Bambi’s Stake Out

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Last Summer my husband and I joined three other couples on a camping trip into the Ochoco National Forest near Prineville, OR. The couples are a close-knit group of distant family and friends. My husband Chip had been on the phone for months planning the trip with our group. There seemed to be a lot discussed between the boys that the wives weren’t a part of and I just put it down to the male pack mentality.
The actual trip into the National Forest was beautiful. Gorgeous scenery, fresh clean water and air you could safely breathe. For three days we ate and drank and fished without seeing another human being. The boys got along together with perfect team work and the girls, well, we are best girlfriends, what can I say.
One night around the campfire the talk turned to a game called Stake Out. The object of the exercise was to find and free a hostage being held prisoner in the woods. It was agreed that the girls would be the captives and the guys the trackers. Whichever of them retrieved the most hostages would be declared the winner.
In the morning the men slipped out of camp one at a time with their wives. When they returned, all four wives were hidden in the woods.
Chip has a lot of experience in the bush and I followed him dutifully through the tall pines and over giant rocks until we came to a small clearing near a stream. The ground was soft and warm from the summer heat. He spread our blanket and told me to lay down. That’s when I realized why they call it Stake Out. He tied my hands and feet to stakes set at the corners. From somewhere in his pack he pulled out a blindfold and tied it securely over my eyes. I didn’t want to be a poor sport and ruin the game, but I was feeling apprehensive about being left alone and unprotected. I pleaded with him to at least take off the blindfold. When there was no answer, I knew that he was already gone.
It was probably not more than twenty minutes, although it seemed much longer, before I heard a twig snap nearby. “Chip? Is that you Chip?” I called out. He didn’t answer, but I was sure it was him. Relief that he was back washed over me like a soothing balm. He was playing one of his tricks by not answering. When I felt his hand on my breast I giggled and teased him. The buttons on my blouse gave way one at a time. I laughed and pleaded with him to stop and let me up. Sunlight warmed my bare breasts and belly and I could feel my nipples harden with his touch. “Don’t be such a ass, I chided good naturedly. Untie me and I’ll fuck your brains out if that’s what you want.” Still he wouldn’t answer. His fingers played at the sides of my breasts making them jiggle and wobble as if he’d never seen them before. It felt strange when he sucked them, like it was the first time a boy ever really felt me up. His teeth captured each tender button, stretching it out with little nips and bites. I’d never felt his teeth on my nipples before. With my arms tied back, they felt so unprotected. It made me squirm and whimper with apprehension, though it didn’t hurt at all. A single dome held the waistband of my denim shorts and the zipper front made them easy to open. He did it so slowly, I found myself holding my breath. His hand found my panties. A pause to check my flat belly was only long enough to let me anticipate what was surely next. I had no doubt that he was going to fuck me right there while I was tied up. There was nothing I could do about it, and the thought sent a waves of expectation through my belly. The man I loved was going to have his way with me, and it made me feel wonderfully vulnerable to have no choice in the matter. The shorts wouldn’t come down with my legs so wide apart so he untied one ankle momentarily while he dragged them off of me. Chip had seen me out of my clothes a zillion times, but this time I felt more exposed than ever before. I thought of the way I must look to him, spread-eagled and naked except for my thong underpants. My wetness had seeped through, soaking the crotch. I felt like such a slut for letting my hunger for him be so obvious. I expected him to kid me, the way he always did, about having such a wet pussy. But he didn’t.
Something cold grazed my belly and I realized he was cutting my thong off with his hunting knife. It made me shudder to be so bare and unshielded. The shreds of my panties hung in tatters, fluttering from the waistband, tantalizing my unprotected belly and emphasizing its nakedness.
Chip’s finger traced a line through the lips of my bald shaved pussy, opening the slacChiped
lips like window drapes. I could feel my belly moving even before there was penetration. A long tortured sigh from deep in my chest made me aware of how much I wanted Chip right then. His probing finger was driving me insane. When it was joined by a second I strained against my bonds to envelope both of them fully. I yearned to have the tips brush across my throbbing clit in the way he knew I liked, but he avoided it.
Chip’s wet fingers moved over my face painting my mouth and nostrils with my own libidinous lubricant. They invaded my mouth and I sucked them hungrily, reveling in the debauchery of my own taste and smell. Between breaths I begged him to fuck me. Every four letter word that I knew would turn him on, rolled off my tongue as I offered him my pussy, my mouth and my undefiled ass for his pleasure.
