Blacked Wife

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My wife who is 45 is a great looker even at this age.
She exercises regularly and is fit as a young woman.
She is smart but when is gets drunk, she gets these
amnesia attacks that leave her in a blacked out state
and when she comes out of it she can’t remember a
thing. I was always irritated at this stupid condition
of her but on my birthday I was really thankful for
that anomaly. You see what happened was like this.
My wife and I were in a horny mood while celebrating my
birthday at home just by ourselves. We had been
drinking a lot and both of us were not feeling any
pain. I kept plying her with gins in the hope that
eventually she would get her amnesia attach and I would
be able to fuck her in the ass and mouth something
she doesn’t approve of when she is sober.
By experience I know that it takes about five drinks to
get her in the state and today she had already consumed
about eight (and doubles at that!)…but she had been
drinking fast and I was just waiting for the “moment”.
We were dressed very casually. I was only wearing my
shorts and my wife only had a short cotton robe she
puts on after her shower. It was not buttoned up and
her braless creamy white breasts were red from all the
tweaking I had been doing. Just then the doorbell rang
and I frowned at the intruder.
My wife, tipsy and all, quickly hid under the dining
table, which is covered by a beautiful table cloth
embroidered by my sweet wife as I went to answer the
door. We were thinking it must be one of those door to
door salesmen and I would get rid of him in no time. So
I was a bit taken aback when I saw that it were my two
older brothers and two of their mates. My family is
close knit and we visit each other any time we feel
like but today was definitely not the day I wanted
anyone around.
Before I could explain anything to them, my oldest
brother Kala rushed to the toilet to relieve his
bladder and the other one Ranga leaped to the
fridge and hauled out a few beers for himself and his
buddies. They had been playing tennis and wanted to
crash at my house for a few beers and chat before
heading to their respective homes. I sighed as Ranga
introduced me to his buddies Blake and Chad who
incidentally were also brothers and teamed with my
brothers to play tennis every Saturday.
I thought I would lead them all to the living room so
that my wife could sneak up to the bedroom and rest but
before that, Blake and Chad parked their jet black
butts on the dining table chairs. Oh fuck, I thought,
my poor darling was stuck under the table! Anyway,
seeing that Ranga too sat down next to them. Kala, upon
his return from the toilet, flipped his beer open and
sat down at the head of the table where I usually sit.
All of them were really funky from the game and were
sweating like pigs. They were wearing sweat-soaked t-
shirts and tennis shorts. We don’t wear shoes in the
house so they had already taken their shoes and socks
off. To tell you a bit about my brothers they are
both larger than me in height as well as weight and had
always bullied me when I was young (even now).
They are super hairy while I have little or no body
hair. They work out so their bodies ripple with muscles
even though Kala is 60 and Ranga is almost 58. Blake
and Chad seemed about the same age although they were
slightly overweight and if I can say that a bit ugly.
Although my brothers and I are brown, Blake and Chad
were jet black and making me feel a bit nervous. They
finished the first round of beer in just a few minutes
and it was then that Ranga asked, “Hey little bro,
where’s your sweet wife?”
I don’t know what came over me but I lied and said, “Oh
she’s gone out for a night out with her girl friends.”
Ranga sniggered loudly and exclaimed, “are you sure,
sweetie that she has gone out with her GIRL friends.”
And they all laughed loudly at my expense. I was hoping
by now my wife was under amnesia and blacked out
because these old fuckers didn’t show any sign of
leaving soon and what with my stupid white lie. They
started chatting and making crude sexy jokes and having
a good time. Within half an hour, all beer in the
fridge was finished and Kala asked me to go and buy
some more from the store. I was reluctant to leave them
alone in the house but had no choice. Just outside I
remembered that my wife had stacked some beer crates in
the garage so I went to the garage to get the beers. It
took me about 10 minutes to remove the stacks and I got
inside the house from the door connecting the garage
and the backdoor.
