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An angry father punishes his slutty daughter

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“But, Daddy….!” Young Jessica wailed, tears welling up in her eyes. The eighteen year old nymphette was surprised to see me waiting for her.
“Shut the fuck up, you little bitch! I’ve got something right here to stop up that big mouth of yours.” I replied. I quickly hauled her down onto her knees in front of my chair. I yanked my belt open and shoved my trousers and shorts down to my ankles. Grasping my semi-erect prick in one hand, I caught hold of my daughter and pulled her face toward its raunchy, bulbous head. With my hand gripping her behind the neck, I began to stuff my meaty shaft between her pillowy lips.
“Now suck this, you little whore!” I ordered. “You’ve been giving it away for the last month. Now you can apply yourself to a good purpose.”
It had been two months since Jessica’s mother had died. At first, my young daughter had been as depressed and subdued as myself, but within a few weeks she was secretly dating again, and soon after that, she was quite openly going out having a good time, or better yet, giving a good time to all the young college studs, classmates who were drawn to her lush, nubile body. Like mother, like daughter, her mother enjoyed sex so much that even a catastrophe could shut her down only for a few days.
I could see a few tears drip down Jessica’s face as she took my manhood into her warm, wet mouth. Her lips tightened about my shaft, now as hard as steel, stimulated by its anticipation of pleasurable release. Wrapping her small, soft hand around the fleshy shaft, the teenage girl began to suck it in and out of her mouth, her plump lips slurping the saliva-moistened prick. Her mouth was certainly big enough. She was able to accommodate my thick penis without any difficulty.
She tilted her head back to glance up at me, and I could see her face flushed red and still damp from her brief spell of crying, still in shock, no doubt, from my enforced servicing. Letting the cock’s purple head pop from her mouth, Jessica began gently kissing the shaft all the way down to my heavy, swollen balls. She looked expectantly up at me, hoping she was giving me the pleasure I had demanded, but I stoically maintained my stern expression even though I was beginning to boil up inside. The little cocksucker was doing and excellent job. Even without any appearance of pleasure on my face, Jessica continued working my cock with a great deal of enthusiasm.
“Don’t stop sucking, you little cunt. Now take off that top.”
Her face impaled on the end of my cock, she began to unbutton her blouse. Her little head bobbed back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, not missing as beat. I could see her hands work their way down the buttons, until the front was undone. She shrugged the garment off and carefully tossed it onto the coffee table out of harm’s way. Just as I had guessed, her pert breasts were right there for me to admire. That was what I had expected, that Jessica had not bothered wearing a bra on her date, the better to please her horny young lovers. She had a fine pair of breasts, soft and creamy, contrasting with the dark, puffy areoles with the firm nipples jutting insolently from their centers. She must be the slut queen in her college.
I reached down and began to feel the soft flesh of her boobs. She was so soft and smooth. I perceived a slight moan as I fondled her and gently squeezed the button-hard nipples. Her mom had bigger breasts, and they were sensitive to my caresses. I loved thinking about the way they would sway over my face whenever she rode on top of me. The hard nipples would approach within nibbling range of my mouth, and I would make my wife cry out with the touch of my lips and teeth. Nevertheless, Jessica was adequately endowed in her own right, and the sight of her boobs excited me even more.
God, Jessica’s mouth felt good! She had gripped my erection again, pumping my prick at the same tempo her mouth sucked me in and out. I have to admit that I had not been completely deprived for two months. In fact, I finally was driven to jerk off with the assistance of an old porno magazine I had found while cleaning out the bedroom. I began leafing through the pages, barely noticing at first the straining in my shorts.
I became completely turned on by a lezzy spread, an older woman introducing her young lover to the sapphic skills. I stared at the photos, progressing from the first gentle touch to the soft kiss, and onward to mutual soixante-neuf. By chance, the couple showed a slight resemblance to Jessica and her mother. My hand was fondling my bulging need through the fabric of my clothing before I realized what I was doing. The sight of the heavy breasts of the older slut pressed hard against the small, but firmer, breasts of the young girl. Oh man, what a great scene! I began to tug my pants down to free my needful cock.
That release had been my first since Annie had become ill. I had driven her to the hospital, and she had been admitted within the hour. A few days later, I got that lousy call, gone! I was dizzy, almost comatose, for almost an hour, and Jessica had cried half the night.
