Bollywood star Sameera Reddy feet worshipped & Sameera Reddy ki Chudai

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My heart was beating at a thunderous pace as I entered the lobby of Hilton Hotel, Dubai to meet my dream date. I had won a TV poll competition conducted by Star India TV Channel and the lucky winners was to meet the Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) star Sameera Reddy in this very hotel in Dubai, UAE. The complete package included, besides cash prize, a three nights stay in the hotel in a room adjacent to Sameera Reddy’s and to enjoy her companionship throughout the stay during meals, coffee and tea times and at gym and swimming hours. It was an outstanding package and I couldn’t think of anything more. Before continuing, I’d like to tell my readers that I’m a Pakistani guy living and working in Dubai for last 4 years.
The organizers welcomed me in the lobby and escorted me to a private corner where no other persons were allowed to sit and eat. It was dimly lit with strikingly romanticist surroundings with sentimental music playing in the background.
We took a turn at the end of the lobby and the next moment was bedazzling. The moment I’d dreamed of thousands of times and the moment I’d waited for with such eagerness. And here I was, standing right in front of this stunning and dazzling beauty, Sameera Reddy, one of the biggest and most sensational Bollywood star. Her endearing face was embellished with a warm smile. The outfit she was wearing was just perfect. The back V shaped blouse revealing her neckline with its stripes running across her neck down to the middle of her back. The organizers introduced us and she stretched her hand for handshake. Taking her hand in mine caused shockwaves going through my body. We exchanged pleasantries as the escorts hurried back to the hotel lobby, leaving two of us alone in a luminescent, private corner of the dining hall. I was still in a state of disbelief.
We sat across the table. Sameera was looking in a very casual mood, talking freely and this gave me confidence to let me get hold of my nerves. I told her that I’d been her fan since I first saw her in a movie, and that I’d never missed any of her movies. We discussed about her different roles in movie and she looked impressed that I remembered every bit of her film career. We talked over a dinner which lasted over 2 hours and when both of us left the dining hall for our rooms, we had become very good acquaintances to each other, if not friends.
That night in my hotel room, which was adjacent to Sameera’s, I lied on my bed recalling the moments I’d just shared with my all time favorite celebrity and a dream girl and wondering what was coming n next three days that I was going to spend with her. Sameera’s appealing figure was in my eyes, her long dark legs, her seductive neckline, her bitchy face and more particularly her sexy feet in her open striped shoes which I’d been furtively and slyly looking at during our conversation.
For my readers, I’d like to mention that beautiful female feet, and specially the female celebrities feet have been my weakness for so long that I don’t remember. I have a huge collection of movie clips, magazine and movie scans, and pictures showing barefoot celebrities. The sight of lovely toes and soles of female celebrities drive me crazy. Of course the barefoot pictures and movie clips of Sameera Reddy top my list of beautiful adorable feet. I’ve licked and kissed and jerked off on these pictures and clips hundreds of times in my life.
Images of Sameera’s lovely toes from that night’s meeting were stirring up my emotions. I jumped off the bed and opened my bag, took out a folder of selected pictures of Sameera Reddy’s lovely feet and spread them on the couch. Then I turned on my laptop and started playing the movie clips I’d cut from a number of Sameera Reddy’s movies in which her feet were bare and exposed.
I quickly undressed myself and started kissing and licking her barefoot pictures vehemently. My eyes were going through every image and I was jerking my dick speedily. Within a few seconds I reached orgasm and shot my cum all over the couch. And it was that very moment that my room door was gently knocked and before I could answer, the door knob clicked and the door started opening. In my anxiousness I had forgotten to lock it.
As the door swung open, my eyes caught Sameera Reddy standing there with a bewildered face and looking in a state of utter disbelief at what she was witnessing. Her biggest ever fan masturbating naked over dozens of her own pictures and clips in which she was barefoot. I grabbed my shirt shamefully and tried to cover my naked body with it.
“Oh my God” she blurted. “I can’t believe this”.
I thought she would leave immediately and also I wanted her to, but she seemed affixed in the entrance as if to disgrace me even further. I was dying with shame.
“Get dressed up and see me in 10 minutes in my room”, she said sharply and hurled the door shut to go back to her room.
I covered my face with both hands and sat there for a few minutes, still very embarrassed. Was this the end of my dream tour? “Oh God, no” I shook my head. I wondered what Sameera would be thinking about me.
“Okay, enough is enough. Let’s face what happens next”, I said to myself. She could excuse herself from this tour, but at least she couldn’t hang me for this. I wore my clothes and knocked at Sameera’s room door with wobbling heart.
