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Aunt Kristy’s Birthday Party

33 Min Read

“Be there at 9 pm, Tristen!” my mother said excitedly
over the phone. Apparently she, my father Stephen and my
uncle Troy all had gotten together and planned a surprise
birthday party for my 48, soon to be 49, year old Aunt
Kristy at one of the local halls here in Atlanta,

I listened closely as my mom gave me directions on where
to go and added the occasional “uh huh” to the
conversation, just so she’d know I was still paying
attention. “9 pm at the Pitino Centre, enter at the rear
of the building and park in the back.” I repeated to my
mother, feeling much like a parrot. “Yes that’s it, now I
have to get back to work but will see you there son,
don’t forget!” Before I could reply, mom had hung up the
phone on her end.

At 19 I could think of more entertaining ways to spend a
Friday night than to go to my mother’s older sister’s
birthday party where I’d doubtlessly be bored to tears.
Spending time with the Playstation, going to the mall
with my buddies or putting a porno in of Kylie Ireland
and her adventures were way more appealing. But I did
what I had to do, and if this made my folks happy, so be
it. After all my life wasn’t very difficult now. I worked
a part time job at one of the local groceries and worked
out daily to get into better shape for joining the
military in the next few months. So until I did join the
Air Force, I was just killing time.

My mind wandered to what I’d be doing there at the party.
I daydream quite a bit and so it came naturally to me. I
could picture a blonde on each arm as we made our way
around the room, smiling at family and friends of the
family, the envy of every guy there. But reality has a
tight grip on me as well and I snapped back for a minute.
Realistically I doubted I’d find any cuties there at all
and I’d be lucky not to break out in a bad case of yawns
but again, I’m the kind of guy that does what’s required
of me so I don’t say no to family or friends.

Aunt Kristy is one of my favorite aunts and has always
been. She’s got a great sense of humor and we’ve always
joked around and laughed since I was a kid. In fact, I’d
spend time at her and uncle Troy’s house playing with my
cousins Ted and Kelly when I was growing up. Now though,
Ted and Kelly have both enlisted in the Air Force and
I’ve been waiting my turn to go to.

Unfortunately both were stationed overseas now so
wouldn’t be at the party to hang out with me to alleviate
my boredom. I thought maybe I could laugh some more with
Aunt Kristy, and if nothing else, that would make the
time pass faster. That and maybe some Jack Daniels and
his buddy Coca-Cola.

It was currently 4 pm and my parents were both still at
work. I went outside and did some yard work, mowing the
lawn, trimming the hedges and weed eating. I made it back
inside at 6, shaved and showered and dabbed on the
obligatory cologne and then played some Twisted Metal on
my Playtstation until it was time for me to leave for the

During the drive I had thoughts again of the blondes from
my imagination and of Kylie Ireland and what I’d do with
her if I had a chance. Before I realized it, I was
already at the Pitino Centre where I parked the car in
the back as instructed, then sauntered inside to see what
was going on.

As I entered the building I noticed quite a few people
mingling around one another, most with cigarettes and/or
drinks in hand. Some I recognized as friends of the
family while others were complete strangers to me. I then
spotted my mom, Carolyn, who came over and introduced me
to some men and women who were near her in a semi-circle.
“Alice, Brent, Lucy, this is my son Tristen.”

I nodded to all three and shook the man’s hand. The women
each told mom what a handsome young man I was which
caused me to blush. Something I do easily, which is
uncommon for a 19-year-old guy. I’m about 6 feet tall,
180 with brown hair and brown eyes so I think I’m ok,
certainly not God’s gift to women but on the other hand
I’m not the troll living under a bridge either.

I stood there with my mom for a few minutes and continued
talking with her friends about my future, work and
interests that I had. They seemed like nice people but
talking to them didn’t excite me like it would if I
watched Ron Jeremy fuck some nubile young blonde in the
ass. Sadly, it was another world here for me.

