Anne Humilation – University professor examines a female student

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Anne is a mixed race student who is short of funds. Her university professor offers to help support her providing she agrees to pose naked at his house every day and submit to very intimate and humiliating examinations of her body including letting him smell her feet and genitals and watch her go the bathroom. Hope you enjoy it!
It was a great feeling to be finally back at Uni. It was the day I had been looking forward to all summer. The day when I would get to meet my fresh intake of students. Being a fashion course, most of them would be girls of around 18-19 years old, new to University life and keen to be finally away from their parents to experience life at campus.
As I came into the studio, I immediately scanned the room for likely subjects; foreign looking girls with dark complexions and hair to match: maybe black, Spanish, Hispanic, eastern European, Asian or mixed race. They didn’t have to be text-book pretty, just very natural, innocent looking and ‘girl next door’.
I was not to be disappointed. Things had changed so much since I had been at college all those years ago. Now nearly half the young people in the room were from other cultures…and one stood out in particular. I couldn’t quite decide where she was from but she had a very distinctive, slightly oriental look and a huge mop of thick black hair. Intriguingly, it was slightly frizzy.
In stature she was quite tiny – just over five feet tall I estimated – and fairly flat chested but with a beautifully formed ‘bubble bum’ and shapely legs.
Oh how I love diversity!
Girls were just so easy to perv these days. They obliging wore skin-tight leggings, often with no skirt or shorts to hide their modesty. This young lady was no exception. Her shear black leggings showed every curve and nuance of her lower body from her slightly muscular calves (always a turn on for me) all the way up to the ample bulge of her groin which was just visible through the open flaps of her black jacket. Beneath, she was wearing a simple white, low cut T shirt.
As it was the first day of the new academic year, I was required to make a formal introduction of the course, and its tutors, and then to meet with each of the students for ten minutes to see how they were settling in. Working my way down through the list, she was the eleventh person to enter my study and I now had her name.
“Hi Anne, pleasure to meet you. How’s things going for you?”
“OK thanks, more or less.” She spoke with an American accent. Intriguing.
“You sound a little uncertain?”
“Well, I’m having a few financial problems. Seems my parents underestimated how much living expenses are in the UK. It’s so expensive over here!”
“Yea, tell me about it. Do you have somewhere to live?”
“Oh sure, it’s just I can’t afford to eat, the rent’s so expensive!”
“Have you thought about getting a part time job?”
“I already have one actually. I came over earlier in the summer to get myself sorted out. I work part-time in a shop in town. But I can’t take on any more hours without it interfering with my studies.”
“Oh I see; mm. Well I’m sure we can find a way to help. Leave it with me and we’ll have another conversation next week.”
My mind was now running overtime thinking how this might play to my advantage. I hadn’t got any particular solution to offer right there and then – but an idea was forming.
“So where are you from exactly?”
“Well I was born in South Carolina. My Mum’s actually Korean and my Dad’s African American.”
“Wow, what an incredible heritage.”
“Yeah, it’s a bit weird.”
“Fascinating not weird,” I corrected her. “I would love to hear more about it some time. Anyway, I’ll see what I can come up with and meet you same time next Monday.”
“OK, see you soon.”
“Bye professor.”
As she got up and turned around to leave the room, my eyes were immediately drawn to her round bubble but and I started to have crazy, dirty thoughts. So she was half black, half Korean; that would explain her dark frizzy hair and facial features. I looked down at her details on the sheet before me. She was only nineteen.
I then turned to her photo and started to study her pretty round face. She was not white, or black, rather a beautiful, dusky blend of both parents heritage. Her eyes were dark with a very oriental shape to them; but not the full epicanthic fold. Her eyebrows were thick, black and bushy; wide at the centre tailing off almost to a point at the ends.
Most interesting was her nose; quite broad and rounded except at the bridge where it disappeared almost entirely. What made it especially fascinating and unusual was the way it turned up at the end such that you could clearly see into her slightly flared, hairy nostrils.