“Yes” came Sameera’s voice and I entered her room. She was half lying in her bed, waiting for me. Her face didn’t reveal any signs of disgust or may be she was an expert in hiding her feelings.
Sameera nodded me to take seat. I sat in the chair with a bit of uneasiness.
“So, would you like to tell what was it that I just saw in you room?” she asked casually.
“I’m sorry for that” was all I could speak.
“No, I’m not asking for your apology. Whatever you do in your privacy is not my concern. Just tell me what was that? Why did you choose my images for that purpose?” She demanded with a serious face.
“And for your information, I’d came to your room to ask for a cigarette. My pack of Marlboro was finished and I didn’t have a spare pack with me”, she told me.
It was the time I thought it better to tell her the truth. I was ready for her reaction. The time I’d spent with her this evening was enough for me.
“Well, I won’t lie. I have a fetish for lovely female celebrities’ feet. And as I have told you earlier, I have a long time crush on you. I admire whole of your body as well as I admire your work, but I’m crazy about your feet. Out of all celebrities’ pictures, your barefoot pictures are in largest number in my collection. What you caught me doing tonight is what I’ve been doing for years” I was saying keeping my head down.
A few moments passed in silence, and then I continued in a low pitch.
“I don’t know why the sight of your feet drives me nuts, but it’s not something I could resist. And before you call this meeting, I’d like to inform you that you’ve got the most beautiful feet in the world.”
“Do you know something?” she started to speak. “You’re the first person in the world to tell me that I have such beautiful feet.”
I eyed her with a question mark on my face. I couldn’t tell if she was angry with me or not.
Sameera continued in a casual tone as if she was enjoying my condition and shamefulness “So, what would be the one thing you would like to take with you as a memory of this tour before we separate our ways”.
Reluctantly, I said “To touch your feet and capture dozens of images of your beautiful feet”.
For the first time in past half an hour I saw a smile on Sameera’s face. “I was expecting this” she said amusingly.
“You won’t mind it?” I asked as my heart began pounding. I desperately wanted her answer in a big YES. This could be the first and last chance in my life to touch my favorite celeb’s feet.
“I will, if you don’t do it well. This is the first ever time I’m going to get my feet worshiped by someone, and if you fail to make me feel good, I’ll surely mind it” Sameera granted my wish temptingly.
Although I couldn’t believe on my ears, I jumped up without wasting any moment before Sameera could deny my wish for any reason whatsoever.
“Oh my……loads of thanks. You won’t be disappointed” I assured her as my face glowed with happiness. I was going to touch her feet, I couldn’t think of anything better than that.
Sameera smiled as I hurriedly moved to the lower of her bed. She was almost lying in the bed with her legs stretched. She had pink gown wrapped around her body and was up to her knee length. Her dark and long bare legs were looking very sexy. My heart was filled with excitement and beating as fast as if it would come out of my rib cage any moment. My dick was firm again. I bent to my knees and held on for a few seconds to savor the relishing moment I saw coming. Then, with adrenaline rushing in my blood and pressure mounting in my vessels, I gently touch her feet with both hands. My God, it sent shivers though my spine. Skin hair all over my body bristled. Was I seeing a dream? Oh God, it was too real to be a reality.
I grabbed her feet with my hands and started massaging them softly from toes to ankles. They were so soft and delicate that I have never touched anything with such mildness. And they were warm, with the increasing blood circulation caused by my caressing. I was rubbing them as gently as possible, while keeping an eye on her face noticing her expressions that she was enjoying it. Her feet were long and her soles were curvy. They were deeply arched from the lower middle part of her feet.
I was dying to kiss her lovely feet but was prolonging the caressing of her feet to enjoy the moment at maximum. Then I couldn’t wait longer and brought my face closer to her bare soles. The ecstatic smell of her soles was frenzying me.
I kissed her soles and found myself lost in another world. In heaven I believe. The soft and tender touch of her feet on my lips was taking my senses away. I had lost the appetite for anything in the world but her sweet and sexy feet. I had my lips stuck to her soles and my face buried in her feet. The time had stopped for me. I was absorbing the taste of feet into my soul.
Our eyes met and I witnessed Sameera closing her eyes and her face was filled with gratification. She was very much into this now.
