Appalachian Trail Adventure

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I have been married for 25 years when this incident occurred. At the time my husband was overweight and out of shape. He had been wounded in the war and after that had been in helicopter crash and finally the Marines made him retire. After he married me we had six children. He was a loving and patient man and put up with a lot of my moods and temper when I was in one of my moods. We had taken up walking and hiking to help him get back into shape after a knee replacement and for us to spend more time together and renew our relationship.
We were hiking on the Appalachian Trail in south central Pennsylvania and I had been a particular bitch for the past couple of miles. I had been complaining that if he was not so fat and out of shape that we could make better time and just maybe we would make it to the car before dark. He just kept on going and was his usual self patient and quiet. We came to a secluded spot on the side of the trail that you could not see from the trail.
Joe called me to come over to the secluded spot to check it out. When I went over to where he was he had already tied two ropes from branches and the ropes were dangling down. He asked me to hold the one as he got the other rope. The one I was holding had a loop and a slip knot and when I was holding it he said put your hand through the loop so you can get a better grip and pull so the slack comes out of the line.
I did what he asked as we had put up lean-to and secured our pack that had food in it so animals would not get into it. So as I was holding it and pulling the knot pulled tight against my wrist and at the same time Joe slipped the other rope on my left wrist and pulled his end so the ropes stretched me up and my arms apart at the same time.
Joe smiled and said there that will do for now and came over and unbuttoned my shirt and shorts. I was not wearing a bra at the time and so I was partly exposed to him. I did not say anything at first as I thought he was just playing a game and would let me go in a few minutes.
Joe pulled my shorts and panties off and then with his knife cut my shirt off. I asked him what was wrong with him and to let me go. Joe looked and said with a smile you need to learn your place and to stop bitching. Maybe after you hang there for a while you will learn some respect. Then he tied my ankles to the trees so I was standing there with my legs apart and then he walked off down the trail.
I thought well maybe I was a bit of a bitch and he will be back in a few minutes and that he would not leave me there for long. It was beginning to worry me as the time was going by and I could tell from the shadows on the ground I had been there for over an hour.
It was not much longer when I heard a few teenage boys coming down the trail and I began to think I should call out to them and have them cut me down. Then I thought about my situation and decided to stay quiet. Then as I was thinking I was safe one of the boys said he had to take a leak and started coming over to where I was.
The boy who I figured was about eighteen did not notice me at first until he went to zip up his pants. He stopped and looked at me and smiled and walked over and rubbed his finger up and down my slit and then licked my nipples. I said please don’t, but he just smiled and licked his fingers and put them into my pussy.
I was pleading with him to stop and cut me down and I would not say anything. He smiled and said you are not going to say anything any ways, because if you do my friends will be over and we will all have some fun with you. I was not sure what to do and was thinking about yelling out. Then one of the other guys came over and said with a smile – Tim what do you have there?
The one who looked the oldest smiled and asked Tim if he was planning on keeping me all to himself, or was he going to share the prize with the rest of them. Tim smiled and said we always share everything.
It looks like the old guy going down the hill left us his woman to have some fun with. Tim since you found her you should decide what we are going to do first. Tim said he was going to taste me first and then everyone could have a taste and while they were tasting it would only be fair if I returned the favor and tasted each of their cocks.
I must say I normally do not suck Joe’s cock and I normally do not care for it. I was faced with a dilemma. They one boy Fred said if I bit his cock and did not do a good job he would really hurt me, so I had better get him to cum fast as he sat on a boulder level with my face. Fred put his legs over my shoulders and pulled me to his crotch and said suck it bitch. At the same moment the other boy Greg began licking my nipples and Tim was fingering my pussy and eating like he was starving. My body was beginning to betray me as I was getting ready to start cumming.
Tim traded places with Greg and Greg put two fingers into my pussy and was working them in and out and then put a third finger in and got them really wet. I was surprised when he pulled his fingers out and started with the other hand and when I was least expecting it he stuck a finger up my asshole hard and without warning.
I was in pain and I tried to move away but Fred said don’t move I would hate to punch you in the face. I gagged as he pulled me closer and grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock all the way into the back of my throat and began cumming in what felt like gallons of cum as I tried to breath and swallow at the same time. I must have looked a sight as Tim moved a smaller rock over and stood on it and slipped his cock into my pussy.
I thought I was going to be okay when he stopped and got off and told Fred and Greg to get a bigger rock and put it behind me. I said no please don’t when Tim got on the rock and slipped his cock into my pussy from behind and I thought I was safe. Somewhere in the back of my mind something clicked and said it is okay to do this since you are all tied up and being told to do this. It was as if I was not bound by any prior ethics I had. I was now free to respond and suck whoever’s cock was in my mouth and to let them have their way with me.
Tim told Greg to take Fred’s place since he just came in my mouth. Greg got on the rock and did the same thing as Fred and wrapped his legs around my neck as he pushed his cock into my mouth.
I was having a difficult time with Greg in my mouth as he was a lot thicker than Fred. He was not any longer but twice as thick. Greg was pulling me closer to get more into my mouth when Tim seemed like he lost footing and fell out of my pussy. Tim told Fred to fuck me from the front.
Fred was on the rock and had his now hard cock in my pussy and was all the way in to the hilt when Tim was back on the rock and pushed his cock into my asshole and reached up and grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard as he pushed all the way in and then relaxed his grip.
I gagged more on Greg and was in a lot of pain from Tim’s cock in my asshole and Fred in my pussy. They all laughed and said let’s really hammer this bitch and cum at the same time and then we will go. I had all three guys pounding their cocks into me as fast as they could and at just about the end Tim slipped out of my asshole and as he was trying to get back in he moved a little and entered my pussy with Fred.
I had two hard cocks stretching my pussy and it was hurting as they pushed a few more strokes and both came one after the other and then Greg came just following them. I had a very strong orgasm myself but as they were not paying attention they could not tell I was really enjoying the feeling of having three cocks in me.
It only took a minute and they were gone and a few minutes later Joe was back with a smile and asked if I learned my lesson as he climbed on the rock and told me to suck his cock. I looked at him and was about to tell him to go fuck himself when in the back of my head something clicked and I gave him the best blow job I ever did and swallowed every bit of his cum.
Joe looked me in the eye and said you had better learn to be nice or you are going to get a lot more of this type of treatment. I looked at him and smiled and said yes master. I asked if I could get dressed or if I had to walk nude. Joe smiled and said you look hot let’s just go now.
I walked for the next three miles nude and finally we were coming to a clearing where there would probably be people and he just kept walking and I followed. We passed Tim, Greg and Fred as we were going along the trail and Joe smiled and asked them if they liked her and if they thought she was hot. Tim said he knew I was hot and said it would be nice if all of us had her together.
Joe looked at me and smiled and said I think she could handle all of us and led me off to the pavilion and told me to get on the picnic table. I willingly obeyed and asked Joe what he wanted me to do and in what order.
Joe said we would go youngest to oldest and each of us could take a turn at each hole if they all had a liking to it. Greg was first and he said I want some of her ass since I am the youngest and I want Fred to take her in the pussy since he is next. Joe told Fred that left him with her mouth.
Joe stood by and watched and took pictures of me getting fucked by three very horny guys and having them all get at least two times in each hole. Joe gave me one of his t-shirts to wear and said the car is just down the hill. I can’t wait until the next time.

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