But the biggest tell-tale sign of her father’s origin was her large lips, thick and full and dark, their size exaggerated further but the tiny form of her smooth chin beneath. With such amazing, exotic features, I could only begin to image what the rest of her body might look like. As I felt a stirring in my pants, I resolved to try and find a way of seeing her completely naked – not by spying but legally and with her full consent, even if it was reluctant consent.
During the rest of the week I played around with a number of scenarios; all of them revolving around how I could contrive to get her to undress for me, willingly, so I could look at every detail of her nineteen year old body at my leisure. From her toes to her head, I wanted to study, examine, smell and taste every intimate, private part of her.
As I masturbated that evening over the thought of it, I started trying to imagine what her genitals might look and even found myself thinking what it would be like to swatch poo come out of her anus.
I hoped she was hairy. Most girls these days seemed to abhor hair anywhere on their body and were obsessed with waxing, razoring, plucking and dissolving anything that grew.
By the time of our next meeting, I had a plan. I only hoped that she would react well to my suggestions and not be so offended that it would sully all future relations with her. I also had to be very careful that it did not backfire on me altogether and trigger any complaints to the University. I couldn’t afford to lose my job. That said, though, I was certainly putting myself at risk. I had now become so obsessed with idea of seeing Anne naked that had I knew only too well I was throwing caution to the wind.
Anne breezed into the room and sat before me once again. She was still wearing those leggings. I wondered if they had been washed at all since our last meeting (I so desperately wanted to smell the crotch panel and the feet). This time, though, she had removed her jacket so I could get a better appreciation of her upper body shape.
The way in which her T shirt was drawn tightly across her chest left no doubt as to the flatness of her chest. I could clearly make out the contours of her tiny little bra beneath and could only wonder at what it contained. Certainly she didn’t need to wear it for support, but then again, many black and oriental girls I had seen on the internet often had surprisingly long, thick nipples. As I felt a feint stirring in my pants, I convinced myself that this was what she must be hiding and I knew I had to find out for real – somehow.
“Morning Anne.”
“Hi professor.”
“Are you still having problems?”
“Well, nothing much has changed really. I was rather hoping you might have some ideas for me after what you said last time?”
“I do actually. But it’s a little delicate and not the sort of thing the University would usually get involved with.”
“How do you mean?”
“Well it requires some discretion.”
“You mean the University doesn’t need to know about it?”
“Exactly,” I said. It was as if she knew precisely where I was going with this.
“No problem there. Where I come from we’re used to keeping things off the radar – especially anything to do with making a few bucks on the side.”
“OK then. This is something which doesn’t involve you investing a lot of spare time but it is reasonably well paid.”
“It’s legal right?”
“My God yes, I would never suggest anything illicit. It just a slight issue of morals that’s all.”
“Ok, this getting a bit weird. Can you tell me what it is? I totally get being discreet and I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
“OK, well it involves modelling.”
“Oh I get it – you mean for the life drawing classes?”
“Well yes and no.”
“Not for, like…”
“No not that.” I cut her off before she could say what I thought she was about to say – the word ‘porn’. I girded myself for what I must try out on her next and hoped to God she wouldn’t just get up and walk straight out.
“But it does involve posing naked.” I looked at her straight in the eyes as I said it.
“OK,” she said. I could sense she was trying to remain nonchalant and open minded. “And it’s not, you know, for the internet or something?”
“No, certainly not that. It’s legal, it’s well paid, I think it will help solve your difficulties and I will tell you exactly what it is if you promise to keep it a secret between us”
She look thoughtful for a minute and then said: “Well, it’s not what I was expecting when I first came in, taking my clothes off doesn’t scare me especially. Back home we go skinny dipping with friends all the time and I love being naked on the beach.”
“Wonderful. So this job will pay you twenty five pounds per day and only involves half an hour of your time either at the start of the day or in the evening to fit in with your social life and college work etc. Sound OK?”
