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Hello readers, I am Rimsha, I am 24 years old, I live along with my parents and a younger brother Zain. We are living in a Lucknow since from my birth and I particularly liked my hometown for various reasons first here the people are awesome and the food is yummy, the city is well known for its baaghs and parks specifically for the very famous Bhool Bhulaiya made by Nawab of Awadh. Now let’s talk about me I am very curious by nature and a hell lot notorious I like to seek adventure and love to do the things which people often left with certain reasons. I like being odd and from my early age I was attracted towards opposite sex and sexual activities, though there are various reasons responsible for that I would like to share some of my events in upcoming stories that how I become a pleasure seeker rebellious child from a innocent Muslim girl and how I almost broke all my traditions and religious obligations just to live freely at my own terms. The first event which mark the beginning of new era in my life is being narrated by me in details hope you like the story and will encourage me to write more about it, so now let’s continue with the story…
Five years back from now when I was getting ready for my school my mother called me from the kitchen…
Rimsha come over here at once… my mom shouted from the balcony adjacent to kitchen, she always used to call me like that ever since I responded to her calls. I was getting ready for my school as I am always late for this particular thing since from my childhood, looking finally in the mirror I have done with my dress responded to my mother who was calling my name at the top of her voice now, coming mom you are going to wake up the entire colony with your shouting I am afraid, I said in a frustrated tone while hugging her from behind she was preparing breakfast for me and for my brother who is still in washroom singing along with running shower he has this habit of singing while taking bath every morning. Let me introduce my younger brother who is studying in the same class as I got failed in my board examinations last year which gave him a chance to mock at me ever since then. Zain and I are more than siblings we are best friend to each other and share almost everything including our crime and sins that we often do while seeking pleasures and adventures hidden obviously from our parents and teachers.
Mummy the food is awesome … I said while munching my aaloo paratha (a kind of bread stuffed with mashed potatoes) with ketchup, by the way paratha is our family’s most desired breakfast unanimously except we go out somewhere else for it. Mummy had stuffed those parathas in our lunch box as well , as we will be having them during our lunch in school, which will be given by me as charity among my classmates as for the breakfast it is okay but have them again in lunch no way…
As I was heading out for to catch our bus Zain shouted from his room to wait for him, I looked in his direction and saw that he was literally jumping from the stares to catch up with me like a monkey while snatching his paratha roll from Mummy’s hand. He gave me a hug and said not before me you failure, I was always enraged by his mockery and thought to struck him with my steel water bottle but in front of my mother I have to suppress my anger and faked a smile.
As we moved to catch our bus to hell… Yeah you read it right school was kind of a hell for me as I hate studies but I went instead as it also gave me a chance to spend time with my two best friends Bushra and Amir, we are childhood friends and partners in crime whatever we do we do it together, we will discuss them later in the story. Now as we were waiting for our bus at our stop near to our house, suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder tapping me from behind as I looked back a pair of hands closed my eyes and ask me to say “mere upar kiska haath”( Whose hand is on us?) actually this is the phrase we use to say whenever we meet with our two little devils Bushra and Amir and the person need to reply “tera mera sabke saath”( you and I stays together) I replied and received a tight hug from bushu (Bushra’s pet name) she said arrived earlier than usual “kya baat hai Zain aaj time pe” ( what happened! today Zain is on time). I replied yeah luckily on which Zain stared at me with a look that I will get back to you later.
Zain had a huge crush on Bushra since we entered in senior secondary and always try to impress her with his stupidity and boasting about his intangible features known only to him. Bus had arrived and as usual we had our seat which was reserved at the back of the bus since we are the permanent members of the bus facility since we were going school so on account of seniority and permanent customer of the bus service Rahul bhaiya (conductor of the bus) had given us a reserved seat at the back of the bus.
The back seat of the bus is the largest as it is joined at the middle which makes it five sitters instead of general two or three sitter at the right and left section of the bus respectively, so this is the seat where we four sit together along with our bags, me at the window next to me Bushra then Amir then Zain. It is our usual routine to discuss the day’s activities while on our way to our hell… as we are discussing the upcoming torture Amir said that tomorrow he is going to his ancestors house in near village and ask us to join him so to have fun altogether. Zain instantly said he was in as he finds a way to be with Bushra at any cost, I also agreed as I will get momentary freedom from my routine torture of school and studies. Bushra also agreed as she had no other option left, now we just need to seek permission from our parents which will be easy as Amir’s mom is our paternal relative and Mummy always want to mix us with all relatives that we have on this earth for this she instantly agreed as she know I have a least interest in studies and more in sociality also this will allow us to know our relatives for future gain in terms of my marriage later..
