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The long waited day has arrived; today is Kajal agarwal film actress wedding, which she has been waiting for almost a month. Her fiance Arun, is from an upper middle class family and he works in a MNC and earns 1 lacks Rupees per month. Arun and Kajal’s wedding was completed around 10: 45 in the morning and all the relatives enjoyed a good feast.
And around 5:30 the reception started and was going well. All the relatives and friends were taking pictures with the couples and there was music all around.
Few hours passed and when the reception was reaching its end, Arun received a call from his friend and he answered it. As he speak his facial expression changed from happy to shocking and tensed. Kajal, who was standing beside him noticed it.
“Arun, is there any problem. You are looking tensed”
“Yes, a big one”
“Since today is our wedding, I gave my project to my friend Jacob. But that idiot has crushed my project”
“What are you going to do now?”
Arun stood silently. Kajal asked him again.
“He wants some help from me”
“Then you can see him tomorrow and make everything right”
“Tomorrow I must submit the project; I am working on that for almost three weeks”
Kajal didn’t say anything.
“Please dear, if you allow me I would go to his house and return in about an hour”
Kajal thought for a while, She has been waiting for her wedding night for a long time and if Arun didn’t go now he would be blabbering about this the whole night and all her dream about her wedding night would be ruined. If he goes now he would be relaxed and they may have an excellent wedding night and so Kajal allowed him to visit his friend. Arun then informed it to his parents and left to see his friend on his bike.
Almost two hours passed and there was no news from Arun. All the guests has left and Arun’s parents and Kajal were worried, they tried to reach through his mobile, but it was switched off.
Kajal was worried too much.
Arun’s parents convinced her by saying that he would often switch off his phone when he is at work, he doesn’t like any distraction.
Another hour passed and the land line phone in the house rang. Arun’s father received it and answered it.
“Noooo…” he shouted and dropped the receiver down.
Arun’s mother and Kajal were confused and asked him what happened.
“We must go to Jon’s hospital now” he said.
And they took the car and drive to the hospital. On the way he informed Kajal and his wife that Arun has met with an accident and is admitted in the hospital. When both the ladies heard this they started crying.
In few minutes they reached the hospital. When they reached the hospital Arun was receiving treatment from the doctor and Arun’s parents and Kajal were not allowed to enter the room and they were waiting outside the room, with lots of tension in their face.
In another few minutes the doctor came out of the room and Arun’s father enquired about his health.
“How is my son doctor?”
“He is ok, he got some injuries in his stomach and thighs. He looks fine outside, but we have to take some scan, to conform”
After that Arun was taken into a room for examining and he was asked to wait for the result. After 30 minutes the doctor called Arun’s father into his cabin. Kajal and Arun’s mom also went with him to meet the doctor.
“Sir is everything all right”
“Yes… but…” Saying that the doctor saw Kajal, Who was still in her brides dress.
“Who is she?”
“She is my son’s wife, they were married today”
When the doctor heard this he showed a sad face and said
“His health is fine, but there is a blood clot near his thighs and waist. So….” he stopped and looked at Kajal.
“So, what doctor”
“He can’t have any sexual activities for almost 12 to 15 months”
When Kajal heard this she was shocked for a second. She has been waiting for this day for so long and now her dreams were crushed. Kajal immediately got over it.
“Due to the blood clot his penis won’t get the erection. It would get back to normal as the blood clot heals” the doctor said.
After consulting the doctor all went to see Arun. Throughout the day Kajal was desperate for the night and now she is only a desperate wife who has to wait for almost 15 months for her first night.
After two days Arun was discharged from the hospital and came back home. They stayed with Arun’s parents for another one week and then Arun and Kajal left to Chennai, where Arun has bought a house for them to stay after his marriage. After reaching there everything was normal for few days and after almost a week Kajal started to feel strange and she felt more unsatisfied in her marriage life. She often started masturbating after her husband went to the office. This continued for few days.
One day Arun came early from office in a hurry
“Kaju darling today is the happiest day of my life” Arun said Kajal and gave her a tight hug.
“What Arun, I have never seen you this excited”
“Do you remember the project I was doing during our marriage?”
“How can I forget it, that fucking project is the one shattered all my dreams” Kajal thought in her mind.
“Yes Arun” Kajal said with a forced smile on her face.
“That project got approved and I am going to Delhi to present the project. If I succeed I will move one more step up in my career”
“When are we going” Kajal asked.
“Sorry dear, you are not coming with me. It is a two week trip and my company is paying all the expenditures. And my boss is a very strict man and he won’t all wives to travel with the employees for any business trip, since he thinks it may distract them from doing their work”.
“Oh, when are you leaving?”
“The flight is in another two hours”
Hearing this Kajal cursed her stars and started packing all the stuffs for Arun for the trip. In a couple of hour Arun left to the airport in a cab and Kajal stayed in the house looking at the walls.
Next day in the morning Kajal wake up early and then opened the window and saw a man almost in his early fourties entering the house compound, wearing a vest and a lungie. She immediately got off the bed and went to the door. When she reached the door the doorbell rang, Kajal immediately opened the door.
“Ma’am, vessel” he asked.
Kajal had no clue what he was talking about and then she saw a cycle standing outside with a milk can on its back and understood that he was asking for a vessel to pour milk (While Arun was here he would get up early in the morning to do the office work and he would place the vessel in the door and Kajal would wake up after that to prepare breakfast, so she had never seen the milkman before). Kajal immediately went inside the house and took a vessel and came back. Then when she bent down to get the milk her pallu slipped slightly and her deep cleavage was visible for the milkman and he was staring at it while pouring the milk.
“wowww…” he shouted in his mind.
Kajal didn’t notice it, when the vessel was filled Kajal moved and the milkman shifted his sight from her cleavage immediately. Kajal then took the milk and got into the house and closed the door. She then placed the milk in the kitchen and went back into the bedroom to close the window. When she neared the window she saw he milkman stop his cycle near a bush and suddenly he raised his lungie up and put his hand inside it and pulled his dick out, Kajal was shocked when she saw his dick, it was long and huge. The milkman started pissing on the bush and Kajal looked at his dick pouring out his urine without even blinking her eyes. After pissing he took his cycle and left the place. Kajal too closed the window and left to do her work, but the picture of his huge dick was fixed firmly on her mind.
That night Kajal was thinking about the milkman and his dick, she was eagerly waiting for the sun to rise, so that she could meet him.
In the morning at 5:30 Kajal opened the window and looked at the gate eagerly waiting for the milkman. In another few minutes she heard the gate open and saw him coming in and she was eagerly waiting for him to ring the bell, and as soon as the bell rang, Kajal went to the kitchen and picked the vessel and went out to fetch the milk. This time Kajal was looking at the muscular body of the milkman and felt a vibration between her legs.
“Ma’am, isn’t sir home” the milkman asked Kajal.
“Yes he is out for a business trip and he will be back soon”
The conversation between them started like this and they continued to talk for another 15 minutes and during the conversation Kajal came to know that his name was Sundar and he had been married for 12 years and has two children’s. Kajal also spoke to him about her family. After their little conversation Sundar left to deliver milk.
Kajal felt happier talking to him, ever since she moved here she has never had a good talk to anyone. Most of her neighbours would go to work (both husband and wife), and the remaining would wind up in clubs and other activities. The conversation with Sundar brought some relief to her mind.
After that day Sundar would often spend more time with Kajal, talking to her about his work, his wife and some personal stuff. Kajal also started becoming close to him. Now a day he would come early to deliver milk to spend more time with her. As time passed both Kajal and Sundar were attracted by each other but they didn’t have the guts to express their feeling.
One day Sundar came almost one hour late from usual time.
“Why are you late today brother?”
“Last night I slept very late, so I couldn’t get up early”.
“Were you milking the cow all night?” Kajal asked funnily
“No if was just milking my wife, she is a sex hungry bitch and she never lets me sleep when she was in mood”
When Kajal heard this she was shocked, and her face become dull. Sundar noticed it.
“You miss your husband, don’t you”
“Not really, if he is here also he won’t be able to do nothing to me” Kajal said it without her knowledge.
“What do you mean” Sundar asked shockingly.
Kajal came back to her sense and don’t know what to say.
“Oh, he was always busy with his work and carries his laptop every were like they were joined twins”
“Don’t worry it will all work out as time passes” Sundar tried to console her.
As they continued their conversation, it went deep into Sundar’s sex life with his wife. He talked about his wives structure and her reaction when he presses her boobs, etc… Kajal felt awkward but she enjoyed it.
That night Kajal was unable to sleep thinking about the things she and Sundar talked in the morning. And the sight of Sundar’s huge dick came in front of her and she started masturbating thinking about him. While fingering her pussey she imagined of his dick and pressed her boobs harder and harder and let out some wild moans and reached a couple of orgasm before she went to sleep.
After that day onwards their conversation revolved mostly on sex and Sundar started admiring about how beautiful Kajal looks and even gave sexy comments about her structure. He would often compare her with his wife and say what kind of stuffs he would do to his wife on bed. At first Kajal felt awkward but now she also teases him with some sexy replies, this continued for few days. Sundar now often visits Kajal when he got free times and Kajal would get more excited every time he visits.
One day Sundar came to her house in the evening at around 4:30pm and rang the doorbell. As usual Kajal came and opened the door and welcomed him into the house and made him sit in the hall and she sat next to him.
“You came early today, have you already done delivering the milk”
“No, I may not have work for a few days. Some of the cows in my house are ill so if we milk them now it won’t be got for their health and for those who drink the milk. So I won’t be working for at least a couple of days”.
“Ok, how is your wife doing?”
“She and the kids are at her mother’s house; they went to attend the marriage function of her close relative and will be back in few days”
“Then are you alone in your house, and why didn’t you go with them”
“If I go with them, there won’t be anyone to look after the cow”
“Oh I forget that”
Then talked for another 20 minutes.
“Kaju could you bring me some water to drink”
“Oh sure, wait I will be back”
Saying that Kajal went into the kitchen. Few seconds after she entered the kitchen…
“aaaaahhhhh…” Sunder heard Kajal screaming.
He immediately went into the kitchen and saw Kajal down on the floor. He immediately lifted her up and Kajal hold his shoulder and got up. While holding him the side of her boobs were pressing towards his arms, and Sundar could feel the softness of her boobs and got a instant erection inside his lungie. Being so close to him Kajal could smell the sweaty odour from his body and wither boobs feeling his muscles Kajal was getting arose. Sunder slowly took her into the bed room and made her lie on the bed.
“What happened!?” Sundar asked her.
“I stepped on the water on the floor and slipped”
“Where does it hurt?”
“In my back and legs, I think we should call the doctor”
Hearing this Sundar thought that he has got an opportunity to feel the smoothness of her skin and he don’t want to slip this opportunity away.
“Kaju, why do you need a doctor when you me”
“What do you mean?”
“I am good at treating this kind of stuffs. I have learned these from my grandfather”
“Are you sure you can do it, because it really hurts”
“Trust me I am positive”
Then Kajal agreed to him. Sunder immediately went to the kitchen and took the oil can and walked towards the bedroom, on the way he saw the house door open, he immediately locked the door and then entered the bed room with the oil can.
After closing the front door Sundar entered the bedroom and saw Kajal lying on the bed with a painful expression on her face, which was so sexy. Seeing her like that made his mind crazy and he was felt more eager to touch her smooth skin. Sundar wasted no time and immediately went to Kajal.
“What is it on your hand” Kajal asked.
“It just olive oil”
“I thought that you will be using balm”
“No, it would do fine. Now turn around and lay with your back facing the ceiling”
Kajal did as she was asked to do and her face was resting on a pillow. Sundar moved even closer and got a good look at her back.
