something else I DO want to ask you?” she said.
“Go on.” I told her. As I started to close down my computer.
“What’s this about you leaving?”
I laughed, it doesn’t take things long to get around a small office, even when you don’t want them to.
“Yes,” I told her, “I finish Friday.”
“It wasn’t something to do with this launch?” She asked apprehensively. “Are you moving on to something else?”
“I’m moving into the family business.” I said quite truthfully, “A position came vacant and it was decided that it was time for me to be involved.”
“Oh!” I was gratified to see Eva looked like she would genuinely miss me. “Is it a better job?”
Hmm good one, would it be better to run a business empire worth several hundred million pounds than do the job I’m currently in? “I genuinely don’t know.” I told her.
“What don’t you know?”
“Well, I guess — it’s such a very different sort of job. The planning job is all about organising ‘things’. Events, resources, dates and people. This new job has a lot more people in the equation.”
“You’ll walk it, you’re good with people.”
“I hope so.”
We talked shop for a bit then realised what the time was. “Before we go … can I ask you a question?”
She nodded, “Okay,” I started, “You know a bit about my kink — what is your kink?”
“Oh I don’t know if I can say that!” She looked at me mischievously, “I’m not sure I should tell you — but, tell you what – if you guess I will.”
I sat back, not sure if I wanted to do this. I really like Eva and I would like to get to know her better, but the return to Thrallthorpe on Friday night was very large in my mind.
“We-e-elll! I think you’re very sensual, you wear a lot nice textures and you like lots of jewellery that makes a noise when you move.” Eva smiled.
“You’re a strong woman, you know your own mind.” The vision of Eva kneeling naked in front of me flashed through my head again.
“No!” She looked at me questioning, “No!” I laughed.
“I want to say that you like surrendering control occasionally. But that’s just too bizarre.” I looked into her eyes, looking for confirmation.
Then, she gave just the slightest nod. “So_” I went on. “It’s not full submission, but you do like to be under someone’s control_” there was more to this though, I knew it.
“And you quite like the idea of being a sub?” I guessed.
Eva nodded, still smiling. I took her hand, there was no resistance as I raised it to my lips and gently kissed her fingers. “Please forgive me if I don’t get into this with you right now, but we will have to talk about this very, very soon.”
“I’d like that.” She said quietly, “I’d like that a lot.”
I dropped Eva at home and went on to pick up the books I ordered from Amazon at one of those drop-off points. I know what you’re thinking — I should be back at Eva’s screwing the arse off her. Part of me was going spare that I wasn’t, but the other part of me, the logical planning part of me had a plan and was sticking to it. So at the moment Eva was a distraction — a fulsome, voluptuous, gorgeous distraction but a distraction all the same.
Thursday was Launch day. Nothing else.
Caterers came and went, customers came and went, press came and went, and virtually every employee of Allitt’s went through the demo suite. I hovered around the back of the audience, ate the obligatory cold chicken legs and boiled rice salad, I just sat back and enjoyed the presentations. Eva spent her time working the press and she sparkled. The sales guys worked the customers – in short it all went off okay.
Afterwards there was the usual procession to a local watering-hole — this time in Windsor.
I went with them but only for a couple of hours. Nine o’clock saw me home and ringing mum.
“Good evening Jane, I greeted her when she answered, “How are you both?”
Her answer was a very natural sounding “Good evening Master Michael.”
Jane then brought me up to speed on what they had been doing to get meetings organised. I told here who I wanted them to invite from Allitt’s and when. Mum listened, “May this one ask why one wants the person from Allitt’s to attend?”
“No, Jane, you may not. It will be enough for you to know I want her to attend.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Tell me Jane, have you and Elizabeth done as I told you to?”
“Yes Sir!” Jane didn’t sound completely convincing. To be honest Elizabeth wasn’t that convincing either when I spoke to her. I could see how the game was played now. Well that was the point wasn’t it? Now it was time for me to start to play.
“I shall be at Thrallthorpe at eight tomorrow night, be waiting for me.”
“Yes, sir!” They answered together.
