Birthday Present

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My 40th birthday was coming up, and Lauren, my wife, told me that she was going to book us on a 7 night cruise through the Western Caribbean, with stops at Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. Sounded great, sailing a tropical sea, and having a sexy blonde wife of 39, who still looks as hot as she did at 19. With her mane of long blonde hair, deep sea blue eyes, a classic 36-24-36 shape, and a gorgeous ass that almost no man can resist a second look over once he gets a first look, I knew I was lucky, and I was revved up.
The second day at sea, I awoke to the feel of my cock being stuffed into a hot, wet mouth. I opened my eyes to see my sexy naked wife swallowing my cock, she looked up at me, and smiled.
Releasing my cock for a moment, she cooed “Good morning, and Happy Birthday honey, I thought this would be a good way to waken you up.”
I manoeuvred her around so I could 69 her. She was happy to position her coral pink opening over me. I slid my fingers through the soft blonde hair of her neatly trimmed mound, slipping my fingers through her lips, I opened them up to let my tongue slide inside. My tongue darted in and out, tasting her sweet essence, I then slid two fingers in, finger-fucking her as I zeroed in on her clit, licking and running my tongue around her joy button, until she cried out with pleasure.
“Oh yeah, right there, lick me, make me cum baby, yes, cumming, yes, yes, oh YEAH!” she grunted.
I could feel her body shaking, her cunt convulsed, she squealed with joy, her orgasm washing over her in a wave of pleasure as her pussy spasmed around my two fingers. Her mouth went back to working on my prick, I could feel the grip of her lips milking at me, and I was almost ready to blow when she stopped, and hopped off the bed. She grinned as she told me that my present was for tonight, and she thought I would enjoy it more if I were in a state of constant horniness today.
As the ship was at sea, we spent most of the day by the pool. Lauren put on her skimpiest bikini, the one that she usually wears only in the privacy of our back yard. The bottom barely covers half her ass, a thin ribbon across each hip connects the front, which also just barely covers her mound, and her breasts are a voyeur’s delight when she wears the top, two half size cups contain her breasts, just barely. She paraded around boldly at the pool, flaunting her body, causing all the male heads to turn her way, eyeing her body hungrily. I spent most of the time on my stomach to hide my swollen cock.
Dressing for dinner, Lauren put on her black minidress, and a black thong panty. Her large breasts she left braless, and at our dinner table that night, all the men had something to feast their eyes on.
After dinner, and we returned to our cabin, and my wife told me that my birthday present was ready. She told me to strip, and when I was naked, she led me to our bed, told me to lay down, and she put a blindfold over my eyes. I felt my arms being lifted, then I was tied to the bed.
She said, “Now honey, I am going to strip off my thong, and go up on deck, and flash my bare pussy to as many men as I feel like. I’ll let a good looking guy pick me up, take me to the lounge and dance with me, real slow so he can feel me up. Then, I’m going to come back here, and I want you to lick my cunt the very best that you can. If I feel like you’re not doing a good enough job, I’ll go back to the lounge, and let the guy take me to his cabin, so he can lick my cunt, and fuck my ass off. Imagine the idea of your wife, stretched out in heat, while some guy drives his cock into me, over and over, fucking my cunt like a piston, having some strange man pump his seed deep inside my cunt, grunting as he blows his load, mixing with my howls of pleasure. When he’s blown his load deep inside me, I’ll come back, I will sit on your face, and make you suck his hot cum out of my just fucked cunt. And if you don’t do a good job of that, I’ll leave you tied up all night. I will go back to his cabin, and stay the night. I’ll give him all of my holes to fuck, I’ll suck his cock, let him fuck my pussy and then my ass, as many times as he can get it up. Then, I’ll come back, and you’ll have to be satisfied with just sloppy seconds.”
