Black Girls Get What They Want

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“Can you get those invoices mailed out today?”

“Sure. Do you need me to email that proposal also?”

“Oh shit. Yes please. Thanks.”

Having someone to help with the little things was a big
help. I had gone through about five temps before I
found someone who could not only do what I needed, but
anticipate what I needed. Tonya was a good find. She
wanted to do a good job and saw this job as an
opportunity… just a bit of a different opportunity
than I anticipated.

When she arrived, I wasn’t 100% sure if she would work
out. This concern was rooted mainly in the baggage I
had from the previous temps that had not worked out. To
be honest, when I saw she was black, I somewhat
anticipated the “attitude” I had found in two of the
other temps that were also black. Not to say I was
happy with the two temps that arrived that were
white… one was only interested in texting her friends
and the other was more worried about her hair and
makeup than actually working.

Tonya and I hit it off right away. I was pleasantly
surprised with here interest to learn everything and
most of all her desire to help me. I never asked her to
bring me a cup of coffee or make sure fresh coffee was
available when we had clients visiting, but she would
just do it and wasn’t stuck on the fact that it might
be perceived as demeaning. She was confident and she
was only interested in moving forward.

“Do you need me to stay and help with your

“Tonya thanks, but I know you have a husband that is
probably expecting you home.”

“It’s ok, he’s probably out with his buddies anyway.
It’s not a problem plus I’ve been wanting to try a few
things in powerpoint that I learned.”

“Ok, Great then, let’s take our laptops and go over to
McCallister’s so we can work while we eat some dinner.”

Over dinner and our laptops, we each had two drinks and
as we finished the presentation, the discussion turned
to family. I had two son’s, she was married but had no
children. She confided in me that she was interested in
having children but wanted it to be “right.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by the term right so I
asked her to explain ‘right.’ After a long thoughtful
pause, she scooted over toward me and grabbed my hand
and held it in her hands while looking straight into my
eyes. I had no idea what she was going to say, but I
knew it was going to be heavy.

“Kevin, can I trust you?”

“If you mean can I keep a secret, then yes.

“I want more from life than what I’ve seen growing up.
More than what I had growing up.”

“That’s perfectly natural. I think most people want

“Yes, but… and this sounds terrible, but I married my
high school sweetheart and while he’s not a bad man, I
just have this sinking feeling I want more for my

“Well, like I said, I think most people want more for
their children. I don’t understand why that’s a sinking
feeling for you.”

“Ok, I’m just going to say it.” Taking a deep breath
for confidence, she blurted out her response.

“My husband is not that smart and not that motivated in
life. Success for him is paying the bills and hanging
out with his friends. I am motivated and want my
children to be motivated and intelligent. I guess what
I’m trying to say is I want my kids to come from a
better gene pool.”

“Hmmm.. I see. Well, I have heard of sperm banks that
specialize in specific traits such as intelligence,
etc. I think they charge a premium, but I think they
are available.”

“Ya, I’ve thought of that, but my husband would never
go for it. He has to ‘be the man’ if you know what I

“Ya, I can understand that.”

“I have another idea…” Taking another deep breath and
letting it out, then looking back into my eyes, she
shared her thoughts. “I want my children to have your

Shit! Was my first thought, but I held it to myself,
not breaking eye contact with her.

“Just listen to me and hear me out before you answer.”

“Ok, I’m listening.”

“Since I’ve been working with you I am just amazed at
so many things about you. I see how you work, how you
think through problems with your business and life.
I’ve seen you with your children and how wonderful you
are with them. I am afraid to say this but I love YOU.
I’m not in love with you, but I love everything about
you. And, I have had a bit if a crush on you since I
first met you. Your confidence combined with your
physical looks is hard to resist.”

My head was spinning and I had to admit, I was getting
aroused listening to this woman confess her attraction
to me. There was something very erotic about having a
woman view you as a desirable specimen.

“I’m sure you’re thinking either ‘no way’ or ‘I’m
looking for a lifetime paycheck or something’ but I’m
not. I won’t expect anything from you once I’m
pregnant. On the other hand, I’ll give you whatever you
want. If you want to know the children, you can, if you
want me to leave your company, I will. I’ll work it out
however I can make this happen. Now, tell me what you
are thinking… and be open and honest.”

I wasn’t sure where to start. Caution was my first
thought. I thought I knew her, but could she just be
setting me up to blackmail me if I say yes, or a

“First of all, I’m married and happily married. Second
of all, I’m your boss, if I say ‘sure’ I could lose my
company and my family. Third, well… I don’t know if
there is a third.”

She smiled. She knew right away I was interested. She
just had to work out the details for me.

“Let’s go back to the office and I’ll show you

I paid our tab and we headed back. I was excited but a
bit afraid of where this was going to ultimately end
up. Tonya was attractive. I’m not that familiar with
African traits, but my guess was here heritage was more
from eastern Africa where the physical features of
females seem to be more slender and athletic with more
of a cocoa skin rather than the jet black skin and
bigger bodies of many of the black women you see day to
day. She had put herself through college and was not
only a hard worker, but sharp. She had a nice trim
shape and her fun and eager personality made her even
more attractive.

Arriving at our office, she closed the door and locked

“Alright, here’s the deal. I’ll do whatever, however,
whenever you want to prove to you this is not a setup.
I’ll start by doing this.”

She handed me a video camera and told me to turn it on.
She then grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She looked
at the camera and said “I am recording this so that if
there is ever any question of sexual harassment or
paternity issues, I want it to be known that Kevin Mack
did not sexually harass me, nor did he have sex with
me, nor is he responsible to me for any children I may

She then told me to zoom in while she wrote out the
same thing on paper and signed it.

Then she plugged it into my laptop and encrypted the
file with my public key so that only I could open it.

She then looked at me and said “What else?”

By this point, I was in, but decided I wanted to have
some fun with this as well.

“Ok, so you’re not trying to take me. If we are going
to do this, we are going to do it my way.”

“Ok, I’m fine with that.”

“Are you? I like to call the shots and I like my women
to be attentive and demure. Do you think you can do

“Yes, I can.”

“You’ll only get one chance if you want this to happen.
If you resist me or hesitate, it’s over. Are we clear
on that?”


“Ok, rule number one. When we are alone, you will
answer me as ‘yes Kevin or no Kevin. Failure to do that
will result in punishment at my discretion. Do you

“Yes Kevin.”

“Ok, then. Let’s test this out a bit and see if you are

She smiled from ear to ear like a little girl who had
just gotten her wish.

“Undress quickly and get over here on your knees.”

She began pulling her clothes off immediately and got
on her knees in front of me looking up as if to say
‘what next.’

I stood up and instructed her to undo my trousers and
show me how much she wanted me.

Smiling again, she eagerly undid my trousers letting
them fall around my feet, then pulled down my
underwear. Grabbing my cock she let out a moan of
desire as she pressed it against her cheek and nuzzled
her nose against my crotch and inhaled deeply. Exhaling
she again moaned and looked at my cock as if talking to
it and said “Your scent is so intoxicating. I’ve never
smelled a man like you before. I just want to devour

She then extended her tongue and licked from the bottom
of my balls all the way to the head of my cock while
looking deep into my eyes with a look of sexual desire.

Closing her eyes, she stuck her nose into the crevice
between my balls and my leg, twisting her face back and
forth left to right a bit to get it into my crotch.
Again she inhaled deeply, then extended her tongue to
lick the sensitive area between my balls and my ass.
Licking was followed by sucking as she began sucking
into her mouth the skin where my scrotum and my leg met
and rubbing her tongue against it. As she released her
suction, she let her teeth graze along the skin as it
exited her mouth.

This girl was hot. She knew how to please a man and I
was going to fully enjoy this.

Pressing my cock against her face and rubbing it
against both of her cheeks as well as her eyes and
forehead, she used her other hand to drag her
fingernails along the underside of my balls. I began
anticipating the feeling of her mouth on my cock and
was not disappointed as she pushed it through her lips
and slid it deep into her mouth until I could feel the
head of my cock against her throat. She pushed harder
as if to force it in, before giving a slight gag and
removing it from her mouth. Looking up at me with
watery eyes, she apologized and promised to improve.
She told me that she didn’t normally give her husband
blow jobs because she just didn’t really desire him.

She returned to sucking my cock into her mouth and
repeatedly trying to deep throat me with the same

I found her efforts and openness to be a complete turn
on. This girl wanted to please me so bad she was
choking herself with my cock in an attempt to convince
me to fuck her. While the physical act of the blowjob
was outstanding, I found the mental aspect of all of
this to be mind blowing.

Looking down at her, I pulled her mouth off my cock and
asked. “Do you have a problem with being my black sex

“If that means you’ll be my white master, then I would
gladly be your black slave girl.”

