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A young wife begins to condition her husband

35 Min Read

Sandy Blair is an attractive, married, loving wife and mother. She is a very petite 5′-0″ tall, with the figure of a young teenage girl 28-20-30 and weighs just less than 90 lbs. Her slim figure makes her legs look long for her height. Her light brown hair hangs just past her shoulders. With her small breast and tiny waist she could pass for a 13 year old. She has a nicely rounded small behind and her vagina is still a nice snug fit for her husband’s average sized equipment. She has those big brown eyes that you can get lost in when she looks at you, a small nose, and full lips. Her skin is soft and smooth with only a few barely detectable smile lines.
Sandy and Alex have been married now for 19 years, and she just recently turned 38. Alex is a ten years older than her at 48. Their only child, Tanya is 18 years old and currently away in college. The marriage has been good and the sex life has always been fantastic. Sandy has always been low maintenance and likes being with Alex and doing things that he likes to do. She works full time for an accounting firm and normally dresses business casual during the week except on casual Fridays when she likes to wear blue jeans. She has been at her job for a little less than a year now; you see they both had made career changes. Alex went back to school and received a degree in engineering at the age of 34 and Sandy has had her accounting degree for a year now.
This story is about a loving couple that are about to take a journey into a lifestyle that neither of them had expected. The story will be told from each of their perspectives.
It was a sunny Friday morning and we were both getting ready for work, Sandy was dressed in her hip hugger blue jeans, high heeled sandals, and a blue ruffled pull over top with puffy short sleeves. The top is elastic around the waist and hugs her tiny flat stomach tightly. It also only goes down to the top of her tummy button so with the low top jeans she was showing off her slim figure. Her jeans fit her snugly showing off her sexy slim legs and nicely rounded ass.
“Sandy, don’t you think that is a little too casual for work,” Alex asked.
“I don’t think so” she replied, “last Friday Barb told me that in the summer months it can be a little more casual than it has been in the winter.”
Barb is one of Sandy’s work buddies, they like to go shopping on weekends and occasionally they get together for a cocktail after work. Alex has yet to meet Barb however Sandy told him that Barb is the young one in their department. She is 22 years old, single, and unlike Sandy, Barb is 5′-10″ tall, full D cup size breast, long sexy legs, blond hair and blue eyes. That would make her an inch taller than Alex.
He is 5′-9″ tall and weighs around 190 lbs. Alex used to work out regularly, and still has a stocky build but has let himself go a little over the past couple of years. He’s not in bad shape, but could use a little toning up. With his black and silver hair, icy blue eyes and thick mustache he has a bit of old west gunfighter look about him. Alex and Sandy both enjoy being outdoors and keep a deep bronze tan year around with the help of a tanning bed that they purchased last year.
Sandy was in the isle putting away one of the files she had been working on when John walked up to her and asked, “Sandy, can you stop by my office when you have a minute?”
Without turning to look at him she replied that she would be right over. Sandy walked into John’s office and asked, “Okay Johnny, what can I do for you.”
Sandy walked around to his side of the desk and leaned against it.
John looked her over slowly and replied, “You should know what you can do for me, and I sure would like to show you what I can do for you.”
Sandy replied, “Come on John, I’m busy and don’t have time for this.” She moved away from the desk just a couple of inches and noticed how John watched her every move. She liked the attention but wasn’t about to let him know it.
John spun his office chair to face where Sandy was standing and said, “Sandy, you look great in those little jeans, I just wanted to ask you to go out with us tonight.”
Sandy could see the bulge in John’s jeans and could almost feel his eyes burning into her pelvic area. Sandy looked John straight in the eye and said, “John you know I’m happily married and I don’t intend to cheat on my husband.”
John put his large hand on Sandy’s lower back and slowly moved it down toward her rear end. Sandy started to move away as John tried to slide his hand down to get a feel.
“That’s part of the attraction Sandy, the thought of making love to another mans wife is a real turn on for me.”
Sandy responded, “John, could you just try to behave like a gentleman, you don’t need to be so forward with me. Barb and I have already talked about it, we might see you there but I need to get back to work big boy.”
Sandy lightly touched his large shoulder and turned to walk away. As she walked back to her desk she could feel her heart racing and wondered if she could keep resisting his advances.
Sandy called Alex at around 1:30 in the afternoon and asked him if he had any plans for the evening.
“Nothing special,” Alex replied. “What do you have in mind?”
“Well, some of the people from the firm are going to a club tonight, thought you might like to meet some of them, the band is suppose to be good.”
Alex replied, “That sounds like it could be fun, what time would you like to go?”
Sandy answered, “We could get some dinner and show up at around nine.”
Alex agreed and Sandy responded, “Love ya, see you at home after work.”