With that, I heard the stateroom door open and close as she left. I was almost in shock, this was turning out to be a weird birthday present. I thought of the idea of Lauren, her body in the grip of passion, writhing beneath the body of some hunky gentleman, pinned to the bed by his stiff, eager cock, shrieking with pleasure as his cock exploded inside her tight, gripping box. That drove my cock up, and gave me a raging hard-on. Thinking about her giving all her tight, hot holes to some random passenger, man, would he be in for a treat. Not on my birthday did I want that to happen, when she got back, I was going to give her the lick job of a lifetime.
After an hour gone by, I was getting concerned, then I heard the stateroom door open and close, and I sensed her move over, standing next to the bed.
“Ok baby”, I growled, “Now, I’m going to give you the best lick job you ever had. Sit on my face, and let me suck out all your hot juices!”
I could hear the rustle of clothes as she discarded her dress, then I felt her climbing into position. I smelled the lusty heat as she lowered herself, and my tongue slid in for a taste, meeting a pussy thickly covered with a lustrous pelt of pubic hair, not Lauren’s neatly trimmed muff.
My heart was hammering, I felt like I was going to pass out. What was going on, was I hallucinating? Was it all a dream? I felt her body stretch out, I could feel her stiff nipples pressing against me as she positioned herself in a 69, and took my cock into her mouth. The feel of soft lips, and a hot wet mouth surrounding my cock made me relax a bit, and I decided to try and figure it out later. She pushed her pussy tightly against my mouth, and I resumed my oral ministrations, and noticed the differences as I cued in more on the tactile sensations with my eyes covered. The feel of her pubic pelt against my face, the delicious scent of her pussy, the feel of her skin against mine. I could hear her breathing start to pick up.
Releasing my cock, she whispered huskily, “Make me cum, your tongue feels so good, there, oh god yes, lick me right there!”
With that kind of encouragement, I was happy to do so, licking her to a noisy, gushing release, her squeals of pleasure filling the room, flooding my face with a load of tangy juices. I told her to suck my cock and make me cum.
She whispered back, “My wife made me promise to only suck your cock until you came, but your cock is too good to pass up, and if you won’t tell her that I fucked you, neither will I!”
I was happy to agree to that, and she squatted over me, I could feel her hands sliding up and down on me, then holding my cock at the right level, poised at her entrance. She slid down, and I could feel my cock penetrate her, sliding into a slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat. I groaned as she pushed down hard, impaling her fiery pleasure box, taking me as far up her as I could go.
“Fuck, oh yes, feels so good, no way could a woman pass up such a hard, eager cock, fuck it feels so good, fuck me baby, fuck me!” she grunted.
She lifted up, then slammed back down again, and set the rhythm, as she rode my prick, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on me again and again. The room was filled with the juicy squelching sound of her pussy ramming up and down, I could feel her pouring juices washing over my twitching cock. The tightness of her inner velvet was exquisite, her pussy was a gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at my throbbing shaft, demanding every drop I had. As she let out a howl of pleasure, I felt her body shuddering in climax, and I groaned from pure pleasure as I reached my peak, and with her pussy clamped tightly around my aching prick, spasming wildly, I exploded, my cock squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel. After having Lauren build me up during the day, I had a lot to get off my mind, and my cock. I could feel the squirting over and over, streams of my hot seed pouring into her, the eager, tight grip, and the delicious milking spams worked my throbbing cock greedily, draining my balls deep into her inner depths, sucking every last drop out of my cock. She lay forward against me, resting for a few minutes until my cock started to soften, and she climbed off me.
I asked her who she was, and she said, “I’m one of the passengers. You don’t know who I am, and I’m not going to tell you. But, I know who you are, so every time you see an attractive female passenger, you’ll wonder if she is the one that rode your prick, and gave you a birthday fuck. It felt great to feel your hard stiff cock exploding and squirting wildly inside me, your really filled me up with a huge load of hot cum! I had a great time, you are one hot fuck. Happy birthday!”