He took them in that order. His cock felt strange and wonderful pummeling my insides with powerful strokes. Each thrust whisked his wiry pubic hair over my stiffened clit, driving me mad with lust. On every retreat I squeezed his cock hard with my silChip tunnel, milking for his essence to splash my insides.
My own climax was imminent and the beginning of his pushed me over. Gasping and writhing like a mad woman, I came like a street whore, wailing obscenities, and savoring the sounds of his tortured breath as he propelled his seed deep into my belly. I swore my adoration for his cock and promised to lick his balls in gratitude for such a glorious fuck.
He was still stiff when he straddled my chest and rested his soggy member on my cheek. I couldn’t believe he was still horny after the ride we’d just had. For a moment I babbled to him, making lewd chatter while I regained my strength. He loved me to talk dirty to him. His cock literally jumped when I described how good it had felt in my pussy and how jealous the other three women would be if they knew what he was doing to me.
I told him how I loved to suck cock and how much I wanted to taste his come. I desperately wanted to hold his swollen prick and guide it into my mouth. But he wouldn’t untie the ropes. He always called me his sweet cocksucker when we were alone. I wanted to hear him say it for me again. But he didn’t speak.
He moved up on me and raised my head with his hands. My tongue reached out to lave the familiar smooth head the way I knew he liked. But he didn’t pause and let me do it the way he usually did.
It was in my mouth before I realized that something was wrong. Chip’s dick was circumcised. Whoever I was sucking had a foreskin. Strong hands clamped the sides of my head holding it in position as he sawed in and out. I had no idea who I was sucking and now I had the fear of getting caught. I felt desperate to get it over before Chip came back and found us. My cheeks hollowed as I drew on his cock. It was fatter than Chip’s and a little longer. The taste of my cunt clung to it, flailing me with the memory that I’d fucked him as well. That made me redouble my efforts to draw out his seed and send him on his way. I sucked hard and my tongue swirled over the hooded knob each time he drew back. His forward pushes filled my mouth with his mystery cock. He wanted to hear me gag on his size, but I knew if I swallowed at the same time I wouldn’t choke. His jism came in spurts that quickly filled my mouth. I swallowed it down in gulps until he pulled out and let the rest of his come splash onto my face and lips.
The third part of my promise was yet to be collected. Chip wasn’t into anal sex so I had felt safe in offering it. But the unseen cock that had plundered my mouth and pussy had no such hang ups. He moistened his finger in my juices and pushed it deep in my anus. It was tight from never being used and he fucked the digit in and out to stretch the passage. At first I clamped my cheeks together trying to expel the invader and expecting it to hurt. But the sensations were pleasant and I began to relax. He used his other thumb to massage my clit and before long I was panting and longing for his cock. “Fuck me,” I heard myself whisper. From far away my words implored him to “Fuck my ass”.
At the last second I panicked, feeling the pressure on my nether ring and fearing that he would be too big. ” No! Not my bum!” I pleaded, but it was too late. He was already inside of me, and filling me up like never before. It felt lewd and decadent. A bawdy excess when, centimeters above, my wet cunt waited empty and ignored.
His hands squeezed my tits as he continued to move inside of me. “Oh, ohhhhhh … you’re fucking my bumm…” I heard myself mewling in disbelief. My hips were rolling to the limit the ropes would allow. Poking stiff between my pussy lips, my neglected clit was craving attention. “Play with my pussy …” I begged, and his thumb began to strum in the way he had before. I was coming again and I didn’t care who was screwing me or how. There were loud gasps between my rapturous screams and he was coming too.
My chest heaved from the exertion as he rolled off and lay beside me. I had never been so thoroughly fucked in my life. I couldn’t even close my legs and show some modesty. I was feeling very tired. I may have dozed.
When I stirred, the stake that held my left hand was loose and I was able to reach to the right and untie myself. The cool water of the stream refreshed me and I washed all over. I pulled on my shorts, did up the buttons on my blouse and waited on the blanket for someone to come and get me.
It was Chip who finally did, and he seemed pleased that I was untied. We made our way back to camp without saying very much. I asked Chip about the, game and he didn’t seem to want to talk about it. Neither did anyone else. The guys went off to gather wood and the girls pitched in to make supper. Only the chafed red circles around our wrists and ankles even hinted that we’d played the game. And the four pairs of tattered panties that found their way into the fire that night.
Oh that was exiting.

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