An accidental exposure leads to erotic adventure – Sharing My Wife Roni

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The beginning of a remarkable adventure.
My wife and I married young…she was twenty and I was twenty-two.
Roni is a petite, five foot-two inches tall, one hundred fifteen pounds, with shoulder length medium brown hair and blue eyes. I may be biased but she has the most beautiful body that I have ever seen.
With a slim stomach, very sexy 34B breasts (about the size of two oranges), light brown half dollar sized areolas with perfect nipples that point slightly upward, an amazing full pussy and one hell of an ass!
I’ve always enjoyed showing her off in a bikini. I really enjoyed watching other men sneaking looks at her. After we’d been married for about two years, Roni took a job, as a leasing agent, at the apartment complex we lived in and we’d visit the complex’s pool quite frequently.
Since Roni worked for the apartment complex, she was the host of an ‘adults only’, complex-sponsored, pool party, once. It was such a thrill to watch her walking around, in her little bikini, and talking to all of those strange men. Of course, she had to make sure everyone was having a good time so she’d often stop and sit with some of the men who were there by themselves.
I really enjoyed watching as they tried not to stare at her sweet, little breasts as she sat in front of them. After a few hours, and quite a few mixed drinks, she announced it was time for the chicken-fight contest. The rules were, it had to be guys on the bottom and girls on their shoulders. The winner would receive a trophy and one hundred dollars off of their rent for the next month.
Since my wife was an employee, we weren’t allowed to participate. So, the teams were chosen and everyone had a partner except for one older gentleman. My wife told him she’d be his partner but, if they were to win, he’d only get fifty dollars off of his rent since she was an employee.
He agreed and the game began, with about fifteen teams to start the game. It was a free-for-all as all fifteen teams were in the pool at the same time, while the remainder of the party-goers cheered them on from the sides of the pool.
As I sat and watched my wife battle it out with some of the others, I couldn’t believe what I saw. While she was in the middle of the pack, one of the other girls was knocked off into the water. My wife’s back was to me at the time but, when she turned towards me, her whole left breast was exposed!
She was completely unaware and continued to fight on. It was such a beautiful sight to see…her pretty, full breast was out there for everyone to see. There was so much noise, and she was so focused on trying to win, she had no idea. She continued fighting, for a good five minutes, until she was knocked off with only four couples left.
When she resurfaced, she stayed in the pool to referee the remaining four. The water was only three feet deep so everyone had a nice view of my wife’s upper torso and I noticed a few of the guys taking pictures with their phones. I suppose I should’ve walked over and told her but I found it pretty arousing so I quietly sat where I was.
When the competition was over, my wife congratulated the winners and had them follow her to a table so she could present them with a trophy. Everyone at the party was looking at her as she handed them the trophy and people took pictures of the ‘winners’.
“Nice, tit!” someone finally shouted.
That was when the female winner noticed and told my wife her breast was completely exposed. Thank, God, Roni was pretty buzzed and simply covered herself and apologized for being indecent and everyone laughed it off. She came over and sat next to me after the trophy ceremony.
“Steve, I’m so embarrassed, I can’t believe my breast was exposed like that.”
“There’s no reason to be embarrassed, I’m sure the girls understand and I know the guys loved it! And…, it wasn’t ‘some’ people, ‘everyone’ here saw it! I first noticed it when you were still 0n that guys shoulders. I’m sure it was pulled loose when you were fighting with another girl. It was exposed nearly the whole time you were in the pool”.
“Oh, my God! I need another drink!” she said.
The party went on for about another hour. I really enjoyed watching my wife make the rounds and all of the guys openly stare at her breasts as she was talking to them. It seemed to me she was enjoying the attention.
“How are you feeling?” I asked when we got home.
“How do you feel knowing all of those guys saw your pretty little breast?”
She tried to play it off.
“I don’t think that many people noticed.”
“Oh, yes, they did! Every male, and female, there knows what your left breast looks like, now,” I assured her.
“Oh, crap! That’s really embarrassing, please stop talking about it!”
“You shouldn’t be embarrassed because you looked sexy as hell and I really enjoyed watching other men, and women, looking at your naked breast!”
That seemed to turn her on.
“What should I do?” she asked.
“There’s nothing you can do. What’s done is done.”
“But, all of those guys!”
“I found it very arousing and I’m sure they did, too!”