This was all too much, I knew I was going to cum and
quickly. She anticipated it and increased her efforts
to deep throat me pausing only to say “let me taste
your cum master.” And with that, I came while she
eagerly milked my cock and swallowed my cum. Looking up
with a school girl smile she said, “Thank you master,
your little black slave girl likes to taste your cum. I
can tell it’s potent and can’t wait to get more of it.”

She asked me to sit down, which I did and she took off
my shoes and socks, removed my pants from around my
ankles and began kissing my feet. She paused to look up
at me and say “A good slave girl should show her master
how important he is” then returned to kissing my feet
and licking and sucking on my toes.

As I sat back and just enjoyed the attention and the
mind fuck of having this girl do this, I noticed my
cock starting to come back to life. She also noticed
and moved her attention back to my cock. Spreading my
legs, she began licking my entire crotch. My balls, my
cock, my groin and under my balls with very wet licks,
then lifted my balls and began smothering them with wet

Looking up at me she asked “Master, can I put your cock
inside me?” I responded “I want you to convince me that
you really wanted it.”

She smiled with a naughty grin and held my cock in both
of her hands and said “Master, your little black slave
girl wants your big white cock inside of her. She wants
you to make her pregnant so her children will be just
like you.”

I smiled and thought if this was acceptable or not…

“I’ll let you have my cock, but you cannot have my cum
inside you until you fulfill one more of my desires.”

Eagerly she said, “Yes master Kevin, whatever you want
your little black slave girl to do I will do, because I
really, really want it.”

“Ok, you can fuck me, but I’ll pull out and you’ll
swallow my cum. You can have my cum inside you only
after you bring me one of your friends. You and your
friend need to be willing to do whatever I ask.”

She paused for a second, then responded “I don’t know
who, but yes, I will make it happen for you master.”

She then stood up with a bit of a dazed look on her
face and approached me to position herself over my
cock. I stopped her and said “Are you ok?”

“Ya, I’m ok. I just have never been with another girl,
so I don’t have any friends like that, but I’ll figure
it out.”

“I know you will. Now, bring me your breasts.” She
leaned forward and fed her breasts to me. They were
very nice sized and firm with the darkest nipples I’ve
seen that made a nice contrast to her cocoa skin. She
reached down and positioned my cock at her opening and
lowered herself with a moan.

Her pussy was so hot and surprisingly tight. I guess I
assumed her husband was hung like a Rocky(H) and she would
be all stretched out, but that wasn’t the case. She was
hot, tight and so so wet.

I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back,
kissing her neck and ear, then whispering to her “you
understand that you are mine now. Not just until I get
you pregnant but until I am done with you.”

“Yes master I understand I am your little black slave
girl. I’ll be a good slave girl and I’ll have as many
babies as you’ll let me have for you. Thank you for
giving me your cum master.”

With that I lost it. I pulled out quickly and she dove
onto my cock sucking and milking it for all it had to
yield. She then looked up at me smiling and said, “what
else can I do for you.”

“Clean my cock off with your tongue.”

She eagerly began licking my cock and balls to remove
all of her juices from me. I then told her to get
dressed while I did the same and I kissed her and told
her that both our lives were going to change for the

The next day, nothing was said and it was business as
usual. I sent her an email and told her that she should
plan to arrive one hour early each morning to give me a
blowjob. Also that she should keep me posted on her
task of finding another girl for me.

The next morning I made a point to grab my wife and
give her a quick fuck when I got out of the shower,
then purposely didn’t clean up before getting dressed
and leaving for work. Arriving at work, I found Tonya
at the office with coffee made and waiting with a fresh
cup for me. I sat down to drink my coffee while Tonya
locked the door to my office before returning to the
floor in front of me and opening my pants. I stood up
to let her lower my pants and underwear and as expected
I still had the smell the sex from my wife.

Tonya grabbed my cock and noticed the base of my cock
still held my wife’s juices. She looked up at me and I
just smiled and said “I usually fuck my wife in the
morning, it’s nice to have a slave girl to clean me up
with a blowjob. Is that a problem?”

She looked deep into my eyes and said “No Master. My
master deserves many women and I’ll gladly clean you
up.” Then she began licking the base of my cock and
balls until they were clean of my wife’s sex, then she
began sucking me deep into her throat. Again, she began
pushing her face down onto my cock forcing it into her
throat resulting in her gag reflex being triggered, yet
she continued.

Finally, I felt as though I was going to cum and I
grabbed her head and pushed it deep into her throat,
then pulled back as I came. The first shots landing on
her face before she could recover and engulf my cock
again. She swallowed and milked my cock with her hands
until I went limp again. Looking up at me with a big
grin I noticed some cum on her cheek. I reached down
and scooped it with my finger and placed it on her nose
and rubbed it in around her nose and told her “you will
not wash that off your face, I want you to be able to
smell my cum all day.”

“Yes master, I like to smell your seed.”

This went on for two weeks with my ego and my cock
being stroked every morning and occasionally an after
work session before she surprised me one morning by
saying. “Master, I have a treat for you!”

“Yes, what would that be?”

“I have a friend that wants to meet you.”

Instantly I became hard. The moment wasn’t lost as
Tonya began deep-throating my cock until I came. After
I came I asked her when her friend was available to
meet me and she said simply “at your command master.”

She went on to tell me that she confided in a close
friend of hers from college that she was looking for a
girl that was bisexual. She ended up explaining the
details of our arrangement with her friend and her
friend thought her idea was interesting. She said her
friend thought it would be fun to help her out since
she had never been with a girl or a white guy and was
interested to see what her friend found so enticing
about me.

I told her to tell her husband she would be attending a
software training class out of town for two days next
week. I then instructed her to book a nice room
downtown and I would take a last minute business trip
to meet her and her friend at the Hotel.

I was so turned on by what was happening, didn’t know
if I could wait another week. Tonya seemed equally
turned on and our evening sex that day resulting in me
bending her over and taking her virgin ass roughly. She
told me her husband always wanted to fuck her ass, but
she wouldn’t let him. She said she was afraid it would
hurt, but wanted to give it to me. I took it relishing
in the sight of my white cock disappearing into her
black ass. This combined with her initial cries of pain
spurred me to orgasm as I filled her ass with my cum.

The date arrived and I spent the morning at my house
getting some work done before I left for my ‘afternoon
flight’ I was sure to have sex with my wife since I was
going to be out of town for a few days. I went straight
downtown to the hotel and arriving at the room with
great anticipation, I knocked.

Tonya opened the door and introduced me to her friend
Kelly. They were both grinning from ear to ear with
excitement and anticipation. I felt the same way but
wanted to maintain my dominant role.

“Hi Kelly. What all has Tonya told you about this?”

“I think everything.”

“Good then, you realize your participation will allow
me to give your friend what she wants?”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Very well. Then you should also understand that you
will be punished for not addressing me properly.”

She looked surprised, then responded “Yes master, I’m

I took two quick steps toward her and grabbed her hair,
just hard enough to get her attention and bent her over
the dresser in the room and lifted her skirt and began
spanking her. She let out a short scream as I delivered
three quick blows to her ass. She was shaped a bit
differently from Tonya. She was more the typical black
girl with the big booty and big tits, but even with a
few extra pounds she was far from fat.

I had taken her by surprise and she wasn’t sure how to
respond, but I didn’t want to give her a chance to
figure out that she had any choice except to obey me. I
delivered five more blows to her ass, then paused and
asked if she glad that I was punishing her. After a
slight pause, she whimpered out a “yes master I am glad
you are punishing me.”

I then held her in position and told Tonya to come over
and spank her three times. She did and her blows
sounded just as hard as mine. I pulled Kelly upright
and told her to undress Tonya for me. I sat on the bed
and put my feet up to watch the show. Once Tonya was
naked I instructed her to pour me a drink and bring it
to me, which she obediently did with a “yes master.”

While she was doing this I asked Kelly if she had ever
wanted to be a little black slave girl to a white man.
Shyly she answered that she had not, until Tonya had
told her about it and that she had become very curious
and began fantasizing about what it might be like.

I told her that I was not a racist, but rather was just
living out one of my fantasies. She chuckled and said
“Let’s live then master.”

With a drink in hand, Tonya awaited my next
instructions which were for her to remove Kelly’s

“Yes master, I’ll remove your other slave’s clothes.”

Suddenly I had two beautiful black girls naked in front
of me. Both eager with anticipation and excitement and
possibly a bit of fear of the unknown as to what the
next two days held.