I arrived at home before Sandy, so I thought I would relax on the patio and fix a drink, it was really warm out so I changed into a pair of shorts, fixed a bourbon and coke, and pulled out a lounge chair, I wasn’t wearing a shirt, thought I could work on my tan for a half hour or so before Sandy gets home. I was on my second drink when Sandy walked out on the patio.
“Hey sexy,” she said. I asked her where she had been and Sandy replied that she had picked up a new blouse at the mall. Sandy said she needed to get ready and went into the house. I followed her inside to fix another drink. I could hear the water running in the bath so I went to the bedroom to see what I could find to wear.
Sandy had her outfit laying out on the bed, a pair of white casual pants and a black sheer top, she had her black high heels out that she likes to wear, makes her look a couple of inches taller.
I put on a pair of tan colored dockers pants and a yellow button down shirt, that’s good enough I thought. Just as I was finishing Sandy walked in wearing her short shower robe. I thought I would finish my drink while watching her get dressed.
I sat in the armchair in the corner of the room overlooking the bed toward the full length mirror that she likes to dress in front of. I picked up a vacation magazine and started flipping through the pages as the robe came off and was tossed onto a chair in front of the vanity.
Sandy looks so sexy from behind, she was standing there brushing her hair, her legs were together yet I could see a little diamond of daylight right where her legs come together.
Sandy noticed me admiring her body in the mirror, she spread her legs apart a little and wiggled her butt. She said, “you like what you see?”
I got up, stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her small waist.
“I am a lucky man, you are so sexy,” I said as I cupped her small firm left breast with my right hand. I could feel her perky nipple start to grow immediately. I slid my other hand down over her stomach and started for her pubic area but she pushed my hand away.
“Go down stairs and fix me one of those drinks while I get dressed,” she said. “Save that for later.”
A few minutes later I took her drink up to her, she was now sitting in front of her vanity putting on her makeup. “Thanks,” she said, “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”
I took the hint that she wanted me to leave her alone so I decided to retreat to the deck.
Ten minutes later Sandy walked out on the deck, “How do I look?,” she asked. She walked over to the side of the deck where the sun was to her back. Her white pants looked almost see through, I didn’t realize how thin the material was when I saw them in the bedroom. The pants were cut even lower than her favorite jeans. I was thinking, if those pants were any lower they would expose her pubic hair, I would later find out she had decided to shave it off in the bath.
I asked her to turn around slowly. As she turned to her side I could see her perky breast through the sheer black top. She wasn’t wearing a bra tonight which is unusual for her when going out in public. The black top came down to the middle of her rib cage, it had a wide elastic band around the waist, but fit loosely around her small breast.
As she turned her back, I told her I could see her panties through the slacks. She turned to look at her rear.
“I have a white thong up in my dresser, I’ll change,” she said.
When she returned I didn’t bother to tell her the thong was just as visible as her panties, even hotter looking. The white pant legs only went to her mid calf and she looked great in her black heels. Her diamond wedding ring sparkled in the sun. That’s when I noticed the ankle bracelet.
“Sandy, did you get a new anklet? I don’t remember seeing that one,” I said.
She replied, “Barb gave it to me, do you like it?” Sandy placed her foot on the step going back up into the house so I could get a better look.
I could see it was a thin gold chain with a small charm hanging from it. The charm spelled the words “Hot Wife.”
“Everyone knows you are hot my dear, I don’t know that you have to advertise it,” I said.
“I thought it was cute,” she replied, I gave her a wink and said, “Its fine Sandy, let’s go.”
After stopping for a little south of the border dinner and margaritas we headed for the club. The club was really lively with way too much going on. We found the table with Sandy’s friends and settled in with our drinks. Barb was the most talkative one and was trying too hard to make me feel like part of the group. Besides one other husband the table consisted of all women so I started talking with him.
Ted seemed like a nice guy, he was just feeling a little out of his element and was hoping to play poker with his regular Friday night crowd. Turns out his wife wouldn’t take him up on his offer to let her go out for a night without him.
The women were talking away mostly about work, so Ted and I decided to shoot a couple of games of pool. Sometime during the second game Ted points out this guy at the bar that had just walked in.
“That’s John over there, he works at the firm where the girls work. I’m not sure what his job title is but he’s like a boss or something.”
I looked at him and said, “Damn, that’s one big son of a bitch.”
Ted told me John was a football player for a couple of years in college. I asked Ted, “Do you think John is servicing any of girls at the table?”
Ted replied that John meets the group every Friday night, but had not heard any rumors that John was dating any of them.
“Sandy never goes out on Fridays, except when we go together, so I guess she’s not part of Big John’s harem,” I said.
Right about then the hottest chick in the bar came walking up followed by the biggest man I have ever seen that close up.
Sandy strutted up and said, “John, let me introduce my husband Alex”.
I responded, “Hi John,” as I reached out for a hand shake.