“Well, err, in principle yes, but you’d better tell me exactly what I have to do for twenty five pounds. It sounds too easy. And yes I agree to keep it a secret.”
“OK then. You would have to come around to a house a few roads away from here and pose naked for the gentleman that lives there. He lives by himself and is very artistic…”
“He wants to draw me then?”
“No, he just wants to look at you.”
“I don’t follow?”
“He wants you to pose for him in any position he requests so that he can just stare at you – a bit like a living sculpture.”
“And what does he want to stare at in particular?”
“Well, I’m sure you have a good idea on that.”
“I think I do yes. But humour me anyway. Spell out what he wants to look at.”
I looked back at her for a few seconds before saying: “I image he wants to look between your legs Anne.”
“What, every day?”
“I think his idea is that the poses will be different each day, sometimes in different rooms, sometimes even on pieces of furniture.”
“Wow. That IS weird!”
“I guess it is a little, err specialist,” I replied.
“And that’s it, no sex or anything like that.”
“No. Just posing and perhaps one or two other minor invasions of your privacy.”
“Such as?”
“I think he would like you to leave the bathroom door open when you have to go. But that pays extra.”
“Uh. That is SO gross!”
“Yes you’re right, I can’t argue with that.”
She looked pensive for a moment.
“What shall I tell him then Anne?”
“Is he a friend of yours?”
“Yes, a close friend.”
“And you trust him? I’ll be safe?”
“I can vouch for that. You don’t have to do anything you don’t agree to. He has money so you can always negotiate on price for whatever weird stuff he asks. If you want out, you just tell him it’s over and no more will be said about it. He trusts that you too will honour the secret of his identity.”
“How old is he?”
“About fifty.”
“A dirt old pervert then?”
“Well you might call him that. You wouldn’t know from meeting him though. He comes across as very normal and intelligent. In fact he works at the University”
“I thought he might.”
“Yes, so now you can see why this has to be done with discretion.”
“Yes indeed. OK, I’ll sign up for the first visit and see what I think. Tell him I want the cash in advance though. If it all goes OK then we’ll see what happens afterwards.”
“He will be very happy. He gave me this envelop to give to you – I believe he already anticipated your request for an up-front payment.”
Anne took the envelope and immediately split it open. She pulled out a wad of fifty pound notes and counted them.”
“There’s a hundred and fifty pounds here!”
“Looks like he’s given you a week’s wages up front. You get Sunday off.”
She pulled out a slip of paper from the envelope and read it to herself:
“Dear Anne. I am so glad you have agreed to my proposition to help you through University. Please can you come round at about 7am in the morning and I will introduce myself. No need to shower before you come, you can use my bathroom. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to seeing you naked. My address is below.”
Anne looked up at me: “Better tell your friend to take his tablets then, I don’t want him to have a heart attack!” And with that she winked at me and walked briskly out of my office. She was a very bright and articulate girl, and I just couldn’t wait for it to be tomorrow.
Next morning I was up, showered and dressed at six and longing for the doorbell to ring. And so it did at only a few minutes past the hour – she was reliable and prompt. My stomach was doing summersaults inside!
I cautiously opened the door, wondering exactly what her reaction would be when she discovered that all along my perverted friend was actually me.
“Morning professor,” announced Anne as she stood on the step.
“You knew all along?”
“Wasn’t a very good deception now was it? You being around fifty yourself, working at the University and all the while we’re talking you’re looking me up and down as if you had X-ray vision.”
“Please come in. I hadn’t realised I was being that obvious. Do the other students notice my behaviour?”
Anne came passed me into the hallway and stood her distance. I shut the door.
“I haven’t discussed it with them. I will honour our agreement and keep everything quiet. I need the money as you know and I am prepared to show you whatever you want to see providing you don’t ever touch me – unless I give you my permission.”
“Yes that’s the deal.”
“OK then, where is the bathroom? I would like to take a shower.”