I stood up in front of the girls and instructed them to
remove my clothing which they did. Kelly was clearly
turned on eager to be close to me. As she undid and
removed my clothes she didn’t miss an opportunity to
kiss my body and lick my skin. This was quite erotic
especially as they removed my pants with Kelly behind
me and Tonya in front. Kelly began kissing my ass
cheeks, then ended with a long wet lick right up the
crack of my ass.

I told them to both sit down on the floor in front of
me while I sat on the bed. I took a long drink from my
scotch and asked them both.

“What do both of you want to get out of this?”

They looked at each other and responded together “we
both want to get pregnant by our master.”

Now I was taken back. Obviously it showed on my face as
they both giggled before Kelly said “We’re best
friends, I would love for our children to have
something in common… like you master.”

I was blown away. What on earth was I doing. My shock
was again visible as the girls now changed their
demeanor and challenged me.

“We’re serious master. We want your sperm. If you are
not going to give it to us willingly, we’ll take it our

Wait a second. What the fuck was happening here. I was
in charge just a second ago, now these girls are… are
they threatening me? I realized things were changing
quickly here. Next they said “Seriously, all this is
fun, but we are doing this because we want to get
pregnant. We’re ok with playing your games, in fact
it’s quite a turn on for us to play this out, but we
want you to know that we expect every time that cock of
yours shoots off, we want it inside of us. We’ll suck
you off as much as you want, but when you cum, we want
it inside of us. Deal?”

There wasn’t much to think about, it was what this was
all about and so I responded with a simple “Deal.”

“Now, make me believe you are both my slave girls.”

A “Yes master” came in unison followed by a mutual
giggle from them.

They looked at each other and nodded. At that moment I
realized I was suddenly a minority here and that things
could get out of control… whatever that meant.

They each lifted one of my feet and began kissing and
licking my feet. After sucking each of my toes into
their mouths, they proceeded up my legs rubbing them
with their hands, licking with their tongues and
continually peppering my legs with kisses and more
kisses. As they arrived at my groin, they came together
and Tonya said to Kelly, “Smell his manhood.”

They both buried their noses, one against the base of
my cock and the other in my balls and inhaled deeply.
It seemed to charge both of them up as they each moaned
and became for aggressive. Tonya grabbed by cock and
pushed it to Kelly’s mouth while she dug her nails into
my balls.

The sensation of a new mouth on my cock and the jolt of
electricity from her fingernails sent me to a whole new
level of arousal. I could feel my cock expand and
become just that much harder. Lying back on the bed,
just experiencing this was amazing. My cock is not
‘huge’ but laying there with these girls doing this, it
felt like my entire body was an appendage to my cock
rather than there other way around.

Kelly was now rubbing her big lips up and down the
sides of my cock while Tonya was licking and nibbling
on my balls.

I told Tonya to join Kelly with what she was doing.
Tonya moved up and started also rubbing her lips up and
down the other side of my cock. I sat up partially to
get a view of this sight. There they were two girls
rubbing their lips up and down my shaft. I reached down
and pushed their heads closer so that their lips
touched as they did it. They got the hint and when they
came to the head of my cock they began kissing with by
cock in between them. I could feel both their tongues
licking at my cock head and mingling with each other.
They broke off their kiss and began taking turns
sucking on my cock. I heard them whispering to each
other, then they stopped and asked me if I wanted them
to put on a show for me.

Of course I was all for that so I repositioned myself
at the head of the bed lying sideways with my drink
while they both got onto the bed on their knees facing
each other. Somewhat timidly, they reached out and
touched each others breasts with a slight giggle, then
Tonya went straight to Kelly’s nipples and began
sucking them while Tonya moaned and ran her hands over
Kelly’s back before landing on her head and pulling her
face into her breasts.

Tonya then turned Kelly with her back toward me and
pushed her back on to the bed with her head landing
just near my cock. Tonya kissed and licked her way down
Kelly’s breasts and belly gently teasing Kelly’s pussy
with her tongue before lifting and spreading her legs
and repositioning herself in the prone position so she
could lick Kelly’s pussy.

I knew the moment she began licking her clit because
Kelly jumped and immediately began reaching for my
cock, finding it then holding onto it with both hands
like it was a life line. I was enjoying the show as
Kelly began to thrust her hips up into Tonya’s face I
wasn’t sure but it looked like Tonya had her fingers
buried in her pussy while she was licking her.

Wanting a better view of things, I climbed off the bed
and walked around and moved in closely to watch the
action. Lifting Kelly’s leg I got a great view of
Tonya’s nose buried in Kelly’s bush and her tongue
flicking delicately against her sex. Kelly was close to
climax, and Tonya knew it. She clamped her lips around
her clit and began sucking hard. I planted my mouth on
Kelly’s breast and began licking and giving a light
bite to her nipple as she climaxed with a squeal and
the body convulsions to match it.

I told them to get in a sixty-nine with Tonya on top.
Taking another sip of scotch I went from one end to the
other watching these two. I found it hard to believe
this was the first time they had been with another
girl, but they both insisted it was true.

With Tonya’s ass on top, I couldn’t resist the
opportunity to spank it. As Kelly was giving her long
broad tongued licks across her entire pussy, I gave her
ass a smack, first lightly, then slowly increasing to
some serious spanks. She seemed to get wetter and more
turned on with each one.

I turned to the other end of the bed where Tonya’s head
was moving erotically as she seemed to be really
enjoying Kelly’s pussy. I grabbed her hair and turned
her face to the side and pressed down then turned her
head to the other side rubbing her entire face in
Kelly’s wet pussy. I asked Tonya if she was ready for
my cum and she moaned, “Ummm-hmmmm,” without missing a

I moved to the bottom of the bed and positioned my cock
at her entrance, straddling Kelly’s head and told Kelly
to put my cock into her friend. She reached up and
grabbed my cock, giving it a few slurping sucks, then
positioned it at Tonya’s entrance while keeping her
tongue on the underside of my cock. I slowly pushed
forward savoring the feeling of Kelly’s tongue on my
cock as it slid deep into Tonya. Kelly kept her tongue
there while I stoked a few times, then moved back to my
balls, licking them each time they moved forward and
back. Tonya was moaning so I told Kelly to suck on her
clit. I increased intensity of my motions until I was
banging her hard. My body was smacking against her ass
and I made sure each stroke started with my cock almost
coming out of her then filling her to the hilt.

Kelly’s hands were now wrapped around Tonya’s hips to
allow her to keep her mouth locked on her clit. I could
hear the suction break almost every time I rammed by
cock into her. Tonya’s back arched and her head raised
as her orgasm came over her. I was close to that point
myself and feeling her body shake and feeling her push
back against my cock, seemingly gobbling it with her
cunt, I began to cum, letting lose with a few smacks on
the top of her ass which seemed to extend her orgasm.

As our bodies recovered, I slowed my strokes until my
cock was only partially hard and moving in and out ever
so slowly. Kelly still had her hands around Tonya’s
hips for leverage but was now licking madly at the
point where my cock met Tonya’s cunt. She was licking
every drop of juice that escaped Tonya’s pussy. The
sensation was amazing. I pulled back just a bit more
and my semi-hard cock dropped right into her mouth and
she began sucking on it so hard it almost hurt.

Tonya lowered her head to Kelly’s pussy again and went
at it with a fervor I couldn’t have imagined. Soon
Kelly was convulsing as her orgasm came over her, never
letting go of my cock and sucking it with passion even
though it was now mostly flaccid.

Tonya rolled to the side and I pulled back from Kelly’s
mouth admiring the view of my two black slave girls. I
complimented both of them by telling them that this was
the start of the most amazing two days of my life. They
both giggled like schoolgirls and Kelly sat up and
positioned herself over Tonya to give her a kiss which
quickly turned to her licking her own juices off of
Tonya’s face.

I didn’t want to just sit back and watch so I got into
the bed and lowered my face to Kelly’s big ass and
began kissing and licking her checks until I had worked
my way to her ass. Judging by her moans, she was
enjoying my attention.

Tonya asked if she could get up because she wanted to
watch her master fuck his other slave. My cock wasn’t
all the way hard but Tonya helped me out by first
kissing Kelly’s ass, then swallowing my cock into her
mouth. In no time, I was hard and she removed my cock
and placed it at Kelly’s pussy and pushed my ass
forward. I didn’t need much encouragement and was soon
stroking away while Kelly began moaning an erotic and
beautiful tone. Tonya was circling around behind me
watching and urging me on to fuck her harder with lots
of slutty talk.

She then began asking Kelly if she wanted my sperm, if
she wanted to be pregnant with her masters white baby.
All to which Kelly moaned, “Yes” louder and louder.
Tonya then went behind me and I felt her tongue on my
ass cheeks. After just a few licks and kisses, she
pushed me forward until I was lying over Kelly with my
cock in her and my ass up in the air also. It was
impossible to move like this so I had to position my
feet to the left and right of Kelly’s knees, frog style
so I could get traction to continue fucking her. Soon
Tonya’s tongue was pressed against my ass rimming me
like a lifesaver.

