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Apni ClassMate pooja ko choda saloo baad

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It was a cloudy day and was going to rain very fast that day. As usual I got ready to go to my office but I wasn’t feeling to go to office but had to go. Usually I go to office by changing three autos. I came to main road and got in the first auto but before it could reach its destination it started raining heavily. I got down at the stand to get in a second auto but there was no auto and I got fully drenched in heavy shower I saw a cute girl rather say a dam sexy girl in tight t-shirt and jeans fully wet standing next to me. She asked me about the auto I said I am also waiting for one. I can clearly see her figure as her cloths were sticking to her body and she was wearing a white color t-shirt and white bra, she is of around 5ft 7” height, well built, very fair with big beautiful eyes, slim nose, puffy cheeks, red lips, long black hairs, and perfect tight figure, with a slim waist and big boobs. I was thinking that I have seen her earlier and a sudden thought came in my mind that she is pooja she was my classmate for almost five years. She was the sexiest piece in our school and she looked like steffi graph. She was also a cousin of my distance cousin and whenever I visited their place with my mother we use to play police and thief game and she always played police and use to catch me first.
I said “hi pooja” and asked “do you remember me”? She thought for a while and she said “o yes avii tum itne saal baad khan ho kya kar rahe ho aaj kal”? We were meeting after almost five years and she had become sexier. I said “tum kaise ho aur kya chal raha hai” and asked her were she going. She said to a movie and I asked are you going with your friends? She said yes. Now we started looking for an auto and luckily we got one.
We both sat side by side and our body was sticking with each other I slowly adjusted myself as such that my elbow was now touching her gorges boobs. As the auto moved with every jerk my elbow was pressing her boobs. For the first time in my life I thanked govt. For bad roads. Then there was a big jam. She was mumbling as she was getting late as she had told me earlier that she is going to a movie and the show will start within thirty minutes. I played a game and to spend a day with her I dropped the idea of going to office and said that I am also going to see a movie I took out a cigarette and asked her can I smoke? She said no problem and I started smoking a piece of ash flew and fall on her breast. She saw that and I immediately rubbed the ash and in doing so I got an instant hard on as I have rubbed her boobs. She just smiled at me and said “agar jal jata to” I said “sorry” she looked at a tent that had formed in my pants. Now we were talking about our past days about our old friends and how we use to play, and she was the house captain and we always fight with each other over small things but can’t wait to see each other every day. In school I was a good shooter and sometimes she use to ask me to teach her and I use to give the riffle in her hand and caught her from behind my front portion of the body fully pressed on her back with my dick pressing in her ass cheeks and my hands pressing both her boobs from sides. But she never said anything. We even took tuitions from the same teacher she uses to teach us biology and I fucked her. How I fucked her is another story which I will tell letter. While on tuitions we use to see picture of vagina and mammary glands (choochies) in reproduction science chapter and I use to tease her that these picture are yours and she use to say you have drawn these picture seeing mine. Till we reach the theater we were busy talking.
Any ways we reached the theater and she started looking for her friends and couldn’t see them she asked me do you have a mobile. I gave her my mobile and she dialed to her friends mobile and her friend said as it is raining very hard she couldn’t come. She was sad on hearing this and said that she will go back home, as her friends are not coming. I asked do you have the tickets. She said no. I said no need of going home you could watch movie with me if you don’t have any problem after some hesitation she agreed as I forced her. I went to the counter and asked for the ticket in the last row corner. After getting the tickets we went inside and I asked her if she wants something to drink she said a coke. I went to the counter and took two pegs of rum and mixed them with coke. We entered the hall and were surprised to see almost empty hall. We sat on our seats and there were nobody near our seats.