That’s when I felt like a 6 year old shaking hands with an adult. I’m standing chest high to this young man that looks like he is chiseled out of stone. He had curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. John was wearing a short sleeve shirt that looked like it was painted on, his upper arms were larger that sandy’s waist. You could see his muscular square chest and six pack abdominals through the shirt.
He was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and his legs were large, long, and chiseled like the rest of him. I am not one to notice other guys but it would have been hard to miss the large bulge in the front of his jeans, he must be hung like a horsy.
Sandy coaxed us back to the table to get more intoxicated and enjoy the band. We were sitting at the table and everyone was having a good time. Then the lights go out, the stage lights up and the band starts their second set. Now for the first time I realize just how much you can see through Sandy’s top.
With her sitting between me and the stage lights I could see a perfect outline of her sexy firm little titties with her erect nipples pointing straight ahead. I could feel the start of an erection coming on. I caught big John taking in the view on more than one occasion also. He was sitting in a chair next to me and he could easily see what I was seeing.
The stage lights went out and the lights came back on. You could no longer see through Sandy’s top. I was relieved that it wasn’t so revealing when the lights were on. You really couldn’t even tell she was braless because the lights in the bar weren’t real bright.
Then Sandy got up to go to the restroom with her friend Barb and I noticed how well you could see her thong through the thin material of her white slacks. This didn’t really bother me; she wasn’t the only woman in the bar who was flaunting that they were wearing a thong. And her outfit looked classy with a touch of sexy, not slutty.
Big John got up to go to the bar for a refill when he noticed two guys walking behind Sandy admiring her ass a little to noticeably. He put one hand on the back of each of their necks and told them to be respectful.
He said, “I don’t think you guys want to give her a hard time, she’s married to my best friend.”
I thought they were both going to piss their pants. Big John let them go and they were grateful to escape with their bodies still intact. John continued to the bar to get his drink and Sandy rejoined me at the table.
Sandy said, “Did you catch what just happened?”
I said, “I saw what happened but couldn’t hear what the guys were saying before John intervened.” “They were behind me making coments about what they would like to do with my ass, I’m glad John put a stop to it,” she said.
He was in the right place at the right time, if I had been right there I would have shut them up myself.
John returned with a round of drinks and set them out for us and I thanked him for defending my wife’s honor.
John said they were rude and no woman needs to hear that sort of thing.
Sandy also told him thanks and he replied to her, “Anytime, but you do owe me a dance sometime tonight.”
Sandy looked at me and then at John and replied that would be okay.
Soon the lights went out and the see through show was on again. The third song was a slow dance song and John asked Sandy if she would dance with him. She accepted and the two were up in the crowd of dancers in front of the stage. The stage lights were now shining through Sandy’s white slacks showing the shadow of her shapely legs. I thought about how sexy she is and how lucky I am.
John and Sandy were dancing at a respectable distance until about halfway through, he put his huge hands around her tiny waist. He could easily engulf her entire waist with his hands. He pulled her closer to him had he moved his arms around her. Her head was now against the lower chest area, he makes her look so tiny.
Suddenly Barb spoke and woke me from my coma, “Don’t worry about John, he’s a bit of a playboy but your Sandy only has eyes for you.”
I asked, “How do you know that?”
She replied that John likes to flirt a bit and that Sandy always reminds him that she is happily married.
“Thanks for telling me that, I was getting a bit nervous about him.”
She gave me a hug and said, “Anytime sweetie, but I do wish he would look at me that way.”
I replied; “Do you mean he doesn’t? I was under the impression you had a pretty good following, after all you are a very attractive young lady.”
She gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “I think I know why Sandy is so much in love with you.”
Barb then got up and headed for the bar for a re-fill. As she was walking away I couldn’t help but admire her long legs that were visible through the sun dress she was wearing. She had a very sexy swing to that ass. I was hoping to see her in that dress up on the dance floor so I could catch the light show later.
Sure enough big John asked Sandy for another dance a few songs later, but Sandy said she was going to sit one out and enjoy her cocktail. John then asked Barb and she didn’t hesitate. I couldn’t believe the view as Barb walked in front of the stage lights. Her sundress with the light shining through gave a nice view of her sexy long legs as she danced to a lively rock and roll tune.
Sandy looked at me and said, “Alex, I think I have had enough to drink, take me home Daddy.”
After pulling into the driveway we walked around back to the patio, I unlocked the slider door and Sandy sat on a chair by the patio table. I started fixing myself a drink and heard Sandy yell, “me too!”
I walked out on the porch with our drinks. “Sandy, I don’t think you know just how hot you looked tonight”.
“Thanks Alex,” she said as she took a big drink from her glass.
I continued, “When the lights would go out and the stage lights went on, if a person was sitting where John or I were at, we were getting a nice view of your breast.”
