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alora mlf

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After a period of time I found myself ( single at the time) giving one of our sales staff the ‘eye’.She was a lovely “italian” girl of 18.Now she had wonderful long well kept hair, lovely eyes, straight back, extremely prominate breasts and long legs.Her breasts were more prominate because she had an extremely small waist and lovely ‘c***d bearing’ hips.Her walk was always very seductive and from information she was still a virgin very much so as she still lived with her very strict parents.As part of my duties I had to check out the store room shared by all three departments so I frequented that area often.One day just before going to lunch I walked in the room and found our ‘friend’ there putting some stock on the shelves.I said ‘hi’ and she smiled and mumbled a greeting in reply.She said ‘ she wasn’t feeling well and could she go up to sick bay and see the ‘sister’ , to which I said “ok”.A couple of days later she approached me and said how thankful she was with the action I had taken, and could we meet sometime and have lunch together.Company policy was we should not fratenise with others.I gave the matter some thought and agreed.Early the next week we went out for lunch.As she ate her sandwich I could not keep my eyes of her breasts and clevage.Suddenly she looked up and caught me in the act and just smiled opening another button of her blouse to improve the view.I said that I would like to have a night out with her and she said she would like that but her parents would never allow her out at night on her own.How about we both take tomorrow off go to my home near the beach and we could spend the day together.She readily agreed and said she had for a long time wanted this but did not think I would be interested because she was much younger than me.The next day I met her at the station and took her home.Shortly after arriving and settling down I said ‘dear girl’ I think a lot of you and I want this friendship to go all the way.She looked at me and smiled and said are you hoping we might have sex?Yes was my answer and as I gave my reply she started to remove her top. I went closer to give her a hug but she moved back and said ‘no’ but continued to remove her clothes.As she removed her ‘bra’ her breasts stood out her nipples enlarged. ( as was my weapon!).Finally she stood before me totally naked and what a sight that was. Her vagina was covered in lovely black hair.I said “ok” you look very lovely and sexyThe reply was thank you I have never been naked before like this as I am a complete ‘virgin’ but I have had thoughts for a long time about you being the one to take my virginity.Secretly I had already just about blown my load.We adjourned to the big double bed , I really enjoyed those breasts and virgin nipples suddenly she opened her legs wide, said please fuck me but do it slowly, but as I entered her I could not get into her as it seemed to painful, so we adjourned and went for a drive.Down at the beach and relaxing on a blanket we finally had a very succesful sex act.After a period of time I was invited to spend some time at the family home.Whilst there I got information that I had been succesful in getting a overseas posting for three years.The morning I was about to leave “R” got up and ran a lovely hot bath for me.She was in her pyjamas and bending over the bath.I could not resist I dropped her pants inserted my very hard cock right up her, no resistance just a lovely smile.I held her breasts and slowly pumped her gently as she was very wet and juicy also hot >I started to pump her more vigorously and then blew my load deep within her.As I slackened she turned around and said do you know what you have done? You, as she rubbed my cock again, you have blown your load right up into my cervex. I will be pregnent for sure! I felt it go right in. Wow it was wonderful!With this the bath was ready but she decided to suck me off before she left.She was right and had a baby girl but she was then forced into an arranged married and had another baby. She was no longer able to see me or contact me.But she remembers that moment it remains very special.

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