Anne Humilation – Anne’s professor continues to humiliate her

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And so we continued. Each morning, on her way to class, Anne would stop by my house and pose naked on my dining room table while I sat in front of her and casually ate my breakfast. I had borrowed a yoga book from the college library and over the course of the next few weeks we worked our way through all the main yoga postures – well at least those which afforded me the most explicit views of either her genitals, underarms, breasts or the soles of her feet.
Some days I would only ask her to uncover one part of herself and focus, for example on the soles of her feet, her tummy. Or she would pull her bra down and let her little breasts, and disproportionally long dark nipples, hang out under their own weight in front of my face. One time I even had her position herself so I could look up her flared nostrils!
At other times, when I was horny as hell and needed some quick relief, I would ask her just to squat down on the edge of the table with her legs wide open, so I could stare at her hairy black cunt while I masturbated in front of her.
Today, for a change, I had instructed her to lie naked, on her back, down the length of the table, while I casually walked around her and drank my coffee. Occasionally I would stop and stoop down to study a specific part of her such as her neck, tummy button, areola or ankles.
Her legs were together and her arms were stretched back over her head to expose her (now) hairy armpits. At my insistence she had stopped shaving altogether in order that I would get to see just exactly where she was able to grow body hair. I was fascinated at the prospect given that she was mixed race Afro-Caribbean and Korean and the untidy, threadbare carpet of pubic hairs that grew around her vagina were like shiny coils of black wire.
As I scanned her body from head to toe I was immediately drawn to the little pale mounds of her breasts and, by contrast, the thick, dark brown rubbery nipples which extended vertically from her huge puffy areola. Two or three tiny, crinkled hairs grew out of a group of distended pimples at the base of her left nipple. Elsewhere, she a slight growth of hair around her navel and then randomly across her belly and down towards her crotch.
When I got down to her feet, I kneeled on the floor to study her light coloured soles and heels. As I leant in for a closer look, the smell of her feet took me by surprise. It was an unusually strong cheesy smell today and I recoiled at the unpleasant stink. Girding myself to the hugely unpleasant odour, which of course I actually enjoyed, I then spend some time examining the callouses on the balls of her feet and the areas of flaky whitish skin around the backs of her heels. Finally, I took my magnifying glass to her toes to see if she had any evidence of hair growth on her toes.
“When did you last take a shower Anne?” I asked.
“About three days ago like you said. I really do need to shower this morning though; I just can’t go too close to anyone at the moment. I’m scared of freaking out my friends. Please!”
“Let me see.” I said walking back alongside her and pausing right at her midriff. I stared at the very prominent bulge of her mons pubis. It was like a small, lightly forested island rising out from the undulating caramel sea of her belly and thighs.
Her pubic growth was very sparse and it was easy to make out the darker oval shape of her vulva and study the detail of her labia. Her inner lips broke through the little curly hairs like two smooth blades of dark brown rubber; and where they touched together I could see a thin film of mucus forming up along the slit.
I leaned over and sniffed all around Anne’s cunt to confirm if she was telling the truth about how strongly she smelled. I knew already, or course, but I loved the humiliation it caused her.
“Yes your Korean cunt stinks Anne. If only I could taste it!”
“Well you know the rules professor. No touching. And by the way, I am only half Korean.”
“Yes of course, and I would never dream of touching without your consent.”
I stared longingly at her vagina and as she watched me perving her, a thought seemed to occur to her.
“Actually professor, there is something I wanted to bring up.”
“Oh yes, and what might that be?” thinking that maybe she was having second thoughts about continuing our arrangement.
“I have to go back home to the States quite soon…”
“Oh no, really, I will miss you terribly!”
“It’s a friend of mine; he’s in some trouble and I need to go home and try to help.”
“I won’t ask what it is…”
“No it’s a very private matter, but the thing is, I don’t have enough for the plane fare.”
“Ah ha!”
“I was wondering, err well thinking that maybe, err there was something I could do for you that might…”
“You would like me to help buy you the ticket is that it.”
“Well yes.”
“How much do you need?”
“At least £500.”
“Wow, that’s a very big number Anne! I can’t imagine how you would be able to repay me?”
“Well, I’m prepared to consider maybe some offering some new services for you…”
“Oh really!”
“So like what exactly?”
“Well, maybe I might let you touch me, or maybe something else? Why don’t you have a think about what would be worthwhile to you and then perhaps tomorrow we can discuss it?” she suggested.
“OK,” I agreed. “But only on the condition that you don’t shower again today.”
“But I really have to!”
“I will excuse you from class today, just so that you’re not embarrassed, and see you back here same time tomorrow.”
“Ok professor, one last time then. Are we done for today?”
“I will go upstairs while you get dressed. You can let yourself out as usual.”
All that day, I struggled to concentrate. As hard as I tried to focus on the lectures and tutorials I was giving, my mind kept returning to the opportunity which now presented itself. But other than having actual intercourse – which wasn’t really on my agenda anyway – just how far was she prepared to go?
