AmerAsian Son meets Father for 1st Time and Father shares wife with him

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I want to give a little background to the story. I was in Vietnam and while I was there I had a steady girlfriend. I was only 17 when I was there and did not care. Years later I find out I have a son. Here is the story of him meeting me and my wife who is 12 years younger than I am. (Intro is a bit long)
I had been gone for two days and returned home and was unpacking, when I hear the doorbell ring. I hear my wife, Amelia, go answer the door. I hear a few seconds later to come down that there is someone here to see me. I grumble to myself and say I will be a minute. I quickly change into a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt, wanting to be comfortable and not really caring about someone coming to visit me. I am hoping to get rid of them and have a little fun with Amelia.
I was a bit shocked when I saw my wife of over 30 years talking to a man, who had his back to me, like she was totally taken by him. I saw that look in her eyes that she gets when she is sexually attracted to someone, which has only happened a few times in our married life. I am looking at Amelia with her head tilted a little to one side a big smile on her face and her eyes are very large and kind of glassy looking. I am thinking to myself – well you old fat fuck you have not been able to get her to look like that in a long while. I make a noise and they both turn to me and I stop a bit shocked by what I see. I am looking at a person who has a very strong resemblance to me.
Amelia breaks the silence and says I would like you to meet your son. Shock of shocks! Meet my son; normally it should be the other way around. I introduced myself and he introduced himself and gave me his story. I thought of all the chances of someone looking like me and having been born in the same place as I have been stationed and having pictures of me when I was 17 in Vietnam was not very likely.
I spent most of my time around Dong Ha and met Lan who was picking rice in one of the paddies we were going through. Lan had called out to me as I was going to go on one of the other mounds that were surrounding the paddies. She was telling me not to go there because it was bad. I did not understand a lot of Vietnamese at the time, but I knew bad. I called her to some to me and she acted like she could not come and I told our ARVN companion I wanted her to come to and meet me. I saw she was very good looking and talked to her about what was bad in the area. Lan said she was afraid and I said come with us like we are forcing you to come and that way the others will not know you are helping us. I said I was going to make a point and grabbed her by the hair and acted like I was pulling very hard and told her to scream very loudly, which she did.
I lived with her in a small apartment for the next year and I left. I never saw her again. Quan told me about his life and childhood and that he was raised later in life by his grandparents, because Lan had died after the fall of the south and the reprisals against the people who did not cooperate. Lan said she was going to get a way out of the country and leave, but it never happened.
Quan relayed how he was able to learn quickly and some of the people who had influence liked him and helped him get a better education and get better jobs. He said even though Vietnam is still communist there is still a free market that exist and thrives.
Now here he was standing in my living room and my wife was mesmerized by him. Amelia commented that we looked so much alike it was like having twins that one was younger and more fit. I said I needed a drink and asked if anyone else would like one. Amelia said she would like a mojito. I looked at her and asked how much and she replied you better make it a big one. I made her the drink and brought back two beers and two shots of Irish whiskey.
************************************************** ***************
We did our shots and drank our beer. I did not drink my shot all at once and Quan drank his all the way down and Amelia who was normally not a drinker drank her mojito down and asked if I would make her another one. I picked up the shot glasses and Amelia’s glass and went to the kitchen to refill them. I poured another shot for Quan and made another mojito for Amelia. I normally make them half strength, but this time I made it normal strength and put a splash extra coconut rum in it and a few more fresh mint leaves. I put a little water in my shot glass and went back into the living room.
We toasted again and Amelia took a ling gulp from her glass and commented on the minty flavor. I asked if she wanted a little more rum to dilute the flavor and surprisingly she said yes. I excused myself and freshened up her drink. I gave it back to her and another shot for Quan and we talked and drank a little more. Amelia commented that it was getting a bit warm in the house and I suggested she change into something more comfortable and we would go out to the deck since it was a cool evening.
