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Amanda Finds Angel

201 Min Read

It’s Friday I’m about to leave for a much needed two week vacation, and I haven’t got anything done in the office for days. All I can do is stare at this brochure of Belize, my tickets, and a note saying, ‘CONGRATULATIONS, AMANDA SCOTT, GRAND PRIZE WINNER TO A DELUXE RAIN FOREST RETREAT!!!’
For the life of me I couldn’t remember entering a contest, and certainly nothing to Belize. I knew they spoke English, and it was near Mexico, but that’s it.
“Mandy, Mandy, Mandy!”
Christ, it’s Bill, my boss, the only hillbilly here who can get away with calling me anything but Amanda, and not get my foot up his ass. “Knock, knock.” He raps on my open door, with just his head around the corner. Thick, black-rimmed glasses, freckle-faced, red hair with a constant cowlick, he looked like he was a nerd, because he was. “Mandy, we’re all gonna miss ya. But, go have yarself a good ol’ time, and when ya’ll get back I want yar head in the game.”
As usual he imparted his little pearl of wisdom and left. Ah, to be the CEO’s son. Also as expected my secretary Gwen popped in giggling. “Busted, told you don’t worry where it came from, just go, have fun. Hell, I say you nail the co-pilot on the way there.” I roll my eyes, and she waggled her hand. “Fine, nail a couple of flight attendants, females of course. Better yet, fuck all of them.” She laughs her ass off at her little joke.
“Darlin’, go away.”
“Hey,” five-ten, big boned, this busty blonde, didn’t understand ‘go away,’ “I scheduled your wax job yesterday hun, and know how you get.” She patted just above her crotch. “That’s why I don’t do more than trim mine, can you see me hornier than I am?”
“No sweetie, heaven forbid.”
“Besides,” she wiggled her butt, “I’m a natural blonde, and it’s my duty to show it off. Bet you’re not wearing panties, are you sweetie pie?”
“Gw-wen, you want to get your horny butt back to work? You know I shave, went to the spa for a facial, manicure and pedicure. Now, I need to get this done, and only have an hour, back to work.” She was a great secretary, but I think she could smell a woman’s arousal from half a block, and was usually right, especially in my case. Her favorite saying, ‘I like dick, but I love pussy,’ and always on the prowl for both.
“No, I don’t want to go to work.” Closing the door, she grinned. “Hun, I could take the squirm out o’ my lil’ honey pie in half an hour. Will let you concentrate on work, dawlin.’ What? It will.” I give her another eye roll, this one accompanied with a sigh. “What? Don’t care if you shaved or waxed, we both know you ain’t wearing panties so that saves some time, and I’ll get every inch o’ your delicious five-six, tight, sexy body quivering. And what I could do to your big titties and bald pussy is probably a crime in half the states.”
Put the paper down, and looked up. “What have I told you about work and relationships?”
“Fine,” she stuck her nose in the air, “I’ll quit the damn job.” Gwen winked. “Got my emergency strap-on in my purse, and this great anal dildo. Honey pie, I’ll bend your hot butt over the desk, and give you a handful of quickies, dping you while pulling your hair.” She licked her lips slowly, and so seductively. “Hun, I’ll have those sexy hazel eyes rolling in the back of your head. You done know I suck a mean clit, told ya’ll enuff times, cutie pie.”
This got me laughing. “You just aren’t going to quit are you?”
“Not til I get you over the desk, a time or three, and taste your loveliness.” Grinning she held up her hands. “Fine, did you remember to pack your traveling kit, and bring fresh batteries?”
“Yes mother.”
Gwen wiggled her eyebrows. “What about that ‘weapon of ass destruction’ I gave you for Christmas?”
“Right,” I snorted, “like I’m going to get that through airline security. I’ll be fine with my travel kit.”
“Okay,” Gwen held up a finger, “hun, one word about Corozal, ‘commercial free zone,’ no tariffs, no taxes, selling to ya’ll wholesale. Check it out.”
“Yes mother, dear.” I waved her away. “Go file something.”
“Right, you’re on vacation, boss lady,” she giggled, “only thing I’m fucking filing the next two weeks is my damn nails. Most the time I’m going to be spending in the secretary pool, why do you think I brought my toys?” She winked. “There’s this scrumptious petite redhead I’m gonna get a taste of,” she sighed, “little hottie just don’t know it yet. Asked her if she shaved, then told her I didn’t care, bald or furry I’d lick her like an all-day lollipop. She’s a bit scared, but pretty interested, you know my nose, it knows.” Rubbing her hands together and licking her lips Gwen headed back out the door.
Had no idea why I put up with her, now she’s really got me stirred up, and I notice I’m indeed squirming. Glancing at the cover picture I was thinking about Pete, my last boyfriend, how nice it’d be to go on vacation with someone. Um-m, a real dream, athletic build, dark hair, eyes, and complexion to match, he looked like he worked out constantly, which he did. The man had two gym memberships, played softball at least three days a week, plus always driving all over hell and back to enter Rocky(H)shoe throwing contests.
I enjoyed the outdoors, didn’t mind going camping, fishing, hiking with him, or watching his games. No, it was a sex thing that finally did us in. He got me off, but I called him Plain Pete, it was always the same thing. Probably better I go the vacation alone, and this was some sort of retreat with plenty of people and activities, no doubt new folks to meet.
This triggered a memory of my last sexual encounter, have no idea his name, or what he looked like. Last Friday night us girls are having a drink at a newly opened bar, staying a bit later than planned, and drinking a bit heavier. He came up behind me when I was headed for the bathroom, but took a wrong turn. He cupped my breasts, and nibbled on my ear. “I love big titties, and you’ve got absolutely marvelous ones. Um-m, long, wavy auburn hair gets me hard,” he sniffed my neck, “and Candies for Women gets me even harder.” He had me pinned face first in the corner. “Take your panties off.”
“You heard me,” his hands between the wall and me he was rolling my hard nipples between fingers and thumbs, smelling my hair, kissing my neck, “take your panties off, so I can fuck you.” This hallway was damn near pitch black, music is loud, it’s late, and I don’t think anyone is going to hear me screaming, even if I wanted to. “Come on,” he kissed the side of my mouth, running his tongue between my lips, “we both know you want this, and will enjoy it.”
Because of the combination of too much Jagermeister and my horniness I take my panties off, which was a lot harder than needed to be, seeing as he wouldn’t let me out of the corner. “Give them to me.” I hand him my panties, and he sniffs them. “Yep, horny as damn hell, but lil’ lady, I’m about to fuck it right outta you. Come on, hike up the back of your skirt, and get hold o’ your clit.”
I do as told, and pinching my nipples he slides a very thick cock into me. Christ, I’m hot, and have no idea how much I’m going to get, but then his body is pressed against mine. He grabs my hips, and with no leverage I’m pressed flat against the wall. I’m guessing he’s eight or nine inches, and he fucks the hell out of me, hard, even bruised my forehead, but did I ever cum.
This stranger shot his sperm deep into me, and I just lay up against the wall panting. When I turned around he’s gone, along with my best black lace thong. Forgot about peeing, and stagger out trying to see if I can find the prick with my panties. I brace myself against the doorway, scanning the room. He had a bit of stubble, but a full moustache, and shoulder length hair. Something else, smelt of my favorite cologne, Burberry, plus a big silver ring on his right hand, middle finger. Boots, during a music lull I heard heels walking away, and he wore a cowboy hat. Hell, that was half the assholes here. Had to be a black hat, that cut out a quarter, and another quarter had no thick moustache. Place is packed, and I’ve got it whittled down to twenty men.
Should’ve given him a back kick in the nuts, and might’ve if I’d known he was going to steal my favorite panties. All those years of playing soccer I could’ve nailed him easy, but there was something about the whole situation, so… I’m leaning against the doorway trying to run it through my head, the feelings, the cause of… Had I flirted with someone too much, was it one of those who bought me a drink.
“Hun,” Gwen shook my arm, “you okay?”
“Yeah sweetie,” I tried to chuckle, “one too many Jagers.”
“I’ll say,” she brushed my skirt down, “honey pie, you kinda did a half-ass job in the can. You do know you’re leaking, and where are your panties?”
“I just got fucked, and someone took them.”
“Um-m, is he still there?” Her big blue eyes lit up, and she rubbed my back. “Hun, you want to take me back there, and I’ll clean you up.”
“Gwen, this isn’t funny, I was practically raped.” I snorted. “Hell, no practically about it, I was fucking raped.”
“Okay sweetie,” Gwen kissed me on the cheek, “are you hurt? Do I need to take you to the hospital, or cops?”
“No, I’m not hurt, and I don’t need ridiculed by the cops.” I looked around the room. “Don’t even have a decent description of him. He was leaning over me, so maybe six feet, decent build, moustache, cowboy hat, boots, and at least an eight-inch, thick cock. You think that’ll fly?”
“No,” she giggled, “but I’d like to do the search, a personal man-hunt even.”
I’m trying to remember it again, but all I keep flashing to was how good it felt, how exciting.
“Hun,” Gwen snapped her fingers, “wake up sweetie, your car is on the way.” She came in the office, and picked up my bags. “Should be here by the time we get down there.”
Was no car, it was a limo, and I glanced at Gwen, who rolled her eyes. “Hey, boss lady, you’re going in style. You ever get ate in a limo?”
“Want me to ride to the airport with you?” She grinned. “I can catch a cab back, and in between change that answer.”
“You know, sweetheart,” I swatted her, “was half wishing I could take you along, but you’d just pester me to damn death.”
“Hey, I’m not wasting a trip to Belize with you,” she leered at my crotch, “wouldn’t be able to see a damn thing with your thighs acting as blinders the entire two weeks.”
Laughing I hug her, and cupping my butt she kissed me. “I want you getting laid, boss lady, and when ya’ll get back you can tell me all about it. Might even have me a new job, then I can show you how it’s properly done, sweetie.”
“You better not quit on me, or lil’ darlin’ I’ll beat your ass.”
“Oh,” Gwen snickered, “there’s a real incentive, luv. Hell, make room in the limo for me, ya’ll can beat my ass the whole way there.”
“Go away.” I blew her a kiss, and waved as the limo pulled away from the curb.
Was a flight to Houston, and I figured a prop plane to Belize. Imagine my surprise when I’m met at the gate be a young man, who takes me bags, then drives me to a private hangar, where a small Lear jet is sitting. A middle-aged man in a uniform stood at the steps. “Good afternoon Lady Angel, I’m Captain Anderson. We’ll be taking off as soon as we get clearance from the tower, and have clear weather to Corozal.”
“Ah,” I handed him my pass, “I’m Amanda, not royalty, or Angel.”
“Yes,” he smiled, “Mr. Dark said you would say that.” He took out a picture, and gave it to me. “As you can see that’s you, Lady Angel, girl with the hazel eyes.” He was middle aged, handsome, clean-shaven and wearing Burberry. Not exactly a custom scent, but not something you ran across every day either.
“Well,” I half snickered, “that’s me, but I’m Amanda.”
“Yes Lady Angel, but I’m afraid Mr. Dark left specific instructions, you are to be addressed as Lady Angel.” He held out his hand. “Would you like to come aboard now, Lady Angel?”
“Ah, yes.” Except for a cute, young flight attendant, there are no other people on the plane. Are not even seats, just two tables with three overstuffed, almost lounge chairs. “Captain Anderson, where are the rest of your passengers?”
“Lady Angel, you are the only passenger this evening.” He motioned to the young lady. “Beverly, here will get you anything you desire.”
“Hello Lady Angel.” Beverly grinned, she’s wearing a skimpy little uniform, and with such a hot body she could’ve been a model. She sits across from me, and slowly spreads her legs letting me see she’s a true redhead. I look up, and she smiles, picking up the lid off a plate. “To start with we have a Caesar Salad, your rib-eye will be done shortly, grilled, with mushrooms, no onions, no peppers, no sauces, medium rare, right Lady Angel?”
“Ah,” I can’t believe it, my favorite foods, minus the ones I don’t like, a bottle of Jagermeister is on the table, and where did the Captain get that photo, “yes, that’ll be great, Beverly, thank you.”
“Also have corn on the cob, a potato, and/or dinner roll.”
“Just the corn and roll, please.”
“Yes Lady Angel, would you care for something besides Jagermeister?” Beverly puckered her lips and raised an eyebrow. “For desert, dark chocolate truffles,” she pointed at a small container, “for the flight, dark chocolate M&M’s, along with an assortment of nuts, chocolate covered, and me, any way you want me, Lady Angel.”
“Um-m, ice water would be nice.” She smiled, and seeing as all these were my favorites, well except for girls, they were fine I just liked bigger titties. I held up a finger. “Excuse me, Beverly, how did you know what to serve?”
“Oh, it was Mr. Dark’s explicit instructions, Lady Angel. Except for me, I saw your picture, loved your eyes and volunteered.” She smiled, showing off her perfect teeth and cute dimples. “We have a wide range of music to select from, but Mr. Dark requested your song to be played first. Would you care for anything else?”
“My song? Well, I guess fine.” With just my fingertips I rubbed my forehead. “Ah yes, there’s something else, could you please tell me who Mr. Dark is?”
“Well, Lady Angel, Mr. Dark is Mr. Dark.” She handed me a cd, and another photo. “Track six, Lady Angel, and I don’t blame him dedicating the song to you. Your eyes are beautiful, if you cared to be pleasured after dinner let me know, I’m quite good at it, and following orders.” I raised an eyebrow, and she smiled. “It wasn’t Mr. Dark’s instruction, but he gave me permission to do so if I so pleased, and I so please.”
“I see,” I sigh, and smiled, “thank you, Beverly. Think I’ll let my meal digest a bit, but thank you.” The music starts up, cd is ‘One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back,’ by Darkness, and track called, ‘Hazel Eyes.’ Starts off as on orchestra piece, then a single guitar, and the singer singing falsetto, with the refrain, ‘girl with the hazel eyes, aaaah-aah!’ I think it has something to do with a Scottish girl, and play it again, but it holds no special meaning to me.
This was getting stranger by the minute, two women hitting on me, well Gwen was always hitting on me, wishing to take me to the bright side, as she calls it. But, damn this little hottie is constantly touching me, showing me herself, smiling and flirting, then admitted she wanted me. I’ve done a thing or two with ladies in a group situation, but I’m not gay, or even bi, really.
Pick up the pictures and no way did I ever remember getting my picture taken at either site. The one Beverly handed me was obviously taken in front of a Starbuck’s, I’ve got a coffee and muffin in hand, no doubt headed for work, because I don’t eat muffins or drink coffee, unless I’ve had a bad night, or I mean good night, bad morning. By the look on my face this isn’t the case, so I’m taking these to Gwen, she loved coffee and a muffin for breakfast. The other picture I’ve no idea where it’s taken, but I’m wearing different clothes, and looks later in the day.
I replay the song, concentrating hard, still all I can make out through the accent is, ‘girl with the hazel eyes, aaaah-aah!’ Although I like the tune, but don’t believe I’ve heard it before. Pick up the cd, and my thumb covers up part of the band name, Mr. Dark, Darkness, can’t be a coincidence.
Eat my truffles, and down another shot of Jager. Anyone who knew me so well to plan all this, why would they think I liked women. I wanted to hit the bottle of Jagermeister hard, but my last experience after doing so convinced me to ask Beverly for more water.
She brought the ice water to my table, then requested, “Might I sit, Lady Angel?”
“Of course, Beverly,” she never asked before, “make yourself comfortable, care to join me in an M&M or two?”
“Thank you, Lady Angel.” She takes off her top, no bra, bright pink hard and pierced nipples contrasting nicely against her pale skin. Beverly stands, just long enough for the rest of her outfit to hit the floor, and she has a clit ring. Now except for her shoes my flight attendant is calmly sitting across from me naked as a jaybird.
“Beverly,” I look around for a hidden camera, “my name is Amanda, do you fly a lot of people around, and give them new names?”
