Bigger New Toys

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“I’m coming over,” I tell you, purring into the phone. “I’ve done a little shopping. Be ready for me when I get there.”
“What did you buy?” you ask me eagerly, “And what do you mean by ‘ready’?”
I laugh, not cruelly but coolly enough that I don’t reveal that I am nearly as excited as you. “Patience. Some new toys for us to play with. You’ll see when I get there. And ‘ready’ means whatever you think it means.” Secretly I know that you cannot possibly know what I have in store for you, nor be prepared for it, although I am sure it is your deepest desire.
You greet me at the door in your robe and silk boxers, handing me a glass of dark red wine. “I was so horny waiting for you I made myself cum once already, so I’ll last longer for you,” you announce proudly, like a child with a good report card from school, practically bouncing. I cannot help but smile at your enthusiasm, cannot resist the urge to pat you on the head.
“What a good boy!” I play along. “You deserve a special treat then.” I reach into your robe, grasping your softened cock through the silk, give it a little squeeze and feel it stir as I kiss you.
Your eyes are on my shopping bag as we move into the lounge and I gesture for you to sit. I place the bag on the coffee table and slowly lay out my purchases.
A pair of latex gloves.
A clear squeeze bottle of lubricant.
One small ‘bullet’ vibrator, scarcely bigger than a finger.
Another one, slightly larger, with small bumps and ridges along the shaft.
A dildo, largest of the three, not so large as to be intimidating, with a wide base.
Finally, a black leather strap harness.
I watch your face as your eyes travel along the items at the table. You say nothing for a few moments and I see your ears and cheeks turning pink. You open your mouth and look up at me. “I…I don’t think…it’s…”
“Sshh,” I say softly, sitting next to you, a finger to your lips. As I kiss you my hand moves down to your lap. As I suspected, your hardness contradicts your attempt at protest. I know you want this and so do you. I stand up and begin unbuttoning my blouse, revealing the shiny red vinyl corset I have taken time to change into before coming. “If you’re just not interested, I can always leave,” I shrug coyly, knowing I am not going anywhere.
You smile sheepishly and reach out, running your hand up my thigh under my skirt, finding my pussy completely uncovered and wet. Thinking all afternoon of how I was going to violate your sweet ass has had me in a state of mental ecstasy since my lunch hour shopping trip in Soho. As you remove your hand I step out of my skirt, then straddle your lap. I push aside the folds of your robe so that my cunt presses against your now fully hardened cock, the silk of the boxers dampening between us. I rub my clit gently against them, creating that lovely friction as you kiss me fiercely, hungrily, your hands clutching my ass firmly. “So what do you say, baby?” I whisper, nuzzling your ear. “Am I staying or going?”
“Staying.” Your voice is quiet but certain. “You are most definitely staying.”
I smile. “I thought as much.”
I stand and take your hand, grabbing a cushion from the sofa, tossing it onto the rug and leading you over. I untie your robe and toss it aside, then crouch as I slide your boxers down your legs. Your gorgeous cock bobs in my face, and I can’t help but curl my fingers around it and give the tip a small kiss. I motion you down to the floor. I can tell that although you are excited, you are also nervous. Well, it’s hard for a straight guy to reconcile himself to the fact that what he really really wants is to get fucked in the ass, I suppose. “It’s really important that you be as relaxed as possible,” I say,” so I want you to lay comfortably and I’m just going to rub your back a bit first, okay?”
You nod, rolling onto your stomach and resting your head on the cushion. I take my time as I knead your shoulders, biceps, and neck, work my way down to your lats, hearing your small murmurs of ease muffled slightly by the cushion. My palms and fingers continue along your spine to your lower back as I lean forward to plant small kisses along the trail. As I get lower my hands begin to caress and squeeze your buttocks, and I let my tongue play teasingly at the top of your crack. I hear your small groan and I gently pry your cheeks apart, letting my tongue slip down further to just graze across your tight puckered hole. A louder groan this time as I feel your whole body stiffen slightly, then relax again. I nip one of your cheeks playfully, then probe you with my tongue a bit more firmly. I hear your short gasp.
“Come up on your knees for me,” I command firmly but tenderly, rubbing over your back lightly with one hand as you do so. You are so fully exposed to me now, so vulnerable. It is exciting. I have an urge suddenly to bite you, force myself upon you, treat you a bit roughly, but it passes. Another time, when this is more familiar territory. For now I just want to please you, to show your body a new kind of pleasure you only dared think possible in your most private thoughts.
I flick my tongue across your upturned asshole a few more times, then let one of my thumbs lazily circle it as I reach for the gloves with my other hand. As I slide one on I snap it loudly for effect. Your lift your head and turn your face to me, your expression a mix of anticipation, lust and fear. “Hey, you’ve had my finger up your bum before, why so worried?” I ask, grinning.
“This is different.” A hoarse whisper.
I lay down for a moment, my face close to yours. “Yes. It’s different and it’s a little scary and it’s fantastic. And it’s also going to hurt a little bit, but in the best possible way, because it’s going to feel so good and it’s so bad all at the same time and it’s worth it,” I tell you honestly and encouragingly. Your eyes shine; I have your trust.
I come back up to my knees behind you and open the bottle of lube, holding the opening at the top of your crack and watching a few drops roll tantalizingly down. I smear them around a bit with a fingertip, then press slowly and consistently against your sphincter. It slides into the ring fairly easily and I start to move it in and out slowly as I hear your breath quicken, “aaah,aaah,aaah.” With my free hand I reach for the smaller vibrator and turn it on. These little ones are small but powerful and can vibrate pretty intensely. I start it at a lower speed and press the tip to your perineum, just below my finger sliding in and out of you, feeling your body jerk as the vibes hit you and your ass contracts for a second around my finger with the sensation. “Like that?” I coo. You just nod, your face pressed to the cushion. “Good,” I assure you, “it’s going to keep getting better.”