“Oh you won’t be needing that until the end of the visit.”
“Excuse me but you promised I could shower.”
“Yes but that is after you have done your work – so you are fresh for college.”
“But I haven’t washed since yesterday morning,” a note of stress sounding in her voice.
“Oh, well don’t worry about it: I won’t be put off I can assure you.”
“But there’s certain places that are not fit to be seen.”
“Would an extra ten pounds persuade you?”
“Well, I err, yes, I suppose it might. But I’m really embarrassed about any smells.”
“Please don’t be. Actually I want to be able to smell you. It’s part of the experience. I promise I won’t touch you but for the wages I’m paying, you must allow me to study and sniff any part of your body that interests me.”
“I’m not sure how comfortable I will feel with that. It wasn’t part of the original deal. I thought I was just going to pose for you?”
“Well you are, but this just improves the whole experience for me. I would love to be able to smell all your natural smells.”
“Which ones exactly?”
“Well, err since you ask, your underarms.”
“Yes, and…?”
“Your feet?”
“Your bottom.”
“It’s an easy ten pounds.”
“Yes, but wanting to smell my feet and my ass!”
“Its THIRTY FIVE pounds a day for half an hour of your time.” I said, re-emphasising the value of the deal. It was the only leverage I had. Clearly what I was asking was a major invasion of her privacy and decency.
“OK, you can smell whatever you like. Let’s get on with it before I change my mind!”
“Excellent. Please come into the lounge and stand on the coffee table for me.”
Anne followed me through and sat on the edge of my big granite coffee table. It was so heavy there was no chance of it tipping over whatever position I asked her to pose in.
“Aren’t you going to draw the curtains?”
“No, I want to see you in the daylight; to appreciate all the natural colours of your body. And besides, no one can see in here; we’re not overlooked by anyone. Just a field of sheep.”
I sat back in my favourite armchair and invited Anne to step up on the table.
“OK Anne. Please will you undress for me. Let start with your T shirt and bra. I can’t wait to see those tiny little breasts of yours. What size is your bra by the way?”
“I don’t actually know. My breasts are so small I buy my bras in the children’s department”.
Anne grabbed the hem of her T shirt and hauled it over her head in one fluid movement. Beneath it was revealed the tiniest little white bra.
“That’s lovely,” I said. “I’m imaging your nipples must be quite big which is why you wear it?”
“Well I guess you’re about to see aren’t you.”
“I just can’t wait Anne. Ever since I first saw you in the studio on that first day, I have thought of little else but seeing you naked.”
Anne reached behind her back and unclasped the little bra, then slowly pulled it down. Out popped two of the longest, darkest nipples I had ever seen. Her areola were also disproportionately large for the size of the little mounds that were her breasts. They looked to be at least and inch and a half in diameter and extremely puffy as if each were another little breast growing out of her normal breast. They were completely smooth and coloured a deep, dark chocolate brown.
“Wow Anne. Wow! Your nipples are huge!”
“Yes they are,” she said. “My boyfriend in the US measured them once. He reckoned they were about ten millimetres long.”
“Must be amazing to suck on.”
“Yes they are professor, but you don’t get that opportunity. Remember our deal.”
“Yes of course. I am very happy just looking. We never discussed a limit as to how close I could come to look though.”
At this point a stood up to get a better look. “I hope you don’t mind?”
She flinched as I brought my face to within a few inches of her chest; my eyes more or less level with her nipples.
“That’s VERY close professor.”
“I just want to stare at them for a while. Do you mind if I use this?” I brought out my pocket magnifying glass and started to focus it over her right areola. Suddenly I could see every pore and undulation in her nipple. It was the texture of a juicy raspberry – only dark brown and cylindrical.
I moved around her whole nipple, inspecting it from every angle and finally pausing at the very tip, head on. I pulled my glass back to enlarge the image, trying to find the very openings in her nipple that would allow her milk to spray out during lactation.
“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this. Is it really necessary to look at me that closely?”