She gave me a kiss, and I heard her leave. I suddenly felt a hand removing the blindfold, to see Lauren sitting in a chair right next to the side of the bed, 2 lighted candles bathing the scene in a golden glow. She was totally nude, grinning broadly as she released my arms, she’d been in the room all the time, not more than 3 feet away, and had set up everything, so she could watch me enjoying my birthday with a hot birthday fuck with another woman.
She giggled, “So honey, how did you like your birthday present?”
I said, a note of awe in my voice, “Baby, you are amazing.”
“And horny, watching you fuck another woman made me hot! I wanna suck all the juices off your cock, I want to taste the other woman on your prick, then I want you to pound my pussy, and explode another steamy load, this time, fill up my horny cunt, I want your wet, juicy spray deep inside me.”
Lauren jumped on the bed, and swallowed my cock, stuffing all 8 inches into her mouth. She clamped her lips around me, and bobbed her head up and down. She stopped for a minute.
“Oh fuck, the taste of your spunk and her juices all mixed together is beyond delicious! I wish she was still here, so I could suck every drop of your load out of her tasty pussy! Fuck, I love it!”
She resumed, sucking my cock wildly, and I could feel my cock reviving, growing back up, knowing that I was going to be buried in my wife’s needy, greedy cunt got me back up, until my 8 inches stood up again, hard and ready.
Lauren growled, “Yeah, oh fuck yeah. Give it to me Rocky(D)gy style baby, fuck me from behind, and give me all you got!”
Lauren cocked her ass up, and she slid two fingers down, parting her tight lips. I could see her luscious inner pinkness, slick with her juices, her cunt so ready for fucking. The sight gave me a raging hard-on, I mounted her, penetrating her from behind, powering my bloated, steel hard cock as far up her tight, burning cunt as I could. She squealed with pleasure as my swollen cock opened her up. I gripped her hips tightly, grunting out, “Oh Fuck, yeah!” as I powered my cock deep up her, the feel of Lauren’s fiery well of pleasure wrapping around my hard cock, hearing her grunt of pleasure as I pushed in right to the hilt.
“Yeah, give it to me!”, Lauren cooed, “Fuck, it feels so damn good! Let me have it all, sweetie! Fuck me good, and shoot your hot load deep inside me! I wanna feel you squirt, I want to feel the throbbing of your hot prick as you explode your load deep inside me, fuck me, fuck my ass off!”
Fired up by her excitement, I was happy to oblige. Gripping her hips tightly, I plunged into her again and again, going right to the balls. She was grunting passionately as I power fucked her, plowing her most inviting furrow. The steamy heat wrapped snugly around my cock kept me steel hard as I gave her a Rocky(D)gy style power fucking, slamming deep into her, driving deep up her quivering cunt, again and again. The wet squelch of her juicy pussy being pounded, and her sounds of joy and delight urged me on, my grunts of passion joined hers, I could feel the cum building, I knew I was gonna cum massively. I could feel my nut sac cinch up tight, my balls locked into firing position, I could feel my cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency. My cock-head, which had been touching her cervix, now pierced it, she let out a cry of pleasure as my cock forced its way into her very womb. That took me over the edge.
“Yeah, let it go, sweetie, let me have it! Shoot off that thick load, flood me with that thick juicy load of spunk you have for me, sweetie, fill my womb, cum in me, cum in me NOW!” Lauren gasped.
With a roar of pleasure, I let it go, my cock buried deep up her tight cunt, pulsing wildly, erupting in her, filling up her womb with a sizzling load. As my pulsing cock filled her, she howled with pleasure as her cunt wrenched wildly, her orgasm tearing into her, making her body shake like a leaf in a storm. I could feel my cock, spurting out thick ropes of cum deep inside her, splattering her insides as her pussy, wrapped tightly around my shaft, spasmed wildly, sucking every drop out of me.