As my mind wandered and I began to count the spots on the
ceiling (I have a short attention span obviously) my aunt
Kristy and uncle Troy came over and each gave me a hug.
“Hey Tristen you’re so big now!” aunt Kristy remarked,
one hand on my shoulder and one holding a bottle of Bud
Ice. Uncle Troy merely reached his forearm around my
shoulder and gave me a man’s man kinda hug, then let go.
“Having a good time Tristen?” uncle Troy stated.

I replied back, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings,
“Great! Just met some of mom’s friends and learning the
fine art of socializing!”

Uncle Troy let out a hearty laugh and shook my shoulder
again. “Good thing, you’ll be doing a lot of that when
you join the Air Force!” he then whispered, “And a woman
in every port!”

As uncle Troy laughed again, aunt Kristy playfully
elbowed him in the ribs. “Troy, that’s our nephew and
he’s not that kind of a man, I’m sure!” Aunt Kristy
laughed then and smiled at me like I were some kind of
angel. She always doted on her own kids and on me as
well. We were all family after all and even jokingly she
wouldn’t let uncle Troy get away with that.

I then noticed that aunt Kristy was happier than she
normally was. Not to say she’s not a happy woman or one
with a sense of humor, she is. But the alcohol seemed to
help her loosen up even more. In all honesty I never had
been around her before when she had been drinking so
didn’t know what to expect but she seemed to be handling
it fine and getting into the swing of her party.

I began to look around the room to see if there were any
good-looking women present but quickly realized there
weren’t any. I went over to the wet bar and grabbed a
bottle of Bud Ice, then sipped it as I made my way around
the room again, attempting to find a cure for my boredom.
As I glanced around I noticed Aunt Kristy’s legs in her
pantyhose and short skirt. They were very shapely from
her years of working out and filled out the hose quite
nicely. But then I quickly got that image out of my head.
This was my aunt after all and I shouldn’t be thinking
about her that way.

I began to think again about Kylie Ireland when uncle
Troy approached. “Hey Tristen!” he said as he sipped on a
beer of his own. “Can you do me a big favor?”

I eyed him carefully not knowing what he’d ask for. I
quickly pictured him asking me to dump a body or
something sinister like that but immediately dismissed
that. I think I had been watching too many Tarantino
flicks lately and needed to lay off. “Sure, uncle Troy,
what do you need?”

He then told me of how he told aunt Kristy how he’d pull
the car around back and take her home in a few minutes
but that he was paged by his buddies and was going to go
to a local bar to spend some time with them. He then said
aunt Kristy was in the bathroom and he didn’t know how
long she’d be, so he’d like me to pull the car around
instead and take her back. I think he just wanted an
excuse to drive my new Trans Am instead of his station
wagon. I’ve seen him eyeballing my car more than once and
figured he’d ask sooner or later. I just didn’t expect
him to be so sneaky about it.

“Your aunt also is really comfortable in our car so how
about we switch keys and you drive the wagon?” he said
hopefully. Bingo! I nodded and sighed heavily. My car was
like my baby but I love my family even more, so handed
uncle Troy the keys and he handed me his in turn. He
smiled, and as he walked away he waved and said, “Don’t
worry I’ll take great care of it and we can trade back

I nodded in agreement, feeling like I had just taken one
up the tailpipe. I slowly strolled out of the building,
looking for aunt Kristy on the way so I could tell her
I’d be driving her back instead of uncle Troy, but there
was no sign of her. I walked outside, down the steps and
found where their car was parked. It was an old 80’s
wagon, a puke green color and rusted badly.

I fumbled with the keys and unlocked the door, then slid
inside. Not only did the interior light not come on, the
whole area where their car was wasn’t under any light
source. I used the indiglo feature on my watch to find
the right key for the ignition, then started the engine
which, unlike my car, didn’t roar. More of a cough and
wheeze if anything. I put it into drive and pulled up by
the stairs. The headlights seemed to be very weak also
and I’d be lucky not to get eyestrain by the time I got
aunt Kristy back home.