Sandy replied, “You could? I guess that’s why John started getting ideas! I’m still pissed about him thinking he could pull me that close to him while we danced, did you see what he did?
“I saw that he pulled you close but I didn’t notice he did anything to be offensive,” I relied.
Sandy took another drink from her glass and said she didn’t want to talk about it. Then she walked over to the lounge and leaned back, she gave me the naughtiest look and starred in my eyes while she took her top off outside on the patio.
Some of the neighbors lights were still on so I told Sandy, “Lets go inside, I think you’ve had a few to many happy drinks honey.”
She was still looking at me when she stood up topless and raised her arms up. “Carry me to my room and tuck me in Daddy,” she said.
I walked over to her and she reached around my neck, I tucked my hands under her ass as she raised her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. I then carried her up the stairs and into our bedroom.
She lay down on the bed and asked me to pull her pants off for her so I took off my shirt and pants and got on the bed.
I unsnapped her pants and pulled down the zipper. I gave her a kiss on the belly button and reached behind her, she lifted up a little as I slid her pants off. I was getting rather stiff despite all the alcohol I had in me. We started making out and I was rubbing her swelling little tits when she moved my hand down to her thong panties. They were soaking wet.
“Oh you’re a naughty little girl tonight,” I said as I pulled the thong down over her knees and off her feet. “Have you been a naughty girl? Are you going to tell Daddy?”
Sandy replied, “Yes, I was really naughty.”
I couldn’t take it any longer; I pulled my shorts down and pushed her legs apart with my knees. I took her little wrist with my hands and pinned her down to the bed. I got the head of my now throbbing cock up against the soaking wet opening of her pussy and drove it deep into her tight little hole. I rammed the whole length of the shaft (5 ½”) into her and then pulled all the way out so she could feel the penetration with each stroke. Her pussy contracted tightly around my hard cock making it feel like she is trying to suck me dry. On the fifth stroke I started shooting my load as I stayed buried deep in side of her. We cuddled for a few minutes then I got up and rinsed and dried off.
I went down stairs and fixed another drink, not that I hadn’t had plenty, I could hear Sandy in the bathroom. It’s rare for her to role play like that when we have sex. Normally we’re quiet with lots of kissing and stroking.
Sandy, calling me Daddy, and saying she was naughty made me so horny I couldn’t last as long as I would have liked. I would have given anything for the sex to have lasted longer. I returned to the bedroom and got under the sheets still in the nude.
Sandy returned in a t-shirt and white cotton panties. She crawled up to me and was looking at me with those big brown eyes that no one can say no to. “When John was dancing with me I could see him starting to get aroused,” she said. “I started to move away from him to leave the dance floor. That’s when he pulled me close to him. He was intentionally trying to press his manhood against me and trying to pull my breast into him.”
Sandy was lying with her left knee firmly in between my legs so that my cock was lying on her thigh.
As she told me about dancing with John I could feel my member begin to stiffen only slightly. Sandy must have noticed this and tried to move closer to better judge my reaction to her pillow talk.
“I have to be honest with you; he has been coming on to me for quite some time now at work.”
I mentioned that her friend Barb had told me that John liked to flirt with her.
She continued, “I always remind him that I am happily married and faithful to my husband. But I have to admit he almost wore me down tonight when he wrapped those big hands around my waist, I thought I would wet my pants right there.”
I felt my cock crawl a little further up her leg as she continued, “He is normally really nice and respectful, like when he stopped those two from making comments about me.”
She was very much aware that I was getting harder again. She reached down and began slowly stroking me. I could see a little smile on her lips that she was trying to hold back.
Sandy went on to say, “Can you believe how big he is, and strong, he looks older than 26 don’t you think?”
Not wanting to hear the truth. I asked her if she ever fantasized about being with big John. Asking her this made my cock as hard as a rock and Sandy couldn’t hold back the smile.
Then she asked, “Is talking about this making you excited?”
“Just lying here next to you makes me excited Sandy, but I will admit that when the stage lights came on; and knowing someone besides me was enjoying the braless view through that top you had on made me a little excited.”
Sandy then told me that she hasn’t fantasized about John but that he has been a little persistent about wanting her to go out with him, and he isn’t the only one. This of course is nothing new, Sandy has always had her admirers, but she doesn’t usually tell me much about it.
“The only thing is, Alex I was young when we got married and I have never been with anyone else, so yes, and I think it’s only natural to be sexually curious about being with someone different. Don’t you ever think about it?”
I replied, “Sandy, honey it would break my heart if you had sex with someone different.”
Then she said, “I wouldn’t have guessed it by that horny penis of yours, it’s been poking me in the stomach harder every time we talk about someone wanting me.”
“Sandy, I just want you, couldn’t we just make love again now.”
She replied, “It’s getting late Alex, I’m tired now and need to get some sleep, okay?”
I reluctantly turned off the lamp and we went to sleep.

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