As our orgasms ebbed, we flopped down in a sweaty, satisfied heap. Wow, what a birthday present, it sure beat cake and ice cream.
It was our last day at sea, we were due to dock early the next morning. Lauren and I had been fucking up a storm after my birthday, the remembered feel of the unknown female passenger’s hot lips and mouth surrounding my cock, then the feel of her snug, tight cunt impaling herself, taking me in, the heat and the tightness milking my cock, until I blew a thick load up her tight passage, giving me my “zipless fuck” birthday present, and with Lauren eager to tell me about how hot it was to watch me fucking someone else, brought me up hard and ready every time, and Lauren was happy to use her tight cunt and her hot mouth to milk my lust, and take in all the thick spunk I could produce.
At dinner that night, I noticed several female passengers looking at me, and I wondered if one of them had been my birthday present fuck?
After dinner, we went to one of the ship’s lounges, and we danced to the nice, slow tunes they played, Lauren could keep her body pressed tightly against me, smiling as she felt my hard cock against her.
“Let’s go back to our cabin, I have a treat for you”, she whispered in my ear.
I was happy to slip away to someplace more private, and we entered out cabin, and Lauren pulled me into our sleeping area, where a completely nude, sultry redhead, whose body could have been a twin of my wife’s sexy form, with a long flowing mane of red hair, a thick tuft of red pubic curls, jade green eyes and an inviting smile, awaited us.
“Sweetheart, meet your birthday present, Kendra Merkit, Kendra, this is my husband, I think you remember his cock!” my wife giggled.
“Yes, I do remember, so nice to meet you again”, she purred, indeed, that was the voice that I heard on my birthday night, I could feel my cock tenting up again.
Lauren explained, “After Kendra gave you your hot birthday ride, and we were going at it, remember when I was sucking your cock, how I said that the taste of your spunk and her juices all mixed together was beyond delicious, and how I wished she was still here, so I could suck every drop of your load out of her tasty pussy? Well, the idea stayed with me, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I want to watch you fuck Kendra again, while I watch, then when you blow your load, I’m going to suck every drop out of Kendra’s tasty pussy! This will be the first bi experience I’ve ever had!”
Kendra added, “Your wife is a very sexy woman, and since I’m bi and love the feel of another woman, especially one as sexy as Lauren, I’d love to have her suck your load out of me. After our night, when I got to my cabin and could feel all the cum you shot into me deep inside, I wished that I had a sexy woman to suck it all out of me. That gave me a torrid solo session, I felt like I was shaking apart as I hit orgasm. When she came to me yesterday, and asked if I would be interested, I jumped at the chance, and she gave me a spare key, and told me to let myself in, and greet you like this!”
Lauren quickly pulled off her clothes, and my mind was a whirl with the sight of two very hot ladies, a natural blonde and a natural red head, I quickly shed my clothes, and we joined Kendra on the bed.
“Kendra, lay back, let us lick you first,” Lauren cooed.
She lay back, smiling, spreading her legs for us, and we could see the thick red lustrous pubic pelt part right down the middle, and her coral pink interior glistening, eager for our tongues. My wife urged me on, and I was happy to apply my tongue, and lick up and down the syrupy lips, Kendra moaned and urged me on.
“Yes, oh yes, lick me there, right there, god I love to be licked”, she whispered.
I dipped my tongue inside, tasting the musky juices, the taste driving my cock to steel hardness, I pulled back, and let Lauren take over. Lauren dove in, her tongue ranging all over Kendra’s drooling entrance, Kendra was starting to gasp, as Lauren pulled back, and motioned me in. I quickly picked up where Lauren had been, surrounding Kendra’s hard bump, Lauren slid two fingers in, and worked over her steaming inner heat. Just before Kendra exploded, I pulled back, barely missing a beat, Lauren took over, and Kendra’s body began to buck.
“Yes, oh fuck yes, I’m gonna cum, yes, yes, I’m cumming, YES!”