I waited and waited for what seemed like an hour, though
in reality maybe 15 minutes or so passed. I saw aunt
Kristy wobble down the steps, the booze having took it’s
toll. She opened the station wagon door and quickly slid
across the seat to me. I turned and before I could say a
word, I felt her lips on mine, her tongue fighting to get
inside my mouth. I opened my mouth to breath and in doing
so, felt hers move against mine.

I could taste beer, vodka, tequila and God knows what
other kinds of alcohol on her breath. I really was in
shock, not knowing if I should be excited or sickened. I
liked how her tongue felt in my mouth but knew this was
my aunt and it was wrong. That’s until she began to suck
on my tongue and run her lips up and down it like she was
milking a cock. She did that as her hands moved on my
legs, then slowly moving to my crotch where she grabbed
my hardening manstick through the material. She let go of
my tongue and sucked my bottom lip playfully, nibbling it
and still rubbing my cock in the darkness of the interior
of the car.

“Aunt Kristy…” I began.

She shrieked in horror and moved to the other side of the
car. “Tristen! What the hell is going on?”

I than explained what happened with uncle Troy and how we
switched cars so I could take her home and he could go
spend time with his buddies.

“Oh my God! Oh my God.. I was making out with my nephew!”
she said in disbelief.

I pulled the car away from the building as she spoke, not
wanting my mom or dad or anyone else seeing that my aunt
and I had been lip to lip. I pulled under some oak trees
and shut off the engine. “Aunt Kristy I am so sorry and
feel terrible. I tried to tell you it was me when you
opened the door but you moved too quickly!” I laughed
gently, even though I could tell she was still in shock.
I could see she had a tear in her eye and I used my hand
to brush it away. “Aunt Kristy, if it’s any consolation,
you’re a great kisser!” I said trying to again lighten
the mood.

She turned to look at me with only some moonlight to
light her face, a few strands of hair hanging down over
her forehead and eyes. “You think so?”, she said, sounded
a bit drunk again. Only moments ago when she found out it
wasn’t uncle Troy it seemed as though sobriety had set
in. “Thanks Tristen, you’re not too bad either.” She
smiled at me and laughed gently. “Your uncle Troy doesn’t
really like to kiss but I do so when I thought you were
he, I wanted to see if he’d do that for me, especially
with it being my birthday and all.”

I reclined back in the seat and said, “I’m sorry he
doesn’t enjoy that Aunt Kristy but I do. We could kiss
some more if you’d like?” Aunt Kristy laughed and said,
“Well it is my birthday but you’re my nephew and it’s
really wrong. However I think if something feels good and
both people are adults, you should do it.”

With that she slid back over to me and wrapped her arms
around my neck, then whispered. “You tell, no one about
this, understand?!? I nodded and then saw her smile in
the glistening moonlight before she opened her mouth
again and slid her tongue inside to meet mine. This time
however, I sucked on her tongue and used my fingertips to
massage the back of her neck. She kissed me back with
fervor, her hands on my chest and shoulders. She broke
the kiss long enough to say, ” I don’t think we should
have sex though, Tristen. Kissing is one thing but that’s
entirely something else.”

With her having said that, I unzipped my pants and pulled
out my throbbing cock. I’ve measured it before and fully
hard it’s a little over 6 inches, though thick like a
sausage. “So you don’t want to suck on this then?” I held
the base of my cock and shook it back and forth. With the
moonlight she had enough illumination to see what I was
doing. “God, how can I resist that?” she seemed to mutter
to herself.

I replied, “I thought you’d see it my way, Aunt Kristy.”
as her head began to descend to my waist.