“Do you think they think I’m sexy?”
“Oh, yes! After all, they’re guys!”
“You know, I see those guys on a regular basis when they pay their rent to me every month.”
“Yes, I know. Forget it happened and simply accept the compliments if they say anything.”
We had amazing sex that night.
“God that was so sexy seeing you exposed in front of those men……Seeing your tit exposed to all of those people turned me on… a lot…and I’m sure all of the guys will never forget this pool party….All those guys taking picture….I’m sure they will show them to all their friends…I hope they don’t post it on the internet….,”
” they can’t post it on the internet …can they?”
“Sure they can…all they need is a picture and a website”
“Oh Steve….what if someone does that?”
” Then you’ll be famous….Thinking of all those guys looking at your naked titty….damn that is so sexy”
She came three times …that was when I first realized my wife liked to be exposed to others.
A few days later, Roni was in the complex’s office, alone, when one of the guys, who was at the party, entered with a maintenance request and he developed a big grin on his face as soon as he saw her.
“I wanted to thank you for being such a great host at the party and I’m looking forward to the next one!”
“Oh, my God!….. I’m so embarrassed!”
“Please, don’t be. I enjoyed it, especially the trophy presentation ”
“Crap…so you noticed?”
” Noticed Hell……you were the talk of the party”
He pulled out his phone and started playing around with it for a short time…she thought he was getting a call.
“I was lucky enough to get these”
He turned the phone around and showed her a picture of her at the trophy table with her breast fully exposed…. My wife was shocked.
“I’m. not trying to be a jerk…but is there any chance I could see the other one?”
“I’m married so I doubt that’ll ever happen!”
“What a shame. Well at least I got to see one of them”
“Please delete all of the pictures you have”
” No way…why would I do something like that?”
” I’ll give you a discount on next month’s rent!”
“Not a chance!”
“Well, Could you please at least promise you won’t show them to anyone else?”
“No way, I’ve already shown them to two of my neighbors and they were thrilled to see your tit… they called you the pretty little girl at the leasing office”
“Why would you do that?”
“Because, you are a very attractive young Lady…and that is one beautiful breast . We were talking about what happened at the party, I told them I had pictures and they asked to see them”.
My wife just glared at him
“….and they asked so I sent copies to both of them.”
“Why would you do that?”
“Because they asked.”
My wife was speechless
He submitted his maintenance request and left. When my wife got home that evening, she was fuming! She told me what had happened.
“You need to do something about it. By the time he’s finished, everyone in the complex will have a picture of my breast.”
“Tell me where the guy lives and I’ll go talk to him.”
Two days later, I had his apartment number and went to his place. …Now, I’m not much of a fighter. I mean, I would if I had to, but I hadn’t been in a fight since grade school. So, I’m not really sure what it is my wife is expecting me to do.
I knocked on his door and it was answered by a guy I recognized from the party. He was a little older than me, with a slightly bigger build. Not really an intimidating guy but not a wimp, either.
“Are you Josh?”
“I’m Steve, Roni’s husband. Could we talk?”
“Sure, come in. Would you like a beer?”
“Why not..”
I opened the beer and we chatted for a couple of minutes.
Finally I got down to business…”The purpose of my visit is to talk to you about some pictures you have of my wife.”
“Yeah, I thought that’s why you’re here.”
“My wife is very concerned about you sharing the pictures you took at the party.”
“Well, yeah! Wouldn’t you do the same if you were me? I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to let other people see her tit.”
“She’s worried because it could create problems since she works at the complex.”
“There’s no way that can happen …. Her breast was exposed accidentally and I was simply lucky enough to have my phone handy to take some pictures. Her tit is very nice, by the way!.. Is the other one just as nice?”
“Oh, believe me it is”
“Cool a matching set”
” Yes they are… but let’s get back to the issue at hand.”
“You should be proud that other men want to see your wife’s sexy little tit.”
“How many people have you shown them to?”
He hesitated for a few seconds.
“About ten to twelve.”
“How many of them live in this complex?”
“Most of them, plus a few guys at work.”
“Dude, you know that’s my wife, right?”
“So, she’s not mine and even if she was, I’d probably still share those pictures…she is a sexy little woman. …I also took a few pictures of her ass. Man! She has a gorgeous ass!”
He really surprised me when he started talking about her ass. I sat there, speechless!