“No Lady Angel, we only fly those Mr. Dark wishes us too.” Beverly starts running her finger up and down her slit. “Do you mind?” She doesn’t wait for an answer, and starts fingering her pussy. Eyes closed, head back, one hand doing her nipple rings my flight attendant is going to town on herself.
Decide this is getting too weird, slip out of my seat, and quietly go up to the Captain’s cabin. He and the co-pilot have their pants down to their knees, and are jacking each other off. My first thought, Gwen is behind this whole thing, but where’s she going to get this kinda money. My second is, hope we’re on auto-pilot.
I go back and have a shot of Jager, while Beverly is having an orgasm. Licking her fingers, she looks at me. “Thank you Lady Angel, it was the greatest, hope you have a long reign.”
Heard a lot of after-orgasm goofy talk, but this was a first, and all I can think of to say is, “You’re welcome, certainly looked good, and I hope so too.”
“Oh you will, those beautiful eyes do not lie.” She takes a deep breath, and pointed out the window. “Reason I sat was to point out Corozal Town, as you can see a coastal town. We’ll be swinging east and making our approach from the south. East of the town are the ruins of Santa Rita, one of many ancient Mayan sites, there is also Cerros another site, which is a day trip. As you can see there are plenty of fields below, they’re sugar cane, and a fine rum is produced in Corozal. I strongly suggest you swim in only designated areas, nothing brackish, crocodiles are a native animal here.”
“Good to know.” Beverly makes no move to put on her clothes, and I passed her more M&Ms. “Looks like it’s hemmed in by jungle.”
“Yes, but you can find plenty of guides to take you where you wish to go.” She smiled. “There are some who only speak Spanish, but not many. You’ll have no trouble finding English speaking citizens. I’m a relative new comer here, but your driver will know the area quite well.” She pointed down. “Please, buckle up, Lady Angel.”
We touched down, taxied a bit, and there was no line or anything I had to go through. Beverly, still naked as a jaybird, escorted me to the door, where she pulled me into her, and kissed me passionately. “Thank you Lady Angel, I’ll please you any time.”
“Yes,” I swallowed hard, “thanks Beverly, perhaps the flight back.”
She’s giggling, as I walk down the jet’s steps and am met by a young man, introduced as Ramon. Shoulder length straight black hair, golden-brown complexion, with a delightful smile, and lively twinkle in his dark eyes. What he also had was a blue and red tattooed forehead, running down both sides of his face to the bottoms of his ears, along with six, one-inch gold rings. One in his chin just below his lower lip, next through his septum, followed by the bridge of his nose, two were at the ends of his eyebrows, and the last at his hairline, aligned with the first three.
Kind of reminded me of a cross, and despite this body art he was handsome. He handed me a rose, giving me a bow. “Good evening, Lady Angel.” I took his hand he extended, and he kissed it. “Lady Angel, might I suggest we take a little drive to enjoy the sunset before checking you into your room.”
“Thank you, where to?”
“The ruins, Lady Angel, they are a short walk, but a marvelous site where we can view the sun falling below the rain forest.”
It was a short ride, and indeed not a long climb to get to the top of the wall, where three thousand years ago a thriving city stood. Ramon told me how many times the town had been destroyed, or close to it, the last in ‘55, by Hurricane Janet. But each time the farmers would slowly return, and the town was rebuilt.
“Lady Angel, is the wolf your animal totem? May I see all of it?”
“Um-m,” I rubbed the back of my right shoulder, “yes, suppose it is my animal totem.” I pushed the material off my shoulder. “The wolf against mountains, both images of power, I think.”
“Yes, Lady Angel, definite power. We do not have wolves, but we have gray foxes, their power is being cunning. Our forests are power, because of their ability to grow back so quickly.” He stared out to the sea. “What of the other, is it your tribe? May I see all of it?”
Have a blue tribal cross on my lower back, but no way-sheer cotton blue top is tucked in my white denim skirt. “Nothing special,” I pulled my top up, “something I liked. Actually, after looking at some I drew it up, and I’m part Cherokee.”
“Ah, your spirit guided you, Lady Angel.” Ramon raised an eyebrow, getting the gold ring to wiggle. “So, you do not know for sure it is not your tribe in you or your ancestor’s past, Lady Angel?”
“Well,” I snickered, “put that way I guess I don’t.”
“Um-m, and your third?”
“Don’t have a third.” This was rather strange, because I had been seriously thinking of getting another in memory of my father.
Ramon touched the center of my left shoulder. “There behind the heart, Lady Angel, because he’s always there, and you were ‘daddy’s little girl.’ Suggest a tribal symbol, a star with his true name, not his given one.” I looked back and wrinkled my nose, getting him to chuckle. “Laughing Eyes, was his true name to you, Lady Angel, for his eyes lit up when he laughed, and he gave them to you.”
“Ah, yes they did light up delightfully. It’s a nice thought, very nice, thank you Ramon.” I wiped the tear just starting to form from my eye. “Dude, what about your tats?” He wrinkled his nose, and I grinned. “I meant your tattoos.”
“Oh, the blue designate my tribe, the red dots and lines denote numbers, Lady Angel.” With two fingers Ramon tapped his forehead. “The numbers represent a name.”
“I see, what name?”
“Actually Lady Angel,” he half-chuckled, “it is unnamed, to be precise an unnamed goddess, she is called the ‘great goddess,’ and known for her fertility. The right black marking denotes my animal totem as the jaguar, and the left my spirit guide the owl.”
“Um-m,” I smiled, “that’s a lot for one tattoo.”
“Yes, Lady Angel, I guess it is, but lets all know who I am.”
“Reckon it does. What about the jewelry?”
“Oh, my rings, Lady Angel.” He took a deep breath. “They are called the cross of pleasure and pain. They are all from an ancient test of my people. How about yours, Lady Angel, piercing?”
“My tongue,” I snickered, “just to be different. Enjoyed a pierced tongue, thought others would.”
“Yes, Lady Angel, I am sure your men and women have enjoyed it.” I gave him a look, and was about to tell him there had not been a lot of ladies, but he just smiled. “Over the years I have had plenty of both, making love is to truly be shared.”
Not sure how many years he was talking about, seeing as I put his age at twenty-one, tops. We left it at that, and Ramon took me to what looked to be the nicest hotel on the beach. Was no surprise when I walk in to hear, “Hello, Lady Angel,” the clerk handed me a key, “anything the girl with the hazel eyes wants, just ask for Juan.”
Granted most the people I had seen were of Mexican or Mayan descent, but hazel eyes couldn’t be that uncommon. Ramon escorted me to my room, a very elegant room, probably the nicest one in the place, then took care of the bellboy. Which wasn’t strange being as I was a guest, no the strange part was, the bellboy slipped Ramon some money.
Hadn’t even opened my bags when there was a knock. “Lady Angel,” Ramon calmly declared, “it is for you.”
Wondered if this dude knew some good parlor tricks, or if it might be Mr. Dark. I opened the door to find the bellboy, I believe his girlfriend, and three other young couples. “Yes, may I help you?”
“Just a touch,” he requested, “Lady Angel, we want a boy.” The pair touch my arm, then they each kissed two fingers and touched their foreheads. “Thank you, Lady Angel, thank you.”
If that’s not weird enough, this scene is repeated with the other three couples, except for the last two asking for a girl. I just stand there smiling, as they head off giggling, fondling each other. Close the door, thinking ‘there’s some damn strange customs here.’
I start to ask Ramon about it, but he asked, “Does Lady Angel need me for the night?”
“Ah,” I looked around, “is there something going on tonight?”
“No Lady Angel, I meant for pleasure.”
“Oh, yes, well…” I looked straight at his crotch, and he had a decent bulge, wide. “Ah, I really need to get some sleep, perhaps tomorrow.”
“Of course, Lady Angel.” He kissed my hand. “There is Jagermeister on the table, along with a bottle of our finest rum, triple distilled and aged, enjoy. I shall be back in an hour to check on you, Lady Angel, and explain what is planned for the day.”
“Ramon,” I gave a little head bob at the table, “what’s in the third unmarked bottle?”
“Oh Chukai,” he wiggled his eyebrows, “an old Mayan recipe, cacao pulp liqueur, a nightcap.” He again kissed my hand. “Lady Angel, for those not used to the drink you should not imbibe til bedtime, it’s quite potent.”
“Sounds lovely, and I’ll definitely finish my day with one.” I closed the door, and looked to the heavens. “Christ, someone switched the formula to my perfume, and didn’t tell me.”
I unpacked my bags, and my traveling kit is gone, nothing else, just my toys. And I didn’t misplace it, seeing as my birth control pills were here, and they were in my traveling bag. Stomped out in the hall to find Ramon, but he wasn’t there. Was no big deal, I just wanted to get a shower and a decent night’s sleep, still I wanted it back for later. This day had been too much for me, private jet, the sexual activity all around me, all these people knowing me, well kinda, and what I liked or disliked. I had a shot Jager, then decided what the hell, and had a shot of the rum.
Shower felt fantastic, revived my body, but my brain was still fuzzy. Reached out for the towel, but it’s gone. Now I know I just put it there, and I’m thinking someone revived ‘Candid Camera,’ and I’m on the opening episode. I stepped out of the shower, and there’s Ramon holding my towel. “What the fuck, Ramon? You don’t knock?”
“I did Lady Angel,” he shrugged, “but you were in the shower. Mr. Dark, wants me to take care of you, and Lady Angel, you need to wash your hair. Let me dry you off, then I shall do it.”
Really needed to talk to Mr. Dark, although I did like the idea of someone washing my hair. Don’t do this type of thing, ever, not because I’m prudish, just don’t like being taken advantage of, but I give him a nod. Ramon dried me off, and kneeling stared at my shaven pussy. “Is there a reason it’s bare, Lady Angel?”
“Just prefer it that way,” I shrugged, “smoother, more sensitive.”
Thought he might lick me, and wasn’t sure if I’d let him, instead he wrapped the towel around me, then led me to the sink. He washed my hair, and while lathering it up the second time declared, “You have lovely hair, Lady Angel. In fact, you’re quite lovely.”
“Thank you, Ramon,” I sighed, “but could stand to shed a little weight, tone up a tad.”
“No Lady Angel, might take away your curves, here you’re a goddess.”
I giggled at that, and this image of me on a golden throne, high up a long flight of stairs popped in my head, which I quickly shook out, replacing it with only a handful of steps, because I didn’t like heights. Had to chuckle at what Gwen would say, I’m in a strange country, with a good-looking, wildly tattooed, pierced stranger drying me off and washing my hair. Bet Gwen woulda nailed him before he ever started the car.
“Am I tickling you Lady Angel?”
“No, just replaying my day, it’s great Ramon, a bit different, but great.”
“Thank you, Lady Angel,” he finished rinsing my hair, “Mr. Dark will be happy to know.”
“Speaking of Mr. Dark,” I growled, “a small traveling bag was taken from my luggage, do you know anything about it?”
“No, Lady Angel.” He started drying my hair. “Theft is not a problem here, Lady Angel.”
“Yeah,” I sighed, “could’ve been at airport checkout in the states.”
With a towel around my hair, and another barely covering my titties, but going well below my pussy, I go into the bedroom. Ramon has poured me a shot of the Chu-stuff. “Time for a good night’s sleep, Lady Angel. I shall be outside your door when you are ready for breakfast. We are to ride Rocky(H)s out to see the ruins, and a chocolate farm, then let you enjoy a beautiful lagoon.”
“Hm-m,” I drank the shot down, “Whoa, potent, but good.” Stuff was thick, chocolaty, but not real sweet, and I handed Ramon the glass. “Day sounds wonderful, ah… Hm-m, better sit,” I stumble back landing on the bed, and giggled, “Whoa, damn potent.”
A fuzzy Ramon bent over me. “You’ll be fine Lady Angel, good night, pleasant dreams from Mr. Dark.”
Felt great to lay down, and I stared up at the bright-colored, spinning ceiling, wondering who Mr. Dark was, and why did he want to see me. I started giggling, mumbling, “Hell, paying enough to do it, why not just give me the damn cash, or set up a damn appointment.”
“Um-m,” I moaned, stretching, waking up to ‘Hazel Eyes,’ playing softly, then remembered where I was, and wondered why was there a constant twitch in my left eye. “Great,” sun was obviously not too high in the sky, “my big chance to sleep in, and I blew it.”
I brushed my titties, feeling something smooth and hard. Looked down, and I had a white shiny latex bra on. Gave it a light thump with my knuckle, and there’s a clunk. “What the fuck?” I half sit, and see I got matching panties, my mind is still fuzzy, but I remember the Chukai. “God dammit,” I gave the middle of the bra a tug, and felt a damn lock. “Ramon, you mother fuc–”
“Yes, Lady Angel.”
Near jumped out of my skin, then jumped out of bed away from the voice. “What the fuck is this?” I looked down to find a lock on what might be called panties. Didn’t have to rap it to know it too was latex coated metal. I’m wearing a two-inch wide belt of the same material, and a three-inch band covered my crotch, running back up my butt crack. There’s a bigger oval piece starting just above my pussy, with a lock in the middle of it, and a lock on the belt. I have two-inch straps high on each thigh, connected to my crotch, with a lock dangling down. “Ramon, get this off of me.”
“I can’t Lady Angel,” he shrugged, “Mr. Dark has the keys.”
Looking in the mirror I can see the bra connects to the belt by two one-inch bands making an ‘X’ in front of me. Turning it’s the same in the back, along with the locks. “Is there,” I gritted my teeth, “a fucking locksmith in this god damn town.”
“Yes Lady Angel,” he grinned, “Pablo, my cousin, once removed, maybe twice.” Ramon’s grin faded, and he shook his head. “But he’s never been able to pick one before. Mr. Dark says the locks are ninety-nine per cent pick-proof.”
This isn’t helping the twitch in my eye. I go over and pour a full shot of Jager, then down it. “Why? Ahem,” I cleared my throat. “Why Ramon, did you fucking put these on me?”
“Mr. Dark said to, Lady Angel. It’s a chastity belt, and must be done.” He wagged his finger. “He doesn’t want you pleasuring yourself. You can still achieve orgasm, but harder, and not as satisfying.” Ramon gave me a leering grin. “May I say, you are quite sexy, Lady Angel?”
Seeing as he already did say it, was a little damn late for me to tell his ass no. I looked at myself in the mirror, and tilted my head. “Um-m, does look hot, and I’m Amanda, still.”
“Yes, Lady Angel,” Ramon nodded, looking down at his big bulge, “very hot.”
I shook my head, and came back to my senses. “Fuck, that ain’t the god damn point, and forget your damn hard-on, it ain’t happening dude. Son-of-a-bitch, I’m not spending two weeks in this damn thing, and what about my needs?” I rolled my eyes. “And I’m not talking sex.”
“Functions the same, Lady Angel.” Ramon waggled his hand. “Clean up is a bit more, but you can do whatever you please, just not pleasure yourself. Come, I’ll help you.”
“You know what Ramon,” I jabbed a finger at him, “think you’ve helped more than enough. I let the towel drying, hair-washing thing go, same as popping in whenever you damn please, but you’re not helping me take a piss or shit. So, sit your ass down in the chair, and don’t move.”
He did as told, and I stomped into the bathroom. Staring at my reflection I told her, “What the fuck have you done?” I wasn’t going to cry. Ramon pointed out the town police station yesterday, bet I could spit from end to end of the building. No, I wasn’t going to get any help there, Mr. Dark would see to that.
Now, I had to piss. Felt my crotch, and there were plenty of holes in the damn thing, but I was going to wet it, no doubt about it. As for the back, there was a long slot, but not wide enough for my little finger to go through. When it was time I was going to make a mess.