After a fairly restless night, when I found myself rehearsing various scenarios over and over again in a dream like state, I finally awoke with a clear idea of what I was going to ask.
But when Anne arrived at the dot of seven, she was not her usual bright and cheery self.
“You OK Anne?”
“Morning professor. No actually I had a pretty bad night,” she said, moving through into the lounge and taking a seat.
“Me too.” I sat down opposite to her.
“I guess I’m beginning to regret what I said yesterday. I don’t want to whore myself.”
“I would never ask you to do that.”
“Thankyou. There is no way that I want to have sex with you – just in case you had any ideas.”
“That’s entirely OK, it’s not what I want either.”
“I’m glad we’ve got that straight; I really should have been clearer yesterday. Do you have something else in mind then?”
“Well actually I do. This is going to make me sound like a real pervert though…”
“It’s too late to salvage your reputation there professor!” her face lit up for a moment as she laughed.
“Well yes, I suppose it is,” I replied.
“So what would you most like me to do for you?”
“How many days do I have?”
“Until I go Stateside – which will be in about two weeks if you can give me the £500 in the next day or so.
“OK; I can transfer the money today provided you give me two full weeks of service.”
“Here goes with my list then – and please just hear me out before you say no.”
“I will try to have an open mind.”
“Well, for the next few days I would like to be able to feel all over your body; pull on your pubic hairs, play with your breasts and nipples, pull open your labia and I suppose, for want of a better word, generally grope you.”
“Mm; I thought it would be something like that.”
“And…I also want to properly smell you, I mean by rubbing my nose against your feet, between your toes, in your armpits and of course between your legs.”
Anne turned away and was silent for a moment while she processed my requests. When she turned back around to answer, her face was quite distressed and almost tearful. “I guess I accept professor; but these really are the most filthy, grossly indecent things you want to do; I mean I’m young enough to be your daughter and you want to feel me up absolutely everywhere and smell me!” she said, her voice breaking slightly.
“Well I suppose that’s all true…but I’m not actually finished yet.”
“There’s more?”
“£500 is a lot of money Anne.”
“Yes, I know. OK, what else?”
“Every morning I want you to squat over my face and lower your dirty, smelly, hairy black anus over my nose.”
“Oh no! Really? That’s so gross!”
“I want to push my nose right inside it Anne breathe in the stink for as long as I can stomach it.”
“That’s why you wouldn’t let me shower yesterday.”
“Exactly, and…”
“There’s more?” she asked, cutting me off.
“Yes one more thing.”
“This will definitely have to be the last thing.”
“Yes it is.”
“OK. Shock me once more.”
“I really want to watch you go for a poo.”
“Like be in the bathroom with me?”
“No. I don’t just mean standing in the bathroom while you’re sitting on the toilet, I mean I want you to squat over my breakfast plate up there on the table, with your back to me, holding your buttocks open, so I can watch close up as you push turds out of your anus.”
“Oh my God, that is obscene – I don’t even know what to say.”
“Well it gets you to America and no sex required?”
“But to want to watch me do poops professor? That is so embarrassing and degrading.”
“And smell your farts.”
“Do we have a deal?”
She looked at me for a moment, straight in the eyes, and then with a more confident voice said: “OK professor, if that’s really what you want then I will let you feel my tits, pull my nipples and pubic hairs, grope me, smell me, push your nose in my bottom as I sit on your face and watch me fart and shit as much as you want for the next two weeks. I will even piss for you if you like. Please just pay me in advance today so I can organise my ticket.”
“I will do so immediately after our first session today.”
“We start today.”
“No time like the present,” I said sitting down at the table.
“OK, where do you want me?”
“Up here as usual but this time crouching down on the edge, facing away from me, so that your feet and ass are presented fully in my face. I’m then going ask you to pull open your cheeks so I can place my nose right inside your crack and sniff all the way up and down several times.
“Then, when I’m done with that, I want you to push firmly backwards against my face until my nose is fully impaled in your anus. I’m guessing your bottom will be nice and slimy by now so that my nose will be fully lubricated by the time it goes into your arsehole.”
“OK. I understand.”
Without a further word, Anne climbed up the table and arranged herself face down and backwards so that the two brown orbs of her buttocks were pointing right at my eye level and her feet dangled right over the edge so that all I could see of them were her soles and heels.
“That position OK professor?”
“Perfect. Now spread your buttocks.”
Following instructions to the letter, she reached backwards with her beautifully manicured hands and pulled herself apart to reveal the shiny, glistening, dark hairy crack of her bottom.
The inside of Anne’s heavily soiled bottom was just as slimy and smelly as I had dared hoped. It absolutely reeked! The whitish, crescent shaped dry-sweat marks that I had previously seen on the inside wall of her buttocks were now shiny with wetness and all the little hairs that grew randomly around her anus were stuck flat and firm in some kind of gooey brown ooze. Flecks of ginger coloured grit and minute shards of white toilet tissue were dotted about the folds and bulging nubbins of her purple-black shit hole. I drank in the sight and started to slowly masturbate.