“Kaju, if you don’t mind could you please remove the pallu of your saree”
“What, no I can’t”
“Then how would I able to apply the oil if your saree is on the way”
“But… But…!!!”
“I knew what you are thinking, you can think me as a doctor, I know you will certainly do if a doctor asks you to do it”
Kajal thought for a while and felt little convinced and she slightly raised her body up and immediately Sundar pulled the pallu of her shoulder and put it aside, Kajal once again went back to the same position. Sunder once again took a good glance at her white back and moved up and saw her boobs pressing against the bed.
The sight was too much for he, he just wanted to take his dick out and shag at that moment, but he controlled his emotion and then he took the oil can and pour some oil in his one palm and applied to the other. Then slowly rubbed it over her back. As Sundar’s hand moved to and fro over her back Kajal started to relax and she closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Sundar first worked on her back and seeing her relax he slowly moved his hands to the either side of her waist and gave it a gentle press.
“mmmmm…” Kajal moaned as he touched her waist.
He continued it for a while and then stopped.
“Kaju now turn around and lay on your back”
Kajal didn’t say anything and turned around and laid down on her back. At this position her white and smooth tummy and her two mountains inside her blouse gave a good treat to Sundar’s eyes.
He didn’t waste any time and climbed over the bed and kneeled over Kajal’s thighs with his knees on either side of her thighs. Seeing Sundar in this position made Kajal more uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything and simply watched him do his activities.
Once he was comfortable in that position, he took the oil and poured it into Kajal’s belly button and filled it. Kajal’s body started to shiver as the oil slowly filled into her and Sundar also was able to feel her body tremble and the vibration in her body made his dick even harder.
After filling her belly button with the oil he placed the can aside and slowly dipped his middle finger into it and the oil started to over flow and started running down her tummy. Sunder then slowly applied the oil all over her tummy slowly with little pressure. Suddenly a question aroused in Kajal’s mind
“Why is he applying oil on my tummy… I was hurt on my back!!”
But she didn’t mind it since it felt more satisfying and she almost forgot the pain started feeling his hand slipping over her tummy. As he continued it Kajal was looking at his muscular body that is shining with some sweat drop. Sundar slowly increased his pressure on her body.
“mmmmm… aaaahhhh” Kajal closed her eyes and started letting out some mild moans that Sundar enjoyed so much.
Before the start of it, Sundar thought of only feeling Kajal’s smooth skin, but seen all this he thought that he could easily seduce her and make her share the bed with him.
He then made a plan to take this to the next level. He then stopped massaging and got of the bed.
“Is it finished” Kajal asked.
“No, we have not completed even 50% of the treatment”
Kajal was shocked and equally excited that there is yet more to come.
“Then why did you get off”
“I am little thirsty, let me drink some water and when I come back lets work on your legs. Do you need something to drink?”
“Yes there is a cup of cold coffee in the refrigerator, could you bring me that”
“Oh sure”
Saying that he entered the kitchen and took the cold coffee out and then he removed his undies and dropped it on one corner of the kitchen and he saw his dick rock hard and standing erect inside his lungi. Suddenly an idea flashed in his mind.
“Ha, Kaju is there any hot water in the kitchen” Sunder asked Kajal from the kitchen.
“I don’t think there is any, if you need you could boil some water” Kajal replied.
Sunder knew she would say this.
“Ok Kaju, thanks”
Saying that Saying that Sundar took his lungi and tied it above his thighs and when he did that his dick automatically popped out of his lungie. He then holds his dick in his hand and started to masturbate thinking about Kajal’s sexy and smooth body and skin. In now time he moaned…
“mmmmmmmm… ooohhh” and was about to cum.
He doesn’t want to waste his precious cum so he immediately took the cup containing cold coffee and ejected all his sperm into it and then he took a spoon and mixed his sperm with the cold coffee and made it a cum coffee, and then he waited for his dick to get back to normal. In another few seconds his dick was back to normal and then he took the cold coffee and brought it to Kajal.
“Here is your coffee”
Kajal slowly got up and sat on the bed and received the coffee and started drinking. When she got up she didn’t bother putting back her pallu of the saree and she enjoyed the coffee.
Sunder without even blinking his eyes watched Kajal zipping the cum coffee and drinking it in an erotic way and he also peeked at her cleavage and her tummy shining in oil.
After finishing her coffee Sundar once again made her lie on the bed.
“Now let’s proceed with our treatment”
Saying that he moved towards her legs and slowly raised her saree up. He thought that Kajal you surely protest, but to his surprise she stayed still allowing him to explore her legs. He slowly moved her saree till her knee and saw her white shave legs and he desperately wanted to suck on those white wood, once again he relaxed himself and proceeded by applying oil on both her legs.
After massaging her legs for a while, Sundar once again climbed over the bed and this time he was in 69 position over Kajal in a Rocky(D)gie position and once again started playing with her tummy. All this time Kajal was closing her eyes and enjoyed it. Then she suddenly opened her eyes and was terribly shocked.
It was Sundar’s dick hanging straight in front of her face and close to her lips. Kajal was confused and don’t know what to do or say. She immediately closed her eyes to avoid it, but a voice inside her head said
“Common see it and enjoy it, you won’t get a second chance. He won’t notice it, common open your eyes”
Kajal couldn’t control her inner feeling and immediately opened her eyes and had a good look at his dick which is only inches away from her mouth. With his dick so close to Kajals mouth, sundar could feel the hot breath coming out of Kajals nose on his dick and Sundar felt more uncomfortable. While staring at his dick Kajal saw a white drop of liquid at the tip of his dick, that was about to drop down. Kajal clearly had an idea what it could be. While she was thinking this the white paste, dropped from his dick and landed on Kajal’s lips, she stayed still for few seconds and suddenly licked it. She was unable to figure its taste but she kind of liked it. Suddenly Sundar took his hand of her tummy and got of the bed.
“Kaju, the treatment is almost over. Now I just have to check you ribs”
“Dont worry I won’t ask you to remove your blouse”
Saying that he once again climbed over Kajal with her tummy between his thighs and then he made Kajal raise her hands and placed it over her head. Then her placed his hands on either side of her breast and slowly pressed it up and down. This was too much for Kajal and she couldn’t control herself and started moaning.
Seeing Kajal going out of control, Sundar slowly moved his face close to her face and he smelled the fragment of her skin, and continued moving his hands on the side of her boobs. His breath started to heathen up and landed straight on Kajal’s face.
Kajal felt his breath on her face and opened her eyes and saw Sundar face to face, with his lips so close to her. They looked into each other’s eyes for few minutes and stayed in that position for few minutes. Sundar then slowly moved his lips even closer to her lips and touched it. As soon as his lips made contact with her lips, he didn’t wait any longer and grabbed her lower lips between his mouth and started sucking her lips. Kajal stayed like she was in a hypnotic spell and gave her lips to Sundar, who was making a feast out of it. He continuously sucked her upper and lower lips simultaneously and extracted her saliva and drank it.
“mmmm… aaahhhh…” Kajal moaned, with her mind completely blanked.
While smooching her lips, Sunder slowly moved his right hand from her ribs and placed it on her breast and moved his palm around her milk tank over her blouse.
“aaaahhhh… eeeeuuu” Kajal’s moan increased.
Seeing her get excited, Sunder stopped smooching her and grabbed her breast and pressed it slowly.
“aaaahhhhh” Kajal shouted.
Sunder was more excited when he saw her facial expressions sitting on top of her. He now was sitting on her tummy and grabbed both her boobs and started pressing them harder and harder.
“ohhh… aaaahhh… yaaaa…” Kajal’s sound increased with each seconds.
While this was going on, Suddenly Kajal’s mobile rang. It was the ringtone she set for her husband’s number. Hearing the tone Kajal came back to her sense and immediately pushed Sundar of her and got of the bed. She felt ashamed of what she has done. Kajal simply turned away from Sundar and perfected her saree. The mobile was still ringing and Kajal attended the call and started talking to her husband in a trembling tone.
“Is everything ok their” Arun asked.
“Yes, its fine here. When will you return?”
“I will be back in a week”
While Kajal was talking, Sundar got of the bed and slowly went behind her and hold her tummy from behind and pressed it harder.
“ah…” Kajal shouted.
“What happened” Arun asked.
“Nothing dear, a cockroach just fell on me”
“Ok dear I am going to the temple now, we can talk at night”
“Ok dear, love you”
Kajal immediately ended the call and freed herself of Sundar’s hold.
“What are you doing” Kajal shouted at Sundar in an angry tone.
“Just continuing from where we left” he said calmly and moved closer to Kajal.
Seeing him move closer Kajal took few steps away from him.
“Stop there don’t come any closer”
Sundar stopped there.
“Listen Kaju, I know you want this as much as I want it, common admit it”
“No… No…” said Kajal.
“Then why were you staring at my dick while I was over you”
When Kajal heard this she was speechless.
“That’s not true”
“Don’t try to defend, I was looking at you while your eyes were glued to my manhood”
While talking Sunder removed the vest of his body and threw it on the floor.
“What are you doing!?” Kajal asked in shock.
“Dont try to hide your feeling Kaju, Its not sin”
Saying that Sundar pulled his lungi of his waist and Kajal saw his dick standing proudly in front of her. She was terrified and immediately turned towards the wall near her.
Kajal’s heart started to pound faster and faster seeing him naked, and her pussey started to drip and she was in more uncomfortable position. Kajal was sure that if he continued to talk to her she would surely surrender to him, deep inside her heart she desperately wanted that to happen. Being an Indian traditional wife is the only think standing in between her and her desire.
While she was thinking about this suddenly Sunder grabbed her waist from behind, with his chest pressing against her back and his erect pole hitting straight at her butt over her saree. Kajal didn’t try to move away this time.
“Please don’t, this is wrong” Kajal said in a mild tone.
All her resistance has shattered as his body touched her. Sunder without saying anything pulled the pallu of her saree from her shoulder and started caressing Kajal’s tummy and licking her ear lobes from behind. Kajal didn’t say anything and tears started flowing from her eyes.
Sunder noticed this and immediately moved away from her and sat on the bed. Kajal saw it with a confused look on her face.
“Listen one thing Kaju, I don’t want to rape you, I just wanted you also to enjoy with me. Why are you not admitting that you also want this”
Hearing this Kajal was totally confused and wished to talk to him openly like he does.
“Ok then let’s make a deal, If you put all your traditional emotions and sleep with me now I won’t disturb you anymore”
Kajal knew there was no benefit for her if she accept to his deal, as way he is gonna get what he wants. Kajal planed on playing dump and accepted to his deal by shaking her head.
“Ok now remove your saree and come and lay on the bed”
Kajal immediately removed her saree and went to the bed with her blouse and petticoat and laid on the bed. Sunder immediately climbed over Kajal and started licking her tummy.
“aaaahhhh… ooohhh” Kajal started moaning as his tongue roamed over her stomach.
After a while he moved to her belly button and dipped the tip of his tongue into it and started drilling it.
“ah… ahhhh… ooohhh” Kajal shouted enjoying the movement of his tongue.
“Does it feel’s good beautiful”
Kajal didn’t say anything.
“Don’t be shy, feel free to share your emotions and feelings, that is the fun part”
Saying that he pressed her pussey over her dress and Kajal shouted “aaahhh… that felt greattt”
“Good girl, now let’s speed the process. Now remove all your cloths”
Kajal hesitantly lay on the bed.
“Ok then I will do it for you”
Sundar then made her stand up and unhooked her blouse and threw it on the floor, then he kneeled in front of her and untied the lace of her petticoat and it fell down on the floor. Now Kajal was standing only in her pantie and bra. Sundar stood up and looked at her beautiful body from top to bottom.
“All this time you were hiding this angelic body inside those dresses. I think your husband is the luckiest man to have such a beautiful wife”
Now Kajal has slightly got of her fear and shyness.