I watched her head go down to my lap and felt her warm
lips cover the helmet of my cock. She licked the head
around and around, her tongue lapping at it gently but
with a purpose. She reached one hand down to cup my balls
and roll them around in hand’s palm, then lowered her
mouth more around my cock. I hissed a sigh of pleasure
and ran my fingers through her hair as she began to bob
up and down on me. I couldn’t believe that a night that
held as little promise as this one did was turning out so
great. Uncle Troy could borrow my car any damn time he
felt like if I got to sleep with Aunt Kristy in turn.

As her mouth began to glide up and down the length of me
faster I began to see her in the same light as I had
earlier when I looked at her legs. She was a very
attractive woman with pretty red hair, about 5′ 4″ and
105 pounds with green eyes like a cat to boot. Now I saw
her as a sexual object and not my sweet, nice auntie I’ve
known my whole life. I lifted my hips to get more of my
dickstick in her mouth, pumping it side to side as she
licked me.

“Fuck I’m cumming!” I said through gritted teeth. She
continued to suck harder and before I realized it my cum
was squirting onto her tongue, lips and teeth. Aunt
Kristy didn’t waste any time in swallowing my whole load.
I watched as she even cleaned up the head of my cock,
licking the little amounts of cum she had missed before.

She looked up at me and said, “Tristen you taste so good
baby, had I known we’d have done this a long time ago!”
My toes curled as she said that and I pulled her close to
kiss her once again. My tongue found hers and I could
taste a mixture of cum along with beer and other assorted
alcoholic beverages.
I let go of her tongue and said, “Lay on your back Aunt
Kristy, I want to eat you out.”

She rested her head on the car’s armrest and I pushed up
her skirt. I was surprised to see she didn’t have any
panties on and with the moon’s glow I could make out a
thick mass of red pubes.

I opened her thighs and got as comfortable as I could in
the front seat of her wagon. One leg was over my headrest
and the other on the dashboard. I knelt down and began to
run my tongue up and down her thatch of hair, finding her
lips and clit and massaging them with my warm, moist
tongue. Aunt Kristy gasped and pulled my head down, then
bucked her hips while I ate her. “Oh yeah Tristen, you
are such a good little pussy eater!! Lick my clit and
suck on it!!!” I was only too eager and happy to comply.
I sucked on her clit and flicked my tongue against it as
my finger found her asshole.

“No don’t…” but before she could finish I had part of
my finger inside her asshole. “Ahhhhhhh!!” she said as
the tongue and finger worked in unison on her. I felt her
juices ooze out on my tongue, she tasted musky with a
hint of strawberry. I continued to probe her asshole and
put my tongue as deeply inside her as I could, licking in
a 360-degree rotation.

“Oh fuck baby I’m gonna cum!” She screamed at the top of
her lungs.

Thankfully I had parked the car in a remote area with no
one else around except for raccoons and possums. I was in
shock as she came. I’ve never been with a woman who
squirts before but Aunt Kristy did. I opened my mouth as
her hips bucked up and down expecting a little more
wetness but then felt her squirting a copious amount of
cum into my mouth, much as a guy would. I swallowed what
I could, then cleaned her up as she had me, licking her
clit, lips and thighs, then opened her cheeks to expose
her asshole. I even licked it and rimmed her for a few
minutes as she and I lay there in a puddle of own bodily

“Wow Tristen, you could teach uncle Troy a thing or two
about eating pussy that’s for sure! He does it for maybe
2 minutes and then expects me to suck on him again! And
he’s not even that good when he does lick me! Want to be
my own personal pussy licker, Tristen?”

I nodded at my aunt and said, “I’ll be your personal
fuckslave too, how would you like that!?” She grinned at
me as I stroked my now hard again cock and rubbed it up
and down her wet lips. “Yes, fuck me with that big hard
cock of yours baby!! I want you to pound my pussy like
you’ve never done it before, can you do that for me!???”

I replied, “Oh I think I can do that for you, Aunt
Kristy! I’ve never thought about you and I sexually
before tonight but from now on, anytime and anyplace we
can do this, I want us to!” She moaned as I rubbed my
cock up and down her lips, the head teasing the clit and
then going down to rub against her ass.