Again, the physical pleasure being inflicted upon me be
the physical sex with these two women was beyond
amazing, yet when that was compounded with the mental
mind fuck of these two women wanting me to impregnate
them as well as submitting to me as sex slaves with a
twist of interracial black/white slavery taboo… I
wasn’t sure I would make it through these next two
days. I totally saw a possibility of a complete mental
breakdown where I could be left a simpleton and
suddenly incapable of concentrating on anything except
sex with my two slaves. Fuck, why would I want to
concentrate on anything else anyway. Wow, this was all
too much.

I slowed my racing mind and convinced myself to just
simply enjoy ‘this’ moment and not worry about anything
else right now.

As my mind came back from its tangent escape, I focused
and enjoyed the feeling of Tonya’s tongue licking my
ass and occasionally sucking and biting on my ass
cheeks. All the while her finger nails were digging
into my balls. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough so
that I knew they were there. This position with Kelly
was interesting, she was moaning and urging me to cum
inside her, repeatedly telling me she wanted me to own
her forever.

I tried to delay the inevitable orgasm, but it was
useless and after all, the girls wanted me to cum as
often as possible so I stopped trying to exhibit my
control and just let it happen. I came. I kept my cock
still about half way in Kelly so Tonya’s tongue could
do its thing on my ass and I just came, feeling my seed
wash over Kelly’s womb.

I pulled out and rolled over to the side on my back
exhausted. Tonya looked at me and smiled with a smile
of satisfaction asking, “Was that a good one?” I
replied with an exhausted, “Fuck yes!” I motioned with
my eyes to my cock and she immediately began licking my
cock clean. Kelly saw this and immediately jumped in
focusing on my balls and smothering them with kisses.

Tonya stopped and asked Kelly “Aren’t his balls great?”
Kelly responded, “Yes, there’s just something erotic
about them.” Tonya added, “Don’t tell me tell them” and
went back to licking my cock clean. Next I heard Kelly
talking and whispering to my balls. I couldn’t tell
what she said, but it has a very erotic effect on me.

The girls both nuzzles up to my cock and laid their
talking a sort of pillow talk with my cock and balls
between them while the played with it making comments
of interest about how strange it is that it goes from
so soft and flaccid to so hard and virile.

After a while I asked them to both move up the bed so I
could have two sets of breasts against my face while I
watched some highlights on the sports station.

It wasn’t as amazing and intense as the sex we had just
experience, but simply laying there sandwiched between
these two girls with their breasts pressed against my
cheek was, in its own way… sexy.

We talked about all of this and what it meant to all of
us. Tonya admitted that she assumed she would
eventually leave her husband. Kelly confessed that
every man she had dated was not a match for he and at
31, she was tired of looking for a man that could
provide her what she wanted. I just listened. I had
some ideas, but I wanted to think them through before I
made any offers. Due to my business, I could easily
rent a place and put up both women, possibly even allow
both of them to work for me to offset some of the cost
and have my own little harem. Given that I already had
a lovely wife that I did love and two children, I had
to consider this very carefully.

Tonya broke my concentration by asking if this hotel
had adult movies on pay per view. I said I assume so
and began clicking around on the remote, quickly
finding the option for movies, then by genre of adult
movies. I told the girls to pick one and buy it while I
went to the bathroom. As I walked into the bathroom,
Kelly yelled “If you need any help, just let me
know..” as the door closed. Standing there
pissing, I thought about that and it was actually a bit
of a turn on, but decided I would save that for later.

Returning to the room, I resumed my position between my
two slaves… realizing we were now an Oreo cookie, and
asked what movie they got. Giggling they said “You’ll

As the movie progressed it was about a dominate group
of women who would go to bars and seduce overly
confident men, then take them home, drug them and
restrict them with bondage before administering
punishment until the men became subdued and submissive
to their every whim.

Once again, I felt like things could get out of hand
here as this was not a random choice given the previous
comments by the girls and the Dom/Submissive nature of
our current relationship. None-the-less, it wasn’t like
I was going to get up and leave, so I simply commented
that it was a good choice and a turn on for me. Asking
their thoughts, Tonya replied that she enjoyed being
submissive, but that it would be fun to role play as a
dominate. Kelly echoed her response, but added that she
felt she could enjoy both equally.

Nobody acknowledged what had just happened but looking
back I realize that this was the moment where we all
agreed that we should try a reversal of roles.

I began sucking on their breasts, then told them that I
wanted both of them on top of me, one on my face and
the other on my cock. Kelly quickly flipped her hips to
straddle my face while Tonya gave me cock a few quick
sucks before inserting it in her pussy.

Quickly, Tonya was finding her rhythm and was giving
herself orgasms as she rode my cock. Kelly was enjoying
my tongue. I had always considered myself an
accomplished pussy eater and I went to work, lightly
touching my tongue to every part of her pussy, then
ever so gently dragging it across her clit. She was
moaning loud and fell forward into the arms of Tonya
where I assumed they were kissing based on the smacking
sounds and now muffled moans I heard from my position.

Kelly’s pussy was very wet and her scent was
intoxicating. I pulled my face upwards pressing my nose
against her ass, while I drove my tongue into her
opening. I pulled back to locate her clit and latched
onto it with my lips and some suction. Rolling it
around in my lips and apply lightning quick and
feathery licks to it with my tongue put her over the
top as she pressed herself down against my face, then
began gyrating her hips in a twitching manner as her
orgasm overtook her.

Tonya kept fucking me with short quick gyrations that I
knew where hitting a specific spot because I could feel
the head of my cock rubbing against her cervix each
time she twitched her hips forward. It wasn’t long
before I felt my cum building and rather than fighting
it, I just let it flow. Tonya was beside herself as her
orgasm combined with feeling my cum flow into her again
put her into a zoned out state where orgasm after
orgasm overcame her.

Soon my cock lost it’s rigidity and fell from her, but
her hips continued to twitch. Kelly saw her state and
pushed her backwards so that she was now laying with
her ass between my legs and her legs bent at the knees
on each side of me. Kelly fell forward onto me grabbing
my cock in one hand and began licking and sucking
Tonya’s pussy.

After only about thirty seconds, Tonya was begging her
to stop. Kelly stopped and turned her attention to my
cock and sucked it slowly and deliberately licking any
cum and juices from around its base before smothering
my balls with kisses again and whispering something to
them and rolling off of me.

We all laid on the bed glistening in sweat and a look
of satisfaction that permeated our faces and our

The silence was broken when Kelly sat up and asked if
she was the only one who was hungry. Tonya and I both
added that some food sounded good. I suggested we dress
and go out for dinner.

Knowing most of the places in town, I decided
discretion might be well served this evening so I
phoned the concierge asking for a quite, small, out of
the way place. Recommending two restaurants, I chose
one and gave him a desired time, he said he asked me to
hold while he confirmed the reservation. Meanwhile the
girls headed for the shower together chatting about
what they brought to wear like best friends do when the
concierge came back on the line and confirmed my
reservation for 8:30 pm.

Watching TV and listening to the girls chat and giggle
as they showered, I considered this situation. I knew,
these girls were slowly gaining the upper hand as I
didn’t see myself returning to a ‘normal’ lifestyle
after this. I knew I loved watching them together and I
knew I had the resources to ‘take care’ of them. After
all, they would be the mothers of my children and why
wouldn’t I want to make sure they were taken care of?
It occurred to me that this was ultimately one of the
core reasons these girls were attracted to me.

Yes, I should not be cheating on my wife, but I was a
good person. I didn’t intent to leave my wife… It was
just that… as conceited as it sounded, I deserved
this. I had worked hard.. It’s natural that these girls
have chosen me. I’ve worked my entire life so that
women would desire me. Why shouldn’t I be fulfilled
with the outcome which was… this situation.

It was a done deal in my mind. I would put these women
up, enabling Tonya to leave her husband and she and
Kelly to live together as my mistresses and raise my
other children. They were both eager and motivated,
they would both want to work anyway, so I wouldn’t be
like a free meal ticket for them, rather just me making
life easier for them to live the way I would like them
to live… and of course the way I would like my
children to grow up. Comfortable.

The girls broke my thoughts by exiting the bathroom and
grabbing me both by the arm and leading me to the
shower where they showered and washed every part of my
body. This was nice.

Arriving at the restaurant, I was pleased with the
concierge’s recommendation. We enjoyed a quite dinner
and I wasn’t concerned with seeing someone I knew.
After dinner, the girls asked if we could go dancing.