“Am I as beautiful as you say”
Sundar was surprised when he heard this and he gave a big smile.
“Yes, doesn’t your husband say this quit often”
“Dont talk about him”
“Ok shall we proceed?”
Kajal simply shake her head in approval. Immediately Sundar hugged her tightly and started kissing her by sucking her lips one by one. This time Kajal also hugged him and responded him by sucking him back.
“mmm… Aaaahhh… mmmm” both started moaning.
While kissing Sundar moved his hand down and grabbed her boobs and started fondling it. It was a double pleasure for Kajal and she expressed it by letting out some loud moans. After smooching and fondling her for a while Sunder removed her bra and pantie and enjoyed the view of her nude body.
While Sundar was looking at her nude body, Kajal was staring at his rock hard pole. Without any instruction Kajal knelt before him and grabbed his dick in her hand, Sundar was surprised by her action but loved her fingers around his pole. He thought that he has brought the slut inside her out successfully.
Meanwhile Kajal pulled back the foreskin of his dick and planted a kiss on the cock head. It gave out the erotic smell of his cum and she liked it.
“lovely piece of meat, isn’t it” Sundar said.
Kajal looked above and gave a smile and started licking the tip of his dick.
“mmmm… aaaahhh” Sundar moaned as Kajal’s tongue touched his dick.
Kajal continued sucking and licking his dick head like licking a ice cream. She continued swiping his dick with her tongue which made him jump with joy and let out some mild moans like…
“aaahhh… aaahhh… ooohhh… mmmm”
Which was pleasent for Kajal’s ears, which tend her to suck it harder. Sundar then slightly bent and grabbed her boobs and begined to fondle her boobs and pinched her nipples which was as hard as a pebble.
Now Kajal started moving his dick inch by inch into her mouth and once it was in she moved her head to and fro and gave him a pleasant blowjob. As Kajal’s mouth moved forward and
backward over his dick Sunder released her boobs and closed his eyes and began to feel her mouth on his cock. She continued the good work on his dick for few more minutes.
“ahhhh… I am gonna cum” Sunder shouted.
And he put his hand on the back of her head and hold her tightly and shot his cum deep into her throat, it took another few seconds to empty it. Once his dick is empty he released his hold and pulled his dick out of her mouth. As soon as his dick was out, Kajal choked heavily and some of his cum dropped down on the floor from her mouth and she swallowed the remaining. There was some cum sticking on to the side of her mouth and Kajal looked too hot in that position.
After that Sundar gave Kajal few minutes to relax and catch her breath.
“How does it feel, Kaju?”
“It’s… It’s… Wonderful”
“Does your husband let you suck his dick?”
Kajal sat silently.
“It seems like this is not your first dick you had in your mouth. The wonderful part in this blowjob is you enjoyed it. This is what I was talking from the beginning”
Kajal gave him a small smile.
After few minutes, Sundar made Kajal lay on the bed and he climbed on the bed with her and started licking inch by inch of her body. He first moved towards her legs and picked her leg in his hand and started sucking her toe one by one.
“aaahhhh… it feeels grest… aaaahhh” Kajal moaned.
From her toe he licked and moved towards her thighs and then spend few minutes in her tummy and belli button and moved further up and washed her boobs with his saliva and then he raised her hands up and drank all the sweat between her armpit. When he was licking her armpit, Kajal started to shake her body like a snake and moaned louder. Every were he moved his tongue in her body he left a trail of wet saliva behind. Kajal thought in her mind that “even though he is milkman, he is very good in foreplay”.
After playing with her armpit for a while he moved towards her neck and then he made her lay down with her back facing up and roamed with his tongue on her back for a while and slowly he moved down. He then reached her ass cheek and grabbed them in each hand and started licking them and in the process he gave few love bits to them. Kajal enjoyed each and every trick he played on her body and appreciated it with some loud moans.
“Yes… Yes lick me… aaaahhh… It feels great ohhhh… Lick each and every corner of my body…” Kajal shouted.
At the moment Kajal has completely given her into her desire and didn’t care about anything but to full fill her bodies desire.
Meanwhile Sundar who was licking her ass cheek parted her ass cheek and inserted his tongue in her ass hole and started licking it.
“aahhh… ahhh… oohh…” Kajal shouted as his tongue moved up and down her ass hole.
Kajal loved it very much, she had talked about this to her friends and even had seen it in some porn movies, but she never thought that it would be so wonderful.
At first Sundar slowly brushed the surface of her ass crack and slowly moved his tongue in and inserted it inside her shit hole and pounded it with his tongue. As he licked her ass hole, Kajal shacked her butt and pressed it against his face to get more of his tongue.
While licking her ass hole, Sundar noticed Kajal’s pussey that was dripping wet. It was so wet and inviting him to suck it and he watched her pussey lips trembling.
This is the first time he has ever taster a ass hole and he has never tasted a pussey either, not even his wife’s pussey. So he got more excited seeing her dripping cunt right in front of his face.
He didn’t waste any second and raised her butt slightly up and started licking her cunt crack.
“aaaahhhh… That’s amazing aaaahhhh…” Kajal started moaning as his tongue started working on her cunt.
Sundar continued to lick her cunt crack and then swiped his tongue towards her ass crack and from there came back to her pussey. He continued this for another few minutes and she was more than excited and moved her hips and let out some wild moans.
“aaahhhh…. oooohhhhh… yyyaaaaaaa…”
After doing this for a while, Sundar made Kajal to lie on her back and then he spread her legs wider and went between them and stared at Kajal’s dripping pussey.
“You are so wet down here you dirty bitch”
Kajal felt embarrassed hearing those abusive words, but that made her even hornier and she liked it.
“Common you mother fucker, do what you came to do” Kajal said in a seductive tone.
earing her talking dirty, Sundar was excited.
“Now we are talking” Sundar said smiling at Kajal.
Saying that he stretched her pussey with his hand and started licking the inner wall of Kajal’s pussey.
“Oh… ya… aaaahhhh” Kajal shouted as he started rolling his tongue inside her pussey.
Sundar continued this for another few minutes. And Kajal enjoyed it with some dirty comments a loud moans. After few minutes her pussey started to contract and her body started vibrating and…
a huge amount of her liquid pumped out of her pussey and hit straight on Sundar’s face. Then Sundar licked each drop of her juice over her cunt. Kajal felt relieved and fell back on the bed and breathed heavily. She has never thought that licking her cunt would be this much exciting, and at that moment she thought that she wanted her cunt to be eaten quit often. Sundar sat beside her and watched her boobs rising up and down as she breath.
After few minutes…
“Ok, I think it’s time to take this to the next level”
Kajal knew what he meant and gave slutty smile to him.
“Kaju, could you please make my friend here stand up” Sundar said pointing at his dick.
Kajal slowly crawled towards him and took his dick in her hand and gave it a couple of stroke and then put it inside her mouth and slowly moved her head up and down over his dick, lubricating his dick with her saliva.
“ah… ahhh… ohhh…” Sundar moaned as Kajal worked on his dick.
After few strokes with her mouth, Sundar stopped her and got of the bed, with his dick in a semi hard state. Kajal had no idea what he was up to.
“I this my dick need a spongy massage from you, rather than a wet one”
Kajal couldn’t understand what he meant.
“Just use your milk thanks to make me erect bitch”
Kajal understood that he needs a titjob. She immediately got off the bed and knelt in front of Sundar and then hold her two milk tanks in each hand and then grabbed his dick between them and moved it slowly up and down.
With her saliva already on his dick, her boobs moved smoothly over his dick. With his dick in between Kajal’s spongy boobs, Sundar’s dick started to grow harder and harder. In few more minutes his dick reached the maximum thickness. When his dick reached to its maximum erection, Sundar pulled Kajal up by her hair and then hugged her with her boobs crushing between his chest and the hard dick piercing into her belly button. Then he started smooching her for a few minutes and covered her lips by his saliva. Then suddenly he pushed her over the bed. Then Sundar climbed on the bed and spread Kajals leg and then slowly pushed his dick into her cunt. Kajal’s cunt was so tight and as his dick started to move forward she started to scream louder and louder. In another few seconds his dick was entirely in and he slowly moved it out and once again in at the same pace, he continued at this pace for few strokes and after that he gradually increased his speed and moved his dick faster and faster.
“ah… ah… ahh…” Kajal’s moan increased with each push.
This is a dream come true for Kajal and she was more than excited.
On the other hand Sundar is having more fun with Kajal’s pussey tasting his dick and the view of her big boobs moving up and down with the movement of his dick and his ears hearing the erotic moaning sound and his eyes having the taste of her erotic facial expressions.
The whole bed room was filled with Kajal’s moaning sound. Sundar continued fucking her in that position for few minutes and then he made her stand in Rocky(D)gie position and fucked her pussey from behind. In this position Kajal’s pussey was even tighter than before and the pleasure was twice than that of before.
“ah… ah… ah… ah…” this time Sundar also joined with Kajal and let out some wild moans.
Sundar had a wild grip on Kajal’s ass cheek and fucked her like crazy with some dirty and abusive words. He continued to fuck her for another 15 minutes and when he was about to cum he pulled his dick out of her cunt and went in front of her mouth and put it inside her mouth and then hold her hair tight and gave a few stroke and…
“aaaaahhhhh” Sundar shouted and huge load of his cum was released into her mouth.
It was too much that Kajal could not take it in and she choked and most of the cum flow out of her mouth and dropped down through the neck, boobs and tummy. Kajal immediately fell on the bed. In this session Kajal reached her orgasm three times and was very exhausted.
It was 7’o clock and then Sundar also stayed that night with her and they did two more sessions and slept naked on the bed, with both their bodies covered by Sweat, cum and saliva.
Kajal and Sundar slept together naked on the same bed all night. Next day in the morning around 5’o clock Sundar heard some crying sound. He wake up and saw Kajal standing near the wall wearing a towel and crying. He immediately got off the bed and went to her naked.
“Why are you crying?” Sundar asked Kajal.
She didn’t say anything and continued crying. Then Sundar grabbed her shoulder and turned towards him.
“Common say something, is there something wrong?”
“Don’t you know what’s wrong. I just cheated on my husband. I must not have listened to you, its all my fault” Kajal said with tears flowing down her cheeks.
“Don’t worry Kaju, who said its wrong, don’t blame yourself for this”
Saying that Sundar moved even closer and hugged her and patted her on her back. Kajal started to calm down slowly. Then he slowly licked the side of her neck, very gently and with lot of passion.
“mmmm.. aaahhh” Kajal started to let out some mild moans.
Suddenly Kajal realised that its going some ware and pushed Sundar back.
“You are trying to seduce me again, you said last time is the last time”
Sundar didn’t say anything and just moved few steps forward and pulled Kajal close to him and planted a kiss on her lips and started sucking them. Kajal didn’t give into him and tried to free herself from his hold.
Seeing her resist, Sundar moved his right hand under her towel and slowly rubbed her pussey mount and this sent a vibration through Kajal’s body and she slowly stopped struggling.
Sundar continued to suck on her lips while his finger started to drill her dripping cunt. Kajal slowly started to get into Sundar’s game.
“Please stop… aaahhh”
“Do you really want to stop now?” Sundar asked to Kajal with his finger still fucking her cunt.
Kajal was confused…
“Ok, then please make this the last”
Sundar laughed hearing this and he immediately pulled the towel off her and made her nude.
“You know what to do”
Kajal then kneeled in front of Sundar and grabbed his dick in her hand and moved her hand to and fro and gave him few strokes and then put his dick into her mouth and gave him a blowjob. In few minutes his dick was hard and then he made Kajal lie on the floor and fucked her pussey. He pounded her pussey for almost twenty minutes and then realised his load all over the face of Kajal. During that brief session Kajal let out some wild moans and gave a good feast to Sundar. Kajal also reached her orgasm during the process.