Sat on the toilet like regular, and I peed, squirting everywhere. I tried leaning forward, and started peeing again. Had to control the flow, or it squirted everywhere, so by the time I was through I had a soaked crotch, and thighs. Thank god I only had to pee. Tried to wipe myself, but couldn’t get a finger between this damn chastity belt and me, plus the thigh straps were in the way. Wiped off the outside, and got a glass of water to splash my crotch.
Water was cold, and I let out an, “Oh, fuck me!”
“Lady Angel, you need help?”
“Plant your ass in that chair, Ramon,” I yelled back. “Swear to god, I’m going to kick your ass all the way back to the states.” I tugged at the belt, muttering, “God damn mother fucking thing, I’ll take a fucking blowtorch to it.” Trouble was, with everything connected every movement sent movement everywhere, my nipples were hard, and pussy started to get aroused.
“Stupid fucking thing doesn’t even work.” Was back at the mirror, staring at me. “Now what? Yes, yes, I know, a blowtorch is not a good idea. Forget lock cutters, it’s got a thick protective ring, can’t get to any of the locks, but a saw or grinder, is another matter.” Not bad with tools, if I don’t say so myself, I’m thinking grinder, carbide wheel, would do nicely. There’s writing on the hasp, and I tilted my head, it reads, ‘case hardened stainless steel.’
Trouble with being good with tools I knew no little grinder was going to cut through that in less than two weeks. Worse yet I could see the reason for the double lock on my crotch strap, I had to cut off both locks, not one. Plus the thigh straps are so tight, they probably need cut as well. Turning this way and that, feeling all around I counted a total of nine locks, and need to cut at least five to get this contraption fully off. “Oh, fuck me, double fuck me!”
“Lady Angel–”
“Park it, Ramon!” Now I was starting to work up a sweat, and I looked back at my reflection. “Come on girl, no one knows you down here, wrap up in a sheet, and get your ass on down to the police station.”
“Lady Angel, are you ready for breakfast?”
“Ah, shit no, duh!” I rolled my eyes, at me, then tell my reflection, “Fucking moron, yeah, him and you.” Just stare, stand there and stare. “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, got no damn choice, do as he says.”
I go out, and Ramon is sitting in the chair. Put my hands on my hips and ask, “Now what?”
“Oh,” he stood, “now Lady Angel, we go to breakfast, then Rocky(H)back riding.”
“In this,” I beat on my new hardware, “are you fucking nuts?”
“No Lady Angel, I’m not nuts.” Ramon shrugged. “Your chastity belt will fit under your clothes, no one will know but you and me.”
“Yeah,” I snorted, “til I go through a metal detector.” Which brought to mind, if I had to go back to the states this way wouldn’t take long for me to be exposed. Wasn’t long ago I recalled a lady, in I think England, was discovered. God, I remember the ridicule, and she was a housewife, I had a job to go back to. “Alright Ramon, we’ll do whatever for the day, but I want this fucking thing off, and damn soon.”
“Like to Lady Angel,” he shrugged, “but I can’t. You need to see Mr. Dark, he has the keys.” He smiled. “You are going there in the morning.”
Grumbling I gave him a backhanded wave, and went to see what I could wear. I’m not exactly modest, and even so it’d be a bit late for that too, but this whole thing was creeping me out. “Ramon, how about waiting in the hall?”
He left, and I went over to the mirror. Sucking my breath in, I turned this way and that. “Does look sexy, feels kinda good.” I rubbed my titties, then pussy. “But, it’s not right, should be my fucking decision, not this stalker pervert’s.”
Go back to getting dressed, and talk about panty lines, I like my pants tight, and tops showing a bit of cleavage, have no problem if a man can’t look me in the eye. But my metal bra covered my full titties and then some, plus the ‘X’ ran in the middle of my shoulders. Had two shirts I could make do with, and didn’t need to worry about panties. But shorts and pants were another story, not only was there the panty line to contend with, but the damn locks. Hell, I got a two-inch square just above my pussy and top of my butt crack sticking out damn near an inch.
Opened the door, and found Ramon waiting. “Want to come in for a second?” He passed me, and I shut the door, then clipped him in the ear with a solid right. “Piece of lying shit, fit under my clothes, my aching ass!”
Popped him square in the nose, then he had my right arm. I spun to my right, and nailed him in the ribs, getting him to let my arm go. “Yeah, I’m laughing my butt off.” I kicked him in the back of the knee, and kept going to my right. “I want the fucking key.”
Guessing my move he grabbed my right arm, and spun me around, grabbing my left arm. My back to him I stomped on his foot, but he didn’t let me go, instead he stepped into me. He tripped, pushing me forward, and we fell on the bed, me face first, him on my back. His grip on my arms was too tight and edge of the bed at my thighs, so I had no leverage to push up, or kick. “Get off me, you prick.”
“Lady Angel, I shall, but you must calm down.” His hot breath was on the back of my neck, and what could only be drops of blood falling on me. “I know you find this hard to believe, but I’ll never hurt you, Lady Angel, never.”
“Yeah forgive my skepticisms, but right about now I find it damn hard to believe.” I squirmed a bit. “Hell, fuckin’ impossible, now get off me.”
“Yes, Lady Angel.” He stood, and I spun around. “If you wish to beat me fine, but it will change nothing, it is what it is, and you shall understand soon, Lady Angel, I promise.”
“Right,” I thump my titties, “having a real hard time here Ramon. Never done it before, but I trusted you enough to let you see me fully naked after barely meeting you, don’t even know your last name. And how do I get rewarded, by becoming your slave?”
“Singing Bird, is my true name, you could not pronounce my family name, Lady Angel. You must trust me, I am here to help you, and this must happen.” He went into the bathroom, cleaned up his bloody nose, and brought me back a wet washcloth.
Don’t know what it was with his touch, but it was so calming, and his voice so soothing, and I got lost in his eyes. I was pissed, and had every right to be, but I couldn’t stay mad at Ramon. “Have no fear Lady Angel, wear anything, where we are going there will not be many others.”
“Got a better idea.” I put on a skirt and sandals, started to take a pair of tennis shoes with me, then put them back. “You’re taking me shopping, and I’m not taking my wallet out, got it?”
“Yes, Lady Angel.” He gave me a slight bow, and offered me his arm. “You look truly radiant, Lady Angel.”
Mumbling to myself I took his arm, then after making it to the stairs had to adjust my new underwear. Halfway down the stairs I had to do it again, and it wasn’t making my mood any better. “You only think it’s crawling up you, Lady Angel.” Ramon gave me a half grin. “You’ll get used to it.”
Gave him a bit of evil eye. “How would you know?”
“Oh, Lady Angel,” Ramon winced, “I would know.” Didn’t want to know any more, and already knew Mr. Dark was a pervert. “Lady Angel, would you like breakfast first?”
“Sure, where’s the hotel restaurant?”
“Not here, Lady Angel, Mama Jo’s,” he wiggled his eyebrows, “best Creole food around.”
We walk in the door, and I’m not shocked to hear, “Lady Angel, cum on in, chile. Um-um, lawdy, lawdy, them be sum hazel eyes.” She was a large, light-skinned black woman, possibly in her fifties, with tattoos like Ramon. “Got me sum fresh tarpon, Lady Angel, youse sit down and I’ll fetch youse sumthin’ to eat, and fix youse up Mama Jo’s blackened tarpon fer youse to take.”
Took my seat, and was having a tough time getting comfortable. Mama Jo came back with a saucer of goodies and cup of milk. I could see where piercings had once been, also in the same pattern as Ramon’s. “Lady Angel, these here be beignets, which just be a fancy name fer French doughnut. But, they only sorta be beignets, seeing as I like to add bits o’ fruit and nuts to ‘em. Them here be strawberry pecan, and yer glass o’ cold milk, Lady Angel.” She gave Ramon a bit of the evil eye, then a head bob. “Got grillades and grits yonder, coffee too.”
I fidgeted a bit, and she patted my arm. “Don’t fret none sweetie, youse get used to it after awhile.” She laughed. “Took me damn near a week, course back then they was a lot stiffer metal, and only a bit o’ leather here or there.”
“Mama Jo,” I hissed, “you too, was it Mr. Dark? How did you know me?”
“Kinda chile, being as it were his daddy. But, they ain’t gonna hurt you, so don’t fret none, try to enjoy it some.” She handed me a photo. “Angel, girl with the hazel eyes.” Another photo I knew nothing about, different clothes, and a nice pic, maybe even by a pro. “Youse can’t miss those eyes sweetie, youse Lady Angel.”
Ramon was coming back, and Mama Jo headed for the kitchen. These beignets were not too bad, sort of a cross between a doughnut and muffin. Damn lock in the back would poke you if you didn’t sit up straight, and when I wiggled the band would rub my pussy.
Mama Jo came back with a bag. “Got youse some red beans and rice in here too, Lady Angel, sop it up wit’ the sweet bread.”
“Thank you Mama Jo, for everything.”
“Don’t mention it, hun. ‘Member what I says.” She winked. “When youse get back, youse stop in I’ll cook youse up a lobster and some shrimp jambalaya, and I’s always got gumbo.”
“Will do that Mama Jo, thanks.” Ramon was only half done with his meal, when I stood. “Time to go, Ramon.”
He looked at me, and Mama Jo laughed. “Youse gonna do fine chile, right fine.”
Stuffed three spoonfuls in his mouth, then he left with me. I chose an off-white cotton riding skirt, matching short-sleeve shirt, woven hemp belt, and a pair of boots. Ramon didn’t bitch and took care of it, but I didn’t see any money change hands. He whispered something to the clerk who nodded, and smiling waved some folks into the store.
They line up all the way out the door, then touch me as I walk the gauntlet, always on the hands or arms, and always thanking me for the honor. I don’t know what this tradition was called, but it was more than a little strange. On the other hand, everything since I left home yesterday had been strange, even Gwen more than usual.
Our Rocky(H)s were ready, and Ramon stashed our gear, then we were off. Once we passed through town Ramon asked, “Lady Angel, you ride well?”
“I’m a country girl, or was when growing up, and you don’t forget.”
“Good,” Ramon gave his Rocky(H) a little goad in the flanks, “we need to make up some time.”
He took off, and I goosed my Rocky(H) a bit to keep pace. While we headed to wherever a thought ran through my head, ‘Why didn’t they know about my riding skills, hell knew everything else about me?’ It felt good to be out like this, couldn’t say the same for my belt, was only shifting half an inch or so, but it was enough. I wiggled around trying to get comfortable with the Rocky(H)’s lope, but was just adding to the problem. Trying to ignore my dilemma I reasoned, ‘Mr. Dark didn’t know me before college.’
“We’re late,” Ramon hollered, once out of the sugar cane fields, pointing, “big ruins are that way, but chocolate farm this way. There are more ruins by a river running into Four Mile Lagoon.”
Waving him on, I just nodded, and followed him into the jungle, or maybe they called it a forest.
Ten minutes later Ramon reined up, and we went to a walk. “Got people tending the cacao trees, don’t need to run them over.” I looked around, and only seeing jungle wrinkled my nose, getting him to laugh. “See those dark green pods,” I nodded at where he was pointing, “they hold cacao seeds, when just starting to turn yellow they’re ripe, and ripen throughout the year.”
“Um-m,” I scratched my head, “thought they were grown in orchards.”
“Been tried,” Ramon shrugged, “doesn’t work, Lady Angel. Hell, if it did the Spanish wouldn’t been raiding us so much, they coulda grown their own damn chocolate and cinnamon. See there’s a midge, little bug, that needs to pollinate the cacao flowers, but lives higher in the trees, so it also needs taller trees, and cacao need shade.” He again shrugged. “So, it’s done like it once was, or always was.”
We were now coming up on a clearing, and I could see buildings. Ramon pointed up. “Can not let the seeds get wet, and they must be dried. So, these trays are brought out every day, raked and put away before the rains.” He leaned closer. “Most here are Yucatec, descendants from Mayans, Lady Angel.”
“Yeah,” I squirmed in the saddle, “do they have a tool shed? I’d like to get this thing off, you know it’s rubbing me?”
“Chafing, Lady Angel?”
“Well,” I made a face, “don’t think so, but it’s rubbing me.”
“Ah, yo Quista,” a little fellow came from my left, “much happy to have you here, I’m Treqa, the elder. Green hazel eyes, a sure sign of fertility, you bless our lands with your passing.” He had more facial tattoos than Ramon, but no jewelry.
“Quista,” Ramon leaned closer, “means Lady Angel.”
“Well, thank you, Treqa.” I smiled down at him. “Take it you’ve a picture of me too?” He was short, thin, gray hair, and skin more golden than brown.
“Oh yes,” with a toothy grin he made a finger motion between his eyes, “Quista, eyes only, very beautiful. Will kindly you bless my humble household with your presence?”
Did my best to stifle a giggle, and wound up coughing. “Yes Treqa, I’d be happy to see your house, and thank you for the compliment.” He’s the only one to get the color of my eyes correct, outer half were green, and there was a hazel ring around both pupils. Far as I was concerned my best feature, along with my full ‘D’ cup titties. Everybody guessed my cup size right, but would call my eyes hazel, except I had twice as much green as hazel. After a while I tired of explaining why I put my eyes as green/hazel, and just put hazel.
I got the grand tour of the place, greeting everyone, because they wanted to touch me. And I thought yesterday was weird. Young couples would both touch me, then run off giggling this way or that. After the sixth or seventh time I asked, “Where are they going so happy?”
“To couple,” Treqa wiggled his eyebrows, “with your great blessing, Quista.”
“Well,” I snickered, “have no problem with nooners, but I wouldn’t say it’s a blessing.”
“It is a blessing, Quista.” Placing his hands together, as if in prayer, Treqa bowed. “Our thanks, goddess for honoring us.”
Let it go, simply cause this little dude was spouting a lot of nonsense, and I was fairly certain any explanation would be more of the same. Instead I returned his bow, exactly like he did. “It was my pleasure Treqa.”
He just grinned, jabbering away, which everyone in earshot seemed to enjoy, or at least agreed with him. Me, I just kept smiling and getting touched on the arm and hands.
Our host Treqa took me through the whole process, and I find out it takes ten one-foot pods to make a pound of chocolate, which meant these folks did a lot of work for that chocolate. Another interesting fact, once they cut into the pods they got the beans out of this goo, which fermented. The Mayan drained it off and called it, ‘chukai.’
When Treqa offered me some I glared Ramon’s way, whose hands went up. “It is not spiked, Lady Angel.”
Treqa made a face, and smiling I took the drink. He deeply smelt the one in his hand before downing it, Ramon did the same with his, so I followed suit. Whew, burnt my nose hairs, and then warmed my throat going down, being stronger than the shot I did last night. “Um-m,” I wheezed, “good stuff, Treqa.” I tapped my chest, getting a hollow clunk.
He broke into a big smile, as I turned beet red. “Ah, Quista already wears it.” His eyes got big, and he nodded at Ramon. “This is a good sign, ah Quisto?”
“Yes Treqa, very good.”
“Um-m, strong will, Quista shall resist. Have you taken her yet, Quisto?”
“Ah, you two dudes, I’m standing right here.” I make the clunking noise tapping my chest, but ignore it. “By taken, I hope you mean escorting me somewhere, cause no one’s going to take me any other way, got it boys?”
“Um-m.” Treqa gave me a wink, then poured some bluish liquid out of a small brown jug into Ramon’s and my glass. His was full, mine but half full. Ramon drank half his, then poured the rest into my glass, then Treqa gave me another wink. “Yes Quista my humble apologies, forgive me, let me honor you by giving you this.”
Gave them both the hairy eyeball treatment. “What is it?”
Treqa opened his mouth, but Ramon cut him off, “A good luck potion. In his apology he wishes to prove his sincerity, by enhancing your good fortune.”
“Well,” I smiled, “bottoms up.” Had a cinnamon taste to it, and I don’t believe any alcohol.
“Throw it.” Treqa motioned downward. “Quista, break it for good luck. No one else must drink from the glass you drink from, you are Quista.”