Looking down, I could see the mother in her daughter, the same dark hair and shapely body. Yeah, and the same oral skills too. The little bitch was really giving me a good time, no doubt drawing on a long experience with her hard-dicked boyfriends. Jessica had taken my balls into her possession and was massaging them gently with a soft, damp palm. My body began its first slight quivering, anticipating the final release of its suffering. Her tongue swirled about the glistening purple head. Now she was slurping me rather noisily. I loved that sound!
I had spent several nights recently, watching for Jessica arrive home from dates. The young stud of the evening would pull up in front of the house, the car partly concealed by the shrubbery of the front yard, Going up to her bedroom, I could peer out the window and usually got a nice view of what was happening in the front seat. She probably did not think I would invade her private sanctum just to peer at her lascivious nocturnal activities. I could see the final kissing and fondling that inevitable lead to Jessica leaning down across to her date as he opened his clothing. Even in that dim light, I saw her head bob up and down, giving him a sexy blowjob. I could imagine his groans as he spurted his fertile semen down her willing throat. I was groaning inside the house, my cock swollen with desire. Then I would need to play that video again that I had dug out of the basement.
There I was, having desperately jerked off a few times in front of some raunchy video, while she was out in the world, putting out. I had not been laid in two months, and the little bitch was out there fucking like a mink and sucking like a vacuum. Oh yes, her mother loved to torture me with her sucking skills. I remembered well the feel of her soft mouth around my hard cock. Well, my deprivation ended tonight! As soon as she closed the front door, I called Jessica into the dim living room. Then…
“Ohhh… ohhhhh shit!” I moaned.
Quickly, I glanced down and could see Jessica looking up at me. She must have thought I was ready to ejaculate, but my moan had been caused by a combination of the memories of seeing the young girl giving head and recalling the pleasure of my coming in her mother’s mouth so many times, so many wonderful times. Still, I was closing in on to my climax, even though I was trying to hold back to prolong this exciting, incestuous act.
Jessica tilted her face down as she rose up a little. She came straight down on my hard prick and fed the full six inches into her mouth. This little babe was deep-throating me! Holding me in her throat for about half a minute, she ultimately pulled my slime-coated rod from her mouth. She leaned back with a sly smile on her face, her lips still linked to the glistening head with strings of mucous.
“I want you to come on my face,” she informed me, “All over my face.”
With that, she began to jerk me off, holding her mouth open and sticking her tongue out to catch the first taste of my creamy semen. The head of my cock was inches from her pretty face. It seemed the head swelled up a little more with each lewd stroke of her hand. Her hand job became more brisk as I shook with a frenzy of excitement and loud groans. My daughter popped my cockhead into her mouth again and swirled her tongue around it. Then she yanked it out with an audible pop.
“Come on, daddy, let me have that cream now. Let it out, daddy. Spray my face with your sperm.”
As I began to moan, feeling my juices flowing up through my groin, Jessica whined in harmony with me. Her free hand began to cup one fine breast, her fingers tugging on the already swollen nipple. I had to let myself go. I had to come now!
“Unngh….Unngh….Unnnngghhh!” I grunted as my fleshy nozzle began to spray her hot face with my rich cream. I watched my offering splatter onto her nose, her cheeks, her lips, and her chin. Some even flew into her mouth and pooled on her waiting tongue. Jessica leaned into the spray, eagerly accepting my offering. As the last drops gathered on the end of my prick, she took me once again into her mouth, and I could feel the suction of her cheeks gather in the remains of my ejaculate. Her hand milked my cock, already softening from the strain of its climax. At the same time, she gave me every iota of pleasure that I deserved as she completed her act.
I fell back limply into the chair, panting and allowing the orgasm to fade slowly from my enervated, but relieved, body. Through half-closed eyes, I watched the little slut scrape my semen into her mouth with her fingers. No matter what anyone tells you, sex with a younger girl is quite fine!
“Mmmmm! You taste so good, daddy.”
“Yeah, right,” I replied weakly, but still felt a desire to rebuke her. “Well, now I finally got some real relief. You’ve let every boy in your class have you. Here I sat at home, growing hornier each day. Finally, you gave me what I needed even if I had to make you do it.”
The young girl smiled and stood up. She slid her skirt and panties down her shapely legs. She was now standing completely nude before me. I could see how she had shaved her hair into a little tuft above her clitoral hood.
“But daddy!” she announced with a cute, but lascivious, smile. “All you had to do was ask!”
My mouth fell open.
“Now let’s go upstairs,” she continued. “And have a shower together, and I’ll join you in bed tonight. That sounds like a lot of fun, right?.”

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