Then Sundar carried Kajal to the bed and made her lie on it. He then climbed on the bed and lay beside Kajal.
“How do you feel now? I can see you feeling relaxed. I know you like it as much as I do. Why do you worry about your husband? He is not even here to satisfy you”
“Please don’t talk about my husband”
“Ok, do you want this to stop now? If you say yes I will leave you for good”
Kajal didn’t answer him, she doesn’t want this to end. She knew that her husband incapability and now that she has experienced the pleasure in having sex, she doesn’t want to end it so soon. After thinking about it for a while, Kajal answered…
“What if my husband finds out?”
Sundar didn’t expect this from her, but he was happier that he didn’t want to put more effort on her.
“Don’t worry I won’t even show my face when your husband is around”
Kajal felt convinced and she moved closer to Sundar and placed her hand on his chest, Sundar then placed his hand on her hand and rubbed it. Kajal and Sundar looked into each other’s eyes and then Kajal brought her face close to his face and started to kiss him all over his face and then moved to his lips. Kajal was so passionate she was enjoying it by eating Sundar’s lips. She then grabbed Sundar’s tongue between her lips and sucked it and drank his saliva, it was so divine for her. While Kajal was enjoying Sundar, he got too aroused and his hand moved to her boobs and started pressing them.
After a while Sundar made Kajal stand and then he put his mouth on her boobs and started sucking her boobs one by one.
“haaaaa… mmmmm…” Kajal started to moan as his massaged her boobs with his mouth and covered it with his saliva.
After sucking her milk tanks for few minutes, he made Kajal to turn around and kneeled behind her and cupped her ass cheeks and then parted it and started licking her ass hole. He tried to penetrate his tongue into her ass hole and tried to tongue fuck her.
“aaahhhhh…” Kajal continued to moan in her sexy voice.
Sundar was getting more aroused by the smell of her ass hole and he started to move his tongue more vigorously. As his pace increased Kajal’s moaning sound become louder and louder. He continued this for few more minutes and…
“ah… ah… ah… ooohhh” Kajal shouted and reached a massive orgasm and slowly sat on her knees on the floor and let out some deep breath.
Sundar then moved forward and stood in front of Kajal with his dick in semi hard position and hanging right in front of her face. Kajal understood what he want and she raised her head up and gave a small smile and then hold his dick in her hand and gave it a couple of stroke.
And then gave a kiss on the top of his dick and then she caught it with her tender lips and took it into her mouth and moved her head back and front.
First she moved slowly and gradually increased her pace. As she lifted her pace Sundar started to moan louder and louder.
“aaahhh… ahhhh… yaaa… bitch faster… faster” he shouted.
While sucking his pole Kajal moved her hand towards his balls and gave it a gentle squeeze. Sundar felt happy to have her, experiencing her techniques.
He then slightly bent and grabbed her boobs and pressed it and enjoyed it as he was receiving the blowjob of his life.
After few minutes his dick was rock hard and he made Kajal lay on the bed and he spread her legs and slowly rubbed her pussey mount with his palm.
“aaaahhhhh… mmmm” Kajal started moaning and her pussey started to become wet again.
Seeing her pussey get wet, Sundar withdraw his hand and brought his head between her legs and started to drink the juice flowing out of her wet cunt. He was licking her cunt like a starving Rocky(D).
Kajal continued moaning “aaahhhhaaa… mmmmm… ooohhh… it feels great… aaaahhhh”
After sucking and licking her pussey for a while he stood up and brought his dick close to entry of her pussey and rubbed it gently between her cunt crack. He continuously rubbed it for few more times and Kajal was eagerly waiting for him to penetrate her pussey.
“aaaahhh… please donttttt tease meee… ohhhh” Kajal shouted.
But Sundar continued to tease her, Kajal couldn’t take it anymore, she immediately hold his dick and guided it into her wet pussey.
Sundar gave a crazy smile to Kajal and started moving his hips faster and faster.
“ohhhh… ohhhh… aaahh” Kajal started to shout like a crazy bitch, with her boobs moving back and fro with the movement of her body.
Sundar enjoyed it for a while and then grabbed her boobs on each of his hands and pressed them, her boobs are so soft that his fingers dipped into it. Then he laid over Kajal and hugged her tightly and started to suck her slips, while his dick was pounding her pussey at the same rate.
He continued this for another few minutes and both their body started to vibrate and Kajal knew he is also going to cum.
“Dont cum inside me…” Kajal shouted.
Sundar immediately took his dick out and plugged it into her mouth and…
“aaaaahhhh…” he shouted, filling Kajal’s mouth with his hot sperm.
Then they both relaxed for a while and then Sundar dressed up and left the house to look after his cattle’s.
Once again in the evening Sundar visited Kajal and fucked her ruthlessly for hours. After their session both were exhausted and they slept naked (as usual).
While they were sleeping, Sundar received a call from his friend. He tried to wake Kajal but she was so exhausted and didn’t even open her eyes. He then immediately dressed up and locked the house and took the key with him and went to meet his friend.
At Sundar’s house…
Sundar arrived at his house in 15 minutes, there Maari and Manohar his friends from village were waiting for him. Sundar met them and chatted about their village and other things. Since Sundar’s wife is not home they bought some drinks and started drinking in the house.
They continued their talk and while they were talking Sundar accidently mentioned that he has been fucking a high class bitch for two days. Maari and Manohar didn’t believe him and started making fun of him.
Sundar immediately took his mobile and showed them the nude images of Kajal and some handjob and blowjob too.
Both Maari and Manohar were stunned after see those pictures and they too wanted to have those mouth massage their dicks.
After seeing those pictures both believed Sundar and they urged him to allow them to fuck her too. But Sundar didn’t agree to them.
“Sundar please let us also fuck that slut. It is not every day we would get a chance to fuck a high class bitch like that, please Sundar” Maari pleaded.
“No… No, it would get me into big trouble”.
“Please Sundar, if you get me a chance to fuck that bitch, I would let you fuck my wife”
Sundar can’t believe what he heard and looked shocked. Maari noticed it and thought that he has got a break through.
“I will help you to fuck my wife if she agree or not”
Manohar who was watching it doesn’t want him to be left behind. So he also entered the conversation.
“See Sundar if you help us, I will help you get to my sister”
When Sundar heard this he was speech less. Manohar knew that he couldn’t have guessed that this one coming.
“I have seen how you look at my sister, and it is a small price to pay to stuff my dick into that cunt. If you help us fuck your slut, you will get two more pussy to spray your seed’s on”
The image of Maari’s wife and Manohar’s sister flashed in the mind of Sundar.
And he liked the deal. But he thought should he want to take the risk.
“Friends, it is very risky. I may fall into trouble. She is very hot and sexy and has very good figure. I will fuck her daily and enjoy her tight hole, which I will lose if something goes wrong”
“Nothing will go wrong buddy, just think if you succeed you would have three cunts to fuck. And you still have images of the bitch in your mobile. It will come in handy, if anything goes wrong” Maari said.
Sundar felt convinced and he agreed to their deal. Then he immediately took them to Kajal’s house. It was 8:30 at night and then sneaked into the house without making any noise and Sundar made his friends wait in the hall and went into the bedroom to see Kajal.
Sundar went in and came back in few minutes.
“She is still sleeping and completely nude, as I left her”
Hearing this, their mouth started watering.
“Can we go in?” Maari asked eagerly.
Sundar simply shake his hand and they immediately rushed into the room and saw Kajal completely naked and sleeping so innocently.
See her nude body made their cock uncomfortable and they had an instant hard on.
Meanwhile Sundar locked the front door and came back into the bedroom with a honey pot in his hand. When he entered the bedroom both his friends were on the bed so close to sleeping Kajal and were examining her whole body with their eyes and Maari was in no control and moved his hands towards Kajal’s boobs to press them. Sundar stopped him.
“Stop Maari, don’t rush. You still have a whole night, now just follow my instruction. I am sure you will just enjoy it”
Saying that Sundar opened the honey pot and made Kajal lay on her back and then pours it over her boobs and on her tummy and navel and asked them to lick it.
Both Maari and Manohar immediately ripped of their cloths and climbed back on the bed and Maari started licking the honey on Kajal’s breast. He used his tongue more passionately and moved it over her melons. Meanwhile Manohar was busy cleaning her tummy, they were so careful that they didn’t want to wake her up.
Now Maari moved his tongue to Kajal’s nipples and tickled it with the tip of his tongue and it slowly started to become erect and hard.
“mmmmm…” Kajal let out a mild moan in her sleep as Manohar dipped his tongue into her belly button and licked it clean.
After few minutes of licking Kajal’s body was free of honey and both continues to lick their respective areas and Kajal started to feel sweat sensation and her pussey started to become wet and she felt so strange and suddenly opened her eyes and was shocked to see two men licking her body, she immediately pushed them aside and pulled the bed sheet and covered her body. She thought that they were robbers and when she was about to scream a hand closed her mouth from back, and she looked back and saw Sundar standing behind her.
“Dont shout Kaju, they are my friends”
“Why are they here?”
“Well… They are here to serve you”
“What do you mean?”
“They just want to give company to you”
Kajal got angry when she heard this.
“Do you think I am a cheap prostitute you baster” Kajal shouted at Sundar.
“Don’t act like a good girl you bitch, for two days you have been cheating on your husband and letting me take care of your itching cunt and now you are acting like a Savitry”
Hearing this Kajal got angrier.
“If you guys didn’t go out I will call the police and complain that you were trying to rob the house and try to rape me” Kajal said in an angry tone.
Hearing this Sundar started laughing.
“I knew you would say this…”
Saying that he took his mobile and showed the pictures of her giving a blowjob to him. Kajal was shocked to see it.
“I just took this picture as a SOUVENIR, but if you didn’t obey as we say, I will just send it to your loving hubby”
Kajal didn’t know what to do and sat silently. Seeing her silence Sundar thought that he was in control now and he pulled the bed sheet off Kajal and then climbed over the bed and pulled her close to him and made her lay on the bed and then he spread her legs and went between it.
“Ha Kaju you look so tensed and I know how to calm you down”
Saying that Sundar placed his hand over Kajal’s cunt and rubbed her cunt slowly. His touch had a major effect on her attitude and Kajal started to calm down and enjoyed it by closing her eyes and letting out some mild moans “mmmm… aaahhhh”…
Seeing this both, Maari and Manohar moved forward. Manohar continued licking Kajal’s tummy from where he left and Maari raised Kajal’s left hand above her head and licked her armpit. Sundar too stopped rubbing her cunt and started licking her cunt.
“aaaahhhh… mmmm… ooohhh… yaaaa” Kajal started to moan louder as the three tongues kept licking her sedusive body.
Maari who was licking her armpit dragged it to her left breast and started licking and sucking it, Manohar grabbed her other breast and cupped it for a while and then started to taste those sexy
melons. All those sucking and licking is making Kajal too hot and she was eagerly waiting for more action.
Kajal saw Maaris dick brushing her left hand and suddenly grabbed it and gave it a few strokes. A current shock passed all over Maari’s body and he was surprised. Her hand moving over his dick was so good and he turned Kajal’s face towards him and started to suck those sexy pink lips of Kajal, as she continued to stroke his dick.
At this moment Kajal was enjoying how her life has changed and a few days ago she was so desperate for a dick, but now she is surrounded by three big ones waiting to pound her itching cunt.
After kissing her for a while, Maari stood up, releasing his dick off her hold and pointed it near Kajal’s mouth and she knew what he wanted. She first licked the tip of his dick and then slowly took his cock head into her mouth and licked and sucked his dick head like a lollipop, then she slowly moved her mouth over his dick and took almost 3/4 of his dick into her mouth and then moved her herad to and fro and gave Maari a sensation feeling of his life, and Maari started to moan “aaaahhh… Yaaaa…” as his dick received a mouth wash from Kajal’s saliva.