I don’t know how it happened but I tripped in the
darkness and fell down. There, lying on the floor I saw
under the dining table…my wife was on all fours and
her head was bobbing up and down on my elder brother
Kala’s big black uncut cock. I was too shocked to say
or do anything. But another shock awaited me. The big
black giant Blake was slowly fucking my amnesia
infested wife’s slick pussy with his big fat toes. I
could see his large foot was almost halfway inside her
giant hairy pussy. Above the table, they continued
chatting as if nothing untoward had happened. Once I
regained my senses, I became acutely aware of my rock
hard cock, hardened at the erotic slutty sight in front
of me. I slowly pulled myself up closer to the dining
table without making any noise to get a clear view.
Definitely my wife had gone in her amnesia. She had
that glazed look in her eyes she always gets when in
this state. And she was going to town sucking my big
brother’s ugly slimy cock. I could see her saliva
glistening on his fat shaft which was clearly fatter
and longer than my eight-inch long and five inch fat
cock. His cock was definitely 10-inch long and about
eight-inch circumference. Oh fuck. What have I got into
I thought and gently massaged by cock-lump. She sucked
Kala’s cock for about five minutes and I saw him reach
under the table to hold her ears and jam her mouth on
his fat black cock as he erupted his sweaty and smelly
sperm in her mouth. Even a few minutes after he had
cum, my blacked out wife continued sucking his limp but
impressive cockmeat till he finally pushed her off. He
also grunted a bit making everyone ask if he was okay.
But he just smiled a weak smile (the one you can manage
immediately after cumming a big load). Once he was done
cumming, he stuffed his man-meat inside his tennis
shorts and asked Ranga to swap places with him. Ranga
looked at him strangely but my eldest brother simply
winked at him and pushed him down on his original
Almost immediately my cock hungry wife fished for his
cock, although startled, Ranga composed himself very
fast and continued chatting and drinking. In the
absence of beer they had opened a wine bottle. My wife,
under the table, slowly started sucking on my second
brother’s equally ugly, black and big Rocky(H)-cock as I
played with my own hard cock at the sight. My wife was
going to town sucking my old brother’s cock. She was
licking his hairy and sweaty big black balls and
slurping on his cock.
Blake’s foot was still playing inside my wife’s pussy.
My wife is a good cock-sucker (even though she would
never admit it) and it must be her excellent cock-
sucking skills that Ranga too came in her mouth within
minutes. Once he was done he gobbled up the entire
glass of wine. I could see a thick strand of ropey cum
hanging from the corner of my cock-sucking wife.
Blake must have known what was happening all this while
and wanted a share of his fun too. But I think he just
didn’t want to make it too obvious. Slowly, he slumped
down on the table so that only his chin was resting on
the table and his long black hands were almost touching
the floor. Then as the others continued talking, he
slowly groped under the table and finally grasped what
he was looking for my wife’s delicious rump. She had
already discarded her robe and was buck naked. Blake
pulled her like a rag doll from her waist. And she slid
backwards easily in her Rocky(D)gie position.
Once she was close enough, Blake sat up and started
fisting his half hard cock to a rod of steel. Once it
was 100 percent erect he sneaked his glass of wine a
bit down and poured some wine on his shiny blue-black
monster cock. Then he smeared the wine all over his
cockhead and slowly eased it in my wife’s lusty pussy.
He was slow because he knew with his monster cock, my
wife would have screamed in pain. Inch by inch I saw
fascinated he pushed his black uncut cock in my wife’s
open cunt till his kinky nigger pubes were grinding
against my wife’s creamy white buns.
Then, instead of thrusting in and out of my wife’s
pussy, he slowly started pulling her off and on his
cock, as if she was riding his cock. I swear I could
see some steam coming out of the joint of his cock with
her pussy. He fucked his cock holding my wife’s sliding
rump for a good ten minutes and then with a final
“pull” slammed her tight till the root of his fat 12-
inch cock and spewed millions of black sperm inside my
sweet comatose wife’s willing but unknowing pussy.