Friday was a blur, just a week after being summoned home, I was leaving my job, swapping email addresses, friending people on Facebook, clearing my desk. I cried off the farewell drink and went back to my flat to put some things together. I threw my hold-all and messenger bag into the back of my car and set off.
The M4 was solid traffic, the M25 was a complete bitch, the M1 was a car park, and to be honest helicopter is the only way to do the journey. The trip which should have taken about an hour and three quarters took over two and a half hours.
So it was, that five minutes before eight on Friday night I arrived in front of the main door at Thrallthorpe. I pressed the bell. And a minute or so later the big door swung open and my gran stood there in all of her nude glory.
“Hello, Elizabeth , I’m home.
My grandmother led me through the house, her delightful little bum wiggling in front of me into the sitting room. There she joined my mother kneeling front of the fire. This time both women waited with their hands behind them, in the small of their backs. The effect was to push their breasts forwards and up. Their heads were up but their eyes were lowered. Neither wore a stitch of clothing but both wore a collar — something I would address in time.
I stood in front of them and indicated they should look up. When they did I could see the anticipation and eagerness in their eyes.
“You will both precede me to the playroom.” Their expressions stayed neutral but I could see the smiles in their eyes.
They walked up the stairs and along the corridor to the playroom. I was getting hard just watching them move, and there was that feeling of ‘bizarre’ again. I figured I had to divorce what I was doing from my relationship with the two of them — at first. They were my subs, they weren’t my mum and Gran, yet. Just two little subs who were waiting for their master and who needed their bottoms warming.
They waited for me in the play room. I pointed to sub Jane and indicated the saw horsy. She rose and placed herself over the bench, spreading her shapely legs and showing her glistening pussy lips. I took some leather cuffs off the wall, fastening them round her ankle, and clipping them in place so her legs were fixed in place. I reached for some wrist cuffs. Sub Elizabeth was watching eagerly — her shapely little, perky little pierced boobs rising and falling as she watched her sub daughter prepared. Yes Gran, I thought, you will get some soon.
With her wrists secured to the legs on the other side of the saw horsy I was ready to start. I smoothed my hands over the sweet curves of her arse, causing my mum to lift her head and moan, as I ran my fingers down the cleft of her arse and down across her pussy lips, tweaking her full clit. I drew back trailing one finger across her cunt and offered it to her lips. As my mum suckled my finger tasting her juices on it, I stroked her hair.
Then thwack! Rapidly, thwack! Thwack! Thwack! I used a multiple strand flogger on her arse. Each stroke hard enough to sting, each one sounding loud in the room and each one enough to redden the round globes of here delightful bum. Soon Jane’s cheeks were blushing under the rain of blows. I could see her hips rising and falling rotating as she ground her pubis against the top of the saw horsy. She was panting and her normally immaculate hair was stranding as she sweated. If I had had any doubts about what I was doing and who I was doing it to, and whether she really wanted it, they were gone. My mum was getting off on this.
I paused to stroke her bottom, this was the first time I had ever done this — yes of course I had done similar — very light smacking – with girl friends but nothing on this scale. Her arse was glowing cherry red and giving off some real heat. I stroked it gently, rounding my hand across each cheek and leaning forwards to plant kisses on each one, then sliding my fingers up and down the now wet gash of her pussy.
Next I leaned down next to her, teasing her nipples as I did.
“Now Jane — mummy dear” I said it quietly and could see Elizabeth straining to hear. I almost whispered it, telling her gently, in a lover’s tone “I have said you should get ten spanks for wanking me off in the shower.”
“Yes, Master.” She told me. “Please will you spank me Master?”
“Yes, Jane I will. Ten – wasn’t it?” I stood beside her and brought my hand down hard. The slap of flesh against her round ass caused Elizabeth to close her eyes and groan. I could feel Jane raise her hips to me.
“Thank you Master,” Jane recited the formula, “That was one, may I have another?”
Smack! “Thank you Master, that was two, may I have another?
“This is not for the wank Jane, you have good hands_” Smack!
“Thank you Master, that was three, may I have another?”