As the movie started we were sipping our drink and I put my right hand on her shoulder and she said nothing I was in the mood of enjoying sex with her but didn’t wanted to spoil the mood so I was waiting for a right time. After some time when our drinks were finished I saw her. She was now in a punch and a sexy scene was running over the screen and she was watching it with her eyes wide open. I moved my hands towards her heavenly boobs. As I touched them she moaned aaaaahhhhh. I under stood she liked that and I pressed them hard she said, “yeh kya kar rahe ho tang mat karo na picture dekne do” I said nothing but kept my hand on her boobs. I was gently rubbing them and said “picture ke sath yeh anand bhi lo” and I got so hard on that I couldn’t control myself and kissed her fleshy cheeks she just turned her head and smiled. I was encouraged by this move and tried to insert my hands in her t-shirt but failed to do so as her round neck t-shirt was too tight so I removed my hand from there. Now as she was sitting to my right I moved my left hand and kept it on her thighs and started pushing my hand in her t-shirt up wards. In doing so my hand crept inside and pooja pulled her t-shirt down making a way for my hand. I slowly reached her boobs and as I touched them from above the bra I was in heaven I saw pooja’s face she was in a punch and was looking very seductive.
For about ten minute I was rubbing her boobs and then looked around to see whether someone is seeing us or not but the nearest person in the hall were about five rows in front of us. So nothing to worry about. Then I bent down and kissed her boobs and inserted my hand in her bra and caught one of her nipple and slightly pinched them pooja moaned “aaaaaahhh uuuuuuuufffffff avii jara ahista dabao” I was in heaven believe me I haven’t seen a single frame of the movie. I then lifted her t-shirt and opened the bra and by seeing completely naked boobs of pooja I was aroused and said “pooja tumhari choochi to bahut badi aur bahut tight hai”. She said, “school mai tum shooting shikane ke bahane meri choochion ko dabate thei tub mujhe bahut aaccha lagta tha aur mai ghar ja kar inhe bahut dabati thi isliey yeh itni badi ho gayi hain”. I was shocked on hearing that she knew that I am touching her breast while shooting “tumko aaccha lagta tha tub boli kyun nahi mai rooj acchey se daba deta”. “mujhe dar lag ta tha” she said then I asked her to turn her head and as she turned I gave her a long and wet kiss on her lips and our tongue met. She was breathing hard and I can feel her warm breath as I was still rubbing her boobs.
I asked her “pooja kya school ke bad tumne kabhi sex ka anand liya hai” she said “nahi kabhi kabhi apni ungli she masturbate kiya hai aur kisi ke sath to kabhi bhi nahi”. I asked again “kya school ke bad kabhi mujhe yaad kiya?” She said “tumhe hi to yaad kar kar ke masturbate karti thi aur tum kya mujhe yaad karte thei aur kya tumne kabhi sex kiya hai”. I said “mai bhi tumhe yaad karta tha par mai school ke bad hostel chala gaya tha, aur maine kabhi bhi sex nahi kiya hai”. Then I caught her hand and said “kya tum mere aujar ko chu kar mahsus karna chahogi” she said “mera to kab se man kar raha tha par mere ko sarm aa rahi thi”. On hearing this I put her hand on my rock hard dick. She said “avii tumhara lund to bahut bada aur mota hai” I said tumhai yaad karte huai masturbate karte karte bada ho gaya”. And she opened the zip and took out my dick and bent down and kissed it. As her lips touched the tip I felt an electric shock as molten lava was running in my veins. I was in heaven and I pushed her head down and she took whole of my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. After few stroke I released a jet of cum in her mouth and she drank my juice lavishly and suck my dick dry.
I wasn’t satisfied with this and continued fondling her boobs and she said “avii tum ko maja aaya? Tumhara juice to bahut tasty tha”. I said “maja to bahut aaya par mere ko tumhara juice bhi pena hai par yaahan nahi.” After the movie we came out and I asked “kya tumko ghar jana hai? She said “aaj meine pure din ka permission liya hai. So we both went to a restaurant and had our lunch and I said “aab kahan chalen” she said “vahan jahan hum dono akale hon” I was overjoyed on hearing this. I was lucky as I was caring keys of my new flat as I was suppose to go there after office. So we went there.