While Kajal was sucking Maari’s poll, Sundar continued to suck on Kajal’s cunt and Manohar was feeding on her milk buns.
This continued for few more minutes and suddenly Kajal’s body started to shake and her thighs grabbed Sundars head and she pulled her mouth from Maari’s dick and…
“aaaaaahhhhhhh” Kajal screamed louder and sprayed a huge amount of her juice right over the face of Sundar, he laughed at her and signalled Manohar to take his place at her cunt. As soon as she stopped cumming, Maari grabbed Kajal’s head and put his dick back into her mouth and asked her to continue.
While Kajal continued to blow Maari’s dick, Sundar moved to her breast and started sucking her nipple and cupping her other breast. Manohar then spread Kajal’s leg and sat between it holding his dick in his hand and then he gathered a huge breath and penetrated his dick into her cunt in one push, it was slightly bigger than Sundar’s and Kajal screamed “aaaaahhhhhh…”.
It was the first time Manohar was fucking a women other than his wife and that to a young bride, he was so excited and started pounding her pussey at his full pace and Kajal started to moan…
“ah… ah… ahhh…” with each push.
Seeing her getting so excited and moaning louder, Maari become crazy and grabbed Kajal’s head and pushed his dick into her mouth and started mouth fucking her silencing her loud moans.
With two dicks in her upper and lower mouth, Kajal found it difficult to concentrate on a particular region. In took few more minutes for Kajal to bring her body to a rhythm. This continued for few more minutes and Maari shouted…
“yaaa… I am gonna cumm… aaahhhh…”
He held Kajal’s head tightly and released his sperm deep into the throat of Kajal, to his surprise Kajal drank all his cum, without wasting any. Maari has never received a blowjob from his wife and now he has just received the best blowjob and also released his cum into the mouth of a woman he had not even dreamed of and he enjoyed every moment of it. Kajal too enjoyed the rough mouth fuck and the taste of his cum.
Meanwhile down in her cunt, Manohar increased his pace and seeing all the action between Kajal and Maari. He moved his dick so rapidly that Kajal’s whole body started to move with his rhythm and Sundar stopped sucking her boobs and watched the crazy fuck of Manohar.
“ah… ah… ah…” both Manohar and Kajal shouted.
Maari’s dick started to get harder again seeing Kajal’s boobs bouncing and moving to and fro, and her moaning sound and facial expression added fuel to the flame. Maari sat beside her and stroked his dick watching the fuck.
After few minutes Manohar shouted
“aaahhh… I ammm cummming”
and he filled Kajal’s cunt with his cum and Kajal too reached yet another orgasm. After emptying his sack he took his dick out and sat beside her and both took some deep breath.
Kajal was so tired, since she has been doing this all day. There was complete silence in the room and Sundar said ” Ok boys ready for the next round”
“No not anymore” Kajal plead.
“I didn’t ask your opinion bitch, just shut up and do as we say”
Kajal got of the bed and tried run out of the room, but Manohar grabbed her by her hair and threw her back on the bed.
“You bitch, after such a nice fuck you are running away. We will not let you go untill we are satisfied. I this you forget that I still have the images of your slutty side in my mobile. One click and your marriage life will be over”.
Kajal knew that she has no other choice and she sat on the bed and closed her eyes and started crying. She blamed herself for the position she was in.
Then Sundar said his friends to change the position and fuck her. He said Maari to fuck her cunt and Manohar to take over her mouth and he was eagerly waiting to take her virgin ass.
Sundar made Maari lay on the bed and he and Manohar carried Kajal and made her sit on his dick with her wet cunt and his dick was inside her cunt in a flash.
And Maari started moving his hips up and down, in this position his dick entered more deeper into Kajal’s vagina and she immediately laid down over his chest with and hugged him and enjoyed the fuck.
Meanwhile Sundar went into the kitchen and brought a bottle of coconut oil and applied it in his dick and then poured some in Kajal’s ass hole and tried to lubricate it for his dick.
Maari continued to pound Kajal’s pussey from behind. His action was too hard and savage type.
“ah… ah… ah…” he moaned as he went deep into her pussey.
Sundar after applying oil over her ass hole slowly inserted his middle finger into her ass hole and stretched it. It felt so strange for Kajal, and she couldn’t withstand the sensation.
“ooohhh… please stop… please” She shouted.
But Sundar continued his move his finger in and out of her ass hole slowly. While this was going on, Manohar who was watching this moved forward and went in front of Kajal and stood with his butt right in front of her face.
He then parted his ass cheek and said…
Saying that he gave a hard slap on Kajal’s cheek and grabbed her hair and pulled it up.
“aaahhhhhh…” Kajal opened her mouth wide and screamed in pain.
Immediately he pushed his dick into her mouth and moved his hip faster and faster and fucked the brain out of Kajal. Kajal could feel the taste of his cum and her cunt juice in his dick, he fucked her mouth so ruthlessly, that his balls hit her chin harder with each penetration.
Sundar continued rimming her ass hole with oil and made sure it is well lubricated for his dick. Meanwhile all this action above didn’t stop Maari from fucking Kajal’s sweet cunt for a second. He was continuously fucking Kajal from beneath and enjoying each and every action of his friends.
Sundar has now finished lubricating Kajal’s ass hole and then he made her bend a little and slowly tried to push his dick into her ass hole. Even with the oil it was difficult for him to penetrate into her anus. He tried it slowly for a while and since it went in vain, Sundar lost his cool and he increased the pressure and I a single push his cock was half way into her ass and Kajal screemed…
“oooohhhhhhh…” in pain, she felt as if she was torn into two pieced.
Kajal’s energy dropped as the dick entered her ass and she almost went into the state on unconsciousness. This didn’t stop the guys from what they were doing.
Now Kajal had one cock in her mouth, one in her cunt and one in her ass. They continued pumping their respective holes harder and harder. At this point Kajal was completely unconscious and they fucked her for another few minutes and one by one unloaded their sperm into her body with some loud moans.
At the end Kajal was completely covered with sweat, saliva, oil and cum. And all her holes were leacking with their cum. Kajal was so tired and exhausted, that she never wake up the whole session. After enjoying the dream fuck of their life all the dressed up and left the house, thanking Sundar for giving them this opportunity and they promised that they would keep their side of the deal.
“Lick my ass whore…”
Saying that he moved his ass closer to Kajal’s mouth. But Kajal moved her head back and waved her head and she saw Sundar. He smiled at her and showed her his mobile and Kajal understood what he meant and she knew that she had no choice.
So Kajal slowly opened her mouth and dragged her tongue out and moved her head towards Manohar’s ass and began to lick his ass hole.
“aaaaahhhh…” Manohar’s body shivered as Kajal’s tongue touched his ass hole.
Kajal felt like a cheap whore, but as she continued to roll her tongue over his anus, she slowly started to like it and did it with more passion, She even tried to penetrate her tongue into his ass hole and Manohar enjoyed every bit of by some loud moans and also shaking his booties in rhythm according to Kajal’s tongue movement.
While Kajal was rimming on Manohar’s ass hole, Sundar continued to finger her ass hole. He slowly inserted one more finger into her anal entry.
“aaaahhhh…” Kajal screamed in pain an in the process she bit Manohar’s ass cheek, leaving a teeth mark.
“You dirty bitch… how dare you…”
Saying that he gave a hard slap on Kajal’s cheek and grabbed her hair and pulled it up.
“aaahhhhhh…” Kajal opened her mouth wide and screamed in pain.
Immediately he pushed his dick into her mouth and moved his hip faster and faster and fucked the brain out of Kajal. Kajal could feel the taste of his cum and her cunt juice in his dick, he fucked her mouth so ruthlessly, that his balls hit her chin harder with each penetration.
Sundar continued rimming her ass hole with oil and made sure it is well lubricated for his dick. Meanwhile all this action above didn’t stop Maari from fucking Kajal’s sweet cunt for a second. He was continuously fucking Kajal from beneath and enjoying each and every action of his friends.
Sundar has now finished lubricating Kajal’s ass hole and then he made her bend a little and slowly tried to push his dick into her ass hole. Even with the oil it was difficult for him to penetrate into her anus. He tried it slowly for a while and since it went in vain, Sundar lost his cool and he increased the pressure and I a single push his cock was half way into her ass and Kajal screemed…
“oooohhhhhhh…” in pain, she felt as if she was torn into two pieced.
Kajal’s energy dropped as the dick entered her ass and she almost went into the state on unconsciousness. This didn’t stop the guys from what they were doing.
Now Kajal had one cock in her mouth, one in her cunt and one in her ass. They continued pumping their respective holes harder and harder. At this point Kajal was completely unconscious and they fucked her for another few minutes and one by one unloaded their sperm into her body with some loud moans.
At the end Kajal was completely covered with sweat, saliva, oil and cum. And all her holes were leacking with their cum. Kajal was so tired and exhausted, that she never wake up the whole session. After enjoying the dream fuck of their life all the dressed up and left the house, thanking Sundar for giving them this opportunity and they promised that they would keep their side of the deal.
After the encounter with the three friends, Kajal was often visited by them and she was frequently fucked by them, either one on one or group sex. She would at least have two to three sessions a day.
At first Kajal protested against them and now she started to enjoy every bit of their action. Now she is completely addicted to their dick and the guys spend most of the night with Kajal. This continued for almost two weeks and one morning Sundar came to Kajal’s house to deliver milk and as usual received some oral pleasure from Kajal and when he was about to leave he said that, he is going to his village and will be back after a week only. Hearing this Kajal was disappointed.
“Is your friends staying her?” Kajal asked curiously.
“No, they are coming with me”
Kajal felt sad hearing this.
“What will I do here without you guys?”
“May be you should seduce some other guy and have fun till I come back” Saying that Sundar started laughing.
“Very funny, maybe I can come with you to your village and stay with you for a week”
“You are such a slut, can’t you stay for a week. Moreover I can’t take you there and how can I introduce you to my wife and my relatives. They would surely suspect me, and I don’t want to damage my reputation”
Kajal understood his situation and wished Sundar a happy journey, and Sundar left the place giving a little smooching to Kajal’s rose lips.
For the next two days Kajal felt bored, she would finish all her house hold works and then watch a porn movie and masturbate thinking about Sundar and his friends. Like this two days passed and in those two days Kajal masturbated three times a day, and she was unable to control her sexual needs.
On the third day morning as usual Kajal completed her house hold work and went to her bedroom and played a porn movie and then immediately undressed herself and became naked and then jumped on the bed and watched it. It was a groupsex movie, where a girl was fucked by three muscular black guys.
At first the movie didn’t have much effect on Kajal and as it progressed Kajal started to fondle her boobs and fingered her pussey, seeing the girl in the movie started to moan louder and louder as she got pounded by those three guys in all her holes at the same time. The guys who were fucking the girl were also letting out loud moans as their dick penetrate in and out of her pussey,
ass and mouth. As they were about to reach their climax all four started to shout louder, seeing them go wild made Kajal more and more excited, she also moaned with the rhythm of their action and shouted…
“aaaahhhh…. mmmmm… ooohhhh… yyyyaaaaa”
and she pressed her boobs even harder and her fingers drilled her pussey even faster. In another few minutes Kajal shouted
And when she was about to reach her climax…
“Ding… Dong”
her doorbell rang and immediately Kajal’s concentration shifted to door and she pulled her fingers out of her pussey and offed the TV immediately and dressed up and went to the door very angrily to see the culprit who has pulled her down from the door way to heaven.