I took a mouthful of her toes, taking them as much inside my oral cavity as I could and sucking her juicy toes. She had goddam sexy toes with white and shiny long toenails. I desperately wanted to eat her feet and chew her juicy toes. I kept twisting my tongue all over her feet, sucking every inch of them. Her fleshy and soft heels, her sexy ankles, her curved soles and her luscious toes, all were wet and soaked with my saliva.
“How do you feel now?” I asked Sameera.
“Just keep doing this. I’m loving it. Please DO NOT stop.” She murmured in a soft demanding voice.
“Your feet are the most delicious thing I have ever tasted……mmmmm. I can live only on your feet if you keep feeding me your bootylicious toes forever” I said while keep licking her soles.
“Oh yesss….eat my feet forever” Sameera said seductively.
I stood up and reached for the fridge. Sameera was looking surprised. I opened the fridge door and picked up packs of peanut butter, milk cream and cherry juice and returned to my position in her feet.
“What are you gonna do?” She was curious.
“Preparing my meal. You’re gonna love it.” I smiled at her.
First I spread peanut butter on her soles, on upper part of her feet, on her heels and on her toes with knife. Then I started swallowing it all. The peanut butter had never tasted so good before. Then I applied milk cream all over her feet and suckled it all as well. Lastly, I poured cherry juice on her feet and licked it up with my tongue. My God, I’d never felt as good as I had at that moment. I didn’t stop there and kept plastering her feet with these food items until they were finished and kept suckling them, cleaning her feet with my lips and tongue. I was lapping up the remains of these juices like a Rocky(D). Yes, I was behaving like a Rocky(D), her foot slave, slurping the cream and butter off her feet.
I was still sucking her long sexy toes. I kept engulfing her both big toes as deep into my throat as I could, suckling their luscious, salty juices. And I kept biting on her lovely heels and soles leaving my bite marks on them.
I was jerking my dick real fast while sucking Sameera’s feet juices. Suddenly I stopped, took off my trousers as Sameera looked bewildered.
“What’s this?” she asked.
“I have masturbated hundreds of times on your pics, I beg you to please let me masturbate on your feet in real” I pleaded.
“Oh, okay” Sameera granted me permission.
I touched her feet with my rock solid 7 inches long dick and found electric pulses running through it. I was rubbing my feet with her feet, jerking it fast. Then, I took her left big toe in my mouth, almost chewed it with excitement and BOOOOM…I came instantly and my cum jetted out with a thrust and landed on her beautiful feet. Ah, I felt as good as never before.
Sameera didn’t say anything but I noticed a wicked smile on her face. I lapped up my own cum off her feet which tasted fucking good. My fantasy had just become reality.
As I continued to lick her feet, I heard Sameera moaning with fervor. She had seen and enjoyed such intense foot worship and a long hard dick cumming on her sexy feet. Maybe she wanted it to enter her pussy, I kept guessing.
“Ma’am, do you want it inside you?” I asked hesitantly while holding and gently rubbing my still half-erected dick.
“Oh sure” moaned Sameera without hesitating.
If it was some other time that Sameera had asked me to fuck her pussy with my dick, I wouldn’t believe my ears. But the urge of the moment made me jump onto her bed, on top of her without wasting a second. I started French kissing her vehemently. My lips locked with hers, and I was sucking her tongue letting her sweet saliva drip through my oral cavity.
Sameera twined her arms around my back and pulling closer as my lips continued to stick to her skin. I was kissing her cheeks, under her ears, neck continuously and my hands were on her boobs, pressing and caressing them. Minutes passed, and I started undressing myself. Sameera also took off her gown to reveal her brown sexy figure. She was wearing a white bra and a white panty.
“Let me unhook this” I said eagerly and unhooked her bra to unleash her super sexy, tight breasts with dark brown nipples. I removed her panty as well and now the Goddess of my dreams was lying naked in front of me, waiting for a good fuck from me.
I grasped her tits and cupped tem in my hands. Then savoring the moment, I took her left nipple in my teeth and pressed a bit. Sameera squeezed her arms around me as if to ask me to suck them. I took a mouthful of her tits, sucking them wildly. I was switching between her tits, taking them into my mouth one after the other. Sameera was moaning with intense excitement.
I stopped sucking her boobs after a few minutes and asked.
“Will you please suck my dick, ma’am?”.
“Yeah, why not” said Sameera eagerly and held me dick.
I sat on bed, resting my back on the pillow as Sameera stroked my dick and played with my balls. Then she bent on her knees and kissed my dick. Her soft lips sped up the blood circulation in my cock. She took my dick cap into her mouth and gradually moving down, she engulfed it fully.