“I am just so intrigued by your huge nipples.”
“I’m not a specimen you know. Do you intend to use that magnifying glass on every part me?”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. But you know I how want to have a good look at every private part of your body Anne. The magnifying glass just allows me to see so much more detail.”
“It just feels so embarrassing and degrading.” Her voice trailed off to almost a whisper.
“Yes I’m sorry.”
I sat back down in the armchair to let her recover her composure.
“I’ll stay here while you finish undressing.”
“Will you pull your leggings and pants down for me now?”
“I suppose so.” There was now a tone of resignation in her voice.
She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her black leggings and started to tug them down. Her hips were quite narrow, and I watched intently as she bent forwards and slid them down over her smooth, caramel coloured thighs. Her underwear came down with them and as the twin garments rolled together and dropped down to her ankles, the inner gusset of her plain white panties was turned inside out and became fully exposed.
I leaned forwards to take a closer look and was elated to find a nice dollop of fresh white pussy cream sitting exactly along the central crease of the scrunched up gusset where the fabric must have been drawn tightly into the slit of her vagina. It was like egg white with a slight yellow discolouration in the middle. She saw the direction of my gaze and put her hands to her face.
“Oh, please don’t look at that, it’s so embarrassing. They were clean on an hour ago.”
“I don’t mind really, in fact I am very fascinated by what you do in your panties.”
“Really? You have a dirt, filthy mind.”
“Yes I suppose I do. Please don’t be ashamed. Now stand up straight so I can see all of you.”
“I know what you want to see.”
“And this is?” I wanted to hear her say it.
“You want to look between my legs don’t you professor?”
“I just want to see you naked first of all.”
As she straitened up, I got my first view of her pubic area. She had a very prominent vulva, almost as bulbous as her little breasts. The entire area, from just below her navel to her crotch was covered in a fine, almost threadbare carpet of tiny glistening black coils of hair. She had the same wiry little pubes of an afro Caribbean woman, not long and wavy like an Asian girl where the growth tends to be confined just to the immediate pubic region. Anne’s pubic hairs spread out right across her lower belly in a sort of diamond shape, feathering out to very sparse, random growth around the outer edges and in the creases of her thighs. The hairs were not dense at all. The darker, mottled skin tones and contours of her entire pubic area were clearly visible beneath.
Now standing fully erect, with her legs close together, my eyes were drawn to a little fuzzy triangle of empty space showing through between her thighs. There, silhouetted against the light, I got my first glimpse of the hanging wattle of her hairy genitals.
“You are truly beautiful Anne. I am so turned on by seeing your amazing pubic hair growth.”
“I’m glad you like it. I was worried you might be one of those guys that likes to see girls all baby smooth like some pre-pubescent teenager.”
“No, not me. I like hairy girls. And you’re certainly one hairy nineteen year old.”
“I’ll be twenty next month.”
“Well I’ll have to think of a suitable birthday present then!”
“I hope it’s truly something for me and not for you,” she said knowingly.
“Well, I can’t guarantee it will be all for you!” I replied.
“How do you feel Anne – I mean standing there naked in front of your professor?” I was keen to hear her voice her embarrassment and shame. Although I would always deny it and apologise when challenged, a major part of the excitement for me was in persuading Anne to agree to willing do the most humiliating and degrading things in front of me.
“You know how I feel. I’m just so embarrassed and ashamed to be doing this, just for money I mean. You are taking advantage of me and I am letting you do it.”
“It’s an arrangement where we both get something we want. You don’t have to do it but am enormously happy that you are. We just have to be clear that it’s a secret we both must keep otherwise both our reputations will be ruined.”
“Yes I’m fully aware of that and I did agree to pose for you. Let’s get it over. If you want to use the magnifying glass again, that’s OK.”
“Thank you. I’d just like to have a closer look at your little pubic hairs. Do you ever shave them?”
“No, I’ve never shaved. They just started growing like this when I was around nine or ten years old. They never seem to grow any longer, they just spread out more as a get older.”