When she opened the door her anger grew even higher, it was an old beggar in rags standing right in front of her begging her to give him something to eat.
Kajal stared at him angrily for few seconds and seeing his innocent face and fragile body her mind started to get pity for him and she asked him to wait and went into the house and brought some money and gave him. Then the beggar thanked her and when he moved down the steps he slipped and fell on the ground unconscious.
When Kajal saw this she was shocked and didn’t know what to do, she immediately went into the house and brought some water and sprayed it on the beggars face and he came to his conscious slowly and Kajal gave him the water to drink.
“Thank you mam… Thank you…” the beggar thanked Kajal.
Kajal smiled at him and gave him a hand and made him stand, but he was so tired that he could not stand on his feet and he collapsed on Kajal and she hold him and made him sit on the steps.
“You don’t look so good, do you want me to call the doctor” Kajal asked him.
“No mam, I will be ok”
“You don’t look ok to me, what’s your problem?”
“Nothing mam, I just had food only once for the last two days. But now I have enough money to buy food, and I only wish I have the strength to reach the nearby hotel”
Hearing this Kajal felt sad for him and asked him to come into the house and eat in her house and use the money for the next time. The old beggar felt happier and to his eyes Kajal looked like an angel, he had never seen someone who is so gentle to him and he tried to stand up but he had not enough strength, seeing this Kajal gave him her hand and helped him stand up and then she made him put his arm around her shoulder and took him into the house and made him sit on the couch and went into the kitchen to bring him some food.
Kajal then went into the kitchen and brought some food and placed it in the dining table and then she went into the hall and helped the old man get up and made him sit in the chair and asked him to it. The old beggar saw all those delicious food in front of him and he didn’t wait any longer and immediately started to stuff his mouth with the food. Kajal sat opposite to him and drank her cup of coffee.
The old beggar after completing half the plate of his food, regained his energy slowly. He then closed his eyes and took some heavy breather and when he opened his eyes he saw Kajal sitting opposite to him and enjoying her coffee. All this time with Kajal the old man never noticed how beautiful she was, now that his stomach has stopped aching he was able to think freely and he was looking at Kajal and admiring her sexy face. After looking at her face for a while he moved his view down towards her neck and saw it shining with some sweat drops on it.
While he was looking at those glittering drops, one slowly moved down her neck and flowed down into her cleavage. And seeing Kajal’s cleavage the beggar got a instant hard on. Since he was not wearing and inners his dick stood erect inside his lungi and he immediately moved closer to the table to cover it and he moved his sight from her cleavage and continued to eat his food. Meanwhile Kajal finished her coffee and felt slightly uncomfortable with the sweating, so she planned on taking a bath. She said the beggar that she would be back and went into the bedroom and closed the room. The beggar continued to have his meal and there was complete silence around him and after few minutes he heard water sound coming from the next room and he guessed that Kajal was taking a bath and he immediately stood up with his dick still hard inside his lungi and moved to the room and went close to the door and kept his ear on the door to hear what is happening inside.
When his ear touched the door it pushed opened and the beggar thought that he was dead, to his surprise, Kajal was not there and the sound was coming from another room inside the bedroom and the door of the room was slightly opened.
Seeing this the old beggar’s mind started to argue to itself weather or not to get in, he thought for a while and then made up his mind. He is now almost 70 and he is never going to get a chance like this to see a beautiful high class girl bathing, so he consoled himself and entered the bedroom. As he moved close to the bathroom he could hear Kajal humming in the shower and it made his heart pound faster than ever.
He then reached the door and then peeked into the bathroom though the opening and he was shell shocked and his eyes popped out and it didn’t even blink. Kajal was standing under the showers completely naked and the water was flowing down her body, it was a heavenly sight for the old beggar. Seeing this the 70 year old dick started to grow even harder. The old man immediately raised his lungi up and grabbed his dick and started stroking at the bathing scene of Kajal.
After few minutes Kajal stopped the shower and then took the soap and started applying all over her body. First she applied it on her boobs and then then in her arms then moved towards there tummy and down to her legs. Seeing this the old beggar’s hand started move faster over his dick.
“mmmm… mmmm… aaahhh…”
He moaned silently and released a huge load of his cum that landed straight on the bathroom door. After he has emptied his sack he immediately left the room and went back to the dining table and continued to eat his food, acting like nothing has happened.
Few minutes later Kajal came out of her bedroom wearing a transparent sari and her hair is still wet.
“How is the food?” Kajal asked him as she walked towards him.
“Its heavenly child thanks” Saying that the beggar saw Kajal wiping her hair and coming close to him. This time his eyes were fixed on her deep navel with some water drops on it.
They continued to talk for a while and while they were talking the old beggar would glance into her cleavage and her stair at her pink lips. Kajal too noticed it and didn’t mind it.
When the old man completed his food, Kajal came near him and picked the plate and other stuffs. Kajal was so close to him that fragment of the soap from her body attracted the old man and he felt more erotic. While the beggar enjoyed the sweat and erotic odder from Kajal’s body, she could smell the foul smell coming from his body and that felt so disgusting.
“When is the last time you took a bath?” Kajal asked.
“Its been a while child” The beggar said with a smile in his face.
“There are pond and river in the city, why don’t you use it”
“Child I am a lonely man and just passed 70, seeing this rag appearance only some people like you feel petty and help me. Moreover I am not young anymore to bath in pond or river”
He continued to blabber his sad tale and hearing it Kajal felt sorry for him.
“Why dont you bath in my house today?”
“No child… No. You have already helped me to much, I think I have to leave now”
“Its nothing, just think me like your granddaughter”
Kajal tried to convince him and he finally agreed to him. Kajal then took him to the bathroom and gave him a towel and she returned back into the hall.
The old beggar then opened the door of the bathroom and a breeze of the soap smell same as it on Kajal’s body came from the bathroom. He immediately entered the bathroom and left the door unlocked and removed his dirty dress and put it on the hanger and wore the towel and when we was about to on the shower a crazy idea hit his mind.
“The girl looks innocent and seems like she is lonely, why don’t I try to seduce her”
The beggar thought about it for a while and finally reached a conclusion that he shall give it a short.
“Child… Child…” he called Kajal.
Hearing his sound Kajal immediately rushed to the bathroom, where the old man sat on the edge of the tub.
“Why did you call me?”
“This floor is too slippery, I don’t think I can bath her I would surely slip and fall if I bath here”
Kajal tried her best to console him but he acted like he was too scared and said her that he doesn’t want to take a bath. Finally Kajal consoled him by saying that she would stay with him and help him and the old beggar agreed to her.
Once the deal was made the old man suddenly pulled the towel of his waste and stood naked in front of Kajal. Kajal was surprised by his action and her eyes were fixed on his semi hard dick with is almost 7 inch long.
Kajal didn’t have a fuck for the last three days and seeing his dick in front of her she was completely mesmerised.
“Can we start” the old man said.
Hearing his voice Kajal immediately snapped out of it. Kajal then shook her head and turned on the shower and the water started flowing over the old man. While he was scrubbing his body, Kajal kept her eyes on his dick and her heart started to pound faster and she started to get horney.
After few minutes the old beggar turned off the shower and asked Kajal could she scrub his back. Kajal said OK and went behind him and took the soap and applied it on her hand rubbed it on the old man’s back as her hand moved behind him his dick started the rise slowly. Seeing Kajal full filling all his wish the old man was amazed and the heat inside him grow higher. As Kajal was scrubbing his back she gave a little glance in front and saw his dick at its full erection and her pussey started to itch and she thought of seducing the old man and get his dick penetrate into her cunt, which was longing for a dick for the last few days. Then she thought for a while and asked him
“Can I apply soap on you grandpa?” Kajal asked him.
The old man was completely surprised and said
“I was about to ask you child” and he smiled.
Kajal then took the soap and began her act by applying the soap on his back.
Kajal took the soap and went behind the old man and started applying it on his back and then she kneels behind him and applied it on his feet and slowly moved up wards and reached his ass. She put it on his two ass cheeks and cupped it for a while. The old beggar was enjoying every minute of it and suddenly to his surprise, Kajal suddenly parted his ass cheek and put her hand between his crack and applied soap in his ass. This unexpected move of Kajal made the old beggar’s dick even harder and he closed his eyes and started enjoying it with some mild moans.
“mmmm… aaaahhh…”
While he was enjoying it, Kajal removed her hand from his ass and stood up and made his turn around towards her and applied soap on his chest. While rubbing his hairy front she cupped his chest and pinched his nipples and when she was done with his chest and stomach, she knelled in front of him and looked at his hard dick for few seconds, the beggar was so excited to see what was coming next.
Kajal then applied soap on her both hands and took his penis in one hand and started stroking it on the pretext that she was applying the soap. While her right hand was stroking his dick her left hand was applying soap on his balls. She was doing a great job in it.
“aaaahhhh… ooooooohhhh…” the old man moaned with the rhythm of the movement of her hand.
He tried his best to control himself from ejecting, but he eventually lost control and
“aaaaaahhh… mmmmm…” he shouted and shot his wad all over Kajal’s face which was right in front of his dick. He ejected a huge load that hit her face and roll over and fall on her sari and blouse.
“Look what you have done” Kajal said bringing a fake anger in her face.
“Sorry child, I lost my control for a moment”
“I just took a bath and now I have to bath again”
“Sorry… Sorry…” he started apologizing.
“It’s ok, now I have to wash you quicker and take a bath again”
“Why don’t you bath with me I can help you clean up” the old man said hesitantly without looking at Kajal.
“Oh that’s a good idea” Kajal replied.
Her answer was more shocking to him and now he understood that she was not innocent and she wanted exactly what he wanted. And he wanted to see how much distance it goes and thought to go on with the game.
“Ok then grandpa will help you remove your clothes” saying that he pulled the pallu of her sari and slowly removed her sari and placed it beside him.
Kajal was so excited and seeing Kajal in only her blouse and peticoat the old man’s dick started to raise slowly. Seeing his dick getting harder again Kajal couldn’t control herself and wish to end this drama now and immediately moved towards his him and kneeled before him and took the dick inside her mouth and started sucking it, with the soap still on it, it was too smooth for her as her mouth mover faster over his dick.
Seeing her action the old man was shocked but he started to enjoy Kajal’s mouth with some loud moans.
“aaahhhh… Faster… aaaahhh… I haven’t felt this happy for ages…”
His dick once began to get hard and in another few minutes he shouted and released his sperm into Kajal’s mouth and to his surprise she drank it all without wasting any and she looked up and smiled at him and said
“Your cum is so delicious”
“She is not so innocent after all, she acts like a slut” he thought in his mind.
Kajal then stood up and the old man kept his eyes fixed on her huge melon sized boobs and immediately grabbed it in both his hands and started fondling and cupping it like crazy over the blouse. After fondling her boobs for a while he pressed his face against her boobs and felt the softness of those milk tanks with his face.
“aaaahhhh…” Kajal moaned in response to his actions.
He played with Kajal’s tits like a kid playing with a long lost toy he was so excited and even sucked her boobs over her blouse with those teeth less mouth. He continued this for a while and then Kajal pushed him back.
“Let’s continue the bath” she said in a seductive voice.
“Now it’s my turn to clean you slut” the beggar said.
Hearing the abusive word for a beggar made Kajal even more horney.
“Now remove your blouse bitch, I will start by applying soap on those beautiful tits of yours”
Kajal immediately removed her blouse and bra and stood with only her petticoat in front of the old man.
The old beggar didn’t wait for a second he immediately took the soap and started to apply it all over Kajal’s boobs. He pressed her boobs harder and harder as he applied it. After applying it from the front for a while he moved behind her and pressed her boobs from behind which was more satisfying for him. While doing so, Kajal’s back was pressing against his chest and he was licking the side of her neck and sucking her ear lobes.