Quan and I were on the deck for what seemed like a long time before she came out to the deck. I was a bit stunned and so was Quan from the look on his face. Amelia was wearing a sheer chiffon wrap blouse and a short skirt. Normally she would only wear the top when we were alone or in a very dark place. I looked her in the eye and she smiled and said she was really hot. I smiled back and asked how her drink was. She looked at me and said I could freshen-up her drink a little. I took Quan’s and her glass and refilled them. I put more rum in her drink and more mint and refilled Quan’s shot glass.
I must admit that I had tried to get my wife to be a little freer and dress sexier all the time and she had resisted. I also had a fantasy of sharing her with another man, but every time I brought up the subject she outright rejected it and got mad or told me she could not find the right guy. I was thinking this was the right guy.
I came back out to the deck and it seemed like they had been old friends for a long time and Amelia’s normal inhibitions were gone. I looked at the two of them and wondered if I should coax the situation on a little. I gave then the drinks and went back in and got my camera. I told them to look at me and smile and they did. Then I told them to stand together and not to be so far apart. I had the two of them standing next to each other and took a few pictures. I gave them their drinks and asked if they were ready for another drink. Quan said he would have another beer but was going to skip out on the shot. Amelia smiled and gulped the rest of her drink and said fill it up.
I made her another drink and came back and they were standing close together and Quan was staring down the front of her shirt. Amelia did not seem to notice or by this time did not care or both. I gave Amelia a little kiss and gave her the drink and as I was turning I gave a little tug on her blouse so it was a bit looser and more open in the front. From my position I could make out one of her nipples as she was turned at an angle to me. I picked up the camera and snapped a few more shots and Amelia smiled at me like she did when she was excited and about ready for a little sexual activity. I winked at her and told her to turn toward Quan and told Quan to move a little closer to Amelia and to look down at her eyes. I suggest to Amelia to drop her shoulder and move her one leg out a bit toward me and to tilt her head a little as she did so.
Amelia had posed for me semi-nude and nude many times in the past and because of the alcohol she seemed like she was willing to continue on with being told how to pose and to show a bit more skin. Quan was standing there looking at me and back to her and I told him to hold her like he was going to kiss her. Quan stopped for a second and then held her in his arms and gave her a light kiss and pulled back. I said: “NO that is not how I want you to do it, watch me.” I put the camera down and went over to Amelia and pulled her to me and as I did I pushed the top of the blouse on her shoulders so it was almost all the way open and I put my hand in the small of her back and pulled her to me and as I did I pulled at the bottom of the blouse to open it up more and kissed her passionately and ground my hard cock into her pussy.
I could tell that Amelia was really hot now and it would not take much more to get her naked in front of Quan. I went back over and picked up the camera and said now move over to her and kiss her like I did and look into her eyes as you kiss her. Quan pulled her close and kissed her with passion and a burning lust in his eyes. I could see the same in Amelia’s eyes and encouraged them on. I told Quan to reach up and stroke her breast as he kissed her and to make her nipples hard. Quan did not need to be told more and was kissing her like he would never get another kiss in his life and was working her shirt open so she was exposed and now moved his mouth down to one of her nipples and was playing with the other nipple with his other hand.
Amelia was kind of in a trance like state and I could see her eyes and the fire that was in them. Amelia looked into my eyes and I smiled and mouthed “Yes” to her and that I loved her. Amelia reached down and began working on Quan’s belt and zipper to get to feel his package. I said to Quan to take off his trousers and make it easier on her. At that time Amelia pulled her blouse off and dropped her skirt. Amelia was totally nude as she was not wearing any panties. Quan gave a gasp and pulled off his shirt and shorts and he too was nude. I told them to kiss again and to explore each other’s bodies.
I told Quan to act like she was never going to give him any pussy again unless he made her feel great and really hot and to use every trick he knew to make her want him. Quan was kissing her and rubbing her back with one hand and was rubbing her clit with the other hand working a finger into her slit. In a few more seconds he was working two fingers in and out of her pussy as he kissed her deeply. I could see the lust in both of their eyes and took more pictures until I had to replace the camera card. I had already used two 64GB memory cards and had two more left.