“Damn straight!” I slammed the glass on to the floor, shattering it. My left eye started twitching, and right side of my nose itched.
“Good to have you here Quista,” hands clasped together Treqa bowed, “but go now. Quisto will take you to ‘perdu’ the rock of the shallows. Hurry now, Quista, come back soon.”
“Alright,” he was pushing me towards the door, “nice meeting everyone, hope to come back this way before I leave.”
We headed back the way we came, and the damn belt was really working me over. Was about to loudly complain, when there was a Rocky(H) and buggy headed our way. “Oh shit,” Ramon muttered, as he brought his Rocky(H) to a walk.
I reined up alongside him, and was squirming in the saddle, so I stood a little in the stirrups. “Huh, he looks Amish.”
“Close, Lady Angel, Mennonite.” Ramon made a face. “Let me do the talking.”
“False prophet, she da new one?” He was an older dude, stout, gray beard, well no moustache, and he wore a black suit, but wide-brimmed white straw hat.
“Good day, Grunnar.” Ramon looked around. “What brings you this far north?”
“Come on, I heard about her. Do not believe it Missy, do not believe any o’ der rubbish.”
“Sorry,” I squirmed, as my pussy began to tingle, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but am not believing anything of late.”
“The great elder saw it, and–”
“Phooey,” he spat, “it’s all dat, phooey! Look, her eyes are hazel, and she’s old.”
“Hey dude…” I made the clunking noise thumping my chest, and sighed. “Damn thing! I’m twenty-eight, that ain’t old by a long shot.”
“Come on Grunnar, what harm is it going to do, really?” Ramon shrugged. “When the Great Elder was questioned he said, ‘it is what it is’ and this is how it’s to be. Must say your English has improved quite a bit.”
“Aye, so as to make me point loud and clear wit’ ye. Listen up now, ye keep her outta our compounds.” With a flip of his wrist Grunnar had the Rocky(H) turning around on this narrow-ass road. “Mean it false prophet, she will not be welcome.”
“Understood,” he gave him a wave, “I honored your wishes, so shall Lady Angel.”
Was trying to scratch my pussy. “Could you fill me in, or at least tell me where not to go so I don’t meet up with the crazy bearded dude.”
“Later, we need to get to perdu, Lady Angel.”
“Yeah, why’s that?”
Ramon grinned. “To fix your itch, Lady Angel.”
He took off cross-country, at a full gallop and I gave my Rocky(H) a slap of the reins, and followed at the same pace. It was light woods, and not a difficult ride, but the little tingle was building in my pussy, and my nipples were starting to hurt. I can’t say I’ve insensitive nipples, but they’re not sensitive, so it had to be this stupid chastity belt, which was asinine because it was supposed to prevent this.
“Are we going to see Mr. Dark?” I yelled at Ramon, who didn’t even glance back. “I really need this fucking thing off, I think it’s starting a damn fire.” Good thing I shaved, or my bush would be aflame, and I laughed at my little joke.
Minutes later the heat spread all the to my butthole, and I yelled, “Ramon, I need this off.” He didn’t even look at me, just made his Rocky(H) go a bit faster. Gave my Rocky(H) a little rein slap, then riding next to him repeated, “I need this off, something’s wrong.”
Ramon looked my way, and rolled his eyes. “I said, later, we–”
Have no idea why, sure never thought about it, seeing as I could’ve killed myself, but I leaped at his back, knocking him from his Rocky(H). “Son-of-a-bitch,” by sheer luck we’re in a small clearing, “I told you,” try kneeing him while we’re rolling through the grass, “I need this god damn thing off.”
“Lady Angel–”
“Don’t want to hear it,” I cut him off, and took a wild swing at his head, which he ducked. “All I want to hear is how to get this damn thing off of me before I explode.” Cocked my right, then gave him a pair of left jabs. “I’m going to kick your ass, dammit.”
“I am trying, Lady Angel.” He caught my third jab, and I let loose a right, but he blocked it, then pulled me to him. “Kiss me, it will help, Lady Angel.”
“Fuck you,” I spit, “I’m not that damn country.”
He had my hands behind my back, and when he tries to kiss me I bite his lip. Ramon falls back, taking me with him, then locks his legs around mine. “Kiss me, Amanda, we took too much time, you must kiss me.”
I’ve no idea what he’s talking about, but the rage is gone, and I kiss him. He lets my legs go, and the heat is subsiding in my crotch, so I kiss him harder. My arms are free, we break, and I shake my head. “What did you do to me?”
“Nothing, we have little time, Lady Angel.” He whistled. “Hope the Rocky(H)s have not ran off, we need to get to the shallows, and your problem shall be handled.”
“Meaning I get this damn thing off?” I got up, and Ramon gave another whistle, but didn’t answer me. “The keys are going to be there, right? How far is it?”
“Half a mile,” his Rocky(H) nuzzled him, “and your immediate problem will be handled, Lady Angel.”
My Rocky(H) was about twenty feet away, and I headed for it mumbling, “I’m not going to take much more of this shit, and want to know what you keep doing to me.”
He took off at a gallop, and I followed. Have to admit my crotch was feeling better, but there was still no excuse for all this weird behavior. Didn’t have long to think through all this strangeness, because I was getting the build up again, had to be from riding the Rocky(H).
“There,” he pointed to a rock about three hundred feet offshore, “is perdu.”
“Yeah, great,” I veered to the left along with Ramon, “where the fuck is Mr. Dark? I’m serious Ramon, this damn thing is doing something, again.”
He gets off the Rocky(H), and starts peeling his clothes off. “You swim, Lady Angel?” I was not surprised his torso was tattooed, but he had gold plates on his nipples, well his nipples stuck through them, and were pierced with barbells and rings.
“Ah, like a fish, but how about you get this thing off me?” He dropped his pants, and was sporting a thick, six-inch flaccid dick, which had a big-ass gold ring hanging down from the head. “Holy shit!” Turquoise-studded barbells were through his shaft, but not in a row, and heavy gold rings hanging from his scrotum. “Whoa, what were we talking about?”
“Swimming,” he pointed, “you must come to perdu with me. You can walk most of the way.”
“What the hell,” I grunted, “why not? Damn scenery is nice,” scratching my pussy I giggle, “long, thick, and no doubt heavy too.”
I peel off my clothes muttering, “Maybe the water will cool off my pussy, something needs too. And my hormones are raging like I’m a teen-ager.”
Couldn’t be the riding, because I’m getting hotter. Get my boots off, say screw the socks and ran into the water, following Ramon. Water isn’t helping, and I’m actually getting hotter. Start swimming for the rock, then remember they have crocodiles here. Now, I’m going to beat all hell, because the rock is the only high spot.
Get to the rock, and Ramon extends his hand to help me up. I reach out, the same time he shifts his feet, and I grab hold of his dick. He grabs my wrist, which kinda locks my hand on his dick, and he pulls me up on the rock.
Halfway up I see five little brass keys on a leather strap, around Ramon’s neck. I get my footing on the rock, turn loose his dick and give him a right uppercut, catching him off guard and knocking him on his ass. “You better tell me what those keys go to mother fucker, or I’m going to drown your ass.”
“Calm down Lady Angel, and I shall take your belt off, it is time.”
“Yeah, and wouldn’t be time if you never put the fucking thing on me. God damn thing is making me fucking horny as hell. Swear, I’m going crazy.”
“You are not, Lady Angel, the potion Treqa gave you is working.”
I would’ve hit him again, but he had the keys in his hand, and was unlocking my lower locks. Once the damn thing is off me, I’m dancing around, as if this rock was three hundred degrees. “Alright Ramon, now what gets this to stop.”
“There is only one way, Lady Angel.” Ramon rested his hands on my shoulders, and looked into my eyes. “Listen Lady Angel, we must make love on the rock, and our seed must go in the river.”
“Well shit,” I dropped to my knees, “lets get this bad boy up.” I took him in my mouth, with that big ring sliding along my tongue, and he got hard almost immediately. I pushed him on his back. “It better not matter who’s on top, because I ain’t laying on the damn hot rock.” I didn’t wait for an answer, just straddled him, and slammed my pussy on that cock, feeling all that gold. Swear there was a cooling effect in my groin, and I moaned, before sliding up and down on this nice hunk of meat and metal.
Not sure how it’s being done but those turquoise studs were not hitting the same area every stroke, and it was feeling great. Didn’t take long for us both to cum, but my fire wasn’t quenched, and panting I requested, “Think we need to go again.”
“Yes, once more,” Ramon gave me his customary shrug, “but not this way. You must be on all fours, Lady Angel.”
Rocking back and forth on his dick I sighed, “Fine, but if this doesn’t work I’m going to drown you, just letting you know.” Once hearing this I’m sure Gwen was going to get a huge laugh out of my ordeal, and maybe I would too, in a damn year or two.
I’m on all fours, and Ramon got behind me, and tries to back door me. “Hey, what the hell do–”
He grabbed one of my arms and a handful of my hair, pulling me off balance and my head back. “I tried to do this another way, but it cannot be helped, Lady Angel.” He let go of my arm, but kept my head pinned back. “If you want the itch to go away it must be done, relax Lady Angel.”
Swore if this didn’t work I was going to shoot Ramon, then Mr. Dark when I found him. Hell, I had half a mind to shoot them both no matter what. There was pressure on my asshole, and the big-ass ring was just making his cock thicker, and he keeps trying to pump it into me. Struggle a bit, but don’t budge him one bit.
No other choice I’m trying to relax, but I know how big that thing is he’s try to get in my ass. He’s pushing harder, and with me grunting his thick cockhead slid past my sphincter muscle. He was giving me little strokes working more in me, then he pulled back hard on my hair and tweaked my nipple, getting me screaming, as he slammed into me fully.
I tried to squirm away, just enough to get him to pull my hair harder, while he kept pounding my ass. The scream had stopped, and I didn’t want to admit it felt good, but it did. Was a combination of pleasure and intense pain, with the pain far outweighing the pleasure, plus being taken unwillingly, thereby creating even more pleasure.
It didn’t make sense, but neither did me pulling my own nipples, and growling, “Fuck me Ramon, fuck me harder.”
He let go of my hair grabbed me by the hips, and started slamming into my ass. I liked how intense he was fucking me, but I wanted my hair pulled, then he slapped me on the ass, hard. I let out a scream, bucking back into him, and he slapped me again, then yanked my hair damn near out, and we both came shrieking, “Yah-h!” It was so unbelievably powerful, lights going off, zapping my strength, and a calmness sweeping my body.
Next thing I heard was clapping, and things like, ‘Woo-hoo! Damn nailed her ass! Ah,ha,ha,ha!” I looked back to find three canoes full of tourists a hundred feet away, just starting to paddle towards us. “Ah shit,” I moaned, “fuck me.”
“Again, Lady Angel?”
“Can it Ramon, I wasn’t talking to you.”
Thought about getting in the water, but also thought about the crocodiles, and I was too damn tired. Hell, I didn’t know these jack-offs, and panting I just lay there. “Lady Angel, get up, you must get dressed.”
“Fuck you, fuck them,” I gasped, “ain’t getting back in the damn thing. Besides, they’ll be here long before I ca–”
“You have time, Lady Angel.” Ramon is standing there right arm extended, hand up, and I look, they’re paddling like mad, but getting nowhere. “Lady Angel, they cannot see Quista in such a fashion, it could be devastating.”
“Hey dude,” I wheezed, “I ain’t that hard on the eyes.”
“Lady Angel,” Ramon snapped his fingers, “you are beautiful. Get up and get dressed they must not witness your true beauty, Lady Angel.”
Well, that was better than ordering me around, or ambushing me, but I wasn’t going to do it. However, I happened to now be standing, and wasn’t going to do that, or so I thought. Wanted to say, ‘fuck you,’ but I’m looking in his eyes, and my mouth won’t move. He smiled, and snapped his fingers. “Amanda, put on the belt, you have the keys, they can’t see you like this, it is important, Amanda, very important.”
I’m looking at him, thinking ‘no,’ but I’m pulling the belt up my thighs, clicking the locks shut. “Good girl, Amanda, and you are beautiful.” I want to tell him ‘he’s full of shit,’ but I’m too busy putting the bra on. “Alright, Amanda turn around.”
I turn around, and hear, Click! Click! Click! “No fucking way am I getting back into this piece of–”
“Sit,” Ramon cut in, “I’m sorry, Lady Angel.”
“Shit,” the canoes were heading our way fast, and I slumped to the rock, “how did this happen? Ramon, when these assholes pass us, please call me Suzy.”
“What? I thought your name was Amanda, Lady Angel.”
“It is, god dammit, just call me Suzy, so they won’t know who I am.”
They’re hooting and hollering, and Ramon waves. “She wants you to know her name is Suzy, really, Suzy.”
“Christ,” I muttered, “nice cock, great piece of tail, but he’s a fucking moron.”
“What, Lady Angel?” Ramon shrugged, and the nearest canoe is five feet away. “I didn’t call you Amanda, like you wanted. Does not matter, the guides know who you are, Lady Angel. What can I do for you now?”
“Oh nothing,” sitting there I bury my head in my hands, “nothing at all Ramon.” I wait for the hooting, hollering, shouts of ‘alright Amanda’ and ‘ass-fucked Amanda,’ to get farther downstream before looking up. “Give me the keys Ramon, now!” He gave me the leather strap, and I tried all five keys. “Ya’ll ain’t funny Ramon, give me the fucking real keys!”
“Ahem,” he held his hands out from his side, “where would I hide them, Lady Angel?”
I fumbled through all of them, then handed them back to Ramon. “Try the back ones.”
“Lady Angel,” he held out a key, then turned it sideways, “it only opens once, you do not need the back locks off to get–”
“Got it Ramon, got it.” I took a deep breath. “Why did you make me put this torture chamber back on? How did you?”
“Put it back on you, Lady Angel, because I was told to no matter what. As for how, you shall learn that later.” I was massaging the bridge of my nose. He rubbed my shoulder. “I am glad I did not have to hurt you.”
“Okay,” I tugged on my ear, “I’ve been put in this device and hit on constantly to have sex, which isn’t going to happen because of this thing, yet this device increases my sex drive, and everyone around me is fucking like rabbits. Now some lil’ ol’ brown man poisoned me, set my pussy on fire, so I’d have sex on a rock.” I grabbed him by the ears, and looked him in the eye. “Ramon, listen up please, could you tell me, fucking why?”
“You Lady Angel, are Quista. I, Ramon, am Quisto. I am the old, you are the new.” He grinned. “Bottom line, you are Belize’s fertility goddess.”
“Wha- wha- what was that?” I shook my head. “Fer-fertility goddess?”
He just nodded.
“Okay, I didn’t think it could get any weirder,” I started laughing, “was wrong, oh so fucking wrong. You’re a fucking loony toon, certifiable.” Closing my eyes I was back rubbing the bridge of my nose, under the impression this might provide me with answers. I felt something, almost thought Ramon was spitting on me, but when I looked up it was raining. “Great, just great, now I’m probably gonna get hit with a damn bolt of lightning.”
Chanting something Ramon is standing there arms outstretched looking up at the sky, and ends with, “Thank you World Mother for approving our coupling, and your Quista.” He undoes one of the studs on his barbell, pulls the shaft out, then pokes himself in the dick. No, he stabbed himself, probably an inch or better deep and three times. Blood is running down his dick, dripping on the rock. “To the unnamed goddess, we give unto you a part of us.”
“Ah, Ramon,” I held up a finger, “believe you said, ‘we’ and ‘us,’ what does that mean? Cause it shoulda been just you, then me, know what I mean?”
“Amanda, you must do–”
“Hey, none of this Amanda shit, and giving me the evil eye. No,” I shook my head, “no, you gotta quit fucking with me. Give me a god damn reason, a good one.”
“It needs to be done, Lady Angel, for the goddess to bless our land.” Ramon took a deep breath. “The last time it was not done was 1955, please Lady Angel.” He held out his hand. “It is just a few drops, from your finger.”