I remove my finger, turn the bullet up a notch or two and bring the tip of it to your anus, leaving it for a few seconds, taking it away, leaving it, taking it away. You moan and your hips push back involuntarily each time I move it. I torment you like this for a few moments, working you into a state of desperation. Your cock is drooling precum on the rug below your belly. I finally decide you are ready and increase the vibrations to maximum and sink it into your hole in one easy stroke. A stifled gasp from the cushion. Instead of sliding it in and out of you, I use a few fingers to guide the exposed end of the vibrator in a circle, letting the vibrations do their job. I keep this going for a few minutes, allowing you to enjoy the sensations.
I notice your hand moving down to stroke your cock and pull your wrist away. “No. Not yet.” I take the small vibrator out of your quivering ass and apply a little more lube. This time I work two fingers into you, slowly but surely. You start to sweat and small grunts come from your throat as the rings of muscle stretch to accommodate them. I cup and squeeze your balls gently while my fingers churn in and out of your expanding asshole. Quickly I pull out my fingers and replace them with the second vibrator, easing it in carefully as you wail into the cushion and push your hips back against my hand. I chuckle. “Look at you now, you little butt slut!” I tease, not harshly, turning the ring on the toy to start the vibrations. Your response is a muted whimper. I start working the shaft slowly and deliberately in and out of you, imagining how utterly delectable those bumps and ridges feel as they slip and slide over those most sensitive folds of delicate tissue. My pace increases and I ream you faster, faster, savoring your long low moans as my hand pumps the thing into you wildly. Again your hand reaches for your cock and I slap it away. I am afraid if I let you touch yourself now you will cum too quickly, despite your earlier activity.
“Please,” you beg breathlessly, “pleeeease…” I ignore this and keep plunging the vibrator into you a while longer as your pleas turn again to moans, then abruptly withdraw it. “Noooo!” I hear you wail into the cushion. Your hips buck at the sudden emptiness, your reddened, grasping hole abandoned.
“You want more, don’t you,” I purr, running my fingertip oh-so-lightly up and down along your crack, pausing occasionally to push just the very tip into you and out again. Your response is muffled. “I can’t hear you baby, what was that?”
“Yes.” You turn your head to the side, your face flushed and sweating. “Please, yes, I want more.”
I reach for the dildo and harness. “What is it you want more of?”
You watch me as I slip the dildo into the harness. “You know.”
I smile and pull the glove off, then begin to fasten the harness on myself. “Yes, I do know. But I want to hear you say it.”
“I … I want…”
The strap that passes between my lags has a shortish but thick built-in shaft that you watch me push up into myself as I secure the strap. I hold the protruding dildo in my hand; its weight and solidity feel good and the small knobs of rubber on the strap pressing against my clit give me a shiver. “Want what?”
“I want…you…to…fuck…my ass,” you finally stammer, very quietly.
I move again to kneel behind you and start smearing a handful of lube on the latex dong. “Say it louder.”
“I want you to fuck my ass,” you say, with much more conviction.
I rest the oiled pole between your cheeks. “Don’t you think you ought to say please?” I push the end down, pressure against your tense and ready hole.
“Oh my god, please, OH!” you gasp as the head suddenly slides in beyond the first ring of muscle, stretching it to its furthest yet.
I pull back out, “Please what?”
“Please oh god,” you beg, “please fuck my ass!”
Well how can I refuse such a polite request?
I press the head back in, stretching you again, feeling it press into the second ring of muscle as you groan and sob. As the second ring yields to the pressure and expands to accommodate the girth, I am sorry that in this position I can’t see the look on your face at this moment, this moment of both agony and ecstasy, piercing pain, pure pleasure that I know you are caught in. I sink the full length of it into you. It isn’t huge but I know it feels immense to you. The rod inside me and the bumps against my clit work me further into a reverie as I slowly pump my hips back and forth, pulling out almost to the tip and then easing back in, listening to the guttural animal noises escaping your throat. I pull back and apply more lube to your asshole as it strains around the dildo and then start slamming into you more aggressively. My hand reaches under you grasp your throbbing cock and you roar. I pump it as I fuck your tight ass, squeezing the base each time the probe pushes into the deepest point. Your body is shaking and I know you are close to the edge. My cunt is creaming, grinding into you and I feel my own orgasm rising through my body.
Your howls and grunts spur me into it as I thrust into you with all my strength. I realize that some of the moans are now my own as I cum in delicious, powerful waves. I feel your meat twitching in my hands and listen to your wails and sighs as you spurt thick gobs of cum into my cupped palm, some shooting past it to the carpet below. You cum for what seems like ages. I lean forward, pull your head back gently by the hair with one hand and bring the other cum-filled one to your mouth. You lap at it greedily and suck my fingers clean one by one.
Slowly, slowly, I ease back. The head of the dildo makes a soft wet popping noise as I tug it gently out past the raw, tight ring. You groan at feeling the emptiness once again and collapse to your side, exhausted.
I extricate myself from the harness and lay down beside you, smiling at your glazed, dazed, satisfied expression. I brush my hand through your hair and you manage to find strength to throw an arm over me, pull me closer to you. I taste your cum in your kiss.
“Thank you,” you murmur gratefully.
“You’re welcome,” I whisper back, kissing you again. I am always happy to please you.

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