I opened the door and we went inside I hurriedly closed the door and hugged pooja and said “yahan hum dono akele hain aur koi bhi disturb bhi nahi karega” and then we fell in a long dip wet kiss it was a full body kiss as we were hugging each other very tightly. I took her up in my arms and went in my bedroom and made her lay on bed I lied beside her and again hugged her tightly she was feeling a bit shy and a bit afraid. I said “darne ki koi bat nahi hai aur tum sarmmao mat aab hum ek hojayenge”. She asked “dard to nahi hoga na” I said “main bahut aaram se pyar karunga tumhe ek dam dard nahi hoga.” She asked again “tum yeh sab kahan se sikha”? I told her “aapni biology teacher yaad hai unse sikha” she was amazed on hearing this and asked “kya tumne unko bhi choda” I said yes many times and now let us enjoy. And I began kissing her from toe. I took her thumb in my mouth and kissed them she moaned aaaaaaahhhhh. Then I lied on her kissing her full face and her boobs were piercing a hole in my chest.
She was also kissing me and I got up and asked her to sit as she sat I opened her t-shirt and started pressing her boobs and she lied down again I opened my shirt and she started kissing my hairy chest. And I was pressing her boobs and opened her bra and she was half naked in front of me. I was admiring her boobs and touched one of her pink nipple with my tongue and she moaned ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh and I started sucking her nipple very hard and was pinching other one. She said “avii bahut maja aa raha hai tum meri puri choochion ko kah joa aaaaaaahhhhhhh” and her finger were playing in my hairs. And she was also pressing my head onto her boobs. Then I opened the zip of her jeans and pulled them out now she was lying in front of me in only panties. I step back and looked her adorable body she was looking very beautiful and sexy she looked me and felt shy and covered her face with her hand. “pooja kya hua tum sarma kyun rahi ho aab aapne bich koi parda nahi hai chalo utho aur mere baki kapde utaro” I said. She didn’t move so I went near her and removed her hand from her eyes and said “aab sarma ke time waste mat karo” she got up and undid the buttons and opened my pants I stepped out of them and removed my underwear and my cock sprang out standing in 90degree she caught it and kissed it and I pulled out her panties and sniffed them the smell was intoxicating.
We both lied down and started kissing each other my hand was roaming all over her body. As my hand touched her cunt she uttered aaaaaaaahhhh I immediately inserted one finger in it and felt her from inside. Then we got into 69 positions I touched her vagina with my tongue and said “pooja aab mai tumhare cunt juice piunga aur tum mera lund juice pio”. And I pushed my tongue in her hole and she took my dick in her mouth and started licking it like a lollipop. Pooja was licking and moaning and while licking she was also playing with my balls. And I was tongue fucking her and only sound in the room was of her deep breath and aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhh uuuuuufffffff “avii joor se chooso bahut anand aa raha hai aviise mai janat ki sair kar rahi hoon main kalash hone wali hoon aaaaaaaaahhhh eeeeeeeeee main aayeeeee” and she stated cumming and I was drinking her juice and at the same time I also began to cum and she was drinking my cum. After this I turned and looked pooja’s face she was smiling and said “avii tumko mera juice kaisa laga” I said “itna badiya juice maine kabhi nahi piya”. And lied beside her and we both were breathing very hard as we were exhausted.
After a while I again started pressing pooja’s boobs and said “pooja tum thak to nahi gayi” she said “itna maja aa raha hai aur tum keh rehaho thak gayi kya aaj to mai ek dam fresh mahsus kar rahi hoon”. “aab mai tumko chodunga” I said. And asked pooja to play with my dick. She started jerking my dick with her hands and I started sucking her tits. My dick was again rock hard and ready for fuck so I asked “pooja tum ready ho aab apne pawn felao mai tumhare upar aa raha hoon”. As she spread her legs her love hole was clearly visible and I kissed the love hole and sat between her legs on my knees and put my dick on her vagina and caught her by shoulder and pressed. I told her “aab mai tumhari choot ko apne lund se bhar dunga, tum chillaogi par mai chodata he raunga, karta he rahunga. ” she smiled and spread her legs and I jumped on her and started to insert my lund in her choot. Her choot was so hot, tight and wet.