I gave him my hand, and he poked three fingers, then turned my hand over, and let the blood hit the rock. Rain stopped immediately, and I looked up into a blue sky as Ramon sighed. “She is pleased.” He took my fingers in his mouth, and sucked them. “Very pleased.”
Looked down at my fingers, and there wasn’t a trace of a wound or even a cut. He looks at me, and grins. “You know,” I wagged a healed finger at him, “I want some god damn answers, and I got a lot of god damn questions.”
“Yes Lady Angel,” he gave a little head bob towards my crotch, “is your itch gone?”
“Ah,” had to think about that a bit, “yes, but that’s not one of the damn answers I’m looking for.”
“Understood Lady Angel.” He pointed back at the Rocky(H)s. “Lets go eat our meal, and I shall explain.” Not waiting for an answer the prick dives into the water. I, being the smarter of the two look around for crocodiles, then finding none follow him.
Ramon was waiting for me in the shallow water, and pulled me to him. While I tried to catch my breath he kissed me, deeply, slipping his tongue in my throat. Itch was gone in my pussy, but I didn’t back away from this and returned the kiss. We broke, and he said, “I Quisto, bestow my powers to Lady Angel, our new Quista.”
Before I can say anything he’s kissing me, and has his tongue down my mouth again. When we break this time we leads me up to shore. I still have my socks on, and I take them off, placing them on a rock to dry. Also have my chastity outfit securely on, a little water wasn’t going to change that fact.
After he put on his pants Ramon was digging in the saddlebags. “You will love Mama Jo’s cooking, Lady Angel.”
“I’m sure, but I want answers.” Except for staying barefoot I got dressed, clothes over my chastity gear, then sat on a big rock. “Pull up a rock, and spill.”
“I’m a ‘Mestizo,’ one of mixed Spanish and Yucatan Mayan blood, Lady Angel. The Great Elder saw me in a waking vision, claiming I would be ‘Quisto’ a guardian angel of the people and land, bringing both life. Like the others before me I was sought out and given the test.”
“What test?”
“It is an endurance test, Lady Angel.” He gave me a plate of food and bottle of water. “Our Quista must endure the pain of the land and people, as well as the pleasure, your goal is to turn pain into pleasure, which turns our bad times to good. It is the way of our people, and has always been. This test is simple, the longer you endure, the longer your reign, and more power you shall wield.”
“Crap,” I snorted, “just gets better and better. So, now I’ve an endurance test, bad enough I’ve got to wear this get up. Um-m, this is pretty good,” I licked my fingers, “have to tell Mama Jo. So, this other little brown dude, done seen me from what, two thousand odd miles away?”
“No, he saw your eyes, Lady Angel. Mr. Dark sent people out in search of those with green hazel eyes, and pictures were taken. From all those he looked at, the Great Elder chose yours, and now you are here, Lady Angel.”
“Oh, hold on,” I waved my fork at him, “if you think that clears all this shit up, you’re so wrong. Lets start with Mr. Dark, who is he, and where does he fit into all this?”
“He is Mr. Dark, Lady Angel.” This was accompanied with his shrug, what I always got concerning Mr. Dark. “He is owner of many of the sugar cane fields, along with so much more. Our success ensures his future success, and he has taken great interest in our Quisto or Quista’s.”
“Yeah,” I grunted, “you mean manipulating them more like it. Been my experience dude has that kinda money he’s not going to be worrying too much about farmers.”
“Mr. Dark may not be completely charitable, Lady Angel, however he and his family have been good to the Mayan people. You shall begin to see tomorrow.”
“Alright, lets go at this a different direction.” I swallowed, and took a drink of water. “I’m a good luck charm basically, cause I can’t do none of what you did out on that rock, and I’m not talking about getting it in the ass. Oughta beat your ass, you know that, right?”
“Yes, Lady Angel, but I had no choice, and if you so desire I shall not resist.”
I rubbed my temples. “Why, didn’t you have a choice?”
“Lady Angel, the potion needed more than sex, it needed pain, violence to be sated quicker. It is possible we could have made love til the potion wore off, but more likely it would have taken so many times the very act would have been painful.” He winced. “So you see, Lady Angel, this was the quickest way to solve your problem.”
“Okay, but the trouble is, you caused the problem, or the little dude did, and you knew of it. So, am I supposed to be raped every day? What about this food, or the damn water?”
“Swear Lady Angel,” Ramon kissed two fingers and touched his forehead, “is not that way. In all known previous encounters the new Quista could not resist the old Quisto, and our act was done to begin passing my powers to you. Just like the next Quisto shall not be able to resist you,” he chuckled, “of course that might not be through any magic.”
“So, you tried the seducing power on me, but it didn’t work, why?”
“I have no idea, Lady Angel.” Ramon stroked his chin. “Have never heard of a new guardian resisting the old. I was to perform the rite and put you into the chastity belt, but I could not force you to complete–”
“Whoa, what are you talking about couldn’t force me,” I snorted, “that’s exactly what you did to me on the rock.”
“No, Lady Angel,” Ramon waved both hands, “our first coupling was not forced, might have been influenced, but not forced. Neither was the second, although it was unexpected.”
“Alright, so I know what I did, and how much I enjoyed it,” I held up my hands, “but I don’t have to worry about being drugged and raped.”
“No Lady Angel, it will be quite impossible,” he tapped his chest, “first power I gave you was the resistance of poison and sickness. At night the unnamed goddess will come to you in dream state, and shall enlighten you.”
“Ah,” I snorted, “she still doesn’t have a name?”
“Know her true name,” Ramon got all bug-eyed, “and you have the power to destroy her forever. We call her ‘Kita’phar’ which simply means ‘Great Goddess,’ those whites who know of the goddess call her ‘Teotihuacan Spider Woman.’ Simply because she was discovered in a series of murals in the Tepantitla compound in Teotihuacan. Have no idea why she is not the Tepantitla Spider Woman.”
“Yes, I’ve got a problem here,” I cut him off, then made fists and put them to my chin, “major problem, I hate spiders. I’m not talking dislike here, I’m talking fucking hate fucking spiders. Now I’m not saying I believe any of this, and wouldn’t be a damn bit surprised if I woke from a dream.” A shiver ran down my back. “But, if this were real, spider woman is a deal breaker, definitely.”
“Calm down, Lady Angel, it is their name, not ours.” Ramon went over to his saddlebags. “She is goddess of the underworld and earth, her headdress is of a jaguar, and about her neck is an owl medallion.” He came back over and handed me a picture. “Quetzalcoatl, the feathered-serpent god was also well known in Teotihuacan, but they learned his true name and he no longer exists.”
Picture is Mayan art, squared off body, a lot of arms, but the most disturbing thing a nosepiece, concealing her whole mouth. The rectangle-shaped bar hung under her nose and has three circles on it, below these circles hang three fangs, arachnid-like fangs. Two outer fangs curl to point away from the center, while the middle fang just comes straight down. “Gotta tell you Ramon,” I handed him back the picture, “looks spiderish to me, and what’s that around her?”
“Spiders, Lady Angel,” he admitted, and I give him some stink eye. “But, it is just another symbol of the underworld, she does not control them.”
“And what is this?” I poked his right nipple.
“A nipple shield, Lady Angel,” Ramon answered, “in the symbol of–”
“A god damn spider web,” I cut him off, “with a fucking ugly spider on it.” The shield was over two-inches across, gold with bits of turquoise, held in place by a turquoise studded barbell running through his nipple, and hanging off it a ring, with a turquoise bead on it. “Nope, don’t see no jaguar or owl on it.”
“Because Lady Angel, this was crafted by people of this day and age,” Ramon shrugged, “unfortunately, they believe the tales of those who think they know the truth. You shall see soon enough, Lady Angel, soon enough.”
“You’re forgetting,” I finished off my meal, “you said I have to go willingly.” I shrugged. “Not going to happen, I’ve had enough of this fertility touching bullshit. I want the keys to this damn belt, then that plane full of horny people or another to fly me the hell out of here.”
“Lady Angel, I do not have the keys. You must go see Mr. Dark, and he will probably let you go.”
“What is fucking probably?” I jumped up, and put my fists up. “He doesn’t I’m kicking his ass, then I’m kicking yours. Ramon, there’s laws, even here, you just can’t force people to do whatever, because it might be bad luck if you don’t. I mean it, if you take me to see this prick–”
“I am not taking you there, Lady Angel,” Ramon shook his head, “it is not allowed. You must face this challenge by yourself, and you have no choice in the matter.”
“Right, just gets better.” I poked his left nipple. “What is that symbol?”
“Mayan calendar, Lady Angel, another ornament.” He pointed at different tattoos on his torso. “These are magic runes, and provide me with inner strength and power.”
“Great,” I snorted, “so if I do all this endurance thing correctly I’m going to be drawn on and made like a pin cushion, right?” He gave me a nod, and I crossed my arms. “So, what is the upside of this ordeal, I mean, looks like I’m playing against a stacked deck.”
Ramon held out his hands, palms up. “If you truly wish to know, take my hands, but remember it must be balanced with pain. Not this time, but in the future.”
Sat there a bit weighing my options, which were exactly none. I’m thinking it’ll be a warm fuzzy feeling, maybe a slight orgasm, hell I’m in this stupid belt. Our palms touched, causing a wave of pleasure to wash over me, and I wet the rock, soaking my skirt. It was so fast I didn’t have time to utter a sound, then there was a calm. “Oh shit, that was– Oh, shit, again!” That’s all I got out, as this one was twice as powerful, and twice as long. I’m sitting in a wet spot covering my whole butt, and wondering if I’m going to have a problem with dehydration.
Closed my eyes, and it was as if I was on a mountain overlooking a green valley, with a meandering river running through it. There was a bit of pressure on my back, then more. I turn to find a wolf has mounted me, and look down to see I’m a she-wolf, his mate for life. He nips at my neck time and again, til I bow my head, and spread out my front paws, to better receive my mate, and he rewards my submissiveness by thrusting into me.
A flutter of wings passes in front of me, and I look up to see a raven has landed on a branch not far from me. Tilting its head back and forth the raven looked me in the eye and, ‘cawed,’ his approval. Growling my mate nips at me again, and I lower my head all the way to the ground, so my mate can take me fully. He pauses his thrusts, adjusting his back feet and griping my flanks, then starts thrusting harder and faster than before. I’m pushing back into him, and have taken his knot. Another of those orgasms hit me, and I’ve found the power to speak, and howl at the pleasure.
My mate bites my shoulder, wanting his bitch quiet, then proceeds to howl as he’s fucking me. My orgasm is making me buck, and my mate wants his bitch still, so he keeps biting me hard, which is just exciting me to no end. He wants to make sure I know who the bitch is and keeps thrusting hard into me. I can feel his seed shooting into me, so strong, so hot, so much.
He is through and tries to dismount, but we’re knotted, making each movement painful, yet enjoyable. My light panting is drowned out by his heavy panting and low growls, as he tries to disengage from me. With a loud pop we are free, and he licks me, which feels wonderful, then it stops. With a low growl my mate lays an offering of half a rabbit in front of me, before nudging it closer with his nose.
I feed and he lays to the side licking himself, but keeping watch over our territory. After eating my fill I come over, and my mate growled. I lick him, and he rolled onto his back to allow me to lick more of him. He let it go for a while, then let out a yelp, stood and kept nipping at me til I was where he wanted, then he mounted me again.
After the next lull I opened my eyes and could see Ramon in front of me, his eyes were closed, mouth shut tight, but I heard, ‘Lady Angel, search out for your spirit guardian. Your animal totem was strong, you carry that strength with you. Find your spirit guardian, Amanda.”
God, it was good to hear my name again, it empowered me. There was a hawk’s shriek, an owl’s hoot, both off in the distance, were both coming to be my spirit guardian? I closed my eyes trying to draw them to me, wondering if there were eagles here. There was a light flutter on my cheek, and I thought it was raining.
Imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes and found a butterfly, my spirit guardian sitting on the tip of nose. Fluttering its wings it created a wave of bliss washing over me. Didn’t take long and the butterfly gave me an orgasm, so peaceful, so intense, so long.
There was a flash of light, and I was everywhere, seeing everything as if I were one with the planet. My breath was the wind, my sweat the river, and my heartbeat a tremor in the ground, letting everyone and everything know I’m alive. Ramon broke our connection. “Very good, Lady Angel, very good.”
“Whew,” I fanned myself, “it was fantastic, stupendous.” Look down to find myself sitting in a puddle, and I was drenched in sweat. “Think I better skin out of these and wash up a little.”
“Yes, Lady Angel,” Ramon gave me a hand up, “it would be a good thing to have the World Mother’s tears cleanse you.”
Still a bit weak-kneed he helped me out of my clothes, but not my metal underwear, then walked me into the shallows, where Ramon washed me off. Standing there the water running over me it felt almost as good as my day vision or whatever you might call it. Fact is it felt so good I needed to pee, didn’t make much sense to get out, then just get back in to wash off, so I peed.
“Woo hoo, A-man-da, guess what I got for?”
“Yeah, and guess where it’s goi–”
With a flick of his wrist Ramon flipped the first canoe, and at full speed the other two headed away from us. “Nice trick,” I giggled, “do I get to learn it?”
“Probably, Lady Angel.” Ramon snorted, “Tourists, should have summoned the alligators.” He sighed. “But, they are tourists, cannot have the alligators eating tourists. Besides, it is bad for the alligators, makes them stupid and lazy.”
I laughed, then scrunched up my face. “Thought they were crocodiles?”
“They are, Lady Angel,” he shrugged, “but locals call them alligators. Here a lot of what you see is not what you have been told. We honor the old ways for a reason.”
He left it at that, and finishing wringing out my clothes I asked, “What is it, that thing I did with the wolf and all, a form of hypnotism?”
“Hypnotism?” Ramon grunted, “No, it was, what it was.”
“So,” I rolled my eyes, laying my clothes out to dry, “after everything else that has happened to me of late I just got fucked by a wolf, then a butterfly?” Rubbing the back of my neck, I shook my head. “That’s wrong on so many levels.”
“Perhaps,’ Ramon gave me a bow, “if you were not a wolf, definitely. But the World Mother deems you were one with the wolf. You shall see and be her again. Lady Angel, did you recognize her name?”
“Ah, there was yipping and howling, a lot of howling,” I giggled, “but I don’t know if it meant anything more than pleasure, a lot of pleasure.”
“No, Lady Angel,” Ramon interlaced his fingers, leaving the forefingers up, “you should have been given a sign on what your animal totem wished to be called.”
“Well,” I scrunched up my face, “a raven flew in front of me, and I swear looked into my eyes, then cawed, like that?”
“Exactly, Lady Angel,” he smiled, “your animal totem wishes to be called ‘Raven,’ a fine name and double symbol of power and cunning, very strong animal totem.”
“Um-m, Raven,” I nodded, “I like it, and you’re right, very strong.
“As for Tafia, Lady Angel, she touched your soul.”
“Whoa,” I made a backwards circle motion, “who or what is a Tafia?”
“Actually, Lady Angel, it is both.” He gave me a bow. “Tafia means, ‘ancient soul,’ and the name of your spirit guide.” He tapped my chest. “The answers are all here,” he tapped my head, “and here, she shall help you rediscover them if the time is right.”
“How,” I thumped my metal bra, “is it here?”
“Lady Angel we are all made of star dust, that has been here since time began.” He tapped his head. “Like us it has memory, you must sort through and put the memories together.”
“So,” I snorted, “I’m not going to get a lot of answers?”
“When it is time,” Ramon shrugged, “this is really a good sign, when you need power summon Raven, when you need wisdom to solve a problem summon Tafia, and she can tell you what is real, what is important to the soul, where lies the true path.”
“And that oneness thing?”
“The Great Goddess’ way to show you everything is connected, Lady Angel. Earth is alive, but only as long as there are those to give it life. If these special people die or do not fulfill their destiny the Earth will die.”