I rubbed her arse gently, pressing my hips forwards I let Jane feel my erection through my jeans. Smack!
A red hand mark appeared as she thanked me and counted four and asked for a fifth.
“No it was simply that I asked you not to.” Smack! The formula clocked up five and asked for a sixth.
“And you will learn to do as you are asked Jane_” Smack!
“Thank you Master, that was six, may I have another?” Both cheeks, already red, were showing hand prints, and to tell the truth my hand was hurting a little.
“You may Jane.” Smack! I kissed her smarting arse as she begged for number eight. Her arse hole was sweet-smelling and clean, I kissed it lingeringly, letting my face rest against her burning flesh but kissing her most sensitive, and delicately scented bumhole gently, lovingly.
Eight landed hard, followed as she had repeated her mantra by nine equally hard, the impact jolting not only Jane’s hips but my arm. I heard mum gasp and felt her shake as an orgasm rocked her. I let that go, let her have a freebie, I hadn’t told her not to. We were at an exploring place not competing yet.
I waited before I administered the last blow, caressing, squeezing her bum cheeks, I made sure that Jane felt my love in the touch of my fingers and their caresses, she was close to coming again, her back arched and she pressed backwards as far as she could against my groin and the erection that waited there. The cuffs prohibited her efforts but she strained hard against them.
Smack! Ten landed right in the middle of her left cheek, the handprint red and distinct.
“Oh!” Jane breathed. “Thank you Master, that was the tenth.”
I was so turned on that what happened next seemed almost natural. I unzipped myself and plunged my cock deep inside my mum’s sopping cunt.
I fucked her eagerly, ferociously, not caring about the punishment her arse had taken. I steadied myself by grabbing her hips and though she winced it didn’t stop me.
In fact it didn’t take long, and I shot deep into my mum’s hot tight cunt.
As soon as I had finished, I looked around, Elizabeth was motionless in her sub pose, but her eyes were glittering. I pointed at the cum oozing from Jane’s pussy.
“Clean Jane up Elizabeth.”
“Yes Master!” and she got behind Jane and started cleaning the sticky mess up by gently licking Jane’s pussy.
Jane was panting as her head hung forwards. Several times she shook helplessly, confined by the cuffs. I watched Elizabeth — these two had definitely done this before — well at least I had done what I set out to do to mum.
“Come here Elizabeth.” Grand-dad had fitted the room with a vertical frame, so Elizabeth’s wrists were clipped above her head and her ankles spread. There was no mistaking the excitement in her eyes. I stroked her face, running my hands down her throat, before I cupped her breasts and thumbed her nipples. Flicking the rings in her teats caused them to grow till they stuck out straight and hard. I took one between my finger and thumb to try something. I tugged it and twisted it — looking in her eyes all the time. Elizabeth loved it, her breath became ragged and she closed her eyes as she purred in pleasure.
I leaned in and kissed her savagely, it was returned hungrily. I could taste my mum’s juices on her lips and my own cum on her tongue.
My hand slide down her stomach, feeling the tautness of her skin and the slick wetness of her pussy. “Mmm!” She moaned as my finger penetrated her.
“Oh Grand mother! What delicious titties you have!” I twisted her nipples again before attaching a pair of clamps. Elizabeth squealed in delight.
“Oh Grandmother! What a tight taut body you have!” With a riding crop I started to tap Elizabeth’s body all over but concentrating on her nipples and pussy. While I was getting into what I was doing the duality of the situation flashed past me — fuck! I was beating my dear old gran with a riding crop. And she was writhing in pleasure while I did it!
“Oh Grandmother what a sweet round arse you have!”
Whack! The crop smacked her left cheek leaving a little red wheal across the skin.
“Thank you Master, may I have another?”
Whack! A vertical line crossed Elizabeth’s right cheeks.
“Thank you Master. May I have another?” Whack! One more wheal crossed both cheeks, and I leaned in to kiss her neck.
“Thank you Master,” Elizabeth whispered breathlessly, “May I have another?”
“One more Elizabeth.” Thwack! A fresh wheal appeared across the upper part of Elizabeth’s bun cheeks.”