When I entered my lund half in her choot little blood came out she moaned so loudly and said “tumahara lund bahut hi bada hai, wo meri choot ko fad dega, ahista dalo na, nahi to mai mar jaoongi, dhirese dalo na please” I ignored this and started to up and down. Once again she moaned “ahista dalo na bahut dard ho raha hai, avii meri choot fat jayegi, tumhara lund hai ki lakda pata hi nahi chalta, oooouuuuuuccchhhhh ssssshhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh”. As I pressed pooja moaned ssssssssseeeeeee my dick went inside a bit I pushed again and now pooja screamed of pain and said “avii bahut dard ho raha hai please aapna lund nikalo nahi to mai mar jaongi”. “mari jaan marenge tumhare dushman phele bar thoda dard hoga phir maja aayega” I said and pushed again pooja screamed again but I slowly started fucking her. After five six strokes pooja started getting pleasure and moans came out of her mouth now my dick was also fully inside her very tight choot. And I gave her jerked rapidly like wild ox,” ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaa, mar gayi, aur joorse oooooooooohhhhhhh aab nahi nahhhiii, mai mar jaongi, please chod do.”” aaaaahhhhh ssssssshhhhh aur chodo na, jab tak meri choot fat na jaaye use choodna mat, it is superb”. And pooja said “avii joor se chodo meri choot ko phad dalo hai bahut aaaaaaaaacha lag raha hai, uuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffff aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh haiiiiiiiiiiiii mar gayi re” I said “pooja tumhare badan ki khusboo muje madhos kar rahi hai tumhari choot bhi bahut tight hai”. She said “mai tumhe aapne andar mahsos kar rahi hoon uuffff janat ka maja to isi me hai kash yeh waqt yehi tahare jaye avii tum mujhe pehele kyun nahi mele”. Pooja’s moans increased with my speed I was on the verge I took her nipple in my mouth and started chewing it she said “avii mai khalash hone wali hoon joor se choodo aaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeee ooooooofffff uuuuuuuuffffffffff she was now giving jerk to her hips and after 10 15 strokes we both were cumming. I collapsed on top of her lying without any movement for ten minutes. Then I asked “pooja kaisa lag raha hai? Maja aaya ki nahi. She said nothing and covered her eyes with her hands, as she was feeling shy. I removed her hand and kissed her lips and asked again and she said bahut aacha laga ab hum dono rooj milenge. We both relaxed a while lying side by side and my hands resting on her boobs. I again started pressing them and pooja turned towards me and said “kya phir se taiyar ho gaye kya” “aaj to tumko chodne ka man he nahi kar raha hai kya karun tum ho he itne sexy”. I asked her to fondle my dick and she started doing so. My dick was again ready for a fuck. But this time I thought of fucking in a different pose.
And we indulged ourselves in a long deep and wet kiss our tongues met and I was again aroused and I my hand started roaming on her body. She was also getting horny her breath were growing heavier and heavier. We both laid down cuddling and kissing each other. I sucked her breast again and teased her nipples. She was moaning “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh avii joor se choso suck them harder” “ooooooohhhhhhh pooja my love I love you I am yours” I replied. Pooja pushed me and got on me she was sitting on my rock hard cock, which was poking in between her ass cheeks and started sucking my nipples and licked my earlobes I put my hands on her boobs and started rubbing them. We both were moaning and pooja said “fuck me chodo mujhe make me cum harder this time” so I caught my dick and asked pooja to put it in her cunt she immediately did that and her cunt swallowed my dick fully and she started moving her hips up and down. My hands were busy fondling her boobs. Pooja was moaning “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu avii ooooooohhh joor se chodo” I was too in the paradise as I was getting too much pleasure I started jerking my hips and pooja increased the speed. We both were going to cum only sound in the atmosphere was of our moaning I caught pooja’s waist and gave her support and in no time pooja bent forward rested her head on my forehead and began cumming “ooh avii maiye aayee” “pooja keep on jerking your ass as I am also going to cum make me cum my love aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffff I love you pooja faster more faster” I caught her by waist and started pushing her body up and down and I also began to cum I could feel the jet of sperm I released in her vagina and I caught pooja’s neck and pulled towards me and she laid on me. We both were exhausted after a wonderful fuck. We kissed each other passionately.
Now we are enjoying fucking regularly whenever we get chance.
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