“So, I do this, whatever,” I made a circle motion, “then I’m the goddess.”
“No, Lady Angel,” Ramon chuckled, “your title of goddess is much like that of the Spider Woman, made up.” I wrinkled my nose, and Ramon shrugged. “You are mortal, a special mortal, but mortal none the less. The people like to hear their goddess walks among them, in truth you shall be a servant to the Great Goddess, who is servant to the World Mother.”
“Well,” I snickered, “third woman down the totem pole ain’t bad.”
“No, there are many more, Lady Angel,” Ramon wagged a finger, “and you cannot think in this manner. The powers, if bestowed upon you, are to help others, use them for nothing more than profit, or your own needs and you could become a dark one.”
This did not sound good, and I had to ask, “How did he get his name, Mr. Dark, I mean?”
“Cannot say, but you are quite astute Lady Angel.” He crossed his arms. “But the dark ones are not the black ones, or the undead, who are pure evil. Dark ones are just those who do not help others, and put themselves above all others.”
“Yeah,” I snicker, “bet their home base is Washington D.C., right?”
He didn’t get my joke, but I laughed enough for the both of us.
We sat and talked about the Mayan way of life, past and present, but nothing more was revealed of Mr. Dark, or what I could expect in this test. “So,” I clanked my chastity belt, “you were in one of these?”
“Yes, Lady Angel,” he gave me a half-grin, “naturally there was a cage, quite confining, shall we say little wiggle room.”
“Um-m, I can relate.” I finished off my water. “So, you’re my boss.”
“No, you will be Quista, Lady Angel, there is but one.” He yawned, and stretched. “I shall be around, and help when possible, but only one has the powers.”
“What powers?”
“Due time, Lady Angel, due time.” Ramon extended his hand. “We need to get back, and check on your ride for the morrow.”
Put my damp clothes on, and instead of going back the way we came Ramon took us north, then east, following the river. He set a nice pace, but not too fast so he could point out this or that, including a gang, or whatever, of crocodiles. They were on the far shore, and he called them alligators, but I didn’t see any over ten feet long.
He reined up, and pointed south. “Jaguar, Lady Angel, he has come to greet you.”
Took me a bit to find him in the underbrush, but he was magnificent looking, six-foot long, standing there eyeing us. Ramon held up a hand. “Go easy my brother.”
The big cat yawned, showing off some large teeth and growled, then went deeper into the jungle. “Um-m, he would give Raven a bit of trouble.”
“He is solitary, Lady Angel, Raven is not.” Ramon smiled, and pointed up. “But, Raven cannot climb.”
I laughed, and gave him a nod before we continued on. As much as I tried to be pissed at him, I couldn’t, and I have no idea why. Depending on the situation I had a quick temper, or a slow burning temper, but I had a temper, and held a grudge. Except with Ramon, all I could feel from him was friendship, well besides the sex.
Town came into view, but we turned north towards the coast, and headed for a small pier. “Ramon, how yose be?” An older black dude waved, standing beside an even older red fishing boat. “Youse checkin’ on me agains, gots ever’thin’ ready for Lady Angel, like I says.” He gave me a little bow. “Day to youse, Lady.”
“Am fine, Uncle Ben.” Ramon wagged a finger at him. “Knew you would have everything ready just wanted to introduce you two and see when you wished to leave.”
I gave him a bow. “Pleased to meet you Ben.”
“Uncle Ben, lassie,” he chuckled, “gots a few o’ us Bens about, I don’t hear Uncle I tend to ignore them hollerin’ out. As fer the fine ladies’ trip, whenever youse get here Lady Angel I’ll take youse upriver.” Ramon gave him a nod, and he grinned. “See youse both down at my mama’s, she done took a real shine to you lassie.”
“Thanks.” I smile, then follow Ramon. Once out of earshot I asked, “Did I meet his mama?”
“Of course,” Ramon wrinkled his nose, “this morning, she is Mama Jo.”
Looked back, and squinted. Heavy set, bald on top, sides and beard gray. “He’s gotta be well into his sixties, she can’t be much over fifty.”
“Yes, but she was the previous Quista.” Ramon left it at that, and making a circle motion with my finger I raised my eyebrows. “A Ouisto or Quista does not age while serving the goddess.”
“No shit.” I looked back at Ben, then Ramon. “How old are you?”
“Hard to say,” Ramon shrugged, “I am from the jungle, and birthdays were not a priority, surviving was. However, I have served the goddess for twenty-four years, before me Mama Jo was Quista for thirty-six years. With luck Lady Angel, you shall make forty years.”
“With luck?” I shook my head. “This is a crap shoot, and what we’re going to spend the wheel?”
“No, tomorrow you start,” Ramon took a deep breath, “and Mr. Dark has ten days to get you to submit to him, if you do not his hold is broken. If not you reign for four years every day you last.”
“What hold, and what’s going to happen to me?” I can’t believe any of this. “So, you’re forty?”
“I have told you all I can, Lady Angel. Ten days, endure it for ten days is all.” He gave me another shrug. “Had to guess, I’d put my age closer to fifty.”
“Son-of-a-bitch…” I covered my mouth, “…goddess gonna get pissed at my foul mouth.”
“Do not see why, Lady Angel,” Ramon chuckled, “your choice of words certainly fit the situation. I know it’s strange, but remember, it is what it is.”
“Great, that’s gonna be my new mantra. Hell, I get to listen to Mr. Dark’s ‘girl with the hazel eyes,’ while muttering ‘it is what it is.’ You do know this is insane, right? I’m talking ‘Twilight Zone’ shit.”
As usual I didn’t get an answer, and we stopped off to eat at Mama Jo’s. She made sure I tried a bit of this, that, and everything else on the menu. Sampled so much I didn’t need to eat a meal. Once back at my room I asked Ramon, “What did you do to piss Mama Jo off?”
“Not what I did Lady Angel, was what I didn’t do. First off, I did not make it ten days, second I did not break his power, when I had the chance.”
This was just getting better and better. “Why not?”
“Meant killing him, Lady Angel.” He mixed up a little drink, and handed it to me. “This will help you meet the goddess. Not to worry, it is not as potent as last night. I shall be outside if needed.”
“Probably better if you stayed in the room,” I pointed, “in that chair, not my bed.”
“My sincere thanks, Lady Angel.”
I took my clothes off, then looked over at Ramon. “Don’t suppose I’ll be sleeping in the nude?”
“Afraid not, Lady Angel.”
“Before I take care of my business, how about answering this,” I gave him a bit of stink eye, “would I be in this get up if it wasn’t for Mr. Dark?”
“Very astute Lady Angel, very astute.”
Apparently that was all I was going to get, and I headed into the bathroom, but resisted the urge to lock the door. Once again I was staring in front of the mirror, make-up gone long ago, I just shook my head. “You look old girl, and with a damn good reason. Ten days, don’t sound like much, right?”
My way of thinking changed when I made a mess squeezing out shit like toast slices. Muttering away I tried to clean myself up, til I gave up and got in the shower. With the handheld massager gave myself a good scrubbing, then dried myself off before brushing my teeth and hair. Still had bits of bark or something in my hair, probably from attacking Ramon. Should’ve washed my hair, just didn’t have the strength, must be the drink, I was incredibly tired.
Eyes were open, but Ramon was in some sort of meditative trance, and I quietly slipped into bed.
* * *
Right off I was back in that mountain valley, but racing through the forest, and I could see my furry forepaws, I was Raven. Howl in the distance told me I was on a hunt, and one sniff of the air told me it was a moose we were running. The scent went to the left, I followed, howling to let the others know. Fear was in the air and I came across a young moose caught in a box canyon, trying madly to get up the side.
With the moose’s attention on me my mate rushed its flank and tore at its back leg. He must have ripped a tendon, as the leg collapsed, and I went for the exposed front leg while it thrashed about trying to rise. With a ferocious growl my mate went for the throat as the calf bawled. Clamping on he cut the plea for help off, and we had our kill.
Our four older pups, fed as my mate and I tore at the legs so we could take meat back to our three young pups. I took a haunch back to our lair and gave it to the pups, then smelt something in the air, labeling it intruder. With a sharp yip, sent my youngsters back in the lair, then I went to stand watch.
Wasn’t long and they came out in the open, three young male wolves, looking for their own territory, but they knew this was taken. Probably smelt my two daughters, they were about old enough now. Biggest of the bunch, lifted his leg and pissed on my mate’s mark, this was going to cause problems. My little ones were trying to get a peek, and my sharp bark sent them deeper into the cave.
They were coming at me in a semi-circle, and the big one turned to the side to let me see his exposed cock sticking out of its sheath. I barked, and hoped he knew I was laughing at his size. Put my tail down over my sex, letting him know I wasn’t interested, but growling he kept coming, claiming this his territory.
I backed my ass into the rock, and crouched ready to attack, but then my mate returned. With a vicious growl he caught the largest in the flank, and the other two ran off yelping. With a slight limp he ran off too, then my mate went over and put his mark back on his territory. They stopped at the crest of the ridge, and watched as my mate came over to me.
He let out a little growl, and my tail went up, then he gave me a good sniff, and long lick. My mate gave me a nip, and my head went down, as he went behind to mount me, and show these pups what was his property.
There was a flash, and I was looking down at a large stepped pyramid, with a building at the top, had to be Mayan, maybe a temple. Sun was just coming up when someone with a fancy headdress and red robe stepped up jabbering away, and I was surprised at the acoustics. A near naked man laid on a block, set above the top step, then the fancy dressed character ran his hand under the man’s neck. Blood started spurting out, pooling below, til it was pouring off the top step.
Two warriors dragged off the body, and another was brought to the stone. While this man was being bleed out two other captives were tied into a ball, then pushed off the top step. The crowd loved it as the bodies bounced off the steps, no doubt long dead before they reached the ground two hundred feet away.
I closed my eyes, wondering what the hell was that all about. Tried to rub the bridge of my nose, but couldn’t move my arm. There was the slightest bit of fluttering, and I opened my eyes to find Tafia on my nose. ‘The goddess consecrating her temple,’ came into my head.
Looked over at the twenty or so people on the pyramid top, and shook my head. “Killing thirty people, for what Tafia?”
‘Not thirty,’ I wrinkled me nose, and she flew off, “there are two hundred-sixty days in the ceremonial year, twenty periods of thirteen days. Thirteen are being sacrificed for every day, to allow the blood to flow all the way to the ground.’ Didn’t have the use of my fingers, but the number was over three thousand people were going to be killed.
“Christ,” I tried to walk away, but couldn’t move, “and you want me protecting her name? Screw this, I’d rather be Raven.”
‘The goddess did not require the sacrifice of man.’ Again I wrinkled my nose at the thought. ‘Man required the sacrifice of man.’
Was taken back by this, but why would their religious and community leaders be any better than ours of today, lying, cheating, and stealing. Still, I’d rather be a she-wolf, but I didn’t need Tafia to tell me that wasn’t going to happen. “If this has no bearing on the situation why show me such atrocities?”
‘Who said there was no bearing?’
Tafia took off, and I tried to follow, but couldn’t move. “What does that mean?” My legs were frozen, and I couldn’t even hop. “Are humans being sacrificed in this time? Are you talking about Mr. Dark?”
Crap! My butterfly guide spirit was gone, and now I couldn’t move, what the hell was that about. I closed my eyes thinking of Raven, my wolf-self, then opened them. Have no idea where I was but it wasn’t in Raven’s forest, hell I don’t think I was even on Earth.
Building was stone, sixty-foot across, ceiling domed, forty feet at the highest point, and half that at the wall, being supported by crystals five-foot across. I was still frozen, standing next to a three-foot tall crystal, with a smooth as glass top. Judging by what I can see there are twelve of these giant crystals and at five-foot each had a niche carved into, which held a glowing skull. There were lines carved in the floor, two blue ones, no doubt designating the cardinal compass points, and a lot more red ones.
Red lines probably made a twelve-point star, meaning calendar or astronomically related. ‘Very good,’ my butterfly came up to me on my left, ‘good reasoning ability. This is the Celestial Temple of Sacred Geometry, the beginning of all the civilizations in the Americas.’
“And what does this have to do with me?” I wasn’t liking this not moving stuff, and the butterfly flew out of sight. I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on Raven.
What a wild dream, was never frozen in one before, at least that I could remember. I yawned and tried to stretch, but except for my mouth opening nothing happened. My arms were pinned to my side, and bending my head forward I could see my feet sticking out of the blankets, my now colorful feet.
Looking around the room I searched for Ramon, but could not see him. Tried to sit, but my sheet and blanket were wrapped around me like a second skin. I glanced over at the mirror, and saw me, laying on the bed, just feet and head sticking out. Reminded me of a mummy, and I thought I looked hot, sexy hot. Um-m, I felt that way too, wishing I could have those orgasms I had on the rock now.
Um-m the mere thought was getting me wet, and my legs were closed so tight I could feel the wetness running out of me, which just got me hotter. I’ve never felt myself getting so wet, so intensely, was able to move slightly increasing the sensation and moisture. It was so good, I started humming.
“Lady Angel.” I near jumped out of my skin, or I would’ve had I could. “Do you need my help?”
“You mean,” I panted, “out of this?”
“No, Lady Angel,” Ramon smiled, “I mean getting you off.”
“Ah,” I looked for the lock between my titties, “seems like it’s still on me.”
“Oh, it is, Lady Angel.” He started rubbing behind my ears all the way down to where my neck met my shoulders, and it was increasing my wetness. “Like Raven your sexuality will be dictated by someone else.” Ramon was leaning so close his lips were tickling my ear. “Lady Angel, you control your sexuality, and do whatever it is you wish.” He rested his hand just above my pussy, and put pressure on the belt. It was like an electric shock. “But to truly enjoy yourself you must find the right person, and give yourself to them totally.”
“Oh god, this feels good.” I was trying to squirm, but found it impossible. I was nodding my head back and forth. The pressure was building, then it burst into an orgasm, not being able to move seemed to increase the intensity, and panting I began trembling, as another washed over me, this once twice as hard as the first.
Sweat beading on my forehead there wasn’t much I could do. Ramon dabbed at my forehead, then gave me a kiss. “You did well, Lady Angel.”
Whack! Whack!
“Yeow!” He had slapped my titties.
Whack! Whack!
“Hey knock it off!” He had slapped my pussy.
Grinning he leaned down, and bite my lip hard. “You feel better now, Lady Angel?”
“Well, yeah.” I gave him a foul look. “I felt pretty good before you beat the hell out of me, and if I could move I wouldn’t put up with it.”
“Yes, Lady Angel,” Ramon chuckled, “if you could move you would not have needed as much.” Grinning he leaned over, and I thought he was going to kiss me, but he bit me. “Lady Angel, you must remember a Quista’s pleasure is tempered by pain.”
“Got it.” I squirmed around. “Kinda like this, but you want to get me out?”
“Roll away from me.” Ramon made a circle motion. “You simply started at one edge and rolled yourself up. Now reverse it, Lady Angel.”
Did as told, and I was free, able to stretch with my accompanying yawn. “Okay,” I rubbed my eyes, it felt so good, “now how long are those drawings gonna be on my feet?”
“Well,” Ramon backed up a step, “it is henna ink, but not drawn.”
“Shit,” I tried jumping up, but the muscles weren’t cooperating, “you telling me they’re tats, Ramon.” He was headed for the bathroom. “Ramon, I didn’t hear you, are these tattoos?”
“Yes, Lady Angel, but inked they shall not last ten days.” He stopped, and turned. “Largest on each instep are healing runes, most on the side are power draining runes, which shall help protect you from negative energy.”
Rolled my feet from side to side, and was not surprised the bottoms were tattooed also. Got up, headed into the bathroom, splashed some water on my face, and looked in the mirror. “Ramon, get your butt in here.”
He must’ve been right outside the door, fast as he popped up. Pointing at my temple I growled, ”Real, or not real?”