“Do you want another beer?”
As he got up to get the beer he continued talking.
“Man, I’d love to see her bare-ass naked! I’d love to see what her pretty little butt looks like stuck up in the air. Dude, you’re a lucky guy! Your wife is beautiful and has a killer body! So, please, don’t be mad at me because I have a few pictures of one of her tits. Instead, be proud you’re the one who gets to tap that ass anytime you want!”
Okay, so I was starting to have a problem. My wife wanted me to do something about this guy showing her pictures to other people but this guy obviously isn’t going to and, on top of that…I agreed with him! I also found myself getting aroused by his sharing my wife’s pictures with other guys! …What to do?
“Hey, can we make a deal?” I asked.
“What do you have in mind?”
“If you come back to my apartment with me and apologize to my wife, tell her you didn’t mean to upset her, you won’t show or share your pictures with anyone else and then delete the pictures in front of her…I’ll get you some pictures of my wife, completely naked.”
His eyes almost popped out of his head.
“Are you for real, dude?”
“I am! I already have some but I’ll take more and share them with you whenever you want.”
“It may take a few days for me to convince her to let me take pictures of her, naked, after what had recently happened.”
“No longer than two weeks but I want to see what you already have, tomorrow! I’m going to make a copy of the pictures I have on my phone, before I delete them, so if you don’t come through on your end, I’ll make sure everyone in the complex sees them!”
“Deal.” I said.
I waited as he copied the pictures onto his computer and then we went back to my place.
“Man! I can’t wait to see her ass!” Josh said as we were walking.
I couldn’t help but grin while thinking about what a treat he was in for. When we walked in, Roni was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. She was quite surprised when she saw Josh with me.
“Honey, Josh has something he’d like to say to you.”
Josh stayed true to his word.
“Roni, I’m sorry I upset you. I wasn’t thinking about how it might embarrass you and I’m sorry if I hurt you.”
He then made a big production of pulling up all of the pictures, including the ones of her ass, and deleting them, one by one until he was finished.
“Thank you. It’s a big relief to have that off of my mind,” Roni said.
“Would it be okay for Josh to join us for dinner?” I asked
“Sure. I’d like to thank him for being a good person.”
As we had dinner that night, I realized Josh and I had many things in common, we shared many of the same interests and he and Roni also seemed to hit it off.
“He’s a nice guy,” Roni commented after Josh left.
She was really happy he’d done the right thing by deleting those pictures.
“Knowing he was looking at all of those pictures of my bare breast, as he deleted them, was really embarrassing. I was surprised to see he had pictures of my ass, as well!”
“I’m not surprised he sneaked a few pictures of your ass because it’s quite lovely.”
” Do you really think so?”
I said ” Baby it is world class!”
“Would you like to see it, right now?” she asked as she winked at me.
Of course I jumped at the opportunity and we went to bed.
“How do you feel about the way things have turned out?”
“Great! I’m so happy you could fix that for me…you’re my hero!”
“What do you think of Josh?”
“I really like him but I’m a little shy about him having seen my breast.”
“He told me he thinks you’re beautiful, and sexy, and your breast is ‘hot’. He said he was sharing the pictures to share your beauty.”
” What a crock of Rocky(H) shit”.
” No, I think her was being serious.. he thinks you are gorgeous”.
“He actually thinks my breast was that hot?”
She reached down and started rubbing my cock.
“What do you think of the fact Josh has seen your wife semi-topless?”
“I find it very arousing!”
“I can tell!”
We made love for over an hour that night and I’m sure she was thinking about Josh looking at her pictures.
The next day, I left work a little early, in order to get home before Roni, and pulled up all of the pictures I had of her on my computer. I had quite a few but only about ten were of her topless or naked. I grabbed a flash drive and downloaded some of them onto it, turned the computer off, changed clothes and left a note for Roni, telling her I’d gone for a jog.
I’d jogged over to Josh’s and after arriving, I knocked on his door but no-one answered so I knocked on a neighbor’s door until someone did answer. I asked about Josh and they told me he usually got home around six o’clock. It was only five-thirty so I asked to borrow a pen and paper to leave a note. I left the note, with my phone number, asking him to call me when he got in. I continued jogging and, sure enough, Josh called approximately thirty minutes later.
“What’s up?”
“I have what I promised.”
“Cool, come on over.”