Chuckling to myself, I asked “you do realize I’m white,
correct?” They both laughed and said they would give me
lessons if I needed them. I agreed and we jumped in a
cab. They named a club I had never heard of and off we

When we arrived, I realized it was a predominately
black clientele. In fact, once we got inside, I
realized I was in fact the only cracker in the place.
What the fuck I thought, let’s just go with it and have
fun. The club consisted of a nice dance floor,
surrounded by lots of little rooms that featured funky
chairs, couches and love seats. We sat on a love seat
and ordered drinks. The music was too loud to allow any
significant conversation so the girls both turned their
attention to me. Kelly began kissing my ear, while
Tonya took one of my hands and began kissing it. Just
about the time my cock got hard, the song changed and
both girls jumped up and pulled me to the dance floor.

I took the chill approach with just some casual
movement to the beat while the girls both sort of
danced to me. I was getting a lot of looks from the
other men in the club. Nothing threatening, but I
suddenly knew what a black man who might be out with a
white women might feel like. We definitely attracted
attention and when they noticed I had two hotties with
me, they did double takes to make sure what they saw
was for real.

I did see one woman dance over to Kelly and say
something to her. I later asked about it and she said
the girl was just complimenting her on our arrangement.
We returned to our seats and ordered some shots to kick
things up a bit. I noticed the two girls sitting next
to us were turning guys down left and right as they
tried their luck. Tonya started talking to them and
then introduced Kelly and I to them. When our shots
arrived, they had brought six instead of three shots,
so I took two of them and set them in front of the
other two girls. I lifted my drink and said “To getting
what you want.”

We all downed our shots. I asked for the girls names
again and they re-introduced themselves to me as
Chiquita and TJ. I told them we were just having a good
time tonight and they could hang with us if they wanted
to keep from being bothered by the guys… then added
no strings. They both smiled and kind of agreed. I
ordered everyone another round of drinks and said,
let’s just have fun. TJ looked at the three of us and
said, “Ok, I just gotta know what the deal is with you
three. Which one of you likes the white meat?”

Kelly and Tonya both smiled as the looked at each other
and said “We both do!” TJ and Chiquita both burst into
a laughter. Then TJ spoke up saying “Nuh-uh! Are you
serious?” looking directly at me. “You paying these
girls or som-in?” I quickly shook my head no and Kelly
spoke up saying “Actually, we’re kind of paying him.”

“Oh MY GAWD! You kidding me, right?”

Kelly piped up, “Nope! In fact were playing the role of
his slave girls so that in return he will get us both

“Shit! You girls are crazy!” Then looking at me, “And
you, you’re out of control whiteboy!” Then looking at
her friend Chiquita, she said “Can you believe this

Chiquita smiled and said, “Actually, ya I do. Don’t
tell me you never wanted to taste some white meat. And
these girls wanting to get knocked up by what looks
like a very successful white man. Shit, I think it’s a
fuckin’ turn on.” Then looking at Kelly and Tonya added
“You girls ok by me.”

TJ, being the talkative one and finding herself in the
minority spoke up again and said “well, shit, I guess
I’m the one that don’t know what’s up today.” Looking
at Kelly, “so you for real being this whiteboy’s

Kelly replied “Sex slave, but I would do anything for
him he asked. So I guess, the answer is… Absolutely!”

“Ok, so I gotta know, how is that white meat? I ain’t
never had none.”

All of the girls giggled as if I wasn’t present and
Kelly and Tonya started telling them explicit details
about how I spank them and how we spent our afternoon.

Chiquita and TJ were hanging on every word. As our next
round of shots arrived, Chiquita and TJ both looked up
and me with a serious look of intrigue and newfound
interest. I raised my drink and said “To new ideas.”
And everyone laughed and downed their drink. I ordered
another round and Kelly grabbed our two new friends and
pulled them toward the dance floor. Tonya grabbed me
and off we went. Soon I found myself dancing with four
black girls and they were loving the fact that I was
being a bit reserved and shy about the whole thing.

They had definitely taken the upper hand and each girl
was now trying to out do the other with bumping and
grinding on me as I was passed from one to the other
and often sandwiched between two of them.

I didn’t set expectations that this was going to result
in me with four women, but the way things were going
and the rate at which we were spending money on drinks,
I wasn’t going to be surprised.

Returning to our seats, we all talked and drank for
another two hours. Occasionally dancing but overall,
just having fun, talking about everything from politics
to jobs.

Excusing myself I got up to go to the bathroom. While
washing my hands the guy at the sink next to me said
“Hey, you’re that guy back their in the corner room
with those four girls. What’s up with that?” I didn’t
want to be cocky so I hesitated thinking of what to say
when he slapped me on the shoulder and said “Hey man,
it’s cool. I wish it were me, but I think it’s great.
Some of the bothers might get uneasy about it though.
My name is Nate, just look for me if anyone gives you
any trouble.”

“Ok, Nate. Thanks!”

Returning to my table, I found the girls with their
bags in their hands and standing up as I arrived.

“We invited TJ and Chiquita to go back to the hotel and
party with us, is that ok with you ‘Master’” Giggles
and outright laughs broke out among the girls and I
replied “Uhhhh-ya that’s ok,” followed by my own laugh.

We headed out and piled into a taxi and left for the

Entering our hotel room, Chiquita said, “Damn, you
white boys do things in style, I didn’t even know they
had rooms like this.” We had a suite, which was very
nice. Chiquita went immediately to the bathroom and
commented on the hot tub.

Kelly broke the ice by going over to Tonya and helping
her to remove her shirt and unzipped her skirt. Soon
they were both naked and on their knees at my feet.

Chiquita and TJ were laughing in disbelief as I told
them to undress me.

With Chiquita and TJ watching, they undressed me and
began taking turns kissing my cock.

I looked up and TJ and Chiquita and asked if they
wanted to play our game? They both wanted to, but were

Chiquita spoke up first of course with, “You all are
Crazy! I like to play, but I don’t know about this
whole slave thing.”

I asked, “Do you think I’m a bad or mean person?” She
responded, “No, it’s just that this is kinda freaky you

I asked her, “Have you ever let down your defenses and
just let yourself have fun, relax and let someone take
you someplace you’ve never been?”

She stopped her nervous laughs and comments and replied
“No.” I asked her “Do you think any of us here want to
hurt you?” Quieter she replied, “No, no I don’t” I
asked her “Do you like the feeling of being safe with
us, here, right now?” She replied, “Yes.”

“Very well then TJ, remove your clothes, join us for
tonight and let us show you what if feels like to have
fun, feel safe with no walls, defenses our boundaries.”

She removed her shirt, pushed her skirt off her hips
and stepped out of her panties and took her place on
her knees next to Kelly and Tonya, who both welcomed
her with a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

I then looked up and Chiquita, the quite one and said
simply “and you?” Without a response she began removing
her clothes and took a spot at my side next to Kelly
who welcomed her with a full kiss on the lips.

Tonya looked up at me and said. “Master, what do you
wish?” I replied. “I wish to please all of my slave
girls. I feel that TJ needs some special attention and
I told her to lay on the bed. I told the other girls to
follow my lead.

TJ laid on the bed and I began kissing her face, her
breasts and her tummy, then rubbing my face against her
pubic hair, inhaling her scent. I lifted her legs
bending them at the knees and began licking her sex.
Immediately she began moaning and twisting her body.
Kelly climbed on the bed and began kissing her face
while Tonya grabbed her breasts and began kissing,
kneading and sucking on them. I felt someone behind me
and Chiquita began kissing and licking my ass, while
she reached between my legs and rubbed my cock and

Soon TJ was climaxing on my face as her hips convulsed.
I slowed by approach, but didn’t stop. The eruption of
TJ’s orgasm seemed to excite everyone in the room and
Chiquita drove her tongue into my ass and began tongue
fucking my ass as she stroked my cock. Kelly and Tonya
were each attending to a breast leaving TJ to moan and
curse loudly. After another orgasm she was begging me
with “Whoa, Shit, Stop. Stop! Please Stop, I can’t take
it. STOP!” I relented and stopped my attack on her
cunt. Kelly and Tonya also backed off while Chiquita
simply repositioned her self with her back on the bed
and her head between my legs so she could suck my cock.

Enjoying my position, I looked at Kelly and Tonya and
said “Who’s next?” They looked at each other and Kelly
told Tonya to go ahead. Tonya lay down and Kelly
attached her lips to Tonya’s right breast. TJ, looked
down at the scene and “You’re beautiful, but I just
ain’t never been with no girl before.”