Now the day had arrived as we were finally preparing to leave for Lakhimpur the ancestral village of Amir which is 65 kilometers away from our city, the journey will take around one and half hour to reach there. We were going there in a new car recently bought by Amir’s father we have boarded the car as we were seven persons me Zain Bushra Amir his father and mother his sister Mahvish and elder brother Talib stayed at home as Mahvish had her practical and his brother had to attend his business meeting which cannot be postponed. As we were about to leave Amir shouted that he forgot his slippers which were at the rack as he was sitting in the middle of the seat either me or Bushra had to go to fetch his slippers from there it was finally me who bought it and finally we left for our destination which will going to change my destiny and the relationship that we all four share with each other.
Main Event:
On our way Amir was sitting between me and Bushra and Zain was sitting at the back with luggage Zufi aunty(Amir’s mother) was sitting at front and Waseem uncle(Amir’s father) was driving the car after half an hour we decided to play antakshari( a game in which we sing a song taking the lead given by the singer with the last word at which he stop singing) suddenly I felt Amir’s hand is at my thighs I was wearing a t-shirt and a shorts I slapped on his hand playfully but later on again he did the same this time I didn’t respond as it was nothing unusual as we had a little space to accommodate.
Nearly half an hour of playing and singing we exhausted ourselves and slept one by one I was sleeping with my arms folded on my chest and leaning on Amir’s shoulder and Bushra was sleeping arms stretched and inclining towards the window. Zain was sleeping leaning on the luggage and Amir’s head was leaning against mine and his hands were straight resting on his thighs, suddenly I felt a hand on my stomach and thighs when I caught a glimpse I saw that in a sleep Amir moved in a way that his hand was now on my naval and thighs I caught off guard and tried to remove his hand but he was in deep slumber and denied to move away, resigning to the circumstances I left his hand where they were and closed my eyes to take another nap.
It was hardly a moment or a two when his hand crawled upward and out of nowhere he caught my left boobs in his hand and started feeling it I suddenly realized what had happened and out of shock I opened my eyes and look at Amir’s face he was in deep sleep and completely unaware of the fact that he was grabbing my boobs in a moving car with his parents sitting right ahead of us and friends besides. I tried to move so that I can remove his hands from my boobs before he realized what he did in his sleep and create embarrassment for me and everyone from that moment the sleep got out of my sockets and I started thinking what would happen if he realized what he did or anybody saw him doing that, could we face each other after this possible embarrassment.
Finally we had reached our destination the house was big a bit old fashioned comprising of a courtyard gallery main building and adjacent store used for to keep stock of grains and other articles of general utility. After a grand welcome we headed towards the guest room for refreshment Amir’s grandparents lived in a joint family comprising of their younger sons and their family
Waseem uncle has two younger brothers and one sister he used to live in city because of his business while the two younger brothers live with their parents back at Lakhimpur to take care of their ancestral property and their parents.
Faizan uncle the next to Amir’s father has two daughters and one son and Suleman uncle the youngest among the three has one son and daughter.
In the evening we were gathered to play something together so to enjoy our vacation and to get mixed up with Amir cousins, after a long tussle we had decided to play hide and seek as the size of the house suits the game also the darkness of the night added thrill and excitement while searching others during the play. We were not known to the consequences of the game at that time not only it changed our perception but also bring a completely different feeling which was never felt before among us for each other.
The game begun with Aliya and Zuhair the daughter of Faizan uncle and son of Suleman uncle become den and had to look for others in turns, we all had dispersed in various directions to find a suitable spot for hiding, we made pairs so that no one can easily be found as we were not familiar with the house yet I was paired with Sufian and Bushra with Amir Zain is with Aliza and Nashra being left alone was paired with us. Sufian is the son of Faizan uncle and Nashra is the daughter of Suleman uncle while Aliza is the daughter of Faizan uncle. We all went randomly all around the house running frantically to seek a spot for hiding, me Sufian and Nashra went to store for hiding it was a place where lot of big size boxes were kept to keep the stock of grains and huge almirah for keeping bedding and unused clothes and woolen garments used specifically in winter.
We hide inside a box kept at the corner beside almirah there was some bed sheets and rags kept inside the box it was rectangular in shape we laid inside it and close the lid above us so that no one can find us in there. I laid in the corner beside me was Sufian and Nashra in the other corner at my side of the box there was a small hole from which I could see the door of the store and the central area of the room the hole was small so that the person from outside cannot see what’s inside the box, we were lying inside the box on sheets waiting for others to find us in there as the time passed I drifted to sleep because of the tiredness and boredom inside the box as we have to keep silent so that no one can find us in there, while waiting for others when I slept.
I didn’t remember but suddenly I felt there was something crawling up against my leg being in a state of sleep I casually shake my leg to bug it off but soon again the thing started crawling up this time on my thighs, I woke up to find complete darkness inside the box and a hand on my waist and a leg on thighs it was Sufian’s leg he also slept while waiting for others and in sleep he rested his hand on my waist and leg on my thighs I ignored his movements as I was also in a state of slumber and closed my eyes for a while.