When I got back to Josh’s, he’d left the door open for me but I knocked anyway.
“Come in. We’re in the kitchen!”
When I went into the kitchen, Josh and his roommate, Mike, were sitting at the table, drinking beer.
“Would you like one?”
“Sure,” I said and grabbed one out of the fridge.
“So, the hot brunette who works at the office is your wife?” Mike asked as I sat down.
“Yes, she is.”
“She has a nice tit!”
For some reason, we all found that funny.
“Thanks, man, I think so, too.”
“Well, Mike, you’re in for a treat. Steve is about to share more pictures with us,” Josh said.
I looked at Josh, wide-eyed.
“What the hell? I thought I was showing only you!”
“Don’t worry. I’ve known Mike my whole life and, I promise, he won’t say anything.”
“I don’t know, dude.”
“It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable showing me, I’ll leave. Last night, Josh told me you were coming over to share some pictures of the hot little girl from the office and I’ve been excited all day thinking about seeing her tight little body but I guess I’ll have to be happy having Josh describe her to me,” Mike said.
Mike stood and Josh looked at me. Mike looked so disappointed, I felt sorry for him.
“It’s okay, dude. You can stay but you have to swear you won’t say a word to anyone!”
“I promise!”
Josh got up and went to his room, grabbed his laptop, plugged it in and sat down.
“Okay, let the show begin!”
I reached into my pocket, pulled out the flash drive and handed it to Josh. Mike and I moved our chairs, so we could see the screen better, as Josh inserted the flash drive and the pictures started to appear on the screen.
“Oh, man, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said.
“Relax, I think this will be fun!” Mike said.
The first picture Josh clicked on was one from our honeymoon. My beautiful bride was sitting on the bed, topless, wearing only her panties and a big smile on her face.
It was the first topless picture I’d ever taken of her. She’s sitting slightly at an angle and you can see the side of her right tit as well as the front of both tits.”
“Damn, that’s sweet!” Mike said.
Josh clicked on the picture to enlarge it. The front of my pants became tight as I watched these two guys staring at my wife’s beautiful, firm tits and body.
“I love the way her nipples point slightly upwards. Steve, you were right, they do look equally nice!”
Then he clicked on the second picture. It was from the honeymoon, also.
“She was feeling brave that day so she walked out onto the balcony wearing only a thong.”
There she was in her thong panties, a nice picture of her pretty little ass. She was turned at the hip, looking back at me, as I took the picture. We could also see a side view of her left tit.
“Damn, look at her ass!” Josh said.
The next picture was of my wife standing in our apartment bathroom, completely naked, with her hands in front of her and blocking the view of her pussy, but it was a great picture of her tits. The focus of the camera was perfectly showing every detail of her firm breasts. Again, Josh enlarged it and we stared at those sweet, firm tits for a while. Mike was obviously a tit-man.
“Oh, I’d love to squeeze them just one time!”
The next picture was of Roni lying on her back on the bed, naked, with her legs crossed. Josh enlarged it and zoomed in on her pussy but all you could see was the very top.
“Damn, she’s shaved as smooth as a baby’s butt!” Mike said.
Josh zoomed in on her tits.
“Look at how much smaller they look when she’s on her back but it really makes her nipples stick out more!” Josh said.
Then he zoomed in further until it was mostly all nipple.
“Damn those look so incredibly suckable!” Mike said.
Josh went through a couple of other topless pictures before getting to the last picture I’d taken only a few weeks before. Roni had been in the bathroom, naked, and leaning slightly forward while putting her makeup on. Her tits were visible in the mirror but the focus was more on her ass.
Damn her ass looked good! Josh zoomed in until her bare ass filled the screen, there was just a hint of her pussy showing and we stared at her ass for a while! When Josh realized it was the last picture, he went back through them all, again, lingering on the pictures of her ass. My phone started to ring…it was Roni. I told the guys I’d be right back and went outside to answer.
“Where are you?”
“I know that because I saw your note, but you’ve been gone for quite a while.”
“I’ll be home in ten minutes.”
I went back inside where Josh and Mike were looking at the picture of Roni on the bed and they zoomed in on different parts of her body.
“I need to go. Josh, hand me the flash drive and delete everything on your computer that came off of it,” I told them and Josh started to protest.
“Josh! Do I have to remind you the agreement was I’d show you some new pictures, not that you were supposed to keep them.