I got up again and knelt down on the carpet right in front of her crotch, inhaling through my nose in a very subtle fashion so as not to alarm her. I was desperate to get a sense of her smell.
As I studied the little coils of pubic hair under my magnifying glass I could feel my cock straining in my underpants. I want so much to take it out and start to masturbate. Maybe another time, I thought, when she had got more accustomed to my desires. I could see every hair follicle in extreme detail. At this magnification the hairs looked like thick coils of shiny black wire. I sniffed at the hairs to see what smells they held in, this time in a slightly more obvious fashion.
“If you want to smell me, professor, just ask.” She was not stupid! She could clearly read my every move.
“Well I didn’t want to upset you again.”
“It’s OK; I’m getting the general idea now – of what you want. You’re a dirty old man and if this is how you get your kicks then at least you’re being straight about it. I’m happy to take your money if this is all I have to do. ”
“Then please can I smell your vagina Anne?” I asked as politely as I could. I want to close my eyes and just focus on your smell.
“Be my guest professor,” and with that Anne arched her back and thrust her crotch at my face. “Smell it and perv it all you want.”
This was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. As her entire pubic area was offered up to my face I closed my eyes, leaned in and inhaled deeply. To my great delight the odours that greeted me were very powerful; a pungent combination of vaginal musk – a sour, musty, sweaty smell – mixed in with a tinge of urine.
“You smell divine,” I declared, as I prepared to open my eyes and feast once again on the dark, hairy landscape of her vulva.
Only now she was much closer than I had realised and upon opening my eyes I was presented with the most spectacular display. There, filling my entire field of vision, against a backdrop of tightly wound coils of black hair, was her mons pubis.
I was now staring right at Anne’s cunt.
It looked almost black. On closer inspection the inner lips of her vagina were a beautiful blend of purples and browns, tinged with black along the outer edges, and were hanging out between her labia majora by nearly half an inch at their widest point. They were extremely thin and smooth, almost like a soft, rubbery plastic that fused together at the top form the very generous hood of her clitoris. What lay underneath must be quite spectacular. Her flaps dangled before me like two delicate petals stuck together with a thin film of glistening, milky cream that threatened to dribble out at any moment.
Her outer lips were thick and round and full. The whole area was neatly ovular in shape and coloured several shades darker than the natural hue of the rest of her body – which was far more like that of an oriental girl. More random black curls sprouted out randomly around the fringes.
My cock was now fully erect and leaking pre-cum. All I could say was “wow” over and over again as I stared at her genitals.
“Enjoying the view professor?”
“I can’t tell you Anne. I just want to savour this moment for as long as I can.”
“Well the half-hour’s nearly up so I’ll be getting dressed in a minute to get to class.”
“Just give me a couple more minutes.”
“I’ll be back tomorrow.”
“For thirty five pounds, yes.”
“You know I will want to see even more tomorrow Anne.”
“Yes I know, I know what you want to see and I promise I will show it to you.”
“OK. You may go for your shower now. Just don’t shower again ’til after tomorrow’s session – oh and please wear the same panties you wore today.”
“That wasn’t in the deal professor. If you want to see my soiled panties, then that will cost you another… let’s see…ten pounds a day.”
Without hesitating I just nodded. She knew she has me at a disadvantage.
“For a total of forty five pounds though, I expect to see plenty of stains front and back so please don’t wipe yourself too rigorously. I will need to check thoroughly!”
“Professor, you are absolutely filthy!”
“Yes I am. To be absolutely honest, the smellier and dirtier you are, the more my wallet will appreciate you!”
“OK, we’ll see. I have to think a lot more about that.” She quickly stepped back and hoisted up her pants and leggings. “That’s enough perving for today. I think under the circumstances I might skip the shower and just head on over to the studio.”
“But you WILL be back tomorrow?”
“Yes, and if you’re a good boy I will let you smell me some more.”

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