Suddenly his hands moved on my waist and slipped towards my naval by the way I was wearing a t-shirt and a pajama which was loose and tied with a string because of lying straight my t-shirt had rode up to my ribs and my naval was completely bare, his hands were roaming over it as he was caressing it slowly my sleep had gone far away now as I was awoke to my core I was stunned and about to remove his hands when he suddenly crossed his legs and tightly hugged me from behind pressing his belly against my back and pelvis in my hips I was shocked by his move as he caught me completely off-guard as I was about to remove myself from his grip I was startled by the noise at the door of the store.
Aliya and Zuhair entered the store in search of us for a moment I forgot about the tight embrace of Sufian over my body and focused through the hole on Aliya and Zuhair as they were talking something about which I didn’t understand as they were almost whispering to each other I was trying to focus on what they were saying suddenly Zuhair closed the door and hugged Aliya from behind grabbing her boobs with both of his hands and started mauling them and kissing her neck from behind I was shocked to the core and laid stunned while I was assessing what was happening.
He started disrobing Aliya she was wearing long skirt and buttoned top with a scarf around her neck Zuhair removed her scarf and throw it away towards us and then he started unbuttoning her top one by one from her naval to her chest I was dumbstruck by their move and stopped thinking for a while he unbuttoned her quickly and removed her top revealing her boobs clad in a white bra she got boobs much bigger than me as she was chubby and elder then me as well, my eyes were transfixed at her body while Zuhair slide her skirt down to reveal her panty with big black dots her skirt had elastic easily to be pulled down with slight effort and in no time her skirt was at her ankles and she was standing only in her bra and panty before me while Zuhair was nibbling around her neck and mauling her boobs while sliding his right hand towards her panty clad pussy.
I was so lost in the event before me that I nearly forgot about my own condition I didn’t even recognized when Sufian had slipped his hand on my exposed stomach and dangerously closed to my boobs his legs were now completely on my thighs and with them he gently but very sensually caressing my thighs I was awestricken to these movements and completely transfixed with the events unfolding before me Zuhair had now removed Aliya’s bra and her beautiful boobs were now revealed before me her nipples were dark and pointing straight at me as if taunting me of not having such big nipples and boobs though I am only one year younger than her.
Zuhair was having his time with Aliya, Sufian had taken my silence as my approval and now he had done something which had completely taken me off-guard he inserted his hands inside my t-shirt and started caressing my left boob over my shameez( a cotton vest wear by Indian girls under top or t-shirt with or without bra) I was not wearing my bra as I didn’t need them while at home first my boobs were perk and tight and second I didn’t need anything to keep them straight as they are naturally up straight and very perky they don’t need any support so I didn’t wear my support bra at home, I was stunned by his move and now understand that he was not sleeping but doing all this while he is conscious enough to take advantage of me, but the circumstances restrict me to said anything to him or to stop his advances as I was paralyzed from the event happening before my eyes and what Sufian was doing to me I was in state of shock fear and anger at once shocked from what I had been observing, fear of being caught with Sufian having his hands under my t-shirt and angry on his move on me that he was taking undue advantage on me without even my consent.
I was wondering what was happening was real or it was just my imagination suddenly Sufian caught the waistband of my pajama and started pushing it below my waist thankfully my pajama was tied with string at front it hold on to my waist despite the efforts made by him to pull down it further my hips, as he was trying to pull down my pajama down Zuhair had a hold on the waistband of Aliya’s panty and he slowly pushed the elastic down on her waist exposing her mound and then to my shock he lowered her panty revealing her pink pussy with thick chubby lips glistening with sweat and her juices flowing out of her arousal.
I was not new to this as I have heard about sex from my friends at school and had touched my brother Zain which is called foreplay which I got learned later it was called but that’s another story to tell but never in my life I had watched two people doing it in front of my own eyes neither have I been physical with anyone until now what Sufian was doing to me, though I had cuddled with my brother during our sleeps but not this far, anyway I was having one of the most scandalous moments of my life before me watching a girl in all her naked glory and massaged and caressed by a boy right in front of my eyes and a boy wanted to take advantage on me considered me sleeping beside him he not only groped my boobs but also tugging my pajama down to made me naked below waist.
As I was lost in the sight before me momentarily, I forgot about Sufian hands which were desperately pulling my pajama down but because of the string tied at the front he was having a hard time but when I was lost in the sight of seeing Aliya’s pussy being caressed by Zuhair I forgot to notice Sufian’s hand moving at my front to loosen the knot which kept my pajama intact from being pulled down by him, he had opened the knot of the string and made my pajama loose and before even I could realize what had happened he gave a hard tug to my pajama holding them from my waist and in a moment it lies around my thighs and before I could do anything it passed away from knees to pool around my ankles and now I am lying just in my panty and t-shirt bunched around my chest I was stunned by his move and could do nothing but to think was it really happening!