After more protesting I told him “Josh, if you’ll delete them, I’ll make copies of the pictures, crop Roni’s face out of them and give them to you,”.
He finally agreed.
The next day, I took the flash drive to work with me and used an online photo editor to crop and enhance the photos. I found it very arousing to be editing pictures of my wife and knowing I was going to give them to another man to enjoy… I called Josh.
“Hello, Josh. What time can you meet me?”
We set up a time, for later in the day, and a place to meet before I was due home. I went to the local fast food joint we’d agreed upon and, when I got there, Josh was already inside. When he saw me, he got a big smile on his face and waved me over. I sat at the table with him and slid the flash drive over to him.
“I removed all of the evidence that could’ve given her away.”
“I don’t care as long as her body is still there. What about the other pictures you promised?”
“I’ll try this weekend. If I walk in and say, ‘Hey, honey, let me take naked pictures of you,’ she may get suspicious.”
“I’d really like to see her, again, so I can imagine what she looks like naked while I’m talking to her.”
That was on a Thursday.
“I suggest you stop by, tomorrow night, with some wine and give a final apology.”
“That sounds like a great idea!”
Friday night came and, as we were cleaning up from dinner, we heard a knock on the door.
“Roni, why don’t you get it while I finish cleaning.”
As Roni opened the door I could hear Josh “Hi, Roni. I wanted to make sure you’d forgive me so I brought some wine to make a toast to our new friendship,”.
He handed her the wine and said “I wasn’t sure which you preferred so I brought one of each”.
“Please, come in.”
I acted surprised to see him.
“Look, honey! Josh brought a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine …. he wants to make sure I know he’s sorry.”
“Well, hand it to me and I’ll open it. Which would you like?”
“Josh, have a seat. I’ll be right back,” I said.
As I walked back into the living room, they were both chatting away. When Josh saw me, he stood and I passed the glasses out.
“Roni, if you’d please stand, I’d like to make a toast to you,” Josh said.
After Roni stood, Josh held his glass up.
“To the most beautiful woman in this complex…who also happens to have a very beautiful breast…… I hope you’ll forgive me and be my friend.”
We all laughed and clinked our glasses together. We sat around talking and drinking, for a while, before Roni went to the kitchen to refill our glasses for the third time.
“The red wine is gone!” she called out.
“Hold on, I’ll come open the white wine,” I said.
When I arrived in the kitchen, I could tell Roni was buzzed.
“I’m so happy I don’t have to work tomorrow! I’d like to get out of my work clothes,” she said.
“Go change! I’ll keep Josh entertained.”
“You know, Josh is really sweet. I’m so glad he did this!”
“Run along and get comfortable.”
When she came back out, she was wearing a pair of pajama pants and a thin, cotton tee shirt. It wasn’t hard to tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were pressing against the thin fabric.
“There, I feel much better, now!” she said.
I’m sure Josh noticed but he didn’t say anything. We continued to drink and hang out until the second bottle was empty. At that point, Josh stood.
“Well, I suppose it’s time for me to go. Roni, may I have a hug before I leave?”
I could tell he enjoyed feeling her nearly naked breasts pressed against him as she gave him a full-frontal hug because he left with a big smile on his face and a tent in his shorts!
“Roni, have you truly forgiven him?”
“Yes, he’s so nice!”
“When you came out with no bra on, I figured you’d forgiven him.”
“Really! Do you think he noticed?”
“I know he did!”
“Well, crap! I didn’t think it was that noticeable. Are you mad at me?”
“Hell, no! I found it very amusing!”
“What was amusing?”
“Watching him trying to look at your tits without you noticing.”
“Really! Was he looking?”
“Most definitely but what did you expect, he’d already seen one of them! I’m sure he’s wondering what your other tit looks like!”
She playfully pushed me.
“Shut up.”
I could tell she was pretty drunk so I started pushing her a little, too.
“Did you want him to see your tits?”
“Not even a little? It’s okay, I’m not mad.”
“No, I just feel very comfortable around him.”
“Well, how about letting me see your pretty little tits?”
She reached down and pulled her shirt up, completely exposing her sweet little breasts.
“Hold on! Let me grab the camera.”
“I want a picture of your titties…Josh used to have one so why can’t I?”
She waited for me to grab the camera.
“Pull your shirt back down, I want you to tease me before you show them to me.”