After a few moments admiring this incredible vista, I leaned forwards and pushed my face deep into her crack until the tip of my nose sunk into the ooze and came to rest against her skin. I then rotated my neck slightly, first up then down, dragging my nose the entire length of Anne’s crack to sample the smell and consistency of her filthy anal slime. I could only imagine that if she was a white girl, the entire area between her cheeks would show a huge halo of mottled brown staining – which would have also been a huge a turn-on for me.
As a rummaged about her ass crack with my nose, her little anal hairs started to tickle me; and as I breathed in deeply, it was hard not to gag on the foul stink. I started to moan with pleasure.
Anne’s hairy anus now filled my entire field of vision – and all of the rest of my senses. I was finally, looking, touching, smelling, hearing and almost tasting everything that was deeply private and personal to this proud young half black, half Asian student. She had no secrets any more – it was everything I had wanted.
“I’m just going to play with the little black hairs that grow around your bum hole Anne. I’ve wanted to do this for so long!”
“Yes I know professor – just don’t be too rough.”
I reached in with a thumb and forefinger and dabbed about in the slime. It was really quite sticky. I tried to pick out the ends of one or two of the longer hairs but my fingers kept sliding off. Eventually, I managed to gather a small clump of coils and gently drew them out of the liquid to see just how long they actually were when unfurled. I did the same with my other hand, and then over and over again until I had finally toyed with nearly every one of them. Some were surprising long and thick; others were just like dead black weeds and either broke off or came out altogether at the follicle as I pulled on them.
Finally I ran my forefinger around all the lumps of her anus, to feel their texture and elasticity, and then brought my finger to my nose. I sniffed heavily before repeating the whole exercise and then pressing my face back into her crack.
Unable to speak, I centred my nose on her anus, reached forward for her waste and lightly pulled her backwards. She immediately understood what I wanted and pushed hard against my face; I gripped the armrests of the chair and braced myself.
Her hole was tight, but could not withstand the pressure of my pointy nose for very long. Lubricated by the heady mixture of sweat and anal secretions, Anne’s lovely dark sphincter suddenly relaxed and my nose slid through the lumpy nubbins and nearly whole inch up into her rectum. I could no longer breathe at all.
I lifted my hands off the chair and groped about for her feet, taking time to fiddle with her toes and feel the course, rough patches of skin around her heels as I did so. Then, grasping her ankles, I started to nose-fuck her – each time pulling out just enough to take a quick breath and smell her hole. All of Anne’s wonderful womanly scents and musks, which I had sampled enjoyed at a distance over the last few weeks, were now totally drowned out by one overwhelming odour. It was the stink of her shit.
As I continued my endeavours, Anne too started to moan, and I hoped this was a sign that perhaps she was starting to enjoy the experience – maybe just a little? On my next thrust I pushed a little harder and felt myself come up against something spongy. “Uh!” she grunted. Was it with pleasure or pain, I wasn’t sure which?
I decided to pull out all the way in the hope that I could now look right up inside her. Releasing her ankles, I planted the palms of my hands firmly on each buttock and opened them as wide apart as I dare. Leaning back to focus my eyes properly, I studied her bottom intently. What lay before me was both amazing and disgusting all at the same time. Anne’s anus had dilated just enough that I could now peer up through the dirty, hairy black ring of muscle into the lilac coloured inner sanctum of her anal canal. A little way in, blocking the passage, I could clearly see the grainy tip of a ginger brown turd.
So this is what Anne’s turds look like, I thought to myself.
At that exact moment, as I stared into her shit, Anne farted and a horrible stench blasted into my face.
“Was that what you wanted professor?”
“OH YES,” I cried, as I watched her sphincter twitching.
“Can you see everything you want? Do you like the smell of my filthy ass; it worse than my feet?”
“I can’t begin to tell you how good this is, thank you so much!” I continued to masturbate.
“Can you see my poo?”
“Do you want to watch it come out?”
“Tomorrow you will.”
“I think I’m going to cum.”
“OK, what do you want me to do?”
“Just hold that position for one more second” and with that I aimed my cock at her dilated anus and, at a distance of two or three inches, spurted right into her hole.
“You didn’t professor!”
“Sorry, but I could help myself.”
“OK, I think that is enough excitement for you today. I need to go and clean up. Perhaps you can pay me the money now and tomorrow I will let you watch me go to the bathroom.”
As she lifted herself up off the table, I was treated to a wonderful display of her entire genitals and the full cocktail of her womanly odours wafted over my face one last time.
“Of course” I replied. “I can’t wait to see you shit.”
“I will do it right in front of your face as you wanted and you will see everything, I promise.”
And with that she grabbed her clothes and ran off to the bathroom.

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