There Aliya had now turned to Zuhair and started undressing him by lowering his trouser and removing his t-shirt and what was ahead my view was his erect penis which was pulsating and stand upward it is the first time I was seeing an erect penis this much big in my life, I have seen penis of my brother before while having bath but that was not erect and not this big for sure. I was shocked to see that and my jaw dropped to my chest in sheer disbelief. How can it be so long? Again I forgot what was happening to me at the same time Sufian now caressing my naval and pressing his penis in my hips the moment I could feel the presence of his penis touching my hips over my panty I have butterflies all around my body a tingling sensation swept over me and I slowly but very quietly moaned, my pussy was being moist by then with my own juices as all this happening was too much for me to hold I had lost the sense of right and wrong and given myself to my destiny.
Sufian had now sensed that I was not going to restrict and he became bold and caught the waistband of my panty and slowly he had pulled it down my thighs past my knees to pool it along with my pajama at my ankles, now I was completely naked from chest to ankles and laid before a boy to feel me up as he like and do what he want.
Aliya and Zuhair was now completely naked and started making love to each other he was mauling her boobs kissing them alternatively and sliding his penis between her thighs, he was standing against the wall beside the door and now holding one of her legs to pull it up against his body and here Sufian is playing with my pussy which was on fire and soaked with my juices which was flowing like a stream, he had pushed up my shameez up to my neck and freed my perky boobs only to be felt and pressed by his rough hands.
I was lost in my own sensation it was too much for me to hold and I had shed all the inhabitation I had before and given myself to his will, he started fondling my boobs biting them with his teeth and licking my erect nipples with his tongue suddenly I felt a warm sensation on my naval as he was now on me it was his penis throbbing against my bare skin like a hot rod I didn’t know when he removed his lower as I was lost in observing Aliya and Zuhair he take this moment to undress himself and now lying naked on me.
There Zuhair was ready for his onslaught holding Aliya against the wall and was ready to insert his penis in to her gaping pussy which was soaked with her juices and ready to be penetrated he was rubbing his dick on her puffy lips and gyrating his hips on to her pelvis in a rhythm to escalate her mood before pounding her wet desperate pussy dying for a good fuck, here Sufian was biting my nipples and sliding his dick which was as per feel not much less big then Zuhair on my naval then on my mound and finally on my pussy lips I also have a puffy lips and in our tradition girls and boys we all need to shave our pubic hairs for cleanliness therefore my pussy was completely shaven and since I had shaved it regularly it was very soft and smooth and now Sufian had his dick rubbing over my stretched puffy lips which was completely soaked with my juices by now and making a slurry sound as it slide over my pussy, just then there were multiple knock on the door.
We all startled by it Sufian slide beside me and in a hurry pulled up his lower, I also pulled up my pajama along with my panty hurriedly to my waist before anybody caught us, Aliya and Zuhair hide inside the almirah grabbing their clothes and as they closed the door of almirah, the door of the store got open with a loud bang and Waseem uncle along with Zain and Bushra and others came inside searching for us. I hurriedly arrange my clothes before closing my eyes and so did Sufian and pretend to sleep within a moment they open the lid of the box and found us pretending to sleep.
Oh! They are here and we had searched the entire house for them, it was Waseem uncle I guessed from his typical voice. Wake them up and bring them it’s time for dinner, he said while heading out of the store. Zain leaned on me to shake me up and said in a commenting way “tum yaha so rahi ho aur hum sab tumhe har jagah dhoondh dhoondh kar thak gaye” (you were sleeping here and we were tired searching you everywhere else) then we all came out of the box and went along with them to have dinner while we were heading Bushra whispered in my ear adjust your pajama and panty madam it is showing half of your cute soft bumps, meanwhile leaving Aliya and Zuhair behind, naked in almirah I guess they continued what they were doing.
I hadn’t see them during lunch not even after but met Aliya when we were going to sleep in the guest room, when she was leaving after giving us our blanket, I told her (aside) that almirah was a good place for hiding isn’t it? She was completely taken aback and replied nervously, what? I said you know what I mean and hide my face behind blanket before observing the shock on her face of being discovered by me while having her adventure.
This had marked the end of the innocence that I had retained then. I had never being this physical with anyone before nor I had seen such things in real though I had watched some soft porn movies with my friends at our school and with my brother twice but never had see anyone having sex live in front of me with this clarity. This event not only marked the end of innocence that I had but also marked the beginning of new phase in my life with full of like events which changed my life and relationship in upcoming future.

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