She pulled her shirt down and I proceeded to take pictures as she slowly started taking it off. When she was completely topless, I took several more pictures of her beautiful, full 34Bs.
“Okay, now the pants.”
Without a word, she slowly started pulling her pants down and off until she was left standing in only her cute little panties and nothing else.
“Now, I want you to model for me.”
“Like this?” she asked and stuck her ass out.
“Nice! Keep going!”
She turned around, bent over and pointed her ass directly at me as I kept taking pictures and complimenting her.
“That’s right! Very good! Ah, beautiful! Remove your panties!”
“It’s time to take this into the bedroom,” she said.
After we entered the bedroom, she flopped onto the bed.
“I’m drunk!” she said.
“Great! You always loosen up when you’re drunk!”
By that time, she was propped up on her elbows so I took a couple of more pictures.
“Okay, time for the panties to go, but go slow because I want to take pictures as you remove them.”
I took several pictures as her pussy slowly came into full view.
“Now, Lie on your back ” I told her
She laid her back on the pillows, with her legs together, and let me take a few more pictures.
“Now, spread your legs a little.”
She did but only enough to get a glimpse of her smooth pussy.
“Yeah, Baby, that’s great! Now, bend your knees and pull your feet up beside you. Hold it there while I take a few more pictures…now, spread your knees some more.”
She did and that gave me a perfect view of her pussy.
“Like this?”
“Yes, exactly like that!”
I took a few more pictures.
“Now, reach down and gently spread your pussy open.”
“I must be drunk to let you take pictures of me like this!” she said as she slowly moved her hand down.
“Shhh… Just be quiet and do as I say.”
As she spread her pussy, I saw she was wet.
“Baby! You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”
“Well, it does make me feel sexy,” she said as she spread her pussy a little more.
“Oh, that’s good, Baby! Now, spread it a little more!
I took more pictures.
“Now, roll over on your stomach and stick your ass up in the air.”
She rolled over and barely lifted her butt.
“Like this?”
“Baby, you know you have a great ass and I want to see it! Get on your knees and lean forward. Hold it right there!” I said as she was getting on her knees.
I moved around and took a few pictures of her breasts and erect nipples from the front. Then I had her lean her head backward more so I could get a good picture of her tits and pussy from the front.
“Okay, stay on your knees, lean forward and put your head on the pillows.”
She complied and I went to the foot of the bed.
“Oh! That’s gorgeous, Baby! Now, spread your legs some more”.
I kept taking pictures as she slowly spread her knees apart. When I had her positioned in the most revealing pose, I took several pictures of her sweet ass from every angle possible. Her pussy looked so inviting.
“Baby, you’re so wet!”
“Put your damn camera down and fuck me!”
She was a wild woman that night.
I was so turned-on Thinking about which pictures to share with Josh…I knew I would show him the pictures of her breasts and ass….Should I show him her full pussy, and if I do should I show it from the the back…or both …
I came within a couple of minutes.
“Oh, no! You’re not done, yet!”
She sucked my cock until I was hard, again, then she climbed on top of me.
“What are you going to do with the pictures?” she asked as she was riding me.
“I don’t know…save them I suppose.”
“Are you going to show them to anyone?”
“No, Baby. I’d never do that.” I lied
“Well never is a long time”.
“What if I wanted you to?”
I think my heart stopped for a second “Do you?”
“Maybe. What do you think?”
“Oh, Baby, you know I think you have an amazing body. You are sexy as hell and I’d love to show you off!”
“You know, it’d really turn me on to know someone else thinks I’m sexy, too. I’d love to hear what they have to say about my body! I know I didn’t tell you but, I really hated to see Josh delete all of those pictures. I fantasied about him jerking off while looking at my pictures!”
“So, you wanted Josh to have those?”
“I find it very arousing to know I turned him on and I’ve had so many people compliment me on my body since the pool party, it makes me feel good about myself. I didn’t know some men actually like smaller breasts.
I like the thought of Josh sharing my pictures with other men but I was worried about getting in trouble with management.”
“Sweetheart, I’d be honored to show Josh your sexy, little body!”
She started riding me a little harder.
“Which ones?”
“Which ones would you like me to share?”
“Well, he did ask me if both of my tits look the same. I want you to show him.”
“Okay, I can do that. Any others?”