Ramon, tilted his head, as if looking at it. “Real, Lady Angel, that is the rune for Raven, your wolf guardian, makes it more powerful. The other is Tafia’s mark.”
“Got it.” I sighed, looking at it in the mirror. “But did they have to be so big.” Each was an inch and a half square, with black, red, yellow, and blue in them.”
“Sorry, Lady Angel,” Ramon shrugged, “needed the detail to make–”
“Know already,” I held up a hand, “to make them stronger.” I waved him off. “Shit, might as well get my make-up tattooed on as well.” I admired my new tats a bit more. “Look like a bad-ass.” I snickered. “Gwen is going to freak, bet Peter would too.” My smile faded. “Oh shit, Bill is going to have a fucking heart attack. No way in hell, are they going to let me work with these, and it’s gonna take a gob of make-up to cover them up. I’ll look like a fucking clown.”
I wash my face, then look at me in the mirror, and slowly let all the air out of my lungs. “Well, hope this servant job pays well, cause I need a new one.” I snorted. “Right, I’ve got a pretty good guess why it’s called a servant job.”
Have to go through the pee routine, then get in the shower. With the warm water raining down on me I shiver from the memory of all those poor people dying for nothing. Wonder what they’re afterlife would be like. I stopped lathering up my underwear and remembered this was still being done. Wondered how many times, and rubbed my spirit guide, then it dawned on me, ‘These tats aren’t fresh.’
Looked down at my feet, but standing in all this water, any dried blood would’ve been gone long before now. Far as I was concerned, they looked perfectly healed, which brought up another question, how had this been done last night.
Just stood there, scratching my head, letting the water run over me. Raven, the wolf tattoo on my back had four colors, took hours, and three visits. My feet have so many tattoos it looks as if I’m wearing ankle high shoes, plus they’re done on the bottom.
So, I’m guessing an easy ten times as much work was done in mere hours, and I didn’t see any machine. Chuckling I picture a handful of those little brown dudes swarming all over my feet. Crap, just when I think some of this is making sense. Look out the shower window, and it’s dark. ‘What the hell am I doing up, I’m not going fishing.’ I laugh at my little joke, happy my sense of humor still worked, or did I just think it did.
“Lady Angel,” Ramon peeks in, no big deal, I’m not naked, and it really didn’t matter, “we have more work to do, before the sun is up.”
“Alright.” I don’t ask, because I probably don’t want to know. Step out of the shower and Ramon dried me off, then took me back to the bedroom. “What now?”
“More tattoos, Lady Angel.”
I rubbed my forehead. “No offense, but I don’t want any more face tats.”
“You are in luck, Lady Angel, these are not on your face,” I looked down at my feet, “nor there.”
Made a sour face, and his gaze fell on my crotch. “Oh shit, you’ve gotta be kidding me.” Ramon didn’t break his gaze, and I sighed. “Do I get the damn thing off?”
“No, Lady Angel,” he wagged a finger back and forth, “both sides, low as we can.” I gave him a hard glare, and he shrugged. “They are the runes of Earth and Fertility.”
“Whoa, you’re not making me super-fertile.” I wagged a finger no. “Decent man first, then babies.”
“It is not for that, Lady Angel,” Ramon chuckled, making his eyes twinkle, “you need it for the power and protection they will provide.”
Really hoped whatever special talent Ramon had to influence me I got when, or if I became this Quista, because no way in hell should I be taking this so calm. Instead of complaining I sat on the bed, spread my legs as far as my thigh cuffs would allow and got ready to get my pussy tattooed.
No machine was used, he did it the old-fashioned way, tap, stick, tap, stick, dip it in ink, tap, stick, tap, stick is how it went. I had thought with the area he was working on it would be more sensitive, but the one on my back hurt more, while the shoulder was nothing. I raised my head a bit, “Can you work and talk?”
“Of course, Lady Angel.”
“Was wondering, why are my tats healed, when they’re so fresh.”
Ramon missed like two taps, when he glanced up. “Healing is one of your primary powers, plus the fresh runes on your feet.”
Lay back, and listened to the tap, stick, tap, stick, dip, wondering how was I to use these powers, then got to giggling about my ‘pussy powers.’
“Lady Angel,” Ramon scolded, “be still,” then went back to work.
Um-m, felt almost good enough to get me giggling again, but I didn’t, instead I asked, “What about these sacrifices? Are they real?”
“Lady Angel,” Ramon took a deep breath, “there are those being sacrificed.”
“How many?”
“Depends, Lady Angel, on the occasion or reason.” Ramon glanced up. “Celebrating yearly events less, performing dark arts more. Nothing compared to sanctifying a new temple, but at least one every third new moon, two on the solstices. At least that for the dark arts.”
I’m doing the numbers, something like ten, then doubled, every year. “Where do they come from?”
“Here, there, everywhere, Lady Angel, depends on what they need.” Ramon shrugged. “How many are missing every year in your bigger cities, how many are ever found? And that is but one country, there are others who never ask.”
“Um-m, yeah, numbers are small compared to that.” I leaned up on my elbows. “What do you mean depends on what they need?”
“New moons and solstices they are food for the gods, Lady Angel, they must be healthy. Dark arts, man or woman might work best, some need warriors, or teachers, others virgins.” He looked up, shrugged and went back to work. “Depends on what they need.”
“What is it for? They must know the goddess doesn’t demand this, right?”
“They know, Lady Angel, they know.” Still working away Ramon ran his tongue over his lips. “These people do it to control the Great Goddess, and if they ever find her true name they could destroy her, then Chaos would rule the Earth.”
Sounded like a different version of good and evil, heaven and hell to me, but who is to say this was not the truth, after all they were here long before our organized religions of today. “Are they as blood thirsty of rituals as the others?”
“Oh yes, every bit as much, perhaps more so.”
“Then,” I ran my finger over his tattooed forehead, “you have seen them?”
“Lie still, Lady Angel,” he shivered, “we are running late.”
I didn’t ask any more questions, and we were down at the dock shortly after sunrise. Ramon stopped at the steps leading to Uncle Ben’s boat. “Far as I go Lady Angel, rest you have to do on your own.” I wrinkled my nose, and he tapped his temple. “Rely on your animal totem and spirit guide for guidance.” I’m on the boat, and he has to go and add, “They might not be right, but they’ll probably guide you to the right answer.”
“What? Did you say probably?” Uncle Ben was already pulling away from the dock. “What do you mean they won’t be right?” I’m walking back towards Ramon, as he’s getting farther away. “What the fuck are you saying, they don’t have the answers?”
He’s just standing there waving, as we get farther and farther away.
* * *
There were two crew members on board, but they never said anything, although Uncle Ben pointed out this or that. I nodded now and then, but was sitting there trying to guess what I might be up against. Closing my eyes I rubbed my left temple hoping to summon Tafia, like I was going to get some answers. The biggest question I had was if Mr. Dark was sacrificing people, what hold did he have on Ramon, because I couldn’t believe he’d condone it. Better yet this Great Elder seeing me, knew Mr. Dark would help finance the hunt, why?
We turned down two or three different rivers each getting narrower, I was starting to wonder if we were still in Belize since we were already close to Mexico. “Lady Angel,” Uncle Ben gave me a head bob, “we’s near to droppin’ youse off.”
“Alright,” I took a deep breath, “you know what’s going on Ben?”
“No ma’am,” he grinned, “knows my mama been prayin’ a heap fer youse. I ain’t much at the art, but done a bit o’ praying myself.” He fidgeted a bit. “Lady Angel, Mr. Dark wants you outta yer clothes, reckon it wouldn’t hurt none if youse was to do it up the trail a ways.”
“Thanks Uncle Ben,” I rested my hand on his arm, “but I don’t want you getting into trouble. I’ll take what I can off, soon as we put into shore.”
“Missy,” he patted my hand, “mama be right, youse got a good heart. Want you to know they’re be a lot o’ us pullin’ fer youse.”
I scrunched up my face. “Why?”
“Well,” he rubbed his baldhead, “youse win, youse dictates how it’s gonna be. Reckon no one really knows what youse do, but figures youse can’t be no worse than what he be, right?” He grimaced. “Not wishin’ to offends youse Lady Angel, just figures–”
“It’s alright,” I ran my finger down his cheek, and he broke out in a big grin, “I know what you meant. I have no idea what Mr. Dark does now, but I guarantee some things are going to stop.”
Thought Uncle Ben would know about my steel underwear, but the way his eyes bugged out that was apparently not the case. Kept my sandals on, but left everything else on the boat, then Ben pointed me down the path. I asked, “How far is it?”
The old boy shrugged, as his crew pushed the boat back into the water. We had been traveling slow all morning, winding in and out, but I bet we weren’t more than ten miles from town. There was howling high up in the trees, and a bit of movement two or three trees over. A shiver ran up my back, even though I recognized them as howler monkeys, Uncle Ben called them baboons.
A cat let out a roar, and I didn’t see which of the five breeds it might be, but sounded big. I rubbed my right temple hopefully summoning some of Raven’s strength. I just wanted to run, but had no idea which way to go, and while not bad finding my way around, I didn’t have any jungle experience. Ben called it woods, but I’ve been in plenty of woods, and this was jungle.
Were only two directions to go on the path, forward and back, without even a game trail crossing it, or at least not one I could use. There were more critter sounds behind me and I picked up the pace. I was looking for a weapon, thick stick, decent size rock, anything, but everything was blanketed in green.
I was getting close, could hear ‘girl with the hazel eyes’ playing, and I turned a bend to find a small clearing, to the left an entrance leading underground. There were also four people here, three wearing masks, one being a woman, the fourth being a small tattooed Indian.
“Come on,” the tallest waved me over, “don’t be shy, all you have to do is come here and submit to me, Mr. Dark. Nice to meet you, finally.”
Saying something the Indian rapped the four-foot staff on the ground. Not sure, but I think it was the opposite of Mr. Dark. “Yeah, well that makes one of us, fuck head.” I rapped my bra. “Want the keys, and not a lot of bullshit. Oh, and far as submitting goes, fuck you, weird-assed bastard!”
“Well,” Mr. Dark crossed his arms, “see you still got your sass. Also see that pathetic self-righteous moron worked on you, did he tell you those aren’t going to protect you from me?”
“Just came for the keys to this damn thing.” I tapped above my pussy. “Your lap Rocky(D)s and you can go fuck each other, the keys.”
“They’re my disciples Lady Angel.” Mr. Dark sighed. “Until they earn better names for themselves they’re just Worm Dirt and Frog Spit.” He didn’t motion to who might be whom.
“No doubt fitting,” I gave a head bob, “and the little dude?”
“He’s a watcher,” Mr. Dark waggled his hand, “to makes sure I obey the rules of the endurance test, which shall begin–”
“Fuck you,” I cut him off, “I’m not doing anything til I get the keys.” Mr. Dark gave the man a nod, and the big bastard headed my way. “Better be the right keys, or–”
“Or what?” Mr. Dark snorted. “You’re way out of your league, Lady Angel. Save yourself all this trouble, submit to me.” He shrugged. “All the rest have, it’s only a matter of time, and pain.”
Frog or Worm was holding the key at arm’s length to me. I took it, and the big ape just stood there, arm still froze in place like a zombie. There were two keys, and I opened the lock on my bra. “I’m not doing your endurance test, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before I submit to you.”
“Well, suppose I can arrange such a day, if I have to.” He chuckled. “But you will take the test, Worm have her follow you.”
Key opened the middle lock of my chastity belt, and I made my choice. Gripping the keys I kicked Worm on the inside of his knee, getting it to buckle. Before he hit the ground I kicked him in the same spot, then ran off the way I came in.
Didn’t make it ten feet, and I crumbled into a ball.
Christ, started at my pussy and went to the top of my head, causing me to do nothing more than tremble.
I needed to get away, and started crawling.
ZAP!!! ZAP!!!
I was curled up in a ball, when Mr. Dark walked up to me. “Your new boyfriend didn’t tell you about your charged underwear did he?” The prick laughed like a maniac. “Yeah, and he didn’t tell you who was holding the blade for all those sacrifices did he?”
“Fuck you,” I grunted, “you were.”
“No Lady Angel, I was not.”
“And your attitude is getting old.” He snorted. “Ramon held the blade, that’s right, Mister Self-righteous himself cut out everyone of their hearts, just like Mama Jo before him. You see it is what it has always been, and part of your future job. Don’t believe me, ask the Great Elder.” I looked over at the little brown dude, who nodded. “Yes Lady Angel dear, everyone here’s well aware of what has been happening, it’s needed to keep the balance. Now get up, go to the altar and submit without the endurance ordeal, giving me the power, then it’s over.”
“If I get up,” I hissed, “I’ll never submit, cut your losses now, prick.” He laughed, and spat at my feet. “Mean it, I know you can’t kill me, and I only gotta last ten day, so I’ll never submit.”
“Well Lady Angel, there’s things far worse than death, and ten days of hell will seem like a hundred lifetimes. Get up, now!”
“Make you a deal,” I wiped the drool off my chin, “you give the people double what you are now and stop the sacrifices, you can keep whatever title it is you got.” I was on one knee, looked over and the little dude was nodding at me. “About to get up, make up your mind, prick.”
“Fuck you getting up,” Mr. Dark snorted, “Worm Dirt, drag her fucking ass down to the chamber.”
As Mr. Dark walked away this big doof slipped a leash around my neck, and started to drag me. With his back to me it was no problem putting two kicks right to his nuts, dropping him.
ZAP!!! ZAP!!!
It was enough of a jolt or jolts to have me back on the ground panting. “Lady Angel, your last chance, if you don’t follow me I shall kill one person every hour until the endurance trial is over. Is that not my right, Great Elder?”
“One only,” the little dude nodded, “every hour.”
Shit, I knew the deck was going to be stacked, but this was insane. “Well,” Mr. Dark sucked air through his teeth, and I remembered the sound, last I heard it was the Friday night in the bar’s dark hallway, “what’s it going to be?”
“I do this,” I got to my knees, “you’re to kill no one, throughout this endurance thing.” Summoning all my strength I stood. “Win or lose, no one pays for it, got it rapist?” I gave him a bit of the hairy eyeball treatment. “Can’t see you under your mask, but it was you, rapist?”
“Very well done, Lady Angel, you want your panties back?”
“Fuck you, I didn’t hear your promise.”
“Fine, I promise, none will be killed on your behalf,” he growled, “also promise you will not like what I do if you speak to me in that tone again.” I chose to fight my battle another time, and he grunted, “Frog Spit, take her to the chamber, if there’s any more trouble I’m killing both of you.” He looked at me, and grinned. “Won’t break our agreement, they’re not yours, they’re mine.”
She reached for the leash, and I yanked it away. “I want this outfit off.”
“Oh Lady Angel, that’s where we’re going right now.” He led the way cackling that insipid laugh. “Hobble her, I don’t want–”
“Not going nowhere,” I cut in, “remember our deal?”
“What I remember is your sass.” He clapped his hands. “Take her to the Point of Origin.”
Frog picked up my tether, but had enough sense not to yank me around. Limping slightly the Worm followed us, and chanting the little dude was throwing dust or something in the air bringing up the rear.
We went in what was essentially a mine entrance, an ancient mine, which lead down. Course with no mountains around it was the only way it could go. Was no surprise we wound up at the crystal temple, and frog led me to the three-foot tall crystal.
I looked around, and didn’t see anything in the place. “About my gear?”
“Yeah, yeah,” Mr. Dark waved me off, “watch her feet, strip her, and strap her down.”
Before I could fully recover a pair of straps were around my wrists, and I gave them a tug. “What the fu–”
“Can do this all day if you want, or I could kill a few inno–”
“Said you wouldn’t,” I hissed, “god damn pig.”
“And you said you’d cooperate,” he shrugged, “apparently we both lied.”
I stopped struggling, just glared at the asshole, wondering how Ramon could possibly hesitate at sticking a blade in his twisted heart.