By now everyone was aware of something going on but
they were a bit hesitant to say anything because they
were expected me back anytime and still they didn’t
know who it really was under the table. So to not
complicate matters anymore I slowly slid back to the
garage noiselessly and after making expected noises,
returned from the front door. They looked at me briefly
with a disappointed look but continued their chatter as
if nothing had happened at all. As I was stacking the
beer in the chiller to cool it quickly, I noticed Blake
murmuring something to a bewildered and disappointed
Chad his ugly and big black brother.
I don’t know why but I was feeling a bit sorry for Chad
as he was the only one left out. Anyway, my brother
Ranga’s mobile rang and it was his wife asking him how
long he would be…so he decided to leave. Since both
my brothers live close by they were in a same car and
left together. Blake and Chad were also leaving when
something inside my blue balls asked them to stay for a
few more drinks if they liked. “I am anyway waiting for
my wife,” I heard myself say.
They stayed back happily. The beer was now chilled so
we started another round as they narrated their
escapades at the tennis court and off it. Soon we were
chatting like long lost buddies even though I am nearly
20 years their younger. I was back in my seat and my
wife had my cock in her mouth slowly nibbling at my
foreskin just the way I like it to edge myself. So it
must have been my earlier pity on Chad that made me
swap places with him as I wanted to show Blake the
drawing of my interior plans.
Sure enough, I heard a sudden gasp as my wife must have
swallowed his black cock. I pretended to not notice but
saw a satisfied vile smile on Blake’s face. I was so
horny that I slowly pushed my toes where Blake’s big
black cock had deposited its black seed in my wife’s
sloppy pussy. Both Blake and I were shocked when our
feet met just inside my wife’s slippery pussy. We
looked at each other and he smiled knowingly. I had no
expression on my face even as Blake pushed his thick
nigger cum from my wife’s pussy and spread it all over
my much smaller foot. Soon he was pushing my foot in my
wife’s put together with his own black foot. Oh man, I
can’t describe that awesome slippery feeling of Blake’s
black cum slithering all over my foot straight from my
wife’s pussy.
“Oops, buddy can you help me pick that napkin,” I heard
Blake request me as he dropped the napkin intentionally
on the floor. I sat down on my knees to retrieve the
napkin and to look at Chad’s cock fucking my sweet wife
from close by. I was so engrossed in the sight that I
didn’t notice Blake peering lustily from behind me.
When I saw him, he gently but firmly pushed me straight
ahead to my wife’s musky pussy still oozing Blake’s
warm sperm. I hesitated but Blake didn’t and pushed me
in the ravines of my wife’s freshly fucked spunked
pussy. I tentatively took a lick of my first cream-pie
and got bolder as the tastes of interracial fucking hit
me in the brain.
I slurped and scooped Blake’s cum with my tongue and
his older brother fucked my wife’s mouth with his 11-
inch purple monster with mottled grey spots. Without
cumming, Chad got up and together both black brothers
pulled us out from under the table. They laid my
amnesia-infected wife on the couch and Chad plunged his
cock-meat in her sopping pussy. Blake put on leg on the
chair right above where I was seated on the floor and
waved his monster black cock in my face. “Take a lick
sweetie…lick it like an ice-cream cone…” he said
and stuffed his cock in my mouth. I started sucking as
if I was born to suck cock and I sucked like my life
depended on that old black and smelly cock.
I sucked with an energy I had not seen in my sex life
for a long time and I sucked to squeeze out every
single drop of black nigger sperm from that fat straw.
I was rewarded with a thick torrent or lumpy yellowish
nigger cum that I ate with relish (there was no way to
drink it, it was so thick). I squeezed the root of his
cock and pulled another thick rope of nigger cum to eat
that too. And while I was enjoying the black banana
cream, Chad, the older of the two black brothers,
dumped his cum in my wife’s pussy straight to the
entrance of her womb.
Both Blake and Chad were slapping my face with their
limp cocks (bigger than when I am hard) as I was
slurping on my wife’s freshly fucked pussy when I heard
my own older brother’s lusty voice, “I see she finally
returned from a night out with her girlfriends.” They
had returned to pick Kala’s mobile phone. But now their
massive cocks hanging out from their tiny tennis
shorts, they were in no hurry to go home.
And this time I was willing to be bullied by them.

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