“Thank you Master.”
I let Elizabeth hang from her wrists for a moment and unclipped Jane. I made sure she was okay and sent her to my room with instructions.
Next I used the saw horsy again and clipped Elizabeth’s ankles to it, but, with calves against the legs of the saw horsy. I used a two short chains clipped her wrists and drew them back so she leaned back over the saw horsy, her hips thrust forwards, exposing her sex to me.
I used the same flogger that I had started on my mother, flicking it lightly across her pubis at first then increasing the weight behind each blow as they continued.
Gran’s eyes closed, and she writhed in pleasure, shoving her hips forwards to meet the blows.
I unclipped Elizabeth guiding her to her knees, she picked up on what I wanted and sought my cock with her mouth. It was incredible as she gobbled my prick and — her hands were still clipped together behind her so she could not use them, just her mouth. Elizabeth’s head pumped back and to. I reached out and held her head, fucking her mouth till at last I could feel my cum building up. Leaning forwards I took the nipple clips off. Elizabeth wriggled, and then shook from her head to her feet. That was enough — I came in my gran’s mouth. As I shot string after string of cum into her mouth, and as she swallowed it eagerly Elizabeth’s orgasm was a glorious feeling, her mouth flexing around my cock.
I let my cock fall from Elizabeth’s mouth, and pulled her to her feet. Bending, I released the wrist and ankle clips and drew her into my arms.
Her body wrapped itself to mine and we kissed again — passionately. I was stunned to find I was getting hard again.
I led Elizabeth to my room and to the bathroom where Jane waited in the large square bath, she had put her hair up, and she waited expectantly in the water as I had told her.
I guided Elizabeth into the hot water she winced slightly from the wheals on her arse, and her abused pussy, then she too sat down in the water. I joined them both and our limbs tangled beneath the hot water.
The next few minutes were spent touching, teasing, tasting as we explored each other. It was gentle and loving, and all the while it was going on I made sure that it was me doing the touching, the teasing and Jane and Elizabeth doing the tasting.
I teased Elizabeth’s clitoris, guided her nipple to where Jane could suckle it. Soon I had Elizabeth gasping and we worked her to several little orgasms. Then while Elizabeth lay back in the water, eyes closed and recovering I worked Jane’s pussy against my thigh as I mouthed her nipples — each in turn, then gently I started teasing her bum, stroking the pucker of her arse, and slipping a finger inside. I drew Jane to me –leaving her nipples but still working her clit against my thigh. Our kisses were gentle and loving, our tongues teased each other, as my finger slid in and out of Jane’s snug little bum, each move made her jerk. She gave little squeaks of delight then all of a suddenly she pushed herself away from me and wailed her cum out loud. I pulled her back to me, absorbing her scream in my mouth.
Once Jane was finished I took both women by the hand and led them out of the bath. Jane had made towels ready earlier, and towelled and dried we went to the huge bed.
Lying between these two gorgeous sensual women I let them have their way with my aching cock.
There is absolutely nothing like having two women working on your cock, sucking it, licking it, loving it. It’s a barrage of sensation that can overwhelm the senses. I tried very hard — and it was so difficult – not to let myself give way to the feeling. More than that, I had to do something, had to be in control.
All I wanted to do was surrender and let their enthusiastic tongues take me to a shattering cum. But I wriggled a finger into each of their wet cunts, teasing their clitorises.
I started thinking about other things, anything but the exquisite feeling of two tongues licking my cock. Then Elizabeth stuck her finger in my arse and I couldn’t help it. I came so hard I nearly blacked out.
Jane and Elizabeth tussled over who would capture the creamy cum and both of them quickly gathered a mouth full which they then swapped it between them in a lingering kiss.
I was done, I had come more times in one evening that I had in months, and despite pouting lips from both women I settled down to sleep, commanding them to do the same.
Once again I was being generous and allowed both subs to sleep in the bed with me. The last thing I felt as I fell asleep was a kiss on my cheek from my mum. I don’t care how old you are, that always feels good.

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