I told her to come down next to me and watch me
closely. She did so and soon was moved by the scene
enough that she reached down and hold Tonya’s pussy
open for me, then slowly began exploring Tonya’s pussy
with her fingers while I licked and sucked her sex. I
twisted my head to the side and pushed Tonya’s legs up
to give me access to lick her ass and TJ, seemingly
drawn to Tonya’s sex fell on it with her mouth, licking
at it like she had been dying of thirst and was just
given a cool glass of water.

The smacking sound of her sucking and kissing Tonya’s
sex was loud in my ear as I licked at her ass enjoying
the feeling of the entire experience and the amazing
blowjob I was getting from Chiquita.

Chiquita was truly deep-throating my cock. No gagging
or anything. She simply sucked it from my head all the
way down until I felt it deep in her throat and her
nose pressed against my pubic bone. When it was deep in
her throat, she would so something that felt like she
was swallowing as her throat seemed to stroke up and
down the top of my cock. It is usually hard for me to
cum from just a blowjob, but I was starting to feel
like I was approaching my moment.

Tonya brought my attention back to her as she exploded
in an orgasm that shook and rippled through everyone
connected to her at that moment.

I realized each of these girls expected to get fucked
good so I would need to pace myself and spread things
out so ensure I could satisfy them. Kelly and Chiquita
were the only two who had not yet climaxed, except for
me. I told Kelly to lay down on the bed, I removed my
cock from Chiquita’s mouth and positioned a pillow
under Kelly’s ass to raise it up for me. I positioned
myself at her entrance as the other three girls watched
with amazement to see my white cock enter into her
swollen black pussy.

I slowly pushed my cock forward as Chiquita moaned at
the sight. I then pulled Chiquita’s arm around
directing her to straddle Kelly’s face. TJ and Tonya
kissed each other then kissed Chiquita before kissing
down Chiquita’s body to Kelly chest, each sucking one
of Kelly’s jet black nipples into their mouths. As I
began fucking Kelly, All I could here was slurping and
sucking sounds as Kelly licked Chiquita and TJ and
Tonya sucked and slurped on Kelly’s breasts.

I expected to have to really concentrate to not cum
before Tonya, but the extra attention from the girls
took her to the edge after only about two minutes. As
she approached her orgasm, I began fucking her as hard
as I could, jarring her entire body and pushing her up
the bed. She locked her arms around Chiquita’s legs to
maintain her position as her breasts would ‘pop’ out of
TJ and Tonya’s mouths with each thrust. TJ, showed her
teeth and clamped them down on her nipple sending Kelly
over the top. Feeling her pussy milk my cock as I held
it fully in her, I erupted with a loud and dominating
groaning sound.

I was man. I had climbed the mountain and planted my
flag. I had staked my ground and I was living a fantasy
most men would never even imagine possible.

Exhausted, I fell back with my knees and lower legs
bent beneath/behind me leaving my cock waving in the
wind as I recovered from my victory.

This action and Kelly’s efforts pushed Chiquita to
orgasm which by the sounds of it flooded Kelly’s mouth
as I heard loud sloppy licks and swallows from Kelly as
she tried to keep from downing.

Chiquita looked at Tonya, who seemed to have become the
leader of the slave girls and asked if she could taste
my come that fell out of Kelly. Tonya, realizing her
knew position of authority, replied “yes, but then I
want you between my legs.” Chiquita answered “yes

Tonya then said “TJ, Master Kevin likes to have his
cock licked clean after he fucks us, would you like to
have that treat?”

“Yes, Mistress” was TJ’s reply.

TJ engulfed my cock, swirling her tongue around and
around it, then licking my cock and balls until they
were clean. As TJ finished up, I removed her face from
my groin and sat up to relieve the bent-back position I
was lying in. Standing up to stretch my legs, I walked
over the room phone, picked up the room service menu
and ordered five deserts that included vanilla ice
cream, fresh fruit, strawberry mouse and some cookies
along with a few bailey’s and coffee and a few other
desert drinks.

Looking around to survey the scene I noticed that Tonya
was laying on her side on the couch with one leg
resting on the back of the couch and the other against
the seat cushions so that she was comfortable and her
legs were spread awaiting TJ’s subservient mouth.

I told Chiquita I had to go to the bathroom and she
followed me in saying that as my slave she should help
me. I wasn’t sure about this, but figured I would give
it a try. Standing at the toilet, Chiquita lifted the
seat and held my penis as I tried to relax enough to
piss. Finally my stream started and Chiquita just
stared at it moving closer and closer to my cock. As I
finished she shook it, then opened her mouth and sucked
the last drops out of it. I turned her face up at me
and she had a distasteful look on her face. I laughed
and said “you didn’t have to do that you know.”

“I know master, but I wanted to do it.”

I noticed my cock was already starting to get firm.

“See, you did like it.” Came from Chiquita.

“So I did. Come on” and we walked out of the bathroom.

TJ was now on the couch with Tonya licking away at her
pussy while Tonya rolled her head around in clear

I told Chiquita to get on the bed and let Kelly show
her some slow passionate love.

I sat in the chair and watched the action as Kelly and
Chiquita began kissing and rubbing each others breasts.

The doorbell rang and I peeked through the peephole and
saw that it was room service with our deserts. The
girls looked up at me and I told them to continue what
they were doing. I turned, opened the door and held it
open while the young man pushed the cart in. As he
looked up for a place to park it his mouth fell open
and he wasn’t sure what to do and looked quickly at me.
I chuckled and said “You can ask the girls who wants

He called out what was on the tray and asked each of
the girls what they wanted with a respectful, “Ma’am,
what may I bring you?”

After he had handed out all of the deserts and drinks,
I signed the check and asked him if he they had any
raspberry syrup in the restaurant.

“Yes, I believe so sir. Did you want it on one of your

“Not exactly, I have four chocolate treats I brought
with me and I wanted to try it on them.”

Chuckling he said, “I understand. Yes sir, I’ll bring
that right back up to you.” I handed him a $50 and he

The girls all burst out into laughter pointing out that
he kept having to adjust his trousers as he walked.

Enjoying the deserts, the girls began girl talking as
if I wasn’t in the room. It was interesting to hear
them so openly discuss tonight comparing it to other
encounters they had and just life in general.

Soon the doorbell rang and I stood up to get the door.
TJ spoke up quickly and said, “Hey, ya’ll let’s blow
this guys mind.” The others giggled and said, “Ya!”

“Master Kevin, you sit on the edge of the bed.
Chiquita, you get behind him and rub his back, like a
massage. Kelly you and I get on our knees in front of
him and we all start begging him for sex and calling
him master and shit.”

We quickly positioned ourselves and Tonya walked to the
door and opened it.

Our waiter came in with a covered tray, which he set on
the table and opened to reveal four large sauce ladles
of raspberry syrup. Hearing and seeing what was going
on, he began adjusting his pants as he looked at me and
said, “Damn, I’ve seen some shit but this is off the

Tonya put her hand on his shoulder and said, “Work hard
young man and learn to be a good man and you may have
this one day yourself. We’re all willingly slaves
because he is such a good man and there are so few of
them around.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Tonya grabbed my money clip and handed him a twenty
spot and he left.

I told Chiquita and Kelly to lie down on the bed
sideways and instructed TJ and Tonya to straddle their
waist and give them a kiss. I had packed four neckties
planning on a little bondage, so I grabbed them from my
bag and used them to blindfold all four girls. I then
told them that they would each describe in detail what
I was doing to them so the other girls could hear and
imagine it. They all giggled that it sounded like fun.

I grabbed the raspberry syrup, really more of a pur�e
and the plate that had vanilla ice cream on it. I
walked around to the side of the bed that had their
asses and instructed the TJ and Tonya who were on top
to arch their backs and stick their asses up, then
Chiquita and Kelly to bend their knees and spread their
legs. I then told them to kiss until I started and then
for them to begin describing what I was doing. The
girls complied giving each other long wet kisses.

I walked to Tonya and Chiquita first and bent down to
smell their sex.

“Master is near my pussy and it’s aching for him, I
think he’s smelling me, I feel his nose against my
pusssy, now my ass and I feel air rushing past my wet

“Now he’s licking my pussy, oh he’s sucking my clit,
he’s touching my clit with his tongue so fucking
gently. I’ve never had a man eat me like this. He’s
licking around my pussy sooooo fucking slowly mmmmmmm,
god that feels great!”

“I feel something wet being poured on my ass, I feel it
running over my ass cheeks, ohhhh, now there is more
and it’s running down the crack of my ass and… mmmmm,
fuck me. My master is licking it off my ass, ohhhh my
gawd. He’s running his tongue up and down my ass, right
on my ass, ohhhhhh.

“WHOOO! That’s cold! Oh My God that’s cold.”
The other girls giggled.