I thought it would be great if I had my HDDVD camcorder. I winked at Amelia and ran to our bedroom and tore open the drawer I kept the camcorder in and grabbed the extra batter and camera cards and the tripod. I ran back to the deck and quickly set up the camcorder on the tripod and pressed record. Quan had Amelia bent at the knees with her legs apart as he continued to finger her pussy as he was kissing her. I moved the picnic table over and told Amelia to sit on the edge of the table and for Quan to stand to the side and I moved a chair over between her legs and sat down and began eating her pussy and fingering her with three fingers as I licked, nibbled, sucked and pulled on her labia and clit with my lips and teeth. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my fingers as I was licking and looking up into her face as Quan was busy sucking on one tit and playing with the other tit.
I told Quan to give her a taste and got the camera and took more pictures and went back to telling them what I wanted them to do. After Quan had eaten her pussy until she was begging for someone to make love to her. I told Amelia to get off the table and for Quan to get on the table and spread his legs and for her to climb on the table and mount him in the reverse cowgirl position so I could get some good pictures and video of the action. Amelia was at the point of no return and wanted to feel a hard cock in her pussy. I told Quan to go slow and as he was slowly moving in and out of her pussy I got on a bench and up on the table so my cock was level with her face and told her to lick me.
Amelia licked up and down my cock for a minute and then sucked me into her mouth. She was licking me from my balls to the tip and then licking the head of my cock and putting her tongue in the slit of my cock and then deep throating me. I do not remember when the last time she sucked me with that much passion. I did not want to cum in her mouth and after a minute I pulled out with her saliva all over my cock. I got an idea that I could get up and with her in the reverse cowgirl position with both of their legs apart I stood between them and went over and got a small stand and stood on it so I could kiss her and play with her tits as Quan was now pushing deeper into her soaking wet pussy.
Amelia told me that she really loved me and that she wanted me. I took that to mean that she wanted both of us at the same time since Quan was not finished. I looked down and told her to lean back and to hold herself up with her hands behind her, which she did. I don’t know what Quan was thinking, but I could tell they both were surprised when I pressed my hard cock and pressed myself into her pussy that was already filled with Quan’s cock.
I gave them both a minute to get used to the feeling of both of us being in her and then started to move and told Quan to work with me as we worked in and out of her pussy slowly so neither of us would fall out during the process. We continued like that for a while longer until I could feel Amelia beginning to cum as her pussy was starting to clench down on our cocks. I only needed a little more and I would be cumming. Quan announced he was read to cum and in another stroke he began to cum and Amelia began to cum and then I began to cum as Quan was finishing and Amelia was now in the deepest part of cumming as her pussy was really clenching down on our cocks and finally she finished with a deep sigh and collapsed back onto Quan.
We all stayed that way for a minute and I pulled out and as I did Quan fell out and I could see the cum dripping from her pussy. I grabbed the camera and took a few close-up shots as her pussy was still open and slowly closing as the cum dripped out onto the table. Amelia got up and kissed me and said she was going to take a hot shower and get ready for bed.
I put on my shorts and showed Quan to the guest room and the shower and towels and said we could talk in the morning. I went back outside and cleaned up and put everything back and when I went back in the house I could hear both showers and whistling from one shower and a soft voice singing from the shower in our room. I looked at the cameras and put them down out of the way and went into the main bathroom and took and shower. I was faster than Amelia and we finished at about the same time and I went into our room and sat naked on the edge of the bed.
Amelia came out with her robe on and looked at me and said – do you hate me? I looked at her and smiled and said “No – I love you! I wanted that to happen for a long time and you always resisted me.” Amelia cried for a while in my arms as we fell asleep. We slept for a long time as it was 1:30 PM and the sun was shining in my window as I looked at my loving wife who had awaken and was waking me up by sucking my cock. What a nice way to wake up.

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