I stopped teasing her momentarily and slid my cock inside
her. We both exhaled together as I slid inside, inch by
inch. I never would think a 49-year-old woman with two
kids could have such a tight pussy but aunt Kristy did
and I knew I was going to fuck it as much as I could from
now on!

“Oh Tristen, you feel so go inside me baby! Go slow to
begin with, then go a bit faster, ok!?”, she said smiling
and then raked her fingers over my chest. I felt her
hands inside my shirt, rubbing my chest hair as I began
to slowly move in and out of her womanhood. Every time
we’d make that motion I’d hear the suction sound that’s
created as my cock left her opening. She opened her legs
wider for me and I now could get all 6 inches inside
without a problem. I reached between our legs and felt
around my cock and her opening, her vaginal lips were
spread wide to handle the thickness of my cock.

As if reading my mind she said, “Fuck, you are so thick!!
I knew that when I was sucking your cock but didn’t
realize just how big until you put it inside me!! I think
you’re maybe a little thicker than your uncle Troy even
and a much better pussy eater to boot!”

I tried not to laugh and kept moving my hips up and down,
driving my cock deep inside my aunt’s pussy. She raised
her hips up to take me in deeper and deeper and her hands
found my ass, also urging all of me in. “You love being
filled with your nephew’s hard, thick cock, don’t you
Aunt Kristy!?” She mewed like a kitten and nodded her
head a couple of times up and down, slowly replying,
“Yeah Tristen I love your young cock, mmmmmmm this is so

I then moved back, my ass against the door and my right
knee on the seat. My cock was standing rock hard and aunt
Kristy got on her hands and knees, Rocky(D)gy style. I stayed
there in the same position as she now fucked me. Her
pussy pushed back on my cock, then she moved forward for
a few minutes. I liked this position even better as she
felt tighter around me. I reached back down once again
and began to play with her clit as she continued to fuck
me. “Oh baby, play with my clit like that!! Rub it and
use your thumb to move around it in circles!”

I did as instructed and massaged my aunt’s clit with one
hand, the other now holding her hip, impaling her once
again on my rock hard cock. “I’m gonna cum, Tristen! Oh
shit I’m gonna cum all over your hard dick, baby!!” She
screamed loudly as I felt her climax on me, her vaginal
muscles tightening up and her juices coating my cock
again, so much they spilled out of the sides of her hole
with me still inside her. I felt her juices run down my
thighs and legs as she slumped over in the seat, still
rocked from the orgasm.

I continued to thrust away, however and pound her pussy
as she hugged the seat. Her ass was high in the air and
it seemed she had no energy left so I held onto her hips
with both hands and pulled her back onto my cock again
and again. She only moaned and gasped as I worked my cock
from side to side, back and forth and in and out. After
another 15 minutes of this I screamed that I was going to
cum again and released a torrent of my sperm deep inside
her pussy.

She and I embraced yet again for some soft, wet, deep
kisses and hugs in the front seat. “Damn Tristen, you are
one hell of a lover! And who would have thought I’d get
that lovin’ from my little sister’s son of all people!?
She cuddled me as we drove back to her house. When we
arrived, there was still no sign of uncle Troy to be
found. “This was by far, the best damn birthday present
I’ve ever had!” she said with a chuckle.

“We’ll have to do this again real soon! Your uncle Troy
is gone more often than not and I have needs to be met.
And even though you’re my nephew I can’t think of a
better man for the job.” She leaned over and gave me one
last soft wet kiss before I drove off to my home.

As for my car, I got it back the next day as promised
with uncle Troy being none the wiser. The Air Force I put
off until I was 22 so aunt Kristy and I could fuck like
rabbits whenever the urge hit us. One of our most
memorable times together, though, was when we seduced the
Avon Lady. That’s a story for another day, however.

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