“Do you like it?” I asked, and she nodded without stopping sucking my dick.
Sameera had taken as deep into her throat as it could go and was moving her face up and down. I closed my eyes in excitation. She worked up my cock efficiently. I was about to cum for the third time when I held her head to stop the blowjob. When she took it out from her mouth, it was wet and saliva was dripping down.
“I bet your as good at eating pussy as you’re at foot worship” Sameera winked at me and lied on bed with her legs wide spread.
“Mmmmm…I’m gonna love it” saying that, I quickly got between her legs.
She had a dark, half shaved pussy. I put my right finger on her labia, pulled it gently and then gradually inserted my finger into her clitoris. Sameera shivered with excitement as I moved my finger in and out of her pussy before pulling it out to lick her salty and sticky pre cum liquids.
“Yummmmmy” I exclaimed as I licked her juices off my finger.
Without wasting any time, I stuck my lips to her cunt, kissing and licking it passionately. Sameera’s naked body was quivering with immense pleasure. I bit her labia again and again and poked my tongue inside her pussy to keep feeding myself on her pussy juices.
“Oh my God……I need you inside me right now. Please fuck me” she was begging and moaning.
“Oooohh yeahhh…..fuck me baby, fuck me now” she moaned again.
I sat on my knees and holding my dick in hand, I shoved it in slightly to enter through the opening of her slippery pussy. Then keep pushing it in gently, I was fully inside her now. It was a mind blowing feeling to have my cock sank deep inside Sameera Reddy’s wet pussy. It was a dream coming true. My cock was resting in her hot desi Hindu pussy as I got on top of her. I felt throbbing in my heart.
“Aaaahh, great” she screamed “Your dick is bigger than I have ever seen.”
I smiled and started moving it in and out of her pussy. Slowly in the start and then gaining momentum with every passing second. I grabbed her tits and bit her nipples. Her arms were spiraling around my waist and pressing me to almost stick to her body. Her fingers were continuously moving on my back. I was kissing on her cheeks and neck. We joined our lips together and I sucked her lips as I fucked her even faster at a heartrending speed. It wasn’t more than a minute that she exclaimed.
“I’m coming…….fuck fast baby”.
As I sped up a bit more she hit orgasm and squeezed me in her arms tightly.
“Ooooohhhhh….yeeaaahhhhh, mmmmmm” she was moaning and all kind of voices were coming out of her mouth.
And with a deep, powerful thrust I reached orgasm too and came right inside her pussy, pumping my sperm shots in her womb. We both held each other tightly as I kept pouring my seeds in her womb. She wrapped her legs around my waist as to let her vagina suck every drop of my cum.
“Feels so good, so warm inside me….want all of your seeds” she smiled satisfactorily.
“I feel like in heaven” I smiled back.
We both lied in the same position gasping and panting. My cock was still buried deep inside her wet and slippery pussy as the last drop of my cum absorbed in her womb.
Almost ten minutes had gone by when we both decided to fuck more.
“Keep fucking me whole. I can’t wait” Sameera said.
“Oh yes, you’re mine for now and I don’t want to waste a moment” I said exuberantly.
Keeping me dick inside her pussy, we rolled and changed positions. This time, Sameera was on top. I asked her that I wanted to lick her feet while fucking and she sat on my dick in such a position that her bent knees were touching her breasts and her feet were covering my face. She started moving up and down on my cock and I held her feet on my face to lick her soles. With Sameera gaining speed and fucking my dick fast, her sexy delicious soles tasted even greater. I continued eating her wonderful feet until we both came together. Sameera stopped moving and stood still on my cock as our cum juices mixed with each other’s flooded our genitals. Sameera lied on my chest and we gasped for air as I moved my fingers across her hair.
“It was the best fuck of my life” I admitted and she smiled.
She rolled off me after a few minutes. Her pussy was soaked with white thick sticky liquid and my semen were oozing out. My dick was also wet with her salty liquids.
“I don’t want to miss you when this tour ends” she said.

“Shall we meet again?” I eyed her eagerly.
“Of course we will. Dubai ain’t too far away from India and I visit here often, almost every month” she smiled and it calmed my nerves. I too didn’t want to miss her after this tour.
We extended our stay together in the same hotel to a week after the tour package came to an end and during this one week we fucked each other dozens of times. I ate out her damn sexy feet a thousand times. It was the most wonderful and unforgettable time in my life. And yes, we also fucked each other afterwards whenever Sameera came to Dubai, either because of her shootings or on vacations.

by paki_ikap


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