Her voice rose to a howl of pleasure as she climaxed, and I could see her pussy squirting, spraying down Lauren’s sexy face. Lauren held her face right there, I could see a look of pure sexual bliss as Kendra gave Lauren a juicy facial, it made my cock ache to see Lauren’s face being covered, mouthing all the squirts that splattered against her lips.
Lauren rose up, her face dripping and growled at me, “Now, fuck her, fuck Kendra’s sexy cunt, ride her until you can’t take it anymore, than blow the biggest load up Kendra’s sexy pussy, fill her tight folds with your spunk, then watch me suck it all out! Do it, NOW!”
Lauren’s command, and Kendra’s sexy smiling face, her thighs spread wide for me, her syrupy lips, upthrust and ready for me, spurred me on. Between Kendra’s sexy thighs, I penetrated her steamy, juicy entrance, our grunts of pleasure mingled as I felt the furnace of heated juices clamp tightly around my cock, and my steel hardness parted the walls of her fiery fuck-hole, going deep, burying my cock right to the balls. I paused momentarily, to savor the heat of Kendra’s inner fire wrapped around me, I looked to the left, saw Lauren watching us, her face flushed, her breathing deep, she was gently rubbing at her pussy, as she watched our bodies joined in a collusion of hot, implacable lust. I pulled back, and started a rhythm going, Kendra pulled my face to hers.
“Kiss me, give me deep, slow, tongue kisses, I love being kissed when I’m being fucked!”, Kendra cooed.
Our lips joined, and my senses sizzled as our mouths came together in tongue filled swirls of passion, my cock starting to sizzle, the cum quickly reaching the boiling point. Lauren had moved to look between our thighs, so she could see my cock sliding in and out of Kendra’s wet heat, then I suddenly felt Lauren’s hands cup my balls.
Lauren growled huskily, “Every drop, every drop baby, give Kendra every drop, so I can suck it all out, do it baby!”
Riding that sexy form, my sexy wife watching us as we fucked wildly, the feel of Kendra’s slithery tongue and hot panting breath in my mouth pushed me to the peak, the feel of my wife cupping my balls gave me the final push, and my cock jerked, swelling up tight with a massive urgency.
Breaking the kiss, I grunted, “Oh fuck yeah, gonna flood you baby, cumming, oh fuck YEAH!”
As the spunk streaked up my shaft, I felt her cunt clamp down tightly on me, her howl of pleasure as she orgasmed, and my prick exploded, pumping a thick load of hot cream deep inside her, our moans and cries filling the room as her tightness milked my cock of every drop.
“Fuck, oh my god, I feel like my pussy’s on fire! Come Kendra, break my lesbian virginity!”
“Lay back baby, let me sit on your face, and taste my pussy!”
Lauren lay back, and motioned Kendra to sit on her face. Kendra was happy to do so, and I could see my wife open her mouth to catch the drips of my cum from Kendra’s well filled cunt as she lowered herself down. She grunted with pleasure as she settled down over my wife’s eager mouth, and I could just imagine the huge glut of spunk that slid into Lauren’s waiting mouth, Kendra had arranged herself so that she could 69 Lauren, and she settled herself into that well known number, bellies to breasts, mouths cleaved to hot, horny pink folds. I heard a grunt of pleasure from Lauren as Kendra’s tongue made contact, and soon they were eating each other ravenously, until both bodies shook and shuddered wildly as Kendra, then Lauren were gripped by thunderous climaxes.
My god, watching that had been the most spectacular thing I had ever seen, and as Lauren and Kendra cuddled in next to me, four hands and two mouths were eager to bring me back to life, and my cock responded accordingly, Kendra’s hot mouth took me in, and swallowed me balls deep, and my cock was once again hard and eager for their pleasure.
Kendra said, “Now, you are going to fuck Lauren’s sexy body, I want you to fill her with a big load, so I can have the pleasure of sucking your load out of your wife’s sexy pussy, I want to enjoy the taste of your mingled juices!”