“You said I have a great ass. You can show him one of those, too.”
“Hell, yeah, Baby! I’ll be proud to show him your gorgeous ass. What about your pussy…can I show him your pussy, too?”
She increased the pace and was riding me hard.
“Baby? Do you want me to show him your pussy?”
She leaned her head back.
“Yes,” she hoarsely whispered.
“Did you say yes?”
“Yes! I want him to see my pussy.. I want you to show him all of my body. I t turns me on to think that he will know what I look like, naked!”
“Honey, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me you want me to show your naked body to Josh .”
She stopped riding me and looked straight into my eyes.
“I want Josh to see me naked!”
“All of you?”
“Yes!” she said as she smiled at me and gently started riding me, again.
“Do you want him to see your pretty little titties?”
“Do you want him to see your sweet ass?”
“Yes,” she whispered.
She increased the pace, again, and was pushing down on my chest.
“Do you want him to see your pussy?”
“Oh, hell, yes!”
“Which pictures of your pussy?”
“I don’t care, just show him!”
She was fucking me like a wild woman!
“Okay, I’ll show him the picture of you spreading your pussy wide open.”
That’s when she lost it!
“Yes! Yes! Show him …Oh God…I’m Cuming!!”
She had an incredible orgasm . Afterwards, she’d lay on top of me for a few minutes.
“Are you serious about letting me show Josh your pictures?”
“Yes, if you want to, you can.”
“That’s not what I asked. Do you’ want me to show Josh what you look like, naked?”
“When Josh asked to see both of my tits, the other day, it really made me mad. But, since he’s apologized for what he did, and seeing how nice he really is, I feel bad.”
“Honey, it’s okay. There’s no reason to feel bad.”
“You don’t understand what I mean. ..After he left the office the other day, I filed a complaint against him, which is currently under review by the manager. I think I can get them to pull it but I want to do something so he won’t be mad, just in case.
Please, don’t tell him I know you’re showing him those pictures. I don’t want him getting the wrong idea and I want you to promise you’ll tell me everything he says about my body.”
The next morning, Roni was very hung over and slept until noon. When she finally got up, I was sitting in front of my computer at the kitchen table.
“Good morning, Sunshine, how are you feeling?”
“Like death warmed over!”
“I don’t feel so great myself. Josh called and wants us to meet him at the pool.”
“No thanks. I don’t think I can handle the bright light and heat.”
“Okay. Josh will be disappointed but it’ll give me the chance to share these pictures with him.”
Her face turned whiter.
“What pictures?”
“Don’t you remember last night?”
“Remember the pictures I took last night?”
“Well, yeah!”
“Do you remember you said you want me to show them to Josh?”
“Oh, honey! I, uh, ……didn’t think you actually would. It was such a turn-on to think about him seeing me naked ….but it was only drunk talk.”
My heart sunk into my stomach. I should have known that she would never go through with it.
“Well, when he called this morning, I actually told him, ‘I have a surprise for you, which I think, you’ll really like,’ so he’s expecting something. What am I supposed to do?”
“I don’t know…think of something else?”
“Oh, come on! You had me so excited about this and now you’re not going to let me?”
“Yep. You’re not going to show him those pictures.”
“Come on, please, let me show him, at least, one. I’ll let you pick which one.”
“Really. This turns you on that much?”
“Yes, it’s extremely exciting to think about him seeing your beautiful body, Baby. I’m so proud of you. I want him to know how gorgeous you, really, are.”
“Do you really think I look good, naked?”
She stood looking at me for a moment and finally gave in “Okay. But only one and I get to choose which one.”
“Thank you, Baby!”
Roni came over and sat next to me. I had all of the pictures, from the previous night, on my desktop. She started pointing at the pictures in which her pussy was visible.
“Definitely not any of these! But, since he wants to know if both of my tits look the same, show him this one.”
She’d picked the picture of herself, topless, in the living room, with her pajama pants on.
“Oh, yes! That’s a nice picture. Your tits look incredible,Good choice!”
I selected the picture and sent it to my phone, via email.
“Remember, Josh can’t know I’m aware you’re showing him. I don’t want him thinking I’m a slut.”
“Okay, Baby.”
“And, I want to know what he says about my breasts!”
“I only got up to get a drink of water so I’m going back to bed. Have fun at the pool!”