“Nnnngggg fuck. My master is licking ice cream off my
pussy and his cold ice cream tongue against my hot
pussy is driving me crazy!”

“Oh, Ya! Now he’s slipping a finger into my ass. Ohhh
he’s licking, now sucking, now biting my pussy, oh
gawd! Nnnnnngggg fuck, he’s finger fucking my ass while
he’s biting my pussy. Oh My God, I’m gonna cum. Kiss me
Tonya! Oh-Oh-OH! Oh-Fuck-MEEEE! Oh My God,
I’m cuming! I’m cuming! I’m cuming! I feel like every
cell of my pussy just orgasmed and released juices!
Oh… Ho… Whoa. God that was great!”

I backed off and walked over to TJ and Kelly. Kelly was
on top and she had one nice round ass.

“Oh, Master is rubbing his hands over my ass, slowly.
It tickles a little and feels so sexy because he’s
moving so slowly and so gently.”


“OH! Master is spanking my ass!”

The other girls started to giggle. One of them spoke up
and said “Spank me Master!” then the others joined in.

“Very well, I want all four of you on your knees with
your asses high in the air and cheek to cheek. The all
quickly repositioned themselves while I watched.

I grabbed the raspberry syrup again and poured it on
over each of their asses. I went down the line after
that and licked each of their pussies and asses for a
few minutes then backed off and began spanking each of
them. Going down the line I spanked each of them about
five times and then went over to TJ on the end and bit
her ass hard causing her to yelp.

Tonya was next to her and I used the raspberry syrup to
help slip first one then two fingers into her ass while
I used my other hand to spank her as hard as I could
about 15 times. Her ass was as red as a black ass can
get, when suddenly she began shaking.

I reached under to her pussy and began rubbing her clit
as fast as I could with quite a bit of pressure. She
fell forward as her hips involuntarily gyrated and I
continued to finger fuck her ass and rub her clit. I
saw that big ass in front of me and just leaned forward
and bit it again and again as she came.

“OH! Hoa! OH!!! OHHHHHHH! FUCK! I�I can’t breath, Whoa
Shit! I went down the line to each of the girls trying
the same technique with identical results except for
Chiquita. She didn’t reach climax like the other girls
so, I took a good amount of the remaining ice cream and
smacked it hard against her cunt, then worked to push
as much of it inside her as I could.

I then climbed up on the bed and stuck my cock into her
ice cream filled pussy. She was moaning and cursing as
I banged her hard. I felt her getting close so I began
spanking her again and she started to quake. I pulled
my cock out and with the help of the juices and ice
cream pressed against her ass until my cock popped into
her ass. She completely lost control, falling forward
on to the bed as I worked to stay with her and fuck her
with no mercy.

I was pounding her ass as hard as I possibly could and
she was now pushing her ass back to meet me. Again, I
spanked her ass, then reached up and pulled her hair
back arching her back and making her scream. She
quivered and convulsed as her orgasm came over her. I
pulled out without coming and told her I wanted to save
it for her pussy. I was exhausted and told the girls
they could remove their blindfolds.

Giggling they immediately began chattering about the
experience and rubbing their asses feeling the after
effects of my spankings. They all commented on how the
blindfolds made everything they felt more intense.
Exhausted, I just sat back on the couch and finished
off the Bailey’s and Coffee I had ordered, hoping it
would bring me the stamina to keep pace for the rest of
the night.

The girls noticed I was spent and Chiquita suggested
they give me some TLC. They asked me to come and lay on
the bed. They Chiquita said to me “You are our master,
but I think you would like the blindfold.” As she held
it in her hands in front of her face. I nodded it was

“Do you trust us master?”

“Yes I do!”

“Put yourself in our hands, let us bring you a
wonderful experience master.”

I wondered if I should, but figured what the fuck.

“Ok, I’m in your hands.”

This seemed to excite the girls as Tonya began rubbing
her hands together and TJ and Kelly gave high fives.
Chiquita put the blind fold on me. Immediately I felt a
tie going around each wrist then tied to something at
the top of the bed.

I could hear the girls whispering and snickering, then
I felt breasts being rubbed against my body. One set
was being dangled and rubbed against my face, another
set against my chest and belly, the third set against
one of my thighs and the last set against my feet. I
could feel the warm orbs pressed fully against me in
places while other times I could just feel the hard
nipples trailing delicately across my skin.

I opened my mouth to capture one as it crossed my
mouth, but couldn’t as it kept moving pulling away from
my lips. They seemed to be switching around as the
breasts on my face went down my neck and to my chest as
the ones on my chest came up to my face while the ones
on my feet moved to my left leg and the ones on my leg
rotated to my feet.

I just enjoyed the sensations and the erotic
anticipation. Then, just as quickly as it started, they
all left. I was somewhat concerned as to what was
happening, but I didn’t want to freak out, so I trusted
them. I heard water running in the bathroom, then I
felt hot wet cloths being rubbed all over my body.
Again they left and I heard more water running.

When they returned, they began rubbing and washing my
cock. One of them lifted my legs at the knees, then I
felt them being pushed up as a hot cloth began rubbing
my balls and my ass. Again, they were gone only to
return with the cloths hot again as they rubbed my feet
and legs and hands.

I laid in the darkness of my blindfold feeling the
contrast of the cool air against my moist skin as they
began blowing on me to dry my skin.

I could hear more whispering and affirmations, then I
felt a mouth and tongue on each foot, sucking my toes
and licking between them, the bottom of my foot, and
kissing the tops of my feet. At the same time I felt my
bound wrists being lifted and my fingers being sucked
and licked all the way to my hands. Kisses on my hands,
the palms of my hands and long wet licks.

I heard TJ say something and they all moved up to my
ankles and wrists. Again, licks and kisses and sucks
before I heard TJ again and they moved up to my calves
and forearms. They licked, sucked and now bit me every
so slightly before moving up to my thighs and biceps
giving them the same treatment. Then to my shoulders
and my hips, then one of them began kissing, licking
and sucking on my face, my lips, my cheeks, my ears and
my neck leaving my face covered in saliva. This was
while another one was sucking and biting my nipples and
licking and sucking my chest.

Another was licking and biting my stomach while the
other was licking and nibbling at my hips. Someone said
something and they all moved down to my groin. One of
them lifting my legs to gain access to my ass. One was
sucking on the head of my cock, while another was
sucking and licking my balls while the other was
licking my ass I wasn’t sure where the other girl was,
but wasn’t really concerned.

Then I felt pressure on the bed near my head and
realize someone was straddling my face. I could smell
the sex and it smelled so good. I lifted my head then
heard Chiquita say “Just lay their master and smell my
sex, you don’t have to do anything just lay there and
let us arouse you.

I was definitely aroused, but I felt confident this was
just the beginning.

I relaxed and just breathed in, smelling her scent, as
she rubbed my chest and alternated between playing with
and pinching my nipples. The sensations brought to my
nerve endings by the girls mouths on my ass, balls and
cock was amazing. Whoever was on my balls had now begun
scraping their teeth along the area between my balls
and my ass, sucking the skin into her mouth, then
letting it escape past her teeth. Over and over she
repeated this.

Whomever was sucking my cock had begun taking long deep
strokes of it into their mouth until it pushed against
their throat, then pulling back about half way and
flicking their tongue against the underside of my cock
just below the head before again, thrusting it deep
into her throat and repeating with the tongue. Whoever
was licking my ass, was alternating between taking long
slow licks up the crack of my ass to directly sticking
their tongue into my ass.

Focusing my mind on one, then the other, then all of
them, then another all while simply breathing in the
scent of hot pussy was intense and amazing. How had I
ended up in this situation? Was I suddenly going to
wake up and realize this was all a dream? No, this
wasn’t a dream. I relaxed and just enjoyed.

Just as I was relaxing, Chiquita removed her pussy from
my face and they untied my hands and rolled me over
onto my stomach. They positioned a pillow under my hips
to raise my ass a bit and give my cock some room,
allowing them to reach between my legs and rub my cock
and balls. I heard the sounds of oil being squirted
into hands, then the rubbing of hands before finally I
felt four sets of hands simultaneously touch my body
and begin massaging me. My back, my shoulders, my
spine, my lower back, my buttocks, my hamstrings,
calves and feet were massaged for what seemed to be the
better part of an hour. I was thankful I finished that
coffee earlier or I would be long since, deep asleep.

My body was covered in oil and the girls begin rubbing
their breasts around on my oiled up body. One of the
girls began working a finger against my ass slowly
while another used her fingernails to slowly and gently
rack them across my balls. Although I was face down,
one of them straddled my head, again placing her hips
above my head to the side that I was facing.