She stretched out, ready to watch us fuck. Having a person so close, watching, made me more than eager, and between Lauren’s sexy thighs, I quickly thrust in, grunting with pleasure as I impaled her on my cock, her sigh of pleasure joining, as I parted her tight walls. Kendra also got between our thighs, so she could watch my cock pumping in and out of Lauren’s eager heat.
“Yeah, oh fuck yeah, so sexy”, Kendra whispered, “and I want to make sure you shoot a massive load, so I have a big taste of your spunk!”
I suddenly felt a lubed up finger sliding over my asshole, teasing around the rim, again and again. I grunted with pleasure, Lauren and I had done anal play, and the feelings of pleasure it would generate where nothing short of phenomenal.
“And, to make sure you get off a massive load…”
Kendra giggled, then that lubed finger slid right up my ass, and she found my prostate, and started to massage it, I grunted from sheer pleasure, Kendra knew what she was doing, and I could feel it building up, I was gonna cum massively.
Lauren grunted out, “Oh fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, I’m cumming, yes, yes, YES!”
Lauren’s fiery tightness clamped me even tighter, she let out a shriek of pleasure as she climxed, and I went roaring into orgasm, my cock bucked, pulsing and spraying wildly, filling Lauren’s fiery tightness, Kendra’s finger polishing, getting every last drop out of my prostate, ensuring that Lauren had a sweet, cream filled treat for her.
I rolled off, and Kendra lay back, with smile of desire, she beckoned Lauren to her, and Lauren swung her leg over Kendra’s face, and quickly lowered herself down to Kendra’s eager mouth. As Kendra’s tongue slid in, as Lauren’s well filled pussy opened to her mouth, I saw Kendra’s body shiver, as pleasure riveted her. Lauren leaned forward into a 69, eager to lick Kendra to orgasm, even as Lauren felt the beginnings of another orgasm stirring up again. With the sounds, smells and feelings of two very hot, very sexy ladies working each over, it didn’t take long for Lauren to cry out her climactic joy, followed very closely by Kendra’s cries of pleasure as she shuddered through her orgasmic pleasure.
With Kendra cuddled in on my left, and Lauren cuddled in on my right, I was a happy man as we drifted off to sleep.
In the morning, with the ship docking early, Lauren and Kendra didn’t want me to go through all the trip back home with a hard cock, no way. Lauren and Kendra teamed up to give me a double blow-job, Lauren sucked in my cock, sliding her head up and down, her mouth full of my throbbing shaft, while Kendra licked at my cock shaft, and sucked gently on my balls. Kendra then took over, and slid her mouth up and down my cock, while Lauren licked at my shaft, and sucked on my balls. The heated feel of two hot mouths working on my morning wood got my cock surging, getting ready to blow, and Lauren and Kendra joined their lips in a hot kiss around my cockhead. They ran their tongues into each other’s mouths, and over my throbbing cock head. Kendra’s right hand joined Lauren’s left hand, and they curled it around my cock, so both of them could enjoy stroking my thick shaft. Stroking my rampant shaft, I could feel my cock pulsing, the cum surging up my shaft. I felt like my head was going to blow off as I came, my cock gushing wildly, firing several fresh volleys of cum into the hot mouths of Kendra and Lauren. They kept their mouths tight around my cock, to suck out every drop, then they shared the big mouthful I had pumped into them.
As luck would have it, we found out that Kendra lived only 20 miles away from us. At the airport, we were on the same flight home, and when we landed, Kendra invited us to come over the next evening, for dinner and more.
“After dinner, I think you will agree that my dessert is second to none!”, Kendra giggled.
Lauren and I smiled, as Lauren replied, “Oh rest assured, desserts like that are our most favorite part of the meal. Until tomorrow night Kendra, we will be thinking about, and very much looking forward to it!”

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