The sensation was so erotic for Kajal and she started to moan “aaaahhhh… mmmm”.
After some time of fondling and molishing, Kajal took the shampoo can and kneeled in front of the old beggar and poured the shampoo between her tits and then rubbed it all over it and grabbed the old man’s dick between her huge milk tanks and started to give him a wonderful titjob.
The old man had never enjoyed a beautiful sensation like this before and those soft spongy tits pressing and moving over his dick was too much for him and in another few minutes…
“aaaahhhh…” he shouted and had his fourth release of the day.
The cum went hard and hit straight on Kajal’s chin and then rolled down towards her breast. As soon as he ejected the old beggar felt tired and then sat on the floor.
Meanwhile Kajal removed her petticoat and her pantie and washed all the foam from her body. Seeing Kajal completely nude, the old beggar’s dick started to stretch slowly. This time he was looking at her hairy pussey and he immediately grabbed Kajal’s thigh and pulled her towards him and had a close look at her pussey, he then kneeled and went close to her pussey and sniffed at it.
“Ohhhh… It smells divine” he said and fondled her pussey hair with the tip of his nose.
Then he brought his hand up and rubbed her pussey mount and moved towards her pussey crack and parted it slowly and looked into it and then he slowly inserted his finger into her pussey.
“aaaahhhh… mmmmm…” Kajal let out some mild moans as his finger slowly penetrated into her love hole.
Those moaning sound were so pleasant for the old beggar and he slowly moved his finger in and out. He expected more moaning sound from Kajal to please his ears but it didn’t help him. So he inserted another finger into her pussey and moved his fingers faster and faster, this time he was not disappointed and Kajal started to moan louder and louder.
“ah… ah… ah…” Kajal continued to moan.
As his fingers explored her pussey, her pussey started to secret more and more juice and it started to flow down through the old man’s hand. Seeing this he removed his fingers from her cunt and licked all the juice in his hand.
“Wooww… Your cunt juice is delicious…”
Saying that he pulled Kajal closer to him and fixed his mouth on her pussey and sucked all the juice from its source.
“aaahhhh… mmmmm… ooohhhh” Kajal closed her and let out some wild moans as the old man’s mouth sapped all the juice out of her cunt.
After sucking dry Kajal’s cunt the old man stood up.
“How was the desert grandpa hope you like it” Kajal said.
“It’s the best bitch, now that you fed me it’s my turn”
Saying that he turn Kajal and made her bent and took his dick in his hand and with a single push he stuffed 3/4 of his dick into her pussey.
“oooohhhh…” Kajal shouted.
Then the old man moved his hip to and fro and started to fuck Kajal’s pussey. Her pussey in that position was too tight for him and he started to shout.
“ah… ah…” with each push.
While fucking her he used more low level languages to abuse her and Kajal enjoyed it more than ever. After a hard fuck of another 20 minutes both Kajal and the old man shouted louder and climaxed at the same time.
After this they both bath together for another hour and got out of the bathroom together.
After the bathing session the old man was about to leave, but Kajal stopped him and said him to stay for lunch. The old beggar also immediately agreed to it. Kajal that played a movie and went into the kitchen to prepare lunch.
While the old man was watching the movie an erotic seductive scene came in the movie and watching it the old man became horney again and he slowly moved towards the kitchen and saw Kajal standing there and cutting vegetables. He slowly moved behind her without making any sound and grabbed her hips from behind and pulled her close to him and licked her neck.
“What are you doing?”
“I just saw a bitch like you in the movie trying to seduce a guy, it waked my little guy”
“No not now, I still have lot of cooking to do”
“Please… Please…”
Saying that he pinched Kajal’s nipples from behind, that send a shock wave through her body.
“Please at least give be a blowjob”
Saying that he pinched her nipples even harder.
“aaaahhhh…” Kajal moaned.
Kajal then agreed to give him a blowjob and she immediately turned around and went on her knees and the old man removed his lungi and Kajal saw his dick in semi hard position.
Kajal then grabbed his dick in her hand and gave it few push and pull and put it inside her mouth and started to blow the old dick of the beggar.
“aaahhhh… ooohhhhh” he moaned as her tongue twisted around his dick.
In another few minutes his dick was at its full stretch, and continued to increase her pace to make him reach his climax quicker. But suddenly the old man pulled his dick out of Kajal’s mouth and pushed on to the floor and jumped over her.
“What are you doing you pervert?” Kajal shouted at him.
“Your mouth is not enough for my dick you slut”
Saying that he raised her sari up to her thighs. But Kajal tried to push him of her, But the old man had a tight grip on her and he managed to pull her sari to her waist and he immediately put his hand between her legs and started to rub her pussey over her pantie. This made Kajal to calm down and she stopped struggling. Now her shout turned into mild moans, she also started to move her hips in rhythm with the old man’s hand. In few minutes her pantie started to soak wet with her pussey juice and seeing this the old man pulled her pantie of her and then spread her legs wider and went between her and pushed his dick into her dripping pussey and started pumping her.
“ah… ah… ah…” Kajal moaned.
The old man straight away went in his full pace and started to tear her pussey apart. In another few minutes his dick started to stretch and he immediately pulled his dick out and moved towards her head and plugged his dick inside her mouth and held her head tightly and…
“aaaaaahhhhh…” he shouted and unloaded his stuff deep into the throat of Kajal.
He didn’t let her head free till his sack was emptied into her mouth. As soon as he was done he loosens his hold and pulled his dick out of her mouth and Kajal started to choke heavily and pushed the beggar on to the floor and stood up. Kajal was so angry with him that she wants to drive him out of her house. But she knew that there is non-other than him to accompany her for the next few days and thinking about that she controlled her anger.
“Now you old pervert, you got what you want now go out” She shouted at him.
“Sorry child please forgive this old loner” Saying that he once again came closer to Kajal and licked her neck.
For a second his act miss directed her, but she immediately pushed him and said…
“Don’t try to do that again, now get out” she yelled.
Seeing her angry the old man thought that he doesn’t want to blow his chance and smiled at her and left the room.
Kajal then fixed her cloths and continued her work. After preparing the food they both had lunch together and then the old man left the house in the evening after enjoying a hot session with Kajal.
For the next two days the beggar would visit Kajal in the morning and will leave in the evening. Kajal was well accompanied by the old beggar that she didn’t miss not having Sundar around.
On the third day morning Kajal sat in the hall with her front door open and was eagerly waiting for her old companion. An hour passed from his usual time of arrival and she was worried. She then went out to the market to buy some vegetables, there she hear two people speaking, that last night all the homeless peoples were taken by the socialist peoples from the government to take
good care of them. Hearing this Kajal was shocked and felt depressed. She then bought the vegetables and came back home.
When she opened the door of her house, her mobile rang, it was her husband. He immediately attended the call and spoke to him at the end of the call her face become more sad. The news was that her husband Arun will return home from his business trip tomorrow. Kajal thought that it is the second bad news for the day, she knew that Sundar will also come back tomorrow and with her husband around it won’t be easy for her to continue her relationship with Sundar. That day passed thinking about this for Kajal.
That night Kajal didn’t have a pleasant nap. Next day early in the morning her doorbell rang. Kajal stood up with dizziness and walked towards the door wondering who it is, when she opened the door a guy jumped over her and started to kiss her lips. That sudden attack on shocked her and she pushed the guy away and then rubbed her eyes and looked at the guy, it was Sundar, he has just arrived from his village and straight away came to see her. Kajal’s eyes was filled with happiness and this time she pulled his towards her and kissed him like crazy. They kissed for almost 10 minutes before they separated.
“You missed me this much?” Sundar asked Kajal.
Kajal didn’t answer him and pulled him in and locked the door and took him into the bed room and they both removed their cloth’s in a flash and Kajal took Sundar’s dick in her hand and rubbed it on her cheeks and gave it a kiss on its head and put it in her mouth and gave him a wonderful blowjob.
“Aaahhh… ooohhhh… I realllyyy missed youuu tooo Kajuuu” he shouted as Kajal continued to suck on his dick.
Now his dick was almost near his fullest erection and Kajal pulled his dick out of her mouth and laid on the bed and spread her legs and invited him to enter his dick into her pussey. Sundar didn’t waste even a second and jumped on the bed and pushed his dick into her pussey and started to fuck her.
“ah… ah… ahhh…” Kajal shouted with each thrust and enjoyed it.
Sundar while moving his dick in and out of her pussey grabbed Kajal’s milky breasts and pressed them harder and harder. This doubled Kajal’s pleasure and she moaned even louder. This continued for another few minutes and then, Sundar increased his pace and…
“aaaaahhhhh…” he shouted and blasted a huge load of his cum into Kajal’s vagina and pulled his dick out of her pussey and laid over her and kissed her lips.
“I missed you very much” Kajal said.
“Me too” Sundar replied.
“Where are your friends, aren’t they here?”
“No, they just came here to stay with me for few days and their work is in our village, they can’t come here”
Kajal felt slightly disappointed. While they were talking the doorbell rang and this time Kajal was sure who it is and she and Sundar immediately dressed up and she send Sundar through the back door and went in front to welcome her husband. When she saw him she tried to bring some fake smile to her face and welcomed him back. For the next two days Arun didn’t go to office and spend the day with Kajal taking her to restearent, movies etc… Kajal enjoyed those outings with her husband, rather than spending the day with him inside the house.
On Monday after Arun left to office, Kajal called Sundar and they did their usual workout. This continued for another few days or nearly a month. Arun didn’t have a single clue about this.
While everything was going smoothly for Kajal, one day after her husband has gone to work she received a call from her father-in-law (Arun’s father). He first enquired about his son and his health and then conveyed a news to her. The news she received struck a thunder on her head. She then placed the receiver on the phone and sat on the couch, thinking about it.
Soon after she ended the call Kajal called Sundar in her mobile and informed him not to come today and told the reason. Then she called Arun and informed him that his uncle (dad’s brother) is reach the railway station and his father has asked him to prick him from the station and his uncle would stay with them for two or three weeks. After ending the call Kajal swept the house and then took and bath and waited for her husband and his uncle to arrive.
In another few minutes both arrived and Kajal welcomed him like a traditional house wife. Then they chatted for a while and then Kajal went into the kitchen and prepared lunch for them. Meanwhile Arun went back to his office, since he got only two hours permission.
In the afternoon both Kajal and Uncle Rajiv had lunch together.
“That was an excellent meal dear. I am stuffed” Rajiv prised Kajal.
“Thank you uncle. Now that lunch is done, what do you plan to do for the rest of the afternoon?”
“I am still a bit tired from the journey. May be I will take a nap”
Kajal then showed him the bed room and then she went into the kitchen and washed all the dishes and then picked the vacuum cleaner and went into her bedroom to clean it.
While she was cleaning under the bed something stuck on the cleaner and she took it out and saw a underwear stuck on the machine. She immediately reckoned it.
“It’s Sundar’s I think, he must have left it yesterday”
Kajal then sniffed it and the images of Sundar fucking her and all those moaning sounds came as a visual in her mind and made her feel so horny and her nipple started to get hard inside her blouse. Kajal then placed her hand on her boobs and pinched her nipple over her blouse.
“Aaaaahhhh…” She moaned
She continued to cup her boobs and pinch her nipples and her panties started to soak too. The heat got into her too much and she immediately removed her sari and all her cloths and jumped over the bed and laid naked and started to fondle her breast with one hand and rubbed her pussey with the other and let out some wild moans, forgetting that a guest is at her house.
Rajiv who was pleasantly sleeping in the next room heard some weird sound coming and he immediately got up and went out of the room and went close to Kajal’s bedroom as he moved closer he could hear the moaning sound quite clearly and he knew what she was doing and he was shocked that she didn’t lock the door.