Frog and Worm had a hold of me, and Mr. Dark laughed. “What? You wanted them off, they’re coming off, quit bitching. Fact is, you don’t shut your damn mouth, it’ll be gagged, only reason it isn’t because I enjoy listening to the screams, but I can live with them being muffled.” Standing off to the side he was still giggling his silly ass off, as they finished unlocking my clothes.
Once my underwear clanged to the floor I was thrust on the crystal slab, which was very smooth and quite warm. Thought a light was shining on it, but being as I was spread eagle, staring up at the ceiling I could easily see this wasn’t the case. In fact I could not see any light sources, but it was like an afternoon topside. Only thing I could think of was the light had to be coming from the crystals. While the two morons tightened my bonds I strained trying to hear, or feel a motor.
Tafia fluttered down to the tip of my nose, landing gracefully. The thought came in my head, ‘One can not feel what is not there.’
“This is something different, I could hear electricity, right?”
“Shut up bitch,” Frog cuffed me, “none of that nonsense.” She pulled my mouth open. “One piercing, in her tongue, besides her ears, Master.”
“Well, looks like we got our work cut out for us.” He stood there, tapping his lower lip. “What about nipples and clit size?”
“Ah,” Frog twisted and yanked on each, “fair, maybe on the small side.”
“Alright, start there.” He turned away. “Probably lose half the size, so take her to the max right off.” He cackled. “Be good to hear the screams echoing in the temple again.”
“Raven,” I closed my eyes, pulling hard at the restraints, “Raven, please, I need you.” I couldn’t see her, but could feel her hot breath on my forehead and was ready for what might be coming.
Frog put a glass vial on my nipple, then pumped the air out. There was a tightness, but no big deal. Dickhead was going to need to do better than this, but I groaned and squirmed giving him the impression he might be getting his wish. She did the same thing to my other nipple, then my clit. Admit she got a little twinge out of my clit, but far less than I was playacting.
Couldn’t have been five minutes later Frog is pulling the first vial off, which made my nipple half again its normal size. I want to laugh, but don’t, good thing because she places a bigger vial on it, producing twice the pain, but I can easily handle it. Still I keep up my act.
Once through Frog asked, “What about her piercings?”
His answer, “Double them?”
I couldn’t see the little dude, and was wondering if this was cool, and what did he mean double, twice as many or twice as big. Got my answer when she came at me with a huge needle. Enlarging the holes was a piece of cake, but it might’ve been masked by the constant pain of the vacuum tubes.
Once the new rings were put in place Mr. Dark came closer to take a look. “Um-m, time to make you look like the slut you are.”
Clinching my teeth I growled, “Fuck you.”
He spit in my face. “I don’t think so, remember been there, wasn’t impressed enough to go back.”
“Brave enough you mean, piece of shit rapist.”
“Submit, it’s not going to get better.” He grunted, “Fact is it’s about to get ten times as bad, then doubled every day.”
“Fine, I’ll submit,” I strained at the bonds, “same condition–”
From out of nowhere this prick hits me with a crop across both titties, just below the vials. “You do not set the fucking conditions, you are to fucking endure them!!! Got it, because you better.”
Prick hit me again, in the same spot, I refused to cry or even cry out, wasn’t going to give this asshole the satisfaction.
“Yeah,” he made that sucking noise, “I been doing this for more years than you can easily count, and no one has come close to besting me.”
“Only takes one, asshole.”
Was expecting that one, and had to admire his good aim, but the pain in my titties took away the other pains. “True, but you’re not it.” He ran the tip of the crop across my welt. “Had you, I know what it’ll take, and nothing you can do about it, except submit to my will.” I didn’t say anything, and he laughed. “In the beginning there is the end.”
“Great,” I muttered, “a philosophical torturer. Bad enough I have to put up with your warped sense of entertainment, but your pure drivel too.”
“Drivel, Lady Angel, is what you’ll soon be talking, while begging for it to stop. It means, for every new beginning there was an end to whatever came before. Just like you, Amanda is nearly gone, and soon Lady Angel shall be born, as the prophecies predicted.”
The little dude was now jabbering and Mr. Dark barked out something to shut him up. I’m not sure what language it might’ve been, but do know it was long dead. He poked me with the crop. “When you fail, which you will, your full name shall be Lady Angel of Death, you’ll reek havoc on the populace, returning us to the old ways. So it is written, so shall it be.”
“That is but one,” the little dude rapped his staff on the floor, “but one. I invoke the truth on yo–”
“Shuddup old man, they never found the other–”
“But still it existed, proof is in the writings.” Little dude waved his staff. “Your name can be Lady Angel, a kind benevolent savior to this world.”
“Not fucking likely,” Mr. Dark snorted, “I know your weaknesses. Frog, continue the piercings.”
“Yeah,” I hissed, as she popped the vials off me, “I know your weakness as well.”
“Really?” He leaned over me. “Do tell?”
“Addicted to control, you can’t function with an equal, sick fuck.” He leaned closer, and I spit on him. Aim was a tad off, but I got him on the cheek. “That’s why you got these dunderheads with you, only ones you can control. Bet that pecker wasn’t even yours.”
He backhanded me, and the little dude slammed his staff into the floor. “Un-allowed, meditation time, one hour, now, with a warning. Release her bonds.”
“My ass.” They stared each other down, then Mr. Dark growled, “give her three-feet on the ties.”
Little dude rapped the staff on the floor. “And back off, all of you. Get her water.”
Wiped the corner of my mouth, and wasn’t surprised there was blood, hadn’t been the first time I tasted blood by some jerk of a man. Took a swallow of water, swished it in my mouth before spitting it on the floor, then drank the rest. They weren’t coming to get the tin cup, so I threw it at the three standing off in the distance like vultures.
So, it appeared little dude and Ramon were under Mr. Dark’s thumb, and the reason had to be bad. I called upon Tafia for answers, but she didn’t show. Wonder if it had to do with these big-ass crystals.
Jesus my clit was sore, and I looked down to find it swollen to about the size of the tip of my little finger. Nipples were even larger, but not near as sore. I thought about the runes and tried to remember which was the healing rune ‘On your insteps,’ Tafia’s voice was in my head, ‘the largest ones, just touch them.’
Closing my eyes I did as told, and the pain eased considerably, as I thought about Ramon and me on the rock in the river, the mixture of pain and pleasure. ‘Tafia, why me?’
‘It’s in your bloodline child, long ago my only daughter was put to the endurance trial, and I vowed to stay til I helped defeat him.’
Tafia said him, as if it were distasteful. ‘You’re my grandmother.’
‘Yes child, a hundred or so times removed, but yes I’m your grandmother. You are the fourth in my bloodline to take on the Point of Origin, each growing stronger, it is time.’
My bonds being yanked and ratcheted until I was again spread-eagle on the crystal rudely brought me back to the present. Mr. Dark leaned in close. “Rest time is over, play time begins.”
“No,” I corrected him, “it’s the beginning of the end, for you.”
“Frog Spit,” he turned, and walked away, “continue.”
“Stages Master?”
“Why?” He glanced back over his shoulder. “She thinks she’s a tough bitch, and she’s got the moron’s runes, max them. Start with the cross, after the nipples and clit.”
Not sure what he meant by maxing, but knew it didn’t sound good. Should’ve known it meant the big needle, and Frog put a gold spider web nipple shield on my swollen left nipple, then ran it through. “Ah-h-h shit,” escaped from my lips, despite my swearing I wouldn’t say a thing, but I swore she split my nipple in two.
Was more prepared for my left nipple, and only grunted. But when she grabbed my clit and headed for it with that big needle I screamed, “No,” trying to squirm away. Way I was tied down I wasn’t going anywhere. “Arg-gh, fuck me, Jesus fucking Christ!”
“Not anywhere close, Lady Angel,” Mr. Dark cackled, “not anywhere close.”
Straining at the ties, I broke into a sweat then changed the pain into a bit of pleasure, not much but a little. I cried out again to hide this new fact from them. Worm leaned over me grinning and drooling, he had horrible teeth, grayish-green, filed to points, and looking at them eased some of the pain as my stomach became upset. I chuckled, thinking he should be the one named frog or better yet toad.
Pinching my skin at my hairline Frog sticks me, but it’s not much more than a bee sting. Still, I let them think I’d been shot. Eyebrows weren’t bad and bridge of my nose a tad painful, but the one through my nose hurt to beat all hell, making the other four ache. The one below my lower lip wasn’t much better.
Worm threw a bucket of ice-cold water on me, obviously to wash away the blood and get me to yelp. It worked in both cases. “It cold,” he hissed then threw another bucket of water on me, this one salt water, stinging the piss out of my wounds.
I received piercings in my navel, one horizontal, one vertical, a ring in my hood, and a pair in each of my inner labia. None of them hurt as bad as the one through my nose, but I might just be getting used to the pain. Still, I howled for these moron’s benefit, spitting and cursing, getting them laughing.
After receiving two more buckets of water the little dude rapped his staff, I was brought over food and water. Small piece of liver, smothered in onions and peppers. I disliked liver, hated onions, and detested peppers. “Want something else, say Caesar salad and a thick medium-rare rib-eye, you know what you’ve got to do.”
“This is fine,” I picked up the piece of liver, “more than I expected from you.”
“Come on, Lady Angel, you didn’t know what to expect from me.” He crossed his arms, and started tapping his toes, which echoed through this place. “Look around you people have fucked this world up, and it’s getting worse everyday. It’s time for a change, time to go to a simpler life, like it used to be.”
“Right,” I snorted, “only with you in charge. How are you going to make this better? Putting an end to war, drought, famine?”
“Nothing wrong with war, it has its functions.” He held out his hands. “But face it, the world is choking to death on people. Place will be far better cleaned up, or I should say off.”
Knowing I need my strength I gag a handful of the peppers down, getting him to smile. They had been boiled or something, slimier than usual. “So, another three thousand go, and you choose?”
“Three thousand?” Mr. Dark snorted. “Don’t think so small, Lady Angel of death, that’s just gonna be your first day. We need to thin the herd, and you’ll be doing near that many a day for a year or two.” He leaned closer while I choked down the rest of the peppers. “You’ll get used to the wheezing sound quickly, when you still their throats before the splashing of blood drowns it out. And those little warm drops that splatter you will get your hot pussy, I had my dick in, so wet, then you reach in and pull out their heart, warm and beating. There’s a sucking sound, then a pop as their feet kick a bit before giving it up, makes me so hard.”
“Just back away,” I washed the nastiness down my throat with some water, “you sick fuck.”
“You might be right,” he cackled, “but I’m going to be your sick fuck. Yeah, that’s right, after the last I’m going to lay you in the pool of fresh, warm blood, and sanctify it by taking you, before putting your belt back on.”
“First off, I’m not wearing that fucking thing again. Secondly, the first I’d use the blade on would be me, I’m not killing anyone.”
“Um-m, nice sentiment, but it’ll change.” He started to walk away, then stopped. “In the morning I’ll explain what’s going to happen, tonight just think about it.”
“Nothing to think about,” I spat at him, “that cock of yours isn’t getting near me.”
“True,” he laughed, “not for ten days, but I can wait.”
‘Yeah,’ I stuffed more onions in my mouth thinking, ‘I’d use the blade on him first, at least to cut his throat, doubt there was a heart to pull out of him.’ I finished off the liver, slung the plate their way, downed my water, and flung the cup at them too. “Lets go, sooner you give up, sooner I can get on with my life.”
“As I stated,” Mr. Dark strode over, hands behind his back, “Amanda, your life is over. Lady Angel is in the process of being born, win or lose Amanda is dead.”
‘Lie,’ could be heard in my head, ‘he can not kill you child, only you can, by wishing yourself dead. My blood is your blood, and we shall fight, never give up, never.’
“Fuck you,” I spat at him, “you’re a liar. I might evolve, but I’m taking Amanda with me, I’ll never be some inhuman lifeless piece of shit, and will do what Ramon could not.”
“Hah,” he cackled, “got plenty of time, will tell you that story later too.” Mr. Dark came over to inspect his handiwork. He ran the crop across each ring, but did not smack me. “Loosen ties on her legs and get them in the air. Hell, pin them to her shoulders.”
Tried to resist, but I had no leverage and didn’t take his two apes long to have my feet on either side of my head. Mr. Dark licked a finger, then sent it in my ass. Little dude rapped his staff on the ground, and Mr. Dark removed his finger. He stuck two fingers in his mouth before ramming them in me, getting me to groan. Little dude again beat the ground with his staff. “Calm down,” Mr. Dark thrust up into me, “need to gauge for size, her ass holds no pleasure for me.” I tried to resist, but he was wiggling his fingers, or running them in circles deep in me, and a low groan escaped my throat. “Besides, the little whore seems to like it.”
He put a third finger in me, pushing deep against me. “Enough,” little dude barked, “or accept the penalty.”
“Fine,” Mr. Dark gave me two more hard thrusts, “ring her asshole, top and bottom, max both.”
These last two were not as bad as my clit piercing, but they were close, and half my scream was for real. Our maybe it was this insane position I was in that made everything feel so intense, which went for the buckets of water thrown on me.
My legs were lowered back down to the altar. Mr. Dark waved at his stooges. “Put the spreaders on her… No, her new gear first, and make sure the rings are wired.”
I didn’t know what new gear meant, but figured it could not be worse, I was wrong. Instead of white it was black and close to the same thing, except with the chastity belt there were slots so my new gold rings could stick out. With my bra, holes were big enough to expose my full nipple shields, which I was happy for, seeing as my nipples were incredibly sore. Frog wired each, giving them a yank to see they gave the desired effect, and with each shriek of mine they were happy.
Tugging on my clit was worse, sending a sharp pain through my whole body, hood less, but close. Rest of the rings about as much as a decent slap, but I still hollered my head off. Once the last lock clicked shut Frog yanked on the lines and coaxed a real scream out of me.
Giggling she looked over at Mr. Dark. “How many spreaders, Master?”
“All of them,” he snorted, “set at the max too.”
“Worm,” she giggles, “bitch could use another douche or two.”
Drooling all over himself the moron hits me with two more buckets of water, the second salty enough to get my wounds stinging. Felt something snap around an ankle and looked down to see her snap a bar to my other ankle, she then put another just above my knees. She came around in front to put a spreader on my wrists, then elbows. Worm got on one side, Frog the other and they pulled my arms as far apart as they could, then locked the bars in place.
I was now stretched into an ‘X’ position and Frog asked, “A gag Master?”
“No, I’m going to enjoy hearing this.” Holding his thumb up he jerked in the air. “Put the mouthy bitch on the ceiling, then turn in, got an early day tomorrow.”
There was a cranking noise and the bar at my wrist was raising, high enough it dragged my feet to the center of the crystal, then up into mid-air. I looked up and took a deep breath, not liking the fact I was going to be forty feet in the air.
No big deal. I took a deep breath. No big deal. Hated being off the ground, it was a big deal, and I started panting when my feet were ten foot off the ground. Tried to wiggle out, but I didn’t budge anything, just got me swinging a bit, which made things worse, as the ground was moving.
The clanking stopped and I barely opened one eye, letting out a slight sigh seeing I wasn’t at the top, closer to halfway is all. “Um-m, hello up there.” Mr. Dark cupped his hands over his mouth. “Just wishing you a good night, Lady Angel, being as you have an early morning too.” He fiddled with something and the lines to my rings tightened, once they were taut they stretched a bit more putting pressure on my new piercings. “If you haven’t figured it out already, better to not struggle much, just going to cause you pain. Sweet dreams, Lady Angel.”
He walked back to the shadows laughing his cackling hollow laugh.
I closed my eyes thinking, ‘Grandmother, help me endure this so I can stop this insane bastard once and for all.’
‘Do you know what you ask?’
‘Yes, to do what Ramon could not,’ I swallowed hard, ‘kill him.’
‘Rest child, you will need it.’

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