When she went back into the bedroom, I grabbed a flash drive and quickly loaded about ten of the ‘definitely not any of these’ pictures onto it. I went back into the bedroom, changed into my swim trunks, kissed Roni and told her I was going to the pool.
“Have fun and don’t tell him I know.”
“Thanks, Baby. I won’t.”
I grabbed a pool bag, dropped a few beers, a towel and the flash drive into it, picked up my phone and headed out of the door. Josh was already set-up on a few chairs next to the pool when I got there and Mike was with him.
“What’s up guys?”
I sat my stuff down and reclined in a beach lounger.
“Damn, dude. It took you long enough to get here. Where’s Roni?” Josh asked.
“She’s hung over so she won’t be coming.”
“What a shame. The only reason Mike came was to see her in her bikini.”
“Well, sorry, but it’s your fault. You brought the wine.”
“True enough. By the way, I really enjoyed last night. Seeing Roni in that shirt, and then feeling her tits when she hugged me, was worth the hangover I have, today!”
“Well, good. I have a little present for you.”
I pulled my phone out, pulled up the picture Roni had selected and passed it to him so he could look at it.
“Sweet, titties! Are those the pants she was wearing last night?”
“Yes, I took it shortly after you left, last night.”
“Well, I guess that explains why her nipples are so hard…she hugged me!” he chuckled.
Josh passed the phone to Mike who looked at the picture for a long time.
“Will you forward it to me?”
“Sorry, I can’t do that. She’d kill me if she knew I’m showing them to you guys.”
He looked disappointed as he handed the phone back and Josh looked at me.
“Did you get any more pictures?” Josh asked.
“Yeah, I took a few more.”
“Did you bring them with you?”
I reached into my bag and pulled out the flash drive.
“Right here!”
“Let’s go,” Josh said as he stood.
“What’s up?” Mike asked as I stood.
“Steve has more pictures to share with us!”
Josh started walking toward the pool exit and Mike simply looked at me.
My stomach was doing flip-flops as we walked to Josh’s apartment. could I really show them these revealing pictures of my wife?’ I wondered. I was both nervous and excited at the same time.
“Did you get any pictures of her sweet ass?” Josh asked.
“I think you’ll like what I have.”
I noticed my voice was shaky.
“Is she completely naked?” Mike asked.
“You’ll see, shortly.”
“Damn, I can’t wait!” he said.
After we arrived at their apartment, Josh walked over to his laptop, which was sitting on the kitchen table, and turned it on. When it booted up, I noticed the pictures I’d given him were on his desktop.
“I see you got the pictures downloaded.”
Josh simply smiled.
“Of course I did. Mike downloaded them onto his work computer, as well.”
“I’m not sure I’m okay with that.”
“Don’t worry, dude. It’s my personal computer and no one else has the password,” Mike said.
“Well, you haven’t shown them to anyone else, have you?”
“Well, of course I have. Why do you think I accepted them?”
“Man, that’s not cool!”
“Don’t worry. I work for a small company and have shown them to only about four or five guys. I told them she’s a girl I’ve been talking to and she sent me the pictures. I promise, I’ll never tell anyone who she, actually, is.”
“Okay…. but I still don’t like the idea.”
“Don’t worry, man. Everyone says she has a killer body!”
“Josh, have you shown them to anyone?”
“Well, yeah! What good is having the pictures if I can’t share them? I promise, I haven’t told anyone who she is…only a girl I know who likes to show off.”
I was beginning to think I may have made a mistake!
Thinking about all these other guys seeing my wife nude and being turned–on by her sexy little body was actually pretty arousing…but I was still upset that these guys could really get me in a lot of trouble with Roni..
“Do you guys know how mad she’ll be at me if she ever finds out? I hate to think about what she might do!”
“Chill, man. Everything will be fine. Nobody I showed then to know her ….and they would never recognize her even if they did, her face isn’t visible in any of them.” Mike said.
“Have either of you shown them to anyone in the complex?”
“No,” they said in unison.
I made them promise they never would and they both agreed.
“Can we see the new pictures, now?” Mike asked.
“I’m not sure I want to, now. You guys have pissed me off!”
“Oh, come on, dude. You didn’t tell me ‘not’ to share them. I thought you’d be okay with it. I thought you cropped her face out of the pictures so that we could share them.”
“Yeah. Sorry, man. I thought you were cool with it,” Mike said.

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