Rajiv want to leave the place and give his daughter-in-law some privacy but the moaning sound and the fact that the door was open tend him to move forward and have a peek on Kajal.
When he looked in he saw Kajal completely naked lying on the bed and fingering her pussey with her right hand and sniffing a underwear on the other and letting out some wild moans.
“aaaaahhhh…. mmmmm…” Kajal should.
Seeing her in that position Rajiv got a instant hard on. Seeing the way Kajal was enjoying herself on the bed he thought that Arun has a great impact on her and he satisfies her too well on bed. (None other than Arun’s parents and Kajal knew about his problem).
Rajiv couldn’t control himself and he immediately grabbed his dick and started to jerk faster peeking at the view of his beautiful daughter-in-law’s show in the bed.
While Kajal was enjoying herself, she shouted
“aaahhh… yaaa baby aaaahhh… Fuck me harder Sundar… mmmm… deeper babyyy…”
Hearing her saying some other name other than her husbands, Rajiv was shocked but he continued to stroke even faster and…
“aaaaahhhh…” he shouted and ejected a huge load of his cum on the door.
Then he immediately wiped it using his lungi and left the place while Kajal continued to masturbate.
That night at bed Rajiv couldn’t sleep, the scenario of Kajal masturbating on other guy and all her moaning sounds made him masturbate twice that night.
Next morning around 4:30 Rajiv who was sleeping on the couch in the living room heard the main door opening and he immediately got up and went to see who it is. There he saw Kajal slowly sneaking out of the house and went to the other side of the house, Rajiv followed Kajal and he was more shocked what he saw there.
Kajal was leaning against the wall and a guy was sucking her lips and fondling her boobs at the same time. And Kajal too was responding him by sucking him back. The sight was so shocking and equally erotic for Rajiv and he kept on watching the scene without making any noise.
They continued kissing for a while and Kajal pushed him back and said
“Sundar enough I need your dick inside me now”
Saying that Kajal lifted her sari up and Sundar lowered his undies and pulled his dick out and raise Kajal’s right leg up and pined her on to the wall and pushed his dick into her pussey and started to fuck her in that position.
“Ah… ah… ah…” Kajal shouted and she made sure that she doesn’t shout louder and get the attention of the others in the house.
Kajal hugged Sundar tightly and sucked on his ears to prevent herself from moaning louder.
Rajiv watched this without even blinking his eyes and kept on rubbing his dick over his lungi.
Meanwhile sundar continued to fuck Kajal harder and harder, after continuing this for another few minutes he was about to cum. He immediately pulled his dick out of Kajal’s mouth and made her sit on the ground and stuffed his dick inside her mouth and gave her a few furious strokes to her mouth and…
“mmmmmm…” he moaned a bit louder and filled her mouth with his cum and she swallowed it at.
And then they kissed once again and Sundar left immediately and Kajal perfected her dress before she came back into the house.
Meanwhile Rajiv came back into the house without them noticing him and immediately went into the bathroom and masturbated third time that night and he went to bed.
That morning in the dining table.
“Where is your wife Arun?”
“She said that she is feeling so tired uncle, so I did disturb her. She is still on bed”.
Rajiv knew why she was so tired and felt pity for Arun.
After having the breakfast Arun left to his office. After Arun left Rajiv stayed in the living room and watched TV to divert his mind from the scenario he saw in the morning.
But he was not able to get over it, it only made him more horny. He felt too hot and he thought was paying a visit to see what Kajal was doing.
When he opened the door of Kajal’s bed room he found her in a sound sleep. He then went close to the bed and had close look at Kajal.
While he stood there Kajal turned around in her sleep and the pallu of her sari dropped from her shoulder and her deep cleavage was in view to Rajiv’s eyes.
“Wowwww!!! This is one heck of a sight!” he thought in his mind.
Rajiv kept staring at her and his dick started to rise inside his lungi. He tried to control his lust, but it was to late for it. He desperately wanted to suck those lips and her milky melons and feel those soft buns in his hands.
Anyway he wanted to check whether she was sleeping or not, so he placed his hand on Kajal’s shoulder and shakes it slowly and called her name. Kajal didn’t respond and was in a deep slumber.
Seeing this Rajiv got more courage and he slowly unhooked the blouse one by one and opened her blouse. As soon as the last hook was done her boobs jumped out of her blouse and shakes like jelly.
Rajiv then placed his right hand on her left boobs and felt the smooth and softness of Kajal’s breast.
“Wowww… How smooth and soft breast she got… No wonder the milk man was so interested in fondling her breast” he thought while he continued to fondle her boobs.
After cupping her boobs for a while he circled his finger around her nipple and slowly pinched it.
“Mmmmm…” Kajal moaned in her sleep.
Rajiv heard the moan and saw the sexy expression on Kajal’s face and he felt so excited.
He then moved near her face and rubbed Kajal’s lips with his finger and slowly inserted it into her mouth and pulled it out, with his finger covered with her saliva.
His finger was shining with Kajal’s saliva in the light and he sucked the finger and tasted her saliva. Then he bent his head towards her face and felt the hot breath coming out from Kajal’s breath and licked her lips with the tip of his tongue and covered her lips with his saliva.
All this action he was doing made him too hot and Horney, and his breath was burning as his body heat increased.
He immediately got off the bed and removed his lungi. As soon as his lungi was off his rock hard dick stoop proudly out and he climbed on the bed and moved close to Kajal’s face, holding his dick in his hand.
Rajiv climbed the bed and moved close to Kajal’s face holding his dick in his hand and kneeled in front of her mouth with his dick only inches away from her mouth.
His heart started to pound faster and his breath become heaver, then he moved further and rubbed the head of his dick on the lips of Kajal and suddenly and current shock passed through his body.
He continued it for few more times and he got more excited and started to shagging his dick faster and faster.
“Ohhhh… Ohhhh… Please don’t wake up before I cum slut… aaahhh”
He murmured as he continued to move his hand over his dick more furiously.
In another few minutes…
“Aaaaahhh… I am going to cummm”
He said and pointed his dick straight in front of Kajal’s mouth and…
“Splashhh… Splashhhh…” it sounded and his cum hit straight on Kajal’s lips and roll down through the side of her cheeks and Rajiv saw some entering into her mouth.
As the sperm roll down her face and into her mouth, Kajal slowly wake up and was shocked to see her uncle standing with his dick out in front of her.
“Good morning dear. Did you enjoy your morning milk?” Rajiv asked her with a big smile in his face.
“Uncle!! what are you doing here and why are you naked?” Kajal asked shockingly.
“I jusk came here to have some milk dear” Saying that Rajiv pressed Kajal’s left breast.
Kajal immediately pushed his hand and covered her body with the bed sheet.
“Uncle this is wrong. Please get out of here”
“Dont act too much dear, yesterday I saw you fingering and shouting out Sundar’s name to fuck you. Who is that Sundar dear, is it the pet name of your husband?”
Kajal sat silently wondering what to say.
“Or is that the name of the guy, who was fucking you today morning”
When Kajal heard this she felt dead and no word came out of her mouth and sat stunned.
“I wonder what Arun will think when I tell him his wife cheating on him”
Saying that he pulled down the bed sheet covering her body and exposed her bare boobs. This time Kajal didn’t bother to cover her boobs and kept on listening to what he was saying.
“I don’t want to ruin your marriage life Kaju dear, I just want to solve this problem inside the family”
Saying that he moved even closer and his face was right in front of her big milk tank and Rajiv’s hot breath landed straight on Kajal’s boobs.
“Inside the family, what is that mean?” Kajal asked.
“Why do you need other men when you have a relative here who’s willing to satisfy all your needs!”
Saying that Rajiv started licking her nipples and circled it with the tip of his tongue.
As his tongue touched her boobs, Kajal leaned back on the bed and moaned
“Mmmmm… These are much bigger than my wife’s breast!” he said as he continued to cover Kajal’s boobs with his saliva.
“Please don’t do thissss uncle!!!, I am like your daughter”
“I can’t help it Kaju, I have dream t of your hot body all night after I saw you naked yesterday”
Saying that he moved further down and removed her sari in a flash and started sniffing her wet pantie.
“But you are enjoying this too, aren’t you dear?” Rajaiv asked her seeing Kajal’s wet pantie.
“No… I am not. I am your daughter-in-law, you shouldn’t say such things!”
“But looks like your pussey is saying something else!”
Saying that he pulled her pantie down and started to lick Kajal’s juice over her cunt…
“Aaaaahhh… Please don’t uncle… aaaahhh its wrong”
“No dear, it’s not. It’s our family tradition to keep the new bride happy and give her what she needs”
he said as he continued to lick her cunt.
“Do you love your pussey being licked dear”
“Please stop uncle” Kajal pleaded.
“Ok then, take a look at this thing and tell me that you want me to stop”
Saying that he took his dick in his hand and went between her legs and rubbed it on the entrance of her pussey and teased her.
“Aaaaahhh… Unclee…” Kajal moaned as he continued to tease her.
“Do you want it inside you dear?”
Kajal didn’t say anything and simply moved her pussey forward and invited him to go further.
Rajiv understood that he has got the green signal and immediately he thrushes his dick inside Kajal’s wet cunt in a single push.
“Mmmmmm…” Kajal moaned and bite her lower lips in pleasure.
As soon as his dick was in Rajiv started to move his hips and pounded her pussey harder and harder.
Kajal was enjoying it but there us still discomfort in her mind, since it was her husband’s uncle fucking her. Rajiv notices this.
“I can understand what you are thinking dear, just get all those things out of your mind and think about all the pleasure I am going to give you”
Saying that he laid on top of her with his chest pressing against her breast and started sucking her up and lower lips simultaneously, with his dick continuously pound her pussey
As he continued his fore ply, Kajal’s mind started to get free from discomfort and she started to let out some wild slutty moans and enjoyed her father-in-law.
“Uwww… Your pussey is the best Kaju…” he said as he continued to pound her pussey.
He continued this for another few minutes and Rajv shouted “aaaahhhh” and Kajal felt a hot stream entering her pussey and she too reached her orgasm twice in the process.
After he has unloaded all his juice completely into Kajal he slowly pulled his dick out of her pussey and laid beside her completely satisfied.
Then both Kajal and Rajiv, talked for a while lying on the bed and during that conversation, Kajal said Rajiv everything, her husband’s problem and her relationship with Sundar and his friends. But she didn’t open her mouth about the old beggar, since she felt that Rajiv or anyone who hear about that would think her as a cheap slut. So she hides that part of the story.
Hearing the story Rajiv started to become horney once again and fucked her for the second time.
This time Kajal too expressed her excitement and enjoyed the fuck with her uncle.
After that Kajal had frequent sex with him all over the house, they even welcomed Sundar to join them and did some hard-core threesome sex.
Sundars friends would come and visit Kajal whenever they come to Chennai and Kajal enjoyed every bit of it with her men’s, but Arun didn’t suspect anything that was going on in his house when he was not around.
Nearly one and a half year passed after their marriage and Arun has completely recovered from his illness and the preparation for Arun and Kajal’s first night was made and Arun was waiting in the room for Kajal and in few minutes the room door opened and Kajal came in with a cup of milk as she entered the room, Arun stood up and went close to her and brought the milk and kept it on the table and looked into the eyes of Kajal and said
“I think we had been talking for the last one year, now it’s time for us to become a real husband and wife, I have been waiting for this a long time and I think you too are”
After saying this he didn’t waste a single minute and immediately hugged her and started to kiss her and then continued it with some fore ply like sucking, licking, fondling etc. In the process both Kajal and Arun become complete naked and he went in between her legs with his hard dick. Arun was so excited and he eagerly pushed his dick into her pussey and as soon as his dick entered her pussey, he was totally shocked, it was tooo loose and her seal was already broken

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