Again, I was breathing in the scent of hot pussy. I
felt my hands being placed behind my back and tied with
the ties. While I was a bit scared of the
possibilities, I tried to relax and go with it. Soon I
had two sets of hands massaging my ass cheeks, another
working her finger tips against my ass and slowly
pushing one in, past my opening and into my ass. She
held it still for a minute while the other girls
continued their actions, then slowly began sliding it
in a bit further, over and over. As I began to get used
to the intrusion, she stopped.

I was pulled to my knees and could feel someone getting
into a Rocky(D)gy position in front of me. I soon found out
from voices that it was Tonya. I was pushed down over
her ass and my cock was being lined up with her pussy.
I felt like a Bull who was tied up and being positioned
to inseminate for a stud fee. With my hands tied behind
my back and the blindfold, my other senses seemed to be
accentuated as they touched and guided me into her and
pushed on my ass to start fucking her. I was still bent
over with my ass in the air overtop of Tonya.

I began trying to thrust into her, but found it
difficult at best. Just then I felt a tongue on my ass.
Swirling around, licking up and down then flicking. I
didn’t think it could get much better when I felt
another mouth on my balls sucking on my scrotum and
letting it escape between gently clenched teeth.

Hands were rubbing my back, gently at first then
alternating between soft motions and fingernails
scraping down my skin. Tonya had taken on the role of
thrusting her hips back to fuck herself on my cock. I
was in a position where I could not really fuck her,
nor did I want to upset the sensations being provided
by the oral actions on my balls and ass.

As expected I quickly felt my cum building and I didn’t
bother trying to hold back, I just focused on the
sensations my body was experiencing and let my cum
pulse out. The girls licking my ass and balls knew I
was about to cum and both increased their attention to
a fevered pace making this one of the most intense
orgasms I had experienced.

As soon as I finished ejaculating in Tonya, I was
pushed over, off of her and onto my back. Immediately
my cock was being licked clean and I heard Tonya
moaning and Chiquita saying something about how good it
tasted between loud slurping sounds. I visualized
Tonya’s freshly fucked pussy high in the air and
Chiquita licking away at the cream pie I had just made
in Tonya.

I felt someone, I assumed Kelly straddled my face and
lowered her pussy to my mouth. I eagerly inhaled the
scent then began sucking her engorged pussy into my

We stayed like this for a while, then I felt more hands
on my body as Tonya and Chiquita joined in. My cock was
spent, but the cock worship they were providing to me
did wonders and before long I was hard again.

Kelly moved down my body and placed my cock inside her
announcing to the girls that fucking a tied up and
blindfolded white man to get pregnant was a total turn
on. The others laughed and I heard some high-fives
being exchanged. I couldn’t help but smile at my good

Kelly rode me hard, then laid back so that she was
laying on top of me, I began kissing the back of her
neck as first hands then tongues began licking and
biting at the base of my cock as it went in and out of
Kelly. I could tell someone must have put a lip lock on
Kelly’s clit because she began breathing quicker and
moaning loudly. I dug my heels into the bed and began
thrusting up as hard as I could.

Because of the number of times I had cum already, I was
nowhere near blowing a load so I just focused on
fucking her as hard as I could. She was moaning and
yelling encouragement for me to fuck her harder and
harder, which I tried my best to fulfill. I was now
beginning to sweat as I felt the wetness and slick
sweat between her back and my chest. I continued to
thrust up as hard as I could. Sweat was now rolling off
my forehead when I felt a tongue begin to lick my sweat
from my forehead above my blindfold. Then down to my
neck, licking my ear along the way moaning at how sexy
my sweat tasted.

For some reason this was just too much. Mind blowing. A
true mind fuck. Out of nowhere and without warning, I
was suddenly yelling out primal animalistic sounds as
my cum shot into Kelly womb.

As I slowed my pace and my cock became flaccid falling
from her cunt, eager mouths licked the excess from her
pussy and my cock.

With Kelly laying on top of me, my arms still tied
behind my back began to be very uncomfortable. I asked
the girls if they could untie my arms. They and I laid
on the bed blindfolded as Kelly and Chiquita cuddled up
under each arm, kissing my neck and occasionally each
other, while Tonya crawled up between my legs resting
her head on my thigh with her face next to my cock and
my now soft cock laid across her face. TJ was snuggled
up against me with her shoulder and neck against my
side and her head lying on my stomach. She was rubbing
my crotch gently and occasionally taking my cock and
rubbing it around on Tonya’s face.

Although I fought it, not wanting this night to end,
sleep overtook me and I drifted off, satiated,
exhausted and still blindfolded.

I awoke to the sound of moans, I removed my blindfold
and saw that TJ and Tonya were on the couch in sixty-
nine. I needed to piss and got up and headed toward the
bathroom. Chiquita followed me again smiling. I stood
in front of the toilet and let her hold my cock as I
urinated. She giggled as she moved it around spraying
pee around the inside of the bowl, then shaking it when
my stream stopped. Then looking up and me again, she
opened her mouth, extended her tongue and licked then
sucked the final drops from my cock.

Again, I found this a bit uncomfortable, but at the
same time a total turn on as my cock began to grow in
her mouth. I pulled her head from my cock and announced
that I wanted to take a shower. I instructed her to get
the water warm for me. She did so as I went to the mini
bar to get something to drink. I returned and entered
the shower as Chiquita lathered a washcloth and began
washing my body from head to foot.

I told her to go and get the oil so that I could fuck
her in the ass. She smiled and quickly ran into the
other room to grab the oil and returned handing it to
me asking if she should apply the oil or if I wanted
to. I told her she could and she oiled up my cock, then
her ass and bent over presenting her black ass to me. I
told her to spread her cheeks for me as I positioned my
cock at the entrance of her ass and began applying

My cock slipped in and she placed her hands on the wall
in front of her and began pushing back against my cock.
With the water flowing over us and my cock thrusting in
and out of her ass, the slapping sound of our bodies
meeting was accentuated. I began spanking her ass to
which she responded with screams of “Yes Master!” and
“Fuck your black Slavegirl’s ass!”

I didn’t want to cum yet so when I felt it approaching,
I pulled out, turned her around and kissed her, then
instructed her to finish washing me. When she
completed, she dried me and licked my cock to ensure it
was clean.

I went into the other room where TJ and Tonya were
still in a sixty-nine bringing each other to orgasm
after orgasm. I walked over to them and stuck my cock
into Tonya, then walked around and did the same to TJ,
giving each of them a three to five minute fuck before
I felt my orgasm building again.

Kelly was still on the bed asleep so I decided to dump
my load in Tonya. I walked back around and entered
Tonya, telling Chiquita to lick my ass as I fucked her
and TJ to suck her clit while I fucked her. Soon Tonya
was screaming as I pounded into her and spanked her
ass. I brought my hand down very hard one last time as
I began cuming in her. I held my cock deep inside her
until I was finished, then pulled back and laid back
down on the bed to go back to sleep. Chiquita quickly
licked my cock and balls clean again as TJ sucked and
licked my cum from Tonya’s pussy.

The next morning, we ordered room service and played
some more, before TJ and Chiquita exchanged numbers
with Tonya and Kelly and prepared to leave. They both
looked at each other, then looked at me as we prepared
to say goodbye and Chiquita said, “If you ever want
another slave girl, and it’s ok with them two, please
call me. This was the most amazing experience I’ve ever
had. If you told me twenty-four hours ago that I would
be willingly playing a slave girl to a white man, I
would have laughed in your face, but now that I’ve done
it and know that I know you, I know why I did it.
Thanks Master.” She kissed me and walked to the door.
TJ simply kissed me hard and said “What she said.” And
laughed as they left.

The next day we just laid around and watched movies and
fucked. I took both the girls out that evening to do
some shopping and bought both of them several new
outfits and several pairs of shoes. We ate dinner and
returned to the room where they put on a fashion show
for me and asked if they could tie me up again and see
how many times they could get me to cum.

Laughing, I complied and their I laid, hands and feet
both tied to the bed as the girls took turns fucking
me, then getting me hard, then fucking me again. I
honestly can’t recall how man times I came, but I do
recall the last time I came, it felt like I had
expelled every last bit of energy and I don’t know if I
fell asleep or passed out.

I fucked both girls many more times over the next few
weeks until they told me one day that they were both
pregnant. I had made plans for this and I handed them
both an envelope. They opened and read it. Both letters
were pretty much the same. They both had key and they
both had a debit card. I gave Tonya the money to hire
an attorney and divorce her husband and they moved into
the apartment I had rented for them. They both hugged
me and cried.

I now had two pregnant mistresses. As for TJ and
Chiquitta; the girls invited them over for a house
warming party this weekend. I’ll let you know what

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